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■ Thi: MnToR Ctclf,." Jam ,\R\ t>TH. 19'^1 




Largest Circulation. ^^^^^^^W Founded 1903. 


No. 928. Vol. 26. Thursday, January 6th. 1921. Price 4^,d. 




WISH '%n^ ALL 




" The Car on Two Whee/s. " 

Wnu for C».a.oeaes .o :- p ]>^^ (England), Ltd., 
Kimberley Road, Willesden Lane, London, N.\V.6 

The Pioneer "' Single " ,, 

Still the Best. 

Agents Everywhere. 
Works : COVENTRY. 


Take advantage of 
TIME and 


and get 


J^olhii jC Uk >ii>f toocsv^ 



Sidecar Model No. 1 
„ „ No. 2 

„ „ No. 3 

£30 lO 
£27 O 
£21 O 


A po^lcardwill 
Iring you lull 
tiarliculars of 
Omcsos. and 
also name ol 
nearest agent. 

" A machine 
for every rider." 

/ vx / 

ryVERY class oi nder is catered for in the 1921 
■*-' Omega Range, The best material, used in 
the best way, make Omegas the best for every need 

From £50 to £170 

— each the best id its class 



London Agents ; Bartlett's, 93. Gt. Portland St.,W 

B'bam & District Agents : Gough's, 183a, Broad 

Street. Birmingham. 


ii Advertisements. 


January 6th, 1921. 

An Expert^s Opinion 

Price £205 

for the present, 

and no possibility of 


"In genuine de luxe high-power outfits, probablj 
no better value exists anywhere than the mode 
H Matchless. The specification of this supert 
outfit includes a really proved spring frame 
three-speed, all-chain transmission, spare anc 
interchangeable wheels, efficient mudguarding 
and the sweetest-running V Twin engine evei 
produced. Its price is £205. No Yanket 
production comes anywhere near this Britisher 
either as regards first or running costs.' 

Thus wrote " Ricardo" in the " l*'ish Cyclist and Motoi 
Cyclist,"Dec.l 5th, 1 920. Take an expert's advice and"Mal« 
it a Matchless." You will find that the machine lives u( 
to its name in every way. Ask your nearest agent about it 


44-45, Plumstead Road, Plumstead, London 

Works ; Burrage Grove and Maxey Road, Plumstead 



In answering tins advertisement it is t/rsiinble to mention ••The Motor Ci/cie. 



Price 3d. 






Accelerator, The Sensitive Control, 101 
Activity amongst the Clubs (illus.), 575 
A.C.U. Annual General Meeting, 546 

— Combined Badge and Licence Holder, 23 

— General Committee Meeting, 204, 506 

— One Day Trial, Entries in, 505 
^ — Report of, 552 

■ — Route, etc., of the, 365. 457 

All-cooling Adequate? Is (ait.), 421 

— (I.A.E. pai^er on), 585 
Ajax Super Engine, The, 371 
A.J.S. Lightweight, The, 395 
~ Motor Cycle, The T.T., 679 
Aladdin Electric Lamps, 707 
A.L. Lamps, 227 

Alps, A Road Test in the Foot Hills of the, 217 
Altonen Rotary Engine, The (patent), 96 
Altree's Epicyclic Gear (patent), 129, 486 
Among the Accessories, 41, 156, 226, 254, 287 
358, 444. 476, 707, 807 
American Flat Twin, The, 702 

— X. Sidecar Chassis, 231 
America, The F.LC.M. in, 661 

Analysis, of Motor Cycles in Buyers' Guide, 369 

An 8,000ft. Climb (art.), 354 

Anscombe's Spring Frame (patent), 230 

Apollo Snap-on Terminal, The, 101 

Arbuthnot Trophy Trial, The, 654, 835 

Argenteuil Hill-climb (report), 484 

Argson Invalid's Chair, 812 

Ariel Legshields, 371 

Arterial Roads— and the LTnemployed (art,), 69 

Attitudes and Expressions (sketch), 977 


Balance of Motor Cycle Engines (letters), 207, 260 


The (art.), 131 

Ballard's Reverse Gear for the Bleriot-Whippet, 231 
Bancroftian Dry Battery Set, 41 

— Overalls, 41 

B. and D. Motor Cycle, The, 701 

Barber's Home-made Flat Twin Motor Cycle, 173 

Baron Lightweight, The. 430 

Bat Sporting Model, The, 705 

Baughan Monocar, The, 68 

Bayley Front Guard for Triumphs, 358 

Bentley's Air-cooling (patent), 13 

Berland's Hub (patent), 129 

Betorl Pannier Bags, The, 101 

Binks Silver Cup for 100 m.p.h. on 31/1, 505 

Blackburne Motor Cycle, The T.T.. 677 

Bluemel Plug Test, A, 71 * 

— Windscreen, ■ 774 " 
B.M.C.R.C. Brooklands Meeting, First Members", 


— — ■ Open, 596 

— - Second Members'. 657 

— Dinner, The, 178 

~ Rules, New, 426, 522 

B.M.W. Flat Twin Engine, The. 88 

Bourne's Lock and Lamp Bracket (patent), 128 

Bradbury Sidecar Taxi. The, 235 

— Valve Gear, The (patent). 96 
Bradford Silencer, The, 254 
Bradshaw Oil-cooled V Twin,. The, 834 
Brakes, Concerning Sidecar, 790 
Brandish Legshields, 21 

British Industries Fair, The, 238 

— Motor Cycle Industry, 369 
Records, Table of, 18 

— Radial Motor Cycle, The. 490 

— Standard Lightweight, The, 430 
Brooklands, How to get to, 622 

— Improvements, 438 

— Types, Some, 748 
Brooks Licence Holder, 226 

— Picnic Cases. 808 

Brown Bros. Rear Lamp, 476 
Bryant's Licence Holder, 227 
B.S.A. Motor Cycle, The T.T., 674 

— Sporting Sidecar. The, 708 

B.T.H. Flywheel Magneto and Lighting Set, 833 

Burgess Spring Saddle (patent). 129 

Burleigh Coupe Sidecar, The, 44 

Burlington Clutch Conversion Set for Douglases, 

The, 224 
Burney Cvcle Car, The. 83 
Business Trip to the North, A, 241 
Buttertubs Pass (illus.). 583 
Buyers* Guide, 319 


Campbell's 110 lb. Racer, 231 

Camping Equipment (art.), 341 

C. and M. Sidecar, The, 255 

Capac Revometer, The, 808 

Caravan, A Trailer, 516 

Car Practice and the Motor Cycle (leader), 59 

or Simplicity? (art.), 164. 596 

Castle Lubricating System (patent), 229 

C.A.V. Head Lamps, New, 444 

Ceal Petrol Tap, The, 101 

Chain Adjustment and its Effect, 732 

Challenge Sparking Plug, The, 476 

Chandler Lightweight Motor Cycle, The, 377 

Chater-Lea Sidecar Outfit. The No. 10 8 h.p., 491 

— Terminal, The, 707 
Clayrite Horn, The. 707 

Club Championship Team Trial, The, 693 

— News, 12, 26. 53, J3, 89, 112, 130, 148. 168, 

178, 209. 243, 273, 303, 345, 383, 400, 434. 
445, 461, 475, 507. 559, 550, 570. 599. 614. 
662. 675, 709, 745. 764, 786, 789, 802. 826. 844 

— Team Championship for 1921, 806, 838 
Clubs. With the (illus.), 551 
Coleman's Duplex Frame (patent), 14 
CoUyer's J.A.P. Pinion Wrench, 226 
Colmore Cup Trial, Rei>ort of the, 299 
Results, 330 

Combined Lighting and Ignition, 364 
Comparative Motor Cycle Performances, 499. 523 
Concerning Sidecar Brakes ( art. ) , 790 
Constant Tappet Clearance (art.), 584 
Continental Competitions for 1921, 113 

in 1921 (leader). 29 

Cooling of Motor Cycle Engines (art), 634"' 
The. 666 

— the Piston, 125 

Cornering in Practice (T.T.), 756 
Corona Sidecar, The, 256 

— Valve Gear (patent), 486 
Coulson Cycle Car. The, 259 

— Motor Cycle, The T.T., 676 

County Hand Control for B.S.A. Clutches, 225 
Coventry and Warwickshire M.C. Paper-chase. 346 

Hill-climb at Stile- Cop, 660 

Coventry-Torquay Trial,- 726 
Cover, The Howard Motor Cycle. 444 
Cummings Twist Grip Conversion, 444 
Current Chat, 22. 49, 84, 114, 140, 174, 202, 237, 
267, 338. 378. 399, 469, 437, 498, 504, 533. 
563. 593, 622, 655, 686. 715, 763, 800, 836 
Cycle Car of Moderate Price, The. 746 

— Cars in A.C.U. Trials, 175 
Trials (leader), 149 

Cyclists of England War Memorial (illus.), 399 


Dalman Two-stroke Engine (patent), 96 

Dandy Cycle Car, The, 458 

Davis Combination Tool. The, 44 

Davison's Filler Cap, 226 '■ 

Dawson's Mudshields, 197 

Day Trips and Week-ends, Barnard Castle and 

'Round. About- (artA. ^^52, 
Defy-all'MoTop- C'\l\^ef Th?, 


Dekla riorn. tfhe, ,808; ... , 
DependenKre^ Licence Hftlcft^rK The. .22^' ; , 
Direction Posts, Standardised, 339 
Disabled Drivers' RaUv„ >76e . t t c < 

Disc Wheel Vogue. Th/i>^ (n^t.), -166 
Dissolved Acetylene, rj^l It' [ , 

Douglas Sporting Model Carrier, 562 
Dunhiil s J.asncine Limousine Sidecar. 42 
Duplex ;E^^Il6r Chain" for.'M^stita. -7^)5 < 
Dutch Tria.i,'The, ^725* -, », ' ■; \ i \ 

Ealing and District M.C.C. Twentv-four Hour Open 
Trial, 178 

Trial. 567 

Easter Events. Important, 413 

— with the Clubs, 360 

East Indies, An Exhibition in the, 125 

— Midland Centre A.C.U. Open Hill-climb. 691 
Easting (Royal) Windscreen, 775 

Ebbut's Exhaust Baffler, 258 
Economy Chart. 765 

Edinburgh in a Sidecar, To (art.), 638 
Edwards Accelerator Pedal, 41 
E.E.C. House Lighting Plant, 197 
Electric Lighting Outfits (art.). 62 ' 

Electric Wiring for ilotor Cycles fart.), 127 
Enamelling tne Motor Cycle at- Home (art.), 173 
Essex M.C. One Day Trial, 243 
— — Open Hill-climb (report), 440 

Results of the, 460 

Eta Radial Motor Cycle, The, 285 

Evabrite Aluminium Grips, 254 

Evans's Trophies lor Fastest T.T. Laps, 841 

Eveleigh's Motor Attachment (patent), 128 

Ewart s Valve Grinder, 808 

E.W.L. Silencer Castings, 44 

Facial Expressions on the Road (art.), 310 
Fenland as a Touring Ground, The (art.), 316 
F.LC.M. Congress, 116 

First Out with the Junior T.T. Report, 801 
Five Hundred Mile Race at Brooklands, 641 

The, 843 

Forthcoming Trials, 242 

Foster Cycle Car, The, 684 

Foster's Wheel Lock, 197 

Four Days on the Road (art.), 423 

Frame Design, Motor Cycle (art.), 54 

France, A Non-stop Trial in, 427 

— Recognises the Value of Trials (art.), 456 

— The Trials Idea in (art.), 288 
-Fi-ancis-Barnett Sporting Lightweight, The, 488 

Freeman's Air-cooled Piston, 125 
French Competition, Ladies in, 613 

— Non-stop Trial, 586 

— Petrol Consumption Tests, 42 

— Soldering Iron, A, 71 
F.R.S. Lamps. 156 

— Mirror, The, 707 

Fuel Economy, Is YoUii' Gear too High? (art.), 392 
Future Motor Legislation, 490 

— of the T.T.. The (art.), 823 
Two-stroke. The, 160 

Gaietta ' ij\- P)ug, The, 807 

Galibier, 0. . - ' .'he (art.), 354 

Gamage P ^Uou Seat, the, 807 

Garelli's t uwer Unit, 229 

Gascoign's Divided Axle, 107 

George's Exhaust Pipe Fixing (patent), 129 

Gerko Licence Holder, The, 226 

Germany, The Motor Cycle Movement in, 88 

Getting Out of London for the North, 266 

Glasgow Display Week, 143 

— Westo" M.C.C. Hill-climb, 565 

inter Trial, 50 

Glendale Motor Cycle. The, 125 
Godtiey's Front Guard for Indians, 287 
Gough Pocket Tool Kit, The, 156 
Grado Licence Holder, The, 358 
Gradua Gear Improvement, A, 458 
Graham Sidecar, The, 195 

Grand Prix de France, The. 686 
■_-__ Entries for the, 766 

Race, Map of the Course, 655' 

The Motor Cycle. 177 

-- — Reserved Seats for the, 703 
"„•--- The 1921, 67 
pGi;i£usthorpe Park, Speeds at, 470 
-Grove's Overhead Valve Engine (patent), 229 
■■ Grose's Backrest. 444 

— Flvwheel Brake, 71 

— Foot Muff. 71 

G.N. Cycle Car, The Popular Model, 469 


Hagg Motor Cycle, The, 700 

IL'A.H. Electric Set, The. 808 

tTale's Two-stroke Engine (patent), 486 

Hamilton's Dry Battery Carrier (patent), 230 

Harmer's Bowden Wire Nipple (patent), 487 

Harris Kick-starter (patent), 13 

Harrogate and District M.C. Hill-climb, 692 

Heaton Ward Valve Grinder. The. 254 

Herbrecht's Sidecar Chassis (patent), .129 

Hill, The Most Difficult (art.), 512 

Hilton's Waterproof Gloves (patent), 487 

Hiring a Motor Cvcle, The Cost of. 333 

Hirst's Variable Pulley (patent), 14 

Holiday Week-end. A (art.), 480 

Homa Licence Holder, The. 807 

Howard Motor Cvcle Cover. The, 444 

Hughes Sidecar. The. 708 

Hunt'? Screw Tvpe T-amp Switch, 476 



Ideal Ail' Spring Pillion Cushion, The, 458 

Ideas, Uselul and ingenious, 30, 196, 512 

Igayno, The Rotax, 398 

UKiey Trial Koutes, 766 

linports and ljixix>ils, 50, 237, 338, 470, 622 

Impressions of tne Junior Kace (art.). 778 

Indian Achievement, Xhe, 804 

— .Scout, Dunhills Sidecar lor the, 708 
Industrial Rubber Co. Spring Saddle, 807 
Instruction in Two-stroke Management, 218 
International Records, 117 

— Six Days Trial, Preliminary Details, 142. 654 
Inter-'Varsity Hill-climb, An, 301 

In the Traflic (art.). 525 

Into the Teeth of the Storm (art.). 215 

Is Air-cooling Adequate'/ (art.). 421 

— Design Stagnating? (art.), 700 
Italian T.T. learn. An, 259 
luly. Activity in (art.), 210 

— Motor Cycling in, 286 

Ivy Motor Cycle, The T.T.. 679 

Ixion Hand Control for H..S...\. CUUihcs. 225 

.James Sidecar Sprinkling, The (iiatenl). 97 
J.A.P. Engines lor tne T.T.. 521 
.Jebou iJecnanical t)il Pump, The. 458 
John Bull Milestones, 831 
.Jones Variable Pulley (patent), 14 
.fuckes Four-speed (.lear iiox. The. 370 

- Gate Control (patent). 128 

Junior Car Club's Fuel Consumiition Test. 438 

- T.T. Reliort. The. 759 
Jupp Runabout. The. 124 

Kelly Motor Cycle. The. 106 

K.L.G. Sparking Plug, 287 

Knapp and Giddynap Hills (illu-.), 549 

Ladies in French Competition; 613 

L.A.D. Lightweight Sidecar. The, 20 

Lancashire Team Trial. A, 842 

La]i at 56.4 ra.p.h.. A. 805 

Leaders, 1, 29. 59. 91. 121. 149, 181. 213. 245. 

277, 305. 351. 387. 4IS. 445. 477. 493. 509. 

543. 571. 601. 631. 663. 695. 727, 771, 815 

Letters to the Editor, 15. 45, 76, 108, 135. 169, 

198, 232. 262. 290. 334. 372. 401. -431. 462. 

493. 530, 556, 587, 617. 648. 681. 710. 767. 

809, 828 
Levis. A Two-siieed, 269 
Licence Card Holder-. 43. 113 
Licensed. 186,000 Motor Cycles (leaderette). 445 
Lightweights for Hard Service, 514 
Litton Slack (illus.). 602 
Liveriiool M.C. Two Day Trial. 118. 148 
Lloyd Oiling System (patent), 96 
Umdon-Covcntrv-Londoii Trial, 724 
London-Edinburgh Trial. Alteintion of P o, 376 


- Run, Guide to the. 577 

- — Reminiscences of. 582 
— Report of the. 624 

- Trial Results. 653 
London-Exeter Tri»l. Reiiort, 7 

- — Results. 56 
London-Ijind's End Entries. 298 
Trial. Guide to the. 359 

Hills in the. 361 

Rejiort of. 406 

Results of the. 440 

Luggage-carrving on the Sidecar (art.). ?'f' 
Luxurious Sidecar Outfit. .\. 377 
Lycett Trophy Trial. 630 


Maclean > Spi iug Handle-bars (patent). 487 
Magneto Industry Menaced. The (art.). 82 

- The British (leader). 59 
" Magnetos "■ (review). 103 

Malcolms Crank Case .Assembly (patent). 229 
.Manx Hospitalitv. 802 

- M.C.C. T.T. Hill-climb. 800 
\t..\.P. S]iarkiiig Plug. The. 565 

Marcu- Sjiring Mattress for Morgans. The. 156 
Marrvatt Mudshield-. 20 

Legshields for Douglases. 226 
.Marshall's Spare Petrol Carrier. 287 
Massev-\rran 5 h.p. Twin. A New. 428 
Martin Motor Cycles lor the T.T.. 468 
M.B. Two speed Gear Box, The. 228 

- Two-stroke Engine. The. 228 
M.C.C. General Meeting. 142 

- Opening Run, The. 346 
Megola Motor Cvcle, The, 459 
Menzies Chain Cleaner (patent I. 230 
M.Tcurv Sparking Plugs. 254 

Midland Centre A.C.U. Open Trial. 535. 564 
Rules. 426 

Team Trial. 565 

Cycle I'ud -Vthletie Club Dinner. 141 
Midway Stands (art.), 6 
Mid-week TralTic. 225 

Millford Double-seated Sidecar, The. 255 
Miliii - Variable Pulley (patent), 14 
Miriinture Cars (art.). 672 
ML Maclita Lighting Set, A Lightweight. 485 

Te=t of the. 364 

Modern Spring Forks '"Tt.). 187 
Molla Sparking Plug. The, 783 
Moiiopole Motor Cycles. 366 

Morecambe Speed Trials, 694 

Moribund Phrasing in L.atest Government Onler, 

Most DifBcult Hill— and Whj^ The (art.). 312 
Motor Cycle Spares Service (art.), 222 
— Taxation and Petrol Prices, 599 Motor Cycles. 367 
M.P. Sidecar. The. 255 

Mudguarding and Large Tyres (art.). 392 
•Muir's Speedometer Dynamo Drive, 83 
Multi-cylinder Jlolor Cycles. 735 
Myguid's Petrol Tank tpatent), 229 
'Mystery Mount at Brooklands, A, 520 - 

Neath and District M.C.C. Reliability Trial, 427 
Ner-a-car Wheeler, 822 
Netherlands Automobile Show, The, 474 
Newcastle and District M.C. Open Trial, 566 
New Comet Motor Cycle. The T.T.. 678 

— — Record-breaking Sidecar (lUus.L 591 

— Imperial Gear Box, The. 303 
Motor Cycle, The T.T.. 675 

— Models and New Names, 366, 429 

— .Scale Licence Holder, The. 807 
Nickson-B. Motor Cycles, 367 
Nigeria, Motor Cycles in, 105 

Nine Months on a Chain-drive Triumiih. 546 
Notes for the Novice, Brakes, 101 

l-yres, 193 

Norbreck Motor Cycles. 367, 430 
.\orth-Western Centre A.C.U. Championship 

Results, 654 
.Novelty in Design and (Construction (art.). 94 

Oakanioor Hill-climb. 691 

Occasional Comments. 2. 31. 60. 92. 121. 150. 182. 
211. 214. 246. 278. 352, 388. 416, 446, 478. 
510, 544. 572. 502. 664. 696, 728. 772. 816 
Oil-cooling. The Progress of. 834 
Oiling Exiiosed Parts (art.). 261 
Order of .Merit in Six Day Trials (art.), 167 
tjverheating (art.), 785 
Ovetviea.s Seelion. 98. 220. 393. 517. 644. 821 

- Tour by .Mr. J. L. Norton. 668 

- What It Costs to Send a .Motor Cycle. 223 
Oxford University r. Oxford C'ity. 626 

Paganclli's Friction Drive (iiatont), 487 
Paragon Folding Sidecar, Tlie, 43 

- Molor Cycles. New. 429 
Paris-.Madrid Trial, The. 269. 382 
Paris-Nice 'liial. The 1921, 239, 271, 288, 

(illus.) 289, 425 
Paris-Pyrenees Trial, The, 505, 595 
Parmor Carburetter. The. 70- 
Parsons Bowden Wire Ni)ti»le, Tlie, 71 
Pax .Motor Cycles. The, 430 
Pennant Rivet Extraetor, The. 807 
Per Ardua ad~Exeter, 7 
Perfect Seat Pillar. The. 254 
Poro Engine, The. 491 
Peters Motor Cycle, The, 106 
Pickersgill Sidecar Coupling, The. 71 
Plus-one Sidecar, The. 256 
Police. Belgian Motor Cvelo. 493 
Motor Cycle (leaderette). 415 

- Work. Motor Cycles for (art.). 442 
Poor Mans Mount. A (art.), 637 
Porlock-I.ynton at 19.4 m.ji.h. ? (art.). 302 
Present Day Mounts and their Riders (art.). 216 
Press Photography and the Motor Cycle (art.). 24 
Price Question. The (art.), 206 

Prince Henry on his 3'i.. h.p. Douglas. 533 
Protection and Lubrication of Chains. The. 253 
Psychology of the Motor Cyclist. The. 305 
Puncture Fiend at Bav. The. 611 

(Juestions and Rej.lic-. 27. 57. 80. 119. 138. 179. 
235, 27S, 293. 306. 349. 385, 404. 435. 466. 
496. 541. 561. 591, 620. 651. 684. 713. 770. 

813. 831 


Rndeo .Molor t'yelas. New. 429 
Radial Engine. The .Six-cylinder Redrup. 735 
Eta, 285 

— Molor Cycle The British, 490 
R,avonite Drv Battery Lighting. 258 
Ratchet Brake. A, 358 

Rebuilding our Credit Overseas (art.), 65 
Recent Patents. 13, 96. 128. 229, 486 
Record. A 92 m.p.h. Norton. 426 

— Another Norton, 266 

Records, A.J.S. Hour and Two Hour. 680 

— Diamond, Norton, and Harley-Davidson. 502 

— Hariey and Indian 100 m.p.h.. 559 

— New Comet and Morgan. 559 

— Norton and Sidecar Mean Speeds 203 
- Table o( British Motor Cycle. 18 

Reducing Second-hand Values to a Formula. 257 

Regulations. 376 

Relativity— What is it? 295 

-Reminiscences o( the London-Edinburgh Run, 582 

Renold Roller-less Chain. 783 

Reverse Gear for Bleriot-Whinpet. Ballard's. 231 

Richards Combined Plug Cooler and Cut-out. 101 

Richmond Meet, The (report). 411. 437 

Riding to Win (art). 184 

Ripby Gear. The. 224 

Rigby's Sidecar Coupling- (patent). 96 


Right WiiidsiicLii. Tht:, 43 
Road?- and Motoi' Cycley. The. 825 
Road Test^ ol I\ew iVlodels : 
^ 3 h.p. Aimis Sidecar, 251 
8 h.p. urough. aupeiior, 86 
6 h.p. B.S.A., 449 
2^:^ 11. p. Diamond-Jap, 419"^ 
8 h.p. E-Kuelsior Sidecar Taxi. 418 
3 h.p. Ivy Sidecar, 698 
I'j n.p. Keujlworth Minialurt, 362 

5 h.p. Lea-Francis, 448 
-Moto Cuzzi. 217 

Z'u h.p. O.K. Sidecar, 788 

4>4 h.p. Quadrant Sidecar, 280 

5-6 h.p. Kaleieh. 161 

8 h.p. Royal Knficld and Sidecar, 528 

3V-2 n.p. and 7-9 h.p. Rudge Sidecars. 390 

3'A. h.p. T.T. Sunbeam, 190 

6 h.p. Vivatclle, 126 

Robotnam's Two-sLroke Engine (patent). 230 
Roller-skates v. Motor Cycle. 344 
Ro.sedale Abbey Bank (illus.), 581 - 
Ross-Courtney Compression I'ap, The, 71 
Rolarv Engine. A Five-cylinder, 459 
lX<>la:i Igdyno Set. The, 398 
Round the Coast Trial lor 1921, 92, 148 
Rover iMotor Cycle, The T.T.. 676 
Roynl Ruby Oud^eou Pin (jjatcnt), 97 

Sidebar S]>nnging. 258 

Roy MoUir Tricycle, Tlie. 577 
Runbaken Miijznclo Lighting Srt. 258 


Sambrook Scat. The, 707 

Samson's 'I'op-iail Tool liox, 444 

Sans Sparking I'lug. 197 

Surco Reliance Motor Cycles. 366 

Scenes from Four Countrie:*, 513 

Schrader Tyre Valve, The, 703 

S.C. Lightweight Molor Cycle, The. 21 

Scottish Six Uays. The, 470 

Trials (Preliminary Regulations). 595 

Scott Motor Cycle, The T.T., 725 
Screen-light Lamp, The, 808 
Screw Road (art.). 604. 642 
Second-hand Prices. 50. 70. 134, 165, 206. 2 
273. 284. 333. 384. 460. 522. ! 
~ — Graphically, 492 

Value- t,i a Formula. lUdutiug. 257 
Secret-^ of l-ovvfr, 699 
SeUridge's Pi.nic Ba.skt-t. 476 
Sensitive Throttle Control, The. 101 
SheOleld and Hallamshire M.C.C. Team Trial, ! 
ShL'lBeld-IUnder.-^ou Motor Cycle, The, 104 
Sheldon Countt-rshaft Gear Conversions, 68 
- Luggage Grid, The, 44 

Shfppee and Jowet Motor Attachment (patent), 
Shcppey Licence Holder, The, 254 
Shimwell Spring Scat, The, 78 
SiHerar Alternative. The (art.). 157 
~ Comfort (art.). 774 

- or Cycle Car? (art.). 308 
• Taxis (Icadert-ite). 245 

- — in London, 261 

- Tax, The (ait.), 25 

- The Fir.'^t. 193 

Sidecars for Disabled Driver^i. 706 

.Silver Princo Motor Cycles. 366 

Single or Multicvlindcr? (art.). 331 

.Six Days Si-hcme. The New (art.), 66, 147 

Skcock C.vrle Car. The, 176 

S:L.B. Self-blowing Blow-pipe, 287 

Smith and Peakman'a Clutch Control. 230 

Smifs Two->troke Engine (patent), 13 

Snarrv's Valve Gear (patent), 13 

Solo .Sfounts and the A.C*!'. 350 c.c. Limit (ar 

Soni.' Anoninh'e.'4 »f tho Motor Cyclo Tnxation (ai 

— Brooklands Types. 748 

— .Si.ring! (illu.-^.). 318 

Soutli-Eastern Centre A.C.U., Inauguration of, ^ 

Southporl Sim-'.] Trials, 664 

Souvenir CuU-IiT-ia, 837 

Sparklet.^. 90. 120, 139. 236, 276. 350. 405, 4 

467. 497. 542. 562, 592, 621, 652. 714. 814. i 
Speed Limit. The (letters on), 208 
Spicer Leather Specialities, 269 
SpinkV Door-leu.'* Sidecar (patent), 486 
Spring Wh.-cl, A, 377 
Stadium Lii-ence Holder. The, 808 
^taff Trial. 77i.- Motor C;/cle, 739 
Stanford Spring-.slnnp Auxiliary .Seat, 44 
Stangor Motor Cycle, The, 701 
Steel Forge Spanner. The, 707 
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January 6Tn, 1921. 

( 'V 



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Telegrams: "Motorcycle, Coventry." 
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Subscription Rates : Home, 23s. lOd. ; Canada, 23s. lOd. ; o'lier countries abroad, 28s. 2d. 

per annum. 

The A.C.U. and the Cycle Car. 

AS recorded in our issue for December 23rd a 
movement ' afoot to transfer the cycle car 
once again lO the control of the Auto Cycle 
Union, It will be recalled that prior to the 
war the cycle car type of vehicle was under 
the wing of the motor cycle body, but, owing to 
the lack of proper definition, the type developed 
into tlie light car, and so brought about the post- 
war decision to make a clean cut between cars and 
motor cycles, by making the deciding factor the 
number of wheels. This, it has been proved, was 
a little too sweeping, and the last car shows revealed 
the absurdity of terming a four-wheeled motor cycle 
a car, and so giving its manufacturer no option but 
to exhibit his miniature air-cooled four-wheeler with 
the cars; while three-wheeled cars were staged at 
the motor cycle e.xhibition. 

Further, there is the question of taxation, which 
compels the owner of a buckboiird to pay on the 
£1 per horse-power rate, while three-wheeled cars 
up to 8 cwt. are only subject to a flat rate tax 
equal to that on a motor cycle with sidecar. 

Again, since the R.A.C. has had control of the 
four-wheeled cycle cars, it has done twthiiig to 
encourage their developme-nt, and, if the trutli be 
admitted, a body interested in vehicles which cost 
from ^500 to ^5,000 cannot be expected to be 
enthusiastic concerning artype which is tcrv" all 
intents and purposes a rearranged motor cycle. 

The R.A.C. and Cycle Cars. 

That the cycle car as a type deserves encour- 
agement is patent to motor cyclists : that it needs 
developmg carefully is equally plain. In the 
hands of the R.A.C. it is expected to compete' on 
level terms with fully developed cars; with the 
A.C.U. as its sponsors it could be developed side 
by side with the class of machine \vith which it ii 
intended to compete, e.g., the sidecar. 

To justify their existence, small light four- 
wheelers must prove themselves to be at least the 
equal, on the score of economy and reliability, of 

modern sidecar machines and three-wheeled run- 
abouts. For cycle cars to compete among them- 
sehes would prove nothing to the prospective 
buyers they are intended to satisfy; the onlv way 
to prove their capabilities is to allow them to 
compete side by side with all types of economical 
p-issenger machines. Whether 'three, four, or- six 
wheels are used does not matter so long as " costs " 
first cost and running costs— represent the 
go\eming factor. 

In some of the earlier Six Days Trials, notably 
in 1913, for instance, great intere'.st was aroused by 
the inclusion of a cycle car class ; the performances 
of the few which were then able to enter were 
decidedly informative, and, provided that proper 
limitations as to type were fixed, the makers of 
genuine go-anywhere light four-wheelers would 
have better scope in the A.C.U. trials for a con- 
vincing public demonstration of their machines, 
than they have at present under R.A.C. control. 
A Proper Definition Wanted. 
Ever>thing considered, there appears everv reason 
why the Auto Cycle Union should have the control 
of cycle cars provided a proper definition is 
armed at. It is our firm opinion that weight must 
be one important factor, and since three-wheeled 
cycle cars are limited for taxation purposes to 
8 cwt. unladen, this weight would provide a con- 
venient line of demarcation. In addition, it would 
be necessary to limit engine capacity, and in this 
connection i.roo c.c. seems to meet all require- 
ments when applied in conjunction with a weight 
limit. Incidentally, this practicallv lines up with 
the definition of the International' Federation of 
Motor Cycle Clubs, of which the A.C.U. is a 
member, the F.I.C.M. definition including 350 
kilogrammes, or 770 lb., and 1,100 c.c. engine 
capacity. Abroad, cycle cars conforming to these 
two limits are taxed as motor cycles, and who 
knows but that with the cycle car again accepted 
as an alternative to the motor cycle our own 
revenue authorities wiD not take the same common- 
sense view? \- '^ ~^'-L-^ 

■■ ^ ■■ f i < ^ . /n f / . . . ./ / / /..y.y..y\. \ v \ \ v v v t \ ^ ^ ., v..\..v v 

An Index to the aovertlscmenta In this Issue will be fou d on the tage facing tne oacn ccver. 

Prospects lot 1921. 

KN spite of the tightness of money and slack trade all 
round, 1921 promises to be a great year for motor 
cycles. Trade may recover sufficiently by the 
summer to restore the prospect of considerable pur- 
chases by the better paid artisans, especially by the 
young bachelors among them. Whether that happens 
or not, lots of people who intended to buy cars can- 
not afford to do so in these days of heavy taxation, and 
thousands of owners will step down from the car-own- 
ing class into our ranks. I quite expect that the 
motor car industry is in for a poorish time ; but I hope 
for something approaching a boom year in the motor 
cycle industry. 

Develop the Cycle Car. 

nT follows that the cycle car has a unique opening. 
In i9i4.the cycle car was outflanked on one wing 
by the motor cycle and on the other by the light 
car. When you could buy a sidecar de luxe for ;^i25 
and a 10 h.p. water-cooled four-cylinder car for ;£i75, 
the cycle car had no room to develop. In 1920 a big 
outfit cost rather over ;£2oo, and a light car was 
listed at ^500 or so. This gap left the cycle car a 
range of ^300 in which to spread itself. The G.N. 
and the Morgan were about the only cycle cars which 
were ready. The R.A.C. and the A.C.U. — control- 
ling four and three-wheeled cycle cars respectively — 
could do nothing much to develop or advertise either 
type, for the simple reason that the trade could not 
furnish entries for any trial which might have been 
held. So the public adopted a somewhat cynical 
and sceptical attitude towards all new cycle cars. 1921 
ought to see a really colossal trial of cycle cars. The 
London-Exeter is symptomatic. It attracted over 
thirty cycle car entries, although the- New Hudson 
three-wheelers and other newcomers were not ready 
for it. Now if I were seeking to market a new cycle 
car, I should rather funk the Exeter run. It is a stunt 
which tests the driver enormously, and allows his 
shortcomings (if any) to overshadow the intrinsic excel- 
lence of a machine. If a trial so unattractive to a 
wise sales manager, held before the season Jias com- 
menced, and before the factory has got into its stride, 
can draw thirty odd entries, how many can we reckon 
upon for a rationally organised cycle car Six Days 
next summer? Let us hope that the R.A.C. and 
A.C.U. will agree together to render such an event 

A Maggy Christmas. 

n LEARN from a thoroughly sodden colleague that 
the London-Exeter men experienced a sloppy 
trip once again. For myself I spent what 
the locals call a " whisht " Christmas. In lieu 
of the irovT earth and frost-bediamonoed hedges which 
figure on Christmas cards, the temperature out of 


JANUARY 6th, jg2i. 


I>y IxiQ>«i 

I Si**Mii.j„ 

doors was about equal to that of an air-cooled cylin- 
der at 500 r.p.m. Rain fell steadily, and the walls 
of the house streamed with moisture inside and out. 
In lieu of the historic Yule fare our mournful party 
sat down to stewed rabbit and barley-water. Why, 
do you ask ? Have I had the sack ? Not yet. I am 
saving up to pay the liceiice duty on my stud of motor 
cycles. That is why I call it a muggy Christmas. We 
are mugs to let the bureaucrats wipe their feet on us. 
[Please excuse "Ixion." We happen to know he has 
seized up his gear box through forgetting to oil it ; 
and he is always peevish when he has done something 
silly.— Ed.] 

Steady Prices. 

THE fact that prices are becoming stabilised will 
help the trade more than anything else ; a steady 
price is every bit as desirable as a low price. 
The other day I went out to lunch. En route I 
stopped at a garage to buy petrol, and congratulated 
the proprietor that his stock was so small, illustrating 
as a contrast the sixteen obsolete cars which I had 
seen in another garage, all taken in part payment for 
1920 cars, and all practically unsaleable except as 
"junk." The proprietor pulled a wry face. "Yes, 
that new 1920 sidecar outfit is all I have in; but I've 
dropped £,i?> on her already, for her retail price was 
reduced at the Show to less than I paid for her whole- 
sale." I arrived at my host's for lunch to find him 
the unhappy owner of two small cars, the prices of 
which had been reduced ^^55 and £,12^ respectively 
since he bought them. That sort of thing is just 
about over now, thank goodness. It makes people 
hesitate to buy, it engenders colossal depreciations, 
and it breeds bad blood all round. Announceftients 
like the G.N. — " Our price cannot be reduced, and 
will not be reduced " — make for all-round confidence 
in trading. 

Lubrication Again. 

HAM glad to have the support of such an authority 
as Mr. Batten in my complaints about most of 
the current lubrication systems. Expert motor 
cyclists are undoubtedly quite content with the drip 
feed and the hand pump. But the experts hardly 
number more than 500 or so, and there are consider- 
ably over 100,000 motor cyclists. The vast majority 
hate the eternal fiddling" which any rider-controlled 
system of lubrication implies. Such systems are 
tiresome enough on a single ; they want attention when- 
ever the load varies — 15 m.p.h. through a town, 45 
m.p.h. along a flat straight, 26 m.p.h. over a twisting 
road under trees, 30 m.p.h. up a steep grade — every 

heen published in hook form, price 5s. 3d. post free, from - 
~ " The Motor Cycle " Offices, 20, Tudor Street, E.C.4. 

JANVARY 6th, ig2i. 

Occasional Comments. — 

change of circumstance calls for a variation of the oil 
control. The setting which is right when you start 
out with a cold tank may be wrong when the 'bus has 
warmed up a bit. The setting. which is right with one 
grade of oil is wrong with another grade. The setting 
which is correct in the blaze of the noon-day sun is 
false when night brings down the frost. On a twin- 
cylinder matters are e\'en worse. In, perhaps, a 
majority of such engines the oiling is always unequal, 
as between the cylinders; a slight error of judgment 
in either direction leads to sooting up the plug of the 
lucky cylinder, or star\'ing the piston of the unlucky 
cyhnder. Most motor cyclists are "eternally fiddling" 
with their oil supply, and hate the job. ' All car 
owners dismiss the lubrication from their mind for the 
rest of the day, after they have once verified the 
supply prior to starting out. 

Hope for the Future. 

UNTIL quite recently it was certainly impossible 
for designers to oflfer motor cyclists an out-of- 
sight and out-of-mind oiling system, for engines 
wouldn't stand it. Phosphor bronze Inishes — and 
those on the small side, especially where the big ends 
of twins were concerned — tended to get too iiot. 
Pistons and cylinders of pre-war design were often 
subject to appreciable distortion. Successful firms 
hesitated to face the risk and expense of altering a 
saleable model. Floods of cold oil were useful in 
camouflaginc^ sevoral rrudities of design, and in 

A study in contrasts. The lower picture 
depicts a Brough rider and the driver of a big 
Rex outfit on the road at the beginning of 
December. The former wears no coat, and both 
enjoy the sunshine amid the autumn leaves. 
Then comes the December snow, changing dark 
greens and browns to white, and, as shown in 
the upper picture, the sidecar driver hurries 
on his way. 

obtaining good results from cheap methods of manu- 

Then the aero engine tauglit us how to reduce the 
possibilities ■.•■' distortion. Ball and roller bearings 
came into more extended use. When I first tried the 
original 3 h.p. A.i!.C._expeiimental machine, I put 
the point to Mr. Bradshaw. He agreed in principle, 
and promised to fit sump oiling, sufficient for a month's 
riding; He has ne\er confessed why he changed his 
mhid, and finally adopted the drip on his first post- 
war machine. But the Zenith stand at Olympia 
showed that he has been reconverted. In pre-war 
days " oil-cooling " was a term of reproach ; if Mr. 
Bradshaw succeeds in his campaign for exalting it 
into a merit instead of a crime, hand-controlled oiling 
will die. In the meantime I denounce it from the 
standpoint of practical convenience. 

An Object Lesson. 

Tut long ago, on a very cold and frosty night, I 
I wa.s dri\ing one of the few twin-cylinders which 
i.s fitted with a separate drip for each cylinder, 
it was bitterly cold, and I had arrayed myself in seven 
changes of raiment, and toasted myself brown before 
a great fire ere I started out. I had previously run 
the engine free in my garage, and adjusted tlie oil 
leeds perfectly. Within five miles a plug oiled up. 
Ft was pitch dark and I had no inspection lamp. I 
hastily put in a clean plug, which oiled up some 
iwQ miles further on. Having no other spare, I was 
now compelled to clean one of the dirty plugs, and eke 
„ to identify the cause of my troubles. 
Not being a novice I was able to 
achieve this task fairly rapidly, in 
, S]jile of the darkness; and in ten 
minutes I was on my way again. 
A novice would never have reached 
his destination under the circum- 
stances. But it is humiliating to 
reflect that such a conlretcmps could 
not possibly befall any car on the 
road, except as the result of piston 
V .«^v ring trouble, which is naturally very 

■0" »'Si«''-5>" uncommon. 

JANUARY 6tli, igi 

Over 10,000 M 

side Adjusiment. 

Two AJ.S. O 


I'lWO years ownership of 
anything, whether the 
object be^ animate or in- 
animate, enables one to form a 
pretty accurate conception of 
its good and bad points. To 
the man who has ridden motor 
cycles for fifteen years or more, 
two months would be more than 
ample time in which to detect 
evil points in design or manu- 
facture; and bad design and 

material in motor cycles are abominations in'deed. So 
to find the same make.of machine in the garage after 
twenty-four months of motor cycling _ is a sufficient 
indication of the high esteem in which I now hold this 
particular motor cycle. 

TaKing Over. 

On a biting cold day in the early part of 1919 de- 
livery was taken of one of the first A.J.S. outfits in- 
stalled with the Magdyno lighting and ignition, and 
a rough ride home from the makers in the darkness 
of a late winter's night was a foretaste of the most 
pleasurable two years', riding. Thave ever experienced. 

The outstanding feature of the A.J.S., without 
doubt, is its absolute reliability. On starting out I can 
always depend that my journey will be completed 
without a mechanical stoppage of any description. 
Tyre troubles are inevitable, biit I have been singu- 
larly immune, taking into consideration the fact that 
a spare wheel is not carried. My contention is that, as 
the wheels are so easily detachable, it is unnecessary to 
carry a spare wheel for thousands of miles on the off- 
chance of requiring it once or twice. If a spare wheel 
is utilised, the puncture must eventually be repaired ; 
and it is a peculiar but recognised fact that punctujes 
often come in batches. A spare tube is always carried, 
and can be inserted in practically the same time that 
it takes to change a Avheel. Seven years' experience 
with detachable wheels fully confirms my views, how- 
ever unusual they may be considered. 


iles wilhout a Road- 
Experiences with 
utfils in England, 
and Wales. 

The smooth running A.J.S. 
is exceedingly light on tyres, 
and 3.000-4,000 is the average, 
mileage obtained on the back 

Up to the time of writing 

net a single puncture has 

occurred '_ during the 5,600 

miles covered this year, and 

only one was experienced last 

year, although 7,000 miles 

were registered^ 

A noticeable feature is that the tread of all the 

covers wears evenly on tlie centre, proving the perfect 

alignment of the sidecar. 

We frequently hear of a rider becoming so attached 
to a particular machine that he keeps it several seasons. 
But the craving to test new productions always pre- 
vented me from becoming obsessed with the merits of 
one rhake of machine. There is always a temptation, 
however, when the time comes, to select the mount 
for the coming year to. "have a change," no matter 
how well the past machine may have behaved. 
Although the 1919 A.J.S. served me as no other 
machine had done, there was- a sneaking desire to try 
out another make. But, even so, I once more' found 
myself with the familiar black and gold outfit, ,and 
I willingly admit the year's riding has amply justified 
the. decision. 

A Heavy Haul. 

The later model is only different in one or two minor 
details, but the engine is more powerful, is a- mag- 
nificent climber, and will haul a good load up a stift' 
gradient on top gear in a way no 8 h.p. engine I have 
previously possessed would do. Considering the cubic 
capacity of the engine is 749 c.c. only, this must point 
to exceptional efticiency. 

To illustrate the power of this machine, the follow- 
ing incident that occurred during the summer may be re- 
lated. On one excursion we had occasion- to descend 
the Sychnant Pass, near Conway, arid noticed a coupe 

/AA'UARY 6th, 1921. 

A Two Years' Test.— 

light car stranded on the roadside about half-way up 
the hill. Returning three hours later, it was still 
there, and we pulled up to see if any assistance was 
required. It transpired that the trouble was such that 
could only be remedied in a garage. Though the 
owner had appealed to several passing motorists, he 
had been unable to obtain assistance to get him into 

An offer to make the attempt was eagerly accepted, 
but there were grave doubts in my mind as to the 
ability of a ^-6 h.p. sidecar to haul a car up this 
stiff gradient. A rope was procured, and, to 
my surprise, the machine started off apparently 
without an effort, and completed the task into 
Conway. The engine showed no signs of over- 

Springing and general finish of the sidecar are 
good, and there are none of the annoying rattles 
and noises so often heard when one strikes a pot-hole. 
A point which generally attracts attention is the mud- 
guarding, and in practice it is specially efficient. 

On the 1920 model a single-lever Amac carburetter 
was fitted, and it. seems to suit the engine veiy well. 
The consumption has not been less than 50 m.p.g., 
but with the class of spirit we get in these days it may 
be considered a fair average. With this carburetter 
the engine will just tick over, and gives an increase in 


(1) The roof of Central Wales— the A.J.» 
on the mountain road near Ber^>■yn mountain. 

(2) On the banks of a famous salmon river — 
the Tweed. 

(3) The heights of Malvern, overlooking th. 
great plain of England. 


heating, and the incident gives a good indication of the 
power developed. 

No matter how silent an engine is when new, tappet 
and other noises often develop after a few thousand 
miles' running. Not so with the A.J.S. It is as quiet 
and sweet running as when first delivered ; and it is 
noted as a silent machine. The wheel bearings, 
too, have stood up to their work splendidly. I usually 
expect the front wheel bearings to go, sooner or later, 
owing to the side thrust, but no trouble has arisen on 
cither machine, and, speaking from memory, they were 
only adjusted once. 

The gear box and clutch have required no attention, 
the gear change being silent, and the clutch smooth. 

speed throughout the whole range of tlie throttle 
opening, the acceleration being remarkably rapid. It 
appears to be very sensitive to impurities in the petrol, 
and the presence of a trace of water in the carburetter 
has a choking effect. The cleaning out of the filter 
and carburetter at once removes the trouble. 

A word regarding the Lucas Magdyno lighting set, 
with which both these machines were fitted, is neces- 
sary in justice to the manufacturers. For two years 
of constant use, under varying conditions, this lighting 
set has given unbounded satisfaction — on no occasion 
has it failed or caused a moment's anxiety. .Several 
night rides in torrents of rain have been undertaken, 
but neither the lighting nor ignition apparatus has 


JANUARY 6th, 1921. 

A Two Years* Test.— 

suffered in the least degree, an excellent testimonial 
to the weatherproof qualities of the Magdyno, and the 
effective insulation of the various leads to the accumu- 
lators and lamps. 

After nine months' use the plates in the accumulator 
appear to be in finer condition than any that I have 
ever had in use for a similar period. 

The amount of distilled water necessary to make up 
for loss by evaporation was only about a teaspoonful 
in each cell, and the top of the accumulator was per- 
fectly dry, there being no loss of acid by spilling. 
This is rather remarkable when one considers the 
amount of vibration encountered owing to the present 
state of some of the roads. At the same time it speaks 
well for the design of the accumulator, and also for 
the springing of the sidecar, which the regular pas- 
senger reports 
1^ /to be most 


lt will be noted from the illustrations that the head 
lamp is carried on the fork and not on the handfe-bar. 
Here again theory had been proved wrong, and the 
makers of the machine assured me that the lamp fila- 
ment would not stand the vibration. During the two 
years with the Lucas and four years' previous experi- 
ence with another make, no breakage of filament has 
occurred when the lamps have been carried in this 
. position. 
. In conclusion, no machines have . given less 
trouble than these two A.J.S. outfits. After an exten- 
sive use of any,particular machine it is usually possible 
to find some points where improvements might be 
suggested, but with the exception of a desire for sUghtly 
higher h.p. and consequently higher gear, I fail to 
find any point I could criticise. 

With a largejc engine on long journeys a higher 
speed on straight stretches of road might be attained, 
but if at the expense of the other high qualities of the 
outfit I should prefer to leave it alone. Magnet. 


MIDWAY STANDS: Some of their 

THOUGH there is a good deal to be. said in favour ^ 
of midway stands, this position, nevertheless, 
has its drawbacks, chief among which is that 
it is difficult to bring into operation. One of my 
mounts is fitted with a stand placed just abaft the- 
crank case, and, with the machine resting- upon it, the 
rear wheel is clear of the ground, while the front wheel 
rests almost unloaded, i.e., the stand practically sup- 
ports the entire weight of the machine ; while the 
average rear wheel stand supports rather over half the 
weight of- the machine. Note, then, tliat in hoisting 
. a motor cycle on to a midway stand, one is wrestling 
with a much greater dead weight than if the stand 
occupies the usual position. 

Another disadvantage of the midway stand is that 
it is awkward to get at — that is, if it be of the spring- 
up variety. One lias to reach forward with one foot 
in order to scotch the stand, which is a most uncom- 


Advantages and Disadvantages. 

fortable and unnatural position when, at the same 
time, a physical effort is required to hoist the machine 
backwards and upwards. 

L consider that the advantages of the midway stand 
are rather outweighed by its disadvantages unless — 
and this is the crux of the whole matter — it were, so 
designed as to be brought into operation by the push- 
ing down of a lever with the foot. 

Alternatively the P. arid M. method is quite satis- 
factory^a midway stand which entirely supports the 
front wheel in addition to the ordinary back wheel 
stand. This Ls a much better arrangement than the 
separate front wheel stand, which is in the way when 
tyre repairs are neCessaiy. 

Summing up, then, the further forward a stand is 
the more weight it has to carry, which is in its. favour, 
except that, unless special provision be made, it en- 
hances the difficulties mentioned. H.M.B. 

JANUARY 6th, 102 1. 



The 1920 M.C.C. London-Exeler-London Run, December 27lh and 28lh. 
Retrospective Impressions of the Double Journev. 


The leaders of the London-Exeter Twenty-four Hours Christmas Run of the M.C.C. — P. W. Moffatt (3S Douglas) and 

H. Karslake (5 Brough). Though competing, these two intrepid motor c>'clists acted as travelling marshals. The 

official timekeeper's car is seen on the right, the arm of the law on the extreme left ! 

THE whys and wherefores which impel 
some two hundred otherwise 
normally-disposed individuals to 
embark on the annual M.C.C. Boxing 
Night run from London to Exeter are 
hidden deep in the psychology of the 
human mind. It cannot be the craving 
for adventure alone, for there is nothing 
great nor spectacular in being stranded 
on Salisbury Plain in a blizzard or a 
downpour, with eitlier tyres or lamps 
that " won't keep up " — tliere is nothing 
but discomfort ; cold, clammy and dank 

Wet and Warm. 

The night 0! December 27th, 1920, was 
nnlike London-Exeter nights of previous 
years, only in so far as the south-westerly 
rain-bearing wmd, was warm instead ol 
bitterly cold ; the rain was there in no 
half-hearted fashion — none of your gentle 
rains that gladden the earth, but a down- 
right soaker, insinuating itself into necks 
and wheel bearings with equal impar- 

Staines was the usual scene of intense 
animation for an hour or more before the 
first man's start at eight o'clock. The 

yard of the garage and the garage itself 
were packed with competing machines, to 
which their riders were adding finishing 
touches or affi.xing the club's cardboard 
number plates. Garage attendants pushed 
through the ciush of weirdly-dressed men 
bearing large tins of oil or petrol. Here 
a man trieoT his electric set ; here another 
made frantic efforts to persuade a recalci- 
trant acetylene generator to function as it 
should; everywhere watches were adjusted 
to the official timekeeper's, route cards 
were consulted, and coat after coat added 
until most riders were of twice their 
original size. before 8 p.m. the line 
formed under the flare of acetylene pro- 
jectors and the feebler rays of the street 
lamps, with vivid intermittent bursts of 
flash lights for photography, flashes that 
left everything in utter darkness for a few 
seconds. AU noped that the fair promise 
of the day's weather would be kept, but 
over the stars already was stealing an 
ominous blue-black group of heavy clouds, 
first harbingers of the storm to come. 

A few miles from the start, and ere the 
tail cars of the procession had cleared 
Blackwater, rain fell very heavily indeed, 
and existence for the solo riders became 

trying, the more so in that the roads 
speedily turned into lakes of mud of a 
particularly nasty consistency. Numbers 
rapidly became the pulp from which they 
originated, overalls and Sidcot suits turned 
a sliiny dai'k brown, and many so-called 
waterproofs became ominously leaky at 
the joints. In such circumstances no one 
relished the passage over the Plain from 
Andover, and quite a number of com- 
petitors availed themselves of the open, 
warm garage at the latter town to linger 
while their machines were filled with 
petrol, and to obtain a little really hot) 
coffee. Over Sahsbury's dreary plain the 
run was just as bad as anyone could have 
imagined, and it was difficult to keep 
upright, so fiercely did the gale beat upon 
the riders, the gusts growing every 
moment more fierce, as the last of the 
sheltering trees gave place to the bare 
road leading almost into Salisbury. 


Despite the fact that the hour was late 
and the rain heavy a great crowd of 
spectators watched the arrival of the 
competitors at the White Hart, and 
much interest in the machines was dis- 


JANUARY 6th, 1921. 

Per Ardua ad — Exeter. — 

played. A great vai'iety of lighting 
equipment was noticeable, especially 
amongst the solo mounts. The N.U.T.'s 
and A.B.C.'s were brilliantly illuminated 
with their Lucas electrical equipment, 
and electric lighting was decidedly more 
popular than anythnig else : but quite -a 
number were using Fallolite projectors 
with acetylene cylinders. These lamps 
give a rather curious effect, as their beam 
is long and narrow and the lamp itself 
at close quarters appears to be very dim 
— until one peers directly into its lens, 
when a blinding glare is observed, as the 
inevitable enquiring persons discovered 
to 'their discomfort ! 

Over Salisbury Plain. 

Starting out from Salisbury after mid- 
night, with the rain still falling, the 
riders struggled against the head wind 
and driving sheets of water ; and the 
sight of a string of solo tail lamps, 
bounding and skidding on some of 
the vile stretches of road, was 
curious. Here and there a rider 
without lights or with dying illu- 
mination would tack closely on to the 
rear of a companion, whose path was 
lit by a broad and brilliant beam, 
and so everyone ploughed gamely 
along to the check at Shaftesbury 
(first man, 1.42 a.m.), where, despite 
the weather, many spectators were 
gathered round. 

The illuminated direction signs 
here were excellent, and one has only 
to ride through such a trial to appre- 
ciate the fine si^ortsmanship of the 
local man who stands half the night 
at a wind-swept corner tending the 
guttering light and shouting out 
directions to the passing riders — a 
trufe guardian of the flame whose 
devotion should not remain unnoted 
in a woi'ld where the less spectacular 
duties are often at a discount. 

Easier going, both as regards weather 
and roads, followed to Yeovil,, where a 
welcome cup of coffee was served with the 
replenishments at Moffat's mrage. Mud- 
stained, soaked, and generally bedraggled, 
who amongst the riders that night could 
truly say that he had ever tasted a 
better or more welcome drink than that 
grateful cup ? 

Glorious Devon. 

Onwards from Yeovil the weather took 
up somewhat, and anon the moon could 
be seen at intervals, riding amidst 
swiftly-travelling cloud masses. The first 
observed hill. Chard, caused no particu- 
lar difficulty, and the check at Honiton 
was a mere incident in a run that tended 
to become a confusion of twisting lanes, 
hunger, side-slipping, and a desire for 
sleep. At any rate, the feeling that 
Devonshire was at last reached filled all 
hearts with some satisfaction, and the 
" new " Peak Hill (near Sidmouth) was 

approached by most in a spirit of 
detached carelessness; in consequence, a 
number failed. 

The hill is severe, probably averaging 
1 in 7 for half a mile, and having a toler- 
ably good surface. To a powerful sidecar 
outfit it presents no difficulty, but the 
drivers of some single-cylinder sidecars 
and solo lightweights experienced con- 
siderable anxiety, . and not a few failed 
altogether. Even though the hour was 
but 5 a.m., quite a crowd of spectators 
had assembled at the top, and watched 
some 140 survi\'ing motor cyclists, of 
whom about thirty failed. To rnention 
any particular performances, ignoring ..the 
fact that it was difficult to see the passing 
numbers, would be invidious, but the 
Matchless, Harley, and Morgan machines 
all came up exceptionally well, while 
Triumph and iSunbeam rid«rs showed the 
capabilities of the medium-weight passen- 
ger outfits. 

(Left) R C. Staunton (4 Triumph) 
was well prepared with such equipment as 
leg-shieMs and handle-bar muffs, but one 
wonders whether his watch contmued to 
function after the torrential journey ; note 
its exposed position. V. Gayford, on the 
Zenith, carried a useful torch around his 
neck, but did not make special preparations 
to protect his machine Between him and 
the rider in the flying suit is H. Watson 
Bourne, who finished second in last year's 
Junior T,T. 

(Right) More examples of London- 
Exeter raiment. The old time Hutchin- 
sons were conspicuously few in number, 
nd army field boots took their place. 

JANUARY 6thr 1921. 

H. B. Browning (3] Scoti) on a hill in the picturesque district round about Sidmouth 

Exeter at Last. 

From the top of Peak Hill, a precipit- 
ous descent, proved a specially good test 
• if brakes, and one of the cars as well as 
the outfit of our own representatives, ran 
away down it. The former suffered some 
injury, but the latter scraped round the 
corner at the bottom by sheer superhuman 
ctfijrt. Sixteen miles remained, and in the 
light before dawn they proved trying to 
the soloists, since there %vas a" large 
section of narrow and greasy lanes. 

Breakfast in Exeter allowed sufficient 
time to elapse, so that the riders were 
able to .^f art out again on the return 
run without relighting lamps, but a some- 
what depleted number naturall.v re- 
embarked on the journey. A glorious 
f unrise raised hopes which were ultimately 
lo be dashed, and although fine weather 
jn-evailed until the Devon.shire coast was 
left, much rain and mist were after- 
wards met. 

Trow Hill did not seem to wear any- 
thing like the formidable aspect it pre- 
sented during the run in 1919. in spite 
of the fact that the second bend has now- 
been widened, and, conseciuently, leaving 
much loose unrolled metal. As against 
1919, when failures amounted to 20%, there 
were only three or four competitors who 
were unable to make clean ascents. A 
large crowd had congregated to see " the 
fun," but the local enthusiasts must have 
been sadly disappointed. Probably Trow 
is now shorn of its former terrors by the 
widening at the top, and the M.C.C. "com- 
mittee for its next run may wish to 
.•=eek a " new venture." Tn characterise 
individual performances would be some- 
what superfluous, but in each class the 
following ascents were of special merit : 
A. Milward (3 A.B.C.), V. Gavford (6 
Zenith I. J. Baker (3J Scott)," A. P. 
JIacGowran (4 Triumph sc), W. H. 
Julian (8 Matchless sc), A. P. Pulling 
(6 Eoyal Enfield sc), and W. P. 
Brandon (4 Triumph sc). 

The long descent into Lyme Regis was 
the next incident, and, although the 
scenery was charming, no one h.fd much 
time to admire it; in the little town 
itself huge waves were breaking over 
the main street along which the riders 

The run through Doi'«st was again "a 
damp one, and ram and a light mist made 

driving unpleasant, while tlio roads on 
the- Bridport, Dorchester and Blnndford 
section were pot-holey and muddy in the 
extreme. A stiff following wind over 
the imdulating barren country betw-een 
Blandford and Salisbury did not tend to 
the cool running of engines, especially as 
everyone aloiig this stretch was making 
up time. A.JTS. and Matchless machines 

J. D. Marvin (7-9 Harley-Davidson) was one of the few entrants who took a lady 
passenger to brave the elements. On the sidecar was fitted a very neat aluminium dash, 
equipped with clock, voltmeter, etc. 


JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 

' --^ 

A glimpse ot the sea near Lyme Regis. T. J. Ross (8 Matchless) descending towards the town 

bowled along at a great pace, while the 
speed of some ot the Harleys was extra- 
ordinary. Along the morning'.=i run, 
young Eli Clarke (but 15 years old) was 
keeping up well, despite the fact that his 
6 h.p. chain-driven Douglas, was leaning 
in on the sidecar ; the Morgans also were 
going^ strong. 

Salisbury, reached once more, provided 
a welcome, but late, lunch interval, and 
many notes were e.tchanged anent the 
events and misadventures of the night. 
Some twelve hours ago, dim figures 
swathed in wrappings had been spoken 
to and about without knowledge of iden- 
tities — now in the cold light of day Brown 
was recognising Jones as the begrimed 
individual who had chatted in the wee 

sma' hours at Yeovil or Honiton ; the 
very atmosphere seemed to bear per: 
petual expression of "fancy meeting you!" 
Salisbury to Andover was a welcome 
relief from mud and decayed roads, and 
finally Staines was reached again by 108 
of the 152 who started out. Unfortunately 
the latter part ot the journey was marred 
by a somewhat serious collision between 
J. Macdonald (7-9 Indian sc.) and a nOn- 
competing car. 


There was almost unanimity in foot- 
wear. Fully 80% of the drivers wore 
field ■ boots. Hutchinsons and trench 
waders were represented amongst . the 
remaining 20%. 

Congratulations to the lady passengers ; 
also to the small boy wedged in one 
of the light four-wheelers, who wisely 

An account of experiences by 
the car competitors will be found 
in to-morrow's issue of " The 

ClUmpses of the sea and some very 
fine scenery were available around Lyme 
Regis. Most competitors, however, were 
too preoccupied with their brakes to 
appreciate this. 

Would as many have failed on Peak 
Hill had it been after breakfast instead 
of at the grim hour before dawn ? 

Geirge Brough on the new 8 h p. Brough Superior This 
rrachine (described in " The Motor Cycle " on December 23rd) 
vas much admired at the different controls, and, incidentally, 
started with wonderful ease. 


Mrs. Dan Bradbury awaiting her pilot. She travelled down 
from Sheffield with her husband, completed the double journey, 
then rode back to Sheffield on their 4 h.p. Norton — a really 
arduous journey. 

/ANUAjRY 6t/i, IQ2I. 


Per Ardua ad — Exeter.— 

Several competitors got a straight run 
at Peak Hill by missing a turn, and 
approaching it by the beach road. The 
right-angle turn in the official route was 
doubly difficult. 

It has been suggested that a platinum 
medal, studded with diamonds, would be 
a more suitable award for the solo riders 
who gained "golds." After watching, 
from the comparative security of a side- 
car, rear lamps that danced from side to 
side^ of the road for miles on end, we are 
inclined to agree. 

Surprisingly few got really lost. Local 
clubs provided marshals and illuminated 
arrows on many of the loneliest corners ; 
while just in front of the competitors 
an official car "arrowed" doubtful 
turnings with " Christmassy " tissue 
paper and shavings, which, however, ven" 
quickly compounded with the mud. 

The coffee at Yeovil (supplied, as of 
yore, by Moffat's Garage) provided one 
of the most welcome incidents of the 
trial. It was timely, it was free, and it 
was really good coffee ! 

Few failures awarded the cro\yd on 
Trow, and the bioscope man wore a de- 
cidedly disappointed smile. Peak Hill, 
on the other hand, claimed i*s quota of 
victims (mainly sleepy drivers), and a 
larger attendance of able-bodied spec- 
tators would have been greatly appre- 
ciated by some weary competitors. 

R. B. Whiffen. riding an 8 h.p. Black- 
burne, had e.xtremely hard luck, since 
between Dorchester and Puddletown he 
was skidded into by a Ford car. Hl.o 
machine had been running e.xtremelv well 
up to that point. 

An approximate cen.sus of types of 
clothing provides some interesting figures. 
"^Loiig leather coats head the list in popu, 
larity, oilskins were nul so prominent, 
fur-lined combination flying suits were 
much in evidence — particularly so among 
the three-wheelers and car.-!— while not 

more than half-a-dozen were rigged out 
as conventional motor cyclists are sup- 
posed to be, i.e., in a waterproof jacket 
and trousers. 

A long article might be written on 
head gear ; but nobody appeared to have 
found an ideal here. Probably a fur- 
lined helmet surmounted, when desired, 
by a chin-strapped oilskin sou'wester, 
provides the best compromise for " Lon- 
don-E.xeteriiig. " 

return journey, and after being pushed 
up one or two Devonshire pimples it wa^ 
wisely decided not to attempt Trow. It 
was comforting to passing motor cyclists 
who had received their share of trouble 
to see the monster at a standstill. 

Alan Hill's 90 h.p. Itala developed a 
distinct aversioiji to gradients on the 

Electricity or acetylene? Contrary to 
e.xpectations in some quarters, dynamo 
lighting has by no means ousted the 
much-vilified carbide system. Next year 
— and despite what was .=aid at break- 
fast at Exeter, there 7ci!l be a "next 
year " — we expect the battle of lighting 
types to be still undecided. 

AT THE FINiSM. Some o( liic 108 survivors of the 152 who started, checking In at 
Staines. Kaye Don, who rode a Scott, signs the sheet, while E. .\. Bridgman, o( Indian fame, 
stands by beaming with satisfaction ; at his elbow is T. C Greenwood — son of the Sunbeam 
designer. Ell Clark, the old time Bristol rider (In oilles), awaits his turn. The judge at 
the table Is L. .'\. Baddcley. 

Official List of Aolor Cycle 



A. Milward (3 h.p.) 


E. W. Cljoldrroft [6 h.p.') 
W. C. HeniT (7 h.p.') 

f. W. Gile^' (6 h.p.') 
D. H. Xol.le (7 h.p.") 
S. Julian (6 h.p.') 


L. PiiUiam (3;.^ h.p.) 

G. \V. Shepherd (2Ji h.p.) 


S. U. Woolrid:? (4 h.p.) 

H. Karslalie (5 h.p.) 
S. S. Debenhoui (6 h.p.) 
!■'. W. Steven-on 13}^ h.p.) 

G. Brough (8 h.p.) 

U'. A. Kay (8 h.p.") 

F. Smith (8 h.p.") 

VV. M. Greenwood {Z'A h.p.) 


B. B. Clark (2'.; h.p.) 
H. K. Edward.' f4 h.p.) 
W. Bray (4 h.p.) 

H. Gur l2Ji h.p.") 

J. Harrison t4h.p.) 

T. G. llooney (6 h.p.") 

!•'. Begler (4 h.p.) 

P. \V. Mnflat (315 h.p.) 
E. Clark i4h.p.") 

E. Clark, jim. ;6 h.p.'j 


F. G. Kpikins (7-9 h.p.) 
C. A. Mc-Keand (4 h.p.) 
O. M il.-^nn^Tone^ (7-9 h.p.) 
J. 1(. H. Knighi (7-9 h.p.) 
J. A, O'SulliTan (4 h.p.) 
J. A. Master?! (7-9 h.p.') 

B. New-it (7-9 h.p.*) 
J. D. Marvin (7-9 h.p,') 
S. E. Longman .7-9 h.p.") 
F. C. Temple (7-9 h.p.') 

B. S. AUen (7-9 h.p.') 


H. F. 0. Evans ;4H h.p.') 


C. C. LaWn (4 h.p.) 

H. R. Horrey^on (4 h.p.) 
H. Le Vaok (4 h.p.') 

C. B. Cooke (5-6 h.p.') 
H. H. Saddinston {6 h.p.') 
H. A. Eeyre :5-6 h.p.') 

and Runabout Competitors 
Ih fiaving Finished. 

who are Credited 

A. (i. Fcnn i6 h.p.') 
J. T. Bnshall i6h.p.') 

L. Arnold f8h.p.') 
W, H. Julian (8 h.p.") 
G. Packman ;8 h-p.'j 

F. .L E)lis (8 h.p.') 
T. J. Bos? 8 h.p.") 

G. D. Hardee 18 h.p.'i 
J. Hoult 18 h.p.*) 

)J. S. Parsona (8 h.p.') 

F. W, Gnivei (8 h.p.') 


J. S. Bennett ,2;.2 h.p.) 


G. A. Pidgeon [10 h.p.t) 
W. Pattison aO h.p.+) 

H. V,. Holmes (10 h.p.t) 
H. E. SsTtell (10 h.p.+i 

C. E. Bennett i8 h.p.t' 
W. H. Elce (10 h.p.+J 

D. G. Prentice (8 h.p.t) 

U. Bradljury (4 h.p.') 

A. C. Bhodes (3Vi h.P) 


H. Gold l2K h.p.) 

P. & M. 
P. O. Cunningham (3^vi h.p.) 


J. Ha»lam (8 h.p.t) 
E. Crouclier iS h.p.t) 
A. J. Di.'Cou {8 h.p.t) 


C. Wilson (4i.i h.p.') 


J. Wallis i8 h.p.) 
G. A. Gibbs (8 h.p.) 

W. A. Fell-Smith [8 h.p.') 

W. C. Bnyer (5 h.p.) 

A. F. Pulline :8 h.p.') 

H. Dale (8 h.p.') 

H. B. Browning (3'i h.p.) 
K. Don (3'i h.p.) 
J. Baker iSH h.p.) 


H. F. Fellows (3i,4 h.p.l 

L. Keevil (S'i h.ji.) 

P. Street (3',o h.p.) 

A. Wooding IZ^/i h.p.) 

A. S. Guthrie (3i/i h.p.) 

P. W. While (8 h.p.*) 

A. M. KniU (31,4 h.p.') 

F. Spouee [10 h.p.t) 

F. H. Douglas (10 h.p.t) 


T. Francis [4 h.p.) 

E. C. St.-innton (4 h.p.) 

A. S. Pinchlieck (4 h.p.l 
C. Smith (4 h.p.) 

C. F. Edwards (4 h.p.) 

B. B. Eoberts [4 h.p.) 
B. J. Sims (4 h.p.) 

S. J. Itarkii (4 h.p.') 

E. Hillary (4 h.p.') 

A P. McGowran [4 h.p.') 
W. P. Brandon (4 h.p.') 


G. EicLardson !2'4 h.p.) 

W. G. ChurchUl {2% h.p.) 

H. McBit<:hie (2')i l.p.) 
G. W. Wiikin il'.i h p.') 

J. F. Hull (2Si h.p.) 

F. A. Longman (2r-:4 h.p.) 


J. G. Goodenouph (8 h.p.') 
E. Chnrle<worth (8 h.p.') 

E. L. Biohard^on. 

"Sidecar. tThree-whe«ler. 




JANUARY 6ih, ig2i. 

PER ARDUA AD— EXETER: The Story of an Unsuccessful Competitor. 

ONE hears so much of the impressions 
of those who get through a run 
Iil<e the London-Exeter with success, 
that it is sometimes interesting to read 
the experiences of one who failed to do so I - 

The writer, being blessed with an early 
number, left Staines soon after eight 
o'clock on Boxing Night. The rain and 
the wind held no terrors for him, as he 
was warmly clad in wool and leather, so 
he settled down quite comfortably to 
follow the tail lamp ahead of him all the 
w.iy to Exeter. 

Just before reaching Basingstoke the 
drip feed in the head lamp generator 

chok-ed, and a few minutes were wasted 
in consequence. 

Then followed the inevitable " blind " 
to make up time. Somewhere near 
Andover the writer caught up his com- 
paniions, and kept with them until the 
outskirts of Salisbury were reached. 

There a stop was made to study watch 
and route card, and it was found im- 
possible to restart ! A brawny spectator 
gave a hand, and with a push the engine 

At Salisbury petrol, carbide, food, and 
a mysterious envelope were a-eeeived, and 
after an hour's rest the journey was 

]. C. Walker, an Edmund rider, and C. Bourlet (3J Ariel) awaiting their call at Staines. 

resumed. Again the greatest difficulty 
was experienced in starting up, but 
eventually the engine was 'got going. 
There followed a kind of T.T. over 
difficult and tortuous roads, with here and 
there a really bad patch, and Shaftesbury 
was reached to time. 

Here the engine stopped while route 
card and watcn were being coirsulted, 
and once again refused to start. Happily, 
a large garage was open close by, and 
investigation led to the discovery of a 
stuck up rocker arm in the contact 

This was soon eased off, and the engine 
started first kick. It was now too late 
for a " gold," but the rider was determined 
on getting a silver, so he blinded cheer- 
fully all the way to Honiton, hardly 
noticing the observed gradient of Chard 
Hill on the way. 

The^ exhaust pipe next came off, and a 
game of snap-dragon with the hot union 

A Curious Accident. 

After some twisty, hilly lanes came 
Sidmouth, w-here a local workman advised 
the competitors that he was going to 
summon the M.C.C. for making a noise! 
Then Peak Hill — rough, but not so bad. 
Then some frightful lanes about 5ft. wide. 
Then' . . . deep ruts, mud, and a 
fall "all anyhow" in the middle of the 
lane, only ten miles from Exeter ! 

Somehow, in falling, the inlet valve 
was bent nearly five degrees, so that it 
would go neither up nor down. The valve 
guide was also broken. An hour's un- 
successful work, what time the long, long 
trail of motor cycles and cars went past 
and up the hill as the sun rose. Suddenly 
a recollection of being very hungry 
resulted in the finding of a perfectly 
heavenly farm, with an even more 
heavenlj' Devonshire breakfast. . . . 

There are compensations for everything ! 

H.E.S. - 

Newcastle and District M.C. 

The Newcastle and District ilotor Club's 
Friday evening gatherings at the Grand 
Hotel are proving very popular. Contri- 
butors to an enjoyable programme last 
week included Messrs. C. E. Warrington, 
Wicks, Battye, Wood, and others. Mr. 
A. S. C. Broadway presided. Speeches 
by Messrs. Baxter and Keir upon the 
intention of the North to organise an 
automobile association free from any con- 
nection with the Royal Automobile Club 
were received with great enthusiasm. 

Lancaster, Morecambe, and District M.C.C. 

The Lancaster, JMorecambe, and District 
Motor Cycle Club held its an'nual dinner 
on Monday night, December 20th, at the 
County Hotel, Lancaster. Mr. Jos. 
Atkinson, of Atkinsons, Ltd., presided 
and it was mentioned that a motor reli- 
ability run had been held over Whiteshaw 
Moss, Kingsdale, during that week-end, 
ten completing the seventy-six miles. 

A hill-climbing c.-'inpetition is to be 
held in 1921 up Langthwaite Brow. There 
are 106 members. 


East Lancashire M.C.C. 

There was a distinctly motoring flavour 
about the third annual ball of the East 
Lancashire M.C.C, which was held before 
Christmas at the Public Hall, Black- 
burn. Nearly 300 guests danced on a 
floor that was arrowed in correct trials 
manner! Added to this a number of the 
dancers carried hooters, etc., upon which 
they accompanied the Crellin Best 
Orchestra. Mr. W. G. Guest was hon. 
secret-ary of the event, and the M.C.'s, 
Messrs. A. A. F. Jerrard, H. Walsh, and 
W. B. Livesey, wiere assisted by a large 
band of efficient stewards. 

Harrogate and District M.C.C. 

The Harrogate and District M.C.C.'s 
Boxing Day trial attracted quite a good 
number of entries, but, owing to fog 
and rain, only sixteen faced the starter. 
The event, e.xtending to ninety miles, was 
run in four sections, each of which had 
to be completed non-stop, and no adjust- 
ments were allowed without loss of 
marks. The first section put out of the 
running D. Mon:-e (4 Wilkin), who retired 

with. engine trouble. The second section 
accounted for H. James (2^ Excelsior) 
with gear trouble and H. Hamlyn 
(8 Zenith sc), who broke a chain.. No 
casualties appeared during the third sec- 
tion, but evidently the riders were find-' 
ing that mud and wet were intent upon 
causing trouble, for, no sooner had the 
last section commenced than D. Berry 
(4 Triumph sc.) had to stop to tighten 
his front cone. C. Mitchell (4 Triumph) 
had tyre trouble, and ran out of petrol, 
as did Eastwood on a similar machine. 
H. E. Ellis (4 B.S.A. sc.) had a large 
amount of trouble with his belt. W. 
Monkhouse (4 Triumph sc.) also had belt; 
trouble. Hlingworth (8 Enfield sc.) had 
gear trouble, and failed to finish. The 
observed hills did not cause very much 
trouble, and nobody had any complaints 
on that score. 

The results are as follows : 

SOLO CLASS.— G. Hill (S^i ScottJ, non-stop- W 
Atkinson (4 Triumph), non-stop; D. Brigham (4 
Triumpll), non-fitop; H. Smitlues (8 Escelsior), lost 
on time; A. Hill (4 Triumpli), lost on time. 

PASSENGER CLASS.— W. E. Grange (8 Brad- 
bury sc), non-stop; \y.- Monkhouso (4 Triumph ac). 
one stop. 

JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 


CEMT patent: 


Studded Cylinders. 

CAPT. W. 0. Beiitley is known to fame 
in three separate spheres. Years 
ago he was well known as one of 
our keenest competition riders. Later 
he raced on a D.F.P. During- the war he 
designed what is unquestionably the best 
rotary engine tor aeroplanes in the world 
— his experimental corner in the Humber 
■works had much to do with our 
supremacy in the air. Latterly, he has 
been much wooed by sportsmen who desire 
early delivery of "his three litre road 
racing car. He now appears as the in- 
ventor of a new type of air-cooled cylin- 
der, which much intrigues my curiosity. 
This cylinder will obviously be expensive 
to manufacture. Does his alwavs cautious 
nature envisage the possibilitv of yet 
another 'orrible war? Or is his fertile 
brain busy on a 100 h.p. air-cooled car 
for the sons of millionaires? Anyhow, the 
drawing is practically self-explanatory. 
Shouldered pins of a high conductivity 
metal, e.^., copper or aluminium, are 
utilised to stud the steel cvlinder barrel, 
which is made rather thicker than usual.' 
The pins may be taper-headed, or flattened 
to form a continuous tin. Their shoulders 
are preferably in contact. They may be 
screwed, pressed, shrunk, or cast into 


Bentley's air-coolin? No. 1-W 286 

place; in the drawing they are inserted 
from the outside and riveted on the 
inside, a final cut being taken to (iniEh 
the bore. I am afraid this mode of con- 
struction will prove too expensive for 
motor cycles, but it may adorn the 
" B.R.3 " in the next war. 

A Piston Head Valve. 

I am an old cynic, and rarely lift my 
eyebrows when a startling phrase greets 
Die on opening a Patent Office specifica- 
tion. But I rubbed my eyes hard when 
I struck the following :""fhe stem of the 
mlet valve passes through a hole in the 
small end of the connecting rod. . . ." 
But I wasn't nodding, as a glance at the' 
sketch will prove. The engine in ques- 
tion is a two-stroke, and, like all up-to- 
date designers in this sphere, Messrs 
Snarry and Bullows are irked by the in- 
efficient valve timing which the conven- 
tional three-port .system imposes. So they 
transfer the inlet to the piston crown, 

where they fit a poppet valve, the stem 
of which protrudes into a cutaway 
gudgeon pin. It is operated by a tappet 
or pushrod provided with a giiide in the 
bore of the connecting rod, and actuated 

Snarry "s valve gear. No. 140,598 

by a cam on the crank pin, the big end 
benig cut away to suit. This design 
confers considerable freedom in timing of 
the inlet period. The exhaust ports can 
now be cut all round the cylinder, if de- 
sued ; and scavenging may be assisted by 
shaping the crown of the pistons as "a 
crater, from the. centre of which the fresh 
charge erupts, driving the exhaust gases 
outwards towards the ring of ports. I 
wonder much if this engine has been 
made and run? It should solve the ques- 
tion of deadening the valve clack; but 
what about adjusting the tappet clear- 

A Three-speed and Reverse Gear Box. 

Mr. T. L. Williams protects the gear 
box shown herewith, of which the special 
feature is that onlj' one pair of gear 
wheels ai-e running idly on any given 
ratio, and that the loose wheel of the 
idle pair is always on the driven shaft, 
which is slow running. The extreme left- 
hand pinion on the upper or driven shaft 
is the reverse pinion, and the axes of 
the three shafts are not in the same 
plane, so that the reverse gear is through 
two wheels only. In order to keep tlie 
shafts short, no neutral position is pro- 
vided between the secondary pinions fur 
the reverse and first forward gears, and 
a special gear changing mechanism is sug- 
gested to prevent the dogs on the driven 
shaft from^ being engaged during changes 
from "R" to "l" and i.;^^ versa. 

Kick-starter Engagement. 
In yir. J. C. Harris's kick-starter, the 
two pinions are alwavs in mesh, and the 
larger wheel runs loose. A ratchet on its 
outer face matches a ratchet splined to 
the secondary shaft, but free to move 
endways along it. A spring normally 
holds the two rntrlipls out of contact. 

Williams's change-speed gear. No. 140 566 

Harris's starting device. No. 140,(03 

When the starter pedal is operated, the 
movable ratchet is forced round, and a 
couple of spring plungers mounted in the 
casting quit two oval holes in the 
ratchet, and bear against it, forcing it 
into engagement. At the end of the 
stroke the spring plungers regain their 
holes, and the main spring once more 
keeps the ratchets disengaged. 

An Auxiliary Attachment. 
Messrs. Smit and van Veen (no prize 
for guessing their nationalitv) make a 
suggestion which I do not think I have 
seen before. They propose to motorise 
a push-bicycle by removing the usual 
pedal crank from the bottom bracket and 
marketing a bijou engine which fits into 

Recent Patents. — 

the bracket, with the cylinder on one side 
and the flywheel and pulley on the other. 
I have never worked out the dimensions, 

Smit's two-stroke. No. 
141,906. 22/4/19. 

and ha'e ma doots whether the bore of 
the bottom bracket is sufficiently spacious. 
They suggest a rope drive from a pulley 
on the off side of the crankshaft. Help! 
The Original Cykelaid. 
Messrs. Sheppee and Jowitt go one 
better than the Dutchmen. They'thread 
their crankshaft through the hub of the 
back wheel ; but there is this in their 
favour, that they can supply a special 
back wheel with a fat hub, whereas the 
last invention 
intends to use 
a standard 
bottom bracket. 
I feel grave 
suspicions of the 
drive which 
Messrs. Sheppee 
and Jowitt 
proposed, viz., 
belt from the 
crankshaft to 
a countershaft 
fixed to the rear 
forks and carry- 
ing a .small fric- 
tion disc rubbing 
on a flat belt 
rim fixed to the 
wheel spokes. 
This ijotion was 
tried out on a 
machine known 
as the Derby, 
and built about 
the year one. 
I am not pre- 
pared to say 
that the Derby 
was killed by 
its transmission, 
for it may have 
— probably did 
have — a dud 
engine and 
ignition ; never- 
theless, this transmission contains possi- 
bilities of trouble, which, I presume, were 
duly discovered, since the machine which 
was e.xhibited at Olympia as the Cyke- 
laid was considerably modified. 

F. H. Sheppee's motor 
attachment. No. 141,866 

An Eccentrically Mounted Pulley. 

A chain-cum-belt drive, embodying an 
expanding pulley gear, represents Mr. 
G. H. Jones's idea of a good modern 
transmission. The countershaft, which 
carries the expanding pulley, is mounted 
eccentrically upon a disc, which can be 
partially rotated in a carrier fixed to the 
frame. This allows the belt tension to 

G. H. Jones's variable gears 
No. 137,941. 22/2/19, 

be maintained at all working diameters 
of the pulley. The front chain is pro- 
perly tensioned on top gear, and its slack 
is taken up by a jockey sprocket on the 
lower gears. Single lever control of gear 
ratio, constant belt and chain tension are 
some of the advantages claimed foi^ the 
Jones gear. An alternative construction 
allows both flanges of the pulley to move 
equally and simultaneously. 

A Swinging Countershaft. 

Sir, James Jlilne is equally attracted 
by the variable pulley form of gear, 
but his ideas approach more closely to 

J . Milne's belt trans- 
mission gear. No 
137,953. 15/3/19, 

the_ Philipson pulley form. His vari- 
able pulley is made in two halves, 
pressed together by 
springs, so that they 
tend to raise the gear. 
When extra tension is 
put on the belt, either 
by a jockey pulley or 
other means, the belt 
pressure overcomes the 
springs, and the pulley 
opens. For choice, he 
mounts his pulley on an 
arm which swings about 
the crankshaft centre in 
order to put extra ten- 
sion on the belt ; the. 
primary drive may then 
be by chain or gear. The 
pulley flanges are driven 
by toothed collars. On 

JANUARY 6ih, iq2i. 

a motor cycle there is no room for 
such a pulley to be swung below the crank 
case, and if it swung on the upper side 
of the crankshaft, the rider would surely 
have to be a dwarf or very bow-legged. 

Another Method. 

Messrs, Hirst complete a trio of vari- 
able puHey drives, aitA I plead guilty to 
preferring their version, A pinion on 
the engine-shaft drives an internally- 
toothed wheel fitted in the centre of the 
variable pulley. The assembly, consisting 
of the internal gear wheel and the pulley, 
is not only eccentric to the crankshaft, 
but is movable to adjust the belt tension. 
A substantial gear reduction is obtainable 
on the primary drive, so that the bottom 
gear may be low, and is not condemned 
to the usual lilliputian area of belt con- 
tact, I much doubt whether there is 
room for any more variable pulley gears 
on the market. Present tendencies are 
all in favour of the chain with arbitrary 

T. E, C, Hirst and L, N, Hirst, variable 
gear. No. 137,658. 25/2/19. 

ratios, and the alternative is pretty fully 
represented by the Rudge Multi and 

Duplex Frame Construction. 

The duplex frame illustrated herewith 
is protected by Mr. R. B. Coleman, of 
Sydney, Australia. I fear that its weight 
and cost of manufacture are prohibitive, 
quite apart from any technical aspects. 
The sketch ' does not show the revolu- 
tionary design of the front fork, which 
includes two inner members of flat sec- 
tion, designed to spring in a fore and aft 
direction, and provided with spear heads 
rocking in slots at their upper ends. 

Coleman's frame construction. 
No. 13,623. 

JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 



The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions of his correspondents. 
All letters must be addressed to the Editor, " The Motor Cycle," Hertford Street, Coventry, and most be accompanied by the writer's name and address. 


Sir.^JIay I draw your attention and_ tliat of your readers 
to the perfectly astounding prices which most firms nitend 
to- charge for the new licence card holders. In some cases, 
as much as 7s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. is being charged, this seems 
a very clear case of profiteering. True, some are to be of 
brass, and some nickel-plated, but I fancy that even so the 
price is most e.xcossive. The ch.eapest I have seen advertised 
so far is 2s. 6d. This is rather more moderate ; but, even 
in this case, I venture to consider the price too high. It is 
not fair of the manufactiu'ers to take advantage of the fact 
that motor cyclists will be bound to buy these holders by 
sticking on the price in this way. As a matter of fact, I do 
not think the highest priced holders will sell verv well. 

Whitchurch. AKTI-PROFITEER. 

[We are inclined to think that owners of luxurious and high- 
priced machines will be more than anxious to obtain fit- 
ments of a comparatively high quality and finish. It is 
doubtful if a serviceable holder complying with official 
icquiremeiils could be produced at less than 2s. 6d. — Ed.] 


Sir.^With reference- to the letter by " G.P./' in your issue 
of December 16th, I think that the best thing to do would 
be to stop motor cycling and buy a car. 

However, the nearest approach to "G.P.'s" requirements 
is, in my opinion, the Velocette fitted with the M-L Maglita 
lighting and ignition set as shown- in the Show Number of 
your journal. 

Being the proud posses.sor of a two-speed Velocette I am 
in a position to know some of its merits. Although only 
fitted with 24in. wheels, this cycle is very comfortable to 
ride, and a fair sized person docs not look out of place on it. 

My Velocette has flooded with oil only once during the 
six months I have had it. 

It will climb any hill. . On a recent tour in Wales, only 
twice had I to drop into low gear. With regard to tyres, 
any pneumatic tyre is liable to be punctured. J.S.J. 


Sir, — As a regular reader of your paper, I should like to 
advocate a balloon for "G.P.," Sheffield, as it would fulfil 
most of his requirements, i.e., size according to weight of 
passenger. It can be ridden in all weathers in ordinary 
clothes. It can be used at any time, day and night, if tied 
up in the back yard. No flooding with oil. climbs anything, 
and will' give a year's silent running without attention to 
any mechanical parts, and is free from tvre trouble. 

Famham. " S.D.M. 

Sir, — I was most interested in letters by " G.P." and 
"Speed Wobble." 

If "G.P." will take a trip to Bournemouth^ I have no 
doubt he will find a 'bus to suit him, though I am afraid it 
will only be a one pony or donkey power. As for climbing 
an;/ hill, I would not say "two strokes" would do it, but 
four mil/lit persuade it. — 

Now for " Speed Wobble." I like to hear of a man getting 
a move on, and the boy's performance of doing over 60 
m.p.h. with his hands in his pockets is very creditable, con- 
sidering his age (seventeen). Of course, as a man of more 
mature age, I can look back on similar stunts of my own. I 
remember once I rode to the newsagent's (some considerable 
distance) to buy my copy of The Xlolor Ci/rle, and on the 
return journey I could not wait till I reached home to read 

it so I read it in the saddle. I was doing about 95 m.p.h. 

at the time. I remember " Ixion's " "Comments" were as 

pithy as usual,- but I cannot remember any sign of wobble. 

Derby. A.D. 

Sir, — I have just read your correspondent's letter under 
the heading of " A Fairly Tall Order " asking tor a machine 
wliich will go anywhere, etc. 

I would not advise him to look to a motor cycle to provide 
the mean.s of transport. I suggest he should ivait a tittle 
longer and carry out the parson^s precepts, and eventually a 
form of locomotion will be provided, free of cost, wlilch will 
about fill the bill. I also believe a harp w-ill be thrown in 
with the bargain. 

Those, like myself, .who once relied upon surface carbu- 
rettors, coil ignition, shoe lace belts, with the addition of 
profanity and tears, cannot hope for his good fortune, but 
we hope for the best. 

As said the fo.x the grapes are very sour. A.E.S. 


aji. subscriptions— another viewpoint. 

Sir, — I have read with interest the various letters relating 
to the increase in subscription to the A. A. Up to the 
present, none of your correspondents touch the point that 
interests many in this district, and, no doubt, many 
thou.iands of similarly situated people throughout the country 

I am a working man, the owner of a sidecar outfit which 
I am able to use solely at week-ends and holidays for about 
seven months of the year. I have shortly to pay increased 
lax of £4, and am asked to pay a fee of £1 Is. if I wish 
to continue my membership of the A. A. When to this is 
added the increased cost of petrol, garaging, -id eve;y 
other necessity to jnotor cycling, and the fact that short 
working hours are gei.era! throughout the cou .,' — if one 
is fortunate enough to be employed at all — ,yo i will agree 
it hits me, and others, in the same position very hard 

Myself and many of my friends and acquaintances do 
not intend to renew our A. A. membership : some cannot 
afford it, and some of us for the reason that we think the 
A. A. should have made much more stringent efforts to get 
the new tax reduced. It is the owners of the working 
man's car — the sidecar outfit — who feel the effects of this 
tax the most. Generally we are married, and, therefore, 
have more expenses to meet than the owner of the solo 
machine, who is, more often than not, single. 

If someone only had the courage to advise the non- 
payment of this excessive tax until it was reduced, I feel 
sure there would have been such an emphatic adherence to 
such a suggestion that the Government would have seen 
the necessity and fairness of some reduction to the owner 
of the sidecar outfit. Many of us are, at the present time, 
forced to store our machines away. 

It will be very difficult for some to pay this tax without 
making a sacrifice. As a friend of mine remarked to me 
recently, the £4 tax, £1 Is. A.A. subscription, 5s. driving 
licence, and 2s. per week garaging are, altogether, more 
than two weeks' wages on the present working hours. 

Let the A.A. think it out from that point of view, and 
it will form some idea of the number of members it is 
going to lose. 





JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 


Sir, — Having been a continual rider of a motor cycle since 
1905, I have read with 'great interest from time to time the 
coiireBpondence in your paper regarding mechanical lubrica- 
tion. It seems to me, however, that the main point has been 
missed in each case. Before any small pump can bs induced 
to deliver a steady stream of oil, surely some means of warm- 
ing the oil must be devised. As We all know, especially with 
air-cooled oil, in the winter time it very nearly assurnes the 
form of butter, whereas in the summer it is quite thin. In 
the of cars and some motor cycles the sump gets over 
all difficulties by warming the oil ; any pump will then 
circulate it quite easily. 

Last year I took a trip to Marseilles with my 8 h.p. 
Williamson water-cooled motor cycle and sidecar. Even 
using water-cooled oil it became so thick that it would not 
even draw up into the hand pump. Could one expect any 
small pump to circulate this? It seems to me that before 
manufacturers need trouble about a pump they should con- 
centrate upon an effective method of warming the oil in the 
tank, when, 1 thinl%, it will be found that any of the present 
pumi>3 will work perfectly. In the case of engines with 
sumps tliis is already done. As things are at present, even 
if the sump manages to circulate the oil, it must go at only 
half the speed in winter that it does in summer, therefore 
setting must be altered, frequently. DAVID TOD. 


Sir, — As a patron of your excellent paper for some years 
now I was very much interested in Mr. E. Victor Abel's 
letter in a recent issue. I also am a 4. h.p. Douglas sidecar 
merchant, as they say. I purchased back in the summer a 
renovated W.D. model dated late 1918, which, I should 
mention, was in really splendid condition ; the engine, I should 
think, having done hardly fifty miles. However, I have had 
some considerable trouble both as regards the petrol and 
the oil consumption. For at least two months it was eating 
up a tankful of the best spirit to about forty miles at the 
best, though I am a motor cyclist of three years' experience. 
The consumption of oil was still more extravagant, the sump 
full lasting about the same number of miles, and the machine 
in consequence used to come back to dock more like an oil 
ship. A friendly tip from a brother Douglas rider put this 
right, and I simply sweated in a blob of solder in the bottom 
of the oil delivery pipe and rebored it with a smaller hole. 

About the petrol consufnption, perhaps Mr. Abel would 
kindly tell me how he adjusts the float; by means of a small 
washer below the split jjin'/ I tried a smaller jet, a.s I 
tried benzole, but it did not act, so I had to replace the No. 
28 that was in it originally. The carburetter is the Douglas 
pattern with the small pil>e carrying heated air to the jacket, 
from the front exhaust pipe. CECIL G. EMERY. 


Sii', — Ajiiojjos "D.H.D.'s" remarks re accumulator light- 
ing for solo machines, I have been using this system for some 
time now, and find it fulfils my requirements exactly, i.e., 
about half an hoirr's use every evening. 

On my machine, however, a four volt Halford accumulator 
is carried in a metal case, slung on the carrier. 

In spite of the vibration that concentrates in the tail of an 
unsprung motor cycle, I have not experienced any trouble 
whatsoever from spilt acid or from the paste falling oif__the 

The lamps are connected in parallel, and are operated from 
a single switch mounted on the handle-bars. 

Personally, I consider it is quite unnecessary to carry four 
accumulators, as "D.H.D." proposes to do, when one will 
ansv/er the purpose. I have my battery recharged once every 
three weeks. 

The total cost of the outfit was £3 5s. I purchased the 
various parts at several garages and shops, and would he 
pleased to send a list of them to "D.H.D," if he is interested. 

My 'bus is a 1915 3^ h.p. Indian twih. It has been over, 
the Kirkstone, Honister, How Town, etc., in the Lake 
District, Bwlch-y-Groes (three times), Eunant Pass, Horse- 
shoe Pass, and many more in Wales, all during the last six 
months. I have never yet konked out on a hill through lack 
of power. 

" We " did over 1,500 in Wales during September and 
October, and i£ -trial promoters are looking for a choice 
piece of road I can recommend- the bit between Clun and 
Kerry. I thought I was getting quite an expert at rough 
riding until I struck this road and got thrown off twice in 
fifty yards. The ruts are only 18in. deep — no exaggeration. 
But 1 am more likely to be believed when I say that timber 
ha.s been carted on it for the last four years without any 
attempt to repair it. There is about six' miles of low and 
middle gear work, and then one breathes again. 


Even when the country-side is mantled with snow, there is a charm in pottering about the by-lanes. Here a solo rider is able to take advantage 
of the narrow path at the side of a ford, whereas the sidecarist who accompanied him had to take to the water. 


JANUARY 6ih,.ig2i. 


Sir, — After much correspondence and mysterious non- 
committances, we have at last arrived at the time when the 
ingenious system of retaining a constant transmission tension 
on a spring frame is revealed (the Durston system, described 
in The Motor Cycle of December 16th). 

I was greatly disappointed, as I thought we had really got 
it this time. When the inventor mentioned eccentric motidVt 
it gave a very different idea, but it appears that it was only 
a smoke screen or dust screen in front of our eyes to hide 
the real thing. 

I had formed the opinion from TJie. Motor Ci/ch that we 
were strongly following car lines, but it appears I was wrong ; 
it is railway lines, as the idea is a compromise between the 
linli of Stephenson's link motion and . the bearing 'of the 
railway engine wheel. ' - , 

In my humble opinion, the device would look better if 
coil springs were used top and bottom of horn plates instead 
of the quarter-elliptical springs, which I always think look 
out of place on a motor cycle. 

In friendly criticism, I must pass the following remarks : 

Where does the simplicity of the knock-out spindle come 
in if there are half a doze)i operations to perform before the 
wheel can be dropped out? 

As the guides cannot be fully covered, owing to the up 
• and down movement of the wheel, what is going to stop 
the egress of grit, and what would happen if it clogged one 
of the horn plates ? It also appears to me that the mud- 
guards would have to have e.\cessive clearance for the 
movement of the wheel. This, with the shape of the guides 
and brackets, would spoil the outline of the cycle. 

Birmingham. UBIQUE. 


Sir, — May I be permitted to disagree with "Criticus';' in 
his recent article on the above subject? 

I have always' looked after my vehicles — cars and motor 
cycles — myself, and I have no hesitation whatever in saying 
that, to guard wear, the car requires about four times 
the attention of the cycle. 

It is true that if no care is given to cither vehicle- beyond 
the fil]ing of the tanks, the four-wheeler will probably run for 
longer before breaking down, assuming that tirst-claiis 
examples of each type aj'e experimented on. 

I would like to join issue with " Criticus " very definitely 
on the subject of brakes. I deny point blank tliat any ciV 
foot brake gives as little trouble as those fitted to the single- 
gear Xortons or Rudges, for example. It is a debatable 
point whetlier the car brake is even as effective as a really 
well-designed belt rim brake fitted to a motor cycle. 

The lofig delay in fitting automatic carburetters to motor 
cycles was by no means due to ignorance of designers of their 
existence . or value. I submit an automatic carburetter is 
hopelessly out of place on any machine which is not fitted 
with a kick-staiter and variable gears, the reason being that, 
on a single-geared mount whicli has to be pushed off, an 
automatic carburetter will not supply sufficient power from 
cold to let the rider get away easily. 

"Criticus" will excuse me, I hope, if I accuse him of 
special pleading, when he states that motor cycle handle-bars 
jolt far more than a car steering wheel, and that, therefore, two 
levers cannot be accurately worked. "The handle-bar mav jolt, 
but the relative position "of the hand and the throttle "levers 
is always the same. Except on a car with direct steering 
(and such cars are few) this is by no means the case. 

Actually, I think that ton-m.p.g. is a senseless sort of 
test for pleasure vehicles, as the heavier the vehicle the better 
showing it makes. A decent lorrj' will knock spots off a car 
in this test. 

lie flywheels. While the outside flywheel has many advi^nt- 
ages, it is rather sweeping to say "of inside flywheels that 
" mechanically there is everything to be said against 
their use." 

For their size and weight, inside flywheel.s damp the .shock 
of explosion better owing to their being so near the crank pin. 

It is on the vexed question of lubrication that the car is 
generally most favourably compared to the cycle. Now, 
with regard to oil economy the car has it all the time. As 
against that the motor cycle engine is lubricated with oil all 
the time After the first hundred miles or so after a fill the 
car engine is lubricated with slops. Owing to its much 
greater working heat. I greatly doubt if the motor cyrle 
engine would .^itiMul this sort of" treatment. 

I have in my garage at present two 1920 cars of different 
type, each with a very complete lubrication system. Each 
cost over £850. Neither is constantly supplied with good 
fresh oil, as is a motor cycle. If I w'ant them to be well 
lubricated at any reasonable expense my only course is. to fill 
their sumps 'up to less than the half-way "levels and drain 
them every week. This is what I do in actual practice, and 
even then it is never oil that comes out of the sump. If 1 
had to buy my oil in the ordinary way I could not afford this 
at all, as the actual consumption is about 250 m.p.g. I have 
also four motor cycles, all 1920 models. Two of these", liave 
sunfp type oiling. In theory a quart will last either of these 
machines 300 miles. Actually, I have to drain the sump 
about every hundred miles, or the machines lose power and 
overheat. Of these four machine.s the only ones that show 
signs of engine wear are the two with the sump and pump 
oil supply. They have all done about the same mileage 

A well-known car firm slates in its book of instruc- 
tion that about twenty-two <;reascrs require attention (i.e., 
turning) each day, and that tlie adju.stinent of brakes should 
be tested each day. 

Modern motor cycles require a good deal more attention 
in the garage than they used to ten years ago. This is 
due to more complicated transmission and gearing, and, in 
some cases, springing. But it is definitely the case, and 
owing to their being a much smaller mass of machinery, it 
must always remain the case that, to keep them in' the 
best condition,- motor cycles require far less attention than 
cars. , . - ^ 

Does this mean that motor cycle manufacturers ought to 
try and embody as many car fcAturcs as jx>ssible in their 

Willi all respect to "CViticus," I hold that they should not. 
E\eii at the present day very few car features can be said 
to be really satisfactory. Why then .sliould an attempt be 
made to incorporate them on a totally different type of 
vehicle, where there is very limited room, and where con- 
siderations of size and weight rule supreme? 

ITie ignorance of some designers about other people's 
products is really colossal. 

Finally, "Criticus" says, "Car drivers, however cheap the 
vehicle, keep dr\- and clean." Seeing that the writer is on 
the staff 01 T/ir A iilarrir, it is impossible to accuse him of 
ig.'iorance Therefore^ the only conclusion I can come to is 
that he had his tongue very much in his cheek when he 
wrote that slnlement. Mark you, he docs not use the word 
"comparatively " to qualify his statement. If he did I should 
have no quarrel with him. 

As he winds up with such a bald declaration of that sort. 
I beg to opTXi.'e it with one equally bald. It is impo.=sible 
to keep dry or clean in any open car. One's only chance is 
to sit ill the back of a limousine with all windows shut and 
have a man to drive. PATIENT PETE. 

Chapelizod, Co. Dublin. 


B a 

g Books and Maps for Motor Cyclists q 

Q Issued D coniunction with Ttu: Motor CycU. Q 

H — Q 


Q THEM." The staod.nrd handbook o; the motor net. post, Q 

Q cycle. Cover: every subject relating to all types □ 

EJ of motor cycles, their management and carOt □ 

Q Twenty-first Edition. Just published „ „ 2/6 j/io Q 


Ji| Contaioing over /,oo usefu, " wrinkles " rnd helpful Q 

^ Lints hi regard t^ motor cycles. Seventh Edition, 2'- 2/^ ^ 


n A reliable system for traci ng motor cycle faults aad 

□ cf remedymg any trouble when found, fourtti 

□ Edition. ... ... ., ,„ 


□ By " IxiON'." of The Motor CycU. An interesting * 
Q and amusing description of early motor cycling 
Q experiences, with many unique illustrations ... 5/. 
^ England and Wales. Scotland. London (showla; 
f^ roads into and out of London and avoiding London), 
f^ Mounted on linen. Set of three, complete in case, 5/6 s/lo 






p. With 32 pages of Road Maps ol England and 

fj; Wales, Scottnd, and the London District. New 

^ Edition. Just published „. ... _ 5/. 

^ Obtainable by post (remittance with order) from ILIFFE & SONS Ltd. 

Ji: 20, Tudor Street, London, E.C^ or of leading Booksellers and 




Railway Bookstalls. 

D B □ B B B Q B B 3 B B B B H H H a B Q B B B B B B B B B Q B Q H Q H Q Q Q 



JANUARY 6th, ■ig2i. 







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OC; =■- -T'r-'f^l— _— • 

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K-K r-~ o I hr-i f- - C =. — 



(= O O lO O IC, LI. ..t 1-1 iQ in. 1^ 







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2 r-t tH Tl r.T e^ 


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C .0 cr CO C: Oj CO 

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ci c c: ^j ev c; 01 ci 
-wr-i^ — -^ -f? T? •i? ^ -yi 

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■^ T' T Ti< -f -r 

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Q -E .£ c-- o cJ tt,' ai cJ 

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C i:f i-^ H ci t-^ cOTi' CO y-^^i cc — ' 
oc i^ I- t^ ;:= w- c:; J» u^ 



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^-Ti -tl — -7- -f -}i f lO t~ 10 L"5 "+ 



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— e^ X - ?c IT- — ci .c — sc -T r: ^ w ce 

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re e^ fo Ci Ci -^ 

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t-iiiiic = c: = c — — -c 

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,0 c; =: Ci o Tt ^ o o o c- t- <- 

< |2esg„iSS|8l£18 

" I = = = = = = £ ilall 


, JANUARY 6th, 1Q21. 

New Lightweight 

Specially Designed for Low- 
powered Machines. 

A LIGHTWEIGHT sidecar of attrac- 
tive form has lately been brought 
out by the L.A.D. Manufacturing 
Co., Rustic Walk, Lower Bourne, Farn- 
ham, Surrey. 

Made throughout in Venesta three-ply 
wood, the body is varnished before the 
application of the first of seven coats 
of paint to prevent eventual cracking or 

The back folds down when not in use, 
thus keeping the seat dry in the event 
of rain. It is fastened to the main por- 
tion of the body by means of chains, 
which also allow the angle to be ad- 
justed. The suspension is by coil saddle 

A sidecar for lightweight machines, the L.A.D. , which has a hinged back rest, protecting 
the seat from rain when the sidecar is empty. 

Both strong and light, the body is 
copper-riveted, neither nails nor screws 
being employed, and it weighs under 
38 lb., being especially designed for 

lightweight machines, such as the 2| b.p. 
Douglas, Levis, and similar makes. This 
sidecar is also exceedingly moderate in 

A New 350 c.c. 
Four-stroke with 
Outside Flywheel 

The Wosco Engine which has 
a Bore and Siroke of 76 mm. 

THE outside flywheel continues to gain 
ground. The latest engine embody- 
nig this feature is the Wosco, 
designed and made by Mr. W. 0. Spink, 
-of 52, Broderick Road, Wandsworth 

It is a plain straightforward design 
intended for lightweights, and has a bore 
and stroke of 75 mm., the capacity being 
349 c.c. Side-by-side valves of Ifin. 
diameter are used. 

Excepting for the outside flywheel the 
engine follows well tried practice through- 
out, but special attention has been paid 
to lubrication. The oil enters the crank 
case on the timing side, and is thence con- 
veyed to the cylinder walls and piston by 
splash from the big end, which dips into 
a trough cast in the base of the crank 
case. Cam wheel,, rockers, and magneto 
chain sprocket are lubricated in the usual 

way by oil vapour from the crank case, 
whilst both the crankshaft and ball bear- 
ings are supplied with lubricant through 
channels drilled in the casting. 

Three rings, located at the top, are 
fitted to the piston, and an effective 
method of fi.xing the gudgeon pin is 
employed. Two small bolts are screwed 
into the gudgeon jjin bosses, and pass 
through the gudgeon pin, retaining it in 


ALTHOUGH front mudguarding has 
been receiving much attention lately, 
many riders still prefer a neat, if 
comparatively inefficient, front guard, 
coupled, when necessary, with a wide pair 
of leg guards. Good examples of the latter 
fitment (illustrated on this page) are made 
by the Marryatt Engineering Co., Askew 
Works, Shepherd's Bush, London, W.12. 


AN e.xceedingly neat lock-nut is the 
Tilston, which is secured by being 
drilled at intervals so as to admit 
of a split pin being pushed through, and 

allowed to be engaged with a flat cut 
on the side of the bolt. The flat on the 
bolt, in its relative position to the holes 
in the nut, is always in view, and conse- 
quently it is easy to locate the alignmeijt 
of both ; while, in the case of Castle 
nuts, the hole in the bolt camiot be seen, 
so the alignment between the slots in the 
end of the hole and the bolt has to be 
obtained by feeling with the split pin. 

Tilston locking- 
nut devices. 

By using a bolt with two or more flats, 
a finger adjustment may be made. The 
manufacturers are the Tilston Engineer- 
ing Co., Ltd.,' Albion House, 61, New 
O.xford Street, London. W.C.I. 

Valve and fly- 
wheel sides ot 
the Wosco 350 
four - stroke 

Mudshields made by the 
Engineering Co. 


JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 


Experiments in Mudguarding. 

A One-piece Legshield and Engine Guard for Triumpii Machines. 

IT is an unfortunate fact that niariv 
otherwise excellent machines fall short 
in the matter of the provision of 
adequate weatherprooiing, such as the 
" all-the-year-round " type of rider 

It 15 tliis state of affairs which has 
called into being innumerable legshielus 
and splashguard devices which are non- 
offered to the motor cycle public. Most 
of these, it must be admitted. adequA-.-?lv 
fulfil the purpose for which they are 
intended, but it sometimes happens that 
the methods of attachment connecle'l 
with fitlings of tliis nature leave soinc- 
Ihing to be desired. With this thougiit 
ni view, itessi-s. W. Brandish and feons. 
of Foleshill Road. Coventry, set out to 
produce a complete underscr'een. magneto- 
guard and leg.shields- whicli could be 
fitted to e.xisting machines with a 
minimum of trouble. 

Simplicity of fitting and ample protection 
are the great claims made for Brandish's 
one-piece aluminium mudshicid for Triumph 

Testing and observing the effectiveness of the Brandish legshlelds and windscreen in a 
fifty yards watcrsplash. 

It was believed that to achieve this 
end in a most satisfactory way only one 
style suitable for one particular make 
of machine should be adopted, and the 
4 h.p. Triumph was selected. Tlie 
shield, which is constructed from a 
single sheet of aluminium, is fitted to 
the Triumph machine without the addi- 
tion of any other parts, since the two 
front tank holding liolts and the two 
footrest crossbar nuts are used in con- 
junction with the lugs already attached 
to the screen : in consequence, the latter 
may be fitted to the machine in about 
three minutes without alteration or 

modification of any part. In order to 
make quite sure that the rider as well 
as the engine unit are adequately pro- 
tected from any .splashes thrown off the 
front wheel, a long series of tests were 
carried out; and, after a few slight 
alterations from the original pattern, it 
was found possible that a long water- 
splash of quite fifty yards could be 
negotiated at almost any speed without 
ijl-effects, the rider merely wearing his 
ordinary clothing and not depending 
upon waterproof leggings for protection. 
This shoultl be a great boon to the all- 
weather " business " rider. 

A New French Lightweight. 

Knocic-out Spindles for Bolli 

Wheels and an Aluminium 

Cylinder Head. 

SEVEBAL unusual features are incor- 
porated in the 2i h.p. S.C. two- 
stroke, made by Etablissemeiits Soyer 
ct Cie., 116. Rue de Paris. Colombes 
(Seine). France. The engine, which has 
a detachable head of aluminium and an 
aluminium piston, has a bore and stroke 
i.f 67x70 mm. The carburetter and 
general appearance conform with English 
ideas The wheel spindles are of the 
knock-out variety, while substantial mud- 
guards are fitted. Needless to say, this 
machine is evjuipped with a two-speed 
gear. The neat aluminium cover for the 
magneto and tran.smission chains is 
worthy of note. 


Symmetrical l.nes distinguish the S.C. two-stroI<e- 


-a good example ol French lightweight 


JANUARY' 6tli, 1021. 


Well-timed Greetings. 

As usual at this time of the year our 
mail bags have contained a large number 
of New Year greetings from readers — one 
as tar off a« Newark, U.S.A. and another 
in New Zealand. 

Be Careful. 

Motor cycles continue to attract the 
attention of thieves, a warning to naotor 
cyclists to insure and also to look to the 
locks of their garages. 

The A.C.U. Spring Trial. 

We understand that the A.C.U. One 
Day Trial, which was originally intended 
to be held in February, has been post- 
poned to April. 

Enthusiasts. _ 

They are indeed keen motor cyclists 
who during the winter will turn to and 
hose their machines after returning, say. 
at night, from a muddy journey — yet 
many do it. 

' Mudguarding. 

It is mifortunate that motor cycles are 
'designed in the summer for the ne.\t 
Olympia Show. It winter conditions pre- 
vailed during the experimental period we 
might see a more decided improvement 
in mudguarding. 

First Aid. 

Unable to enter in the London-Exeter 
run Capt. Dudley Barton, the Dunelt 
exponent, set himself a useful task to 
help any competitor in trouble. Loading 
up his big two-stroke outfit with a 
plentiful supply of Thermos flasks, he 
started after the last competitor to find 
any brother of the wheel in' need of a 
helping hand. He found many who 
appreciated the mobile restaurant in the 
wilds of rain-swept Salisbury Plain, and 
also the assistance he was able to give 
ilr a mechanical direction. It was a very 
sporting action and de.serves official 

Frame Design. 

The effect of the various stresses com- 
municated to the members of the motor 
cycle frame was the subject of an in- 
teresting paper by Mr. Douglas Leechman, 
read before the In.stitution of Automobile 
Engineers last week. It was pointed out 
that a frame consisting of a series of 
triangles should be so interconnected that 
the load is applied at the apices and not 
at the sides. The author discussed the 
extent to which the ordinary design of 
the frame to-day complies with these 
requirements, and then drew attention to 
the necessity for large diameter in the 
bottom tube to diminish any tendency 
towards " rolling." 

Special S^oX^xx^$>^ 





The People's Union for Economy is still 
going strong, but we have yet to see it 
advocate the more e.xtended use of motor 
cycles in lieu of trains or other expensive 
methods of transportation. Forms of 
membership to the Union may be obtained 
from 1, King's Buildings, Millbank, S.W.I. 


Many owners of motor cycles seem 
keen to know the weight of their mounts 
for taxation purposes. We would remind 
readers that only in the case of machines 
near the' border line of 200 lb. is it neces- 
sary to ascertain the actual weight. 
Below we give a list of soiiie of the 
machines which are in the neighbourhood 
of 200 lb. : Alecto (189 lb.), Allon 
(190 lb.), Armis (185 lb.), 2J h.p. and 
4 h.p. Coulson B. (191 to 198 lb.), 2| h.p. 
Douglas (174 to 199 lb.), Edmund (185 to 
199 lb.), 23 h.p. Excelsior (193 lb.), 2* 
h.p. Francis Barnett (195 lb.), 2J h.p. 
H.B. (199 lb.), Invicta (187 lb.), 3 h.p. 
Ivv (188 lb.), 21 h.p. Massev Arran 
(196 lb.). 21 h.p. New Imperial (186 lb.), 
2-1 h.p. Roval Euby (185 lb.), and 23 h.p. 
Wolf (192 lb.). All the above are low- 
powered solo machines, except the 4 h.p. 
Coulson B., which is capable of medium- 
weight sidecar work. 

Near Lyme Regis, A. P. MacGowran (4 Triumph sc.) making an adjustment by the wayside. 

JAXrARV 6lh, 1921. 



Your new licence, which includes 
taxation, must be paid before 
January 31st. After this date a 
licence, which will include num- 
bers, must be taken out before the 
machine can be used. 

Tlie taxes and licences arc : 

5/- for motor-propelled machine:^ 
for luvalids. 
30/- for a solo motor cycle under 

50/- for a sidecar outfit, the motor 
cycle of which is under 200 lb. 
GO/- for a solo motor cvcle over 

80/- for a sidecar outfit, the motor 

cycle of wliich is over 200 lb. 
80/- for a three-wheeled cycle car 
under » cwt. 
The weights mentioned are unladen 
weights. /,... without petrol, oil, and 
equipment, which is not actually neces- 
sary .or the machine to rim on the ro&d. 

The new licence includes registration 
and ta.xation, but does not include 
the driving licence, which remains as 
betore — 5s. per aiiiuim. 


Next Thursday 

.\e.\t weijk's copy ipf Tht M'llm I'l/rlf 
"ill cost you only 4fl. 

The A.A. Taxation Booklet. 

X sunniiaiy in handy form of tlie 
\arions points arising, out of the new 
la.N.ition scheme has been issued by the 
.\.A. Members may obtain a copy free 
111 application by postcard. 

Fuel Prices Down. 

Conimcneiiig on Monday last there was 
.11 all-round reduction in the price of 
motor fuels: sevenpence being deducted 
Horn the gallon of petrol, and threepence 
' mm benzole. The sevenpence off the 
I cWol price is, of course, in respect of 
liie late fuel tax (plus cost of collection) 
which is now abolished. Benzole has 
.Iways been free from ta.\. therefore the 
new price represents a genuine reduc- 
iion. The new prices announced bv the 
Shell Marketing Co., Ltd., this "week 
are : Aviation, 3s. 9id. per gallon: No. 1, 
3^. S^d. per gallon : Alex spirit is 3s. S^d. 
■-r gallon, while benzole is to be 3s. 8d. 

"Motor Traction" becomes "Motor 
The changes of expressions and mean- ' 

iigs of words have had many strange re- 
■ lilts in our dictionaries. The war brought 

ijout many such, but there is one that 
iias not been generally realised. It is 
the word "Transport." Prior to the war, 
if the word were u.sed, it generalfy 
implied a .<hip that carried troops; to-day 
it cover* everything that carries anything. 
Ijikewi.^e, another word has changed — 
"Traction." This singular verbal revolt 
has given the staff 01 our sister journal. 
Mntur Trrifti'in "lor to think." So that 
1.0 misconstruction should be read into 
the title it has been changed, and in 

future will be l;nown as ilutor Transport. 
In no wise will the style of the paper be 
altered, and it will continue to keep its 
readers fully cognisant of the doings in 
the transport world as in the past. 

Open Events in the North. 

At a meeting of the Motor Cycle Board 
of the North-eastern Automobile Asso- 
ciation held at Newcastle, when Mr. T. 
A. Nicol, O.B.E.. presided, it was deter- 
mined that control of an open reliability 
trial granted to the Board by the Auto 
Cycle Union for 30th April next, and an 
open hill-climb for 30th July next, should 
be handed over to the Newcastle and 
District Club. The Board also provision- 
ally accepted a third open event for 24th 
September next, and secretaries of 
affiliated clubs at South Shields, Tyne- 
mouth, Sunderland. Diuham, Hartlepool, 
Stockton. Bishop Auckland, Darlington, 
and Wansbeek are to be asked if they 
have any ambition to run thi event. 

Exeter Finishers. 

In tabular form below is a general 
analysis of the entries, starters, and 
finishers in the various classes which ran 
in the M.C.C. London-Exeter return run. 
It will be noticed that the best general 
performance was made by the ttiree- 
wheelcrs, while- the proportion of solo 
riders who got through the trying 
journey is distinctly creditable. 









Thrw.« hosiers .. 


= 37 



A Guide to the New Licences. 

Much useful information concerning the 
licensing, registration, and taxatioTi of 
motor cycles is contained in a shilling 
guide just published by the .Vuto Cycle 
L'nion. The motor cyclist is told how to 
apply for a licence, where to display his 
licence card, particulars as to the renewal 
and transfer of licences, issue of duplicate 
licences, registration, the registration 
book, and is given much other useful in- 

The book concludes with a of regis- 
tration and licensing authorities in the 
United Kingdom, a list of lightweight 


As announced last week, commenc- 
ing with next Thursday's issue, the 
price of "The Motor Cycle" will be 
4d. instead of ^\A. as hitherto. 

A small reduction in the cost of paper 
enables us to effect this slight change. 
We regret wc arc unable at present to 
lov/cr the price to 3d., but the vast 
circulation (over 100,000 net) makes 
this impossible at the present cost of 
labour and material. 

A further reduction in price will be 

made as soon as circumstances allow. 


"Front and rear views ol the new .A.C.U. combined 
badge and licence card liolder. 

motor cycles giving the weight of each, 
and a table nidicating the increase or 
decrease of the amount of annual tax 
payable by a motor cyclist in the year 
1921. as compared with previous years. 

Cautious Garage Men. 

Careful garage proprietors last week 
were apparently clearing out their 1920 
stocks of petrol, and often in consequeiK-e 
only Aviation or .some of the heavier 
grades of spirit were available. That, 
anyhow, was an explanation we listened 
to on several ociasions : and we need 
hardly add that bargain sale tactics were 
not adopted. 

'The Autocar"— 4d. 

Ilur piireiit journal, The Autocar, the 
representative British motoring journal 
embracing all types of cars, will from 
next week's issue be fourponce per copy 
instead of si.Npence as at present. 

Another Licence Holder Idea. 

Ingenuity in providing means of li.xing 
the new licence carriers lias by no means 
exhausted iteelf. Although primarily 
designed for car use, a neat device which 
could be applied to sidecar bodies 
was described in a recent issue of TIik 
Aulf>r.(ir. The holder is simply attached 
to a sheet 01 tlexihle material {sheet 
rubber), stiffened by a wire frame, and 
the top portion of the latter is bent oversc 
that it may hang over the top beading o( 
the door. It is secured inside 
beneath the upholstery of the in- 
terior, and its advantages are that 
it is not dependent on close fitting 
to contoured body panels, nor is 
the surface of the latter damaged 
in any way. 

An A.C.U. Licence Card Holder. 

-Members of the A.C.U. will be 
able to parade their licence on 
the same clip that will carry their 
badge. Realising that the average 
motor cyclist has an aversion to 
having too many clips on his 
handle-bar, the A.C.U. has intro- 
duced a combined badge and 
licence card holder, which is ex- 
ceptionally neat, and has no small 
bolts and nuts to hinder cleaning. 
The illustrations show the con- 
struction and general appeai'ance 
of the new badge artd holder, 
which is to be offered to members 
fiir 5s. 


/A.YUARY 6th, 1921. 






The Advantages ol a Sidecar for Press Work in Out-of-lhe-way Places. 
A B.S.A. Outfit in the Hands of llie "Agricultural Gazette" Photographer. 

OXLY pedlars and 2"/ie Motor C tjde photographers 
are required to go to such out-of-the-way places 
as myself. I travel over large areas of this 
country in quest of pedigree animals tO' obtain photo- 
graphs for the A^ricullural Gazette. 

In the early 
days I found, con- 
siderable difficulty 
and delay in reach- 
ing a destination 
for the reason that 
my "hunting 
grounds '' were re- 
mote from railway 
stations, w h i c h 
often are of so un- 
important a 
character that the 
chance of securing 
a conveyance was 
very doubtful. 

As my trips were 
often of a fort- 
night's duration, it 
was necessary to 
take with me a 
large supply of 
plates, as I fre- 
q u e n 1 1 y make 
several hundred ex- 
posures on one 
outing. This plate 
item, in addition,, 
to my camera out- 
fit, rendered my 
" kit " a distinc- 

tively heavy one, making a walk of 
practically impossible. 

The accompanying illust 
which I finally solved the 
B.S.A. and its well-sprung 

even a mile or so 

The local inn frequently has to provide "lunch," which often consists of 
humble bread and cheese. 

rations indicate the way in 
problem, with a 4j^ h.p. 
sidecar, which carries the 
"kit" without 

, vibration. Vibra- 
tion, leading to 
friction and chafing 
between the sensi- 
tive plates, was my 
greatest fear, since 
the slightest rub- 
bing of these deli- 
cate surfaces would 
be quite sufficient 
to d a m a g e an 
otherwise good 
animal portrait. 
The mechanism of 
the special animal 
camera, too, would 
possibly be e n- 
dangered by undue 

I found that, by 
taking out . the 
cushioned seat, I 
could accommo- 
date a good size 
leather " kit bag," 
and by means of 
two ropes I 
fastened this to the 
base of the sidecar. 

. Into this bag went 
my camera case, 

JANUARY 6th, iq2I. 



Press Photography and the Motor Cycle. — 

and round the latter I packed my spare plates with 
small cushions of hay to keep the whole of the apparatus 
tight, ^\■hen the bag was closed, the contents were 
insulated from such road shocks as the springs did 
not take up when traversing rutty lanes and "farm 
tracks. My. personal equipment is carried in the fore 
part of the sidecar, and, if need be, a few more bo.xes 
of spare plates also. 

Since March of this year I have covered close upon 
7.000 miles without more than merely trivial attention 


(Left) The B.S.A. outfit, which has proved a 

great aid in getting from farm to farm withoul 
waste of time. 

(Right) Setting up the photographic apparatus 
in the farm yard. 

to the machine, and with only some half a dozen 
cases of "friction" marks on the plates. The ease 
with which I can get to my destination, whether it 
be a few miles across country or three hundred miles 
away, is surprising, and such journeys (unless caught 
in very bad weather) are a source of real pleasure and 
enjoyment. At the end of my journey I am fresh and 
ready for work, instead of fatigued by carrying mv 
heavy camera outfit from one stuffy train to another. 
Frequently in the rail-travelling days, when mv 
photographic work was done, I had to wait three or four 
' hours for the first available train. By motor 
cycle, I pack up and am on the road to my 
iie.\t appointment within half an hour of making 
my last exposure. The sound, if rather heavy, 
construction of the B.S.A. machine, is exactly 
the thing for my comparatively rough all- 
weather requirements, and nothin" could be- 
better than the way it has answered my need.-; 
wiih the minimum of attention and experience. 
Regin'ald a. Malbv. F.R.P.ST 


A Point in ihe New Taxation Scheme which should be Altered. 

IS the ^i sidecar tax an impost on the attachment, 
or a tax on the right to use a sidecar? 

This question has been raised by more than one 
reader, and it reveals a point which should be ainended. 
As it stands at present, a motor cyclist may pay the 
tax several times per year on the same sidecar, and 
we are sure this was not intended. The ;£i. extra 
tax for a sidecar over the motor cycle tax merely 
gives the right to attacK a sidecar, and is not a tax 
on the attachment itself. , 

An Extreme Illustration. 

As an extreme example to illustrate the point, we 
will suppose that a rider buys and sells his solo motor 
cycle several times during the year, but retains the side- 
car' which he uses with it. Each of the new machines 
would be subject to the full sidecar tax, and the buyer 
would take, with a machine without an attachment, the 
taxation registration giving him the right to attach a 
sidecar. It may happen that the purchaser may not 

want to use the machine with a sidecar, but if the 
seller has added the tax to the price of the machine, 
he pays for the right, and perhaps the next year some 
confusion may arise with the authorities when it comes 
to renewing the licence. 

Far better would it Ije for the sidecar tax to be com- 
plete in itself — although it would call for a separate 
licence card and holder. 

Probably the three most outstanding features of 
post-war motor cycles are disc wheels, sidecar screens, 
and pillion seats. The popularity of the wheel disc 
continues to increase and is likely to do, since the 
present day product is a vastly superior article to the 
first efforts to enclose the spokes. Sidecar screens 
are now regarded as absolute essentials by 90% of 
motor cyclists — even the smallest sporting sidecar has 
its miniature screen. While as for pillion_ seats— every 
other machine one sees on the road is equipped for the 
occasional extra passenger. 



JANUARY 6th, 1921. 


(Continued from 
page 12.) 

Birmingham M.G.C. 

The annual dinner, smoking concert, 

and prize distribution will be lield on 

Friday, January 21st, at the Imperial 
Hotel, Temple Street. 

Liverpool M.C. 

A two-day winter reliability run lo 
Edinburgh and back will commence on 
January 22nd. There will be no secret 
checks, and failure to climb Kirkstone 
Pass will not entail disqualification. 

On Friday, January 28th, the annual 
general meeting of the club will be held 
at the Compton Hotel, Church ,Street, 
Liverpool, at 7.30 p.m. 

Carmarthen and District M.C. and C.C.C. 

The second annual diinier in connection 
witli the Carmarthen and District Motor 
Cycle and Cycle Car Club was recently 
held at the Nelson Hotel, Carmarthen, 
jNIr. W. D. 0. Thomas presiding. 

Mr. ■William Edwards, Carmarthen, 
in proposing "The Sport," said they had 
met in many keen competitions last year, 
and he trusted he would meet them again 
iie.xt season. - 

Dr. A. Lindsey, Y.stalyfera, in respond- 
ing, said opinions differed as to sport. 
I'uncli defined it as a sjjort which was 
merely sitting in a draught. (Laughter.) 
He was very keen on it from an educa- 
tional point of view. 

The toast of " The Carmarthen Club " 
was submitted by Mr. D. J. Powell, wlio 
said they had had the honour of organis- 
ing an Open speed trial. They intended 
instituting a Welsh T.T. at Pendine in 

Cumberland County M.C.C. 

This club" has had a most successful 
year. The membership has increased 
considerably, all events have been well 
attended, and the financial position is 
most satisfactory. The open event (the 
first allocated to this club) was a decided 
success. An annual general meeting is 
fi.xed for the 21st .Januarv. and the ainiual 
dinner for the 28th. 

North Wilts M.C. and L.C C. 

O^'er seventy membei's and friends 
attended the iirst annual dinner of the 
North Wilts Motor Cycle and Light Car 
Club, held at the King's Arms Hotel, 
Swindon, under the chairmanship of the 
president. Mr. E. C. Skurray, M.B.E. 
During the evening the president dis- 
tributed the cups and medals won by 
members in the club competitions, in- 
cluding silver cups presented by Messrs. 
English, Salvage, Skurray, and an anony- 
mous donor, and a gold medal presented 
by ilessrs. Triumph Cycle Co.. Ltd. 

Reigate and Redhill M.C.C. 

A preliminary meeting was held at the 
Warwick Hotel. Redhill, recently, there 
being a large attendance of motor cyclists, 
including several ladies. The meet- 

ing decided that the name. of the club should 
be the Reigate and Redhill ilotor Cycling 
Club, and, also, that the club be afiiliated 
to the A.C.U., the annual subscription to be 
10s. 6d. with an entry fee of Is. The 
annual general meeting is fi.xed for 
.Januarv 6th at llie Warwick Hotel. Red- 
bill. Mr. E. P. Duplock, 15, High Street, 
Redhill. will furnish any information 

Bristol M.C.C. 

On Boxing Day the riding conditions 
in the West were so uninviting that only 
eleven of the twenty-three entrants fol- 
lowed the trail laid by Messrs. A. E. 
Tozer (Rudge sc.) and W. Scamjiton 
(Matchless sc). Not a stiff course in 
good weather, yet it pi'ov'ed one of the 
muddiest. It included several good 
climbs, plenty of water-logged roads, 
and was as strenuous as anyone could 

Edinburgh and District M.C.C. 

At the club dinner held in the Cale- 
donian Station Hotel, Princes Street, 
Edinburgh', Colonel Slater occupied th^e 
chair. Representatives from Cilasgow 
clubs included Mr. Simpson, President 
of the Glasgow Western M._C.C., and 
several others. Ml'. Anderson represented 
the Cumberland County, and Mr. J. M. 
Russell the Peebles and Tweed 'S'alley 
M.C.C. The Chairman asked Mr. Ander- 
son, of the Cumberland Club, to toast 
Edinburgh and District, which. Mr. 
Anderson did with becoming grace, 
apologising for the absence of Jlr. 3. .J. 
Dias, the well-known P. and M. rider, 
and extending a welcome to the Edin- 
burgh Club members to participate in 
Cumberland events. The programme was 
filled in with the u.sual speeches and 
songs, Messrs. Muirhead, McKay, and 
Downie contributing to the musical pro- 
gramme, while Jlessrs. Campbell 
JlcCiregor, H. Alexander, .J. Alexander, 
and ilr. Simpson, of Glasgow il.C.C, 
all made excellent speeches. 


ALTHOUGH the Olympia Shows are 
visited by a large number of buyers 
in Scotland, it is only to be expected 
that this number by no means includes all 
Scotch motor cyclists and car owners who 
desire to examine new models. That this 
is duly, appreciated in the automobile 
World is apparent, since a Scottish show 
is always arranged about this time of 
*he year, but unfortunately prospective 

buyers of motor cycles have not the .same 
opportunity to insjrect the latest machines. 
This year, however, an effort is to be 
made to meet this need, and during the 
Scottish Automobile Show at Gla.sgow, 
January 28th to February 5th, motor 
cycle agents in the Scottish Metropolis 
propose to make a special display of 
1921 machines, which .should be a great 
convenience to those of our readers who 

reside north of the border. While this 
idea cannot be so fruitful as an exhibition, 
there is every promise that the results 
will justify the effort. W'e understand 
that the display is intended to interest 
all private buyers and agents in Scot- 
land, and not, as might first be supposed, 
a selfish attempt on the part of Gtlasgow 
traders to attract bu.yers outside their 
territories for their own ends. 


A SCHEME for obtaining uniformity in 
road direction posts and danger 
signs has been under consideration 
by the Ministry of Transport for some 
months, and its recommendations have 
now been made public. 

Regarding the first item, roads are to 
be numbered and classified, as in some 
Continental countries, as first or second- 
class routes. Standard direction posts 
will be used, a first-class road being 
indicated by a black letter A and the 
route number on a white ground, and a 
second-class road by a white letter B and 
the route number on a black ground. 

On- this page also are shown the pro- 
posed new types of danger sign, but it 
must be understood that these are to be 
u.sed in conjunction with, and not to 
supersede the familiar red triangle. The 
special danger to be guarded against w-ill 
be indicated by its respective symbol on a 
jilafe 12in. wide by 21iii. high, to be 













attached to the post below the triangular 
danger sign. It should be noted "that 
special signs will not be erected' at cross 
roads or junctions that are in visible 
positions nor at the approaches to towns 
and villages. Contrary to general expecta- 
tions, nothing is embodied in the recom- 
mendations regarding a prior right-of-way 
for the main road rider and vesting tli'e 
onus of special caution at cross road.* on 
the driver-* emerging from the secondary 
road. This is disappointing. 

Signs indicating specific dangers. 


No one may accuse the Worcester 
M.C.C. of not being enterprising. 
Several members of the club assisted at 
the M.C.C. London -E.xeter Trial; and 
at the supper stop at Salisbury each com- 
petitor was handed an envelope contain- 
ing a propaganda summary of the why 
and wherefore of the "Sporting Club." 

JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 



A selection of questions of general interest received from readers and our replies thereto. AH questions should be addressed to, the Editor. " Tlie Motor Cycle," 
20, Tudor Street, London, E.G. 4, and whether intended for publication or not must be accompanied by a 2(1. stamped addressed en /elope for reply. Correspondents 
are urged to write clearly and on one side of the paper only, numbering each query separately, and keeping a copy for ease of reference. Letters containing legal 
questions should be marked " Legal " in the left-hand corner of the envelope, and should be kept distinct from questions bearing on technical subjects. 


I believe in a previous number 
of Tht MoUii- Cijdt I saw refer- 
ence to solid or semi-solid tyre.s. 
Will you please te good enough 
to inform me who are tlie 
makers and retailers of these tyres? 
Do you consider tliat the modern sidecar 
outfit would stand the fitting of these, 
proxided they were used lor ordinary 
family use? — L.J.U.- 
Solid tyres would not be suitable for 
e.'cisting types of motor cycles, and, eo 
far as we know, they are not manu- 


I ride a 6 h.p. Zenith outfit, 
and had a new belt not long 
ago, and have done 500 miles with 
it. As far as 1 know it is now 
useless, the rubber being stripped 
from either .'ide although otherwise 
(piite sound. Can I get it re-covered 
with rubber in the same way as a cover 
is retreadcd .' — Bhightox. 
The belt should not be worn out in such 
a short di.;tance, and we can only think 
thit the trouble ha.* arisen through faulty 
methods of driving. The (iradua gear 
.should not be operated violently, bul the 
t-liange in ratio should be made by gradu- 
ally moving the handle to right or left as 
desired. One of the surest ways of spoil- 
ing a belt is rapidly to lower the gear from 
top to bottom. \Ve have never heard of 
belts being re-covered with rubber. The 
expense of dealing will: small lengths 
would be prohibitive. - 


While travelling along the 
Cambridge.. Road f ran into a 
police trap just outside a vil- 
lage. The s])eed given was 
twenty-seven miles per hour, and 
Inr this I was dealt out the ma-xinnnn 
-line of £3 and licence endorsed. As 
this is niT first olfence in twelve j-ears' 
. driving, apparently a good deal rests on 
the type of magistrate one enconnters, 
for a friend of mine was only Kned 10s. 
6d. for a similar ott'ence in London, and 
this not his Urst appearance. Should 
my licence have been endorsed? — A.F.J. 
The fine certainly appears to be harsh. 
especially if the speed limit was exceeded 
on a safe stretch of road. However, the 
magistrate has the right to exercise his 
discretion in the case. It is understood 
that a licence cannot be endorsed for the 
first or second offence of exceeding the 
speed limit, and possibly you might get 
the endorsement cancelled if you take up 
the matter with the Clerk of the Court 


I should be much obliged if 
you would give me advice on the 
following. Having a quantity of 
B.B. oil and a motor cycle Kited 
with a 2i h.p. Villiers two-stroUe 
engine, I wondered if this oil would do 
thinned down with petrol. — A.A.S. 

It would be inadvisable to thin down 
thick lubricating oil with jietrol. A far 
• better course would be to obtain .-ionie 
Vacuum A and mi.\ until the oil is as' 
required, although, unless the weather is 
exceptionally cold, there is no reason why 
you should not use the heavier grade. 


(1.) On a two-stroke engine is 
there any advantage as regards 
speed in using roller bearings 
for the big end of the connecting 
rod? What is the •difference 
approximately? (2.) Would an engine 
with a shorter stroke than bore give 
off higher speed than one of equal bore 
and stroke (type of engine, two-stroke, 
three-port)? (3.) What power should a 
two-stroke, three-cylinder engine, 22in. 
bore by 2iin. stroke, give? Am 1 
right in assuming about 7J h.p.? — 
(1.) Roller bearings are quite satisfactory 
for the bigs ends of connecting rods on 
a two-stroke engine, and have the ad- 
vantage of withstanding hard work under 
adverse conditions. (2.) I'sually a two- 
stroke engine has a "square" cylinder, 
but there are sevei-al on the market, 

both for motor cycle and motor boat 
work, which vary in both directions. It 
depends entirely upon the port design, 
but generally it is considered that the 
short stroke 'is the better. (3.) Seven and 
a half horse-power should be attained 
with lliree cylinders of the size you state. 
1 should be ])'d for yotir 
advice on the following. 1 haw 
an old model 7-9 h.p. Indian. 
This has had a [X'tlal starter, wilh 
Corbin Brown coaster brake 
(duplex acting). The starter pedals are 
scrapped, and only the external conlrait- 
ing bantl brake will operate. All tlu- 
internal parts are perfect ; but 1 do 
not know how to adjust, for although 
the bronze disc is intertxmnected with 
the foot pedal, it fails to grip, owing. 
appaaently, to movement in tlie starter 
sjirodvet on the opposite side of huh. 
(1). How should I adjust this without 
getting separate starting equipment ? 
(2.) What would be the best form of 
secondary brake — front rim, dummy Ix-lt 
rim, or some make of external contract- 
ing brake ?-S.H.R. 
(1.) Your machine must he a very oUl 
model, and we have no available informa- 
tion regarding the American type of 
coaster brake which you describe, (2.) 
You cannot fit a front rim brake on 
account of the action of the Indian front 
forks, and probably the easiest way out 
of your ditliculty would be in fit a dummy 
belt rim on the back wheel. Complete 
rear brakes may be obtained from several 
acci'ssorv firms. 

^/^ Happ^ Ne>?^ Year ! 

I iii l ni i| | |i' 'ji>in iw— fei wimmni ilTlii i im i Bii » iiiai art ii Sat»»w»i !--. 

In our New Year's Post Bag: Greetings from the Ariel Competition Riders— 
L. Newey, J. L, Stocks, and T. Peck. 





A dealer's transfer has been 

?put on my new machine in dis- 
j-egard of my strict orders to the 
-^ contrary. As it spoils the 
appearance I wish to remove it. 
How can I do this without injuring the 
enamel ? — Tasty Ridee. 

If you proceed carefully you may remove 
the transfer by means of a flannel soaked 
in turpentine. The cautious application 
of benzole might also help matters. 


I have recently bought a 5 h.p. 

1914 belt-driven machine with 

.sidecar, and am having some 

trouble with the belt . (l^in.) 

twisting and running on its side 

on the back wheel pulley only every 

four or five miles. Please tell me the 

cause and the remedy. — AV.M.H. 

The trouble may be due to the belt being 

of Ihe incorrect angle and being hardly 

deep enough. Also, in all probability the 

pulleys are for lin. belts only. 


I should be much obliged if 
you would help me to elucidate 
the origin of a metallic knock, or 
clanking, which has made it im- 
possible for me to ride a W.D. 
Triumph I obtained from the War 
Motors Association last February. I 
have made the following repairs in order 
to try to. prevent the noLse, viz.: (1.) 
Fitted new roller bearings to big end. 
(2.) Taken flywheels apart and reset. 
(3.) .Fitted new small end bearing care- 
fully, . (4.) Turned out grooves in the 
piston: and fitted wider rings neatly. 
(5,) Decarbonised, ground in valves, etc. 
(6.). Dismantled, took to pieces, and 
cleaned out Sturmey-Archer three-speed 
gear box. (This was in perfect order.) 
(7.) Dismantled clutch entirely, and 
found it in good order. (8.) Raised cylin- 
der -^in. In spite of all the above altera- 
tions, the knock is as bad as it was in 
the beginning. The valve tappets are 
loose in their , guides,' but the timing 
gear is in e.xcellent condition. AVhen 
riding. I have held up the valve tappets 
against the valve stems tightly with 
my fingers, but without producing any 
diminution of the distinct clanking. 
Testing on the stand, using a wooden 
shaft as telephone, indicates that the 
noise ''omes from the cylinder. On 
taking out the plug and revolving the 
engine by means of the kick-starter the 
noise was very audible. The only thing 
that I have not done so far is to replace 
the tappets and guides. Do you think 
that this can be the cause? My cylinder 
IS perfect, the rings are bright, and 
compression very good. — B.R.B. 

You have apparently carried out all the 
adjustments which would remove the 
cause of the trouble, and we can only 
think that the noise is due to* the piston 
being a very loose fit in the cylinder. If 
by any chance the worn part of the cylin- 
der bore is distinctly larger than the 
mouth of the cylinder it is quite likely 
that you will get a knock, due to the 
bottom piston ring striking the edge of 
the unworn part, since you have raised 
the cylinder ^in. You might examine the 
inside of the bore carefully, and see if 
wiar is discernible. 



Is it possible to use an ordinary 
high-tension magneto for lighting? 
and what alterations would have 
to be made in the winding of the 
armature ? — F.C. 
Y^ou can obtain a light froih the high- 
tension magneto by using the. surplus low- 
teneion current, which may be tapped off 
from the cut-out switch and passed to the 
lamps through a choking coil. 

important iDatcs. 

Jan 20th— 

F I. CM. Conference, Brussels 
Jan. 28th to Feb. 5lh— 

Scottish Motor Exhibilion, Kelvin Hall, 

Feb. 2 5th— 

A.C.U. Silencer Trial — Brooklands. 
March 25lh — 

Richmond Meet. 
March 26lh— 

M.C.C. London -Land's End Trial. 
April 27 th— 

A.C.U. One-day Winter Trial for 

Stock Machines. 

May 14 th— 

M.C.C. London-Edinburgh Run. 

JANUARY 6th, ig2i. 

to the designer. (-2.) A "cut-out" is an 
apparatus which allows the exhaust gases 
to pass directly to the atmosphere with- 
(Uit first passing through the silencer. 
■(3.) A perforated silencer would probably 
be regarded as a "cut-but," especially if 
the machine was noisy. 


I have a 1919 3^ h.p. Eudge- 
Multi 'n'ith Senspray carburetter, 
and at present obtain 60-65 
m.p.g. (1.) Is this a fair aver- 
age? (2.) I am told that the 
fixing- of " an extra "air device in the 
induction pipe would give (a) more 
speed, '(b) more power,' and (c) greater 
m.p.g. Is this so? (3.) Are there any 
, disadvantages to be set against the 
-- ad^'antages mentioned in (2)? — C.G. 
(1.) Much depends on the. nature of your 
riding, but, solo, your consumption 
should work out at about 80 m.p.g. 
Verify jet siz'e, petrol level, and .ignition 
timing, with the makers' instruction book- 
let. (2.) As the Senspray is a .two-lever 
carburetter, we question if an extra nn 
inlet would giv.e the greatly improved 
efficiency which your friend predicts. (3.) 
Provided the extra- air inlet is correctly 
fitted so as to avoid air leaks, there is no 
objection to such extra fitments e.xcept 
the initial expense. -i- 


(1.) What is the law regarcling 
the silencing of motor cycles ? 
(2.) What is a " cut-out." ?.. (3.) 
"Is a perforated silencer a " cut- 
out"?— H.W. 

(1.) The law on the silencing of motor 
cycles is, not very clear. The exhaust 
gases must ,not. pass directly from the 
eiigine into the atmosphere without first 
passing through a suitable silencing de- 
vice. Provided a machine is reason- 
ably silent, the construction of the silenc- 
ing arrangement is more or less left open 



J,W.G. ■ 

Cleethorpes, , Humberston, Tetney, 
Fulstow, Covenham. Louth, Horncastle, 
'Tattersall, Sleaford, Falkingham, Bourn, 
Stamford, Uppingham, Rockingliam, 
^Market Harborough, Rugby, Warwick, 
Alcester, Worcestei-, Hereford, 'W'illers- 
ley^ Hay, Brecon, Llandovery, Llandilo, 
Carriiartlien, .St. Clears, Narberth, Haver- 
fordwest, "Jfilford Haven. Approximately 
310 miles. . , 

Eton boys who, in their eagerness to catch the first available train at the Christmas holidays, 
utilised a Triumph sidecar to convey their luggage to the station; 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 




Over 26,000 "EasHngs" have been 
Sold, and every one has a thoroughly 
satisfied owner. 

The new 1921 " Easlins " incor- 
porates all the perfecticn? of iN 
predecessor, but is more adap able 
and far easier to nnan'pulale. 
We hive plenty of them — 1 i any 
sh:tde to match yur siJeca-. 
An"E8isling" makes ev^ry ride lei 
times happier for your passenger^ 
she is really coniforta:le and pro- 
tected in any wealhe *. 
Gel a new ' Easting" noAf for her 
sake — or write for the "Easting " 

STANDARD .. £4 10 O 
ROYAL £5 10 O 


132, Lane. Birminsham. 

and at 
24, Finsbury Sq.. 1 ondon. E.C,2. 

'P)U3m ; Cieihci*iccU 1004. 

Atl c-'7nmiinicalionx mtlnidi' J^mUln Ar,-<i 

shnutd be 'midrc'sscd to liinnhit/h'ivi. 



•'in stock • 



Stockists: Atix!ruiui~J. J. Wilkinh.t Son. 
■'jBG. GeorBcSt..6ytlney. Irelanil—C. E..Iaoob. 
184. Gt. Brm-ewick St.. DiiliUn. r. £. Jaro\ 
:;. Brunswick St.. Howa-d St.. TfoUiu^t. .sv-.i'- 
/iK./— Alcxaiiiltr.V Crt..ll.-., t.^ hi 111 ir.l.. Eilm- 
l'iir«li. AIuxanilcrA Co. . iJTv. (.t. U"i,terii V.-}.. 
GIli-«o\v C. Cruikiilmnk. I.'^i;, l"tiicn"'t-, \!ur- 
dt} n. U'.i/fM— lorn Norton. L!(l.,LInn<lrtn>Iu.l 
Ueii.s. Tom ^orton Ltd.. II. Churl a M . 
^_ _ CarJifl: untl all leading Fac- _ ^ 
^W w torci In the t'ouiitry. ■ ^B 



: Special Line 

J All wooi. Splcn- : j.^.^ ^^^j^,,. 

; I didly cosy and:,s Kivcn 
: wann. Completely • or«hTs ^>- 
: cover the cars and : Uiro»i;liiln-i' 
: throat. Price 2/- :»".*'. *"'?'"i' 
: each. Postage ^<1 

b e c u r c a 

pair of 

these all 

wool mitts 

hout fail. The 

be repeated. At 

■prico these mitts 


ry motor cyclist. 

: wi;l.sfnc:ioii 
,,. - , : ensiirtd. Sim- 
\\ rite lor : piy ,„„rjj „ x 

one to-(!.ny. : nk'niiist tlioi cm 

wanted, writ i* 
youc iittnio iii.d 
nilf'rcsH oil thii 
nmruiii ol this 
iMLtf, tuar ItMit. 
n i n on your 

ihi^nm.', |ic.i(:il 

O'diT or moiny , ^:,i„„^,* 

.tM'x. «ud i-o.t o^ t>.^«^car. 



Tory sini n 
litl'c liiinii. 
iarpcdo .^liapc model Toriwdo slmp- 
; for acetylene in pol- ' "^ "".""Jl'irt'" 
\ ished a ill m in i II III. with carrier 
1 with side bracket fi.\- lixiiii: 7/9 i 
I ing. Vcrv light, yet No. si.sThi. 
extrcmclv strong. ^\''^'', '^""'i:'"!: 

! No. — I^n'So. nri.--^ l.lM.- IKini 7 9 
12 6 ',-1^ I;. 





Special) y designed set. 

made for hard wear and 

long service. Handle-bar fixinc. Best 

quality. British made throughout. 

Xo. 2405/80 

price 60/- 

per set 


An oxLN'pii m- 
! ly inicifut. 
unmet, diir- 
aiut iicat 


t ir fillim^ oil hand- 
Ju-bars. Kouiul 
pattern. Blafk or 
nickel finish. 30 hour movement. 18,9 
Superior quality, 30 hour. 35,6 


■.':;),-. &> DOLiblelncist-jJ Jjc) c:, -iWti, lonff. 
urn to in a'.r.iiit; waterproof liiiit:nal. 'ved-cilt 
■'iid>m»rt in nitpcartncc. a id very diimMu. hi 
vari .Us wci;,'lits and <\ iiiIUI^f. I'att r^ s<iclU 
«n apuHrati >r.. Without Belt, W £3 3, 
B £2 15. C £2 5 ; With Belt, A £3 5 6, 
B £2 17 6, C £2 7 6. 


<-mv, sa -trviceat'lu 
lii.-Iit.nuii'le lo til- 
alil-'oiito complete your ioiuncy 
-lui'ulil a-ty mialmif occur ;o the r cular a&it.- 
l-ne Simp y 1111 thu r.-scrvoir with 
p-trol (ind clip oil o tlio lamp hamar as ^li iw,j 
.^!tni!cU- minle n lirass ami neatly llni^hjd 
Na -^I'l '^i . M-;,.,. •>' o .. . I, 

j CfttalcHU 

ISfoior Cycliii 
jK)s( (ree on 

359-361, Euston Road, London, N.W.I 
(GLASGOW - 72. St Vincer.t Streit. 

In aiuwcrirtfi lliese aclrcrlinements it is desirable to ment 

Write lor 

- Cycle 


ion '■ 77ic Motor Ci/cle. 


jv. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 




PRICE 9s. 6a. ^"'^" 

Superior finish in brass or nickel, for fixing to handle-bar. 


1. Smallest possible outside diameter (33^6 over all). 

?. No screws visible, the fixing being internal. 

3 Extremely light. 

4. Completely enclosed, and thoroughly waterproof. 

5. Can be attached in a few minutes in any authorised 


Actual size. Side view. 

The Cowey Engineering Co., Ltd. 

Archer Works, Kew Gardjens, Surrey 

Telegraphic Address: "Cowey. Kew Gardens" 
Telephone ----- Richmond 447 and 468 


— 1921 - 


Immediate Dellverv- 

Specification. — 8 h.p. J.-^.P. A.C. twin in front. Amac 
Carburetter. Sturmey-Archer 3-speed Gearbox. Drive 
by enclosed c]iain and long one-piece belt. Seat kick- 
starter. Pedal-operated clutch and brake. Separate hand 
brake. Solid live axle, giving drive and braking on both 
wheels. Car tj'pe ball bearing throughout the trans- 
mission and wheels. Springing by adj ustable coil type in 
Iront, and semi-cantilever rear. Ackerman steering by 
rods. Coach finished body, painted Royal Blue, and 
varnished ; with black bevel mud wings. Entire bonnet 
instantly detacliable. Petrol tank capacity 4^ gallons. 
Oil tank J gallon. Overall length iiyins. Width sgins. 
Seat width 2oins. Ample leg room. Speed up to 50 
m.p.h. Consumption 60 to 102 m.p.g. guaranteed. 




'Phone I 
139 Staines. 


Officers' surplus Bedford cord Riding Breeches, in khaki, drab, 

or dark brown. Usually £2, now . . , 30/- 

Australian breeches, very heavy, dark khaki, all lace knees 

very smart. Usually 35 /-, now . . . . - . . . . l5 /- 

Bedford cord trousers (best quality only), in drab, khaki, or 

dark brown. Usually 35 /-, now . . . . . - . . 25 /- 

Officers' socks (best quality only), in greys, browns, Lovats, 
heather mixtures (winter weight). Usually 3/9 pair, 
now three pairs for . .' . ; 7/6 

Canadian pure wool Cardigans . . . . . . . . . . 10 /6 

Fqx\ puttees, khaki or blue . . 7/6 pair 

SPECIAL OFFER. 100 only. Despatch Riders* Jackets. 
Waterproof gaberdine, wind cuffs, storm collar, soft leather 
wind protector inside fronts, body parts quilted wool, three 
pockets, loops for belt, lined Italian cloth. These are all 
1 soiled, but in good condition. Can be worn as an overcoat or 

as ordinary jacket. Price, to clear . . . . . . . . 30/- 

Send size of breast, waist, and height. 

As we anticipate a complete clearance, we cannot send goods on 
approval at sale prices. All goods carriage paid. Cash, with order. 


In afL-^icrri/uj thcsfj ati re/ 1 ist //n n(s it is dcsira 


for Motor Cyclists 

FULL of valuable information 
and "wrinkles" relating to 
the purchase, driving, ad- 
justment, management, equipment, 
repair, garaging, etc., of - motor 
cycles. The present edition has 
been thoroughly revised and is 
right up to date in every respect. 

P.icc 2/- net. By Post, 2/3 

Home or Abroa'.l. 

20, Tudor St., London, E.C.4, 

anil all leading booli-geliers and bookstalls. 

Jan"uary 6th, 1921.. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Adveetisejients. v. 




OM^ I 




EQUIPMENT No. 1. Comprisincr SIDECAR and REAR LWIPS jnd two Siemens DRV j 


EQUIPMENT No. 2. Comprising REAR LAMP only, with glass window tor illuminating 
number plate, and one Siemens' DRY B.\TTERV in LE.ATHER CASE. 

EQUIPMENT No. 3. Comprising RE.-\R L.\MP only (not suitable for illnminatin? n.-a 
DUiiiher pbte) and one Siemens' DRY BA'H'ERV in LE.\TH1-;R C.\SE. 

Illutlraled booklgi 
on application to 




Apji oxiinat- ninii1x;r 

ol honrs lii;lil tj<jm 

one Untt-n-. 


Sp.r.' Itatrcr:e«. 

No. 1 



"l.'e Ijiiiir. 8 • 

I'eT til . s/a 

No. 2 =<l £ 12 « 


1 no l tl 2 6 

2 6 

rROMT " 


ciTv t)4oa 


Entirely British. 

" Sooner or later the light-weight 
open-frame machine will come. 
Of this wc are convinced." 

N'idc "The Motor Cycle," Jan. 22. 1920. 

f.eltcr from custower : 
" The springittg is wonderJuHv 
good ; in fad. easier than any 
motor cycle I have ever ridden." 

2-strokc engine, Brampton spring chain, 
two band brakes. 



I'nr further particulars app'y to the 
manufacturer i 

F. MacCallum, 

Guildhall Buildings, 
Navigation St.. BIRMINGHAM. 


In 'in-<ivcrin{/ thc'<c ailfcrti.--cmcnt.i it i.s dc-'injlilc lu mention ■'The Motor Cijclc. 

vi. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 


The "LUISANDI" Licence Holder 


NICKEL - 7/- each. 

BRASS - 6/- „ 
ENAMEL - 5/- „ 

(Black or Colours). 






(Black or Colours). 

3/- each. 
2/6 „ 

2/- „ 


Approved by Authorities. Fits all Machines. 

The "LUISANDI" Holder is so constructed that it will in no way be a disfigurement 
to your machine. It is made in two STYLES and several FINISHES. 

Ask your Garage for The '^LUISANDF' Holder. 






The CykeJaid 
filled to a Siin- 
beam Bicycle. 


Made to fit either LADIES' or GENTLEMEN'S 
Machines. Have you got one ? 

11 h.p. Twc-strrks. 
- - Au'omatic Lubrication. 

Spring Forks. 
Cork Inset Clutch. 
Runbaken Tdagneto 
Amac Carburetter. 
WnU-lcr Jiu! jj.i:! ™;,.-,s lo the HOLE M.iKEr,S : 

::^; st^?pmm(MMm 

59 THQ?ms ST 


Jn ansu-erimj these ad fciti.^cments it is desirable to mention "The Motor Cycle." 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE— Supplement. 

Advertisements, ix. 

THE a 


Giving perfect protection to the driver, without in the slightest 

degree impairing the vision. 




Note the unique shape, scientifically designed 
giving perfect accessibility to all the controls 
and protection to the driver. 

All enquiries to — 

three-quarter Front View. 


29-31, Charles Street, 

Test "CALTHORPE" Value for yourself— compare ! 

Compare with other makc^, the exceptional value offered in the three famous CALTHORPj; Models hcrt 

listed: — The CALTHORPE 3 h.p. s-strokc Combination at 110 guineas, complete with lighting set 

2j h.p. CALTHORPE-J.A.P. at 70 guineas, and the 3 h.p. C.-VLTHORPE 2-stroke at 65 guineas, and then note this :• 

Our 3 h p. 2-stroke Combination at 110 Guineas is practically equal in 
power to the 3 > h P' models of other makes listed at much higher prices. 

This CALTHOKPli Combiiiatiou will take you and your passenger conifort.iMy vip .iM rr-u-onriblc hill^, and will overage 

20 to 23 m.p.h. It is light, absolutely reliable, and with an approximate petrol consuniption of 75 m.p.g. 

Specificaiion includes 3 h.p. PECO 2-stroke engine, patent lubricating system, 2-speed Sturmey- Archer Gear with clutch 

and kick-starter. M-L Mag-Dynamo Lighting Set, 
complete with light type, perfectly sprung sidecar. 
Note the two small views of Combination, and 
then call on the nearest CALTHOiy»E Agent 
for inspection, or write direct for illustrated 
catalo^e giving full information. 

Calthorpe Motor Cycle Co 

< Minstrel & Rea Cycle Co , Ltd ) 



The CALTHORPE 3 h.p. 2-stroke Combination, 
complete with Lighting Set. Price 110 Guineas. 



In aihiircrinrj these advertisements it is d-sirable to mention "The Motor Cycle. 


X. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 

The Hoskison 

Motors, Limited, 

Northern 643 
Homobik. B'ham 


For 1921 we are concentrating on an exceptionally high-class 2| h.p. 
Solo Motor Cycle, and a 4 h.p. model which is suitable alike for Solo 
or Sidecar work. The engine used in each case is the BLACKBURNE, 
and we have not succumbed to the temptation of fitting the higher 
powered engine into the Light-weigfit frame, or vice versa. The two 
models are separate and distinct, each being specifically desig7ied for 
its own Particular purpose. 

The prices are 99 Guineas and 120 Guineas respectivelv, and we 
MARCH 1921, Highly finished, luxuriously equipped, and efficient 
to the last degree, we claim each to be the best in its class on the market. 


The World's Finest Adjustable 

ring-frame Lightweiglit, 

PURRS like a Cat, 

— but — 

Can't wag its tail. 

?.Y. Motor Cycles, Ltd., Forest Hill, S.E.23 






Combined Number Plate & Licence Holder. The most 
compact and serviceable holderthat can be produced 

Least Jiabfe to damage. 

Price 7/6 
or written 10/- 

By return post from 

MILLFORDS, Ltd., Bullock Street, BIRMINGHAM, 

or your Asent 

Also on view : 
Frank Whitworth, Ltd., 139, New Street, Birmingham. 





t- leaned, and replaced in one minute, with a simple 
mechanical Gap adjustment- 


Send ;-!/6 for eacli Plu« up to a set of Four, and if you wish to 
return the Plugs within 7 days your money will be returned 
Manufactured by 

Price 4/6 millfords, ltd., 

eacii. Bnllock street, Birmingham. 

TIf£>^A&ab USE 






John S. Morris & Son (Oils) Ltd., Cross Lane Oil Works, Manchester 

An expen- 
sive outfit 
is surely 
worth a 
shilling or 
two spent 
on keeping 
it smart and 

In 1/6 and 2/6 Tins, from your dealer, or from — 

HOWSE'S, The Rust-Preventer Firm, 



In answering these advertisements it is desirable to mention "The Motor Cycle." 

January 6th, 192 i. 

IKE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xiii. 


ADVERTISEMENTS m these columns 
— First 12 words 3/-, and 3d. for every ad- 
ditional word. Paragraphs of under 8 words 
are "^charged double rate. Each paragraph is 
charged separately. Name and address must 
be counted. Series discounts, conditions, and 
special terms to regular trade advertisers will 
be quoted on application. 

Postal Orders and Cheques sent in payment for 
advertisements should be made payable___— ---5^ 
toILIFFE & SONS Ltd., and crossed__-* — ' 
Treasury Notes, being untraceable it lost in 
transit, should not be sent as remittances . 
All advertisements m this section should be 
accompanied with remittance, and be addressed 
to the ofTices of " The Motor Cycle," 20, Tudor 
Street, London, E,C,4, or 19, Hertford Street, 
Coventry. To ensure insertion letters should 
be posted in time to reach the olllces of " The 
Motor Cycle," by the first post on Friday 
morning previous to the day of issue- 
All letters relating to advertisements should 
quote the number which is printed at the end ol 
each advertisement, and the date of the issue 
in which it appeared. 

The proprietors are not responsible lor clerical 
or printers' errors, although every care is taken 
to avoij mistakes. 


For the convenience of advertisers, letters may be 
addressed to numbers at "The Motor Cycle" Office. 
When this is desired, the sum of 6d. to defray the cost ol 
registration and to cover postage on replies must be added 
to the advertisement charge, which must include the 
words Box 000, c/o" The Motor Cycle." Only the numbci 
will appear in the advertisement. All replies should be 
addressed No. ooo. c/o " Motor Cycle," 20, Tudor Street 
E.C.4. liefilies to Box Number advertisements containing 
remittances should be sent by registered po^t, but in all suet 
cases it is advisable to make use ol the Deposit System 

In the case ol raotor cycles offered for sale under a bos 
nnmber, as it Is unusual for these to be sold without flrsi 
being Inspected by the Intending purchaser, advertisers wlh 
(aolUtate business by embodying In their advertisement: 
some mention of the district Id which the machine 
oHered may be seen and tried. 


Persons who hesitate to send money to unknown persons 
may deal in perfect safety by availing themselves of our 
Deposit System. If the money be deposited with "The 
Motor Cycle," both parties are advised of this receipt. 

The time allowed for a decision after receipt of the 
goods i^ three days, and if a sale is effected we remit the 
amount to the seller, but, if not, we return ibe amount 
to the depositor, and each party to the transaction pays 
carriage one way. For all transactions up to £io, a 
deposit fee of i /- is charged; on transactions over £io 
and under £50, the fee is 2 /6 ; over f 50 and under£75, 5 /-; 
over £75 and under £100, 7/6; and on all transactions 
over £100, i %. All deposit matters are dealt with at 
80, Tudor Street, London, E.C.4, and cheques and money 
orders should be made payable to Ilifie & Sons Limited. 

The letter " D " at the end ol an advertisement is an 
Indication that the advertiser is willing to avail himself ot 
the Deposit System. Other advertisers may be equally 
desirous, but have not advised us to that effect. 


Readers who reply to advertisements and receive no 
answer to their enquiries are requested to regard the 
sUencs as an indication that the goods advertised have 
already been disposed of. Advertisers often receive so 
many enquiries that it b quite Impossible to reply to 
each one by post. 







A. B.C. 

NEW 1920 A.B.C. t-speed; £150; in stock.-Rnntiall 
Andover. [0367 

\ .BX-.. 1920^ brand new; £125.— Dunn's. 326, Euston 


X.W.I. Museum 5391. 


A.B.C, reeeutly deliverc-d, never ridden, owner going 
abroad; £135; what offers?— Boi 1,208 c/o The 
Motor CyeU. [5012 

"I Q20 A.B.C, in excellent condition, complete with 
J-^' speedometer, Lums lamps. Klaxon, full toolkit- 
£115.— Flint. Chemist, Ne«Tiort. Mon. (5067 

[Managing Director). 

y^G have it ! 

The very mount you need for 
1921 — and we can give prompt 
delivery too. A.J .'S., Excelsior. 
Rudge, Enfield, Triumph, 
B.S.A., Matchless, Blackburne. 
Harley, Scott — in fact, all 
the old favourites as well as 
those new comers which have 
proved themselves to be good. 

Here are three fine examples : 

A.J.S. 1921 7 h.p. Comb., screen, 
apron, spare wheel, luggage grid £215 
EXCELSIOR 1921 8 h.p.- Comb.. 3- 
speed, Blackburne engine .. £195 
ENFIELD 8 h.p. Comb., new 

Vickers engine £160 

We pay 7"„ Interest on deposits placed wlih 
U3 upon machines for future delivery. Also 
deferred payments arranged to suit (hose 
wishing to purchase out ol income. 

H. TAYLOR & Co., Ltd. 

Acec^^OT-.cs. >r'ar' I'lirr^, nn i Bvpans. 

2Ia, Store St., Tottenham Court Road, W.C.I 

52*53, Sussex Place, South Kensington. 

Wholesale — 


Garnse: Tottenham Court itoad, W.l. 
Phonca- Accessoriea and Bepairs. Masenm I24f) 
Motor Cycles i Cara. Kensinston 7-2^.j 
Teleiirftms: "Pynametro. Wcstcent, Lnndori -r 



A.B.C, brand new, just delivered; selling because ot 
late delivery, another machine purchased ; what 
offers ?— Leigh, 10, St. James Sq., Manchester. [5243 

3 h.p. A.B.C. JNlotor Cycle, can do 70 m.p.h.. condition 
as new. complete with all manner of spares; 
£150. no o^Teti.— E. S. Abram. 226. .Manchester Rd.. 
Stockport. [5170 

A.B.C, 1920, Cowev horn, speed 60 m.p.h., tuned 
up, decarbonised, mileage 3,500, almost new rear 
tyre, £3 spares, owner buying cycle car; £115.— 
Lochinswell House, nr. Newbury. [4880 

3Xh.p. A.B.C. Motor C.vcle, dj-unmo lighting model. 
2 onlv ran about 300 miles, condition as new; ensli 
£150, may be obtained on Harrods deferred payment 
system lor a small extra charge.— Harrods, Ltd., 118, 
Bromptou Rd., London. . [5176 


\ BIXGBON KING DICK Brand New Coinbinali. n, 
-A 7h p twin, unused, unregistered; £150.— WeUord. 
2S. St. James's St., Brighton. [4999 

i BINGDON KING DICK 3'-jh.p.. engine recently 
^TL rebushed throughout. Bosch weatherproof. B. and 
B new Dunlop belt, scmi-T.T. handle-bars, lanps. 
pcnoraior. horn, etc.. re-enamcUed; bargain 
Mnnners. 96. Ilessel Rd., W. Eating 


21 A.J.S., ir 


stock : list 


- Cross 




T. C. PICKEltlXG. ShroKsl.ury.-Enrlr delivery 1921 
O modeU A.J.S.; 1920 fiom stock. Loasa 

A -J.S.. 1921 modclj.-Earlr deliveries : 
■A Stores. 174. ListcrhiUs Hd.. Bradford. 


BRIGHTON, Hove and District A.J.3. Agents. 
Turpins, 22-29, Preston Rd.. Brighton. 10203 
nSOW Bro3.. Whitehall Garage, Guildlord. A..I.S. 
agents and expert repairers since 1912. I'aoa 


.J.3. 1920 Combination, 
t Dunn's, 326, Eu'lon Rd., 

J a 1920 Combination, 
t Dunn.-, 326, Euston Rd. 



I A-J-S.. 

.^i. generator 
I ted, E>sfi. 

1918. Montgomery siderar. 
I*6Ti"e<.-t i-oudition: £120, 

new; £200.- 

Museum 5391. 


300; £180.-- 

Muscum 5391. 


3 Inmii^. 2 

— Larnian. Bns- 


WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London. E.C.4.- 
61™ A.I.S. combination, 1920, all 
excellent condition; price £200. issoa 

AT S Brand Now 6b. p. Combination, comrlete witii 
•^iforn"and hnnp; f 195.-A J.S. Speeiail.ts, The 
Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel. : 444. I'OOb 

AJS. 1921 Mn<]els, delivery guaranteed when le- 
quired; deferred payments arranged.-A.J^S, 
Specialista, The Walsall Garage, ■« nlsall. Tel.: «4^ 

i TS 1914 6hp. K.S.. combination unu.=«d 1915-18, 
A ali ac"-*^rie Eostius. 5 new tyres overbaul^l 
(l.tober, Seriect; £140.-Gr.fflth, St. Ives, South Fara- 

1 TS ShD 1912 Model, with 2.speed, clutch, and 
A kick stirt, and Venm coachbuilt sidecar in ex- 
cl^ent'^ri.nning o'd«r; £70. or nearest ofier.-John Lpi- 
dule, Xarberth. ^^"^^ 

A J S 1919 Combination, spare wheel, eleclrio light, 
sneedome-er, horn, tools, mileage 2,000, excel- 
lent ^ndUion; filSO.-Salsbury, Arkley. Wherwell 
Rd., Guildlord. ^'*^^* 

A J S 1920 6h.p. Combination, dynamo 'i£'{ti"e. 
spee<lomeler. Aood. screen, side curtains, klaxon 
horn, "ran-Sad, Irom new , £250.-g 
Parker's. Bradshawgale. Bolton. l-VtaiD 


2"-ih p 3-spe6'i A.J.S.. enclosed chains, 
ramps', etc., believed about 1915., owner in Ire- 


rrO lamps, etc., believea aooui- 1?^^*,- """y* t ,t 

land; approval anywhere; «,"'<= P""™'?^,^-^' ^^j'!'"! 

Rd., Hampstead (oH Finchley Rd.), N.W. l5Sia 

AJS Combin.ations.-Good deliveries tor 1921. Bool: 
™r orders with us now to save disappointmeal. 
Offlcifffry appointed agents for this famous outfit.-I'. 
E Wootten. Ltd., High St., Oxlord. 'Phone: 308.^^ 

ia20 A.J.S. 'Man Ccmbiuatinn. mUease 700, caie- 
ly lullv preserved and sto'ly run in, dynamo light- 
ing speedometer, screen, boaPide curtains, "I^™. 1"' ■ 
Tan-slTd seat, spare wheelT^: £230.-»npenute. .kat 
Putney Vale Cemetery, S.W.15. t^iai 


ALLD.\YS Allon, new October, not run in; £78 or 
near.-Brown. 79, Hampden Rd., Hornsey.^N^^ 

A LLON 1919 (?) 2Kh.p., 2.speed, perfect, all aoces- 
A sories: £50, or nearcst.-132, Trentham^ St.. 

All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of c.ich advertisement, and the date o! the issue. 



xiv. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 



ALLON 2';.i]i.ii., 1916. 2 speeds, fully e^inipped, 
mechaDically sound; £32/10.-143, Ravensbiirv 
Rd., Earlsfield, S. W. [5433 

3h.p. 1920 2-st]-ok6 Alldays and Onion Motor Cycle, 
as new, with Lucas lamp set and horn; £65.— J. 
J. Dooley, 35, Killyon Ed., Clapliam, S.W.8. [5546 

TVTEW 23'4h.p. Alldays and Allon Model de Luxe, 2- 
-'-' speed, clutch, and kick starter; £85 ; or on 
Ilarrods unique easy payment system 4% extra.— 
Harrods, Ltd., 118, Brompton Ed., London. [5178 

American \. 

AMERICAN X 1919 7-9h.p. Combination, complete 
with lamps, Easting wind screen; £175. near 
offer.— Hereford Motor Co.. Ltd., Hereford. [5002 

1 fbO Gi^'S.— 1920 American X 7-9h.p. twin, dynamo 
-*-"" lighting and horn, absolutely new and un- 
ridden.— 308. Upper Richmond Rd., Mortlake. [4985 

AMERICAN X. New 1921 Models now in stock for 
immediate delivery, the most powerful and 
efficient twin-cyl. machine, many improvements, iu- 
eluding 27x3V>iu. tyres, new type fork, etc.; 165 gns. 
Write tor catalogue. — The Premier Motor Co., Aston 
Rd., Birmingham. [5459 


ANTOINE Coachbuilt Combination, 5-6h.p. twin, 
mag., runs splendidly; gift, 29 gns.— 1, Ebner St., 

Wandsworth. [5558 

ARIEL 3V''h.p., 1911, good oondition ; accept £35.— 

Wil-son, Organford, Wareham, Dorset. [5206 

31_h.p. Ariel, 1914-1 5^ new bearings, Dunlops, etc., 
2 cost £15 recently; £65.-CuTate, Talybout. Car- 
diganshire. [4967 

BRAND New Ariel Combination, 6-7h.p. twin, 3- 
sjieed, etc., list price £177/10; to clear, accept 
£150.— Bamtjer's, Southpoit, Lanes. Tel.: 607. [5473 

1 Q 19 3V2h.p. Ariel Combination, electric lighting. 
Jl t/ horn, wind screen, as new ; £ 125. — Tel, 
Museum 6626.— A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W-1. [4914 

ARIELS, order now for 1921 all-chain and chain 
cum-belt models; spares in stock.— Geo. Taylor, 
Ariel Agent, 28, Lower Addiseombe Rd., Ea^t Crovdon, 


ARIEL 1920 6-7h.p. -Combination, in practically new 
condition, all lamps, horn, etc., mileage about 
1,500; ?ei20.— 104a, Finchley Rd., N.W.3. Hampstead 
7822. [5563 

ARIEL.— Orders now booking for the new all-chaiu 
models which will be the Rolls-Royce-^of motor 
cycles. All spares stocked.— F. Speakrann, Ariel Exjiert, 
7 Rochdale Rd., Harpurhey, Manchester. [8231 

"I Q20 Ariel Combination, 6-71i.^., excellent condition, 
J~*y hand and foot clutch, complete lamps, horn, 
speedometer. Easting screen, Tan-Sad, etc.; 155 gns. — 
Charles Averill, Blythe Bridge, Stafiordshire. [5308 

ARIEL 3y2h.p., 1920, with folding coachbuilt sideenr, 
will pass any ordinary doorwiiy, Watford trip 
speedometer, lamps. Easting screen, etc., small milenge; 
£120.-40, Rephngham Rd., Southfielde, S.W.18. [5491 

6-7h.p. Ariel, 1919,' perfect condition, ridden 4,000 
miles. Easting wind screen, speedometer, lamp;., 
tyres new, sidecar upholstered leather, ill iiealth sole 
rea<?on for selling: £150, or nearest offer.— Saxby, 41 
Ramsgate Rd., Margate. [X4270 

1 Q20 Ariel (July), S^jI^-P- solo, 3-speed, counter 
J~iy shaft, complete with horn, speedonLeter, acces' 
sories, mileage 800, in perfect condition, guarantee 
given; trial bv appointment; sidecar machine; nearest 
offer to jEIOO.- 98, Maiden Rd., Maiden. [4936 

ARIEL.— Some agency is the Ariel, and we hold thi,. 
for North London. We are practical riders and 
gold medal winners with this wonderfully efficient and 
reliable motor cycle. Have you eeen tlie new 4V'h.p. 
comb.? it is a glorious outfit; immediate delivery ;" 3'/. 
h.p. solo, SVoh.p. comb., and 6-7h.p. comb., 4 models 
in stock ; all spares in stock ; trade supplied.— Jones' 
Garage, Muswell Hill, N.IO and at Woodside Parade, 
North Finchley. [0378 


T Q20 Bat Model 4. ehop-soiled; £135.— Wright's Gar- 
-i-tf age. Saffron Walden. Tel.: 16. [5453 

1 Q20 6h.p. Bat-Jap, only done 300. model 4; abso- 
Ji*y lute sacrifice, £100.— Boulton, Small thorne, 
Staffs. [X4324 

1 Q20 8b. p. Bat Combination, spare wheel, usual 
A «7 equipment; offers.— Tel. : Museum 6626.— A. S.G. 
60 Mortimer St., W.l. [4915 

BAT, roomy coachbuilt sidecar, 4-point, hood and 
screen, 26x2yj wheel; bargain, £15.-19, Wood 
Jjane, Shepherd's Bush., [5551 

BAT 8h.p. and 6h.p., :new, £135 each, or with side- 
cars to suit, single-seater, £160, or double-seater 
£175; immediate delivery.— 336, Gray's Inn Rd., WC 
.^^ [0374 

■ T>AT 1921 Models.- We are now accepting orders for 
-L> early delivery. Your enquiry esteemed.— Mebes, 
154-6. Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair 

AT, 6h.p., fully eonipped as makers' specifications, 
shop-soiled; at greatly reduced price; also second- 
liand combination, eame make.— Mebes, 154-156 Gt 
Portland St. W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7177 

Phone: Mid. 2910. 'Grams: "Lyicar, Bltam' 



iVS O O E B- S 




A.J.S., 7 h.p. £215 

ENFIELD, 8 h.p,, Vickers 

Engine £160 

INDIAN, 7-9 h.p., Elec- 
trically equipped . . £237 

ROVER, 5 6 h.p £195 


NEW IMPERIAL, S h.p. 177 Gns. £25 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p., Chain 





INDIAN, Scout, 4 h.p £165 

NORTON, 4 h.p, 3-speed £135 

NORTON, 3 Ui.p., T.T £98 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p., Chain drive £140 
TRIUMPH, 4 h.p-, Belt drive £127 10 

ROVER, 3* h.p., 3-speed £127 10 

HUMBER, 4' h.p.. Flat Twin £140 

BLAOKBURNE, 4 h.p £135 

RUDGE-MULTI, 3J h.p £110 5 


ENFIELD, 2J- h.p., 2-speed . . £65 

ENFIELD, 2-speed, K.S £70 

TRIUMPH, 2| h.p, 2-speed.. £75 
MASSEY-ARRAN, 2| h.p. 

J. A.P., 2-speed, K.S £90 

EDMUND-J.A.P., 2-speed, K.S. £95 

speed, K.S 85 Gns. 





RUDGE, etc., etc. 




81 - 91, JOHN BRIGHT ST. 



"O.A.T.— Early delivery of 1921 models, folo and 
-*-* combination, from sol© Berks and Bucks wholesale 
and retail agent, A. J. Luce, Hamilton Rd. Garage, 
Reading. 'Phone: 967. T.A.: Tune, Reading. [4964 


BEARDMORE-PRECISION 1921 Model.'in stock 
for immediate delivery; your encj;i:iry esteemed.— 
JVIebe*^, 154-6, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 
aiuytair. [3257 

OEARDMORE, fully equipped 09 makers' epecifica- 
-*-* tions, shop-Eoiled; at greatly reduced price; now 
is the time to buy.— Mebes, 154-156, Gt. Poitland St., 
W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7178 


GENUINE Bargain -Blackburne 4h.p., 1920, new; 
£120.-Vivian Hardie and i^ne, Ltd., 24, Wood- 
stock St., Bond St., W.l. [0320 

1 <Cb20 (June) 4h.p. Blackburne, little used, lamps, tools, 
■M-iJ etc., Claude] -Eobson, S.A. top change, insurance; 
£110, bargain.-16, Shirley Rd., Southampton. [5371 

"1 Q 20 4h.p. Blackburne Combination, all lamps, speed- 
J-tF ometer, 2 horns. Easting wind screen; £150.— 
Tel. ; Museum 6626.— A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W.l 
-_^ [4913 

13LACKBURNE 4h.p., 1920, fully equipped, lamps, 
-L* speedometer, horn, excellent condition, low mile- 
age; £120.-Wiite, Aland, 20, Quarry Rd., S.W.18. 


BLACKBURNE 1920 8h.p. Combination, spare 
wheel, hood, screen, speedometer, lamps, leg shields.'^ 
Klason. tools, etc., splendid condition; £175; can bo 
seen at Btdlards Motors, 92, Gloucester Rd., South ' 
Kensingtou, S.W.7, o: write Elliot, 25, Whitmore Rd., 
Eeckenham. _ - [0349 


"1 (|20 Bown-Villiers 2Vi>h.p., 2-stroke. Albion gear, 
J-tf lamps, horn, etc., mileage 300; £50, bargain.— 
Addrec^s, Jack Marshall, Trewince, St. Columb Minor, 
Cornwall. [5032 

BOWNS Baby 2-stroke, all lamps, speedometer, new 
Dunlop tyres, perfect; £37/10; easy payments.— 
Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton B.<1., N.E. 'Phone: 
Dalstou 2408. [5450 


BRADBURY 4h.p., clutch, engine No. 4845, perfect; 
£24.-17, Heaton Bd., Miteham. [5367 

BRADBURY 3h.p., mag., perfect, good tvrep, new 
spring forks; bargain, £16/10.— R. Shelton. Cook- 
hill, Alcester, Warn'ickshire. [4966 

4ih.p. Bradbury Combination, coach sidecar, lamps, 
4 horn, spare tyre a,rLd tube; £58; tax compelg 
sacrifice. — Nye, Waltham Abbey. [4929 

£28.— 4h.p. Bradbury, le?s mag., n-ew piston cylinder, 
valves, new parts to N.S.U. 2-speed gear, bills 
shown, free engine.— R. Gallop, Higham, Kent. 


WAUCHOPE'S, 9. Shoe Lane, London. E.C.4.— 
New 1921 4h.r. Bradbury solo. £128; also new 
1921 6h.p. Bradbury combination, £199; just 
delivered. [5587 

BRADBURY 6h.p. Twin, fully equipped as makers' 
specifications, shop-soiled; at greatly reduced price; 
now is the time to buy.— Mebep, 154-156. Gt. Portland 
St., W.l 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair, [7L79 

"j Q20 Bradbury 4h.p., 3 speeds, kick starter, all-chain 
Xtf d-rive. fitted with Grindlay sidecar, all lamps, 
horn, etc., soiled only; £130; exchanges or easy terms. 
Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N.E. 'Phone.: 
Dalston 2408. [5444 


B ROUGH Sfbh.p., 1916, 3-speed, Binks, mileage 
3,000, appearance "new; offers. — 120, Marlborough 
Flats, Walton St., Chelsea, S.W.3. [X4209 


B.S.A,, all models now in stock; delivered anywhere. 

B.S.A. Specialists.— Replacements by return.— County 
Cycle and Motor Co., Broad St., Birmingham. 


B.S:A. Combination, 1917, like new; £105.— Grimes, 
18, Bruton Place, W.l. [4827 

B.S.A., 1920, brand new, all-chain, solo; £100-— 
Dunn's. 326. Euston Rd.. N.W.I. Museum 5391. 


I Q14 B.S.A. 4h.p., 3-speed gear bos, complete and 
Xtl perfect; £65.— Palmer Bros., The Cannon, Wis- 
bech. [5399 

B.S.A. 6-71i.p., uuridden ; £145; exchange 4h.p. and 
cash; stamp, reply.— 88, Vicarage Rd., Wolyer- 
hampton. [X4283 

-| 018 B.S.A. Combination, chain driven, lamps, speed- 

Xt/ ometer. practically new; £90.— 37^ Arlington Rd., 
Snrbiton. . [5364 

BOLTON.— All B.S.A. models in stock, solo and 
combinations, complete.— Grosvenor Garage, Brad- 
ford St., Bolton. [X20ig 

B.S.A., 4^^h.p.,, countershaft, 3-speed, 
brand new. but shop-soiled ; £ 100. — West's 
Garage Lincoln. [X4269 

B22 All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date ol the issue. 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 



1 Q17 4h.p. Douglas Solo, good condition, just over- 
S-*J ■ hauled; £50 Befurei: owner goin? abroad.— 
Apply, Croueli End Motor Co., Coleridge E4., Crouch 
End, N.8. [5035 

DOUGLA.S 4h.p.. 1919 model with Canoelet sporting 
side<jar, lamps, horn, toolbags. etc., absolutely as 
new; £80.— A., 136, Eavensbury Ed., Eajrlslield. Lon- 
don. S.W. [5317 

■pjOUGLAS Sidecar Ontflt, 1919, 4h.p., electric and 
■*-' acetylene lighting, £30 of spares and accesaoriea, 
mileage under 2,000; price £120.— Modern Motors, Ltd., 
16, Poole Ed., Bournemouth. [4672 

TjiLI CLARK can give you good serrice both in new 
J-' machines and spares; try me. I may be useful to 
you.— The Pioneer Agent (or Douglas Motors, 196, 
Cheltenham Ed., Bristol. [0016 

1019 Douglas 4h.p. Combination, almost new condi- 
J-i/ tion, sidecar royal blue. Easting screen, Lucas 
com, 3 lamp sets, speedometer; £125, or nearest— 
73, Southfleld Ed., Oxiord. [5141 

"|Q14 Douglas 2Kh.p., makers' colours, splmdid con- 
J-" dition, fast, new tyre, spare tube, footboards,' 
biriiths sfieedometer, lamp-s; £42; owner buying coiu- 
bmation.— 36, Alui.l Ed., Wind~or. [5033 

1 Q20 2«ih.p. Douglas, 3-speed, kick starter, P. and 

, H. lamps. Klaxon, and .Jones trip speedometer. 

mileage 307. guaranteed as brand new; cost £115 

to clear £90.— Eeynolds, Waterbeacb. Cambs. [5478 

OUGLA.'S 4h.n. 1917, Watsonian R34 sidecar, clec- I 
trie light all on, splendid condition, 100 ens • brand new Easting baby wind .screen and Binksi 
carburcttcr.-Paton, 31, Dornton Ed., South Croydon. I 

T~)OTJGLAS 1916 2',Ti.p., 2 speeds, buffer forks, new! 
J-' 1920 C.A.V., new b.icfc tyre ,ond Ijelt, new con- 
trols, new large lamp set, enamel and plating unscratched 
thoroughly overhaoled; £54.— G., 63,- Solon Ed. Brix- 
ton, S.W.2, - f5497 j 

^45.— Douglas combination.s n»>i mog.l. almost com- 1 
o**- plefe with the exception of carhurctter and rear 
spring of chassis; 50 of these combinations in stock — 
Apply, Tlie Eflra Motor Works, 14, Eflra Parade i 
Buxton, S.W. (5356 

"TVOUCLAS, 234h.p., 1916. fitted new cylinders, 
■^ crankshaft, pistons, mudguards, tyres, belt, 
saddle, pulley, chain wheel, induction pipe, silencer 
etc; a perfect picture; £68.-257. Cavendish Rd '. 
Balham, S.W. 12. [5425 

■r)O0GLAS 2^ili.p., 1916, perfect running order, np. 
■'-' pearance good, new spare chain, inlet and exhaust 
valves, nearly new spare Clincher cover and tube 2 
spare belt), full tool kit, etc.; bargain, £54.— JI.H 'l2 
Albion Place, Xorthapipton. [5089 

"TiOCGLAS, 2?ih.p., W.D.. delivered from maker" 
J-' 1920. enclosed chain, Watford trip speedometer 
larse P. and 11., Cowey. aluminium horn, mileage 
negligible, absolutely new; any trial; 69 gns — 88 
Brook Green, Hammersmith. [5264* 

■pjOUCLAS 1921 2^ih.p. Modela in Btock.-2-spled 
.«-' model, £85; 3-speed clutch, kick starter. £105- 
can be sent passenger train any part of the country- 
extended terms.— Official Agents. Elce and Co.. 15.l'6' 
Bishopsgate Av., Camomile St., E.C.3. 'Phone •' 
_Avenue 5548. [0067 

T\/-AUCHOPES, 9. Shoe Lane. London, E.C.4 - 
»' 2^1. p. Douglas machines. 1921, kick start 
models. 3 speeds, clutch. £105. 3 speeds only £100- 
JJi.p. combinations. £170; 4h.p. solos. £130; also 
2--.h-P. W.D. Douglas, supplied from Douglas works 
*-35. Easy terms arranged or exchange. [5577 

"TVOUGLAS 4b.p., 1920 model, delivered Kov., 1919 
■^-^ mileage nnctor 3,000, and sidecar complete, a-ces.^ 
Bories include Lucas King head lamp. T.W.E. rt'ar 
and t-ide-ar. Lucoi horn, Cowey f-peedometor, ' wind) 
screen, .sinrc chain and 3 belt.s. all in fine condition 
£165; without occes-sories, £155; seen any time by 
appointment.— The Brewery, Tcing. [4911 

4h.p. Douglas Combination. 1920, property of pri 
vate owner, engine No. 10753. in perfect condi- 
tion, enamel and plating a; new. Cowey speedometer 
inechanical horn, wind screen, excellent kit of tools 
including valve lifter, tyre levers, belt punch, bell 
link, oil gun. spare tube, and spare valve; will accept 
best offer over £160.— Machine may be seen at Eger 
ton< Motor Cycle Dept., Woodbridge Ed., Ipswich. 

T\OUGLAS Motor Cycle on terms of payment • 
JL-' 4h.p. combination, £170; 2-speed solo model, 
£100; 3-speed clutch and kick starter model, £105- 
plu" a small charge for delivery from works to Lon- 
don. The above are makers' list prices. For easy pay- 
ments ax extra is charged, only one-flith deposit, 
balance payable by 12 monthly instalments. Write 
lor latest lists of other machines in stock, etc — 
^Elarrods, Ltd., 118, Brompton Ed., London. [5181 


EIiMrXD Lightweight, 2-spee<l: £55; splendid ordei 
-I'latts, 602, King's Ed., Fulham, S.W.6. [51 i 

pDMUXD 25ih.p. J.A.P.. fitfed with Enfield 2-spee. 
•■-' gear and clutch, spring frame, shop-soiled only 
barenin, £84.-P. J. Evans, 81-91, John Bright ^t 
Birmingham. rn^e^' 

No. 9 

No. lO 

in the EXETER Run 
were our managers. 

Write, wire, or see them 
regarding your 1921 






Light Car 



B. S. A. 

A. J. S. 







Motor Cycle 

We have them. 

by arrangement. 


1 Q20 8h.p. Enfield Combination, brand new; £153.— 
-L*^ Below. 

"IQ20 8h.p. Enfield Magdyno Combination, brand 

J Xi/ new; £158.— Edwards. 50. Harrington Ed., 

>i South Kensington. 'Phone: Kensington 3709. [4746 

NEW 1920 Enfield, 2-«troke, 2-speed; £75; in stock.- 
Uandal, Andover. [0369 

ENFIELD Combination, 1920, new; £155.— Caeco, 
21, Hobson St., Cambridge. [4887 

1 Q18 Enfield Combination, Colonial Model, like new; 
i-iJ £115.-Eoss, 86, High Ed., Leo. [5100 

"1 Q20 8h.p. Enfield Combination, brand new; £160.— 
-LC 34, Manchester Ed., Swindon. [5240 

3^ Gns.— Enfield, 1915, M.A.G., 2-speed, K.S., lamps, 
^ perfect.— Derby Arms Garage, Mortluke. [X4221 

1 Q21 Eorol Enflelds; Sh.p. combination £160, 2Vlh.p. 
-1.7 2-stroke 2<pecd £65.— Stacey, 12, Ecclesall Ed.. 
Sheffield. [X3796 

1 Q21 Eoyal Enfield Combination, immediate de- 
X«7 livery; £160.— Welford. 28. St. James's St.. 
Brighton. (4996 

31i.p. EnfleUi. late model, hardly used (G2900), 2 
srieed-s. kjck ' ' '^ ' 

Bill, Wandsi^Rh. 

1 C|20 Enfield Combination, 6h.p., F.R.S. light, 
JLI/ Binki carburetter, hardly used; £140— Hcdley, 
103, High St., Eochcstcr. [4932 

EXFIELD 1916 6h.p. Combination, lumps, hood, very 
gooii condition: £95.-29. St. Leonard's St., 
llromlcy-by-How. Ea.-t 4708. [5373 

ENFIELD 1920 2-stroke, 2-speed, all-chain, electric 
light, mileage 200; i55.— Dunn's, 326. Euston, 
I Kd.. N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5521 

"IQ20 Enfield Combination, Lucas lighting. Cowey 
XSV speedomete.', horn. IickkI. screen, uiinor; oflcr.--.— 
21, Queen's ltd., Wnlthamstow. [49^2 

ENFIELD Combination, 1917, 6h.p.. Lucas dynamo 
lighting, very good order; £130. or exchange solo 
machine.— 40. Hertford Place. Coventry. [X4346 

ENFIELD Combination. 6h.p.. 1916, speedometer, 
luggage grid. horn. lamps, etc.; £105.— 27 M 
John's ltd.. Putney. 'Plione: 1177 Putney. [5389 

6h p Eoyal Enfield. 1918. excellent condition, red. 
lined gold, large exhaust, speedometer, lamps, 
horn; can be setn.-Apply, Box 1,187, c/o 3'Ac .Volor 
C'j;cl«. '^^^^ 

-1 021 Enflcld Combination, dynamo lighting, w-ith or 
11/ without rlyuamo. in stock, immediate delivciy; 
I list price.-J. Smith and Co.. 62-54. Uampstead Ed.. 
NW.l. i°^52 

sijeed.s. kict starter, guaranteed; £52;i0.— 89, East 
— - ^- [4960 




'Phoce : Hornst^y 1956. 
'Grams: " Doulamocy, Phone, London." 


'Phone : Walthamstow 169. 
'Grams: " Cyclotomo, Phone, London." 


'Phoiie : Museum 4073. 
'Grams ; " Lamocy, Eusroad, London." 

h.p, Enfield Combination, 1915, a splendid outfit. 
v» complete equipment; bargain: exchange smaller 
power; gradual iiaymeots; closed Sundays.- Bunting s 
.Motors. Wealdstonc. [5434 

ENFIELD Sh.p. Combination. 1921 model. Magdyno 
lighting. Liuns horn. Tickers engine, just arrived 
ir'.in works; iuiiiicdiotu delivery at makers' price, 
£182.-Wilkim', Simpson, opposite Oljmpia, London 

8 h.p. Enfield Combination, to makers; spccificatiori. 
lor early delivery. £160: dynamo lighting model. 
i.182 plus delivery fiom woiks: deferred payineuts lor 
■^ -mall extra chargo.-Hartoda, Ltd.. 118. Brompton 
IM., London. C5190 

19 Eoval Enlleld Combination. 6h.p.. Lucas 

separate dynamo lighting, hood, screen, Binks, 

in perfect or<lcr, guaranteed; £145; exchanges or easy 
terms.-Uomac's, 243, , Lower Clapton Ed., N.J.. 
Phone: Dalston 2408.' [5445 

WAUCHOPE'.S, 9, Shoe Lane. London. E.C.4.- 
1921 new Sh.p. Eoval Enfield combinations frorr 
-lock, dynamo lighting model £182. standard £160: 
new 1921 2',jh.p. Eoyal Enfield 2-strokc, £65. Cash, 
exchange, or easy terms. [5574 

W\EE\NTED.— 6h.p. 1915 Enfield combination, 
just taken from original purchaser, been care- 
lolly used, and is replete with good accc-s-sories; £100; 
terms if required.— Bunting. Motor Exchange. Weald- 
tone. (Closed Sundays.! [5480 
ENFIELDS.— The cheapest twin combination on the 
road. We are North London agents, and can give 
■uediate delivery of the standard model, £160; elec- 
• model, £180: trade supplied. All spores in stock. 
Jones' Garage. Mu^well Hill, N.IO, and at Woodside 
J'i,rri<K'. North Finchley. [0380 


ESCKLSIOE, June. 1919, 2--ih.p. J.A.P., '<^-f)]'-^°-; 
single.- Ashley, Probus, Cornwa.U. [0371 

1 A A Gns.— 1920 Excelsior 7-9h.p. twin, dynamo light- 
ll/V ine. electric horn, fittings as standard, brand 
>r,ew. unridden, perfect.-30S. Tpper Bichmond Ed^ 
iloitlnke. £314217 

1 O20 Excelsior Combination, 3-ppeed, kick starter, 
\.\j dynamo lighting model: this week's bargain, £130. 
snot cosh.— Claijhare Motors), 27. Stockwell St., Green- 
ivich. 'Phone: 751. W778 

Ml letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date oi the issue. 


xviii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 



3ih.p. Fafnir, Boscii, B. and B., copper exhaust, 

2 discs, perfect; £32; exclianpo Levis similar.— 

Webb, Grammar School, Tonbridge Rd., Maidstone, 

Kent. [5411 


r.N., 4-cyl., sloping top tube, yery low frame, good 
tyres, etc.; £25.-10, Dunhill Bd., Goole. [4975 
r.N. 4-5h.p., 2-speed. frame dropped, Bosch, tyres 
excellent, No. 17429. less stand; £25, offers, or 
2-stroke.— 116, Bridge Ed., E. Molesey. [6351 

F.N. Winter prices.— Lovely 4.cyl. F.N., very low, 
smart, 50 an honr easily, Claudel latest carliuretter, 
Boscli mag., aluminium piston.s, vibrationless. free engine 
clutch; saorilice, £28.— Treyena Motors, Bexhill-on-Sea. 
'Phone; 162. [5216 


1019 Hailey-Davidson Combination, Magdyno light- 
J-" iug; £150.-Ea:S, 86, High Ed., Lee. [5101 

(\fi Gns.— Horlev 1918 electric Canoelet combination, 
fJyf peifect.-Derby Arms Garage, Mortlake. [X4220 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON 4h.p. Sports Model, 1920, 
new; £135. — Caeco, 21, Hobson St., Cambridge, i 

QO GNS.— 1918 Harley-Davidson Canoelet electric 
^ ^ combination, perfect. — Derby Arms Garage, 
Jlortlake. ^ [4937 

1 tf> /\ Gns.— Harley 1919 C.E. combin.^tion, not war, 
J-'^" indistinguishable from new.— 54, Coval Ed., 
Mortlalce. [S4216 

■JQ19 7-9h.p. Harlev Combination, very good con- 
J-'-' dition; £110.-29, .St. Leonard's St., Bromlev-bj-- 
Bow. East 4708. [5380 

HARLEY-DAVIDSONS.- 1 have at present a fine 
assortment in stock, all fully guaranteed.— Ros^. 
86, High Rd., Lee. - [3849 

HAELET-DAVIDSON, 1915, Gloria sidecar, perfect 
condition; £148. or best oflers.- Richards. 108, 
Eastgate, Worksop. ' [5283 

HAELET-l^AVIDSON.-All models in stock, new and 
second-baud.— Sole agents, Bambers', Southport, 
Lancashire. Tel; 607. [5009 

HAELEY-DAVIDSO.> 1919 7-9h.p. Combination, 
fully eijuipped, low mileage, equal to new; £190. 
—Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton. i;X4316 

Tj Q19 Harley, complete, less engine unit only, excel- 
-2-9j lent condition. — Barker's Motors, 194, Balliam 
High Ed,, S.W.12. Latcbmere 4441. [4156 

"I QM Harley-Davidson Model' J., with Mills-Fulford 
■Jttf sidecar, new 3 mouths ago as new ;' £210.— 
Stacey, 12, Ecclesall Ed., Sheflield. [X3795 

■1Q18 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson-, 3-speed, K.S., with 
-&-»> new Canoelet sidecar; £100, bargain.— J. J. 
Doolcy, 33, Killyou Ed., Clapham, S'.W.8. - [5545 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1919 7-9h.p., electric model, 
new Wat(jonian E34 sidecar, discs, splendid condi- 
tion; £135.— Ordish, Solihull, Birmingham. [5309 

HAELEY-DAVIDSON 1919 7-9h.p. Combination 
tools, mileage 1,200, electric lighting; £195.— L. 
West, 71, Norbury descent, ^orbuiy, S.W,16. [0377 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON, 1920, 7-9h.p., electric model, 
as new, discs, speedometer, mileage'200; £150.— 
Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5522 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON, shop-soiled 4h.p. twin, com- 
plete with speedometer and Klaxon horn, for im- 
mediate delivery; £150.— The Walsall Garage, Walsall 
Tel.: 444. [4007 

"1 Q16 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson Combination, screen, 
-Lt' lamps. Klaxon, etc., excellent condition; ^698, 
or lightweight part.— 436, Whitehorse Rd., Thornton 
Heath, S.E. [5257 

HAELEY-DAVIDSON 1920 7.9h.p., with sporting 
sidecar, lamps, horn, speedometer, and tools com- 
plete, Excellent condition; £210.— Forrest, . Cro&^ford, 
Lanarkshire, Scotland. [5031 

1Q19 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson Combination, just 
-■-«.' overhauled and re-enamelled, new tyres throughout, 
in excellent condition.— Tel. ; Museum 6626 —A s C 
60, Mortimer St., W.l. l49l'6 

1 Q20 Flat Twin Harley, mileage 1.239, perfect con- 
-l-t' dition. lamps, horn, tools, tax and insurance 
December, 1921, paid; nearest offer £110.— Buck, 
Claremont, Orleans Rd., N.19. [4979 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON, 7-9h.p., 1915, 3 speeds, 
large modern sidecar, part sheet aluminium, re- 
painted and upholstered, Lucas lamps, whole oirfflt 
like new; any tnal; £85.-88, Brook Green, Hammer- 
smith. . [5265 
HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1918-1919 Models, thor- 
oughly overhauled and guaranteed, solo £100- 
with new Montgomery sidecar, £130; easy payments 
£43/10 down, 8 payments of £8, solo; £59/15 de- 
posit .ind 8 payments £10 for combination.— Maudes' 
100, Gt. Portland St., W.l; and Paris St., Exeter. 

XTARLEY-DAVIDSON 1919 Electric Model, 7-9h p 
-t-^ just Ipcen painted royal blue, completely over-' 
hauled liy makers, fitted aluminium discs, complete with 
nil accessories, perfect condition, always looked after 
by expert; any trial given; price £150, or near offer- 
view by appointment.- Fi-oy, Motor Dept., Brunswick 
Works, Hammersmith, W.6. [5013 


To customers -wishing to 
purchase by 



We offer the advantage of 
tlieir arranging the method 
of settlement to suit their 
own convenience. The only 
limits of our system are 
that the first payment must 
be not less than a quarter 
of the purchase price, and 
that the balance is paid in 
not more than t^welve 
monthly instalments. 

Clients wishing to pay a 
larger deposit or desiring to 
effect settlement in less 
than a year are entitled to 
a reduction in price. 





Await Your Request. 


OfBcial Repairers to 
R.A.C., A.C.U., A.A. &M.U., 

418, Romford Road, Forest 
Gate, E.7. 

Telephone — 490 East Ham. 
Telegrams — "Egaraco, London.'" 

■••■•■■■■■■■*■■ ■■■■■■"■■■"■■■■■■■■■"■■■■■■■■1 




HARLEY 1918 7-9h.p. Combination, 3-speed, lamp, 
horn, tools, screen, etc.; £110. — Broomfield, Post 
Office, Whitehouse Rd., Croydon. 'Phone: 660. [5429 


HAZLEWOOD-J.A.P. Combination, 1920, 5-6h.p., 
new and iinregistered ; £165.— Dunn's, 326, 
Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5530 

NEW 5-6h.p. Hazlewood Combination, 3-speed, clutch, 
and ki(.-k starter, a thoroughly reliable outfit; 
llarrods have a large stock of these for sale at £186 
each, or on deferred payments 4% extra, only one-fifth 
deposit, balance bv 12 monthlv instalments.— Harrods, 
Ltd., 118, Brompton Rd., London. [5171 


1020 Henderson, new week ago; list price £210; 
X t/ accept £150, perfect condition.— Howgill, Colney 
Hatch Lane, iluswell Hill. [5323 

T Q 20 Henderson Combination, dynamo lighting ; cost 
-Li/ £285 Sept., sell £225^ part exchange Sunbeam 
considered.— Tippett, Ai'lington Rd., Surbiton. [5363 . 

HENDERSONS, 1921, just arrived; immediate de- 
livery, dvnamo lighting.— Barker's Motors, 194, 
Bnlham High Rd., S.W.12. Latchmere 4441. [4155 

Lni {\ GXS.— Henderson Combination, new, 4" cyls., 
•~J \J latest model; list price, £295; first cheque 
secures. — 24 Observatory Rd., East Sheen. ~ Rich- 
mond 2379 -[4923 

HENDERSON 4-cyl., the aristocrat of motor cycles. 
— New 1921 models now in stock for immediate 
delivery, 121i.p., 4-cyl., 3-speed- and reverse, 27.x3y2in. 
tyres, etc. Catalogue iree upon request. — The Premier 
Motor Co., Aston Rd:, Birmingham. [5460 


LATE 1919 Hobart,2V2li-P-, 2-stroke, 2-speed, W.S.R. 
jet, new rear tvre, first-rate condition, not used 
winter; £56.— E. Heggs, 38, Stanley St., Derby. [S4338 

NEW 2V2h.p, Hobart Lightweight, 2-speed models m 
stock at manufacturers' list price, £75, 4% extra 
for deferred payments, only one-fifth deposit, balance 
by 12 monthly instalments. — Harrods, ' Ltd., 118, 
Brompton Rd., London. " [5173 


21 4V'h.p. Humber, in stock; £140.— Cross, Agent, ' 
Rothcrham. [X4227 

1 Q14 Humber Combination, 3-speed, kick start, 
-L*^ Canoelet sidecar, splendid condition ; £45.-37. 
Arlington Rd., Surbiton. [5365 

£105.-1919 31/oh.p. flat twin Humber, Millford side- 
car, £125; 1920- 4V>h.p. Humber solo; trial.— 
Foleshill Union, Coventry. [X4370 

HUMBER SV^h.p., 2-speed, in running order, good 
sidecar machine, lamps ,ind horn ; £32. or nearest. 
-40, Replingham Rd., Soathfields. S.W.18. [5490 

31,h.p. Humber, 2-speed, F.E., E.B., lamps, speed- 
2 ometer, horn, complete, splendid condition ; any 
trial ; ride away ; £35.— L. J. Piickett, Goudliurst, Kent. 



21 Indian? early delivery of all models.— Hewetfc 
Bros , 94, Western Rd.. Hove. Sussex. [0345 

"I Q20 Indian, dynamo lighting, oversize engine, in- 
-L *y distinguishable new ; oilers.- Worrell, Grimston, 
Norfolk. [5320 

I Q18 Powerplus Indian Combination, practically new, 
■i-*y tas paid: £139; seen appointment.— Jefir yes, 32, 
Felstead "Rd., Wansteud. [5092 

INDIAN Combination, 1913, 9h.p., clutch model, 
(spring frame, lamps, etc., good order; £38. — 40, 
Hertford Place, Coventry. . [X4345 

INDIAN 7h.p., 1914, clutch model, nevr tyres, lamps, 
etc., splendid condition; £40.-136, Ravensbury 
Rd., Earlsfield, London, S.W. [5318 

7-9h.p. Indian Combination, recently overhauled, fine 
.ippeaiance; seen by appointment. — Panack, Up- 
down Hill Wiudle^ham, Surrey. [5030 

lQl5 7-9h.p. Indian Combination, 3 speeds, indis- 
J-t/ tinguislinble from new, accessories; £88.— Cran- 
leigh. College Slip,~ Bromley, Kent. [5325 

INDIAN and Sidecar, 1915, 3-speed, clutch, K.S., all 
lamps, in perfect condition; £60. — Dunn's, 326, 
Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5523 

INDIANS.— Six 1917-18-19 7-9h.p., 3 speeds. Power- 
plus engines, saddle tanks, clutch, kick starters; 
from £70 to £100.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton. 


INDIAN 1920 4h.p. Scout Model with sportrn<r side- 
car to match, fully equipped, indistinguishable 
from neiv: £155.— Parker's, Bradsbawgat*, Bolton. 


INDIAN 1919 Combination, electric horn, lamps 
verv little used, perfect; £140.— Cooper, 32 
Manorgate Rd., Kingston. 'Phone : Kingston 680. 


INDIAN Powerplus Combination, 1920, 1,000 miles 
perfect condition; owner going abroad.— Tel. 
Hampstead 5823.-Barboza, Bos 1,220, c/o The Motoi 
Cycle. [512i 


B26 All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end ol each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxi. 



NORTON 1921 Models. 
Motors. Ltd., 60 
Thone: 72. 

■Sole District Agents. Wessex 

Catherine St., Salisbury. 



WATJCHOPES, 9, Shoe Lane. London, E.C.4.— 
New 1921 4h.p. Norton de Luxe combination, 
just delivered, oversize tyres; £180/9. [5586 

-| {121 Norton T.T. S'ih.p., 3 speeds, C. drive, K. 
J-tf stnrt, brand new. unregistered: accept £127.— 
Feuton. Eroughton Av., Bentley Ed., Doncaster. [5105 

"DAHGAIN.— 3Wh.p. Norton. 1919, 79x100 engine, 
-*-' No. 19772, single gear, very fast and sporty, 
lamps, born, tools, irreproachable condition throughout ; 
£69, no offers entertained under this price.— Keen, Leo- 
minster ■ [5324 

N.U.T. j 

20 N.U.T. 3V4h.p., Magdyno, perfect condition ; I 

offers invited.^Paluier Bros., The Cannon. \Ti^- 

D6cn. £5399 j 

1Q21 N.U.T. 3i,4h.p. Standard Model. -Magdyno: j 
J-f £165; in stock.— Uewett Bros.. 94. Western Rd 
Hove. Sussex. [O343 

1020 N.U.T. . new condition, dynamo lighting, discs. 
Xt/ electric Klaxon; £125.— W., 9. Eardley R.1..I 
Streatham, S.W.16. . [5155 j 

1020 N.U.T., dynamo lighting. J.A.P. engine, 3 
JLtf speeds, cost nearly £200; sacrifice 118 gns.— I, 
Ebner St., Wandsworth. [5537 

"NJ.U.T. : delivery from stock of all models. Sole 
J-' wholesale and retail agents for Stafiordshire; the 
trade supphed.-The Walsall Garage, Walsall. TeL : 444. 


Ty SPARROW, Ltd., Osborne Garage, Yeovil. 

, •, .gfficial N.U.T. ag^ts, now booking orders lor 

early delivery; write or 'phone lor particulars.-Tel. : 

Yeovil 114. [6023 

AT.U.T. 1921 3l[,h.p. Twin, Lucas Magdyno set; just 
^^ received from works; 145 gns.; extended terms.— 
I ?.'^,'"'^r.F°- '5"1^- B'shopsgate Av., Camomile St.. 
i!-.C.3. Plione : Avenue 3548. [0070 

OPORTINO 2j-.4h.p o.h.v. 1V.U.T.-J.A.P.. adjustable 
!r„. ^^ 1 1^'.?"*' Inhncat.ou, fust, new little ends, beam- 
ings good, thoroughly done np 2 months ago lamps, 
spare,, n.ce 'bus, £65.-8. Booth. Plfory. bdihn.n 
"'"'"■ [5040 

■NT.U.T. 1921 3>Sh.p. Standard Model in .Stork, £152/5- 
\ rP; "'"<'«'■ delivery in Febru.iry.-Sole wholesale 
and retail agent for Berkshire. A. J. Luce. Hamilton 
Kd., Garage, Reading. 'Phone: 967. T.A • Tunc 
Beading. ■* • ^^1%^ 

TU.U.T., 1914. 3i,4h.p., Brooklands racing roadster, 
■L-" completely overhauled, repainted and replatc-d 
practically new throughout, including new tank' 
saddle, tyres, new Sinks carburetter. 2 long exhaust 
pipes. T.T. bars, all on; X65.-Box 1.184, c/ojvic 








Motor C'jclr. 



,.K.- ITNIOX 25}h.p., 1918, re-enamelled, sound order, 
fast, accessories: offers.-o. Toll, Stevenage. Herts 



Tf^AnHnli? Omega 2-spced: £75; in stotk.-Eandall. 
Anoover. [0368 

QMEGA-J.A.P 1920 2?ai.p., countershaft, kick start 
V^ hand control clutch, o<piipped: £65; nearest -138 
Stephenson St.. North Shields, Northumberland. [4973 
QMEGA-J.A P., Octoter, 1920. lamps uniTRcd Klaxon 
tY-itel "''='»''■ "00 miles, umcratchcd. indi": 
t ng.,hable from new; first reasonabk oller.-Burt 20 
Ciena Av.. Knowle, Bristol. 1 [5369 


Mehta. Eiver.side, Shillingiord, Oxon. [5010 

P. and M. 

p. and M . Deoemher, 1919. splendid machine, as 
-l new.-Ashley. Ptobiis, Ccinwall. [0370 

p. and M. Combination. 1919. not a made-np W D 
iHxto'S,°t.W.2"=-*'-- ^""■°^^' lOS- ^"^ }fSi 
TX/-AUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoo Lane, London, E.C.4 - 
P^and'':;i:;^19?9.^£'85.'"- "'"• "°°'- ""^o ^'t- 

-in 19 ilatei P. and M. Combination, fine condition 
-L«^ lamps, hcvin, mirror, watch, leg shields- sElKl 
Bewick. Bolllngton, Macclesfield. [5113 

19''., -^^ """1 M. Combination, giiarnnteed perfect 
, „ •''""«''?"'■ !«>eessones, not W.IJ. :_£85.-L,ang- 
fords, 37, Ciicklewood Broadway, N.W.2. [5081 

.T^'iP^^^X' 1920 P. and M.. not W.D., lamps, hern. 

f«7.'in"'"T;lr>'"^'"w'' S*^' =""1 in periVt condition; 
£87,10.- Jellery. 3, Herbert Grove, Southend. [5440 

1 9 ^° .r. """^ jr. Combination, excellent condition. 

-B.H.V ., 10. Parsifal Hd.. West Hampstead, N.W. 

p. and M.. 1919 model. 2.speed. Sll.h.p.. splln'did 
J- new condition, bargain. £68; deposit.-W. Boston 
St., Eathenne's Hazelwood Lane, Palmer's Green X 13 

' f5i46 


( hemico 

car polish 



quickly rcsturus the coaciiwork 
of even the sidcc.-ir to 
all its original brilliance. It 
remo\'es grease, dirt, smears, 
stains, etc., instantlj'. It 
sets up a new hard surface 
wliich can ca-sily be kept 
clean and bright. 

In Bottles 
2/3 and 4-/- 

Of all motor dealers, or 
failing that, direct from 
the makers 

The County Chemical Co., 

Chemico Works, Biriningham. 

^CHEMlCq ^ 

Urease remove! 


P. and M. 

"pHELOX and Moore 1920 3' ^b.p. with brand new 
-*- W'atsonian sidecar to luatcb, low mileage, indis- 
tincuishable irom new; £130.— I'mker's, I3mdsiiaw^;;ite, 
Bolton. [X4307 

P. and M., 2-.=peed, K.S., re-enamelled R.A.F. 
colours, engine No. 4504. perlect order; sent on 
approval; £72/10.— Beardwood, 147. Burlington St., 
Liverpool. [4956 

■pHEIiOX and Moore 3>^.p., ei-W.D.. solo, Fprocket, 

-*- original service, green enamel, chain drive, care- 

lully run, lamps, tools, spares, London; £70.— BA 1,221, 

[ c/o The Motor C>/cIc. [5123 

P. and M- Combination, Dunhill Fidecar and storm 

iipron. iomps, etc.. fully equipped; £100, great 

bareoin.— Meues. 154-156. Gt Portland St.. W.l. 

'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. (7183 

P. .and M., about 1918. R.A.F. model. Camber 
coachbullt sidecar, electric lighting, all tools and 
spares, excellent condition, full insurance to Julv ; 
£90.— Write, R.S.F., 31, Silverdale, S.E.26. [4879 

1 Q20 P. and .M. Combinntion. August, electric light- 
■L*J ing, speedometer, etc., mileape 386, penect con- 
dition: would cost £185 new, price £170; owner buying 
-Morgan.— Law, 25, Grimstone Gardens. Folkestone. 


PHELOX and Moore i'.\-\T.D. Model^^, thoroughly over- 
hanled and guarantied, tanks re-enauiolled, front 
itrakes. chain cases; £78. Similar model? overhauled 
and s;;iarunteed by maker?, £95; with sidocors. ±.100 
and £110; easy payments 7'^.% extra. — Maudes, 100, 
Gt. Portland St.. W.l; and Pa'ris St.. Exeter. [5340 


POPK. 7-9Ii.p.. 1917, coacbbuilt sidecar, wind screen, 
hood; £160.-26, Crown St., Clowne. (4977 


PREMIER 7-9Ii.p. C.B. Combinntion, renpholofcred. 
linrips. Jiorn, ttc., ride away; £95. — 202, Trinity 
Rd., S.W,17. [5055 

PliKMIEU 3';lr.i«.. 1914. Grodo gear, nil on. in 
good condition. £37/10.— Hudson, 14, Conway ltd.. 
l'Iuiiisto;id, Loudon. [5117 

31 li.p. Preini^T. helit>vpd 1916, 3-speed, kiok s-tart, 
2 clutch ; £55 ; exchange Douglas 2'ib.p.— Tom- 
bling. Church St.. Gt. Missenden. Bucks. - [5332 

PREMIER 3.'-;h.p. Con.-hlMiiU Combination. 2-spoed, 
lamps, .>:poe<lometer. £40; or exchan^-o with ca^h 
(or 1918 couiiter.-hntt 4h.ii. Triumph.— 11, Kilmartia 
At.. Norlmry. S.W.16. f:4904 


NEW 1920 4'-.h.p. Q.mdntnt Combination; £145.— 
Shepherd, Eiilleld Higliwiiy. TeL: Waltham Cross 
31. [0341 

1Q20;J Quadrant Conibinotion, 4,';0i-P-. 3-speed, Isand 
A*' clnMi; £90.-29, St. Leonard's St., BroLiloy-by- 
Bow. Ea^t 4708. [5381 

£76.— 4'>h.p. Quadrant Countershaft Combination, 
blacfc and gold, new condition, stored, B.S.A. 
Sspeed gear box. K.S., chain drive.— Lambert, 1. Pit- 
lake, Croydon. [4973 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane, London, E.C-4.- 
New 4','-.b.p. 1921 Quadrant combination, with 
rtind screen, £147/15: al.'^o 4',i.h.p. *\920 Quadrant 
combination, cxct;llent condition, £l20. [5580 

"j Q20 Quadrnot Combination. 4':ih.p., Sturmey- 
■M.iy Archer 3-spee<l, aH-chain drive, Cameo screen, 
al! lamp?, horn, under 500 miles; £130; exchanges or 
easy terms. —Homac's. 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N.E. 
■Phone: Dalston 2408. [5442 

CLIFFORD WILSON Mfg. Co., 70. Royal Hospital 
Rd.. Sloane Sq.. S.W.3. Tel.: Kensington 7113. 
Quadrant sole agents and wholesale distributers for 
Lonon. Southern and Eastern Counties. Immediate de- 
livery from stock ol new 4V-;h.p. and 5h.p, models: all 
.<part_«. Single and 2-2eater" sidecars ready for imme- 
diate 6tting. Deferred payments arranged. [5458 

* Radco. 

RADCO 2-stroke, complete, perfect, ride away; £30, 
or near offer.— 36. Limes Grove, Lewishara. 
S.E.13. [5244 

RADCO Lightweight, single-speed, as makers' epeci- 
fications. ehop-soiled; at ereatly reduced price; now 
is tlie time to buy.— Mebes. r54-156, Gt.. Portland St. 
W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7190 


READING-STANDARD 1920 Combination, dynamo 
lighting, electric horn, Stewart horn, T^an-Sad. 
Easting screen, disc wheels, mirror. £20 worfta acces- 
sories, splendid outfit, mileage under 1,000, as new; 
bargain, £145.— Dunn's. 526. Euston Rd., N.W.I. 
Museum 5391. [5524 


LTJXtrRIOTJS Coaclibuilt Combination, 6h.p. Rex. 3- 
speed. clutch, hood, screen, 4-point, 3 lamps; £60; 
motor cjxle only, £30.— Axon. 1, Regent M., Rugby. 



8b. p. Rex-Jap, lovely sidecar, lamps. 2 speeds, K.S,, 
clutch, pillion, enamelling and plating excellent; 
any trial; £75.— Drayton and Batt, Dresburg Rd., New 
Maiden, S.W. [5266 

All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. B29 

xxii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 


1 Ql9 6I1.P. Eover, splenaid condition: £100.-WneM's 
X«/ Garage. Safiion Walden. Tel.: 16. [5455 

ROVER 1920 3'^h.p., T.T., Pliilipson pulley, as 
new; £95.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton. 

1<ftl8 S'/ili-P- T.T. Rover, riiilipson pulley, lull tool 
J-t/ kit, Jill af'ceissories, spares; ^75.— 20, Queen Bt., 
Hamuiersruitb Broadway, [5126 

3ih.p. Rover, 1912, 3-speed IiuTd, clutch, good con- 
2 diticn, £20; also sidecar, £5.— Hall Co., Station 
Approacli, Upper Warlingham. [4873 

ROVER Combination, 5-6b.p., late 1918 W.D., lamps, 
horn, Easting, spare tyre, spares; £100, bargain. 
—Crawford, Witton St., Novtbwicb. [5052 

1 Q20 T.T. Rover, Philipson pulley, Binks carburetter. 
-*-•' list price now £115, excellent Iiill-climber : what 
offers?— PI at way, Shaldon, Teignmouth. ^ [X4275 
T> OVER, SV^h.p-, 3-speed countershaft, fine condi 
-JtV tion, _ with C.B. sidecar ; £85 ; separate ; ex 
change.— Porter, Mantle St., Wellington, Somerset. 


ROVER Motor Cycles.— Place your order with &n 
official agent, the man who rides a Ro-ver; im- 
mediate delivery.— CoUard, Cook's Garage, Shifnal 


F'OR Sale, 1920 Rover T.T. ^\'2'h.v-, complete with 
lamps and horn, in new condition, small mileage; 
a genuine bargain, 70 gns.— Modwena, Brighowgate, 
Grimsby. - -. ^ [5137 

1 Q20 3)2h.p. 3-speed Rover, done 3,000 miles, un- 
-S-*J' scratched, bulbous coachhuilt sidecar, speedo- 
meter lamp.s; £155.— Fowler, Wintercott, Knebworth, 
Herts. Tel.: 36. ^ . [5406 

"IQ17 Rover Combination in al)solutely new condi- 
JL£/ tion, new lamps and horn, new Palmer cord, 
new saddle, new Dunlop belt; £100.— Weliord, 28, St. 
James's St., Brighton. - [4995 

ROVER Combination, 5-6h.p. J. A. P., all-chain drive. 
3 speeds, had very little use, guaranteed; £120; 
exchanges or easy pavraents. — Homac's. 243, Lower 
Clapton Rd., N.E. 'Phone: Dalston 2408. [5443 

5-6h.p. Rover Combination, new Feb., 1920, all-chain 
enclosed drive. Easting wind screen, accumulator 
electric lighting, Klaxon, "Watford speedometer, mirror; 
£125.— Fasken, Spread^agle Hotel, Midhurtt, Susses. 
(D) [5064 

ROVER 3>$h.p., countershaft model, also TT. model. 
PIiiHiison pulley, as makers' specifications, shop- 
poiled; at greatlv reduced prices; now Is the time to 
buy.-Mebes, 154-156. Gt. Portland St.. W.l. *Phone: 
3426 Mayfair. [7191 

1Q19 S'^^h.p., Rover Combination, 3-speed, counter- 
J- ^ shaft, kick-starter, perfect condition, tyre un- 
punctured, Lucas lamps, luggage grid, Tan-Sad; no 
reasonable offer refused; seen by appointment,— 34, Fast 
Sheen Av.. S.W.14. [4899 

NEW SV^h.p. Rover Motor Cycle, fitted with 3-spep<l 
clutch and kick st.nrter, and with sninit conchbuilt 
sidecar; £180, or on deferred payments 5% extra, one 
quarter depwit, balan<^6 by 12 monthly instalments.— 
Harrods, Ltd., 118, Brompton Rd., London, [5177 

ROVER 1918 3-speed Countershaft 3Voh.p. Combina- 
tion, lightweight wicker sidecar, apron. Cameo 
wind screen. Miller head light, unpunctured Dunlops, 
machine 43489, engine 7398, mileage about 5,000, 
sweetest, quietest machine, takes sidecar anywhere, 
complete set tools, etc., enamel, plating excellent con- 
dition; Rochester; £95, bargain.— Box 1,233, c/o The 
Motor Cycle. [5438 

ROVER Combination, December, 1919, 5-6h.p. 
J. A. P., all-chain_ drive, foot and hand clutch, 
Bonniksen trip speedometer, Lucas dynamo lighting, 
Klaxon, sidecar of special roomy design, hinged dash, 
wind screen, large lacker in rear, full set of tools. 
mileage only 2,500, owner-driven, plate and enamel as 
new; must sell as cash needed; trial and expert exam- 
ination by appointment; S.E. London; price £165 or 
close offer.— Box 1,224, c/o The Motor Cycle. [5142 

Royal Ruby. 

^Q20 Royal Ruby, 3h.p., spring frame, kick start 
Xt/ 2-speed. immediate delivery; £120.— The Clydes- 
dale Supply Co., Ltd.. 2, Bridge St., Glasgow. [0265 
-IQ1819 8h.p. Royal Ruby, 3-Ei>eed, K.S., just stove 
J- Of enamelled, like new; £75.— J. J. Doolev, 33 Kill- 
yon Rd., Cluphara, S.W.8. (See my advt. under Clynos.) 

■|(I>20 Royal Riiby, 8h.p., Montgomery sidecar, 500 
-i-tf miles, splendid turnout; £140; exchange lower 
power solo or combination.— The Poplars, Durkar Wake- 
fi'^''^- [5106 

Qh.p Royal Ruby, spring frame, S-speed, clutch and 
y kick-starter, equipped with Tan-Sad pillion seat 
iamps, mechanical horn, etc., very little used and con- 
dition as new: £100: mav l>e obtained on Harrods 
deterred payment sy.^tem.-Harrods. Ltd.. 118, Bromp- 
ton Rd., London. ' J5175- 


1 C|15 Rudge Multi, splendid condition; £48,— " Free 
-t*/ Pie.^s" Office. Main St.. Pembroke. [5065 
1Q19 Rudge MuHi. excellent order no eauinment- 
-i-i^ price £50.-WeIfurd. St. James's St-^fg^tSn! 

Qih.p. Rudge, clutch, new tyrev^; and belt. firetSa^s 

02 condition; £40.-Paim6r Bros.. The Cannon Wis! 
''^'^^'- [5400 1 


anJ be prepared for the bright da-ys ahead. 


DOUGLASES & TRIUMPHS, re-enamelled and 
plated in makers' colours. Engine and gear box 

thoroughly overhauled In our workshops, 
carrying our 3 MONTHS' GUARANTEE. 


2| h.p. 2-speed 

4 h.p. 3-speed. kick-starter. Solo . . 
4 li.p. 3-speed, kick-starter, Combination 
with new Burlington Sidecar 





4 h.p. 3-speed Countershaft £100 

4 h.p. 3-speed Combination with new 

Burlington Sidecar £130 

We have large stocks of Douglas and Triumph 
Spares and shall be pleased to quote you upon 
receipt of your enquiries. 

ALUMINIUM. For Handle-bar, Mudguard or 
Sidecar. 3, .'6 each. Postage 4d. 

TO TRIUMPH RIDERS. Convert your Clutch into 
Foot as well as Hand Control. Fitted in a 
moment bv any Amateur. S.A. CLUTCH PEDAL 

4/' Postage 4d. 

Particulars of our Clutch Conversion Set. NO 





'Phone: Brixton 2417. 
Grama : " Burlington Motors. Clapham." 

(50 yards from Clapham Coramon Under- 
ground Station.) 

B30 AH letters relating to advertisements should auote the number at the end oj each 


CPECIAL Racing I.O.M. Eudge Multi; offers, or ex- 
>-J change A.B.C.— Faiiview, Thorkhills Rd., Thames 
Ditton. [5233 

"pUDGE 1919 Isle of Man Model, full T.T, bars, 
-^*J long exhaust, very fast; £80.— Parker's, Bradshaw- 
gate, Bolton. [X4311 

31I1.IJ. Hudge, 1912, N.S.U. 2-Epeea, lamps, perfect 
■2 running order; £35, lowest.— Garaged, 147. Edward 
St., Brighton. [5230 

RUDGE, 1920, I.O.M., pedal start, as new, unreeis- 
Etered: £77/10.— Dunn's, 326, Bustou Ed., N.W.I. 
Museum 5391. [6525 

RUDGE Multi 1915 SVsh.p. .Clutch Model, T.T. bars, 
lamps, horn, speedometer; £48. — E. D. Varty, 
Thundersley, Efieex. [3711 

£20 Deposit paid on Rudge Multi, to be delivered 
1921: cannot finish paying. Sell £10.— Box 1,162, 
e/o The Motor Cucle. _ [4852 

RUDGE 31/.*. p., tyres and belt good, lamps. Klaxon 
horn, long exhaust pipe; first cash offer over £40 
secures.— iLupton, Askem. [5329 

RUDGE I.O.M. Multi, l920yo, clutch, start«r, rnile^ 
age 800, as new, lamns; nearesf £100.— Dann, 3, 
Walton Ed., Molesey, Surrey. [5058 

RUDGE Multi 3V'h.p., new. October, very fast, com- 
plete throughout; £98.— Shimwell, Old Hall 
Farm, Youlgrave, Bakewell. [X4325 

■pUDGE Multi 1920 3V<.h.p., unused, with Canoelet 
-tV Minor sidecar, complete with lamps, etc.; £125. 
—Hereford Motor Co., Ltd., Hereford. [5004 

31.U.P. Eudge, 1914. Grado gear, perfect condition, 
2 all accessories: £40, or nearest. — Cooper, 
Etlicrow Villas, Hoilingworth, Manchester. [5165 

RUDGE Multi Combination, 3Vjh.p., fully equipped, 
ai?etylene lighting, recently overhauled; bargain, 
£50, or near; trial.- 66, Hill Ed., Wimbledon. [5037 

RUDGE Multi, 1917, Sy^h.p., horn, new lamps, in- 
surance policy, receiitly overhauled, thorough 
going order; £57/ 10.— Walker, Upperby, Carlisle. [4894 

"IQ20 Eudge Multi, SV-h.p., perfect, lamps, horn, 
J-if tools, etc.; cost £115; sacliSce £92/10; ex- 
change lightweight.— H. Teat, Ancaster, Grantham, 
Lines. • [X4271 

RUDGE I.O.M., 1920, mileage 800, overhauled by 
makers, very fast, with or without lightweight side- 
car; best offers.— L. West, 71, Norbury Crescent, Nor- 
bury, S.W.16. [0376 

1 Q20 7-9h.p. Rudge Multi, Rudge sidecar, 3 lamps, 
-i-*y speedometer, Cameo, horn, spares, 3,000 miles; 
owner bought car; £190. — Baily, Bromstone House, 
Frome, Somerset. [5236 

1 Q 14 Rudge Multi 6h.p. Big Single, coachbuilt 
-Lt^ sidecar, wind screen, new lamps and horn, the 
whole in excellent condition; £70.— Welford, 28, St. 
James's St., Brighton. [4995 


COTT 3^jh.p.. 2-speed, -.K.S., nice condition; trial; 
£32.-17, Heaton Ed., Mitcham. [5368 

IMMEDIATE Delivery 1921 Scott motor cycle and 
combination, in stock.— Millards, Chesterfield. [4003 

SCOTT Combination, only done 300 miles; no reasdn- 
iibte oilier refueed. — Grimes, 18, Bruton Place, 
Bond St, W.l. [4826 

SCOTT 1914 Combination; sidecar only £13; also 
1911 Scott gears, £8.-44, Station Ed., Wylde 
Green, Birmingham. [54284 

SCOTT, 1920, and sidecar, mileage 200, as new, fully 
equipped; £140.— Dunn's, 326, Euston Ed., 
N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5520 

1021 Scott.-Early deUvery of all models from A.' 
-*-*^ J. Luce, Hamiltou Ed._Garag€, Eeading. 'Phone: 
967. T.A. : Tune, Eeading. [4965 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London.— New 1920 
Scott, delivery from stock, £130; also 3%lh.p. 
Scott, 1918, £95; cash or easy terms. [5581 

£30.— Scott, overhauled and rebushed, Bosch, Binks, 
tyres as new, needs tuning ; lightweight reauired ; 
bargain.— Highman, Bimport, Shaftesbury. [5048 

SCOTT, 1920 sports model, horn, tools, very, small 
' mileage, enamel as new, plating fair, perfect order; 
£110.— ]J. Lavin, Old House, Sonuing, Berks. [5090 

SCOTT Combination, 1921 model, delivery this 
month ; owner will sacrifice deposit ; list £170 ; 
accept £155.— Box 41, c/o Tlic illotor Cycle. [X4321 

SCOTT Sporting Outfit, spring frame, gorgeous sidecar, 
£30 of accessories, perfect condition, mileage 2,000, 
£150.— Wolfendale, 4, Eardley Orescent, Earl's Court. 


SCOTT 1921 Sporting Model, delivery from stock, 
Olympia Show machine; £130. — Elce and Co., 
15-16. Bishopsgate Av., Camomile St., E.C.3. 'Phone; 
Avenue 5548. [0069 

SCOTT, 1920, special low Squirrel frame, with full 
touring equipment, Magdyno, Lucas lamps, 3in.- 
Palmers. in perfect mechanical condition; cost £176; 
£130.— Below. 

SCOTT 1920, new July, standard touring, tucas 
lamps, horn, etc., perfect condition mechanically; 
£105.— Kaye Don, River Haven, Thames Ditton. Tel.; 
4420 JIuseum. [5337 


advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Ad-\teetisements. xxiii. 






BRAND New Scott, 
owner bought rar; will sacritite deposit i)aid. 

1 Q21 Scott Combination: 
J-*' or would divide: 

promised January: 

„ , -6 deposit i)aid, viz., 

£10; list price £130; accept £120 carriage paid.— Box 

00, c..'o Tlic Motor Cycle. , [X4320 

. price £170: free delivery, 
, all Scott spares in stock, in- 
cluding chains and connecting links, at Welfords, 28, ; 
'St. James's St., Brighton. [4994 : 


SINGER, 2iih.p., 2-speed, clutch, countershaft, kick 
starter, Bosch W.P., Binks, lamps, horn, spare 
tyre rnd belt, sound condition; £35, or near offer.— 

1. J. Smith, Copthorne Bank, via Crawley, Sussex. I 



gPAEKBHOOK Late 1919 2.-,h.p., 2.speed, complete 

with lamps, speedometer, etc., scarcely used; £65 

or offer.-Hughes, 68, Highfleld Hd., Dartford, Kent! 


EW z'/M.-i 

LP. Sparkbrook, Villiers engine, 
;69, 2-specd £75: or on Harrods . 

casj payment s.V3tom 4Z extra.-Harrods, Ltd. 

Brompt<in Rd., London. 


an ultra finish, 
soiled : 



2-speed, the lightweight with 

at greatly reducedTi?.?:' ^oT'fs=\'riimt^^o 


S^li^FS/I^O'?, "''■'''■»• Combination, 3.spee.I S.A., 
t?re.;Ta''mps'^-?„d^''ira^rl's.'>?°;'v%- ia^Cfl"'trS,Tt;. T 

■jyEW 2i4b p Sun-Vitesse. 2-stroke engine sinrlc- 

SfeV^'/yo '■?"?='•■ '='"=, d.tU, wfth^'efutch and 

starter, £70; lady's model, ditto, £73- or on 

unique easy payment system 4% 'e.xtra.- 

lis, Brompton Ed., London. (5185 






ih.p. Solo; 

^E\V 1920 SunbMni 3>a.p. Solo; £155/8; in .took 
-^^ —Randall, Andover. / . lo .ron,^ 

lO'.ii™"- fi'^'^s?" Conjl.inntion, as new; £180- 

Phono: Iinchley 360 (or appointment, (5209 

1Q19 3i,:.h,p. Snnbcnm, foultloss condition; £115- 

-l^ Low,, 6, .Mount Ploiisunt Bd., Euling. (5312 
Cl-NBEAM, 1920, 3l,yi.p., brand 
>~^ Dunns, 326, Euston Kd., N.W.I. 

new; £140.- 
Rluseum 5391. 

I^mtion, spore- WhMV-£i60:Jg^°5:"'^'S 

lill., Lee. _ jjggg 

,. 1,914, 3-speed, re-ennmellcd ; If 
Ch^u,.-, « w-f- ^''"■ll'orough Flats. Walton .St., 
cnclbta, b.H.3. [X4210 

Oah.p. Sunbeam. 2-specd, clutch, K.S.; £65, or oHor- 

Pi.,T.„l?'S",," Exchange-Sunbeam, 59, Wanlip Rd.! 
i-i.u.-low. t.lj. jj^2j 

1020 3i_;.h p. Suubc.nm and Sidecar, mileage 120 
D J!fF'^\' ,"" nccessoris; £175, or offer -1 
Brarashill Rd., Harlesden. [Slf 

■j Q21 Sunbeams; guaranteed delivery of all models 
i- , •^'■'M'onnitl District Agents, Hewctt Bros. 94 
wcslern Rd.. Hove. Susse.T. (0342 

Cl-NBEAM Brand New 3i,, solo model, eomnlite 
•--^^ with Lucas lamps and horn ; fl57;iO.-Tho WiiI- 
' ' " "" ' ■"■ [4008 

■JQ18 Sli.p. Sunbeam Combination, 

-*■ ^^ condition. sivlTo wlia^l . ncn 

SUNBEAM 3i.i.h.p.. 
offers.— 120, " 


tiill Oarage, Walsall. Tel.: 444. 

1 tt , •K'"' i'linlicam Combination, speedometer 

-^" liiiuiis, horn, tools, etc., - - ■ 

6623.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St. 

1020 3i.:h.p. Sunbeam with Dinky Sidecar, 3 lam 
-"-•^ horn, under 200 miles; cost £225- accent £]• 
--.Smith, 52, JIampstead Rd., N.W.I. ■ [53 

■1Q21 3i,!..h.p. Suiibeom Combination in stock for 

J-*^ mediate delivery- 

and Co., 52-54, " ' 


rbai.,.. , _,„ 

Motor E.xchange, Wcaldstone 

W-^VaS?°l,",'=^'®'o8',S'"^ I^°«- I^ndon, E.C.4 
'» 1919 Sh.p. Sunbeam combination, spare whe 
^?^i:\ f I""' j™.r^' speedometer, mirror, warning 
signal, tools, condition as new, 200 gns. [5582 

1 Q20 Sunbeam 3i,h.p. Combination, lamps. Bonnik- 
J^Y ^<'^, trip speedometer, Cowcy horn, tools, com- 
plete, under 3,000 miles, excellent conditi 
Pearman, 148, Elborough St ~ ' " 



..milkers' list price.-J. Smith 
Hampstead Bd., N.W.I. (0353 

New models now being booked for 
spring delivery. Way we quote you for ex- 
change.^ Sunbeams, Triumphs, A.J.3., etc.— Bunting, 


int c 

on: £185.— 
S.W. [5300 
CrNBE-\M.— We are Wolverhampton agents. Snnre 
►-' i^irt- in stock. Repairs and overhauls. Estimatos 
niion request for re-enomelling and plating.- The Molin- 
eus Oarage Co., Ltd., Wolverhampton. Tel.: 1160 

„ ,. 13458 

Combination, with 

. . „ ,- fully equipped all 

nr< essori.:*, hood, sjieerlometer, acetylene, etc., mileage 
nntler 3.000; f 200,-Trehe.-ne, Abingcr Hei tory, Dork- 
>"S' 'Dl [50S0 

Qlh.p. Sunlieam, 1920 model, oil hath chain cases 
y- laminated front spring fork, lamps and horn' 
faunlieiun No. 1 sidecar fitted two months ago tyre* 
Qlninst unmarked; cash offers invited.— G. Smith The' 
Motor Cych^ Coventry. [X3306 

All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end oj each 

SUNBEAM (late 1919) Sh.p. 
luxurious Sunbeam sidecar. 

For obvious reasons we 
cannot disclose our 


May we add your name 

to our list of friends, and 

so increase them? 


Kvi CALTHORPE Combiii.-i- 
tion, Sturnicy-Archcr 2-sp. 
(Tax £2 lof.) 110 gns. 

1920 SCOTT, Sports Jfodcl, 
2-.spec(l 130 gns. 


2} h.p., 2-.siroke, :!-sp<.-c(!, 

clutch, and kick-starter .. 78 gns. 

19-0COULSON-B, 4h.p., 2-.sp. £90 

1920 NEW IMPERIAL-J.A.P. £80 

1920 PRIORY, .\ h.p., 2--strok^; £60 

1920ARDEN, -'^Irokc, 2-spce(l £58 10 

1920 NEW IMPERIAL Comb £150 


electric iiKidcl £150 

1919 TRIUMPH Combination, 
complete with electric 
lighting £135 

Any machine supplied on "The 
Motor Cycle Deposit System. 

The last 


word in Sidecar Con- 
Special iNIodcls for the 




— Write for our Jllustrated Catalogue. — 





'Phone: Brixton 2417. 
'Crams : BurlinBlon Motors. Clapharo." 

'50 yards from Ciapham Commoo Under 
ground Station.) 

"I 021 8b. p. Sunbeam Combinntion, just delivered, 
-■- ^ unregistered, Lucas Magdyno and electric born, 
Jlrooks latest cantilever saddle, spare wbeel, hood, screen, 
legsbields, lupgage grid, side curtains, illness; £15 off 
list.-Box 1,219, c/o Tlic Motor Cycle. [5121 

SUNBEAM Sh.p. Combination, AuE., 1919, Lucas 
dynamo lighting, spare wheel, discs throughout, 
4 new tyres (there's £20's worth). Sin. copper exhaust 
giving quiet deep purr, engine just overhauled 
throughout at expense ol £26, cycle parts overhauled 
recently b.v makers, splendid condition, ready to ride 
away: £215.— E. D. Barclay, c/o Soutball Bros, and 
Barclay, Lower Priory, Birmingham. [X4212 


SWIFT Sfl'li.p., variable pulley gear, engine rehusbed, 
good tyres, new belt, original enumel in good cou- 
di.tiou : price with .lightweight Watsouian sidecar (coach- 
built). 48 gns. : seen by appointment.— Guttiidge. 16. 
Wyeth Ed., Epsom. [5124 


T.D.C. 4>:;h.p. -Motor C.vclc. lamps, horn, tools. £40; 
also Precision. 4-point sidecar: stamped envelope. 
—13, Bournehall lid., Bushey. [5153 


IVEW 1921 Triumph S.D. Solo; £140; in stocl;.- 
^' Itandall, Andover. [0365 

NEW 1921 Triumph S.D. Combination: £195: in 
stock.-Enndall, Andover. [0364 

NEW Year Bargains.— Triumph 1921 3-spced model: 
list price £127/10. to clear £117/10. 

1 Q20 T.T. Model, shop-soiled, milengo only 200, 
.^*y Klaxon: list price £105, to clear £85.— 
ItcynoMs, Watcrbeach. Cambs. [5477 

A LL 1921 Triumph Models in stock.— The Premier 
.iX .Motor Co., .•\3ton Hd., Birmiugham. [5463 

TRIUMPH, Bosch, Amac. sound: a .inip, £21.-36, 
Oiurch Lane, Moldgrcen, lluddersfleld. [5229 

TltlUirPir 41i.p.. 1914, 3 speeds, clutch, K.S.. flno 
Older; £55.— Stone, West St.. Carshaltou. [5202 

19 Triumph. 4h.p., 3-spced. recently overhauled; 
X85.-Uond. Jun., 69, Park Place, Cardill. [5237 

1020 T.T. 41i.n. Triumph Solo. 8hon.soilcd ; £100.— 
Ai' Wright's Oarage, Snllron Wnlden. Tel.; 16. 


Bn-\XrJ Xow Triumph 4h.p., 3-specd, etc.. Model 
ii; £127/10.— Bamber'.s Southport, Lanes. Tel.: 
007. [5475 

TRIUMPir, clutch, kick start, 2-spced, splendid con- 
dition : £35.-57, Kenbury St., Camberwcll, Lon- 
don. [5499 

4 h.p. Tritimph: solo £105. combination £125.— 
Tel. : Museum 6626.— A.3.C.. 60, Mortimer St.. 
W.l. [4919 

countershalt, J920, brand new; 
■Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., K.W.I. Museum 
5391. (5531 

"I Q12 Triumph, 3^<h.p., Grado gear, lamps, horn; 
At/ £30. or best ofler; must sell.- Eason, Burnham, 
Bucks. (6422 

£*i\ Gns.- Triumph 1915 C.B. ronibinntion, fast, de- 
OVf pendable, perfect.— 308. Upper Richmond Ed.. 
Mortlake. • (X4219 

TRIUMPH, 1914. 3-spcc(l, now cylinder, piston, 
tvres: £60.— Porter, Jlantls St., Wellington, 
Somerset. [4921 

1 Q16 Triumph 2-strokc, thoroughly overhauled, new 
XJ/ tvres; £38.-12, The Quadrant, Winchmore 
Hill, N.21. [5228 


TRIUMPH. 4h.p.. 
£120.- ' 

£175, as nev.'^^B: 

sidecar, sneerlo- 

Irker's, Bradslmw- 


TRIUMPH 1920 fh.p 
meter, et 
gate, Bolton. 

TniUMl'H Combiuntion, jnst nrrivetl; list price.— 
liiirkor's Motors, 194, Bnllinm High Hd., S.W.12. 
Lntchmere 4441. [4154 

TRIUMPH V/jii-V-. good nmnin; order, nlso wicker 
sideciir: lot' £40.— AsbUy St. Ledgers, EoHtwood 
L.-ine. AVestf-Iiffe. [5373 

TRIUMPH Coml>in:ition, 1916, new Montgomery side- 
car, Innips. nnd liom ; £90.— Miuiiford, 317, KiiiR 
St., Hiimmersmitli. C5022 

TRIUMPH Junior, Inte 1919, accessories, footboiirda, 
nmdsbields, trres iinimnctured ; £65.— PluniridKe, 
Stiition Hiso. Mnrlow. [5361 

LATE 1919 T.T. Trinmph. little used. e<iuipped with 
lamp-s Klaxon, etc.; £80; must seU.- L. Bull. 44, 
Uills Ed., Cambridge. [5391 

TRIUMPH, 1918, C.S., discs lamps, horn, in per- 
fect condition; ;£80.— Dunn's, 326, Euston ltd., 
N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5527 

"IQ21 4h.p. Triumph, countershaft model, in stock for 
-i-t/ immediate delivery.— J- Smith and Co., 52-54. 
Hampstead Rd.. N.W.I. [0354 

TRIUMPH Countershaft 4h.p., 3-specd, ahimininm 
di<c3. lonip.=, horn, toolp. quick sale; £77/10.— 
365. King St.. Hammersmith. [5278 

TRIUMPH 3>^.p., clutch, coachbuilt sidecar, Fpeedo- 
mt^ter, lamp?, horn, etc.; to clear, £36; ride nway. 
—365, King St., Hnmmer^mith. [5280 

advertisement, and the date of the issue. b^i 

xxiv. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 



TRIUMPH 1914 T.T., 1920 tank and wheel, new 
2-speed and piston, lamps. 90 iii.p.g.; £56.— Siney, 
Experimeutal Camp, Porton, Sali-sbury, [5301 

4h.p. Jriumph, countershaft, 1918, large number 
of new parts, perfect order; £70, on approval.-^ 

Stanford. Midland Bank Chambers, Yeovil. 


3ih.p. Triumph Combination, 
2 start, JBoech mag.. 

TRIUMPH 4h.p., late 1914, 3-speed Sturmey hub 
gear, hand clutch, splendid condition, complete 
lamps; £50.-248, Drakefell Rd., Brockle'y. [5347 

TRIUMPH 1920 H. Combination, electric light, 
horn, Watford speedometer, tax paid; £170; 
■\Vimbledon.— Box 1,229, c/o The Motor Cycle. [5415 

TRIUMPH Combination, 1919, Bluemel wind screeiu 
all accessories, good condition, absolute lowesa 
£I25.-Weavgr, 2, The Gables, Glastonbury. [5576 

Grado gear and kick 
coachhuilt sidecar, good con- 
dition; £38.-83, Cherry Orchard Rd., Croydon. [5377 

TRIUMPH Combination, 1919, in first-class condi- 
1iion throughout, £110; or exchange for solo 
machine and cash. — Davison, Bute St., Luton. [5336 

"H Q17 Triumph Combination, couniersliaft, just been 
Xt/ overhauled, guaranteed perfect, accessories; £85. 
— Lanpford's, 37, Cncklewood Broadway, ISr.AV.2. [5082 

TRIUMPH Junior, perfect condition, enamel and 
plating ag new, horn, lamps, spares, mileage about 
500; £68.-D. Lavin, Old House, Sonning, Berks. [5091 

TRIUMPH 4h.p. Combination, 3 speeds, Bosch, 
clutch, all accessories, excellent order; ±80, a bar- 
gain.— E., 137, Bulverhythe Rd., St. Leonard's-ou-Sea. 

1 Q19 41j,p. Triumph Combination, 3-speed, etc., 
-!-•-' Lucas ucce^sorie^, perfect condition; a. bargain 
at £135.— Bamber's, Southport, Lanes. Tel.: 607. 

1 Q19 Triumph-Gloria Combination, lamps, speedO' 
X */ meter, perfect condition ; £ 109 "" "■ 



Lighting Sets. 
Write for Catalogue. 



FREE on application. 

Harrington Rd., 

South Kensington. 

Edwards, 50, 
Phone : Ken. 

TRIUMPH, countershaft model, brand new, unridden 
and unregistered; monev urgently needed; £100.— 
H. Richardson, 2, Kelton Villas, Hawks Rd., Kingston- 
on-Thames. [5303 

■J Q 19 Triumph 4h.p., 3-speed, good as new, fully 
X«/ equipped; £105. or near offer; owner going 
abroad; apply between 6 and 8 p.m.— Carlton, Brockiey 
Grove, Lewisham. '^ [5590 

LATE Countershaft Triumph Combination, coachbuilt 
,«idecar, underslung, wind screen, all lamps, tooli 
practicallv new; besc Ojffer.— Leighton, 62, 
Tooting Rd., S.W. [5^85 

TRIUMPH 4h.p., . countershaft, new, renovated, 
guaranteed by makers 1921, new Triumph- 
Montgomery sidecar, lovely lot; " 
King St., Hammersmith. 


sporting 3-speed model, cost 
6 weeks* old, insured to 11/11/21, un 
scratched, guaranteed perfect; must sell, ^100.— Box 
1,189, c/o The Motor CycU. [4948 


1 Q20 Triumph, 41l.p., 
X*? iei35, ' 

TRIUMPHS.— New models now being booked 
spring delivery. May we quote you for 

change. Triumphs, Sunbeams, A.J.S., 
Motor E.\change, Wealdst-one. 


TRIUMPH, 1918, as new, 3 speeds, clutch, kick 
start, etc., £88; also 1913, free engine, etc., 
and Canoelet sidecar, £55.— Dentistry, 769, Romford 
Rd., Manor Park, London, E. [5158 

-| Q14 4h.p. Triumph, 3-6peed hub, new Dunlop tyres, 
X»^ speedometer, engine just overhauled, perfect con- 
dition, coachtmilt sidecar, screen, complete set of lamps 
and tools; £90.— Vince, Asminster. [5029 

TRIUMPHS.-We are the North London agents, and 
can give immediate delivery. Chain drive, chain- 
cum-belt, and renovated models.— Jones Garage, Muswell 
Hill, N.IO; and at Woodside Parade, North Finddev. 


TRIUMPH, 1919, Empire sidecar. Easting wind 
_ screen, mudshield, Smith's speedometer, Lucas 
lighting set, tools, all in Al condition; owner gone 
abroad; £l30.— Daws, 40, West Hill, Wandsworth, 
S.W. 18. [5417 

fitted with new gear bos, 
, tyres, frame, tank, enamel and plating, 
etc., whole machine like new, also fitted with very 
smart torpedo sidecar; £100.— L. Bull. 44, Hills Rd., 
Cambridge. [5392 

, with Mill- 
in new condition, and perfect run- 
ning order, Lucas lamps, horn, new tyres, several 
sijares, 7 months insurance; £120, a great bargain. — 
Robson, Dale Rd., Matlock. [5238 

TRIUMPH, 3y2h.p., excellent running order, engine 
just rebushed and overhauled, clutch, good tyres, 
new Pedley belt, Bosch mag., almost new horn, com- 
plete lighting set, tools, knee grips; £39.— Morley, 4, 
Castledown Terrace, Hastings. [5242 

TRIUMPH C.B. Combination, 1913-14, 3V2h.p., 
Bosch mag., 3-speed Sturmey hub gear, clutch, 
lamps, horn, speedometer, College shields, Dunlops, in- 
surance, etc., stored 6 years, splendid condition; 75 
gns. ; trial by appointment.—Green, 42a, Balham Park 
Rd., Balham, S.W. - [5253 

wheels, tyres, frame. 

1 Q19 4h.p. Triumph, engine No. 61934, 
Xtf ford sidecar. 

Se:id a p.c. for address of nearest agent. 


wr*i-te -Fob* FREE Ca.-ta.lo^ues 

H.A.K. COMPLETE SETS.— Head, Side, and 

Tail Lamps. Accumulators, Carrying Case, Switch, 

Wiring, etc. Ready for installing. 

Many different Models of 


Fig. 895 
Best quality 
Very mas- [SL, 
5 i ve an d Bj"^ 
strong 1 j e " 
Ad ] ustablc J 
focus. A^d 
j u s t a h 1 e 
S p e c i a 1 
dust arid 

weather-pcoof front. Price as _ -^..^^ „ - 
illustrated, 72/6 each, nickel. VJP^ tSW 

-■ Fig. 893, as 895, but with stem instead 
of handle-bar fitting, 72 /6 each. 

Fig- 347. , 


H'A.H. Patent Speedometer 

Lamp, 7/6 each 

Clips direct on to Speedometer ^^ illustrated" 

A I. 1 IT- IT,* but without 

and has coloured bulb to pre- \yy^x\^ Price 8 '6 

vent glare. each. 


Fig. 358. Garage 
Inspection Lamp 

Complete Set, 29/6, as illustrated. 

Comprising : Fig. 573. Rear Lamp 9/6 each. 
Force" Genuine Hellesen Dry Battery, 9/11 
each. Fig. 386, Metal Carrying Case, 10/6 each. 
With an Acetylene Head Lamp use an Electric 
Rear Lamp Set, which cannot blow out, and is 
always ready to be switched on at a moment's 
notice. .^^__^^____ 

A. H. HUNT, WTO., 


Tunstall Road, CROYDON, Eng. 

Telephones : Telegrams: 

Croydon 2225, 2226. "Keyage, Croydon." 



20 Triumpli Combination, 1,200 miles onlv, Lac 
lamps, horn, Watford speedometer, liandle-li 
v-iocii, aluminium footboards, Gloria sprung wheel sic 
oar, Eastiu? wind screen, luggage and petrol can lioldt 
JJunlops unpunctni-ed ; price fl45.— Sputr, 144, Hi; 
St., Stevenage, Herts. [51^ 

THEIUMPH, makers' renovated 1918-19 4h 
.»- countershaft, T.T. bars, large P. and H. lamp 
mechanical horn, speedometer, pump, tools, spa, 
inner tube and belt, good tvres, enamel and platii 
perfect, sound condition, thoroughly reliable: £91 
u-eek-ends.— 64, Balloch Bd., Catford, S.E.6. [541 

'pEITJMPH Oonntershaft, renorated, as new, n. 
-»- ndiien 100 liiiles, Ace discs. Klaxon, electric se 
2 accumulators, switches, tools, etc., sporting coac 
built (Sidecar, elec:tfic lamps, owner {engineer] buvir 
car: trial and expert examination invited by appoin 
mcnt; £105, no offers.— Taylor, 46, The Grove, Grave 
end. [503 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4.— Ne 
4h.p. 1921 Triumph solo, delivery from stoc; 
£127/10; also new 1921 4h.p. Triumph combinatioi 
all-chain drive. £195; new 4h.p. 1921 Triumph sol. 
all-chain, £140; and 4h.p. W.D. Triumph solo, £10£ 
also 1920 4h.r. Triumph combination, £152/10; 4h.] 
Triumph, 1915, £65; and 4h.p. Triumph, 1914, £51 
Easy terms or exchanges arranged. [557 


f> iih.p. Tyler, 2 speeds, good coiKlition ; £2S, or e: 
f.J4, change.— 76, London St., Chertsey. [537 


■J (ft 20 Teloeette, practically ii€W, very fast; 60 gns.- 
-*■ *^ Speai-man, Parks, Crediton, Devon. [504 

"I<1119 Velocette. 2-speed, low mileage, condition ? 
i" new; £50.-5, Windsor Ed., South Farnborougl 
Hants. ' [531 

\7"EL0CETTE, 1919, 2-speea, chain-driven, larp 

" lamps, Klaxon, new condition; lowest, £55.— Hoi 

den. Ham Ed., Worthing. (13) [538 

VELOCETTE, 1914, 2-speed. all-chain, Boscl 
Senspray, splendid condition, running order, tyre 
good, trial; £38.-45, Ashfleld Ed., Chorley. [497, 

VELOCETTE.— Immediate delivery of new 192 
Model D2 Velocette; £75, -Sole Midland Agent: 
The Premier Motor Co., Aston Ed.. Birmingham. [546 

O 'DONOVAN Motors are sole London and distric 
agents for the wonderful Velocette; immediat 
delivery.— O'Donovan Motors, 76a, Gt. Portland St. 
W.l. [470! 

IMMEDIATE Delivery can be given of the famou 
Velocette, 1921 model, 2i/ih.p., 2-speed, all-chai: 
drive; £75.— Agents: W. Sparrow, Ltd., Osborne Garage 
Yeovil. [163 

VELOCETTE. the lightweight with a big heart,- ll 
stock for immediate delivery, shop-soiled; at greatl: 
reduced price; now is the time to buy.— Mebea, 154-156 
Gt. Portland St., Wl. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7191 


WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane. London, E.C.4.- 
2%h.p. 1920 Verus-Blackburne, excellent coudi 
tion. £85. [5571 

£35 down and 8 monthly payments of £7/10 secure 
a brand new shop-soiled 1920 Venis-Blackbum 
2-speed 2.3411. p. — Maudes' (below). 

£40 down and 8 monthly payments of £8/15 secure 
a brand new 4h.p. 3-speed Verus Blackburne.- 
Maudes'. 100, Gt. Portland St., W.l; and Paris St. 
Exeter. [534: 


VILLIERS 2-stroke, 2^4h.p., good condition, run 
splendidly; £26.-143, Eavensbury Ed., Earlsfieli 

S.W. [543. 


VINDEC, 2'2h.p., 2-sp6ed, original tyres and belt 
like ne%v, lamps. 30/- tax; sacrifice, £48.-257 
Cavendish Rd., Balham, S.W.12. [542 


V.S. 6h.p. Combination. Bosch, new Amac. 2-spee. 
just overhauled; nearest £25; mornings befi 
11 a.m., or write.— Rhodes, 74, Grosvenor Rd., V.Tit 
hall Bridge, S.W.I. [514 


WILKIN, Models E and E4, shop-soiled; at greatl 

reduced prices; now is the time to buy.— Mebe 

154-156, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Ma; 

fair. [719 


WOLF 1915 2^4h.p.. variable gear, Bosch, lamp 
horn, good condition; best offer. — 15, Oakley Te 
race, Dewsbury Rd., Leeds. , [489 

1 Q20 Shop-soiled Wolf Machines, fitted with Blacl 
-l*^ burne, J. A. P., and Villiers engines ftnd Sturme; 
Arche- tfear boxes; cheap to clear.- Tel. : Museum 662f 
— A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W.l. [49^ 

B32 AH Utters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end oi each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxv. 




nao Wooler 2=ih.p.. P. .ind H. lamps, ^wej- born, 

fonnl to new 



-Palmer Bros., 

The Ciinnon 

rOOLER, new June, 1920, lamps, horn, tools. 
' mudshicld, insurance, perfect; £75. — 6, St. Vin- 
fi Kd.. Southend. Tel. : 428. - [4928 

[TAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4.— 
V 204h.p. Wooler 1921 touring models from stock. 
03/10; also 2?.'ih.p. Wooler, 1920, £82/10. [5588 

rOOLER. a" makers' specifications, shop-soiled; at 
greatly reduced price; now is the time to buy. — 
bc«. 154156. Ct. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone ; 5426 
.yliin: [7192 


9-1 Zeniths, in stock. —Agents. Hewett Bros., 94. 
Western lid.. Hove. Sussex. (0344 

► E \N'D New 8h.p. Zenith; cost £162; accept £145. 

► - .Smith. 52, Ilampstead Rd., N.W.I. [5344 

'I;MTH 4-5h.p., Olympia Show model; £123; imme- 
rliato delivery.— Caeco, 21, Hobson St., CambridRe. 


I PORTS Zenith, 6h.p., exchange 4h.p. Douglas or 
Miough.— Fairview, Thorkhills Rd.. Thames Ditton. 


'ENITH 1919 (Sept.) 6-8h.p.. new condition, hardly 
' used; £85. no offers.— 48, Grenville Rd., Ilomsey 
.le. ._ [5330 

'ENITH 5h.p. Sports, 1920, as new, mileage 200; 
I .ilOS. -Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 
591. ^ [5528 

'KXITH 8h.p. Sports, 1920, new, unregistered; 
I .«120.— Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd.. N.W.I. Museum 
591. [5529 

920 Zenith 5h.p. Sports Model, brand new, never 
l»-on ridden: tacriaco, £105.— Holmes, Mlkins 
ide. [4903 

f EN ITH-GR ADUA 8h.p. Combination. lamps, 
'' generator, etc., splendid order; £60.-5, St. 
etrr's Hil., Hammersmith. : [5419 

^ENITH (4h.p. J.A.P.) Gradua Coach Combination, 
^i nianv new parts, overhauled: £50, or near.— 
alls Garage, Lydney, Glos. [5299 

ZEXITII 8h.p. Combination, countershaft, new Sop- 
Ij teiuber; £180; accessories unscratched.— Maitland, 
ill Cottage. Cobharn, Surrey. [5163 

"^ ENCINE Bargain!- Zenith 8h.p. spoitiug solo. 1920, 
T new; £125.— "Vivian Hardie and Lane, Ltd.. 24. 
ooustoLk St., New Bond St., WJ,., [0319 

»40.— C.B. combination, 4h.p. Zenith, pcrTot;t con 
^ dition^ond appearance; alter 2 o'clock. — Golding. 
0. Ospringe Rd., Tulnoll Park. N.19. [5254 

/ENITH 1921 Models.— We are accepting orders for 
-i early delivery; your enquiry esteemed.— Mebcs, 
54 6, Gt. Portland .St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mavfair. 


h.p. Zenith Combination, 1914. special sports 

countershaft model, 90 bore, side valve; £100; 

een Shepherd's Bush.— Noal, 61, Thrcadueedle St.. 

C. [5162 

TENITH 8h.p., 1920, Model II. shop-soiled; In stock 
Li at grcatlv reduced price; now is tne time to buy.— 
lobes, 154-156, Gt. Portland St., W.-. 'Phone: 3426 
.fayl-ur. (7193 

ZllXITH 6h.p. Combination, a« new, fully equipped, 

^ including Caineo wind screen, speedometer, low 

loage; anv trial; £100.-5, St. George's Rd., Forest" 

It.-. E.7. [5213 

920 Sports Model Zenith, 5h.p. twin, delivered 
new .July, mileage 350. unscratched, Bunnlksen 

I A M Is this 
d fill. Resolution 
1921 in YOUR Diary? 

"Obtain Motor Cycle Equipment 


One day the truth will crash home to you tha' 
it pays to deal with Specialists. 
We give Immediate Intelligent Attention to Post 

Motor Cycling Jacket. 

Made of best quality " Good Scrs-ice" 
oilskin materiat, with the (amous 
mooth, non-sticky finish. 
Tan. unlined .. .. 47,6 

Tan or Mole, lined smart 

check material .. .. 57/6 
Seatless Trousers .. 21/- 
Sou'westers .. 6/6 

Has a specially designed buttonless 
front, fastening with thrce-seclion all 
round belt. Extra wide D.B. .|0 ins. 


Finest Quality 
"Asbestol" with 
nianiinoth gauntlet 
autoslidc fastener at 
back, double stitched 
Colours, Black and, unlined, 45/6, 
lined, 47/6. 

pcediinieter. Cowey horn, condition new; 
.ml, 28. St. James's St., Brighton. 

i-1 or 


yEN-ITH-CiUADTTA, J.A.P. 4h.p. single, 1917, Klaxon, 
fj Stewart trip. Hunt adcuinulutor lighting set, tools. 
:oo<l coudition: £65; evenings niter 6, nil Sunday.— 
lorland, 19. Harcwood Bd.. South Croydon. [5012 

I Q19 4-5b.p. Sports Z«nit.i and light Miilford coach- 
l-^ litiilt sidecar, speedometer, lamps, mechanicnl 
£93: or solo £90.— Kuwurds, 50. Harrington Kd.. 
outl] Kensington. 'Phouc: Kensington 3709. [3842 

8h.p. Zenith Model 11 Combination; £204. 
on deferred payments; one fifth dep^isit. 
talance by 12 monthly instalments, a small extra 
' argo being made for credit terms.— Uarrods. Ltd.. 
18, Bromiilon Ed., London. [5180 

j.J-6h.p. Zenith Combination, Gradua, twin J.AP. en- 
O gine. head, tail, side lamps, tools, spare belt new. 
;fioil running order; £90, or exchange small 2-6eater 
;yole car or nmabont to value : must he in good run- 
ling order.— Green, 32, Clydesdale, Wishaw. [5043 

Ladies' Motor Cycles. 

"\OUGLAS 2^. p., lady's Irniue, good rimniag order, 
L" 3->iK.-ed, kick start., occei^sories; what offers?- 
47, Mill St., Biidguorth. [4693 

IQ20 Lady's Model Sun-"Vite3se, 2-speed Stnnney, 
i-U hand clutch, brand new, unregistered; £65 — 
ffellord, 28, St. James's St., Brighton. [4998 


Bradbnrys, James, Budges, 

etc.— Ewens, Garage, King's 


TAN CAPE, large gaunlcts, lined 
19,6, 22 6. 27/6, and 32/6. 



"M'EW 1920 Models at Bargain Prices ; 

5-6h.p. James Combination, list £190, to cliar £175; 
3i!.h.p. Rudge Mulli. list £110. to clear £95; 
3h.p. Roval Rubv. list £120, to clear £99; 2;-,,li.p. 
Coulson 'B 2-speed. list £99, to clear £85; 2'-,,h,p. 
Coulson B and clutch, list, £110, to clear £94; 2-:,h.p. 
Edmund 2.speed. list £90, to clear £80; 2;;;,h.p. Excel- 
sior 2-speed, list £78, to clear £G7; 2t^h.p. E.vcelsior 
2-speed, list £67, to clear £58; 2i,!.h,p. Excelsior and 
clutch, list £73, to clear £64; 2iyi.p. Clyno 2-speed. 
list £75, to clear £60; 2',:lh.p. New Hudson 2-speed. 
list £75, to clear £65. 

HEBDEN and Son, 
Tel. : 488. 

149, St. James' St., 

Burn lev. 

LIGHTWEIGHT 2-stroke. mechanically sound, enc-a 
condition, ride away; £22/10.-17, High Rd.. Tot- 
tenham. [5195 

£75.— Sh.p. Zenith combination; 3',iih.p. B.S.A. com- 
bination. £45.— E. DeCort. 39. Essex Rd., Isling- 
ton, N.l. [5271 

WANDS"WORTH Motor Exchange.-^Winter's bar. 
gains; grand motor cycles, combinations, start- 
ling reductions. Watch.— Below. 

WANDSWORTH.— Easy terms, easy terms, easy 
terms on any motor cycle. — Below. 

WjVNDSWORTH.- Now's the time to buy real good 
motor cycles, at a winter's price.— Below. 


1920 N.U.T. Twin, dynamo light- 
3 speeds, magnificent machine; 118 gns. — 

WANDSWORTH.— 1920 Triumph, T.T. 
lighting, mostly soiled, 


21 Triumphs, Scotts, 
Cniiiiiions, Morgans. 


Tan Cbrome Leather 

Teddy and flcccc-lincd, Teddy- 
faced peak 25 / 

Tan Chronie Leather. 
Flcccc-lincd 18/6 


Exceptional Offer of Accessories. 

SPECIAL PURCHASE. — Large Adjustable 
Spanners, worth 14/ , post free. 6/3 : Celluloid Foot 
Pumps, 15' powerful, best British make, post free, 6/10: 
Metal 15' Motor Cycle Hand Pumps, wonderful 
vaUic, post free, 4/6; "Flexekas" Valve Stem 
Lubricators, prevent air leaks, 2 /6 post free ; Luggage 
Grid, steel tubing, very strong, 40/- carr. paid; Knee 
Grips, standard make, 10/6 post free; Double Twist 
Horn, black, 9 /9 post paid ; Aluminium Footboards 
for 2^ Douglas. 32/6 post paid. 

W.\NDSWORTH.-N.U.T., famous T.T. twin, over- 
head J.A.P., very fast, beauty; cheap,— Below. 

WANDSWORTH.- 1920 Royal Ruby 2'A.h.v.. almost 
new machine, nearly gift; 45 gns.— Below. 

WANDSWORTH.— 1920 lovely red Indian, dynamo 
lighting, 7-9h.p. Powcrplus; only 125 gns.— Below. 

4h.p.. Lucas 

unscratched; 96 gns.— 


WANDSWORTH.— 1920 Triumph coachbnilt com- 
bination. 4h.p., 3 speeds, Beaulilul turnout; 135 
gns.— Below. 

WANDSWORTH.— 1920 Scott coachbuilt combina- 
tion, twin, water-cooled, complete, smart lot; 125 
gns. — Below. 

"\TT.\NDSWORTH.— 1920 new Radco, sporting model, 
VV 2i..ih.p., 2 speeds, discs; 65 gns.— Below. 

WANDSWORTH.— 1920 Do Luxe 2%h.p., 2 speeds, 
very smart machine; only 49 gns.- Below. 

WANDSWORTH.— B.S.A. 1918 4'ih.p., 3 speeds, 
almost new, unscratched; 89 gns.— Below. 

W.\NDSWOnTH.— B.S.A. lato coachbuilt combina- 
alion, 4h.p., 3 speeds, countershaft, kick: 85 gna. 

WANDSWORTH.— P. and M. with sidecar. 3',;.h.p., 
mag. 2 speeds, countershaft; bargain, 49 gns.— 

WANDSWORTH.— Red Indian coachbuilt combina- 
tion, spring frame. 7h.p: twin, 2 speeds, newly 
painted; 68 gns.- Below. 

WjVNDSWORTH.— Rex coachbnilt combination, 5 
h.p. twin, Bosch. 2 speeds; only 45 gns.— Below. 

W.\NDSWORTH.— Bat-Jap combination, 8h.p. twin. 
Bosch, 2-3pccd countershaft; 48 gns.- Below. 

-Bradbury, flno coachbuilt com- 
Boscb, 2 speeds; bargain, 55 gna. 

bination, 4h.p. 

WAN"DSWORTH.— Antoine, with coachbuilt sidecar, 
5-6h.p. twin, mag., aboiost gift; 28 gns.- Below. 

WANDSWORTH.— Bradbury 3'^h.p., mag., 3 speeds, 
clearance; first cheque 29 gns.— Below. 

Station). 'I'hone: 

Exchanges. — Wandsworth 
Ebner St., Wandsworth 
Battersea 327. 




289-293. HIGH 

"Admittedly I-ondoa." 


Holborn 6430. 

MOTOR Cycle, 





S'^^h.p., 2-spced, H. start, 
forks, good condition £28.-1, St. 
Grove, Battersea Park Bd., S.W.ll. 

IF yon want a good privately owned motor cycle or 
car. apply Kwlksale Private Motor Registry. 35. 
Long Acre, W.C. Gerrard 2392. [0138 

-| Q21 "a.J.S., Matchless, Enfleld, Scott, Nortons, 
Xi/ B.S.A., Triumph, Sunbeams, Quadrant, Harley, 
Martinsyde.- Cimord Motories, Eostwood, Notts. 


RB. CL.\RK and Co. — Brand new shop-soiled 1920 
. models. 10% under list; Rudge I.O.M., Lea- 
Francis BA.T.. Verus, Sports Harley, Diamond, Now 
Hudson. Call and inspect.— 7, Exhibition Hd., Sooth 
Kensington. [4336 

BARGAINS in Second-hand Motor Cycles, ready to 
rida away, £15-f35. Scott engine and Bosch mag- 
neto £22/10; Minerva engine, £5; Bosch magneto, for 
lighting, £5.- M. Flanagan, 86, Copenhagen St., Isling- 
ton, London. [5026 

All letters relating to .ndvertisements should quote the numbei- at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. A25 

xxvi. Advertisements.^ 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 



ASTONISHING Litt of uew 1920 motor cycles in 
stock flt bargain prices; " no reasonable offers 
refused.— Lamb's, 50, High Ed., Wood Green, N.22, 
151, High St.. Walthamstow, and 387, Eui^ton Ed., 
JLoDdon, N.W. [5133 

XMAS 1919 Scotfc Combination, been carefully 
stored for last 7 months; will accept £140, or 
nearest cash offer; June, 1920, 2^/4h,p. Popular Levis, 
scarc^y nsed ; cost £60; will accept £50.— Thompson, 
Grocer, Dovercourt, Essex. [5316 

B AEG AINS.— Please peru-se our advertisements in 
small columns. We are disposing of our large 
stock of shop-soiled models at greatly reduced prices. 
Do not wait. Come and buy at once. The offer may 
not occur again.— Mebes, 154-156, Gt, Portland St., 
W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Maylair. [7194 

FRANK WHITWORTH, Ltd.. 139, New St., Bir- 
mingham. — Little used Douglas combination, £120; 
Iiron 2-stroke, £32 ; Campion-Villiers, 2-speed, £45 ; 
Enfield 2-3peea 2-stroke, leg shields, electric lighting; 
new A. B.C., N.U.T., Lea-Francis, Ivy, Cedos; also 
Coventry Premier super runabout. [X1881 

MOTOR Cycles (New Models), sidecars, and bodies 
actually in stock: B.S.A., AUon, New Scale, Eadco 
(3 models). Triumph, Douglas, Sun Vitesse (for which 
we are the Eole agents for the City of London), and 
ctheiB at lowest manufacturers' prices; carriage paid.— 
Bancroftian Co., 64 and 78. Bi&hopsgate, Lotrdtm, "E-tTS. 

Tj^EE Scooters.— Many aspirants being recently uu- 
X successful, wo have decided to supply a new Autoped 
'Sfiooter with tools, electric light, etc., for the best cash 
offer received up to January lOth, 1921. All offers will 
bo filed, and unsuccessful applicants will have a further 
odTontageous offer (leatricted to them) submitted.— Motor 
Exchange, 25, Hoiton St., Halifax. [X4322 

F.O.O.H,, the car, light car, and motor bike 
specialists. A good new and second-hand selection 
always on view; prices to suit everybody. Fair cash 
price paid for your 'bus; exchanges a speciality. We 
Bupply Triumph, Zenith, B.S.A., A.J.S., etc., also the 
famous Kingsbury Junior, Bleriot-Wliippet, G.N.— 5, 
Heath St.. Hanipstead (nr. Hampstead Tube Station). 
'Phone: Hampstead 3752. Hours 9-7, incluriinp 
Saturdays. [5135 

BARGAINS.— We have a few 1920 new, but slightly 
Eoiled solos and combinations to be offered at 
greatly reduced prices. These very special offers are 
only to be sold once, and cannot be repeated. Secure 
now and make euie of a new turn out at tbe right 
price for spot cash. Matchless Sh.p. combination, 
B.S.A. 4J-^h.p. combination, Douglas 4h.p. combination, 
also Trinmph Model H, Rudge T.T.. S'^^h.p. Douglas, 
23/4h.p. Calthorpe-Jap, Levis, etc. Call and inspect any 
of the above. Opportunity await.? you to secure at 
once.— Wilkins, Simpson, opposite Olympia, London. 



WALL Auto-wbeel, splendid condition.; £10.-19, 
High St., Whitechapel, E.l. [5255 

WALL AutoWheel; £10, or neaieat offer; running 
order.-Templeton, 92, Tixall Ed.. Staliord. [5405 
YOUNG Motor Attachment, only done 20 miles; a 
bargain, £17.-21, Ayresome Ed., Middlesbrough. 


WALL Auto-Wheel, splendid condition; £15.-3. 
Hurst Rd,, Winchmore Hill, N.21. After 6 even- 
ing. ^ [5424 


ARGSON Hand and Motor Propelled Tricycles, for 
invalid and disabled.— Particulars, Argson Eng. 
Co., Ltd., 3. Kendalls Mews, George St., W.l. [2647 


EGERTONS, Northgate, Ipswich, can deliver from 
stock A.B.C., Skootamotas, and Mobile Pups. 

1 O20 A. B.C. Skootamota, as new, horn, pump, tools, 
i«/ Pedley grips, perfect; £40.— Sissons, North Ferriby, 
Torks. [5057 

SKOOTAMOTA, perfect condition, hardly nsed; any 
trial given; . £30. or near offer.— H. Malliuson, 
Woodlands, Ledbury, Herefordshire. [5045 

KINGSBURY Scooter, with saddle, carrier, toolbag, 
etc., run less thn^ 100 miles, practically new con- 
dition : £25.— Abbeville, Parson St., Hendon. [4153 
AUTOPED, nearly new. clutch, seat, electric light, 
Klaxon, special carburetter, improved handle- 
bars, perfect running order; £29.— Simpson, 28, 
Dirlwich Wood Park, S.E.19. - [4938 

SCOOTEES. Winter prices.— 1920 Kingsbury scooter, 
as new. mileage 150, perfect, tyres not scratched, 
seater model, fine climber; sacrifice, £19. — Trevena 
Motors, Bexhill-on-Sea. 'Phone: 162. [5217 

FREE Scootera.- Many aspirants being receutly un- 
successful, we have decided to supply a ri^w Autoped 
scaotev with tools, electric light, etc., for the best cash 
<iffer received up to Jan. 10th, 1921. All offers will be 
filed, and unsuccessful applicants will have a further 
advantageous offer (restricted to them) submitted.— Motor 
Exchange, 25, Horton St., Halifax. [5131 

KINGSBURY Scooter, 2i4h.p., 1920 model, small 
mileage, pressed steel disc wheels, Clincher tyres, 
Araac carburetter, C.A.V. mag., speed from 3 to 30 { 
m.p.h., petrol consumption 125-135 m.p.g., lights, pani 
seat and alarm, guaranteed perfect and indistinguish- 
able from new; accept £42; owner going in for 
combination.— T. Jenkins, 53, High St., Aberavon, S. 
Wales. (D) ■ [5559 

New Address^ 




LAGONOA,, coupiS, dickey . £495 

CALTHORPE, t-seater 495 gns. 

MERRALL-BROWN, 4-cyl., 3-wheeler £325 

COVENTRY PREMIER, 3-wheeIer £288 15 

L.S.D., Sh.p., 3-wbeeler £245 

REX-BLACKBURNE, Model 55, 8 h.p., 

Combinntion, 2S x 3, spare wheel . £218 18 

DOUGLAS 4 h.p. Combination £170 

DOUGLAS, ajh.p., 3-speed, solo £100 

SCOTT, 3i h.p., 2-speed £130 

ROYAL RUBY, 3 h.p., spring frame . . £120 
NORTON, Big Four, 3-sp., and Sidecar £167 10 
NEW IMPERIAL, 8 h.p., and Sidecar . £186 18 
NEW IMPERIAL, 2>l h.p., 2-speed ... £80 17 
B.S.A. 4| h.p. 3-speed all-chain Com- 
bination, hood, screen, ansi carrier £161 15 
RUDGE-MULTI, 3.5 h.p., T.O.M. Model £110 5 

SCOTT Combination, 3in. Palmers £183 10 

BRADBURY, 6 h.p., and Sidecar £180 

AUTOPED Scooter, new. Cash oiier wanted." 
HENDERSON, 4-cylinder, latest model £220 

SCOTT, and TRIUMPH Motor Cycles ; L.S.D., 
BROWN 3-whselers ; AIREDALE, DOUG- 
Excliange enquiries solicited. 

Guaranteed in Running Order. 
Solo Machines. 
A.B.G., 1920, dynolightii>g,speedoraeter, 

electric ho'm, 700 miles £137 10 

DOUGLAS, 1920, 3-speed, accessories £95 
CLYNO, 1910, 2! h.p., 2-speed, like new £62 10 
ARIEL, 3.1 h.p., 3-speed countershaft . £105 

ROYAL RUBY, 2-stroke £39 10 

TRIUMPH, 3I h.p., single-speed £30 

DOUGLAS, 2I h.p., 3-speed, discs ... £72 10 

METRO-TYLER, 2-speed, red £S2 10 

WOLF, 2} h.p., spring forks £29 10 

B.S.A., 3l h.p., clutch model £39 10 

Passenger Machines. 

LAGONDA 1920 It h.p. conp6 £425 

MORGAN, w.-c, Grand Prix £165 


2-seatpr, 900 miles £475 

LAGONDA 1914 II h.p. coupi5 £210 

BRADBURY, 6 h.p., Grindlay Sidecar, 

lamps, etc., 1920 Combination . . . £157 10 
B.S.A. 1920 4^ h.p. all-chain Com- 
bination and accessories £135 

ARIEL 22 h.p. 1920 3-sp. Combination il25 
ViNDEC, "5 h.p., 2-speed, and Sidecar-. . £55 
HARLEY, 7-9 h.p., 1920, and new latest 

type bulbous back Sidecar £198 10 

INDIAN 7-9 h.p. spring frame Com- 
bination, very fine condition .... £99 10 
DOUGLAS 1919 4 h.p. Combination . . £135 10 
DOUGLAS 1920 4 h.p. Combination .. £152 10 
B.S.A., 1912, 3* h.p., single speed ... £39 10 
Easy payments arranged. 
Many aspirants being recently unsuccessful. 
we have decided to supply a New Autoped 
Scooter, with tools, electric light, etc., for the 
best cash offer received up to January roth, 
J921. All offers will be filed, and unsuccessful 
applicants will have a further advantageous 
offer (restricted to them) submitted. 


Easting Windscreen, standard £4 10 

C.A.V. Magnetos, from £7 17 6 

Thomson-Bennett Magnetos, from ,.£7 17 6 

Cowey Honis, 50/-; Ivlaxons £1 16 

Capac 1920 Carburetter, nearly new . £2 12 6 

Cowey Speedometers £6 

Eonniksen, Trip , £6 16 6 

Smith, Trip £5 15 

Binks Carburetters, post free £4 16 10 

Capac Carburetters, post free £4 6 ■ 

New Army I-Cnapsacks, is^Vxiiin. .. 5 6 

Plated T.T. Ears for Triumphs £1 5 

One-inch Touring Bars, black ....... 15 

26X2iX2i Pahner Sidecar Covers . . £1 15 
Dixie Mag. tor Douglas, second-hand £2 15 

Coachbuilt Sidecar Bodies £6 15 

Carriage extra. ■ 


HERCULES Hood^, bast and cheapest on the mari 
made to flt any body. 

HERCULES Hoods, 52/6, 66/-, and 80/-: write 
Ust.— Hercules Hood Co., 698, Seven Sisters E 
South Tottenham, N.15. [4j 


YT'ENUS Step Bodies are the best lor old chassis. 
"17'ENUS Bulbous Bodies are roomy and yery sm! 


ENUS Tandems hold 2 persons, 
but not unsightly. Get one. 

Strong and lig 

VENUS Bodies are made in a factory and suppl 
direct. Catalogue *'ree. 

VENTTS Sidecar Co., 6-14, Gourley St., S. Tottenht 
ROYAL Leicester Sidecar Bodiea fit any chassis, fli 
class finish. Se"veral bodies (new) to clear clie 
Write for designs.— The Willowbrook Co., Manuf 
turers, Leicester. [03 

BASTONE'S for Sidecar Bodies. Latest new tj 
sporting models, lightweights, bulbous back, t 
pedo, step, and other patterns at low prices; no bet 
or cheaper house; trade supplied.— 228, Pentonv: 
Rd., King's Cross, London, N.l. Tel. : 2481 Nortl 


SIDECAR Body Designs for the trade only. Wo 
ing, coloured, pencil, or line drawings oi origii 
designs, also working drawings, full-sized or to scale 
Cooper's Vehicle Journal, Ltd., established design 
to tne coach trade for over 80 years. Consult us wh 
designing new ideas.— 20, Tudor St., London, E.C.4 




ANDUM, the Smart Sidecar Specialists. 


S ANDUM Sidecar Catalogue for 1921, the m 
comprehensive in the trade. 

S ANDUM SidecaTs.-No. 1 De Luxe, £24/10; fc 
value in Olympia Show. 

S ANDUM Models. The EsQUisite £24/10, and Spc 
£28 / 10, are of distinctive appearance. 

S ANDUM Elite Sidecar, £28/10; the smartest si 
car en the road; highly recommended in 
Motor Cycle." 

S ANDUM Sideeors, prices to suit all, from £16/16 
£50; absolutely honest \alue.- 

S ANDUM Dual Purpose Sidetrar (patented). A sin 
or 2-seater sidecar as required in 5 seconds. S 
of body as our single-seater Elite. Luxuriously co 
fortable seating for 2 adults, with the weight in c 
rect position over rear axle. Finished in colours to s 
any make of machine, £45, bodies only, £22/ 
The Jatest development of the 2-seater as designed 
us, and approved by the recognised experts. 

ANDUM — In-sist on Sandum enclosed wLeel ohas 
or on girder type chatssis. 

WANDUM Screen, £4/10; easily operated ty pas, 
^ per, with nc:oen in any position, 

SANDUM.Featherweight Streamline Body, smart a 
racy, weight 18 lbs., locker in back and un 
seat; when not in use the seat back hinges forw 
and neat coverall encloses the whole; price £4/17/f 

ANDUM Hoods, plated fittings, suit any body; 
mediate delivery; £3. 

SANDUM Sidecars. — Wholesale manufacturers 
coachbuilt bodies, chassis, hoods, screens, 

SANDUM Sideca-rs.— The most noted body-builder; 
the country. 

SANDHAM Engineering Co.. Ltd., 336, Gray's ' 
Rd., W.C.I. 'Phone: Holborn 933. Factories: : 
to 165, Pentonville Rd., N.; and Britannia Wor 
Britannia St., W.C. [0( 

WATSONIAN R34 Sidecar, 1920. good conditio 
£25.— Boxall, 25, High St., Cosliom, Hant^. [5: 

MILLFORD Family Sidecar, 2 screens, extra he 
tyre; £35.— Cross, Agent, Rotherham. [X4 

CANOELET Sidecar with screen and apiou, ne; 
new; £16.-91, Mapledene Rd., Dalston, E.8 


COACHBUILT Underslung Sidecar, wind screen, v 
comfortable; £15.-17, Sussex Rd., New Mnld 
Surrey. [5C 

MILLS-FULFORD for P. and M.. in good coi 
tion ; £14, bargain.— 33, Hackford Rd., B: 
ton. S.\V.9. [4 

DOUGLAS Chpsfiis, with wheel, £3 each: reduct 
lor quantity.— Banister and Eotten, 341, Up 
St., -London, N.l. [5^ 

1Q21 Harley Sidecar, brand new; £41; list pr 
-S-fJ £49/10. -Edwards, 50. Harrington Rd., So 
Kensington. [4 



A26 MI letters relating to adveitisenients should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the "date of the issue. 

January 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

AdvertiseiMents. xxvii. 


TEVENS Sidecars. —The best that British indnstrr 
can produce. Immediate delivery. Catalogue on 

lEYENS Model No. 1 Spcrtins Torpedo, for Triumph. 
Eudce,. JJ.S.A., etc., etc.; price complete £22, 

TEVEXS Model Xo. 2 Standard Touring Sidecar, 
suitable for all motor cyclas; prioe compl«t« 

lEVENS Model iS'o. 3 Standard Liglt Tourins Model, 
price complete £20; for machines from 2»4h.p. to 

lEVENS Special 1921 Bulbous Back "Model, price 
complete £27; the most luxurious etreamline 
nout on the market. 

rEVEiVS Sidecars con be supplied with fittings to 
smt any make of motor cycle. Bodies and chassis 
be had separately if required. 

FEVENS Sidecars.-Write for our illustrated cata- 
logue Iwfore deciding. Second-hand and clearance 
?cars usually in stock. 

rETEXS Sidecnrci. 184-186,' PentonTille Ed.. King's 
Lross. London, X.l. 'Phone: 10264. [5192 

ICENCE Holders, circular, suit motor cycles or 
cars conforming to Transport Ministry reeula- 

as.— Below. ^ =buia- 

ICENCE Holders, black, 3/6; brass 
minium, 4/-; plated, 4/6; postage 6d.' 

ded If not satislleld.— Middieton's,"tje]ow. 

riDDLETON'S are standardising their 
L applied for spring wheel sidecars for 
son; rigid sidecars to order. 

4/-; alu- 
Money re- 



riDDLETON'S Spring Wheel Sidecars are guaran 

- teed lor 3 years on usual conditions. 

'IDDLE'TON'S (patent applied) one-piece unbrcak 

- able chassis axle, with spring wheel, is attcd to 
our 2-seater3 and sidecars for- heavy, powerful 


"UDDLETON'S undertake aU classes of repairs to 

- motor cycles and sidecars, bodywork, etc. 

riDDLETON'S, London's oldest established sidecar 
L makers, 27, Stroud Green Hd., Finsbnry Park 
one: Hornsey 1584. [4S09 

OCanoelef MM4's for Hurleys, bulbous backs, heiivi 
Duulnp tyrei, new: £17/10 to £27 each.-Holli 

Bioji., helow. 

Douglas Chassis, no tyres, £3'10 each 

luantities cheaper. Also a range of new bodi.' 

Douglas from £6 -upwards.-Hollidny Bros., 20 

?en "St.. Hoinersmith Broadway. [5127 

ASTONE'S for Sidecars and Bodies: no better or 

cheaper house. Kindly inspect our models before 

chasing elsewhere. 

A.STONES._New 1921 sporting and other model, 
'S,i?,^^- """^-^s from £4/10; complete sidecars 
Q x>16/ 10. 

ASTONE'S.-We have a lew soiled sidecars and 
bodies to clear at hiw prices. 

ASTONE'S.-Distribnting agents tor the famous 
Montgomery sidecars. Latest 1921 sporting and 
sr models in stock; trade supplied. 

AST0NE;S (Sidecar Dept.), 223, Pentonville Rd 
King s Cross, London, N.l. Tel. : 2481 North. 

OTAL Leicester Sircars to euit all machines. loouiy 
bwlles, comfortable upholstery, excellent springing - 
ea from £19/10 upwards. 

!ND Tonr Sidecar to ui for renovation. New hoods 
wind screens, and aprons fitted. Wrilo for cutu- 


3E Willowbrook Co.. Royal Leicester Sidecar \Vork« 
Belgrave Gate. Lei(;e8ter. [0335 

RAND New 1921 Uncrated Scott Sidecar; cost 

£40; accept £35: owner ordered car.— Green 7 

ivery St.. Chesterfield. [X4319 

NDEESLtrxG Sidecar Chassis with all conplings 
with Dunlop he:ivy nnpunctuied: f 5,10.— Tliorn'- 
Moor I>!iU6. Sherburn-ia-Ebnet. r5307 

DECAR Cha..i!.ii. spnmg wheel, re-enomelled, com- 
plete, luggiige grid, fitted \V,D. Clyno- £4- an- 
tment.-50. liecchfleld Bd.. N.4. [5159 

DECAR Chassis, Douglas. £4; complete sidecar 

£17; Millford chassis. 28in. wheel, from £3 — 

or, 39, Essex Rd., Islington, N. [5268 

EW Sporting Torpedo Shaped Bodr, £6: and new 

4-point chassis. £10; would exchange body for 

ing.-30. Harold Ed.. BeuLlh Hill. S.E.19. [5287 

SW Dinkey Sidecars, any colour, 4-point nttnch- 

ments. i ost £45. mr price £30: also Canoelct 

or. £11.— Blown. St. Martin's House. Hereford, 

SDERSLUNG Fine Cane Millford Shape Side^a^^ 
Itnv built, l.ejiitiliilly upholstered, n.. ii,.w litinKu 
y tyres: £7,10.-3'. Hayes, 2, Chapel St., King's 
»• [5350 

120 Mills-Fulford Sidccnr. oft Indian, bulbons btick 
Eiisting screen. Lucas electric light, perfect con- 
in: trial; first reasonable oflct.— Oliflord. Thornhill 
rbndge. , f5243 

ENDERSON Sidecar.— Large stock of all modeU, 

shop-?oiled. at greatly reduced prices: now is the 

! to buy.— Mebes. 154-156, Gt. Portland St., W 1 

me : 3426 Maylair. « [7193 

the New 

[ere's the HOLDER you should fit 
-it stands alone for design, utility, 
and value — not a "last moment" 
article, but one that has been care- 
full}' thought out. 

See tlie ONE XUT— the only one 
that e.xists. E.xamine the clip and 
the adjustment which allow the 
"Holder" to take up the exact posi. 
tion demanded by the Government. 
Delivery from stock — one quality, 
one price, any finish. Order NOW. 



SIDECAR attachments. 

FOR Sale. 1920 Millford sidecar, made for Zenith, 
only used once. Binks carbnretter for Sli.p.. brand 
new and unused, sidecar and tail lamps; no reasonable 
offer refused.— Mjllwaid, Jaeksdale, Notts. [5384 

SIDECAR.— Have a Hopley folding sidecar. No need 
to pay garage, "i'ou can keep motor at home; 
will go through passage 28in. when folded on any 
motor. Any shape body fitted. They have been well 
tested for six years on motors up to 8h. p.— Hopley. 
Upper Highgate St.. Birmingham. [0152 

CHASSIS.— Tho Sandum lightweight. £9/9; heavy- 
weight, £12/12; heavyweight enclosed wheel type, 
£22: spring wheel type, £27. Ask to see our special 
sidecar connections. Trade enquiries invited.- Sand- 
h.ini Engineoring Co.. Ltd., 335, Grays luu Ed.. W.C.I. 
'Phone; llclbi.rc 933. [C325 


1Q15 Grand Prix Morgan, electric lighting; £185.— 
^'J' Ros^. 86, High Rd., Lee. [5098 


3-spee<l, £200 : also 

86. High Ed., Lee. 


1 Eichardsons. Morgans. Triumphs, Scotts, Rudge, 

etc.— Ewens, Garage, King's Lynn. 'Phone; 122. 


G.N. Cycle Cars; latest models always, in atock.— Best 
deliveries from Drake and Mount, Ltd., Motor 
Agents, Uratknell. [3936 

"IQl'' Morgan, new condition. 8b. p. J.A.P. A.C.. 
±V any trial: £95.-29, St. Leonard's St., Bromley- 
by-How. Eo.'t 4708. [5382 

JUST Arrived Works, latest Morgan do Luxe, lOh.p. 
w.c. M.A.G., discs, lamps,, brand now; list price. 
-Clarke and Co.. Louth. [4889 

CYCLE CAB. 6h.p. Pre«-l.«lon engine. 2 speeds. Iwlt 
drive, spoiting body: £70, oi offer.- Spaight. Bella- 
honston Hospital, Glasgow»„.-- [X3696 

in stock for 



1Q14 7L.p. Swift Cycle Cat. dvnomo 
Xi7 £200.-Eo-.s 86, High Ed., Lee. 

1 Q 15-16 Babv Peugeot 6h.r.. 
-l«J2->i(eed model, £l50.-RoM, 


ROVER Light Car, 1921 model, 8h.p. 
ininiediiite delivery: £300.— Godfrey's, Ltd, 
Gt. Portland St., London, W.l. 

1 017 Morgan. Grand Prix. wc. J.A.P. engine, coni- 
i~0 pletdv overhauled, tvrcs good, electric lighting; 
£180.— Dr. Beanc. Long Eaton. Notts. tX4323 

"OLERIOT Whippet Cycle CarT^to makers^ speciflca 


Ilarrods, Ltd.. 118, Biompton Rd., London 

' n. Sociable, modern typos, fully eunippc . 

cully sound, good appeanincc : from £60 to £85 ; trial. 

-29. Allsop St., Upper Baker St., Loudon, N.W. (3167 

GTCLE Car, 4 wheels, 2-««ater, £40. trial; also car 
cha«.iij. with wheels, tyres, steering, etc., £5/10; 
must sell.-Chaaey, 34, Blissett St., Greenwich, S-L. 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane, London E.C.4.— 
New 1921 8b.p. Coventry Premier, 8l>aro wheel, 
detachable wheels, dynamo lighting: price 275 Kns. 

COVENTRY Premier Runabout, 3 speeds and re- 
verso dvnaniu lighting; 275 gns.-Special Agents, 
Ritibll" I!r<''i 200, Gt. IVrtliind St., W.l. 'I'houe: 
Maylair 5042. (0385 

GIBBONS Mark HI. Cycle Car, reduced to £115; 
delivery within cne month; trials any time by 
apnolntnienl. Agents required.— Gibbons and Moore. 
Cha.iwcll Heath, Essex. [''838 

MORGAN 1916, Grand Prix, wnter-cooleJ J.A.P., nil 
accessories, painted red and black, good condition : 
sncrifioe £145.-30, Harold Ed., Beulah Hill, S.E.19. i 
Tel.; Sydenham 1284. [5286 

NEW G.N. Cycle Car, to makers' specification. £245; 
dynamo lighting model. £275/12,'j6: immediate 

delivery: deferred payments ^Z extra 
118. Brompton Rd., London. 

Harrods, Ltd . 

T.B. 1921 Models. lOh.p, Blackbume, air-cooled, 
£260, water-cooled £275 : ready for delivery Janu- 
ary.— Sole agent's Sussex. County Garage,_ Gloucester 
Place. Brighton. 



F. w. WALL 
All letteis relating to advei tisements should quote the number at the end of each advertiaoment. 

Agents invited. 

6h.p. Cycle Ciir Chassis, single, 
and .. ■ - 

Aranc, Thomson-Bennett mag. : £35, or offers,- 58. 
Knox Bd.. Blakenluill, Wolverhampton, (5314 

CYCLE Car, 1914, 8h.p., w.c, 5 Lynwood detachable 
disc wheels, 3 speeds, electric lighting, hood, wind 
screen, perfect condition, sporty appearance: £140.— 
Carter, Empire Cinema, Douglas, I.O.M. [5076 

MORGAN 1921 Grand Prix, lOh.p. watei-cooled 
M.A.G. engine, hood, screen, lamps, horn, 
aluminiuui instrument Mard. flush-fitting speedometer, 
jnst delivered, used for le^s than 500 miles; £230.— 

1920 New Special Grand Prix, lOh.p. 
engine, .-streQiuIine body. hood, screen, 
lamps, horn, fully guaranteed; £235.— Below. 

MOEGAXS, new and -second-hand, always In stock. 
We aro the leading London agents, and can supply 
your renuiremcnt..'. All sprites in etock. — Elce nnd Co., 
15-16. Bishopsgnto Av.. Camomile St.. E.C.3. 'Phone; 
Avenue 5548. [0072 


2nd the date ol the issue. a2 7 

xxviii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 1921. 


TAMPLIN Tandora, to makers' specification, £165, 
or fully eqiupped wi-tb liood and sereen. lamp, 
]iorn, aluminium discs on wheels, £189/7, or on de- 
ferred payment <?% extra.— Harrods, Ltd., 118, Bromp- 
ton Rd., London. [5188 

T.B. Tricars.— We hare a few new 1920 models, 8h.p. 
J.A.P., air-cooled, 3 speeds and reverse, sijare 
wheel, acetylene lip:liting, disc wheels, screen, hood, toola, 
pump: £235; new tax £4.— County Garage, Gloucester 
PUu^e, Brighton. [3230 

MORGAN: 8-lOh.p. J.A.P., late model Grand Piix, 
water-cooled, just repainted mauve, hood, ecreen, 
lamps, discs, speedometer, etc., absohitely as new; bar- 
gain, £150, t<^k6 23,.h.p. Douglas part.— G., 63, Solon 
Rd., Brixton, S."W".2. [5495 

MORGAN 1920, J.A.P. a.c, latest improvements, 
complete equipment, many extras and spares, re- 
cently overhauled, in excellent order- owner lx>ught car; 
£190 or near ofSer.—Bayldou, Hill View, Q.ueen's Park 
Parade, Northampton. [5352 

MORGAN.— We are agents for these famous run- 
abouts, and are now in a position to offer leason- 
able delivery. We specialise in repairs, owerhauls, and 
1 epainting.— Tlie Molincux Garage Co., Ltd., Wolver- 
hampton. Tel. :1160. [3460 

TURNER Cycle Car, 8-10h,p. V twin engine, water- 
cooled, live axle, 2 speeds and reverse, wire wheels, 
lamps, horn, hood, ecreen, etc.; £75; exchange combina- 
tion.— Speechlev, 1, Gunnersbury Lane, Acton Hill, Lon- 
don, W.3. 'Phone: Chiswicl; 1-902. [5231 

CROUCH Light Cars.— Have you investigated the 
wonderftil merits of this famous product ? _ If 
not, please allow ns to send you fnll particulars. Price 
complete, ready for the road, £295, value unequalled 
anvwhere.— Mebes and Mebes (Est. 1893), the Qjiginal 
Light Car Specialists, 144, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 
Tel. : 3426 Mayfair. [4252 

G.N. Cycle Car.— Mebes and Mebes, the Original 
Light Car Specialists, are the largest official Lon- 
don agents. During ££as^^l920 we have sold more of 
these than any other a^^m'-^ England, therefore our 
expert experience is at your d"KposaI. Immediate _de- 
livery of -all. models from stock at makers' list price, 
ncv waiting.— 144, Gt. Portland St., W. Tel. : 3426 
Mayfair. [4251 


£35 Secures 6h.p. Rover 2-seater, ready drive away.— 
Palmer's Garage, Tooting. 

£30 Secures 7-9h.p. Peugeot 2-seater, ready drive 
away.— Palmer's Garage, Tooting. 

£40 Secures 9h.p. Sporting Sizaire 2-seater, bulbous 
back, ready drive away. — Palmer's Garage, Toot- 

£50 Down and 12 Monthly Payments £5 secures re- 
liable 4-seater landaulet.- Palmer's Garage, Toot- 

£75 Down and 12 Monthly Payments £7/10 secures 
R.M.C. underslung- 2-seater. — Palmer's Gnrnge. 
Tooting. ^ [5513 

DAIMLER 28h.p. Touring Car, C.A.V., guaranteed 
perfect: £95.-14, Gleuelg Rd., Brixton, London. 


Tj A-12h.p. 4-cyl. Humber Landaulet, new gears, Eoscb, 
JL\f Clandel, gate, tyres, paint, upholstering, etc.. al) 



perfect; £85- — Hammond, Wivenhoe. 


B.S.A. Coupe, 13.9h.p., dynamo lighting, Rudge de- 
tachable wheels and spare, handsome appearance; 
£225.-11, Claphflm Court, Clapham, S.W.4. [5466 

6h.p. Rover, running order, £35 ; 41,'jh.p. Precision 
3-wheeler chassis.' complete, £18; lOh.p. Maxwell 2- 
seater, £120.—Motors, 39, Essex Rd., Islington, N.l. 

-^ [5270 

DAIMLER 1916-17 Open Touring Car, C.A.V. light- 
ing. Dunlop detachable wheels with spare, iu new 
condition; £395.— Capt. Trumble, 69, Bavant Rd., Cam- 
berwell, S.E. [5469 

SPORTING Italian Peugeot, 12h.p., streamline dome- 
shaped 2-seater, dickey, disc detacbable wheels, 
hood, screen; £220, or exclmnge 1920 combination.— 84, 
Greenside Rd,, Croydon. [5152 

"I Q13 4-s6ater Darracq, detachable wheels, tyres 
•i-*y nearly new, hood, lamp?, screen, gate change, 
in pplendid condition; exchange for motor cycles, any 
condition.— Britnell Bros., 43-45, High St., Fulham. 

1 /ih.p. Twin Alldays 2-seater, in perfect running 
X" order, new tyres, hood, screen, lamps, and 
Stepney, Binks carburetter, Bosch mag.; trial any 
time ; absolutely a bargain, £ 100.— Dickins, 8, Bath 
Rd., Cheltenham. [4981 

NOTICE.— Landaulets: Sunbeam £175, Talbot £95, 
Renault £150, Argyll £95, Mass £75, Wolseley 
£85; Napier chassis, £85; Daimler 25-cwt. van, £95; 
Straker-SQuire 3-ton lorry, £145; all guaranteed.— 
S.M.C, 77, Acre Lane, 8.W.2. [5467 

DOUGLAS S. COX regrets no list this week owing 
to early press, but latest printed list free on 
receipt P.O. Seventy cars, however, always in stock, 
and systematic reduction scheme proceeding merrily; 
absolute bargains guaranteed all callers. Please call.— 
Douglas S. Cox, the absolutely straight motor man, 6, 
La-nsdowne Hill, West Norwood, S.E. [5567 

To every purchaser of a new cover ^^ 
from the list below, a new and fully 
guaranteed Inner Tube entirely free 
of charge. All goods are sent Car- 
riage Paid, and on approval, seven 
days against remittance. ^% 















Avon Rubber Stud 

Englebcrt Wired-on Rib 
Hutchinson Passenger.. . . 

Avon Combination 

Beldam Extra Heavy .... 

Bates No. I Special 

Dujilop Heavy 

Clincher De Luxe Ex. Hy 

Hutchinson T.T 

S. Moulton Extra Heavy 
Englebert Wired-on R.S. 

Beldam Hea\-y 

Englebert Wired-on Rib 

Dunlop Heavy 

Palmer Cord Heavy .... 
Clincher De Luxe Ex. Hy. 
Kerapshall Anti-skid. . . . 

Bates.No. I Special 

Wood-Milne Extra Heavy 
Avon Tricar Rubber Stud 
Palmer Cord Heavy O.S. 
Beldam Extra Heavy . . 
S. Moulton Extra Heavy 
Palmer 2-ply Ribbed. . . . 
Englebert Wircd-on R.S. 
Englebert Wired-on Rib 
Goodyear A.W. Tread . . 
Goodrich Safety Tread.. . 
Wood-Milne Extra Heavy 
Elite E.Hy.Gvd. Retread; 
Palmer Cord Heavy . . . 

.\von 3-rib 

Dunlop W.D. Grooved 
Wood-Mikie Steel^Stucl . 
Partriflge R. Non-skid . 

Clincher Ribbed 

Clincher Rubber Stud . 

Our List 
Price. Pric;. 


41 (6 
85 - 


53, '5 


74 '5 




88 /9 






. Per Foot, 

1// 1/9 2;2 


I Jin. 


RETREADING hS''."""- fim 

Medium . . 15/- 

Eepair3 aiG executed at 

ooT nwn worlis nntier ex- Jjt RFP A IPO 
pert supervision. ■»»-■ j-tiift«^ 



Made by 
North British 
Rubber Co., Ltd 
Rubber Co., 
Ltd.. etc. 
Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9,10, ir, 12 






S.W. 1. 

Victoria 6553 




£100 Down and 12 monthly payments of £25 eecui 
n magnificent 3-ton lorry.— Details, Palmer's Gi 
age, Tooting. [55 

LOREY Bodies for Ford Xoimerg in Stock, exi 
strong make, enclosed cab; £65.— The Willowbrc 
Co., Leicester. [03 

1 K-CWT. Humber Van. 10-12h.p., 4-Lyl.. Bos* 
J-^ Zeniui, etc., in pefeut mniting order; £75.— 
Bull, 44, Hills Ed., Cambridge. [53 

TON 4-cyl. Himiber Loitv, running order, £95 ; 6 i 
2-seat6r Hover, ninning order, £65.— Hudson, '■ 
Conwny Kd., Plumst'i'ad, London. [51 

£85 down and 12 monthly payments of £15 seen 
splendid 1-ton truck, twin solids, will carjy ; 
cwt. — Details, Palmer's Garage, Tooting. [55 


1?100 Down and 12 monthly payments of £20 seen 
^ London tasicab.— Details, Palmers' Garage, 'To 
ing. [55 


EIGHT 8-lOli.p. Douglas Lighting Sets, water-cool 
with radiator, 120 v. dynamo, 20 amps., all 
OCC-- base plate; these are complete with ewifcliboat 
which includetJ, 2 amp. meters and 1 -voltmeter, 
switches.— Below. 

"OUR 8-IOh.p. Douglas Engines only, with radia 
imd magneto and carburetter; £50 each.— Beloi 

SIS 4-cyl. Standard Lighting Sets, lOh.p. engine, w 
radiator, 120 v. dynamo. 30 amp., switrliboard a 
switches, as used on the workhop lorries; £75 each, to 
mag. and carburetter.- Below, 

EIGHT lOh.p. 4-cji. Austin Lighting Sets. Tarti 
lars same as Standard. £75 each, with magni 
and carburetter.— Below. 

efi.p. 1916-17 Clyno Engines, less mag. and carl 
retter; £15 each.— Below. 

F'ORTY Switchboards, in cases with sliding gli 
doors, containing one voltmeter, 2 amp. mete 
and 5 switches; price £4 each; please writfe or apply 
Below. - 

ALABGE Quantity of Cable, electric lamps, elect 
lighting shades, switches, switchboards, etc 


5-6h.p. Rudge Engine, complete with multi geai. Q 
mag-: £12.— Below. . y- 

HUEE 4Vih.p. Precision Engines; £8 each.— BelcR 




ONE 3V"'h.v. I/incoln-Elk ; £5.— Please write of ap] 
J. J. Dooley, 33, Killyon Rd., Clapham. Stami 
addressed envelope, please. [55 

DOUGLAS 244h.p. Stationnry Unit, complete, guar; 
teed as new; £14.-35, Marmion Ed., Portsmoc 


4h.p. Douglas Engine, as new, £14; 4'>2h.p. Precisit 
£12; stamp.— Motor, 39, Essex Rd., Islingt 
N.l. [5£ 

P. and M. Engine, date model, in jierfect conditi< 
£12/10; 2-sp6ed gear, £6/10.— Inman, Othello £ 
Liverpool. _ [48 

4h.p. J.A.P., single, powerful type; £10; low milea 
in present owner's hands since new.— Hetheri] 
ton. Moffat. ^ [50 

4ih.p. Water-cooled Ees Engine, complete with m 
■i neto, will drive two lathes easily; £14.-170, E 
Lane. Coventry. [S43 

23.h.p. Union Engine with E.I.C. magneto, latest ty 
4 complete, brand new ; £14.^Booth, Main i 

Haworth, Kcighley. [52 

SUNBEAM 3\^h.p. Unit, complete, mag., carburett 
etc., not junk; offers over £24.-120, iSIarlboron 

Flats, Walton St..-Chelsea, S.W.3. [X4£ 

'po Manufacturers.— Engines M.B. 2-stroke 2141 
A units ; immediate deliveries large 

quantities for trade teriufc. 
Kd., W.O. 


245, Haiumersm 


HEPPELTHWAITE.— 3V"h.p. N.S.U., £4; CI1 
6h.p.. £7/10 (1912); 3h.p. 2-strofces, new, £7/; 
Humber. £3/10.-19, AVilcox Rd., South Lambeth, L 
don, S.W-8. [53 

J.A.P. Engines in Stock.— Special o.h.v. engi: 
built, complete stock of spares for all type J. A 
engines; Bosch magneto. 50^ twiu, £6/10; Al J. A 
engines from £15.— B. P. Garage. 40, Murray Me 
Murray St., Camden Town, N.W. [3S 

UNION 2';:Ji.p. 2-stroke, complete with C.A.V. mi 
B. and B. carburetter, e.xhaust pipe and silen( 
complete with Hoskinson frame, tank, with drip fe 
earner, and stand, the - whole brand new; sacri 
£27/10.— Homac's 243, Lower Clapton Rd.. N 
'Phone : Dalston 2408. [5' 


H. Matrneto 55°, clock, suit Clyno ; £4.— G., 
Str;iuss Ed., Bedford Park, Chiswick, W.4..[5: 

AGNETO, C.A.V., new single-cyl. heavyweight, et 
plete; £3/10.— Jackson, 89, Oak Lane, Bradfor 


AGNETOS, 180=', from £4/10; 50°, £5; sib 

Bosch, £5.— Motor, 39, Essex Rd., Islington, 




A2S All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end oJ each advertisement, and the dat< of the issue. 

>;uARY 6th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxi.x. 


jIANCE Magneto Repairing Co., Bpecialista in 
n&gneto repairs. 

jIANCE guarantee to return your magneto witli- 
n 3 daya, and li neceaaary, 24 hours. 

jIANCE worlE under estimate, and guarantee 
ivery magneto iot 12 months. Armature wind- 

jIANCE work lor, and are recommended by. some 
5I the largest firms in London and country, and 
upply every want. 

jIANCE stock spares Tor Bosch, U.H., Eisemann.' 
S.I.C., C.A.V., SpUtdorf, Dixie, and all known 

jIANCE specialise in the repair of U.H. mag- 
netos, and, having the original U.H. parts, can 
ntee a sound and reliable lob. 

LIANCE stock new and second-hand magnetos at 
right prices; old magnetos taken in part payment. 
for illustrated leaflet of the new Fellows Hght- 
t magneto, the smallest, cheapest, and most elH- 
made. Special terms to the trade. 

LIANCE will be pleased to receive your enquiries 
concerning your ignition troubles, and customers 
>e certain of obtaining promptness and cou;"tesy. 

LIANCE Magneto Repairing Co.. 11. Gt. Sutton 
St., Goswell Rd., E.C.I. [2186 

JrllULATOES, 4 volt 20 amp., in celluloid caeea, 
TvitL extra tin case and liandle, 13/6 each: r©duc- 
o trade for Qoantity.— Below. 

JUMULATOES!— Write for our list; very low 
pric^: special offer. — F. Yates and Bon, 144, 
h St-, Kensington. C39'8 

3M.S0N-BENNETT Magnetos, 180=. suit 4h.p. 
Douglas, guaranteed perfect: 70/-. — Watson, 6, 
dish Parade, Clapham, S.W.4. [5247 

iOH ZA2, 180°, onti, £4; ditto, E.I.O.. £3,10; 
lew contact breakers, complete, 10,'-: wanted, single 
Aslibv, 18, Hertford I'lare, Coventry. [S402 

GNETOS: Dixie, 180°, £3) Thomson-Bennett, 
single, £3/10) Bosch contact breakers, 18/-.— 
il Gflroge, London x.-., Thornton Heeth. 
. - C6403 

4, and 9-cyl. Magnetos for all purposes, guaran- 
^, at very low prices: magnetos bought, sold, 
thonged.— Lavlver Co., 23, Elnathan Mews, Pad- 

m, W. 


■ NETO Repairs.— Send vour magneto to Palmer's 
Garage, Tooting. Reply paid, qnotation tele- 
ed on receipt. Quick, eluclent repair guaranteed 
om 2 to 6 days— usually within 24 hours.— 
ir's Garage, Tooting. [5503 

N'BAKEN Repair Service.- Thorough and cfflelent 
epairs to any make of dynamo, starter, or mag 
lave the spare parts, plant, and skilled labour 
ig out guaranteed work only.— Enclose instructions 
end hy rail to The Runboken Magneto Co. Ltd 
Qt. Portland St., London, W. Cl'hono 1 ilaylur 
Korth of England: Derby St., Cheethnm, Man- 
,r. (ThonOi Olty 82SS). [0268 

GNETOS, Magnetos.-We bold a stock of V twin 
P'K!,''!'"'^"'.,"" "JfSfees, and recommend the new 
.. K" to Indian riders : Bosch mnguetos, nil degr.'o. 
)tat!ou3 ; It.T.H. singles in stock ; exchanges. The 
official Indian electrical service station B T II 
son-Bennett, and Peel Connor repairs service — ' 
n Ignition Co., 329. Euston Ed., nTW.1. 'Phone- 
im 5034. T.A. ; Magdymo, Eusroad, Loudon, 

iTON Ignillon Co.'s 24 hour repair service. Uuar- 
intoed repairs to nil tvpes of magnetos: Sulitdorl 
Jlxle specialists: ofllclal Indian electrical service 
ii lliomson-Bennett repairs and spares. All r»- 
pre tested on on approved A.l.D. test bench b«. 
Ispatch, and therefore carry our guaranteo for 13 
If. tto hold the largest stock of guarnntoed mag- 
In London, twins all degrees; spare parti for nil 
In stock: charged occumulators all voltages 
1 ready in stock, plugs, cables, lA-wntt and vacuum 
all voltages. We glie you real Uve service always 
;on Ignition Co., 329. Euston fid., London, N W 1 
(1 Museum 6034. T.A : Magdymo. fcusroiid 



(TONE 3 for Government surplus and clearance 
:over3 and tubes. 

iT0NE-3.-26xl>i Mlchelln covers; 15/-. 

|TpNE;S.-26x2',i Palmer cord ribbed covers, 
14/-; Hutchinson, rubber-studded, 28,-. 

ITONE'S.— Englebert ribbed (wire edged) covers 
I6x2'i or 26x2i.», 25.-; ditto, rubber-studedi 

iTONE 3.-26 x2JJ Hutchinson Tourist Trophy, 

lTONE'S.-26x2l,4 Michelin, 21/-. ^ 
IBsscnger. 42/-; Avon Sunstone, 45/-. 


!T0NE'3.— 23X3 Palmer cord, heavy, 45/-. 

JT0NE'3.-Michelin tubes, 26x2>4 and 26x2l/, 
i! G each. 

■ISi" !r'\. ?^*'n, ?'=°'™'''"<' R^- K'°g'» Cross. 

f.ond.jn. -J, I. Xel. : 2481 North. [5632 

& SON, Ltd., 

Motor Engineers, 





overhauled, stove-enamelled, re- 
plated, tanks in makers colours, new 
tyres, guaranteed, complete with tool 
bags, kit, and pump 

Douglas 2f h.p. - - £65 
Douglas 4 h.p. - - £85 

Douglas Combination, 

with new body - £105 
Triumph 4 h.p. - - £95 

2,500 New Covers 

(Ex Government Stock). 

28x3 Kempshall, Macintosh, 
and Wood Milne. 

26x2i Clincher de Luxe. 



Carriage Extra. 




Still a large quantity to clear from 
the Slough Depot at SCRAP 
PRICES. Make an appoint- 
ment by writing: 

''Motor Cycles," 



TX. EMANUEL'S for your motor cycle tyres.— Below, 

Q QX3 Dunlop Extra Heavy, 4-ply. 60/-. Palmer cord 
/V yj heavy 50/-. Palmer cord 45/-. Wood-Milne extra 
strong 39/6, Moseley ribbed 35/-, Kempsball antl-skld 

•TAAXSO. tor voiturctte rims, will fit 560X651 
• \r\J Dunlop grooved 75/-, Wood-iMilne GrUTrlb 
70,'-, Srencer-Moulton 70/-, Beldam Bulldog 70/-, Avon 
Sunstone 70/-.— Below. 


X3x2i2 Dunlop Heavy 45/-, 

ditto tubes 8/8.- 

All letters relating to advertisement* should quote the number at the end of each ad 

/^KAx65 Palmer Cord Heavy 57/8. Palmor cord 
\JtJ\f 50/-, Dunlop heavy 50/-. As lollows tOT Tol- 
tarette rims : ]\IichcHn steel-studded 70/-, Dunlop 
ateel-studded 75/-, Wood-Milne equaro 45/-.— Bolow. 

Pftx2U' Dunlop Heavy Rubber-studded 43/-, Bates 
r>J\9 heavy pattern ribbed 39/6. Avon Sunston* 41/6, 
Dunlop combination rubber and steel-studded 57/6. 
Rom ditto 55/-. Wood-Milne 55/-.— Below. 

P^x2% Dunlop Heavy 59/-. Wood-Mlln* oxtra 
^" strong 39/-. JNIoseley ribbed 34/-, Dunlop com- 
bination 55/-.— Below. 

Oftx3Vi Dnnlop Heavy 39/6, Dunlop combination 
'WU 55/-. Rom ditto 5S/-, Beldam ditto 63/-. pat«a 
special heavy 37/6, Macintosh chain pattern 35/-.— 

THE Above Tyres are Government surplus, not in 
any way perished or soiled. All ordor» 7 days' 
approval against remittance. II not satlstaotory money 
refunded. Country orders dispatched passenger train 
same day as order received.— Below. 

H. EJL.VNUEL, Tyre Factor, 27, Belprnda Ed^ N.16. 
Stores: 37n. Balls Pond Ed. 'i'hondi Dolfftfln 

3161. roasfl 

SIDECAR Tyres, complete; a bargain, £4.— Bo 
97, Byron Rd., Wealdstone. [4951 

TEN Brand New Danlop TjTes, 26x2: 17/8 ftach, or 
bc*t olfer lot.— 15, South St., Loxith. [4990 

1 K /i!* is tho cost for retreading your cover \vlth 
-L*'' " extra heavy studded tread.— Bolow. 

M//? for retreading heavy ribbod pattern; sond 
' v* for acctious of tread, post froo.— Bolow. 

REPAIRS ol every description from 2/6.— Phoenix 
Tyro Repairing Co., 224, Sherlock St., Blrminj. 
ham. [X4344 

BEA.NI) New Clincher Tvres, 26x2»4 33/6. 26x2'/i 
39,'6.— Wiiudsworth Motor Eschnngo, Ebner St., 
Wandsworth. [6171 

TYRES. Great enlo.— Don't buy any until yoq hato 
SL-eu our list. It is a levelntiou.— BaucroftJnn Co.. 
64 ond 78, Biahopsgate, B.C. [0054 

OQx3 Bod Capon Hcaton Inner Tubo« and yulves, 
^ ^ guarautcod new, 8/6 Cflch, post i*aid.— Edwordes 
Bio*., 20. Blnckfrinra Rd.. S.E.I. [6169 

ECONOmC Tyre Co.— Genuine bargains in now clear- 
ance 2Ud Government surplus stoclc; all goods sent 
carriage paid on 7 days* approval against remittance. 

ECONOMIC— 24x2'4 (fit 2in. rims) heavy rubber 
non-6ki(]. 41/-, listed 54/6; 25x2\i Duulop heavy, 
37/6, listed £2/16/9. 

ECONOMIC.-26x2^^ Dunlop heavy, 39/6, listed 
£2/19/9; Palmer cord heavy. 39/6, listed 
£3/19/4; Avon tricar, 37/6, listed :E3/0/6. 

ECONOMIC.-28x2i/i (American) Kempahall Non- 
skid, brand new 52/6, listed £4/ll/3| 28x3 
Kempshall non-skid, clearance, 45/-, listed £5/12/2. 

ECONOMIC— 660x65 Clincher de Luxe W.D., 57/3, 
lilted £4; 700x80 Dunlop grooved, 75/-, listed 

ECONOMIC— Fully guaranteed, Dunlop rubber-stud, 
24x2 27/9, 26X2 29/9. 26x2U 31/6. 

ECONOMIC Tyre Co., 314, New Cross Rd.. S.E.14 
(near Town Hall). 'Phone: New Cross 1393. 
Repairs and retreading. [4693 

BARGAIN.— 2,000 new Dunlop, Palmer, Clincher, 
Bates. Hutchinson, Wood-Milne tyres, all for 
heavy motor cycles, 26x2V2. 26x2^, 26x2Vi, to bd 
sold, 20/- each.— Below. 

3,000 New Dunlop, Bates, Clincher, Palmer, Capon 
tubes, 26x2Vc. 26x2^^, 26x2i.',. to bo Bold, 4/- 
each; Franco board Calais.— Call or write to Couter, 
9, Boulevard Gambetta, Calais, France. [6514 

BULL'S.- Large stock ol motor cycle and voituretto 
coTors and tubes at clearance prices.- Bull'e Eub- 
ber Co., Ltd., 3, Upper St. Martin's Lane, London, 
W.C.2. Tel. : Gerrard 1347. [0243 

0^-<2'j Macintosh find Spcncer-Monlton l^yres, 
^\9 The.?e lire br.ind new, and are not perished. To 
clear, 30/- each. Special quotations for quuntities. 
Oaniaee extra.— J. J. Dooley, 33, Blillyon Ed., Clap- 
ham, 8.W.8. [5542 

MOTOR Cycle Inner Tubes.- 590 damaged motor 
cycle inner tubes, sizes 26x2'',, 26x2'j8, 26x2Mi, 
variou--^ makes, mostly have slight punctures, lew arc 
without valves; in one lot, what oHcrs?— Box 46, c/o 
T/ic Motor Cycle. [X4215 

BELDAM Retreads ol a Motor Tyre give thousands 
of extra miles at a fraction oi cost of new tyre. 
Send old cover (any make) and we will quote cost ot 
retread or repairs.— The Beldam Tyre Co. (1920), Ltd.. 
Brentford, Middlesex. [0310 

vertisement, and the date ot the issue. 


XXX. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 6th, 192 


KEMPSHALL Non-skid, also Hutchinson T.T., 28x 
2>^, brand new, at a remarkable figure ; 35/- 
each; special prices for quantities over 6; carriage 
free ; greatest bargains in tyres. — J. Smith and Co., 
52-54, Hampstead Rd.,. N.W.I. [0259 

DO You Want Reliable High-class Retreading, 
bursts vulcanising, chafed beads remoulding, or 
imtt ends fitted? Tlien Ret in touch with the Melton 
Rubber Works, Melton Mowbray, and you will never 
legret it. Trade work a speciality. [0547 

R. D. VARTT for Tyres. — New unused Dunlop ieavy 
studded 26x2i/i, 37/6; 26x2%, 37/6; two only 
28x3 extra heavy, 47/6 each; also others at clearance 
prices, all sizes from 24x2, only a few left, don't delay. 
-R. D. Varty. Thundersley, Essex. [3713 

HEPPELTHWAITE'S.-26x23/8 Beldam, new, £1/5; 
Bates, £1/5; Dunlop heavy rovers, £1/10; 26x2i4 
Dunlop retread, 26x2%, 17/6; 28x3 grooved Dunlop, 
£2; all above are new gocxls. Ask your motoring friends 
what they think of Heppelthwaite^'s goods. —19, Wilcox 
Rd., South Liimbeth, London, S.W.8. [5355 

Q/?x2V' New Beaded Covers, 30/-; new best quality 
^O tubes, 24x2i/i 6/-, 26x2 6/6, 26x2V, 7/-, 26 
X2V2 7/9, 26x21/0x214 8/6, 26x3 9/6, 700x80 10/6, 
750x75 12/6; new rubber belts, 6ft. 2in.xlin., 10/6; 
I5in. inflators, 2/6; sent approval, carriage paid, re- 
ceipt remittance.— Palmer's Garage, Tooting, S.W, 


MOTOR Cycle Tubes.— Best red quality, with smaii 
patch vulcanised by makers: 24x2, 5/3; 24x 
2'4, 5/6; 26x2, 5/9; 26x2i4, 6/-; 26X2%, 6/3; 26x 
W2, 6/6T 26x21/2X214. 6/9; 26x3. 7/-; 28x2. 7/3; 
28X3, 7/6; 29x31/-, 7/9. 650x65. 8/-. All leading 
makes and sizes in stock.— H. Emanuel. Tyre Factor. 
27, Belgrade Rd.. N.16. Stores. 37a, Balls Pond Rd. 
'Phone: Dc^lston 3161. [0346 

GiOVERNMENT Surplus.— Huge stock of specially 
^ selected second-hand covers, Dunlop heavy. 
Palmers, Kempshalls. Clinchers, etc., 26x234, 26x2^|, 
12/6 each; 28x3, 17/6 each; new Dunlop and Bates 
tubes, 26x2'-^, 2% f^nd 2]^, 7/6 each; goods cash ap- 
proval.— Homer ton Rubber Works, Brooksbys Walk, 
Horaerton, E.9. 'Phone: Dalston 3483. Tel.: Eman- 
rubwor. Hack, London. [0331 


TANKS Re-enamelled to pattern. High-class work 
only.— D. Jenkins and Sons, 6, Richard St., At- 
kinson St., Deansgate. Manchester. Established 25 
years. [1797 

TANKS of every description replaced, repaired and 
re-enamelied at our own works ; all kinds of 
fittings stocked; quick service and reasonable charges. 
—Send postage for illustrated price list to A. Green, 
Water St., Chapel St., Salford, Manchester. Tel.: 
2191 Central. [0256 


A Large Quantity of Second-hand belts.— These belts 
are like new. I have all sizes, ?4in-, ^-ain., lin., 
all 6/- per length. By taking 50, 51- each; by taking 
100, 4/6 each. Some of these are complete with 
fasteners.— J. J. Dooley, 33, Killyon Rd., Clapham, 
S.W.8. [5541 

SURPLUS Government Stock, made bv Pedley, Silver- 
town, Lycett, and Dunlop; perfectly new, cash re- 
funded if not approved; ^^^in.xany length, at I/7 per 
ft.; 2/iin.xany length, at 1/9 per ft.; ^^in.xany length, 
at 2/1 per ft.; li'ain.xanv length, at 2/10 per ft.; 
special oHer of %m. belts m 6ft. 6in. lengths, at 10/- 
each, and lOVjin. lengths at 17/6 each.— H. Emanuel. 
Tyre Factor, 27, Belgrave Rd., N.16. Stores, 37a, 
Balls Pond Rd. 'Phone : Dalston 3161. [0348 


FOR Insurance of all kinds fspecially motor), apply 
Ernest J, Bash, Insurance Broker, 40, Chancery 
Lane, W.0.2. [0005 

Ltd., invite enquirj-es for insurance of all 
Competitive rates for motor cycles. Lloyd's 
and Companies prospectuses on application.— 170, Gt. 
Portland St., London. [0056 

" nPHE Motor Cycle" Insurance Policy is the policv 
•*- authorised by " The Motor Cycle,*' and coTers 
motor cycles or cycles and sidecars used for private 
purposes. Complete compreheneive Cover. Maximum 
benefits, minimum rates. Free weekly copy of '* The 
Motor Cycle 'J to all policy holders paying a premium 
of £5 or over. — Full particulars and prospectuses on 
application.— The Autocar Fire and Accident Insurance 
Co., Ltd.. iO. Tudor St.. London, E.0.4. [0007 


J. E. S. LOCKWOOD, Motor Speoiali^t.-Guide free- 
—3, New St., Birmingham. [8992 

PATENTS Advice, handbook free.— King, Registered 
Patent Agent, 146a, Queen Victoria St., E-0. 
36 years' references. [0129 

W. BRY80N, B.Sc, Assoc.M.Inst.O.E., A.F.E.. Ae.S., 
- Chartered Patent Agent, 29, Southampton Build- 
inga, London, W.C.2. 'Phone: Mufieum 3651. [9622 


EXPERIENCED Up'iolBterer offered workshops 
manulacturera; willing to place contracts.— Bos 
1,180 cfo The Motor Cycle. [4944 


Price complete 


No. 204. HEAD LAMP SET. 

Absolutely reliable, suitable <or all makes of Motor 
Cycles. Write for particulars. 


List No. 19 /l. 
Price, 6 /6 each. 




LisI No. 19/2. 
Price 7 /6 each. 


I9ia SIDE LAMP i8/6 teSCH 


List No 10 U 
Price 18/6 each 

Right or left fitting 



Ma Ig from soliil brass turneci 

and tlireided at joints Every 

part of Gohd construction. 

These lamps may be taken to 

pieces for cleaninfiT. and will remain alight 

in t!ie strongest gale. Best quality lenses 

are fitted, and can ba easily replaced if 

broken- These lamps will last as loug as 

the machines they are ussd on, and aio absolutely rustless. 


(For Motor Cycles). 

Number plate fitting, as illustra- 
ted, complete with nuts and 
screws . 

List No. 214. 3/6 each. 
Handlebar fitting, complete with 
2 pairs of clips and screws. 
Price 4/- each. 

complete attachment for fitting to either woodwork or 

metal work. List No. 216. 3/6 each. 

Westwood Special Lines are stocked 
by all reputable agents. 





MANUFACTURERS and Concessionnaires haj 
many lines, require live tales-denionstrator^ 
tho^ in a position to take lanall financial ii 
need apply.— IJox 1,185, c/o The. Motor Cycle. 

FOREMAN Wanted, must be firet-rate mec 
thoiough knowledge of' motor cycles, us 
handling men; strictly honest and tnistwoithyr— 
in confidence, stating experience and terms, Bos 
c/o The Motor Cycle. 

PROGRESSIVE Motor Cycle Company. Mane 
district, has a few vacancies for practical 
men in all branche-s, who are E^epared to take 2 
more preference shares at £1 each, to bear- int«r 
10%. — Qualifications, age, and wages required, et 
be addressed to Box 1,202 c/o The Motor Cycle. 


PARTNER, enameller. competent all-rouTid 
£100, good premises, no opposition.— Box 
c/o The Motor Cycle. 

WANTED, partner with capital (£500), in 
lished business (motoring) holding valuabl* 
patent rights; Midlands.— Box 1.188, c/o The 


G. WADDEN, the maker and designer of 
Simplic cycle carts, is desirous of an 

partner, practical competition expert preferrtd 
business abilities; moderate capital.— Letters 
Wadden, Jessamy Rd., Weybridge, Surrey. 


WELL-KNOWN Car Selling Company fholdii 
agencies) with spacious showrooms in Gt. Po 
St., London, are prepared to accept agency 01 
known light car or high-class motor cycle.— Box 
c/o liic Motor Cycle. 


advice based upon over 20 years' prt 
mechanical experience; specialist in carburatioi 
speed tuning.— 36, 38. and 40, Pelham St., 
Kensington, S.W .7 (close to tube station). 
Kensington 7213. 


AUCTION Sales.— Palmer's Garage, Tooting 
oldest solely motor auction rooms in Lo 
terms, V/^X, not chargeable if automobile u 
j\Iotor cycles bought and sold lor cash. Nearest 
stations: Falcon Lane, L.N.W. Ely.: Wimbledc 
and S.W. Rly. ; and G.W.R.— Sole address, Pa 
Garage, Tooting, London. 


SCRAP Harley Frame, with round head lug 
Hornsey Rd., N.4. 

anie, good condition. — Cordiue 

LIGHTWEIGHT Wanted, £20-£30; London. 
1,235, c/o The Motm- Cycle. 
WANTED, second-hand A. B.C. sidccar.- 
H.M.S. Warwick, Port Edgar. 

WANTED, motor cycle trailer, or frame and i 
—Maw, Mowbray Av., Exeter. 
3ili p. Motosacoche Engine wanted.— East Con 
4 tage, Lewes Ed., E. Grinsteod. 

WANTED Millford Corvette body.— Kennai 
Plimsoll Hd.. Finsbury Park. 
PALMBE'S Garage, Tooting.- The pre-eminent 
for disposing of motor cycles. 
PALMEE'S Garage, Tooting, will maie you : 
ofler at sis,bt. 
PALMEE'S Garage, Tooting.— Tou will bs siii. 
good cheque if you sell your machine at Pi 
Garage. ' ^ 

PALMBE'S Garage, Tooting.— Thousands of me 
sold their machines here. 
PALMER'S Garage, Tooting, make a special 
mo-tor cycles in the wgekly auction eale. 
PALMEE'S Garage, Tooting.— Auction fee for 
cycles under £50 reserve, 5/-, over £50 i 
10/-. No garage charge is incurred until 7 days' 
is given. 

PALMEE'S Garage, Tooting, will collect mu 
from any Loudon railway station. The ;' 
sale is held every Thursday, commencing 2 p.m. 
TIT ANTED, motor _cycle, any make, must he 

4h.p. Douglas Fv.' 
Cranston St., ' 

price. — King, Egrove, Oxford. 

WANTED, 2i/>h.p. 1920 Levis or 'Villiers; 
£40.-379, High St., Lewisham. 
SIDECAR, light, sporting, must be chei 
Durlston Rd., Upper Clapton, E.5,. 
WANTED, 2 and 3-speed gear, suit 1911 Hun 
Edwards, Longwood, Winchester. 
O -STROKE Wanted for Cash, complete, sound, i 
/* Stephen, 711, Commercial Rd., E.l. 
TXT" ANTED, countershaft Triumphs, gunbepaif. 

iheap for cosh.— 16, York 
A30 AH letters relating to advertieements should quote the number at the end of each advertlsenient, and the date 

[ St., DoMf- 

of th$ \m^- 

lANr\nv 13th, 1921. 


Editorial Offices: Hertford St, Coventry. 

Telegrams: "Motorcycle, Covenlry." 
Telephone: ro, Coventry (5 lines! 

Nonhern Offices: 199. Dcans^atc, Manchester, 

Telegram-^ : " IlifTe. Mnnche^ter. " 
TeUphm^e : H0"0 and 8071 City. 

Subscription Rates: Home, 23s. lOd 

Advertising and Publishing Offices : 20, Tudor St., London, E.C,4. 

Telegrams: "Cyclist, Fleet, London." 
Telephone: 2848 City (13 lines). 
Midland Branch Office. : Guildhall Buildinss. Navisation Sireel. Birminuham. 

Titforama : " .Xutoprees. Bfrminahain '■ 

Idephone : 2970 and 2971 Midl,nd 

Canada, 23s. lOd. 

Continental Competitions in 1921. 

IT is clearly desirable that certain competitions 
in France and other near European countries 
should receive the support of British 
manufacturers. There is undoubtedly a certain 
amount of export trade to be done with the 
Continent notwithstanding the high duties, because 
there are always people on the Continent who, 
appreciating the e.vcellence of British motor cycles, 
will not refrain from purchasing them. 

International competitions arc good, not only 
from a trade but from a political point of view. 
The meeting of representatives of various countries 
in friendly competition cannot fail to cement the 
various understandings and alliances which exist 
between ourselves and other nations. It is clear, 
therefore, that the British trade should receive 
some guidance as to what International com- 
petitions to support and what to leave alone. 

o'her countries abroad, 28s. 2d. per annum. 

Races Supported but Trials Ignored. 

In the past races have always met with better 
support than reliability trials, and this is not quite 
what it should be. Although our opportunities for 
road racing in this country are confined solely to 
the Isle of Man, and France is infinitely better off 
than we are in this respect, this does not mean 
that reliability trials should be entirely ignored. 

Unfortunately, the mishandling of the Paris-Nice 
competition last year did an incalculable amount of 
harm. We do not for a moment consider that 
this sort of thing will occur again, as the French 
organisers have learnt a bitter lesson, but a proof 
that the British trade do not appreciate the value 
of a properly run reliability trial was shown by 
the lack of support extended to the International 
Six Days last year — an event w'hich was efficiently 
organised, and taught a number of valuable lessons 
to those who took part in it. The opportunity will 
occur again this year in the International Six Days 
Trials to be held in Switzerland, and to be run by 
one of the best organised motor cycle bodies on 
the Continent — the Swiss Motor Cycle Union. 
This should certainly receive English support. 

In- view of the interest taken by the British Cycle 
and Motor Cycle Manufacturers and Traders 
Union, Ltd., in competitions in this country, this' 
body should certainly make a study of events to 
be held abroad. So far as can be gathered at the 
present time the most important of these events 
is clearly the International Six Days Trial. There 
are to be attempts to run the Paris-Nice Trial again, 
and a trial from Paris to Madrid. Of these the 
latter, would undoubtedly prove to be the more 
valuable test, but, unfortunately, neither has vet 
received the support of the French governing body 
—the French Motor Cycle Union. Unfortunately, 
also, both events are not directly organised by re- 
sponsible clubs, but by newspapers, and the 
organising of trials by newspapers would never be 
tolerated for a moment in this country. It is a 
pity that the U.M.F. does not organ'ise two or 
three open reliability trials, of a true international 
character, during the vear. 

Road Races. 

As regards races, there will be the Circuit de la 
Sarthe, held in October, which is also well 
organised, and the motor cycle Grand Prix on the 
day before the classic car race, which will he held 
on the I.e Mam circuit in July. There is also a 
Belgian Grand Prix, .so that there are several im- 
portant events to which the Briti.«h trade might 
give its consideration. 

The whole question of trials is under the 
frequent consideration of that important inter- 
national body, the Federation of International 
Motor Cycle Clubs, and after its next congress in 
Brussels a clearer idea of 1921 competitions will 
be obtainable. 

It would be an excellent plan for the F.l.C.M. 
to draw up a list of competitions which would 
deserve support. This would act as a guide to the 
trade generally, both in Great Britain and abroad. 
Our object in referring to the matter is to help the 
British industry and to prevent its members from 
being misled into supporting competitions which 
are likely to prove themselves unworthy. 

~-^ ^ ■^^ 

. ^ .. / .., ,- I' y / , / ^ ^ . ./ / / / y / / y / \..A \ \ V A. ^ V \ ^ 

^. A..A A, \ . A V. 

An Index to the advertisements in this Issue will be fouid on the page facing the back ccver. 



JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 

IDEAS: Useful and Ingenious. 

A New Accumulator Position. 

TO tliose who have machines with up- 
turned end footboards this idea of 
carrying an accumulator may com- 
mend itself. The illustration is almost 
self-explanatory, but modifications might 

One method of carry- 
mg an accumulator on 
a machine with foot- 


ii I 

be made to suit individual requirements. 
In this case a 40 amp. Fuller accumula- 
tor is used with a 4v. 4w. bulb in the 
head lamp, and another ordinary flash 
lamp bulb in the rear lamp. C.C. 2320. 

DGentring the Speedometer 

THIS simple little tip may save an 
hour or two's vain effort to get a 
silent drive when fitting a speed- 
ometer. First fit the large cog to the 
spokes as nearly central as can be judged 
by eye, leaving the screws just finger- 
tight. The small pinion may now be 
carefully meshed and screwed up hara 
in approximately the correct position. 
If the wheel be spun the small wheel will 
automatically centre the larger pinion, 
when all screws may be tightened up. 


Spring Carrier for Accumulator. 

ELSEWHERE on this page is described 
a method of carrying an accumula- 
tor on the footrest. The neatness 
of that idea is somewhat discounted by 
a liability to ill-effects from vibration, 
To overcome this, a reader has devised 
the carrier illustrated on his Triumph 
from an old Miller acetylene lamp 
bracket. A special T piece bolted through 
the front spring bracket anchors "the two 
coil springs, and movement is obtained by 
slackening the bolts at the handle-bar. 
Locknuts are advisable here. X.Y.Z. 


Countershaft Drive for 

MANY readers are interested iji the 
practicability of using a pedal cycle 
pattern Voltalite dynamo, particu- 
larly for rear lighting. Tlie method of 
drive we illustrate (adapted to a 1920 3^ 
h.p, Ariel) has much to commend it over 
the "rim contact" way. The dynamo 
■is mounted^ on the forward rear carrier 
stay, and is driven by an ^in. crossed 
gut belt from a 4in. brass pulley attached 

Voltalite dynamo driven 

from the countershaft 

on a 31^ h.p. Ariel. 

to the clutch spring spindle at the 
countershaft. Our contributor who 
effected this conversion illuminates both 
his head and tail lamps thus from a 
Voltalite dynamo. A.W.W. 

An Easily-made Speedometer 

FIVE shillings, it is claimed, is the 
maximum cost of making a speedo- 
meter lamp, as illustrated and speci- 
fied below : 

- Clip. — Strip brass -^-in. x j^in., secured 
on instrument by -rein, nut and bolt. 

Brass Arm. — Strip fx-iVi"-; 
lower end soldered inside clip. 

Spring suspension for the accumulator. 


Diagram of wiring and details of a home- 
made speedometer lamp. 

Lamp Shade.— Adapted from old pocket 
flash lamp. (Cut out so that it goes over 
miniature screw holder, as Shown.) 

Battery. — Pocket flash lamp type, with 
two small terminals soldered on. 

Wire.— Small gauge copper run in 
valve tubing. 

Switch. — Lever switch on saddle tube 
(or to suit particular requirements). 


Carrying a Spare Chain. 

QUITE the toughest problem facin 
the owner of a chain-drive 
machine is finding a means c 
carrying the spare chain. An extremel; 
simple and efficient way out of th 
difficulty is illustrated. It consists of 1 
sliallow wooden box which just holds th 

Carrying the spare chain — a wooden box for 
attachment to the carVler. 

chain nicely coiled up, and which attache: 
to the rear carrier by four sheet iroi 
clips (two not shown). Three-ply wooc 
is used, and the lid is screwed down bj 
four ordinary wood screws, thus keepinj 
the chain firmly in place. C.G.E. 

A Paraffin Starting Aid. 

EASY starting is not one of the strong 
points of paraffin as a fuel, anc 
those who have been driven bj 
increased taxes, etc., to the heavier spiril 
should find this tip useful. A meta 
polish tin has a small piece of brass tubs 
soldered to the bottom ; the other end 

For easy starting when paraffin Is the fuel. 

of the tube is threaded and screwed into 
a conveniently placed hole on the inlet 
pipe. By packing the tin with cotton- 
wool and then saturating with petrol, a 
simple wick carburetter is provided 
which will give a good mixture until the 
heavier spirit begins to vaporise. CM. 

Readers of "The Motor Cycle" are 
invited to contribute to this page any 
ideas successfully adapted to their motor 
cycles. Contributions will be paid for at 
our usual rates. Rough explanatory 
sketches will suffice. 

■JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 


A Parable. 

n PRESENT the following parable alike to Mr. 
Brace and to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. I 
once lived in a little one-horse burg, where there 
were two garages, run by, let us say, John Jones and 
Sam Smith respectively. John Jones refused to open 
on Sundays. Sam Smith, very reprehensively, no 
doubt, was always open. Sam_ did more work than 
John, so made more money. -Sam- cherished his 
customers more generously than John, so gradually 
annexed most of the trade. John- is now driving a 
taxi somewhere, while Sam is probably a mayor and 
a J. P. for all I know. I have no objection in principle 
to a four-hour day for labour, and 50% dividend for 
all capitalists. But I never can see how British labour 
expects to thrive by doing less work than the similar 
labour in a rival country ; nor how British capital can 
hold its own if it is prevented from earning as high 
profits as capital cmx earn in a rival country. If John 
and Sam had covenanted together that neilher of them 
woulf! open on Sundays 

Cycle Car Engines. 

URlXCi the last month or so I have made 

extensive trials of many of the latest cycle cars, 

and iri nearly every case their engines display 

;-a. marked advance over pre-war standards in respect 

'of power and of- absence of vibration. Nevertheless, 

these tests indicate what is perhaps the main reason 

for the failure of the cycle car to captivate the 

millions of purchasers who unquestionably exist. 

Tlieir^ slow running is so rough and iioisv. I have 

known many a well-tuned Sunbeam or Indian motor 

bicycle, for example, show much prettier manners 

when nnining light than the average cycle car power 

- unit can display. The fact that many of these engines 

can only be restarted by dismounting and getting out 

a detachable handle, aggravates the trouble ; for an 

owner dislikes all this fuss over a restart as much as 

he objects to noise and vibration if he leaves his engine 

["'rimning during a brief stop. The full range of the 

Jcycle car boom cannot be touched until somebody 

comes along with a better mannered engine ; some flat 

twins and the 90° V twins show very little vantage 

over the narrow-angled V twins ia this vital respect. 

A Useful Gradometer. 
.VXV a motor cyclist has longed for a lightning 
and accurate method of measuring gradients, 
and the accessory merchants have never seen 
their way to supply it. We need it more than car 
owners, because the low tyre costs and" immense re- 
serve climbing powers of our machines encourage us 
to rush where a car fears to tread. I cannot say that 
I have yet discovered the right gadget for a motor 
cvcle, but (luring the last few months I have been' 




playing with a Tapley instrument. Being manufac- 
tured for cars, the brackets in which its adjusting 
trunnions are mounted have been- designed for bolt- 
ing to a flat dash, and are not easily attached to a 
handle-bar. Still, I managed to fix it quite rigidly to 
a Hunt accessory crossbar, and got lots of readings 
with it. It is sensitive to acceleration and decelera- 
tion, but registers very steadily when the machine is 
driven at a uniform pace On the other hand, it is not 
calibrated to record any grade worse than i in 4. I 
believe it might pay the manufacturers to turn out a 
special model with a tube clip at the back, calibrated 
to read up to i in 2. Our freak hill merchants would 
get a lot of fuu out of it. If the surface is so bad that 
the 'bus cannot be driven steadily, and the needle can- 
not help oscillating, you can always get a precise read- 
ing by stopping. 

A Useful Accessory. 

nN lieu of the ordinary dry battery torch I am 
carrying a Parkes " Leverlite " for inspection pur- 
poses this winter. I haven't had the pluck — or 
have I too much sense ?^to investigate its innards, 
but in lieu of a battery it contains a tiny dynamo a Jo 
Ford flywheel, which is operated by- oscillating a 
shaped lever protruding from the lamp. It is rather 
expensive (30s.), but saves you the usual outlay on 
new cells ; which of us has not found the bulb glowing 
dull red like the butt of a cigar just when it has be- 
come necessary to dismantle the gear box luider a rail- 
way arch in a snowstorm? It has another drawback 
in that one hand is kept busy working the handle, and 
the remaining hand may prove unequal to working off 
a new cover. But it is just the goods for sidecar 
work. Working the handle keeps Arabella's fingers 
warm while you take off the cylinder ; incidentally, 
after the first ten minutes the task will make her a 
little breathless and stop her from talkmg too much. 

Electric Lighting Cables. 
FEW weeks ago I asked our readers whether 
they agreed that " concentric " cabling was 
really the best, as it is somewhat difficult to 
repair a concealed short between the core and the 
casing, such as befel me last summer with this system 
of wiring, and no spare length of cable available. One 
reader informs me that he has scrapped the above 
system in favour of ordinary silk-covered, rubber in- 
sulated lighting flex, drawn through rubber tubing, as 
used for acetylene lamp connections. Short bits of 
brass tube may be used for joints, if desire'd. An- 
other reader has given my innocent brain a headache 
by a learned discourse on megohms, but his notion is 
that the twin flex should be filled up with jute, bound 

Ixion's " MOTOR CYCLE REMINISCENCES " have jusl 

been ■puhliahed in hook form, price 5s. 3d. post free, jrom 

" The Motor Cycle " Offices, 20, Tudor Street, E.C.4. 


Occasional Comments.— 

round with insulating tape, and finally armoured 
metallically. This cabling is so strong that neither- a 
fractured conductor' nor an internal cross short is at 
all probable ; but should such troubles occur, it is a 
simple matter to substitute the outer casing for one of 
the inner conductors. He has sent me a sample of 
this cabling, which is made by the Helsby people. 
A test piece was hammered flat for a length of 3in., 
subjected to an end pull of 200 lb. in a tensile testing 
machine, heated by a blow-lamp till the aluminium 
armour was red-hot, and finally bent at right angles in 
two places -v^in. apart. .The insulation resistances at 
the end of this maltreatment were : 

Between the two .conductors — 8,800 megohms. 

Between the two conductors bunched together and 
the armour — 615 megohms. 

I don't know what a megohm is when it's at home, 
but the butchery reads very convincingly, doesn't it? 


A Receipt. 

^HERE lies on my desk at this moment a receipt 
ii just to hand for fitting "British electric lighting 
to a British machine. The manufacturer in 
question has doubtless availed himself of every pos- 
sible economy. In other, words, his motor cycle was 
specially designed with a ,view to incorporating a 
dynamo, and requires no faking for the purpose. His 
output is large, so that he has presumably purchased 
his dynamos, lamps, accumulators, cabling etc., at 
the lowest possible rate. But the charge for the 
" extra " is ^24 15s. retail. I can get a good gas 
lamp set, suitable for the machine, at about ;£5 fitted. 
In other words, exclusive of import duties and ad- 
verse exchange rates, electric lighting on this British 
machine costs rne about ^20 net, whereas if I had 
bought a Harley, it would only have cost me ^3 los. 
Apparently it is not only the magneto industry which 
demands the tenderest protection if it is to hold its 
own ; for this British dynamo is alrefidy protected 

]A.hWA.RY ijth, ig2i. 

against U.S.A. to the tune of at least 50% by the 
favourable factors indicated above. I leave it to 
our politicians, financiers, and labour leaders to draw 
the obvious conclusions; and I merely add that all 
our riders will want electric lighting in the near future, 
but will refuse to pay 500% more than is necessary 
for it. 

Back to Accumolatof Ignition? - 

THE electrical equipment of motor cycles is in a 
state of flux at present. There are three prin- 
cipal factors at work. The buying public have 
not yet had the chance to be convinced that dynamo 
lighting on two-wheelers is trustworthy: 1920 wil 
have big effects here. Secondly, the supply of dynamo 
outfits is far below the demand ; four makers have 
professed inability to equip machines about which I 
have enquired. The third difficulty is cost, since the 
cost of acetylene and electric lamps is approximately 
equal, and the dynamo and battery are far more ex- 
pensive than a gas generator. The first two obstacles 
will be automatically removed by the passage of time. 
The third can be met, and may be met, by a reversion 
to accumulator ignition. Such a change would imply 
no trade disturbances, since the concerns which now 
make magnetos would unquestionably make the 
dynamos., I have a good experience of such an outfit 
on an experimental machine, and it appears to be 
absolutely satisfactory. Its m'ain disadvantage is that 
many users remember the old accumulator ignitions 
with a savage resentment, whilst they lack experience 
of the very different service offered by a modern bat- 
tery with a continuously charging dynamo at its back. 
Its advantages are two-fold, viz. : 

(i.) It will start engines at a far lower speed than 
the magneto. 

(2.) The combined cost of dynamo-cum-accumu- 
lator ignition plus lighting is certainly not greater thar 
that of magneto ignition plus acetylene lighting. 

For these reasons I expect more of this equipment 
in the near future. 


The cowboys of the Western States still maintain their reputation as " sports." Here Is depicted a motor cycle with passenger on the 
carrier actually riding in a bull-dogging contest. The obiect of the game is to catch the steer, grab him by the horns, and throw him ; 
then to tie him up before he can regain his feet. The motor cyclists, who easily out-distanced their competitors on horseback, won the event. 


JANUARY ijth, 1921. 


THE motto of many motor 
cyclists is "one life, one 
love." They find a 
machine which suits tfiem, and 
they remain faithful to its 
manufacturers' succes- 
sive models, world 
without end. Some of 
us are flirts. No 
matter how admirably 
a 'bus serves us, we 

32 h.p. SCOTT. 

though 1920 was for its first six months 
an awkward time for buying, and for 
its last six months a still more awkward 
time for selling — it brought me big mile- 
ages on four first-class machines of 
makes which I had never owned before. 
The first of the bunch was a chain- 
driven T.T. Norton with Sturmey- 

ungratefully sample the novel 
sensations of another make 
next season. Journalists more 
or less compulsorily figure in 
the latter category. S' 


Archer gear box. This machine 
is, of course, a veritable dread- 
nought. There is hardly any- 
thing on wheels which it cannot 
catch and leave. Its acceleration 
is terrific, and its chain drive as 
smooth as a silken belt running 



JANUARY i3fh, ig2i. 

What I Rode in 1920.— 

over ivory pulleys. For competing in trials or for 
reporting a trial, for high-speed touring, and for 
general audacity it is at the very top of the tree. In- 
cidentally, it is very cheap to run. It does not break 
or shed any of its parts. Its fuel economy at speed 
is equal to that of many engines Avhen they are potter- 
ing. As its wonderful cylinder never distorts, it asks 
for very little oil. Criticisms are quite hard to find. 
I can only suggest that the foot brake linkage is un- 
necessarily awkward, and that the nuts ought to be 
locked. The idea of the footrest mounting is good, 
viz., that, as i.t is clipped to a single tube, the 
clip can slip round in a-toss, "instead of bending or 
breaking ; but the securing nut is hard to get at. The 
long plated e.xhaust pipe looks lovely, but does not 
come away or go back very easily at decarbonisa- 
tion times. 

The Norton was followed by a machine of very 
different type — the Scott. I planked down the ^lo 
extra for 3in. Palmer cords, and found the option 
wortlwthe price. I have never ridden a more comfort- 
able machine. Next to its extreme comfort, the main 
slogan of the Scott is its safety. On bad going it is 
easier' to steer and better to balance than anything else 
I know, as Clarence Wood's feats in the Six Days 
must have suggested to every beholder. I was pre- 
pared to find it slow, and I doubt if I ever got better 
than 45 m.p.h. out of it — I mean a real 45, which 
is quite as fast as many speedometered fifties and fifty- 
fives. But on the road it is not an easy machine to 
leave, even for a Norton; you don't have to take 
corners so cannily on a Scott as is wise ■ on other 
machines. It wants a little coaxing to start from cold ; 
it doesn't register record gallon mileages ; but I mean 
to have a Scott for part of every year until Anno 
Domini reduces me to an electric bath chair. 

Big Single and Baby Tw^o=stroRe. 

Then came a B.S.A. I did not know that a single- 
cylinder could develop so much power. Where the 
average single is getting a trifle feverish on its bottom 
gear, the hefty B.S.A. is still slugging calmly away on 
second. I never unearthed a gradient which could 
bring her down to first, which I used solely for starting 
purposes or where the surface put such wind up me 
that I wanted to climb dead slow. And talk about 
substantial! The B.S.A. is built hke a tank, and is 
fundamentally incapable of fracturing anything, 
whilst she creates the pleasant impression that nothing 
will ever wear out. She struck me as the utilitarian 
machine par excellence — the very 'bus for the hard 
rider, who goes a long way in any weather, and isn't 
sure whether he will ever be in a position to buy 
iinother machine. Of course,, she does not sit up to a 
speedster, though she can on occasions touch forty 
with a sidecar. Her weight renders her a little 
lum,pish to handle till she begins to move. But you 
need never sell her unless you, are capricious enough 
to desire variety for its own sake. 

When winter set in, I began to hanker after a baby 
two-stroke, and as I was already familiar with the pick 
-of the oldsters, a baby Cedos came along. A very 
pleasant change, too, after a series of heavyweights. 
Kick-starters are well enough, but there is a certain 
Joy about being able to push start on a i in 8 grade 
without serious exertion. This httle two-sroke 

deserves to be much better known. It is in the same 
class as the best of the older makes. Economical in 
petrol and oil, it is well run in at the factory, and 
doesn't want a lot of humouring when it is new. It 
two-strokes down to very low speeds on the flat, and 
its sosteniifo never changes to staccato when you ask it 
to help itself not too speedily down a light gradient. 

A Flat Twin's Qualities. 

Through most of the above period I was also 
running one of the new A. B.C. solo mounts. In one 
sense this magnificent 'bus disappointed me. On the 
one hand, it was not quite as good as the original 
hand-made experimental models rushed through after 
the Armistice in 1918; for it was a great deal heavier, 
and th^engine was a little less smooth at small throttle 
openings. On the other hand, the springing was not 
'equal to that of the defunct 1914 model. When I 
recovered from these initial disappointments, I fell in 
love with it, as all users must have done. It is one of 
the very few machines which is equally satisfactory for 
gentlemanly work of a utilitarian character and as a 
hogbus, pure and simple. Potter along at legal limit, 
and nothing will carry you more smoothly. Essay a 
scrap with a road-burning pal, and he will not get the 
l.ietter of your A. B.C. Its acceleration is a thing 
apart. As racers measure acceleration on their heart- 
less instruments at Brooklands, there is probably little 
or nothing between an A. B.C. and a Norton. If you 
are in a Joe Beckett sort of mood, the heavier punch 
of the single will certainly be more reminiscent of 
Moran's famous " Mary Ann." But if you want a 
jump plus refinement, and prefer to sense acceleration 
in terms of wind pressure rather than of roar and rattle, 
why — open the throttle of an A. B.C. with a slam. I 
know no finer motor cycling sensation than a good 
scrap over hilly roads with this 'bus, especially when 
corners and grades make you work the gear lever hard. 


A. 3.— UOTOB CTOLES [l.'I'idlui; n^Ic 

Kan — U.(uic,Tlaa«^D||Sc*i la*. 
[» Blarclgi: — 

W.lgbl onUca. aal .loaoUjis VH lt> 

irilb rishi Id Oia. mO.! a. .) .. 
allaiy •r^lrrnUvPi. 'ml fit vrS- 3 (.low u mlL 

0.) Tricroloa 

VnH-sai Uaocual oa..hal( ol Uia lull .oioal ntn ..a goialcd lo 

A. S.— MOTOB SATB OBAUta anlalta aK.£uilc>[lr'piapElM 

In. .1141 1< 


^»OT0B CAB& 


(.) SaGl.^1^ ""'* ™l ll.mbcr fll 
(b) Ii II . Dicdo ai n Tilcpla ' ' 
10 l,lluidbadnal.^aS.l4^iraT 
(d) Maaafimuul Kann ,~- — ._ 

Id WdsM .1 Dfpl. MTric,tl.uel.ieB.... t^.jr6_.T^fa_l 






i6 r^Q oNngfrr^ '/luwfts. 

* Flwia rend Ch* ■-fltclioD 

llIrtT»l CU3110 TMjn ll/M H« i S E. BStJ 


Part of the Inland Revenue licence application form of interest 
to motor cyclists. It will be seen that the particulars asked for 
by the authorities on this form are very few more than those 
required under the old system The form is filled up as repre- 
senting the application for licensing a standard 4 h.p. solo mount. 

JANUARY istJi, 1921. 


mm immM, 

Nir\e Mor\fKs Experier\ces 
By or\e of 


A familiar figure at the 
big trials. 

The work of a trials pftotograplier entails hard usa^e for ih: machine he may be riding. Like Vwse members of the 
staff who attend the trials in order to record them in "The Motor Cycle," he often covers more miles, and is compelled to 
drive with less consideration for his mount than Vie gold medal winners. The writer of this article Attended most of Hie 
important trials of 1920 to secure the pliotograplis which have accompanied our descriptions of the events, and. we 
commissioned him to relate some of his impressions of, and experiences with, a modern spring frame motor cycle used 
under such severe conditions. 

ALTHOUGH most spring frames are now well 
through the experimental stages, one cannot 
deny that they are not so fully tried out as the 
rigid type. The work of a photographer on the staff 
of T//C .Motor Cycle 

is such that it pre- 

eludes anything in 
the way of experi- 
ments, and however 
much he may de- 
sire to ride a new. 
perhaps unconven- 
t i o n a 1, machine, 
there is always the 
responsibility for 
" delivering the 
goods," as it were. 
The possibility of 
" letting the editor 
down " by failing 
to reach the most 
interesting points in 
a trial, or by being 
liung up on the 
return journey, is 
a n ever - present 
dread to the man 
with the camera. 

Therefore, it was 
w i t h some slight 
misgiving that I 
took delivery in 
April last of a 
1920 spring frame 

In Holland on the Anglo-Dutch trial- 
R.N. (31 Sunbeam), who accompanied 
return journey to The Hook, mentioned in 

Matchless. This was due purely to the extra number 
of moving parts a spring frame involves and the fact 
that the Matchless was designed primarily for com- 
fort. My chief had also warned mc not to experi- 
ment, and inferred 

- . that my duties were 

confined to obtain- 
i n g photographs 
a n d did not in- 
clude testing new 

Personally, being 
on the right side of 
thirty, I regarded 
a spring frame as 
.something akin to 
an old gentleman's 
bath chair, and the 
hard riders on the 
staff waggishly sug- 
g e s t e d that my 
choice was a sign 
that the time was 
approaching when 
my physique should 
be enquired into. 

However, my 
19 19 competition 
■ work on a rigid 
frame, over post- 
war roads, had con- 
vinced me there 
was something, 
lacking in the rigid 

•the solo rider is Lieut. Glen Kidston, 
The Motor Cycle photographer on the 
the context. 



JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 

At Chop Gate in the 
1920A.C.U. Six Days. 

m a c h i n e, the 
atrocious roads 
of the English 
aixl Scottish Six 
Days leaving me 
decidedly s o r e. 
The spring frame 
from the Collier 
house had been 
in the experi- 
mental stage 
since 1916, so it 
was no mushroom 
growth, and for 
its final trial be- 
fore going into 
a number of 
machines w ere 
entered fo^r the 1919 English 
Six Days, and came through 
without any frame trouble. 
I Avill not comment on the 
severity of that Six Days. 
Suffice it to say it was of the 
usual A.C.U. order. All the 
same, I had to' remember 
that my work did not entail 
one six days trial, but many. 
From April to Christmas 
the machine covered roughly miles, the majority 
of that mileage being com- 
petition work. When I say 
competition work, I. refer to 
the pressman's side. His 
job is to cut about over the 
course to the principal points 
of interest, a different story 
from a 20 m.p.h. schedule. 


More often than not his 
machine is all out, for he has 
to see competitors at one point 
and be in front of them again 
at the next — this with a 
machine that is in commission 
week in and week out, and 
therefore receives the mini- 
mum of attention. 

My first trip with the new 
machine Avas the Birmingham 
M.C.C. Victory Cup Trial, on 
a Midland course, taking in the 
Old Wyche Cutting, Birdlip, 
Rising Sun, Sudeley, and the 
Colonial section from the top 
of Sudeley. This trial, with 
the run up from 
London and back 
again in about 
thirty-six hours, 
constituted an ex- 
cellent debut, and, 
apart from a 
somewhat high 
petrol consump- 
tion (a matter of 
adjustment) was 
accomplished with- 
out trouble. 

The next run of 
import was the 
London - Edin- 
burgh, the points 
of interest being 
the run through 

Near Inverness on the 
Scottish Six Days Trial. 



On the M.C. and A.C. One Day Trial — the hardest open ot the year 

JANVAKY ijili, JQ21. 

Through the 1920 Trials.— _ 

Yorkshire and Kiikstone Pass. I got a day's 
start, joining the competitors at the breakfast 
stop at Ilkley. Continuing with them, with various 
stops en route for photographing, the run, excepting 
Kirkstone Pass, was of the main road variety, with 
nothing to try the modern machine. The Pass, how- 
ever, with its three-mile grind, is still a formidable 
proposition. Coupled with gradient, we had to con- 
tend with a thick rain mist which seriously interfered 
with carburation. The Matchless, being driven well 
within its power, and taking advantage of the one 
or two easy grades to get into a higher gear, climbed 
the Pass without trouble, and after an hour's wait 
to obtain photographs, the run was continued to the 
lunch stop at Patterdale. 

From Patterdale commenced the hardest part of my 
work. To enable The Motor Cycle readers to get 
their illustrations, it was imperative that I should 
be in London the next morning. This necessitated a 
300 mile run through the night, not a pleasing pro- 
spect after a hard day in the saddle. However, it 
was a good opportunity to test the Lucas ^Ligdyno set. 

An All<=night Run. 

Leaving Patterdale at 3.30 p.m., a quick run was 
made to Kendal ; here a quarter of an hour stop for 
tea and replenishments, and so on to Harewood. Here 
was anodier stop to fill up, taking sufficient to last 
through the night. At Doncaster the lights were 
switched on. After the medium illumination of tlie 
average acetylene set, the Magdyno light was a great 
joy. AVith one's engine apparently pulling so much 
better, there is something very fascinating about a 
night drive behind good lights, and the entire return 
journey was without incident, the average running time 
being 21 m.p.h. 

A great deal be said for a Matchless when one 
can do a 500 miles journey without experiencing undue 
fatigue. I will refrain from describing the machine's 
behaviour in other one day trials ; in fact, there is 


little to describe, for, excepting everyday troubles, 
such as with plugs and punctures, they were without 

I always think the Scottish Six Days was my hardest 
event, my mileage for eleven days being in the neigh- 
bourhood of 1,800. I left London with a sidecar 
packed with a photographic outfit of two cameras, 144 
plates, and a portable darkroom — owing to post and 
train difficulties one has to be practically a self-con- 
tained photographic unit; this, with personal luggage, 
compensated for lack of a passenger. 

Scotland and Holland. 

The Scottish trial is considered, arid rightly so, one 
of the most sporting events of the year. Any machine 
awarded a " gold ''' is deserving of high praise, for 
added to its severity is the weather. 

Of the five Scottish trials I have "covered," only 
(-nee have 1 experienced a really fine week. My 
machine, of course, was not entered for the trial ; had 
it been so, its performance would have merited a 
premier award, for, beyond punctures and a broken 
front sidecar spring, it was a week devoid of trouble. 

When orders came through for me to attend the 
Anglo-Dutch event I imagined it would be more in 
the nature of a holiday, for the actual trial only 
occupied one day, the remainder of the tour consisting 
of luncheons, dinners, and joy trips to the well-knowii 
touring grounds of Holland. 

Anticipations are not always realised. When my 
chief, a member of the English team by the wav, gave 
me final or<lers, all thought of a holiday was soon 
banished. Bank HoUday week had somewhat dis- 
orgamsed press arrangements, so to fit in with them I 
had to be in London sixteen hours after the trial 
finished at Amsterdam. 

The trial, over a distance of 194 miles, started from 
Maastrich, South Holland, at 6.30 a.m. on the Satur- 
day morning. This, owing to our hotel beijig a mile 
or so from the start, necessitated us rising at the un- 
conscionaVile hour of 4.30. .After spcndinL' the 

Short cuts often lead one into " awkward comers," and on many occasions the Matchless has been forced to take to the water. 





Through the 1920 Trials.— 

previous evening at a Dutcli banquet, none of us felt 
particularly fit at that hour, and I for one did not look 
forward to a long run; for there was a further 
considerable distance, to be covered that day, from 
Amsterdam to the Hook, to catch the night boat. 
Judging from the English viewpoint, Holland has no 
hills, therefore apart from its length there was nothing 
to worry the competitors. For myself I would rather 
the trial had been shorter and more severe, for the 
thought was always uppermost in my mind, that it was 
a long way to the Hook, and come what may I must 
catch that boat, and so reach London on the Sunday 
midday. However, the Matchless w^as in good tune, 
so that with average luck I hoped that I should get 

In a Strange Land. 

The run through Holland via Venlo, Arnheim, 
Utrecht, to Amsterdam, although veiy flat, has a 
beauty of its own, and was quite interesting. We 
finished at Amsterdam at 7.30 p.m., and after a hasty 
meal I set off for the final stage of my journey. Luckily 
I had a companion in Lieut. Glen Kidston, R.N., a 
member of the English team, who had to report for 
duty at Portsmouth on the Monday. Compared with 
the trial this final run, most of it in darkness, was 
most trying. On unknown roads, and ignorant of the 
language, we had the utmost difficulty in finding our 
way. Getting through the towns was a problem ; the 
Hague in .particular was somewhat of a nightmare. 
We must have wasted nearly an hour when eventually 
we found a sporting Dutch Harley rider who acted as 
pilot to within seven kilometres of the Hook. He 
saved the situation, for "without his good offices we 
certainly should have missed the boat — as it was we 
only arrived with a quarter of an hour to spare, and 
but for a generous distribution of tips should have had 
to leave the machines on the landing stage. 

For the Matchless this final stage was the most 
strenuous ; having lost much time enquiring the way, 
it was a case of full throttle when we did get going. 

On one of these " all-out " stretches the exhaust pipes 
were glowing a bright cheriy red, but despite this it 
carried on without the least sign of the engine 
drying up. 

Shortly after this event I noticed that the compen- 
sating stay of the sidecar was slightly bent, which I 
attributed to the rough handling the machine had 
received in getting it aboard the ship. I was too busy 
further to investigate the matter, and the Matchless's 
reliability had made me less careful than I should have 

My preparations for the English Six Days were 
hastily made, and on the Friday preceding the trial I 
made a'quick ride to Coventry, picked up a member 
of the Coventry staff, and continued to Worksop for 
the night. 

Next morning we had to attend a hill-climb at Sutton 
Bank. This necessitated a final run to Darlington 
in the dark, over the worst roads on which it has ever 
been my misfortune to ride. 

The damage started on the ship was now completed, 
for next morning I discovered that the stay was broken. 
This meant that for two days — while the stay was being 
replaced — I was without a machine. The first two 
days of the severest of all Six Days Trials ! — These two 
days were " covered " as a passenger on the Editor's 

The Most Severe One=day Event. 

Later there were a few one day autumn trials, 
including that organised by the M.C. and A.C. in 
Wales — which proved to be quite as severe as any- 
thing in the A.C.U. event. With a passenger, the 
Matchless made no protest on that pass with the fear- 
-ful surface, known for the day as Boydell's playground, 
and later climbed Bwlch-y-groes as " fresh " as any of 
the competitors' machines. 

To sum up, I may say I know but few machines 
giving the same comfort, which would have stood up 
tO' the bard usage meted out to my Matchless — M.A.G. 
in the hands of a press photographer. D.O. 

At all times, in all weathers, and at every period of the year, The Motor Cycle photographer pursues his way in quest of pictures. 
The Matchless taking the sharp corner into Mill Hill from Highwood Hill. 


JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 




it would not have met with the storm of opposition 
called acceptance with wonderful unanimity by the 
Colossus of Roads (need I say that I allude to the 
Minister of Transport?) Further, I understand that 
a constable will be able to hail a motor cyclist to the 
nearest weighbridge, when, if he has bee.i for a long 
ride in the wet, he will have the mud of several 
counties adhering to his machine to the extent possibly 
of 10 lb.- I really do not think that this is an exag- 
geration, for after about 120 miles through Cornwall, 
Devon, and Somerset, I once found my front mud- 
guard quite full of caked mud and a good deal in the 

Table indicating the Increase or Decrease in Amoi'vt ok Asmal Tax Payable nv Motor Cvci ists for the Year 1021. 
AS CoMPARBO with PfiEvtous Yfars. {Compilcl by the .\uto Cycle Union.) 

IT is very clear that there was no motor cycle repre- 
sentative on the committee that accepted the new 
taxation with so much unanimity. Motor cyclists 
have, I suppose, come off no worse than car owners 
on the whole, but there are some points on which we 
have, I think, not been fairly treated. Still there is 
one little crumb of comfort which I propose to dis- 
cuss when my grumble is over. 

Much has already been said about the advantage of 
a tax such as the petrol tax, or a tax on tyres, which 
makes the mileage covered in the course of the year 
the basis of taxation. It is fair and just that the man 
who rides constantly 
for pleasure should 
contribute more to 
the maintenance of 
the roads than the 
hard-working man 
w h o spends h i s 
weeks in workshop 
or office, and can 
only get into the 
country at week 
ends and on his 
annual holiday, 
which is all too 

There are, how- 
ever, difficulties in 
the collection o f 
such a tax which 





Inc. Dec. 


Inc. Dec. 

with Sidecir. 
Inc. Dec. 

Inc. Doc. 

with Sidccir. 
Inc. Dec. 

Cycle Cars. 
Inc. Dec. 


s. d. 

s. d. 

s. d. 5. d. 

33 C — 

s. d. s. d. 
32 6 — 

5. d. s. d. 
22 — 

s. d. 

s. d. 

s. d. s. d. 

50 — 

s. d. s. d. 

ri — 




27 — 

25 — 

15 — 



40 tl — 

- 5 




20 f. — 

17 C — 

7 fl — 



30 — 

- 10 




14 - 

10 — 

- — 



20 — 

— 27 




7 — 

2 C — 

■ - 7 C 



10 11 — 

— ^S 




10 — 

- 3 

— 15 



— 40 




— 12 

- 20 

- 30 



— 20 

— 71 




— 2.5 

- 35 

- 45 



— '.0 

— 93 

The rcgistKltiOD hx of 5s. or transfer of registration fee of Is. is no longer payable. This saving is not included in the above 
fig'-ires. 'Previously licensed .xs a car at ^3 3s. per annum. 

are, I suppose, insuperable, and with this remark I 
may dismiss the subject, thankful for a reduction of 
7d. per gallon in the price of petrol. 

An Authoritative Ruling Wanted. 

The tax on weight is a simple one to collect, pro- 
vided that it is clearly stated what must be included. 
So far, I have seen no authoritative statement on this 
point ; the licence application form says simply 
" weight unladen." Does this include the lighting 
outfit, horn,' tools, and spares, or may a machine be 
weighed in a stripped condition without stand and 
carrier? Further, the weight limits should be in cwt., 
not in lb., and the gradations should not be so steep. 
A difference in tax of £^i los. for a difference in 
weight of I lb. is far too much. If the scale had 
been, for solo machines : 

Under 2 cwt. 

£1 10 


2 10 


3 10 

Sidecars £1 extra. 

rear guard. Will the unfortunate motor cyclist have 
to pay an extra 30s. if this raises his machine above 
the 200 lb. mark, and will he also be indicted for 
removing the road surface and converting it to his 
own use? Possibly the trouble will not end here, and 
the unfortunate individual will be fined ^£20 for making 
an untrue declaration. 


Here again is another curious anomaly : My friend 
Jones has a motor cycle which weighs 198 lb., and 
to this he has affixed a sidecar weighing 120 lb. On 
this machine he and his wife disport themselves about 
six days per week.- Another friend, Roijinson, has a 
solo motor cycle which turns the scale at 205 lb., as 
many of the Junior T.T. machines did; this he uses 
chiefly at week-ends and on holidays. I may mention 
that Robinson is a little man, while Jones and his 
wife incline to adiposity. Jones's outfit when laden 
does not fall much short of 6 cwt., while Robinson's 
is less than 3 cwt., yet Robinson pays J^x, 3"<J Jones 
£2 10s. 



JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 

Some Anomalies of Motor Cycle Taxation.— 

Further, certain advantages are granted to car owners 
from which motor cyclists are excluded. I refer to 
the issue of quarterly licences. For instance, a car 
owner can take out a licence for the six months of 
summer, March 25th to September 30th, for a pay- 
ment of three-fifths the full duty, Avhereas a motor 
cyclist gets no abatement at all unless he takes out his 
licence on or after October ist, when he has to pay 
half the fee, that is five-tenths, against three-tenths, 
the quarterly fee paid by the car owner. This means 
that a licence taken out after the end of September 
for a medium or heavyweight sidecar outfit costs ;£,2 
instead of ^i 4s., which would be the cost if the motor 
cyclist received the same consideration as the car 

The three-wheeled runabouts under 8 cwt. seem to 
me to get off very lightly ; such a machine may be 
12 h.p. and carry four passengers, yet it is taxed the 
same as a mediumweight of 3J4 h.p. with a sidecar 

It is, of course, necessary to raise money for road 
upkeep, and it is, I suppose, unavoidable that the new 
taxes should bear more heavily on some than on others. 
The man Avith the biggest mileage will get off the most 
lightly. In fact, as the appended table compiled by 
the A.C.U. very clearly shows, if the mileage is suffi- 
ciently large the saving will be considerable. There- 
fore I do not cavil at the taxes themselves, but at the 

points where their imposition is distinctly unfair and 
might have been greatly improved by a little fore- 
thought. Nor do I think that the new taxes will ruin 
the industry or drive all motor cyclists off the road. 
After all the tax on a heavy sidecar outfit is a small 
thing compared with the interest, at present rates, on 
the capital outlay involved in its purchase. 

A Crumb of Comfort. 

I now come to the crumb of comfort to \\hich I 
referred. A motor bath chair is taxed at 5s., and 
what is a motor bath chair ? It is defined as a 
mechanically-propelled vehicle adapted and used for 
invalids (not exceeding 5. cwt. in weight unladen). 
This must mean that the machine and not the invalid 
must be under 5 cwt. but the wording is a little obscure. 

Now my wife is an invalid, or at least she is highly 
strung, which is always reckoned the same thing. I 
mean that she will not ride long distances on the 
carrier, because she says it gets on her nerves. What 
I am going to do is this : I shall attach a luxurious 
coach-built bath chair on a spring chassis to my 
machine. The outfit will then become a motor bath 
chair, within the meaning of the Act, and I shall fill 
up B3 Motor Bath Chairs and other Vehicles for 
Invalids, pay a tax of 5s., and all will be well — at least 
I hope so. This proves that a smart man can always 
find his way out of difficulties, however insuperable, 
if he gives his mind to the matter. Jam Satis. 

Solo Mounts and the A.C.U. 350 c c. Limit. 

A Debatable Proposal of (he A.C.U. 

IN the proposed regulations for the 1921 A;C.U. 
Six Days Trials there appeare the suggestion that 
all motor cycles of over 350 c.c. shall have sidecar 
attachments. Now most of the new proposals are 
most excellent and practical, so that it would seem 
somewhat extraordinary for the governing body to 
insert a clause which discourages the production of 
solo machines of over the nominal 2^ h.p. class. 

It would appear to be fairly obvious that the A.C.U. 
officials have at the back of their minds one of two 
intentions (or possibly both). (i.) That each 
machine of over 350 c.c. shall be capable of carrying 
an official observer. (2.) That machines designed for 
sidecar work shall not obtain an unfair advantage by 
shirking their normal load. Both these ideas have 
much to be said in their favour, but what about the 
real solo machine ? 

In the past the 500 c.c. solo machine was a popular 
favourite, and at tiie present day there are a large 
number of motor cyclists who still consider that it is 
the ideal mount. Unfortunately this type has been 
spoiled from the solo rider's standpoint by being 
stiffened and modified for sidecar work. This fault 
is apparently to be encouraged, instead of eliminated. 

It is one of the first duties of the governing body to 
improve the breed of motor cycles, but it is surely 
rather hard on' the solo rider to be told that no solo 
machine of over 350 c.c. is worthy of encouragement, 
and such firms as the Sunbeam, Douglas, Brough, 
Brough-Superior, N.U.T., Norton, etc., to say nothing 
of other well-known concerns who have special solo 
models on the stocks, will hardly appreciate the new 

As one of the many keen solo riders I am all for the 
development of the light and handy 3^ h.p. solo 
machine having a good flexible engine and a two or 
three-speed gear with rather high ratios, and no un- 
necessary " frills." 

Simplicity, economy, and handiness are the watch- 
words of the average solo rider, and it is up to those 
who are responsible for the sport to encourage these 
attributes not only in the smaller classes, but in every 

It was noticeable at the Olympia Show that some 
of the 500 c.c. machines were lighter than 350 c.c. 
machines of broadly similar specification. Are these 
machines to go without their reward ? 

Would it not be possible, in order to avoid shirking, 
to formulate a combined weight and capacity rating in 
order to decide which machines were suitable for side- 
car, and which for solo purposes? 

Such a scheme would penalise heavy solo machines 
to the axivantage of the lighter makes, and it would 
not be difficult to arrive at a suitable weight limit for 
each class of engine capacity. 

This is merely the suggestion of a solo rider, but it 
can hardly be said to be prejudiced, since that rider is 
also a regular u.5er of a sidecar for the purposes for 
which it is intended. 

Possibly better suggestions will be forthcoming, but 
at any rate it is to be hoped that the existing A.C.U. 
proposal will not be brought into force without some 
modification, lest the army of solo riders secede in a 
body from an organisation which discourages the de- 
velopment of their favourite type of motor cycle. 


JANUARY isili, ig2i. 


YEAR by year the acceseory mai-ket 
is filled and refilled, until one obtains 
an impression that there is nothing 
left to be devised, yet every week sees 
new and useful articles offered to the 
motor cycle public, by whom they are 
appreciated according to their merit. 
Just now lighting sets and other articles 
appertaining to winter riding are being 
introduced, but there are many other 
novelties which will have an appeal all 
the year round. On this page we illus- 
trate a batch of new accessories recently 

An Aatomatic Lamp Lighter. 
An ingenious idea for lighting an acety- 
lene lamp by means of tlie magneto has 
lieen carried out by a reader, Mr. J. C. 
Williams, Roberts Wall. Penally, Pem- 
broke, it consists merely of a length of 
wire, a handle-bar switch, and a spark 
gap designed to attach to the burner of 
an acetylene lamp. The wire leading to 

J. C. Williams's (Penally) acetylene lighter 

the switch is connected to the switch 
terminal of the magneto while the other 
wire from the switch goes to the spark 
gap on tlie burner. The fact of pressing 
the button allows the spark to pass across 
the spark gap, by which means the lamp 
is said to be lighted without any necessity 
on the part of the rider to dismount. 

A Simple Timing Device. 
The timing device illustrat€d is the 
invention of another reader, curiously 
enough with the some name. Mr. J. C. 
Williams, 92, Court Road, Barry Dock, 
and has previously been referred to in the 
Correspondence columns of Thf Jlolor 
Cj/rje. It is quite an ingenious little 
fitting, designed to screw into the spark- 
ing plug or compression tap hole in the 

cylinder. Consisting of a spring plunger, 
it has on the upper end a pointer by 
means of which a reading may be obtained 
on a three-centimetre measure. By 
means of the device the timing of the 
valves and ignition can be accurately 

Dry Battery Lighting Sets. 

For short distances, especially in the 
areas round towns, where great "illumina- 
tion is not required, a dry battery set is 
most useful on a motor cycle. That placed 

J. C. Williams's piston gauge 

The Bancroftian lighting set for lightweights. 

on the market by the Bancroftian Co., 
64, Bishopsgat^?, London, E.C.3, is to 
be recommended. Jt consists of a small 
head lamp designed to fit on to an ordinary 
lamp bracket, a neat 
tail lamp, and a cUy 
battery in a 
doth case provided 
with straps to at- 
tach it to any con- 
venient part "of the 

Defying the 

The same firm has 
also placed on the 
market the Imperial 
Scouts overall, made 
frr)m the best brown 
gabardine, specially 
waterproofed, and 
all in one piece. It 
should be highly 
suitable for serious 
competition riding, 
as it appears to be 
perfectly water- 
proof, and protects 
the rider admir- 
ably. A helmet is 
included with the 
outfit, which is quite 
moderate in price. 

An Electric Bulb Adapter. 

'The failure of an electric lighting outfit 
is distinctly inconvenient, as m the event 
of a sudden failure miles from anywhere 
it is often impossible to get a repair carried 
out by an e.\perienced electrician, whereas, 
at any cycle sliop or fancy store, flash 
lamp bulbe and batteries may be pur- 

Fumcr's lamp adapter ; it enables a pocket 
lamp bulb to be used in bayonet fittings 

chased. 'This ingenious little adapter sold 
by Messrs. Turner's Cycle and 'Tool 
Stores, 181-182, Railway Approach, 
Sheplierd's JJush, London, W., is welt 
worthy of review. It consists of an 
ebonite holder, one end of which will 
take an ordinary Hash bulb, while the 
other can be fitted into an ordinary S.B. 
.socket. The adapter is made in two 
forms, either with a single pole fitting 
or with a double pole contact to the lamp 
socket. One of our illustrations shows 
how the adapter may be used in an ordi- 
nary lamp socket as an inspection lamp, 
when it can be wired up to a " flash " or 
other dry battery. 

A Motor Cycle Accelerator. 
On previou.s occasions we have referred 
to the accelerator pedal which is the in- 
vention of A. F. Edwards, The Bur-, 
roughs, Hendon, London, N.W. He has 
now improved the device, which is designed 

Imperial Scouts 

Edwards s motor cycle accelerator pedal, 

to attach to the footboard of a motor 
cycle. By its means a pedal, connected 
, to the throttle, may be operated inde- 
pendently of the handle-bar lever, thus 
allowing a rapid acceleration to be 

JANUARY 13th, 1921. 

Luxury in Sidecar Bodies. 

Imagine this sidecar for shopping purposes and city use ! Such a vehicle could be used to advantage 
by those who have a car, which might otherwise be engaged 


''HERE are many uses for a saloon 
Jl type sidecar which have not yet 
been acknowledged. Where a closed 
car is used for shopping by the lady 
members of a large family, a motor 
cycle with a sidecar such as is illus- 
trated here could be used as a tender 
with a uniformed youth as the chauffeur. 
Certain it is, a body of the quality of 
the .lasmine limousine, as it is called, 
would in every way be more dignified 

than a taxicab, which frequently has to 
be called into service when the private 
car is engaged. 

As a sidecar for the motor cyclist, too, 
it will no doubt appeal, as it is often 
found that it is not the driver so much 
as the passenger who grumbles about the 

The sidecar body under review is a 
product of Messrs. Dunhills, Ltd., 359- 
361, Euston Road, London, N.W.I, and 

is a replica of a small scale of a luxurious 
saloon type of car body. Though solid in 
construction, it is comparatively light ; 
it weighs about 85 lb. to 90 lb., and, in- 
ternally and externally, the appearance 
leaves nothing to be desired. The frame- 
work is coachbuilt throughout of well 
seasoned timber, the panels being of the 
best Venesta three-ply birch, and the top 
panel of beaten aluminium. The windows 
are of triplex safety glass. 

Petrol Consumption Tests in Paris. 

THE Boxing Day attraction in French 
motor cycle circles was a fuel 
economy competition, held in the 
southern suburbs of Paris, on the basis 
of one litre of fuel. For the sake of sim- 
plicity, the same amount of petrol was 
given to each competitor, whether he had 
a tiny scooter or a comfortable two- 
' passenger sidecar, and each had to run 
until his 1.76 pint had been used up. 

Under these conditions it was not sui- 
prising that the greatest distance was 
covered by a motor-assisted bicycle. The 
machine, a Cyclemotor, ridden by 
Pouget, travelled 50.6 miles before its 
engine spluttered and stopped. This is 
at the rate of 28.7 miles on a pint of 
fuel, or over 229 m.p.g. 

The most economical scooter was a 
Monet-Guyot, which covered 41.6 miles. 
In the 250 c.c. class an Alcyon, ridden 
by Guiguet, was first with 48.5 miles, 
or 27.5 miles on a pint. There was very 
ke'en competition in this class, Alcyons 
getting first, second, third, and fourth 
prizes out of , thirteen to finish. In 
the 350 c.c. class the professional rider 
Dubost, on a machine of his own con- 
struction, was the winner with a distance 
of twenty-three miles. Barthelemy, on 
a 500 c.c. Norton, made a very fine per- 
formance by covering 30.7 miles, or 
practically seventeen miles to the pint 
(136 m.p.g.). The Rover, which came 
second, with a distance of only twelve 
miles, was obviously not in form. 

A B.S.A. sidecar beat an F.N. in the 
750 c.c. class by running a distance of 

10.8 miles, compared with 9.5 miles for 
the Belgian machine. An Ariel took first 
place in the 1,000 c.c. sidecar class with 
14.3 miles, defeating an important lot 
of American machines and one Matchless. 


Sandford's air-cooled Morgan was the 
most economical cycle car, with 15.8 
miles for the litr-e, or nine miles to the 
pint. The Elfe. a French machine, 
came second, and another Morgan third. 

In France sidecars and four-wheeled cycle cars compete together. A movement is afoot which 
may bring about the introduction of this desirable practice in this country. 

JAA'UAHy 13111, igji. 

Detail Improvements to a Well- 
known Collapsible Sidecar. 

MANY motor cyclists who desire to 
use a sidecar, and have not room 
to keep it at home, are faced with 
the prospect of weekly garage bills and 
the risk of having the machine knocked 
about. To such unfortunately placed 
motor cyclists the Paragon folding sidecar 
should make a strong appeal. It has 
been on the market for a long time, and 
has thoroughly proved its reliability. 
It is one of the earliest practical forms 

With the body removed and the chassis folded 
pass through a 30in. doorway. 

of folding sidecars, and is sold by the 
Wiucycle Co., Ltd., 236, High Hofborn. 
London, W.C.I. We have described the 
device on many occasions previously, and 
it is sufficient to state that it folds up 
quickly, is absolutely safe, and is a 
thoroughly practical article. The body 
and springs are removed in a few second.'!, 
and the chassis itself folded alongside 
the motor cycle, which can Ihon pass 
through a 30in. doorway. For 1921 some 
considerable improvement has been made 
in the fi-xing of the mudguard, which is 
now very strongly secured. When ex- 
tended it is not possible to distinguish 
the Paragon chassis from that of any 
other sidecar. 



Twenty more Firms who Make 
Carriers at Various Prices. 

IN addition to the thirty odd licence 
card holders w^e have described in The 
Motor Cycle (issues December 17th and 
24th), the following are also producing 
holders at prices varving from Is. 3d° 
to 7s. 6d. 

- Millfords, Ltd., Bullock Street, Bir- 
mingham (a continued front number plate 
and holder, 7s. 6d.). 
Harrison and Co., Bradford Street. 
Eastern Garage Co., 
418, Romford Road, 
Forest Gate, E.7 (5s. 
brass, 6s. '6d. plated, 
«"ith clip for handle- 

H. Foster, 41. Mer- 
sey Street, Warring- 
ton (polished alu- 
minium, 3s. 6d.). 

James Grose, Ltd., 
Old Jewrv, Cheapside, 
London, ■E.C.2 (alu- 
minium, for number 
plate or handle-bar, 
2.^. 6d.). 

Central Aircraft Co. , 
179, High Road, Kil- 
burn, N.VV.6. 

J. W. Brooks and 

the Paragon will ^^ ^'t"-,. t.'yit"'ion 

Works, unmingham 
(ill polished aluminium, 
attached by leather straps). 

Graiseley Motor Accessories, Ltd., 
Church Lane, Wolverhampton (in alu- 
minium 3s. 6d., in brass, nickel-plated 
4s. 3d.). 

Device Engineering Co., 33, Clerken- 
\yell Close. London, E.C. (for front 
number plate 5s.). 

E. Reed and Sons, Ltd., Carlton 
Works, Daubeney Road, Clapton, E.5 
(with. clip 6s.). 

Stanley and Hill, Ltd., Buckingham 
Street, Birmingham (with bracket, Ss. 
6d. black finish, 5s. nickel-plated). 

R. R. Evans, Milverton Garage, Cross 
Road, Leamington (5s. brass finish and 
5s. 6d. nickel finish). 


Mole and Son, Ltd., Newhall Street, 
Birmingham (5s. 5d. nickel finish). 

Benetfinks, 107, Cheapside, London, 
E.C.2 (in brass I'or attaching to front 
forks 5s., for screwing to sidecar 4s., in 
aluminium for fi.xture to front number 
plate 2s. 3d.). 

Cycle Accessories (Birmingham), Bel- 
frey Works, Spiceal Street, Bull Ring, 
Birmingham (for attaching to front fork, 
3s. 9d.). 

Cowley Engineering Co., Ltd., Archer 
Works, Kew Gtardens, Surrey, 

Capac Co., Ltd., 2, Woodstock Street, 
Bond Street, London, W.l (The Tredelect 

_\Vates Bros., 132, Charing Cross Road, 
W.C. (a neat holder without projecting 
screws, 5s. 5d.). 

Northern Motor E.xchange, Marion 
Street, Sunderland (combination number 
plat€ and licence holder). 

Stewart Engineering Co., 34, Jlortimer 
Market, Tottenham Court Road, London, 

. iMason Leather Co., 20, Charminster 
.Road, Bournemouth (made of waterproof 
fabric, Is. 3d.). 


THE windscreen has Ijecome almost 
universal on the modern sidecar, 
right from the very light sporting 
to the luxurious big twin types. Illus- 
trated on this page, the " Right " screen 
is suited, and may be ea.sily fitted, to any 
type of body. Its chief' characteristic, 
however, is the ease with which it may 
be adjusted to any angle. 

The "Right" windscreen and 

a sectional view of the concealed 

adjustment provided. 

Vi hen m use the Paragon folding chassis is not distinguishable (rem any other side. 

A tube, seated in a grooved piece 'of 
hard wood on the dash, caiTies the screen 
proper. Inside the tube there is a nut »f 
round section, and engaging this nut 
through a slot in the tube there is a stud 
operated by a milled nut right underneath 
the dash. The makers are the Right 
Windscreen Co., Borrowash, near Derby. 


EXTRY forms and particulars for the 
Western Centre Open Reliabilit.y 
Trial starting April 8th, 1921, wiil 
be available shortly. The trial regula- 
tions have been so framed that the private 
owner entrant should have an equal 
chance with the trade, rider to gain 
highest honours. There are a number of 
special awards, including " The White 
Challenge Cup," " Sunbeam Gold 
Medal," first and second prizes for 
.nmateurs, and a special prize for the 
best performance by a lady. 

44 ' ^ 


THE fitment illustrated is called the 
Stanford "Spring Slung" seat, and 
tlie double name provides a good 
indication of its characteristics. So far, 
the majority of such auxiliary seats have 
been ligidly mounted on the sidecar floor, 
where they were rather apt to cramp the 
rear passenger's legs. In this case, re- 
ferring to the illustration, it will be seen 
that the back rest is mourited on a bar 
(which is split centrally to allow the 

A new method of carrying an extra sidecar 
passenger — the Stanford "Spring Slung" 

seat to hinge clear when pushed to one 
Bide). The actual seat portion is slung 
from the back rest and from supports 
further up in the nose of the body by 
two pairs of coil springs. When the up- 
holstery is in position, the rear spi-ings 
aie covered in. Comfort for both 
passengers and easy detachment are the 
chief advantages claimed for this attach- 
ment, which is made by the Stanford 
Sidecar Co., Sampson Road North, 
Birmingham. \ . 


THE elaboration of the sidecar proceeds 
apace, and, although the idea of a 
sidecar coupe is far from new, there 
are several extremely neat points included 
in the specification of a patent body de- 
signed by Mr. W. H. Burleigh, of' 421, 
Harborne Road, Edgbiston Biimingham 

By means of balance weights or an inter- 
nal arrangement of levers (not shown in 
the illustration) the top portion may be 
readily hinged back, as shown, to allow 
entrance to and exit from the car. In 
fine weather, of course, the whole coupe 
part may be removed, leaving an ordinary 
open type body. Another commendable 
feature is the joint between the body and 
the top, which may be made weather- 
proof by suitable long felt or air-cushioned 
rubber pads. 

In this construction the sidecar may be 
kept of normal height and the passenger 
may get in or out without any crawling 


THERE are plenty of devices on the 
market for extracting rivets from 
chains, but we do not know of many 
which will replace the rivet as easily as 
it is removed. Moreover, there have been 
no chain rivet-cum-belt punching tools 
for machines with the double transmission. 

The little tool under review is just 
as invaluable in the case of a chain-cum- 
belt as in the case of an all-chain drive 
motor cycle. If the chain rivet remover 
is unscrewed the belt punch may be in- 
serted in its place, and when the rivet 
remover is in position the handle of the 
belt punch acts as a tommy bar. The^ 
instrument consists of a main body in 
which there is an aperture of such" a 
shape 'that it will accommodate a lin. 
belt or a fin. belt, if the latter is inserted 
upside down. The spring plunger acts 
as a guide when it is desired to remove 
a chain rivet, while a distance piece is 
provided to replace the rivet or when 
drilling a hole in the belt. 

To replace a rivet, the distance piece 
is placed in position ; the link is slipped 
over, the rivet ends placed underneath, 
and the chain rivet is centred, when 
pressure exerted on the top screw will 
force the rivet into position, when the 
point of the device will spread the head 
sufficiently to render it quite secure. 

When a roller has been broken the 
chain is slipped over the two supports 
immediately over the boss at the bottom 
of the main b'ody of the tool into which 
the rivet extractor may be threaded. 

This tool, which is the invention of Mr. 
N Du'is, 21, Cambridge Road, Luton, 
will take all chains from the magneto size 
up to the large chain used on three- 
wheeled runabouts. 

JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 


THE E.W.L. Accessories Co., of 102, 
Lancaster Road, East Ham, E.7, 
has recently placed on the market a 
complete set of parts which can be easily 
made up into an expansion chamber of 

Castings as supplied by E.W.L. Acces- 
sories to make up silencers for existing 

any length up to 20x4in. in diameter. 
The set consists of two substantial alu- 
minium castings and a length of sheet 
iron tubing. The castings, of course, fit 
into the end of the latter, which can 
be cut down to any convenient length. 


SIMPLICITY and strength are the 
claims of the Sheldon spring luggage 
grid, which is being introduced by 
the Sheldon Engineering Co., tool- 
makers, Bayley Lane, Coventry. It con- 

Shown fitted to a Gloria sidecar, the Sheldon 
luggage grid is neat and strong. 

sists of a simple framework of angle 
section steel, this construction allowing a 
safe inverted bed for the spare petrol tin, 
and in the example illustrated it is 
attached to a Gloria sidecar at the front 

Operated by means of balance weights or internal levers, the 
ninged top of the Burleigh coupe sidecar may be raised, lowered, 
or completely removed. 

Many uses for one tool — the Davis patent combined 
chain and belt punch used (1) as a rivet remover, 
(2) replacing a chain rivet, (3) as a belt punch, and 
(4) when chain roller is broken. 


lAiVVARY 13th, igzi 

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions of his correspondents. 
AH letters must be addressed to- the Editor, "The Motor Cycle," Hertford Street, Coventry, and must be accompanied by the writer's name and address. 


Sir, — Will Ml'. Ma.x Yuiiiig kindly tell us when hi-s motor 
cycle, upon which he is now working, is likelv to he placed 
upon the market? T\V0-ST1?0KE. 



Sir, — Some of my fellow readers who have been or are 
amateur photographers may find a quarter-plate printing frame 
and an old dry plate with the film removed a suitable mean.s 
of displaying the licence. I intend to screw a ring bolt at 
each corner, placing a felt pad between the back of the frame 
and the tank. C. C. ROUEK'IS. 

Sir, — With reference to the new licence holder.*, I believe, 
without exception, that all are made with handle-bar or 
number plate attachment. 

Personally, I do not think more unsightly or inconvenient 
positions could have been adopted, and unle.<ss I can obtain 
one for attaching to the tank I intend fitting my own. In 
this respect, I .suggest that it should be made after the .^tyle 
nf a wrist watch, with a strap from the top and bottom of the 
liolder, but not passing down the back. A felt or rubber 
back should be provided to prevent chafing of the enamel. 

Bournemouth. CONN ROD. 


Sir, — I to draw the attention of your reader.« to the 
great and unreasonable increase of charges for conveyance of 
motor cycles and cars across the Forth by the Graiiton and 
also the Queensferry ferries. The charges were : For motor 
cycles. Is. ; sidecars. Is. 6d. ; motors in proportion. Now 
they are: Motor cycles, 5s.; sidecars. 7s. 6d. ; two-seaters, 
15s. ; and four-seaters, 20s. The distance covered by the 
liranton Ferry is about five miles; at Queensferry about one 
mile. The charges are now the same. Travellers who refuse 
to pay these charges and yet wish to cross the Forth will 
rcciuire to go up the river about twenty-five to thirty miles. 
The ferries are in the hands of the railway companies". 

Kirkliston. " JUNO. 


Sir, — I have read with interest your contributor's article 
on " Overhauling an Ill-used Morgan," and I must congratu- 
late him on the thoroughness, and, I hope, the success of 
his labours. Many of the defects with which he has had 
to deal could not possibly occur in the new models ; I have 
done, and am doing, my best to eliminate such causes of 
trouble. It is one of the advantages of the Morgan that, 
for those who are less painstaking and who have not the 
skill of your contributor, an old model can be brought 
thoroughly up to date at a comparatively small cost at our 

Of course, a goofl many machines are spoilt by care- 
less treatment. There seems to be a mistaken impression 
tliat because a machine costs little it should receive little 
attention. Insufficient lubrication is at the bottom of many 
troubles. Judging from the condition in which some cars 
return to us. the owners have never used an oilcan. It is 
important to e.xamine nuts, pins, etc., occasionally. I could' 
wish that all owners of Morgans took as much interest in 
their machines as your contributor — though it would ruin 
our repair shop ! May I add that at any time, should he 
need it. I should be delighted to give him any a.ssistance 
that I can H. F. S. MO'RGAN. 



Sii, — Might I suggest that the statement contained in 
the front page of 'J'Tie Motor Cycle of December 30tb, to 
the effect that " the majority of motor cyclists . . . keep 
their machines for only a year," is open to serious iloiilit? 

There are, undoubtedly, a large number of enthusiasts 
who reverently worship the fetish of " the current yejir's 
model," and who spend an an.xious lime at the annual 
Show ill cDiisetjuence — but I feel sure that there must be 
a far greater number of enthusiasts who, after many a 
glorious mile astride their favourite 'bus, and many an 
liour of an.\ious care in tuning, grow to love its every nut 
ami bearing, and to sympathise with its every idiosyncrasy. 
and feel a positive heart-ache when the moment of parting 
does come : and who, rather than face this eventuality, 
prefer lb continue with their old love until the march of 
progress renders a change imperative. 

The opinions of other of your readers on this subject 
would, 1 venture to think, be of interest. 



Sir. — I notice that one very big (inn is entering no fewer 
than si.N machines in the Junior I'.T. Race this year, and I 
feel I should like to learn other motor cyclists' views a.s 
regards this. 

My own view is that such an entry of so many machines 
from a big firm, which is already very well known for its 
" speed 'buses," and which could, no doubt, easily afford to 
enter even a dozen specially " w.orked upon " machines, is 
rather unsportsmanlike, and not at all fair to the small firm 
which has yet to make a name for itself. 

Should not the A.C'.U. limit the number entered from 
anv individual firm to, say. three machines? 

This would then give the smaller firms a better chance 
and would provide a fairer and more sporting race for 
all concerned. 

There is another side to the question as well. I believe 
that the number of entrants is limited, and it would hardly 
be faii^if room could not be fornid for a small film to enter 
one machine, 
whilst one firm has 
entered .lix. 


Hull Watch Committee is to be congratulated on issuing licences 
to taxi-sidecars without a lot of ridiculous quibbling. This outfit, 
a 6-7 h.p. Ariel, was the first to be licensed in that citv. 



JANUARY I Jill, 1921. 


Sir, — On starting up a Douglas machine in the daik 
recently, I was surprised to see a sparking to " eartli " 
where the H.T. cables were suspended from the tank. The 
insulation was in good condition, and, although it does not 
affect the general running of the machine, it cannot, in my 
opinion, be conducive to efficiency. 

I then tried a P. and M. machine where the magneto runs 
cojnparatively slower, but the effect was the same. 

I should think, Avhen dealing with such high-tension 
currents the cables would be "bushed" in ebonite or in- 
sulated better where thev are clipped to the frame. . 



Sir,^May I say a few words with reference to the recent 
M.C.C. Londou-Exeter-London trial? 

First of all, I would like to thank the driver of the sidecar 
machine who so kindly stopped on Cirard Hill and supplied 
me with a tin of petrol, and also left behind a Mills-Fulford 
spanner. If he will communicate with me I shall be most 
happy to forward on to him the value of tin and contents. 

I also ha,ve a K.L. G. plug belonging to a Sunbeam rider 
with whom I became acquainted at the Isle of Man during 
the T,T, week last July. 

I am sorry to be the cause of so much trouble to these two 
gentlemen, but hope they will excuse me, and that they did 
not suffer any inconvenience. 

It may be of interest to know that I did eventually reach 
home, via Exeter and Staines, under mv o"wn power. 


Sir, — Your correspondent "Bled Dry (2)" alleges that the 
A. A. advertisement in your issue of December l6th, 1920, is 
mi-sleading. As the advertisement states, our roadside tele- 
phone service is provided free of cost with the exception of 
tees for trunk calls. In view, however, of the high cost of 
maintaining this roadside telephone service, which service 
will be still more costly under the new telephone rates 
announced by the Government, the small fee of half-a-crown 
is charged for the key which opens all the boxes. 

This extra small charge is fully justified by the fact that, 
although a motor cyclist member of the A. A. pays half the 
subscription charged to the motor car member, he is entitled 
to all the advantages of membership enjoyed by the latter. 

If "Bled Dry (2)" AvilL refer again to the advertisement, 
he will find that there is nothing misleading in it, and nothing 
to warrant his assumption that the subscription, Avhich, by 
the way, is not mentioned, is inclusive. 

Secretary Automobile Association and Motor Union. 


Sir, — As a motor cyclist since the days of dry batteries and 
wipe contacts, I have become "more surprised as the years 
have passed that we are still offered and we still buy machines 
which it is impossible to ride when the roads are wet if it 
is desired to keep the person clean. Water from above does 
not Blatter much, as rainproofs made for such use can be 
obtained ; but water "and m.ud thrown up by the front whe^el 
act as a deterrent to the use of a motor cycle on many 

While writing, I might mention my experiejice with the" 
Redrup radial engine, which may be of interest to some of 
your readers. My engine is fitted into an ancient Triumph 
frame, with three-speed hub gear and the tout ensemble makes 
a very useful, light, and economical machine. Although I do 
not indulge in high speed, I find that my averages are exceed- 
ingly good, and far better than with my previous mount — a 
high efficiency .single — due no doubt to the quick pick up, 
and magnificent acceleration of the radial. The smooth run- 
ning of this engine has to be experienced to be believed, and 
for me singles and twins, nevermore. The lack of vibration 
at high speeds is another noteworthy feature, as is also.' the 
extreme ease of starting. My mileage with this engine is 
about 4,000, and I have experienced no mechanical trouble 
of any kind. 

I should like to give a hint to those w-ho are running 
engines of this make which will result in greatly improved 
running. The aluminium disc on the inlet side of the crank 

case should be removed, also the cam ring; the locating stud 
should now be withdrawn and the bronze ring taken out. 
A paper washer with holes to go over the nine studs should 
now be made to fit between the faces (which touch) of the 
bronze ring and the inner aluminium disc. It will then be 
found, owing to the elimination of this fruitful source of 
air leaks, that greatly improved carburation and an increase 
in power 'will result. The jets should be adjusted (with the 
maker.s' automatic carburetter) so that full throttle cannot 
be given until the engine is hot. J. THORNTOX. 


Sir, — I have read the A.C.U. suggested standardisation 
of controls with interest, but fear I cannot agree that such 
are best, although quite open toabe convinced, and would 
suggest that the committee give some reason for the various 
suggestions. JAS. L. NORTON, 

Norton Motors, Ltd. 

Sir, — With reference to the standardisation of controls as 
advocated by the A.C.U.,' I should like to suggestthat the 
clutch and exhaust valve lifter should be interchanged. It 
is nearly* always necessary to move the hand along the 
handle-bar to reach the extra lever, and as the clutch is 
much more freely used than the exhaust lifter, it is more 
convenient to have the clutch lever in the inverted position, 
as is the case with the A. B.C. P. V. JAMES, Lieut. 

Sir, — I have just read the recommendations of the 
A.CU. with regard to the standardisation of controls, and 
was surprised to see that some of their most important 
decisions were arrived at by reason of the fact that 
several motor cyclists are also in the habit of driving cars, 
and therefore the foot brake and clutch should be adapted 
to car practice. As a practical motor cyclist who has ex- 
perience of nearly every type of machine, I think the 
positions they have decided on for these fitments^ are not 
at all suitable. Although appreciating the fact that in 
several respects motor cycles would be improved if car 
practice was more nearly approached, yet I think if the 
foot brake is on the right in cars there are reasons why 
it should be on the opposite side on motor cycles. In the 
first place, it is very often necessary to operate the foot 
brake and the kick starter at the same time, which would 
be impossible if placed as in the A.C.U. recommendations: 
and, secondly, the foot clutch should be in the exact 
position specified for the brake, as everybody knows that 
it can be very much more sensibly manipulated by the 
right foot than by the left; and, thirdly, the majority of 
British makers who still cling to the foot clutch fit it on 
■ the right side, and doubtless they must have some reason 
for doing so. " J. T, SMALLWOOD. 

Sir, — I noticed some of the reasons against the'A.C.U.'s 
suggestion for the brake on the right-hand side, but one 
point against it which has occurred to a friend of mine 
might be included. He is rather short, and recently when 
driving a sidecar he had rather a nasty smash. He was 
taking a left-hand corner, and, owing to his size, he had 
to lean over rather to reach the brake pedal, in so doing 
the changing over of his weight caused the machine to 
overturn — luckily without serious injury. R. _C. SLACK. 

It is well that motor cyclists s,^^ Here is a reader 

are able to see the humorous ^fej. making a bur- 

side of the new taxation regula- JoS^^ tesqueof parad- 
ing the licence. 

JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 



Sir,^I do not think that Mr. ilortimer Batten's system of 
oiling an A. B.C. engine would prove very satisfactory, as 
.separate drip feed glasses would have to be fitted 011 each 
■ cylinder, and it would be a continual nuisance adjusting the 
drip. By the way, I do not know whence your corre- 
spondent got his idea-of an A. B.C. piston, which has a 
pronounced waist. The crank case suction idea does not 
work well, as the faster the engine goes the less oil is drawn 
into the crank ea;-e ; the ball valves do not work quickly 
enough to form an effective vacuum. It is fatal to under- 
oil an aluminium pistoned engine, as seizures are so sudden, 
and the aluminium grooves the cylinders, even if seizure 
does not take place. 

There is no lateral play in an A. B.C. spring frame at all. 

Wiiy has someone not taken up the spring frame used on 
the old A.S.L. made by Air Springs, Ltd? 1 think this was 
nearer to perfection than any other. R.N. 


Sir, — I was interested to note the letter of your corre- 
spondent. Mr, H. Mortimer Batten, in your is.sue of December 
25rd, 1920, wherein he commences, "' I agree with ' I.xion ' that 
Mr. Bradshaw might have arrived at a better system of oiling 
lor his otherwise beautifully designed A. B.C.' 

Without wishing in any way to interfere with the very 
pood feelings that have always existed between those 
responsible for the production of the A. B.C. and myself, and 
fidly conscious of the difficult task they had in. organising 
.-uch production, I feel that, in ju.-itice to myself, it is not 
out of place to mention that the oiling system fitted to this 
machine was not the one de-signed by me. 

The original one supplied with the designs has been in 
'..rustant use by Emerson in all his track work with con- 
sistfMit .success, and is a mechanical oil pump driven off the 
iront of the camshaft. GRANV'ILLE BRADSHAW. 


Sir, — The following account of a trip from Portsmouth to 
Plymouth, carried out during the recent severe weather, 
might he of interest to your readers. 'J'he siJCcdometcr 
distance is 180 miles, and the machine used was an 8 h.p. 
New Imperial and sidecar (new in April). 

I left Portsmouth at 9.30 a.m. on Monday, the 13th, with 
about Sin. of snow on the ground and a "keen N.E. wind 
blowing. My sidecar was loaded with luggage lo about the 
weight of a light person, so I had no qualms about its tipping 
up too easily. Needless to say, I wrapped myself up pretty 
well, and wore two pairs of socks, two pairs of glove.s, and a 
thick sweater under my coat. Throughout the whole run I 
hardly felt the cold at all, except my feet, which got very 
dead at times. 

To my surprise, on leaving Portsmouth the snow gradually 
liiinned away, until, on arriving at Southampton, I found 
lUe lying at all. The roads were in excellent condition, 
ard and diw. 

In the neighbourhood of Chard I ran into snow again, 

'vhich had apparently only just fallen, but it was only a 

:f;ht powdering, and did not stop me in the least. This 

now I had with me all the way into E.\eter, where I 

1 lived at 3.50 p.m. Here I stayed for tea and a warm up, 

id, after lighting my lamps, left at 4.30 to complete the 

,-t forty-four miles of my journey into Plymouth. Immcdi- 

..t«ly on leaving Exetel- the snow got appreciably deeper 

.ibout Sin.) and I had to go more carefully. After half an 

!iom'V riding I found my lamps beginning to give trouble, and 

iitler spending a little time in investigating, I found the water 

in both my generators' frozen solid. I had to takeoff the genera-' 

tors and take them into a cottage to thaw before I could 

go on. On crossing Haldon Hill the snow got much deeper, 

and it was with great difficulty I got along at all.- It was 

' try dark, and the whole country under snow made it very 

iiflicult to stick to the road. However, by going slowly, and 

intinually stopping to examine signposts, I made Chudleigh 

lid then Ashburton at 6.40 p.m., so that it took me two 

■lOUi's to do twenty miles. I decided this was not good 

I iiough, especiaUy as I was getting tired, so I put up here 

•'or the night. 

Next morning I continued my journey at 9.15. The 
lirst five miles out of Ashburton the going was good, but 
liter that the remainder of the journey had to be done 
■ ntirely oji second gear a.^ far as Plympton. The .snow 
lound Ivybridge was up to the bottom of the sidecar, and 

live times I was stopped dead in drifts, and had to clear 
away several yai'ds of snow before I could get on. The 
skidding was tremendous, due to the slipping of the back 
wheel and the drag of the sidecar in the snow. 1 eventually 
had to lash rope round my back wheel to obtain road grip. 
ily machine ran simply splendidly the whole journey, and 
my average consumption was 55 m.p.g., which, I think, was 
good, considering that seventeen miles was done on second 
gear. Taking it ^U round, it was a most successful ti-ip, 
but one I do not wish to do again under similar conditions. 



Sir, — The three-wheeled runabout has been the Cinderella 
of the motor house. In the cycle car boom of 1915 some 
critics (including one of the most eminent, Mr. Massio Buist) 
denied that the three-wheeler had part or lot in that matter. 
All cars had four wheels, therefore the three-wheeler was not 
a cycle car. It was equally true, of course, that no cycle 
has four wheels, therefore the four-wheeler was not a cych 
car. Therefore, there was no such thing as a cycle car. 
Q.E.D. However, the boom passed, and the term " cycle car " 
became a reproach rather than a distinction, so the three- 
wheeler was admitted — not, I supixise, for its merits, but 
for its defects. "We have changed all that, and to-day the 
three-wheeler appears to be coming into his own Those who 
have retained faith in it are surprised at the kind things 
which are said of it. Unfortunately, only one maker remains 
•to hear them — Mr. H. F. S. Jlorgan. The rest (they were 
many) are gone, or have exchanged three wheels for four. 

But we not be too sangine. Even Mr. Morgan would 
not, I am sure, venture to say that, because the three-wheeler 
has attained a certain degree of popularity the days of the 
sidecar are numbered. It is quite possible that some manu- 
facturers who turn from the sidecar to the three-wheeled 
runabout will find that they luive made a mistake In the 
first place, it is significant that only one machine out of many 
has survived ten years. Most have succumbed in two or 
three. .Moreover, only one three-wheeler has as yet com- 
peted successfully against the sidecar. I do not say that 
there is not sufficient reason for this. I onlv state a fact. 
But until the runabout has competed successfully the position 
of the sidecar is secure. No doubt a certain number will 
make good in this respect this year, but it remains to bo 
seen whether successes will outnumber failures, and every 
failure sets back the day of the ininabout. Taking one con- 
sideration with another, it would seem that the runabout has 
still to fight it"! way, and tho way to fight is successful 
com]>etitioi>. The road to success is the open road. To 
dethrone the sidecar is a great adventure, and " adventures 
are to the adventurous." That I think is the meaning of ' 
the much cjiticised criticism of the A.C.U. report. 

Sioke L..V. H. GEOR(iE MORGAN. 



Master and Miss Berry, of Credilon. whose mount is a 
Velocette fitted with the popular Tan-Sad seat. In this fashion 
they enjoy the sport, and are loud in praise of their economical 
and easily manipulated machine. 



Sidecar v. farm cart. 

Sir, — This picture was taken on arrival home with a load 
of oats in the straw after a journey of six miles. The machine 
is a W.D. Clyno (gun carriage), on which a sidecar body has 
been fitted, ' The oats were loaded at the back on a large 
carrier, and over the sidecar, being securely roped on. While 

How an ex-W.D, Clyno was made useful on the farm is told m 
the letter of Mr. Frank Leat, 

not takino- so much as a cart, several journeys can be done 
in the time of one with a horse, and I can assure you the 
load was a good one, extending as it did far back behind the 
sidecar, — FRANK LEAT. 


Sir, — I tliought that your readers would be interested in 
the following record of the cost of running a 4 h,p. motor 
cycle for one year, which has been ridden botli solo and with 
a coachbuilt sidecar. Distance run in the vear 8,380 miles 
[to date, 13,270), Total cost of running for one year £49 7s, 
0^d.,made up as follows : Tyres, £6 12s. 5cl, ; petrol (105 gall,), 
£16 8s. 5d. ; lubricating oil, £3 10s. 5d. ; carbide. £1 5s. Id. ; 
etceteras, 19s. lid.; repairs, adjusting, etc., £11 9s. ll^d. : 
club subscription, insurance, etc., £3 I7s. ; and stabUng, 
£5 4s, 

Distance run with first plug, 8,390 miles. The first belt 
ran for 12,225 miles, but now is too short to put on. One 
valve burnt through in three months, and again at thirteen 
months, but the last time it was owing to clearance not being 

History of Tyees. — No. 1 back tyre. Ran 3,659 miles, and 
was then put on the^jdecar. Afterward_s it was retreaded 
and put on the back wheel for 955 miles, when it was again 
put on the sidecar, transferred to the front wheel for 134 
miles, and then put back on the back wheel for 379 miles, 
and can still be used. 

No, 2 front tyre. Ran for 5,878 miles, when it was re- 
treaded. Then it did 2,175 on the front and 25 on the back, 
and now, so far, has -done on the front 3,298 miles, and is 
still on. 

No. 3, sidecar tyre. Taken off and wants retreading ; but 
no separate record kejjt of it. 

No. 4. New tyre put on back wheel, and when it had 

done 4,428 miles it picked up a nail on the tramway in Town 

and cut it through. It was then vulcanised, when it ran for 

. 23 miles. After being retreaded it was put on the sidecar, 

and has run so far 1,294 miles. 

No. 5, new tyre. Did 655 miles on back wheel, when it 
was spoilt by a cut from a stone. I then had it vulcanised, 
and it ran on the back wheel for 195 miles and then burst 
through again, EUSTACE PARSONS, 


Sir, — I have just finished reading " Ixion's " extremely 
interesting book of "Reminiscences.," with which I can only 
find two faults, viz,, various paragraphs in tlie first part of 
the book are almost repeated in ttie later chapters, and the 
fact that the book is all too short, I should like to suggest, 
therefore, that he immediately sets about writing A'olume II-., 
as lie must doiibtlese have had thousands of interesting experi- 


'JANUARY 13th, ig2i. 

cnces of which we have heard nothing during his twenty years 
of motor cycling. The book should certainly be illustrated 
by that excellent artist IMr. F, Gordon Crosby, \vhose motor 
drawings are extremely fine (as witness the illustration of a 
three-litre Bentley in your Christmas number). 

To revert to "Ixion," I am sure that, in common with 
me, there must be many hundreds of your readers who are 
wondering what manner of a man this is Who supplies us 
with our weekly page, of lies, and I should like to suggest 
therefore that a photogTaph of him be published witliout 
delay. A. ARNOLD. 

[We refer our correspondent to our heading to his letter I — Ed.] 


Sir, — Having seen letters in The Motor Cycle for and 
against different methods of oiling, I would like, in grati- 
tude, to offer a testimony to the merits of the automatic 
system on the 4 h.p. Douglas, as this I have found practi- 
cally perfect. 

After "running in" the machine with a liberal setting. 
I adjusted the by-pass to reduce the flow, and set the drip- 
feed to pass fifteen drops a minute, since when, beyond filHhg 
up the sump and occasionally draining off, I never . give 
oiling a thought. 

During the last four months I have been over two 
thousand miles (including six hundred in Devonshire) some- 
times three up, and when taking out the valves this week I 
find positively no carbon on them, or oir the valve caps— 
merely a .very slight deposit of soot which was rubbed off 
with a rag, I have never had a sooted plug. 

West Ealing, W.13. FORTY-EIGHT. 


Sir, — I beg to suggest that surely ■some British motor 
cycle firm of repute might build a racing machine that would, 
be able to attain and surpass the terrific speeds reached by 
American machines, notably tbe Indian motor cycle. 

It is well known that the wonderful speed of 115.79 m.p.h. 
was recently accomplished at Daytona Beach. 

Hitherto, only the Matchless has reached anything in the 
neighbourhood of 100 m.p.h., besides, of course, the American 
machines — Indian and Harley-Davidson. 

Why does not one of the firms that used to build "racers" 
before the war produce a really fast machine, that would 
be a rival to the big American racing motor cycles? 

There are a great many British firms that manufacture big 
twins, Sui-ely one of these might build such a machine. 

Most English racing motor cycles that have broken records 
at Brooklands are single-cylinders and small twins, such as 
Norton, 2| h.p. A.J.S., N.LT.T,, Diamond-Jap, and others. 

In this coming season' I hope to hear of such a machine, 

Eaton Square, S.W,1. J,K,D,C, 


a Books and Maps for Motor Cyclists 13 

□ "- □ 

□ Issued ,D coniunction with The Motor Cydi. q 

H -" Q 


Q THEM." The standard tiaudbook ol the motoc net. post. D 

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H Twenty-first Edition. Just pubMshed .. .. z/S a/io Q 


^ Containing over 400 useful •' wrinkles " r.nd helpful Q 

^ Lints in regard to motor cycles. Seventh Edition. 3/- 2/3 Q 


f^ Areliiible system for tracmg motor cycle faults and 

H cf remedying any trouble when found. Fourtb 

g Edition. ... ... - si- 


□ By " Lxicj," of The Motor Cycle. An interesting 

□ and amusing description of early motor cycling 

H experiences, with many unique illustrations ,.. 5,. 


^ England and Wales, Scotland, London {showlag 

Q roads into and out of London and avoiding London). 




Q Mounted on linen. Set of three, completa in casd. i;/6 j/xo ^ 


^ With 32 pages of Road Maps of England and ^ 

■ E^ Wales, Scottnd, and the Loudon District. New [j{ 

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'^ Obtainable by post (remittance with order) from ILIFFE & SONS Ltd., ^ 

^ zo Tudor Street, London, E.C., or o£ leading Booksellers and El 

■3 ' Railway Bookstalls. ^ 

H H H B E B e [3 H H H B Q Q Q Q Q Q a a Q Q a a [3 Q a a Q Q B Q Q H Q Q J3 13 

JAA'UARY ijfli, 1921. 


Olmcs to TLlgbt 

Jan. 15th 

.. 15th 

., 17th 

., 19th 


4.44 p.m. 
4.47 „ 
4.50 „ 
4.54 „ 

Fuel Economy. 

The E.A.C. i.=! ursine that motorists 
generally economise in fuel by reducing 
the size of their jets. 

Eaid Lack on the Navy I 

An A.B. writes: "Being wliat I am, 
and only home for a few days in the 
year, and only then ride my machine, 
must I pay the whole tax? Is there 
no rebate ? Tiierc uiust be thousands in 
the Xavy similarly placed." 

The New Licences. 

From the number 01 letters we have 
received on the subject it appears that 
motor cyclists do not yet realise that a 
motoj- cycle licence need not be taken 
out in respect of a machine which is not 
in use. 

A Dutch Exhibition. 

Triday last, tlie 7th insl., marked the 
commencement of the Amsterdam Motor 
Cycle E.\hibitiou, which will continue 
open until the 17th inst. The Royal 
Dutch Motor Cycle Club has a stand, 
and on it a pleasing display is made of 
the awards gained by the various com- 
petitors in the 1920 Anglo Dutch Trial. 
Another interesting exhibit on this stand 
is a series of illuminated transparencies 
(taken by Tlit Motor Cycle photographer) 
showing various incidents of the trial. 

Taxation oi Cycle Cais. 

The present system of taxing all four- 
^^}leelers irrespective of their size, on the 
£1 per h.p. oasis, is a severe handicap 
ti those who might otherwise seriously 
e.vperiment in this direction. On the new 
taxation scheme the smallci^t four-wheeler, 
like the Black Priuce Buck board, which 
■ has a 350 c.c. engine and weighs less than 
a sidecar outfit, is subject to the mini- 
mum car tax of £6, whereas £4 covers 
the taxation on three-whi>elors up to 
8 c«t. Surely it would be only fair that 
ail vehicles of the same wHght were 
classed together? 

Dazzling Head Lights. 

We have received a report from the 
Ministry of Transport, the gist of which 
will prove that the Jlinistry has been by 
no means idle as regards the testing of 
anti-daz2ling devices for motor car head 
lights. The Sub-committee of the De- 
partment-al Committee on Lights on 
Vehicles, consisting of General Holden, 
Colonel Jarrott, and Mr. A. S. Straker, 
S M.Inst.C.E., has been attempting to 
ve the question. Tests are being 
. 1 ied out contemporaneously by the 
J .-^.C. These are of a difficult nature, 
lut it is to be hoped that they have been 
tarried sufficiently far to justify definite 
recommendations being made to the 
Minister of Ti-ansport in si.x or eight 


(2^o^K^T <ia 


Special T^eatures. 




Made in Germany. 

.Speaking at a meeting in Birmingliani 
recently, Air. Chas. Sangster, managing 
director of Ariel Works, Ltd., said that 
he knew of a case where a British syndi- 
cate had been to Germany and purchased 
14,000 German bicycles (less tyres) at £2 
each. These machines were an exact 
imitation of a well-known British machine. 
In the meantime the price of British 
bicycke is in the neighbourhood of £10 
— and many of tl>€ men who make them 
are on short time. 

The Position of Licence Card Holders. 

In a notice recently issued by the 
Jlinistry of Transport concerning the 
position of licence card holders we find 
the following words: "The position in 
which the licence card holder is to be 
carried on the vehicle shall be . . . 
in the case of motor cycles (including 
motor fcootere. motor cycles with trailer 
or sidecar, tricycles and invalid bath 
chairs), in a conspicuous position on the 
near (left) side of the vehicle." The rest 
of the announcement is an endeavour to 
explain clearly the position in which the 
licence card holder is to be carried on a 
motor car. 

A Cycle Car Trial. 

" Wanted— A Cycle Car Trial 1" is the 
title of an article on this important sub- 
ject on pages 51 and 52. Such a trial is 
highly desirable this year. 

Return of Well-known Speedman. 

S. L. Bailey (the Douglas exponent) 
is now on his way back from the Anti- 
podes. This well-known record breaker is 
a native of Australia. 

Wake up, England ! 

A Winnipeg (Canada) coi respondent 
writes that there are only eight different 
makes from which motor cyclists in that 
city can choose, and that the only English 
make available is the Triumph. 

New Companies. 

Among new capital issues we observe 
Sidecar Taxis, Ltd., which has been 
registered at 137, Cox Street, Coventi-y, 
with a capital of £100 in £1 shares. 
Another new issue is Eric Williams, Ltd., 
at 1, Lowesmoor, Worcester, capital 
£5,000 in £1 shares. Also the British 
Motor Cycle and Cycle Car Research 
Association, registered as a company 
limited liy guarantee. 

F.N. Weights. 

There are a large number of F.N. 
motor cycles of all dates in this country, 
therefore, in view of the new taxation, 
it is of interest to know that all four- 
cylinder machines of this make weigh 
over 200 lb., and that all the light- 
weight models weigh under 200 lb. 
These weights, of course, apply to the 
machines as originally supplied to the 


Although much behin<i the American police forces in the matter of motor cycle equip- 
ment, several British constabularies now use motor cycles in their many spheres of activity. 
These two Beardmore- Precisions have recently been supplied to the Liverpool police. 



Permit for Cudham Hunt Reiused. 

The owner of Skid Hill Fai;m at 
Cudham informs a correspondent tRat he 
has refused a permit to the Woolwich 
(R.A.) Hounds for hunting over his 
lands, but has sanctioned a motor cycle 
meet and competition. 

More T.T. Entries. 

We understand that J. Blake and Co., 
of LiA'erpooI, have entered an Ivy for 
the Junior T.T. It is also practically 
certain that there will be at least three 
Douglas machines in both the Junior and 
Senior races. 

Second-hand Prices 

Last weeli; " Tax paid," a phrase 
which will become increasingly common, 
made its first appearance in our classified 
small advertisement pages ; and it should 
be remembered that where this is the 
case the selling price of « machine auto- 
matically increases by 30s. to 80s. Little 
change is apparent, from the following 
table, in the general trend of the market. 

I.owest .iiv! 

Name, -Model, and Date of Machine. ' Highest 

. PricesI" 

A.B.C ins-£uo 

.'^...l.S., 6 h.p., sidecar, 1920 /iSo-£250 

Alion, 2j h.p., 1920 ^65-{'Ss 

.\riel, 6-7 h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i2ry-li^2 

HIackburne, 4 h.p., sidecar, 1920 ^120-^150 

B.S.A., 4i h.p., sidecar, 1920 £iio-£i55 

B.S.A., .\^ h.p., solo, 1920 £100-^100 

Clyno, 5-6 h.p., sidecar, T916-17 £S5-£i2o 

Clyno-.Tap, 8 h.p., sidecar £140-^140 

Connaught, 2i h.p., 1920 £^^-£^2 

Coulson-B., 4 h.p., 1920 J^8o-^llo 

Diamond-Jap, 2f Ii.p., 1920 i^50-£65 

Douglas, 4 h.p., sidecar, 1920 ^r25-£i65 

Douglas, 2-^ h.p., 1917-1S £45-^54 

Douglas, 2^- h.p £60-^115 

Kntield, S h.p., sidecas', 1920 /i40-£iCo 

Harley-Davi'dson, 7-9 h.p., sidecar, 1920 . . £i5o-£2lo 
Harley-Davjdson, 7-9 h.-p., sidecar, 1919 .. £tio-£i95 

Henderson, 10 h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i50-£i57 

Indian, 7-9 h.p., sidecar. 1919 ii3.')-£i75 

Indian, 7-9 h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i45-£i75 

Lea-Francis, 3! h.p., 1920 £l20-£i30 

Levis, 2j h.p., 1920 .£5o-£5.=: 

M.-.tchless, S h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i6o-£iS3 

N.U.T., 3! h.p., 1920 £120-/125 

Omesa, 2^^ h.p., 1920 £65-£75 

P. & M., 3J h.p., solo, 1920 £87-£ioo 

P. & M., 3i h.p., sidecar, 1919-20 £85-£i7o 

Quadrant, 4i- h.p., sidecar, 1920 £90-£t30 

Rover, 3J h.p., single gear, 1920 £95-£li5 

Rover, 3i h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i55-^Tf>o 

Royal Ruby, 3 h.p., 1920 £ioo-£i20, ',1 h.p., 1920 £77-£roo 

Scott, 3i h.p., si.iecar, 1920 £i40-£TrO 

Scott, 3'} h.p., solo, 1920 £105 -£120 

Sunbeam, 3^ h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i7o-£i8,t 

Sunbeam, 3^ h.p., solo, 1920 £r40-£i57 

Sunbeam, S ii.p., sidecar, 1919 £i8o-£2t.t 

Triumph, 4 h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i45-£i75 

Triumph, 4 h.p., sidecar, 1919 £io5-£r35 

Triumph, 4 h.p., solo, 1920 £ioo-£ii7 

Triumph, 4 h.p., solo, 1919 £85-£io5 

Wooler, 2i) h.p., 1920 £7o-£82 

Zenith, S h.p., sidecar, 1920 £i45-£204 

Zenith, .S h.p., 1920 £l20-{.l45 

Zenith, 6-8 h.p., r9l9 £S5-£50 

Imports and Exports. 

1920 has been a very successful year for 
tlie British motor cycle trade, and despite 
a tendency towards slackness at the close 
the total value of our exports for the 
year has increased to £2,340,557, con- 
siderably more than the corresponding 
figure in 1919. Imports, over the same 
period, however, have increased in an 
even greater ratio ; but it is note- 
worthy that the total value of our exports 
still remains nearly si.x times the total 
amount of our imports. The British 
motor cycle industry is certainly doing 
more than- its share to maintain the 
balance .of trade. Comparative tables for 
the year follow : 

Total value of motor cycles and parts 

imported during 1919 £107,572 

Total value of motor cycles and parts 

imported during 1920 £407,429 

FOR this event of the Glasgow Western 
M.C.C., held on Monday last week, 
an entry of thirty was received. 
The course was a straight out and home 
run — Glasgow to Perth and back — and 
as the regulations were not too severe 
(there was only one secret check) the 
run was very much of a holiday nature. 
The morning broke very dull, but the 
sun breaking through later, the outwards 
journey was taken under ideal overhead 
conditions. Of the roads, however, the 
least said the better. They were heavy 
and full of pot-holes, and the riders found 
driving anything but a picnic, and all 




Total value of motor cycles and parts 

exported during 1919 £899,177 

Total value of motor cycles aild parts 

exported during 1920 ... ... £2,340,557 

Increase ... ... £1,441,380 

Examination of the Board of Trade 
returns for the month of December only 
(given in tabular form below) reveals 
the fact that our imports for that 
month show a decided increase compared 
with the corresponding period last year. 
Comparative export figures for the same 
dates, however, illustrate an equally 
decided increase — together a state of 
affairs whicli will benefit the Exchequer. 


Dec, Dec, Dec, 

1913. 1919. 1920. 
Number of motor 

cycles 155 679 106 

Value of machines 

and parts ... £17,835 £39,186 £16,820 Export.s. 

Dec, Dec, Dec, 

1913. 1919. 1920. 
Number of motor 

cycles 1,305 , 885 1,193 

Value of motor 

cycles only .. £57,533 £62,884 £99,707 
Value of parts and 

accessories ... £21,874 £28,029 £50,911 

Total value ... £79,407 £90,913 £150.618 

The Motor Cycle Grand Prix. 

It has now been definitely decided that 
the Grand Prix of the Automobile Club 
of France will be held on thj Circuit de 
la Sarthe on July 23rd. The course is 
-close to Le Mans, 516 kilometres long, 
and, in the case of the car race, will be 
covered thirty times, each lap being 
17 kilometres 200 metres in extent. , 

It is also settled that the Union 
Motocycliste de France will rv. : a motor 

JANUARY ijtJi, ig2i. 

cycle race over the same course. The race 
w-ill be about 300 miles in length. Very 
probably it will take place on Friday, 
July 22nd. 

The Amsterdam Show. 

No fewer than thirty-six makes of " 
British motor cycles are exhibited at the 
Amsterdam Show, which opened on. 
Friday last. In addition, there are eight 
exhibits of U.S.A. mounts and eleven 
hailing from the Continent. 


Jlotor cyclists are never slow to take 
advantage of a sporting offer. Recently 
Messrs. Tflaude's Motor Mart announced 
that they would award valuable prizes' 
to mail order customers whose letters 
were opened first on a stated date. 

The selection of the letters was accom- 
plished in our presence by Mr. 0. E. Seyd, 
who is in charge of the A.C.U. Publicity 
Department. Mr. Seyd, blindfolded, 
plunged his hand into the enormous heap 
of letters lying op the floor of the office 
and drew out one, written by Mr. C. 
Ridsdale, Fellthorpe, Great Driffield, 
Yorkshire, who had ordered a licence 
card holder. This lucky reader obtains 
a brand new 4 h.p. Verus-Blackburne 
motor cycle valued £126. 

The same procedure was followed in 
the case of the second and third, Mr. E. 
Robinson, 46, Ella Road, West Bridgford, 
Notts, who had ordered a W.D., K.L.G. 
plug value Is. 9d., and Mr. W. T. H. 
Bolt, 7, Ruskin Walk, Heme Hill, Lon- 
don, S.E., who had ordered a Dumbel 
spanner. Each of these gentlemen has 
now received an Autoped scooter. 

At the last moment, Mr. Geo. Pettyt, 
manager of Messrs. Maude's Motor Mart, 
stated that he would offer five consola- 
tion prizes consisting of credit notes of 
£5, allowing anyone to order goods up 
to the value of this sum from the firm. 
The representative of The, Motor Cycle 
was requested to make the ^election, and 
the five letters were w-ritten by the Rev 
J. E. Howell, St. George's, Shemhal 
Street, Walthamstow ; F. H. Whiting, 
Whiting's Garage, High Street, Keyn- 
sham, Som. ; Allan Palmer, Washington 
Street, Workington, Cumberland; T. H. 
Gosling, School Lane, Mareham-le-Fen. 
Boston, Lines. ; and H. H. Reed, Behind 
Berry, Somerton, Som. 

A further gift of a mott;- cycle and 
scooters to the writers of the first three 
letters opened on the morning of January 
24th will be made, and there will be also 
five consolation prizes value five guineas. 
A separate competition will be held by 
Maudes' Exeter depot. 


were grateful for the few minutes to 
spare at the Stirling check. 

After a seasonable lunch at the " Royal 
George," of happy memory to competitors 
in the Scottish Six Days, the return 
journey to Glasgow was started at 4 p.m. 
Lamps were soon lit, and many hoped 
for a most pleasant run to the city on 
the Clyde. Their hopes were, however, 
not fulfilled, and from Auchterarder to 
the finish very heavy rain completely 
spoilt an otherwise quite enjoyable outing. 

We have seldom experienced a more 
miserable finish to an event, and it was 
no vi'onder that, with lamp and minor 

mechanical troubles, only nine riders 
checked in to time at the finish. Sidecar 
outfits predominated in the entries, and 
their drivers had a much happier lot than 
the solo riders on the flooded roads. 

Not one solo machine completed the 
double journey. The successful nine 
(which includes two cycle cars) were 
as follows : Mrs. Duncan Bell (7 A.J S 
sc), Mrs. W. Simpson (6 A.J.S. sc), J. 
Littlewood (6 A.J.S. sc), B. Brown (5 
A.J.S. sc), Duncan Bell (6 A.J.S. sc), 
D. Alexander (8 Enfield sc), J. Baker 
(8 Acme sc), A. MacEwan (8 Richard- 
son), and J. Bell (10 G.N.). 

JANUARY iji/i, 7921. 


A Plea ihat Three and Four-wheeled Cycle Cars be Allowed lo Compete Together. 


ENERGETIC develop- 
ment 67 the cycle car 
is perhaps the most 
crying need for the 19^1 
competition season. In pre- 
war days it was quite unusual 
lor a man to remain faithful 
to the cycle car. He bought 
one because his income at 
la.'^t justified a more ambi- 
lious \ehicle than a motor 
cycle, anil did not as vet run 
to a car. He probably sold 
his first cycle car at the end 
of its first season' because he 
now saw his way to ordering a car, or because liis 
business had not prospered, and a relapse to the motor 
I ycle became prudent. Thus few users lasted long 
enough to become enthusiasts, and a market so limited 
;ind fluctuating did not tend to builil up a stable 
industry. The- root trouble was that the best sidecar 
outfits cost £'iS°, and that a brand-new light 
rar of the best-class could be bought for ^£25 more. 
Under such conditions the cycle car had about as 
much chance of making good as an Italian ice cream 
\endor in the Antarctic. 

1921 has transformed the 
situation. Up to ^£2^0 is 
now charged for a first-rate 
sidecar outfit dc luxe; but, 
on the other hand, the 
average light car is listed at 
nvund about ;£500. It is 
hardly likely that the space 
between these two boundarv- 
lines will be narrowed appre- 
<'iably. If car prices sink, 
motor cycle prices will sink 
for similar reason. The 
cycle car is assured room to 
.^iretch its wings. Already 
there are signs that the 
existing price gap will be 
filled by an infinite' variety 
of light passenger vehicles, 
all displaying afiinities more 
or less pronounced with 
motor cycles on the one hand 
and motor cars on the other. 
The two extremes may be 
illustrated at the moment by 
the Garden cycle car, which 
has a very simple engine, 
and sells at a motor cvcle 
price (;^ioo); and the 
sporting A. B.C. car, whicii 
is a car in every item of its 
specification except the 
engine (an air-cooled flat 
twin). Between the price 
extremes of these two types 
a bewildering selection of 

Following t$ a resume of the present position of the 
cycle car movement. Our conlr.butor supports the oft- 
expressed pica of ''The Motor Cycle" — that light four- 
wheeled cycle cars be developed side by side with the 
machines to which they form an allernalive (i.e., tlie 
sidecar and the runabout). * 

We reiterate that a sound cycle car definition is 
urgently needed. Such a definition, to be effective with- 
out unduly tying the hajids of the designer, sliouhl not 
include the number of wheels as a factor ; on the other 
hand, it is higlily desirable that tlie following essential 
points be covered. 

Weight : which should be not more than i cwt. 

Engine capacity: not to exceed 1,100 e.c. 

h\brid machines are already 

.\ little c>cle car en approved car lines— the French shatt- 
dnven Peugeot quadnlette, which has a 667 c.c. water-cooled 
four-cj'linder engine much smaller in capacity than the 
majority ot twin sidecar outfits. 

on offer, including at least 
s i X different makes of 
three-wheeler, and at least 
one popular " car," the 
8 h.p. Rover, the makers of 
which employ a night-shift 
even in these hard times. 

The attitude of the general 
public towards the majority 
of these hybrid vehicles is 
one of good natureil 
su.spicion. The G.N., the 
Morgan, and the G.W.K. 
have already proved them- 
' selves in competition. The 
Rover won its early orders on the strength of the Rover 
reputation, and is now' selling by the recommendation 
of private owners. The A. B.C. got its start in life, 
thanks to Mr. Bradshaw's name. Few of the other 
cycle cars ha\e' any asset of a kind which ajspeals to 
the man in the street ; and inoney is now so tight that 
adventurous extravagance is over; nobody will any 
longer " chance "' a i)urchase, as thousands did in the 
motor famine of 1919-1921. In the meantime a host 
of potential cycle carists are waiting eagerly for a lead. 
They will Iniy cycle cars as soon as they are given the 
._ necessary infonnation for 

sorting out the good speci- 
mens from the duds (if any). 
They will 110/ buy till they 
get this information. Until 
.-uch information is forth- 
coming, would-be owners 
will remain motorless, and 
thousands of artisans will be 
kept unemployed. (As a 
proof of this, the 8 h.p. 
Rover has already caused 
many people to become 
motorists who had no such 
intentions until they saw 
this little car, and heard 
good accounts of it.) 

An Urgent Need. 

A Six Days Cycle Car 
Trial is urgently needed by 
the public, by the manufac- 
turers, and by the men 
of those unions which supply 
the motor industry with its 

At once the difficulty arises 
— -w-ho is to organise such a 
trial? At the present 
moment three-wheeled cych? 
cars are " controlled " by the 
A.C.U., and four-wheelet! 
by the R.A.G. Two 
separate events are quite im- 
practicable. There are noi 
enough makes of three- 
wheeler runabouts to con- 


JANUARY 13th, 1Q2I. 

Wanted— a Cycle Car Trial!— 

stitute an imjjosiiig trial. If the R.A.C. attempted to 
include four-wheeled cycle cars in an event to which 
light cars were admitted, the more expensive and re- 
fined machines would overshadow the genuine cycle 
car, just as the plucky little 7 h.p. twin-cylinder Swift 
was blanketed in the 1914 light car trial. 

Great care will be needed tO' prevent the three- 
wheelers from being O'Vershadowed by the four- 
wheelers in a combined trial. But the tx\&\ must be of 
the " combined " type' because COST is the vital 
factor throughout. The cycle car has at last got its 
opportunity, because buying cost and runnrng cost 
liave assumed entirely novel aspects. Therefoie cost 
and weight, and not, the 
number of wheels, are 
the principles of identifi- 
cation. But we do not 
yet know whether the 
man with ^£2^° o^ £,2)0° 
to spend would be better 
advised to buy a four- 
wheeler or a three- 
v/hceler. It follows that 
the trial should include 
all the three-wheelers, 
and some of these four- 
wheelers which in price 

and .specification have A cycle car which may be saifl 

more affinities with the the popular 

motor cycle than with the motor car. 

Before such a trial can be held, a regrouping of the 
control is indispensable ; and the body which ulti- 
mately undertakes the responsibility will have to decide 
the basis of admission most carefully. 

The organisers might be: (i) the A.C.U., (2) the 
R.A.C, or (3) a mixed committee, to which the 
A.C.U. and R.A.C. might delegate the job with care- 
ful instructions. 

Few cycle car enthusiasts w^ill regard the R.A.C. 
as the ideal management. The R.A.C. contains mem- 
bers who know a great deal about cycle cars and care 
a good deal for them. But there is no guarantee that 
these members would be entrusted with the work. 

Some of the leading cycle car experts and enthusiasts 
are not members ot the A.C.U. On/the other hand, 
the A.C.U. gave the G.W.K. and the Morgan their 
best chances of publicity. If a mixed committee can- 
not be arranged, the A.C.U. is the best alternative; 
for nobody else has ever cherished the cycle car, if 
we except a little rather casual assistance from Brook- 
lands, the J.C.C, the M.C.C.,.and the Edinburgh 

Some ardent spirits will doubtless claini_ that a 
special oigamsation, based on and correspond- 
ing t o the Junior Car 
Club, shouW immediately 
take OA'er this urgent 
task. This might prove 
to be a good solution. 
There are two objections 
to it. The first is that 
the Junior Car Club is 
not — as yet — a national 
organisation. It may 
grow .into one ; but at 
jresent its positjon is 
rather analogous to that 
of the M.C.C, except 
that it has less experi- 
ence of running big 
trials. The second is 
that the future of the 
cycle, car is at present 
extremely vague. Which type prophesies the predomi- 
nant vehicle-of to-morrow? The Tamplin, the G.N., 
the Morgan, the Rover, or another? Or will there 
always be room for them all ? If we stereotype 
definitions and organisations too rigidly to-day, we 
-- may have to recast them to-morrow ; and the history 
of motoring organisations contains sad evidence of the 
fashion in which clubs cling to any prestige which they 
have attained, even at the cost of dividing our energies, 
hampering our development, and weakening our 
forces. I am all in favour of rather tentative and pro- 
visional treatment for the cycle car at present. A 
-joint^committee, nominated from the A.C.U. and the 
R.A.C, would best meet the emergency. 

to be a re-arranged motor cycle 
ttle Tamplm. 

An incident in the Glasgow Western M.C.C. Trial. Competitors held up at 

the Blackford Jevel crossing. The two rear outfits are A.J.S.'s, the former one 

being ridden by a lady. 






k/'-^C^^V^ORp f^<-"^ 

Widnes M.C. 

The above club is liolding its annual 
meeting and dinner to-day. 

Surbiton and District II.C.C. 

Surbiton and Distri'ct M.C.C. have 
chusen the date of ilay 28th, for their 
inter-club team trial for ilaudes' Chal- 
lenge Shfeld. It is hoped that any clash- 
ing of events will be avoided by this early 

Bristol M.C.C. 

As the "hares" were not caught iii 
the Boxing Day trial, . briefly reported 
last week, the results (now to hand) were 
decided on a 20 m.p.h. schedule. There 
were four prizes, • as follows : 1, V. 
Courtnev (34 Sunbeam) ; 2, W. Le Brun 
(3i Rudge sc.) ; 3, G. F. Tozer (2J O.K.) ; 
and 4, I\e.\ Foweraker (3i Sunbeam sc. ). 

North Wales M.C.C. 

The first annual dinner and distribu- 
tion of prizes w'ill take place at the Bull 
Hotel. Denbigh, on Januarj' 18th. The 
chair will be taken by Mr. William 
Edwards, the president. All are cor- 
dially invited. Tickets, 5s. each, are 
obtainable from the secretary, 1, Ruthin 
Road. Denbigli. 

Bucks County M.C.C. 

At the annual meeting of the Hidi 
Wycombe and District Motor Cycle Club, 
held at headquarters, the question was 
thoroughly discussed with regard to form- 
ing a county club, and it was, in conse- 
quence, resolved to alter the name of the 
club to the Bucks County Motor Cycling 
Club, as it was thought that it would 
give a much larger scope to motor cycling 
ni the county. 

The hon. sec, Mr. W. F. Johnson, 17, 
Priory Avenue. High Wycombe, Bucks, 
will be pleased to supply any information 
to motor cvclists desirous of joining the 

North West London M.C.C. 

The Reliability Trial held on \ow 
Year's Day over a circular course, in- 
cluding the well-known hills in the 
Chilterns, proved one of some severity 
~ under the appalling w-eather conditions 
prevailing. There were several mechani- 
cal failures in the earlier part of the 
course, but otherwise competitors arrived 
to time up to lunch. 

After lunch, Kop Hill, which, witlc 
Pink Hill, was on the non-stop section, 
proved too much for several. 

In the end the special cup for best 

motor cyclist's performance would appear 

to be safe in the hands of Hal Hill 

w Zenith), with P. G. Averill (6 A.J.S. 

sc. I .second. 

Wallington and District M.C. and L.C.C. 

The club will held a fancy dress dance 
at the Parish Hall, ^Yallington, on 
February 19th, 1921, at 7.30 o'clock. 
Tickets, which are 6s. 6d. single and 12s. 
double, may be obtained from the secre- 
tary, Mr. C. M. Bowen, The Chalet, 
Woodcote Avenue, Wallington, Surrey. 

Western Centre A.C.U. 

Entry forms and particulars of the 
Western Centre A.C.U. Open Reliability 
Trial will be available shortly from the 
honorary trials secretary, " St. Moritz, ' 
Wyche Road, Malvern. The regulations 
have been so framed that the private 
owner should have an equal chance with 
the trade rider to gain highest honours. 

New Tredegar and District M.C.C. 
The first annual diinior of the above 
club was held on December 30th, 1920, 
when a large number of motor cyclists 
accompanied by their lady friends, 
gathered together for tlie final meet of 
the year. Invitations were given to pro- 
spective members, of which many 
appeared. The dinner was carried out 
with great success, everyone being highly 
pleased with the arrangements made. 
Following the dinner was a concert, over 
which Mr. J. Cordingley presided. 

The Public Schools M.C.C. 

The first annual dinner sijice the war 
will be held at the Cafe Royal, Regent 
Street, on Thursday, January 27th. The 
dinner will be 15s. 6d., exclusive of wine. 
Members are invited to bring friends who 
are likely to join the club. Prizes will be 
distributed after dinner and the annual 
general meeting will be held after the 
speeches. The president of the club. 
Colonel F. Lindsay Lloyd, C.M.G., will 
occupy the chair. Secretary, H. B. 
Browning. 2. Morpeth Mansions, '\"ictoria, 
London, S.W.I. 

Dublin and District M.C.C. 

The Dublin and District M.C.C. held 
a winter reliability trial over an exceed- 
ingly stiff course on the Christmas Bank 
Holiday. Though, only si.xty miles in 
length, it embraced all the well-known 
South Co. Dublin and N'orth Wicklow 
test hills. 

The following eleven, made up of three 
sidecar outfits and eight solos, completed 
the course appro.ximatelv on time : T. E. 
Green (6 Eafield sc). 'H. McAllister (6 
A.J.S. sc), D. Allen (4 Norton sc), Maj. 
J. Waters (2i Velocette), J. A. Car- 
ville (4 Triumph), P. H. Hurse (4 
B.S.A.), R. Humphreys (2i Velocette), 
J. McTaggart (7-9 Indianl, A. Carton 
(4 Indian Scout), and P. McGrath (2.i 

Taunton and District M.C.C. 

The Taunton and District iM.C.C. are 
holding their annual general meeting 
at 6.30 p.m., on Thursday, January 13th. 
at the Castle Hotel, Taunton, to be 
followed by a dinner and concert. 

Loughborough and District M.C.C. 

The above club is holding a whist 
drive in the Corn E.xchange, Town Hall, 
on Tuesday, January 18th. Tickets, 
2s. 6d. (including refreshments), may be 
had from the lion, sec, 64, Frederick 
Street, Loughborough. 

Ealing and District M.C.C. 
This club will hold a cinema show aud 
dance on January 24th at 8 p.m. A 
hearty welcome is extended to all motor 
cyclists. Tickets, price 5s. 5d., can be 
obtained from Mr. F. A. Longman, 17, 
Bond Street, Ealing, London, W., and 
Mr. F. H. Douglas. 100, Great Portland 
Street. London, W.l. 

The Motor Cycling Club. 
The .M.C.C. annual general meeting 
will take place at Pagani's Restaurant 
on Wednesday, January 26th, at 7 p.m. 
Members who have the interests of the 
club at heart are requested to attend this 
meeting. It is hoped that the opening 
on Saturday, March 12lh, will be to 
Brighton, as usual. 

Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C.C. 

.\ Boxing Day trial for the Stewart 
trophy was held over a main road route 
from Sheffield, via Rotherham, Doncaster, 
York, Malton, to Scarborough. After 
Innch the return journey was made over 
the same route. Fine weather prevailed 
during the whole day, but the competitors 
encountered very severe conditions, having 
to contend with bad roads, pot-holes, 
inches of mud, and. on the outward run, 
a strong head wind. These severe condi- 
tions caused a good few retirements en 
ronln, but, despite all this, two com- 
petitors ran through all known and secret 
checks without the loss of a single point. 
Another very fine performance was made 
by E. Sneath, who piloted a 2| h.p. 
Wilkin and sidecar over the whole course, 
and duly checked in at the .finish. The 
results were as follows : 

Stewart trophy and replica each, E. A. 
^yheatIey (4 Triumph) and S. Sawer (4 
Norton sc.) tied for first place; 2, W. 
Kantlehem (3^ Wilkin re.) ; 3, E. Cross 
(6 A.J.S. sc). Club silver spoons for 
finishing within a specified time: G. 
Fletcher, W. G. Brown, E. Searle, and E. 
Sneath. The last named was presented 
with a special prize by a member for the 
most meritorious performance on a sidecar 

CI s 



JANUARY I3ih, ig2i. 


A Crilique of Exisling Types 
of Aolor Cycle Frames. 

THERE are few parts of the modern 
motor cycle which need, or are 
capable of, such drastic alteration as 
the frame. It is true that present day 
frames do not often give trouble under 
normal conditions, but their success is 
achieved by unnecessary weight rather 
than by scientific consti'uction. With this 
in mind, the paper read by Mr. Douglas 
Leechman before the Institution of Auto- 
mobile Engineers on December oOth is 
of especial Interest. After giving a brief 
history of the cycle and motor cycl«- 
•frame from the earliest days, and ex- 
plaining how existing defects came into 
general use, the author attacked the 
actual problem, and we publish extracts 
from his valuable lecture. 

The Problem. 

Primarily, the designing of a motor 
bicycle frame is a bridge proposition. 
The simplest form of frame would con- 
sist of a single beam supported upon the 
axles of the two wheels (fig. 2). 

Top tube 

Fig. I. 

In addition to the ordinary function 
of a bridge of carrying a load over a 
gap, the motor bicycle frame (apart from 
anti-vibratory and transmission adjust- 
ment considerations) must be capable of 
resisting longitudinal, tensile, and com- 
pressive stresses set np by forces tending 
to vary the distance between the wheel 
centres, and (apart from steering con- 
sideration) the frame must also be 
capable of resisting forces tending to 
deflect the wheels from the longitudinal 
vertical plane about vertical or hori- 
zontal axes or a combination of both. 

As the principal part-.of the load, 
namely, the rider, is to be carried at a 
certain height, the beam may be made 
of such a depth that the top of if will 
reach up to the saddle, less a few inches 
for adjustment and spring motion. 
Behind this point tlie beams may be 
tapered oft' to the rear axle, to economise 
material and reduce weight. Were it not 
for .steering considerations, the beam 

/"■ . 

/ ^--. 

^ "^>. 

■- ^^-, 

mands that 
cut upwards 

would be similarly tapered off right from 
the saddle towards the front axle, 
lea-ving an ideal form deepest where the 
concentrated load is applied, and re- 
ducing regularly in depth as the bend- 
i n g moment 
decreases. (See 
dotted lines, in 
fig. 2.) 

Here we are 
met with one of 
our most serious 
problems. The 
best kind of 
steering d e - 
a large gap shall be 
in the front part of the 
beam to allow for the deflection of the 
steering wheel when the bicycle is 
describing curves, fig. 3. Incidentally, 
it also allows of a certain amount of 
tapering at the extreme front end of 
the beam. 

In this connection we have to re- 
member that while the strength of a 
beam varies directly as its breadth and 
inversely as its span, it varies as the 
square of its depth. Thus, a cut only 
half way up from the under (tensional) 
side reduces the strength of a beam to 
one quarter of what it is in its com- 
plete form. The demand for such a 
deep gap as is required by the steering 
is calculated to make the ordinary bridge 
engineer gasp^ The importance of 
leaving the uncut section at A as deep 
as possible and of even inclining the 
upper surface of the beam towards the 
front in order to increase the effective 
depth at this point is surely sufficiently 
■glaring, and yet " awful -examples " are 
not lacking in which the designer has 
actually gone out of his way 'to carry 
the gapping to extremities by reducing 
the section at the head to practically 
a point. Such 
designers are 
fortunately few, 
but there are 
many who fail 
to give practical 
recognition to 
the fact that 
the stresses on 

the head bearing are in inverse propor- 
tion to the distance between the two 
rings of balls. 

Plane Figures. 

In any skeleton structure of more than 
three sides, and not triangulated by 
diagonal bracing, the permanence of the 
form depends primarily upon the resist- 


ance which the joints are able to offer 
to distortion, provided tliat the load is 
applied at one of i^he angles. For ex- 
ample, take a tube and lug rectangle, 
such as ABCD, fig. 4. If forces be 
applied at A and C, as indicated by the 
arrows, the points of intersection of the 
axes of the tubes at B and D may be 
regarded as fulcra, and the full leverage 
will be expended on the lugs, tending 
to close B and D 'and to open A and C. 
If the lugs be strong enough to resist 
the force, the portions of the tubes just 
clear of the lugs will be called upon to 
resist the bending moment, and if these 
be enabled to resist the force I)y means 
of suitable butting or liners, the force 
will be expended on the plain and middle 
portions of the tubes. While the leverage 
is greatest at the lugs, it is least at 
the middle sections of the tubes, and 
in an ideal construction of this kind 
the strength would bo perfectly graded_ 
all along from the ends to the centres, 
in proportion 
to the leverage. 
Such structure 
would resist 
any stress (up 
to the elastic A 
limit) without ^1 
fracture or even 
permanent set, 
and would 
spring back to 
_ t h .e original 
form when the 
load was removed. . 

In an open polygonal motor bicycle 
frame, the stresses on the joints differ 
little if at all from those generally 
characterising such figures, and the 
strength necessary to safety can only 
be secured with a weight greatly in 
excess of that easily attainable with a 
correctly trussed frame. 


The frame members must be arranged 
not as an open quadrilateral or polygon, 
but as an assembly of triangles, so that 
the whole constitutes a single trussed 
beam. The load or loads must be 
applied a,t the angles, that is, at the 
joints, and not on and transversely to 
any of the sides. 

Two triangles must not be connected 
only by one angle of each. 

The plane of the beam must bo 
arranged in the plane of the load. 

Let us examine the standard type of 
frame in the light of these principles. 
First, we observe that it is not an 

/AXUARY 13th, 1Q2I. 

Motor Cycle Frame Design. — 
assembly of triangles only, but, apart 
from the front fork, comprises a triangle, 
a quadrilateral, and a polygon — all of 
doubtful lineage. Breaking the first law 
"leads to infraction of the second. The 
fourth law is very fairly complied with, 
so far as solo machines are conceTned. 

The essential wrongness of arranging, 
one load-carrying tube to bear on or 
. be joined to 
/ an other at 
l^ an intermediate 
'C point on the 
^Q latter may be 
shown as fol- 
lows : Let the 
first tube AB 
(fig. -5) be 
joined to the 
'D second CD at 

[-.. , 2- Two forces 

*''S- ^- AB and CD are 

acting on the point B. Whether the 
values of those forces be proportioned 
to AB and Cb. or whether they have any 
other practical value, it is evident that 
.their resultant cannot be in the direction 
CD ; that would be to assume tliat the 
value of the force AB was zero. Hence, 
the arrangement AB, Cd involves a trans- 
verse stress on CD, which will shear 
after the force has been applied a greater 
or less number of times. 

The Rear Triangle. 

Referring now to the rear triangle, a 
heavy casting is often found at the junc- 
tion of the seat tube and back stays — 
and a heavy casting spells bad design. 
The casting is mainly horizontal, and its 
- forward end extends to the engine, see 
fig. 6. The gear box is suspended from 
this casting by bolts passing up through 
holes in the casting, the holes being 
.slotted to allow of adjustment of the 
front chain. The countershaft thus lies 
some inches below its point of support, " 
and the stresses on the bolts are much 
more severe than they either should or 
need be. Seeing that the tension set up 
ill >lie chains by the transnii.ssion of the 
ilriving force tends to draw the. gear box 
towards the crankshaft in the one direc- 
tion and towards the axle of the driving 
wheel in the other direction, it follows 
that the struts between the engine and 
gear box should lie in the plane of the 
' rankshaft and countershaft, and that the 
.-truts between the gear box and back 
axle should lie in the plane of that axle 
and the countershaft. 

Correct design of these parts would not 
only relieve the gear box bolts of undue 


transverse stresses, and the chain stays of 
a wasteful tendency to bow upwards, it 
would also offer direct resistance to any 
tendency the gear box may evince to 
twisting out of parallel with" the driving 
wheel axle while, say, hill-climbing. Some 
machines exhibit a sort of mute acknow- 
ledgment of these principles, the rear 

end of the casting being curved dow-'n so 
that the chain stay tubes actually lie in 
the plane of the driving wheel and the 
gear box axles, fig. 7, but as the forward 
ends of the tubes do not reach the gear 
box by some inches, little benefit is 
derived from the arrangement. A "sub- 
stantial improvement would be secured 
by providing the back of the gear box 
with lug's wliich would extend to and 
overlap the forward ends of the chain 
stays themselves, and be bolted thereto 
"in a way which would allow for the 
necessary adjustment. The author would 
suggest that the chain stays should be 
duplicated, the upper pair running from 
the rear fork-ends to the top of the 
crank case, and the lower pair from the 
fork ends to the bottom of the crank 
case or to a part of the frame adjacent 
thereto, see fig. 8. The stays would thus 
'act as torrjue tubes to the engine. The 
gear box would lie between the pairs of 
stays which would be provided with 
parallel upper and lower beds on which 
the box would be mounted adjustably. 
Or the bo.x could be hinged ta one pair 
on a transverse axis and locked, after 
adjustment, to the other pair. In either 
case, the gear box would form the third 
side of a triangle to both pairs of stays. 

The equivalent lesson in pedal bicycle 
construction, namely, the direct staying 
of the bottom bracket, was learnt tliirtv 

Fig. 7. 

years ago, and yet it seems to have been 
lost on the motor cycle designers of 

As already indicated, bending of the 
chain stays and scat stays should be 
avoided as far as possible. They should 
be straight in rear elevation and in plan 
as well as in side elevation. This may 
involve a longer back axle, but that is 
almost wholly an improvement, as it 
means a wider hub and stronger wheel ; 
and it also gives the opportunity, which 
should not be missed, of bringing the 
sprocket or the belt rim, as the case 
may be, between the ball races of the 
wheel bearing, see fig. 9. 

The Polygon. 

Unfortunately, the great majority of 
motor bicycles to-day embody an 
aggravated instance of the applica- 
tion of a transverse stress to a tube 
in the arrangement of the middle ( 
tube. The result is that when the 
front wheel encounters an obstacle, 
the head endeavours to 
rotate backward about " a trans- 
verse axis drawn through, say, the 
top head bearing. As the bottom" of the 
head tries to go back, the upper end of 
the bottom tube tries to swing back, too, 
but the tendency is resisted more or less 
completely by the middle tube, which 
in effect delivers a sharp kick to the 
bottom tube every time ifr attempts to 


stir. This kind of action can only be 
repeated a limited number of times 
before fracture ensues. To guard against 
it we find a ponderous casting, com- 
prising the whole of the head and oft^^n 
extending along tlie down tube to below 
the joint with the middle tube. If the 
casting is massive enough to preclude the 
occurrence of either of these failures, 
tbe defect exhibits itself elsewhere, as, 

Fig. 8. 

for example, by breaking the scat lube 
where the rear end of the middle tube is 
joined to it, or the; top tube (particu- 
larly if curved) behind the head lug. 

Provided that the top tube is neither 
curved nor kinked, the polygon can be 
converted into a triangle by the simple 
expedient of raising the middle tube until 
it reaches from the saddle-pillar lug at 
one end to the bottom of the head at the 

The Quadrilateral. 

To describe the lower panel of the main 
frame as a quadrilateral is a euphemism, 
but the term will serve in place of some- 
thing which could only be more veracious 
by being 4css polite. Three of the sides 
are constituted by the middle tube and 
portions of the scat tube and bottom 
tube; the fourth side is constituted by 
the engine in a manner which the author 
believes, and hopes, is unique in con- 
structional engineering. 

It is admitted that the crank case, 
owing to its hollow cylindrical formation, 
is in itself a very strong article, and is 
unlikely to give trouble as a member ol 
the frame. To that extent it may be 
well adapted to act as, say. a king-post, 
the function which it performs in the 
Scott frame. But that is not all. The 
engine is no inert mass, but a powerful 
generator, struggling at every explosion 
to rotate backwards around its crank- 
shaft, and wrenching some thousands of 
times a minute at the fixings which 
attempt to retain- it in place. A body of 
such an active nature is essentially un- 
suited to form one of the elements of 
a frame, the functions of which are 
characteristicallv- those of a passive 

Fig. 9. 


The engineer, on first dealing with the 
subject of bicycle frame design, is apt 
to disregard tlie possibility of roll. He 
imagines, perhaps not unnaturally, that 
as the bicycle is a balanced vehicle there 
are no material forces acting on the frame 
other than those of which the directions 


Motor Cycle Frame Design. — 

ire in the plane of the frame. As practical 
riders, we know that, even when riding 
along a straight road, a frame which 
is weak torsion- 
ally will exhibit 
an unsteadiness 
w h i c h may 
be not only un- 
comfortable but 
actually danger- 
ous. This weak- 
ness may arise 
to some extent 
from the front 
fork being indirect in form, or con- 
structed of too light members, or to it 
being flimsily connected to the .spindle. 

The main rolling action appears to 
lake place, however, about an axis coin- 
cident with a line extending from the 
bottom of the head to the point of con- 
tact between the rear' wheel and the 
ground. It may be due to too short a 
head, to a reduction of the depth of the 
frame section behind the head (fig. 10), 
to the use of tubes which are too small 
in diameter or in gauge, or which are 
bent instead of straight. 

In view of claims put forward on 
behalf of pressed steel for motor bicycle 
frame construction, it may- be of value 
to note that a steel tube of a given 
size is as efficient when functioning as a 
long strut as a mild steel channel section 
of rather mere than five times the weight. 

JANUARY J 3th, igoi. 

By way of practical summary, a design 
of motor bicycle frame is submitted in 

Fig. II. 

fig. 11, which, without any claim to per- 
fection, may be considei-ed as avoiding 
most of the defects above referred to, 
and as according with the elementary 
principles of a tubular structure. 


THE rasults of the M.C.C. Boxing Night 
run to Exeter and back to London 
on December 28th, 1920, have now 
been passed by the committee of the 
Motor Cycling- Club and are tabulated 

It will be seen that the percentage of 
gold medallists to starters is greatest in 
the car class, while almost equal ratios 
obtain in the case of the solo, sidecar, and 
three-wheeled classes. 

Probably the outstanding performance 
of the whole trial was the running of the 
8 h.p. Matchless outfits. Of the nine 

which started eight secured gold medals, 
the remaining one qualifying for a silver. 
This excellent team work was closely 
approached by the Harley-Davidson riders 

with ten golds to one silver out of thirteen 
riders, and the Morgans with four golds 
and three silver's to the credit of seven 








No -Award. 


Held over. 



70 _ 














Three-wheelei-s . . . 





' 154 







No award. 





















VV. S. Jameson (3 h.p.) 

D. F. Bonham Carter (3 h.p.) 
A. Milward (3 h.p.) 


E. VV. Choldcroft (6 h.p.'') 
W. C, Hemy (7 h.p.*) 
Rev. E. S. Powell (6 h.p.«) 

F. W. Giles (6 h.p.») 
D. H. Noblo (7 h.p.») 
S. Julian (6 h.p.») 
W. J. King (6 h.p.*) 
R. H. Byvvater (Sh.p.*) 

R. Dequin (2-t h.p.'') 
R. L. Richardson (25 h.p.) 

L. Pulhanl (3.'. h.p.) 
C. Bonrlet (3V h.p.) 


G. W. Shepherd (2-£- h.p.l 

S. G. Woolridge (4 h.p.) 
R. B. VVhiffen (8 h.p.*) 
H. Clencll (4 h.p.«) 

H. Carslake (3 h.p.) 

F. W. Stevenson (3J- h.p.) 
S. S. Debenham (5 h.p.»). 
K. V. Chidtey (5 h.p.*) 


G. Brough (S h.p.) 

R. H. Attwood (6 h.p.*) 
VV. R. Cornwall (8 h.p.t) 

VV. A. Kay (8 h.p.*) 
F. Smith (3 h.p.*) 
VV. M. Greenwood (2^ h.p.) 

J. Harrison (1 h.p.) 
E. G Opermah (4 h p.*l 

R. B. Clark (2.J h.p.) 
VV. Bray (4 h.p.) 
H. F. Edwards (4 h.p.) 
H. Guy {2* h.p.*) 

T. G. Mooney (6 h.p.*) 































F. Begley (4 h.p.) 


B. F. C. Fellows {2J h.p. 

P. W. Moffat (3!- h p ) 
F G. V\'aters (23 h.p.) 
A. H. S. Love (23 h p.) 
]•;. Clark (4 h.p.») 

E, Clark, jun. {6 h.p.*l 

J. C. WaUter (2.V h.p.) 

S. C. MarshaU (ilh.p.) 

F. G. Spikins (7-9 h.p.) 

C. .A. McKeand (4 h.p.) 
O. Wilson-Jones (7-9 h.p.) 
J. R. H. Knight (7-9 h.p.) 
J. A. O'SuUivan (1 h.p.) 
J. I. R. Jenson (7-9 h.p.*) 
J. .\. Masters (7-g h.p.*) 
B Newit {7-9 h.p.*) 

A. C. Rowe (7-9 h.p.*) 
J. D. Marvin (7-9 h.p.*) 
S. E. Longman (7-9 h.p.*) 
S. C. Tait (7-9 h.p.*) 

F. C. Temple (7-5 h.p.*) 

B. S. Allen (7-9 h.p.*) 

C. F. Hagenbach (4^ h.p.) 
H. F. O. Evans (4lh.p.*) 

H R. Harveyson (4 h.p.) 
C. C. Labin (4 h.p.) 
I. Macdonald (7-9 h.p.*) 
H. Le Vack (.( h.p.*) 

C. B. Cooke (5-6 h.p.*) 
H. A. Reyre (5-6 h.p.*) 
H. H. Saddiugton (6 h.p.') 
C. Cvosthwaite (6 h.p.*) 

H. Bashall (6 h.p.*) 
A. G. Fenn (6 h.p.*) 
J. T. BashaU (6 h.p.'!) 

L. Aruokl (8 h.p.*) 
W. H. Julian (8 h.p.*) 
G. Packman (8 h.p.*) 

F. J. Ellis (8 h p,*) 
T J Ross (8 h.p.*) 

G. D. Hardee (8 h.p.») 


Gold. T. Hoult (8 h.p.») 

Silver. b. S. Parsons (8 h.p.") 

Gold. F. W. Guiver (Sh.p.*) 

Cold. J. S. Bennett {1% h.p.)_ 

Silver. G. A. Pidgeou (roh.p.j) 

Silver. W. Pattison (10 h.p.f^ 

Gold. H.W. Holmes (10 h.p.t) 

Silver. H. E. Sawtell (loh.p.f) 

Gold. ' C. E. Bennett (8 h.p.f) 
Gohl. W. H. Elce (10 h.p.-f) 

Gold. D. G. Prentice (8 h.p.f) 

Retire'. C. C. Earls (2} h.p.) 
Retired. J. A. W. Armstrong (2.I h.p,, 

Retired. A. H. Harrison (8 h.p.*) 

elired. H. J. Scale (3J h.p.) 

Retired. R. Knowles (4 h.p.) 
Gold. D, Bradbury (4 h.p.'*) 

Gold. J. G. Goodehough {4 h.p.*) 

Gold. A C. Rhodes (3J h.p.) 

Pending. H. Gold {2J h.p.) 

Retired. L. W. G. Gotley (2J h.p.) 

P. & M. 
Gold. P. O. Cminiugham (3J h.p.) 

Silver. J. Haslam (8 h.p.f) 

Silver. R. Croucher (8 h.p.t) 

Cold. A. J. Dixon (8 h.p.f) 

Retired, B. Silver (4J h.p.) 
Gold. C. Wilfon (4J h.p.*) 

Silver. T. Wallis (8 h.p.) 

Gold. G. A. Gibbs (8 h.p.) 

GoW. W. A. Fell-Smith (8 h.p.*) 

Gold. W. C. Boyer ('ih.p.) 

Retired. G. Lee White (3 h.p,*) 

Gold. A. F. PuUing (8 h.p,*) 

fThree-wheeler. . 

Gold. H. Dale (8 h.p.*) 

Retired. L. A. .Apsey (8 h.p.*^ 

Silver. H. B. Browning (3'J h.p.' 

Gold K. Don (33- h.p.) 

Gold. T. Baker- (3? h.p.) 

Retired. P. Pike (33 h.p.*) 
Retired. T. Morgan (3! h.p.) 
Gold. H. F. Fellows" (3* h.p. 

Retired. A. Bridge (3* h.p.) 
Gold. L. Keevil (3.1 h.p.) 

Silver. P. Street (3J h.p.) 

Silver. A. Wooding (3I h.p.) 

Gold. A. S. Guthrie (3^ h.p.) 

Gold. P. W. White (8 li.p.*) 

Gold. A. M. Knill (34 h.p.*) 


Gold. F. Spouse (ro h.p.f) 

Silver. F. E. Douglas (ro h.p.f ) 


Gold. T. Francis (4 h.p.) 

Gold. R. C. Staunton (4 h.p.) 

Retired. H. E. SjTnons (4 h.p.) 

Gold. A. S. Pinchbeck (4 h.p.) 

Retired. E. L, F, Taylor (4 h.p.) 

Gold. C. Smith (4'h.p.) 

Silver. C. F. Edwards (4 h.p.) 

' Silver. R. B. Roberts (4 h.p.) 

Gold. B. J. Sims (4 h.p.) 

Silver. S. J. Marks (4 h.p.*) 

Silver. E. Hillary (4 h.'p.») 

Retired. G. S. White (4 h.p.*) 

Gold. A. P. McGowran (4 li:p.») 

Retired. C. N. Green (4 h.p.*) 

Silver. W. P. Brandon {4 h,p.») 

Gold. G. Richardson (2^ h.p.) 

Pending. W, G. Churchill iSj h.p.) 

Silver. R. McRitchey (2= h p ) 

Silver. G. W, Wilkin (3^ h.p,*) 

Silver. J. F. Hull (2J h.r.) 

Gold. F. A. Longman (2J h.p.) 

Retired. V. Gayford (6h.p,) 
Gold. R, Charlesworth (8 h.p.») 

Retired, D. J, Stone (S h.p,») 

Retired. E. H. Fielden. 


JANUARY iji/i, ig3i. 



20. rnToriZ°\Z!o::'k°lr^fJ^T:^'^^^^^^^^ /o.Tuwfcatiir^or r '^l^n^^""'- ^"-r^"°.°^ f °""' ^= ^^--^^ <" '"= E<inor, ■■ The Motor Cyc,.,'' 
are urged to write clearly and on one side of the oTDer onlv numb;r?„^ .//h " ^ accompanied by a2ll. Stamped addressed envelope tor reily. Correspondents 
questions should .e .ar.ed " Legal ■■ .„ the le^lgr/ooSr or^r/el^^f r/sTo:7d^r^l>;,t^.^,fn"^;r|„,%--,t7h^-^ '^^' 


As you have so much experi- 
ence ojf motor cycles, I take tlie 
liberty of asking if you would 
be good enough to give me in- 
formation as to which is the 
best motor scooter on the market — not 
for racing but for all-round general 
use. — A.J. 

It is not feasible to recommend any 
particular machine in preference to 
all others of the same type, since the 
products of the various' makers have 
each their own special advantages. If 
you forward the names of any vou select, 
together with particulars of "the work 
you e.xpect from them, we will endeavour 
to advise you on the suitabilitv of vour 

I have a 1916 2| h.p. Dougla.s 

?' I W.D. model, and a friend a 1913 
^ 2J h.p. Douglas. Both machines 
I — I run well on the whole, but tl-" 
1913 pulls far better at low 
speeds, especially when hill-climbin", 
though it is, ajid alwavs has been, "a 
flow machine. The 1916 is, for an un- 
tuned machine, really very fast, and will 
climb well, provided" the "revolutions are 
kept high enough. I am willing to 
sacrifice some speed in order to get 
better pulling at low speeds, and hifve 
been compai-ing the two machines to 
see how to accomplish tlijs. My spark 
is eet a little more advanced, "but no't*^ 
enough to make any appreciable differ- 
ence, but the valve timuig is altogether 
different. I should be much obliged if 
. you couU let me know whether an 
^ alteration in the valve timing would 
give the desired result, and can I carrv 
_this out with the present cams, or should 
I have to write to the makers for new 
cams? I note you sav in a recent 
number that a little overlap is allowed, 
but my engine has 35°, and sui-elv this 
IS rather much ; the exhaust also is 
open for more than half the explosion 
stroke, and is still open after suction 
has commenced, while the exhaust of 
the 1913 engine is onlv open a few 
degrees before the bottom of the firing 
stroke. I have tried various jets in 
the carburetter, but all to no purpose 
— T.A.M. 

Apparently the 1916 machine was fitted 
■with an overlap cam which' is suitable for 
racing purposes. You woiUd be able to 
obtain a cam similar to the one used on 
the 1913 model from the makers, and this 
would no doubt give you the results vou 
desire. If you obtain the makers' instruc- 
tion booklet you will find several diaorams 
showing the valve periods-ivith the variou^ 

cams which can be obtained, and vou 
could then select the one which vou think 
would be most suitable. For" ordinary 
touring work, and especially for hiU- 
climbhig, the amount of overlap on your 
own machine appears excessive. 


I have a 1913 Triumph, which 
Ihrows oil and smoke out of the 
pulley end of the cranlcaliaft on 
to my boot. The hole in the 
shaft is quite clear. Although I 
oil the engine about one pumpful every 
four or fi\-e miles, I never see any smoke 
or vapour come out of the exhaust pipe, 
and am incUned to think the exhaust 
gases must pass the rings and get out 
rin the crankshaft. The exhaust valve 
lift^s all right, and I fitted new rings 
alx>ut two months ago. The compres- 
sion is verj' good, and the engine pulls 
well, and will take sidecar (with pas- 
senger) almost anywhere. — R.D. 
If the compression is good and the engine 
pulls well, as you say it does, it is rather 
unlikely that the exhaust gases ai'e passing 
the piston rings to any great extent. 
Apparently you have over-oiled the engine, 
and you might try the .effect of cutting 
down the supply to one pump in every 
six or eight miles. The blowing of oil 
vapour through the centre of the pulley 
is usual on this machine, especially if 

there is too much oU in 'Ihe^^^k ;4s. ^^L^^! '^:a:r".^^^-:,S 

We should you to Jx up some form 
of shield immediately opixisite the end 
of the pulley. We once saw an old table- 
spoon adapted for the purpose. 


As I am desi*ous of tui'iiing a 
Ij- h.p. stationary iietrol engine into. 
a gas engine, will you please put 
me right on the following : (1.) It 
ah-eaoy has an American magneto 
fitted, but this is not very satisfactory, 
and for ease in starting aiid reliability" I 
propose fitting a tube ignition. Shall 
I have to fit some kind of cut-out on 
one of the strokes of the engme so that 
(he red hot tube is not protruding uito 
combustion sixice diu-ing both strokes? 
(2.) An acquaintance, who thinks he 
knows quite a lot about the nisitter, tells 
me that some engines are made to fire 
on every third stroke. Somehow I 
cannot quite understand how he mean.s 
«o do it. Is this possible? Also would 
this system benefit the engine in any 
way as regards cooling and gas con- 
sumption ? — A.B. 
(1.) We should not advise vou to convert 
the engine to tube ignition. " If the present 
magneto is not a satisfactory one, try to 
obtain another of British manufacture. 
(2.) Probably your friend refers to an 
engine working on the six-stroke principle. 
In a gas endne fitted with extremelv 
heav^' flvwhcels this can be done; perfect 

This Excelsior taxi sidecar is already available (or private hire in Glasgo^v, but an application 
tor a hackney carnage licence is under consideration by its owner. 



JANUARY ijf/i, Tg2i. 


I have a Charter-Lea machine 

gy fitted with two-seater sidecar (8 
^ h.p. J.A.P. engine). The weight 
-^ of this outfit is 41 cwt. At pre- 
sent the macliine is geared 4| 
1 on top. Is this too high a gear '' 


The weight of passengers being 24 

stone, malces the total weight 7| cwt. 

If too high, what gear would you advise 

me to use ? I am troubled with pre- 

ignition when driving on top. Binks 

carbnrretter, jets 00.2 and 6. — E.M. 

Considering the weight of your outfit, the 

gear ratios are too high. You would get 

an improvement by lowering the top gear 

to 5 or 6^ to 1. Pre-ignition may be 

due to a variety of causes, the chief being 

excess of carbon deposit in the cylinder 

head, or an unsuitable type of sparking 

plug. In all piobability the ignition is 

too far advanced to suit tlie present gear 

ratios, and the symptoms may disappear 

when the i^ear is lowered. 


I have a 1912 34 h.p. clutch 

-_| model machine, the engine of 

^ which has just been thoroughly 

-LJ overhauled by the makers. I 

am anxious to fit a light sidecar 

for the summer months, but do not 

wish to go to the. expense of fitting a 

change speed gear. The machine is 

not intended to tour the Lake District 

and such places. (1.) Do you thinlc 

the machine powerful enough without 

jittiug a two or three-speed gear? (2.) 

What type of sidecar do you advise ? 

(3.) What gear ratio would you advise 

me to use? The adjustable pulley 

fitted to the machine will, of course, 

allow of suitable ratios for solo or 

sidecar work. — J.A.H. 

(1.) The machine would be fairly satis- 
factory with a very light sidecar, but we 
strongly recommend that you fit some 
simple form of variable gear, such as 
the Philipson pulley ; this does not in 
any way necessitate alteration of engine 
or frame. (2.) A lightweight sporting 
model would be best. (3.) If you intend 
using a single gear, about 5^ to 1 will 
be most .satisfactory. 



I have experienced the same trouble, 
of jerky running in the second gear of the 
Sturmey-Arch& gear box, described by 
your correspondents, and I ultimately 
found that the detect was due to the 
dogs occasionally disengaging, not from 
any fault in the dogs, but due to wear 
at three points in the second speed lock- 
ing device, viz. : The sides of the middle 
slot in the locking quadrant were too 
rounded ; the point of the locking plunger 
was too fiat and the sides of this last 
were a bad fit in its socket. By. altering 
the shape of the second speed slot in the 
quadrant, and making a new plunger 
with a smaller included angle between 
the inclined sides, and also of a slightly 
larger diameter to suit the socket after 
reboring it to produce a round hole, 
I have had no further trouble. — C. C. 

I notice that " H.C." (issue of 
December 9th) and W. A. Bourne 

^December 23rd) have been troubled with 
" jumpiness " in second gear of W.D. 
Triumphs. They will probably be able 
to remedy this by fitting a new pair of 
gear connection pins (No. 3188 in the 
Triumph repairs and parts catalogue). 
A new short gear lever swivel (No. 3185) 
may also be required. Wear on these 
parts makes it impossible to keep the 
second gear in correct adjustment, and 
so causes snatch • in the drive. — W. W. 


The " jumpiness '_' in second gear 
experienced by "'H.C". and W. A. 
Bourne is evidently due to wear in the 
layshaft sliding pinion of the Sturmey- 
Archer gear. Wear of the internal dogs 
occurring, no amount of adjusting of the 
controls will do' any good, and the best 
remedy is a new pinion — easily obtain- 
able from the makers. If "H.C." and 
W. A. Bourne follow the above advice 
thev will find the trouble disappear. — 
H. 'T. Jack.sox. 

important iDates. 

Jan. 7th to 17th — 

Amsterdam Motor Cycle Exhibition. 
Jan. 20th— 

F I. CM. Conference, Brussels 
Jan. 28th to Feb. 5th— 

Scottish Motor Exhibition, Kelvin Hall 

Feb 25 th— 

A.C.U. Silencer Trial — Brooklands. 
March 25th— 

Richmond Meet. 
March 26lh— 

M.C.C. London -Land's End Trial. 
April 27th— 

A.C.U. One-day Winter Trial for 

Stock Machines, 

May 14 th— 

M.C.C. London-Edinburgh Run. 


" F.H.M.Y.'s '* trouble referred on 
December 30th, 1920, namely, the pre- 
sence of- an excess of oil in the sight 
chamber of his drip feed lubricator, can 
only be caused by one of tlu'ee things : 
(a) Defective non-return valve, (hj Un- 
sound sight chamber, (cj Oil delivery 
pipe choked, (c) Is very unusual and 
would immediately be detected, because 
it would prevent the oil getting to the 
engine. This leaves (a) and (b), and 
the fact that oil is splashed over the 
tank would indicate tliat there is a big 
leak in the sight cup. Seeing that the 
non-return valve has been replaced by a 
new one, we should be inclined to think 
that the trouble would cease if the sight 
cup were made somid, and this can be 
done by replacing the glass if cracked, 
and tlie washer if worn ; if both these 
are already in order, then the top cap 
wants firmly screwing down to make an 
air-tight joint. The principles involved 
in the above remarks apply to any make 
of sight feed. — B. B. Bi,.\ckburn, Manag- 
ing Director, Best and Lloyd, Ltd. 

I note that "F.H.^M.Y." complains 
in your issue of December 30th of blow- 
back of oil through drip feed from front 
cylinder of 4 h.p. flat twin. I had the 
same trouble with a new 4 h.p. Douglas 
in the summer, and, possibly, he may be 
able to cure it in the same way that I 
did. I took apart the non-retiuui valve 
and found that the upper surface of the 

perforated stud on which the pen-steel 
disc beds was rough with turning marks. 
I filed it dead flat with a smooth file, 
finished off on an oilstone, and since then 
have had no trouble whatever. Of ' 
course, the oil pipe and valve must be 
kept free from grit and fluff, otherwise 
the latter is bound to function incorrectly. 
— F.A. (Cumberland). 


Ou page-881 of your issue of December 
30th you published a letter of your corre- 
spondent "R.P. " in which he com- 
plained of the harsh running, of his 
2| h.p. Douglas. I have just cured much 
the same trouble on a similar machine, 
and send ray experience herewith in the 
hope that' it may pi-ove useful to "R.P." 
The harshness was almost entirely due 
to running with two gaiizes (air) on the 
carburetter. This point is referred to. in 
the Douglas handbook, which recom- 
mends two gauzes for jets 27 and 28 and 
one gauze fqrjet 26. Personally, I am 
getting every satisfaction from jet 25. 
A little tappet adjustment effected a com- 
plete cure. Irregular firing was found to 
be due to a "sticky" rocker arm on the 
magneto. — E. M. Grose. 


Under this heading in The Motor Cycle 
of the 30th ult., "H.R." writes on the 
above subject, and he may. find his 
trouble in the ratchet of the free wheel -_- 
insufficiently disengaging witli the ratchet -^ 
on the chain wheel in his gear case. If 
his machine has a late pattern Enfield 
gear, this will be overcoine by oiling the 
clutch on the chain wheel on the starting 
handle, which he may have omitted to 
do. On the earlier pattern I understand 
there should lie a small spring between 
the two ratchets to throw them apart 
when the engine starts.— L.D.H. 


"H.J.B." (Old Trafford).— Hopley, cv 
other folding sidecars. 

" N.W." (Bournemouth). — Degory carbu- 
retter on Scott. 

"D.B.Mr" (Jerusalem). — Dry battery 
lighting gets. Life of batteries. 

" S.W." (Norwich). — Beardmore - Pre- 
cision engine. Speed and w-ear. 

" R.JV.C." (Stowmarket). — Coulson-B.. 
(4 h.p.). Strength of frame comj)ared with 
' machines of eimilar power. 

"D.B.M," -(Jerusalem).— 1920 Scott and 
sidecar. Reliability, accessibility, and 
starting in daily use all weatiiers ; life of 
chains, kick starter, etc. 

" Notsip " (Dublin). — Success or 
otherwise of reboring 7-9 h.p. 1913 
Indian cylinders; are alumiijium pistons 
advisable ? 



— H.E.P. 

Carlisle, Penrith, Shap, Kendal, Kirkby 
Lonsdale, Ingleton, Clapham. Settle, 
Skipton, Ilkley, Otley, Poole, Harewood, 
Collingham, Boston Spa, Tadcaster, 
S h e r b u r n , Ferrybridge, Doacaster, 
Bawtry, East Retford, Tuxiford, Newark, 
Leicester, Lutterworth, Rugby, Bilton. 
__Princethorpe, Warwick. 

January 13TH, 1921. 



A Cold Job. 


Fifty-Two Week" Road Service. 

A.A. Road Service operates continuously and efficiently in 
midsummer sun or mid-winter snow. It contains no 
'' weather permitting " restrictions, and omits no reasonable 
requirement. The photograph at the head of this article 
shows one of the A.A. patrols assisting a motor cycle member 
during the cold snap last month, and bears witness of the 
truth of the Automobile Association's slogan " At your Service, 

In order to increase the utility of the patrol organisation, 
A.A. patrols are being mounted on motor cycles, but, when 
heavy falls of snow or other conditions prevent the use of 
these cycles, the patrols use their push cycles, or cover the 
roads as best they can 

Valuable adjuncts to the patrol service are the roadside tele- 
phone boxes — which are adapted for use by members at any 
hour of the day or night — roadside motor fuel supply stations 
(complete with Bowser storage tank and delivery pump, a 
New Pelapone engine and electric generating set) and 
" mechanical first-aid '" machines carrying spares and tools 
necessary for light repairs to cars or motor cycles. 

These are all innovations in Road Service only to be obtained 
by membership of the Association. 

Other A.A. benefits which are at the service of all members, 
year in, year out, include free legal defence in any proceed- 
ings under the Motor Car Act in Courts of Summary 
Jurisdiction in the United Kingdom, free legal advice on any 
matter directly arising out of the use and ownership of cars 
or motor cycles, and free legal representation in approved 

In onni-erinq this advertisement it is 

resulting from the use and ownership of such 

civil cases 
motor vehicles 

The Association provides all possible assistance to members 
touring with their cars or motor cycles either at home or 
abroad. Home touring facilities include the preparation of 
routes to suit Individual requirements; foreign touring 
assistance comprises the supply of routes, triptyques and 
International certificates, also the privilege of taking a car 
or motor cycle into a 45 per cent, tariff country without 
paying one penny piece in customs dues. 

Members can obtain the advice of qualified engineers on the 
choice of motor cycles, and the services of competent experts 
for the examination and trial of any motor vehicle, the pur- 
chase of which Is contemplated. 

A special insurance policy, officially-appointed agents and 
repairers, A.A. hotels, and the A.A. handbook are other 
advantages Included in the complete service provided by the 

The claim that " everj' need of the reasonable motorist is 
met by the Association " is, therefore justified, and every 
motor cyclist who'does not carr>' the A.A. badge should join 
up at once. 

Full particulars of the benefits mentioned above are con- 
- tained in the booklet, " The Key to the Open Road, a copy 
of which can be obtained, post free, from the Secretary, The 
Automobile Association, 21, Fanum House, Whitcomb Street, 
London, W.C. 2. Write for a copy to-day. 

desirable lo mention " The Motor Cycle." C2i 

32 Advertisements. 


January 13TH, 1921, 


Old Hall St., Wolverhampton 

Speciality : — 

The British - made 


for Single - cylinder Engines. 


"Sparks, WoVerhamp'on." 

'njterv!. cnxl sel} ' 
vieasuremeni \ 


This Book 
shoTild be re a 
by every Motor ^ 

Send for it ! 





We are the promp'est firm for these. Pr.ic 
tically every part for every model actua'ly 
in stock. Enclose stamped envelope please. 

11-13, Forf ield Place, 






Tins 1/2 J^ 2/3 PosI- free — 1 Gall Tms 35/-CarrPaid 






MOTOR SUPPLY CO., 223a, High Street, LEWISHAM 

licence: holders. 


fi-uMlNiyrt for hJMBEB P1.&TE 3'3 

BRfiiS - • - 3'9 

^ ^89/291 wc-ti noiMBN LONDON WCi 

Phone: Mid. 2910. 'Grams: *'Lytcar, B'ham. ' 









including the following well-known makes: 



Latest 1921 Models 

of most of the above makes 
also in stock. 





Lewis Wm. Goold, A.i.Mech.E 

Chiirtrrrd Patent Agent, 

<'uiiAn'lti»/f Kiiijivcen, 
£n/-<.Ucu P'.ir-:)'t Attornc// o/th-j Cui'eU Stutes 

Automobile & Electrical Dept. : 

Asfociute 0/ the Institution oj Automobile 

Fclloiv of the Chemical Societi; 
Associate l.SJS. 

Tclcijrams: " IHjAmnaci/." Ji'ham, 

Tclcplione : Central Snoo. 



Guide Free. 




NEW COMET. Lo,-^l Ascnis for A J S., ARIEL B.S A , DIAMOND. 


2.3 & Svll^e Parade.:Kilbum:i>iW6: 


166-168, London Hd., Sheffield. 

Sole Jgeni in this district for 

A.J S , Scott, Wilkin, Indian, Bat-Jap, 

Bradbury, Motor Cycles also Lagonda Light Cars 

See next week 's issue for actual list 

of Roper models 

Plione : 2S02 Wires: Roper 2S02 Sheffielt]. 


The smartest and best designed hood on the market. 
Price complete with Side Curtains and all Fittings 

plated finish, £4. 
Special Models for Matchless, Harley-Da\ndson, 

Douglas, Enlield, Indian, James. Blackburne. 
APRONS. — Coverall 16/6 ; Storm, with neckhole, 
20/-J Storm Coverall 21 /G ; Detachable Cape 25/- 

in best quality Double Texture Twill. 
ATKINSON'S, 306, Uxbiidge Rd., Shejiherd's Bush. 
'Phone: H.immersmith i jo. W.12. | 


The £ s. d. saver ot tyre bills. Permanently 
repairs cuts and gashes in motor, motor cycle, 
and cycle tyres. Saves vulcanising. Also repair- 
any rubber article. Once used always used. 

Tubes, ■* /2 [post free'. 


Moor Green. Ho-ise, Wesi'End, SOUTHAMPTON 



IVriie foy specimens and quotations. 

N.B.— We oanBo: ~iiprly inalters' owii transfers to intUTuloa^gl 


<Proprietor3 : Iliffe & Sons Lttl.I, 


In ansicering these advert>sc!ne7tts it Is desirable to mention " The Motor C'l/de." 

January 13TH, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, m. 

The Name is a Guarantee. 




I jrv • r^"«r 1* * rv *i 




Alfred Wiseman Ltd., Glover Street, Birmingham. 


Inclusive charges. 


Crates and 
packing free. 


A range of models suitable for machines from 2\ to 10 h.p. 

Prices from 20 to 44 guineas. 

Full list and taxi leaflet from the actual manujacturcrs : 


Telephone: Mid. 520. Telegrams: "Watsonian, Birmingham." 


In answerinfj these advertisements it is desirubie to mention " The Motor Cycle." 


iv. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH, 1921. 


A Miniature of our Standard Screen, specially 

designed for Sporting and Racing Sidecars 

Total Weight - 21 lbs* 






, WESTCOMBE &l Co., Ltd. 

46-47, Great Charles Street, 




— 1921 - 

£165 FOUR 

Immediate Delivery, 





Read roUowing Testimonial : 

Dear Sirs. 

It might interest you to know that I got delivery of ? Tamplm 
about 3 weeks ago, and to-dav I took it up Alms Hill. I am only a novice, 
and have only beendriviug about a fortnight, but I feel quite safe with 
mv car. As you know, von can get no run at the bill, but rather fool- 
ishly, I managed to get into top, but soon changed back to second. The 
hiUwas inclined to be wet and muddy at the beginning, and I had to 
change to bottom gear about soyards farther up. On this gear the machine 
roared up without a hitch, and with nothing like full throttle. This 
machine is perfectly standard as it left the works. Yours faithfully, O-V. 

Official Hill Climb Successes, 1920. 

Alms Hill, I in 2'9 clean ascent. 

Porlock Hill i in 3-5 

South Harting. Fastest in 1,000 c.c. Class. 
Consumption at S5 m.p.g. is the rule, 102 m.p.g. has been officially 
attained with standard car, and over 15,000 miles on original belt 
and chain. 

TampHn Eng. Works, Kingston Rd., Staines 


In answeimg these advertisements it is desirable to mention ■' The Motor C/jcle. 

January 13TH, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, vii. 




ADVERTISEMENTS in these columns j 

First 12 words 3/-, and 3d. for every ad- ^ 
itional word. Paragraphs of under 8 words 
re charged double rate. Each paragraph is 
harged separately. Name and address must 
counted. Series discounts, conditions, and 
pecial terms to regular trade advertisers will 
le quoted on application. 

Postal Orders and Cheques sent in payment for 
dvertisements should be made payable__ — sfcor 

ILIFFE & SONS Ltd., and crossed__--^^^ 

reasury Notes, being untraceable if lost in 
r ansit. should not be sent as remittances . 

All advertisements m this section should be 
ceompanied with remittance, and be addressed 

the offices of " The Motor Cycle," 20, Tudor 
treet, London, E,G,4, or 19, Hertford Street, 
oventry. To ensure insertion letters should 
e posted in time to reach the offices of " The 
lotor Cycle," by the first post on Friday 
lorning previous to the day of issue- 
All letters relating to advertisements should 

uote the number which is printed at the end of 
,ch advertisement, and the date of the issue 

1 which it appeared. 

The proprietors are not responsible for clerical 
r printers' errors, although every care is taken 
I avoid mistakes. 


For the convenience of advertisers, letters may b« 
idressed to numbers at "The Motor Cycle" OlTice. 
'hen this is desired, the sum of 6d. to defray the cost of 
gistration and to cover postage on replies must be added 
) the advertisement charge, which must include the 
ords Box 000, c /o " The Motor Cycle." Only the number 
ill appear in the advertisement. All replies should be 
Idressed No. ooo, c/o "Motor Cycle," 20, Tudor Street, 
.C.4. Riplies to Box Number adverliserfimts cot:laitiing 
millance^ should be sent by registered post, but in all such 
S£s It t; advisable to make use ot the Deposit System. 
In the case o( motor cycles olTered tor sale under a box 
imber, as It is unusual for these to be sold without Orst 
!ng inspected by the Intending purchaser, advertisers will 
cilltate business by embodying in their advertisements 
me mention of the district In which the macblDe 
[ered may be seen and tried. 


Person? wlio hesitate to send money to unknown persons 
ay deal in perfect safety by availing themselves of our 
jposit System. If the money be deposited with "The 
3tor Cycle," both parties are advised of this receipt. 
The time allowed for a decisioa after receipt of the 
ods is three days, and if a sale is effected we remit the 
louat to the seller, but, if not, we return the amount 

the depositor, and each party to the transaction pays 
triage one way. For all transactions up to £io, a 
posit fee of i/- is c"harged; on transactions over £io 
d under f 50, the fee is 2/6; over £50 and under£75. 5/-: 
er £75 and under £100, 7/6; and on all transactions 
er £100, i %. AH deposit matters are dealt with at 

Tudor Street, London, E.C.4, and cheques and money 
lers should be made payable to Iliffe & Sons Limited. 
The letter " D " at the end of an advertisement is an 

ication that the advertiser is willing to avail himself of 
! Deposit System. Other advertisers may be equally 

irous, but have not advised us to that effect. 


Readers who reply to advertisements and receive no 
;wer to tbelr enquiries are requested to regard the 
nee as an indication tbat the goods advertised have 
iady been disposed ot. Advertisers often receive so 
ny enquiries that it is quite impossible to reply to 
h one by post. 

A. B.C. 

JEW 1920 A.B.C.. 4-speed: £150: in stock.— 
' Randall, Andover. [0367 

920 A.B.C. 3h.p.. 4 speeds; £80.— Dunn, 326. 
Enston Ed.. N.W.I. [6373 

.B.C., 1920, brand new; £125.— Dunn's, 326, Euston 
1. Kd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5515 

.B.C., recently delivered, never ridden, owner going 
1- abroad: £135; what offers?— Box 1,208, c/o The 
tlOT Cycle. [5042 

f.B.C, lamps, speedometer, horn, mileage 1.600* 
£120. or offer; London.— Bo.t 1,378, c/o The 
tor Cycle. [6264 




List Price. Our Price. 

Clio 5 2; b.p. VERUS - BLACK- 

BURNE, :-sp.. kick-sUrler £85 
{fio o jj h.p. VERUS - BLACK- 

BURNE, 2-str..sin?lc-spced £47 10 
£65 o 2I h.p. PORTLAND-J.A.P., 

2-sp<ed £S8 

£157 to 3! h.p. ARIEL Combination, 

3-specd, kick-starter £142 10 

£145 4th.p.QIJADRANTCombina- 

tion. kick-starter £130 

£202 o 3I h.p. ROVER and Sidecar £177 
£t35 o 4h.p. BLACKBURNE, j-sp., 

kick-starlvr £120 

£ij6 o 4 h.p. VERUS - BLACK- 
BURNE £102 

£130 o 3» *.p. LEA-FRANCIS, 2-5p. £117 
£204 o S"h.p. ZENITH C.j:i.',m;u!.,ri £180 



HaWn::; purchased another consigriment of 

ex-W.D. Harley-Da\-idson Motor Cycles, we are 

abl2 to still further reduce the price, nnd believe 

we ca.T now offer l>ctter value in 


machino^ than cm !x! ubt.iincd rlscwliLTL-. 

ALL 1918 AND 1919 MODELS. 

Solo Price £100 

Fitted with Montgomery Sidecar , Price £130 

Fitted with Millford Sidecar Price £135 

P. & M. 
3J h.p. \V.D., chain dri\t:, finished scr\'icc 
greea, overhauled, no front brakes. 

Price £68 
3i h.p. W.D., chain drive, re-platcd 
handle-bars, tanks rc-cnancfclled. 

Price £78 
7-<) h.p., spring frame, 3-speed, all-chain drive. 
Gnibhed in maker's colours, and overhauled — 

Solo £95 

Fitted with Sidecar £120 

W.D. Models can be purchased on our deferred 
pa>inent s>'Stem. Teems: 7j% extra on the 
purchase price, one-third down as deposit, and 
balance in c:£;bt equal monthly instalments on 
appro\-ed reicrcnccs. 


2\ h.p. NEW IMPERIAL-J.A.P., ;sp. £60 

z\ h.p. DOUGLAS, ivd, 2-spced £75 

a h.p. NEW IMPERIAL, W.D. make 

good mnchine £115 

6 h.p. ROVER, W.D., J.A.P., 3-specd, 

kick->tar!cr £100 

3i h.p. RUDGE, clutch £95 

T.B. Cycle Car, 1920, 10 h.p., 3-spccd, 

reverse, d>Tian:io lighting, used as 

demonstration car £245 

T.B., 10 h.p.. 19 JO. 3-speed, reverse, 

detachable whcf-ls. ovorh.iuJcd . . £200 

Prices of Maudes' New Licence 
Card Holders. 

Sidecar fitting. 3 - 

Number Plate fitting 3/2, and 4;3 p 

CombiDation Nucober Plate and .t'osc 

Licence Holder 5/9 "'^ 

Handle-bar fitting 5/9, 6/9, 7/9 






AToTOR Mbrt 



A .B.C. 1920. kick starter. Lamps, liom, speedometei. 
1,500 miles: £100; GIoncestershire.-Box 1.338, 
c/o The Motor Cycle. [5786 

1 Q20 A.B.O., brand new, but slightlv shop-soiled; 
-•-•-' llrst cheque £110.— Charles Sidney, Ltd., 140- 
142, llaniiinsham Lane, Bradford. [X4764 

"I 020 A. B.C., lamps, horn, speedometer, etc., de- 
.»-*^ Jivered November, perfect condition througltout; 
bargain, £125.— Bond, Sutton Benger, Cliippenbam. 


A.B.C.. 1920. 4 6peeds, complete with Swan snortiug 
sidecar, all ac^'essories, as new; £160; one ditto, 
shop-soiled, solo, £120 ; e-tchnnges.— Carlox Motors, Ltd., 
Cobham, Surrey. [6206 

31h.p. A.B.O. Motor Cycle, dynamo lighting model. 
2 only ran about 300 miles, condition as new; cash 
£150, may be obtained on Ilarrods deferred payment 
system for a small cttra charge.— Harrods, Ltd., US, 
Brompton Ed., Loudon. [5964 

"I 020 A.B.C. Special Racing Combination, Swan 
-■-*' sidecar, fitted with special racing cams, 
valves, carburetter, etc., winner of twenty-five medals, 
many extras, and spare tvres, as new; £130, bargain. 
—King. 76, King St.. Southport. [6410 


16 Abingdon 3",5h.p., di-cs. Limps; £45. bnrgniu.— 
tthitbreiid, 26, Koginnld Ed., Boihill. (5820 

1 020 Abingdon Kick Dick Combination, 5-71l.p.. 3 
J-»/ speeds, clutch, and kick starter, all lamps, de- 
livered June, guaranteed; £140; exchanges or easy 
payments.— Iloniac's. 243, Lower Claptoa Rd., N.E. 

Phone : Dakton 2408. (6358 


A CME Sh.p., with conchbuilt sidecar, 1920 demon- 
.tS- stration model, only run 200 miles, spate wheel 
and tyro: £195, complcte.-Bos; 1,377, c/o The Motor 
Cycle. [0405 

1Q15 2';h.n. A.J.S.. in running order; wants tuning 
-•-»' up; £42._Cros3, Agent, Uotherham. (.\4773 

A J.S. 1920 6h.p. Combination; best ofler.-Firth. 
-tJ- Market Place, Melthani. near Uuddersfteld. 16103 

A.J.S. 1920 Combination, brand new; £200. — 
Dunns, 326, Euston lid., N.W.I. Museum 5391. 


A.J.S. 1920 Combination, mileago 300; £180.— 
Dunns. 325, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. 
A,„ „ [5517 

.J.3. Spares, prompt delivery.— Cyril Williams, 
Chapel Ash Depot, Wolverhampton. T A ■ 
Parts. [7998 

A.J.S. 1921 Models.— Early deliveries at Sferrick's 
Stores, 174, ListerhilU Rd., Bradford. [2472 

BRIGHTON, Hove, and District A.J.S. Agents, 
Turpins, 22-29, Preston Rd., Brighton. 10202 
CROW Bros., Whitehall Carage, Guildford, A.J.3. 
agents and expert rei>airers since 1912. [7989 

"IQ19 6h.p. A.J.S. Outfit, complete, lamps, horn 
-l-«^ spare wheel; £139.— Cross, Agent, Hotherham. 

"I Q21 A.J.S. 7h.p. Combination, equipped with 
-!-«.' Lucas acetylene lamps; in stock.— Philpot, 
Motors, Canterbury. [6072 

A.J.S. 2'-ih.p., enclosed CD., 3-speed, K.S.. acces- 
sories, handsome condition; £55. — 19, Streatley 
Rd., Kilburn, N.W.6. [6066 

A.J.S. 1921 6h.p. Combination, neir. £195; A.J.S. 
1921 7h.D. models; early delivery; book now.— 
Taylor's Garage, Wednesbury. (5827 

1 Q16 A.J.S. Combination, interchangeable wheels, per- 
-l-«7 icct condition; any trial; £85, no offers.- Woolf, 
84a, Gray's Inn Ed., W.C [5713 

A .-1.3. Brand New 6h.p. Combination, complete with 
horn and lamp; £195.— A.J.S. Specialists. The 
Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel. : 444. (4006 

A.J.S. Combination, September, 1920, dynamo, hood, 
every accessory, new condition; £235.— T., 67. 
Egerton Ed., "Withington, Manchester. [5790 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9. Shoe Lane. London. E.C.4.— 
Sh.p. A.J.S. combination, 1920, all acceistories, 
excellent condition, £195; easy terms. [6293 

A.J.S. 1921 Models, delivery guaranteed when re- 
quired; deferred payments arranged. — .\.J.S. 
Specialists, The Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel. : 444. 


NEW 1921 7h.p. A.J.S. Combination. £215: new 
1921 6h.p. A.J.S. combination. £195; imraediata 
delivery from stock.— Mardton, 31, Bridge St., Chester. 


A.J.S. 1915 6h.p. Combination, lampe, generators, 
horn, speedometer, Sin. tyres, excellent condition : 
£120: seen at Harrow.— Bos 1.363, c/o The Motor Cycle. 


6 h.p. A.J.S. C.B. Combination, good condition. 3- 
speed, K.S., speedometer, lamps, hood. Easting, 
carrier, etc.; £118. — Smith, Osmondthorpe Lane, 
Leeds. (6236 

\ll letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date oi the issue. b2I 

viii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH, 1921. 




A .J.S. 1912 5h.p. CombiMtion. S-spewl' j'"**'''™^ 
A. start, all chain: £55; exolionge less pOTvei.-B««l, 
Lime Park Lodge, Herstmonceux, Sussex. L='=o 

1 O20 A.J.S. Combination complete, Lucas lamps, 
lU horn. Tan-Sad, legshields, any examination po 
lect; £185.-Southem, Grocer, Gloucester. Ici^^ 

r.O.C.H. loi A.J.S. Combinations, "l* "'1'5„P2,°|7. 
6, Heath St., Hampstead (™=>r H""''!*^"'^. J . . 
Station!. 'Phone: Hampst«ad 3752. Hours 9-7, inebi.1^ 
ing Saturdaj-s. ,- i + 

\ .J.S. 1920 Sh.p. Combination dy"™" 'TClaxou 
A speedometer, hood, screen, $'accurtams Klaxon, 
Tan-Sad, spare wheel, as new: £245.-Paikei s, cuiu^ 
ehawgate, Bolton. . '■ 

A.J.S. Combination, May. 1?20 electric lamr|, 
A aocun.ulator, horn Tan-Sad, eide screen spares 
£1901 wanted S-lOh.p. W.C. engme.-Mulliner, Wergs, 
Wolverhampton. ■ "- 

A .J.S. 6h.r. 1921 Models.-A lta«'="i„,^"f'=^„aX 
A be sup^plied by °-i-i"£|^,^°"- '^ l^'^itoSl St'; 
delivery early date.— S. B. Olapnam, ^i. onj.t 
"Grapnwich, S.E.IO. ./°^"' 

-ini9 (Nov) 6h.r. A. J.S. Combination, 3,000 miles, lo- 
19 ?entlv overhauled, spare wheel %'-'^™. '«mP'>. U™: 
ptc. in excellent order; £150.-Mar6h, 9, Gold St., ^orth 
"ampton. 'Phone; 774. L^^ 

-IrtZO AJS. Combination,, oarefully "d?™' P|^.';' 
19- chrsed July, in splendid condition £«<=<! -tir 
F.R.S. lamps, horn^ etc.; £200, or cnei. v. 
Garage, Oxford. 'Phone : 308. L° 

AJS 1916 6h.p. Combination, unused 3 J";"!, epare 
A wheel overhauled makers J"i"=. .1'"^"™%.^!^. 
i^t; Tils] great bargain.-72 Longrrdge Rd., Earls 
Court. 'Flione : Western 1314 1°"-' 

1 T =; 1CI1H Combination, hood, screen, spare wheel 
A-'^ith'unLe??^™'; Lucas lamps, l-«-=X'£e?t"foS: 
700X80 all round, mileage ™der 1,500, peilect con 
dition- £170.-17, Penrhyn Kd., Colwyn Bay. L=f 

•(017- AJ.S. Combinatmn ^n splendKl condition, c^cau- 


Grove Hill Lodge, Middlesbiough. l 

tnm AJS Combination, mileage under ^ 2,000 

■ iS:>SS\^SmJe^spSeSsS? 
seat-pillar, screen, \Y?J^r rtle [6263 

Box 1 376, c/o The Motor Cycle. i 

i'te iQ^n 6hn Combination, dynamo lightmg, 
A-^c'owe"'t'iipsp''eedometer:tMs outfit wa.son^eup- 

plied last month ^^d gamed a meM ^^ Lomlo" ^^^. 

Exeter Tnal, easily ol'mi'"e^'°^t|t"'3'' absolutely nn- 
total mileage 18 744 and *'« omni ^^^ 

Boratched, and runs better than nei_^,n i ^^^^^ 

- 200 gns. secures this splendid outm. oiman, _■ ,, 

6t., Ecading. 'Phone; 1024. 

A LDEK- Vitesse 2-stroke, 2^peed ?«=>"„. *°*w'X 
A clntcii, splendid condition; bargain, £45.-Hurdte^ 
Lyon St., Bognor. 

, Alldays. 
" 4 LLDAY'S Matchless 1914 2-stroke runuing order 
A £20.-3, Courtlands Av., Lee, .S.E.12. lb^5u 

19^l3l^Saw^'^aS ^'l-'^eSSgtrt.lS!^^" 

Oh p 1920 2-slroke Allday and Oruon Motor CycH 
O as new, with Lucas lamp set and lioi-n, £bb 
J J Doolev, 33, Killyon Rd., Clapham, S.W.8. 1634^ 

-fcTFW 2301 n Alldavs Alton Model de Luxe, 2-speed 
N'^Iutkanrttick itartw; £85 "^-^r =[/'" Ltd""T ? 
„asy pavment system ol 4% extia.-Hariods, Lta.,_y^o, 
Brompton Ed., London. 

/American X 
iia-v^n American X. lOh.p. Combination, ele:.tiically 
.|-9'°ea^irP«l «^ new; £175.-C, Hanson, Grange, 

-«irk20 American X. lOh.p. Solo, mileage under 100, 
19 ve^^asir^sciatched; £16C.-G. Hanson, Grange, 
Wiaysbury. , . 

A irTT-RTrAN X 1920 7-9h.p. Combination, complete 
A ™ lamps,- Ealting wind screen; £175, near 
iffer.-^Herelord Motor Co., Ltd., HereJord. ^ [5002 
w £-k r:^r«; "Rclow Li^t— 1920 American X, 7-9h.p., 
13 d^amn'^'lamp'^ set, ^unused., and brand new; 
price nett 100 Ens.-308, Upper Richmond Ed-' ^Mt^ 
Jake. , . , , 

-ifblfi American X. 7-9h.p. Combination, 3 speeds, 
19 clutA and kick stirter, overhauled, and in 
reject order very; £115; exchanges or easy 
Ks.-Homat's. 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N.E^ 
'Phone: Dalston 2408. ^"^"^ 






Lighting Sets. 
Write for Catalogue 

'■40f V^P'' 


^ Batteries. 

"free on application. 




MMwH&for FREE Catalogues 

HAH COMPLETE SETS.— Head, Side, and 

faSfamps Emulators Carrying C?^e Switch, 

Wirin-, etc. Ready tor instaUing. 

. Fig. 895. <-^ -s-i-i.^ 

1 Best quality 
f i n i s h 
[ Very m a s - 
I si ve and 


.^d j ustabl? 
1 locus. Ad 

j u s t a. b 1 e 

I S p e c i a I 
1 dust and 

weather-proof front. Price 

illustrated, 66/- each. 

Fig. 87S. Similar to Fig. 
J 895,but smaller, and with 
I special "pull on" front. 
1 Rubber ting casting . 

for glass. Price, as 

1 illustrated, 55/- each. 

Black plated. 

Fig. 880. HEAD LAMP, 
as illustrated, big_. with 
special new stem fitting. 
Complete with adjustable 
holder, switch, etc., for 
screw bulls. Price, nickel 
plated, 40 /- each ; black 
plated, 43/- each. 


Fig. 573. Shows red dan- jj^ 
ger signal, lightsNo. plate. 1^ 
wire, clip, etc. Price, 9 /6ea 
"Force" Hellesen Bat 

tcry, 9/11 
386. Special metal case 

for " Force," 10/6 
Complete rear set, 29/6. 

Fig. 347. 
'Speedolite ' 
H.A.H. Patent 

Lamp, 7/6 eac'i 
Clipsdirect on to 



bulb to preveui 


Fig.s.'^s. Garage Inspection Lamp 

as illus. but without bulb. 8 /6 ea. 

Fig. 4=8. 
Has a positive 
screw up or down 
action. Cannot 
shake on, totally 
insulated. Com- 
plete, as illus- 
trated. Price 3 /6 

Postage extra on 
tlie above. 

HUNT, tTD., 


runstall Road, CROYDON, Enj. 

Telephones: Telegrams : 

Croydon 2223, 2226. "Reyage, Croydon. 



TO 19 3iAh.p. Ariel Combination, electric lighting, 

X«7 horn, wind screen, as new; £125. — Ic'-- 

lluseum 6626.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W.l. ',6277 

AEIEL 1920 6-7h.p. Combination, in practically new 
condition, all lamps, horn, etc. very Uttle luile- 
nge; £120.-IO4a, Finchley Rd., N.W.3. Hampstead 
7822. - — Lbaoo 

ARIELS.-Order now for 1921 all-chain and chaiii- 
cum-belt models; spares in stock -Geo Taylor 
Ariel Agettt, 28, Lower Addiscombe Bd., East 
Croydon. • ^"'■"^ 

ARIEL 1920 6h.p. Combination, combined hand .-md 
foot control. Klaxon. hom. Cameo ™d screen ™<1 
Krid, mileage 800, condition perfect; £162.-Whitalrer. 
, Eveisley, Gerard Ed., Eotlierham. - - LS'^t 

A RIEL.-Orders now booking for the new a>l-chain 
A models, which will be the Kolls-Boyce .of motor 
cycles All spares stocked.-F. Speakmarw Ariel 
Expert, 7, Rochdale Rd., Harpurhey, Manchester^^^ 

-I nm Ariel (July), 3V'h.p. solo, 3-speed,. counter- 
I9™shtft ' co'mpl^ti w(th 'horn, ^PJ'dometer acces^ 
sories mileage 800, n perfect coadition guaiantee 
given'; trial by appiintme'nt; sidecar machine ; nearest 
offer to £100.-98, Maiden Rd., Maiden. [493« 

TO 20 (late August) -A.riel Twm ConibinaaoK, 
19 6-7h.p., perfect condition. 1.200 miles. P.H. 
ilmp< bulb horn, Oowey speedometer, luggagie carrier, 
ownei' going abriad; 160 gns., or reasonable offer-- 
18, Ladysmith Av., Seven Kings, Esse.x. [6234 

ARIEL -Some agency is the Ariel, and we hold this 
for North London. \Ye are practical riders and 
.old mrfal winners with this wonderful y efiicient and 
reiabte motor cycle. Have yon seen the new 4./,h^p 
comb ' it ia a glotious outfit; immediate dehvery; 31/2 
hT solo 3V,h.p. comb.,, -and 6-7h.p. comb 4 modeUi 
in stSk" an spares in' stock; trade supplied.--JonM' 
Garal^ Muswell Hill, N.IO and at W oodside P-f"d<! 
North Finchley. 1^5 1>^ 




,20 Bat Model 4, shop-soiled; 

Garage, Saffron Walden. 
AT 6h.p.. 3-speed, „brand new; 
Exhibition Rd., 

' S.W.7. 

£135.— Wright's 

£134.— Clark, 7 


1Oi20 Shp. Bat Combination spare wheel. u»via 
19 equipi^ent; offeis.-Tel. : Museum 6626.-A.aG 
60, Mortimer St., W.l. t^^^' 

BAT 1921 Models.-We are now accepting orders^ 

,,,H felS St!°^.lf^^Lef'1^M|S 

B-LS.Sid-'s ^»e^SrS?i 

hand combination, same make.--M6b63. 154lbb ui? 
Portland. St. W.l. 'Phone; 3426 MayfaiL [71? 

-irk^n HhD Bat 3-specd, Swan sporting sidecai 
19 bi^FBS lamp, mechanical horn, spcedometei 
perfect ™ndit^on;pi?ce £115. -J^^t.-f ^lw"7 Tef 
50! Harrington Rd., South Kensington, S.W.7. Tel. 
Kensington 3709. , ^ , 

-1 rk20 Bat Combination, Bh.p., 3 speeds clutch an 

'Phone: Dalston 2408. }'"'^ 


S'ij^r'Si^^'^- PetJo'l ^?a°?ri'er\.fo!e' 
rSlleSTr°er,'\!n\llr 3.000 mileage, new licence pa,^ 
insured tUl August; price *160. Ivens, Jsa^ 
Cottage, Wendover, Bucks. 


w.l. 'Phone; 3426 Mayfair. i-"- 


19^^iv^'S^^irer^ r'^'^^^^ 

Alalmesbury, 'Wilts, 

-1020 4hp Blackburne Combinatioii, aU lamps spe. 

19 ometfr, 2 ho^n^. ,E^f«°|n'"??„Ataer 'st W 
Tel.; Mu3eum_6526.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer bt.,^™ 

-DLACKBURNE 1920 4h.p., 3-ireed Stanu*^'^,\™ 
lon^'^S ^Sar-^ISSSr,"'^39,^".^on?r^Para 

gScKBimKE^...d., i^'^n^^l 
\ U horn, W .!?■«• J,",!,. '' qi, High St., Merton, S. 
1 Adams Ensiueenng Woiks, 99, uign =1., -" j-jj 

uaisroii ^Huo. . e^ ....u 

AU letters relating to adwrtisements should quote the number at the end of each 

1 Axioms .i:-iin'-"Y,"V CT7 

'Phone: Wimbledon 517. 
Advertisement, and the date oS the issue. 

January 13TH. iq2i. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xi. 

nnd B., P. ond H. 

hea_d lamp, 



OtJGLAS, 1921 new improved 2?ih.p., 2-8peed 
model; £85; in stock.— Herbert Eobinson, Ltd., 

DOUGLAS. 1921 new 2iih.p., 3-Bpeed gear, hand 
controlled clutch and kick starter; £105; in stock. 
Herbert Eobinson, Ltd., below. 

DOUGLAS, 1921 new 4h.p., 3<peed, £130; with 
fine fiuisJi conchbuilt IJouglaa sidecar, £170: in 
ock.— Herbert Robioson, Ltd., 52-35, Green St., Cam- 
idge. Tel.: 995. T.A.: Bicrclea. [6412 

920 4h.p. Doujias Combination, mileage nnder 500 ; 
£140. — Goodwin, Alderwick House, London Rd., 
3unt?low. [5661 

SON'S.— Dougjas Four 1918 C.B. combination, as 
new, dependable; bargain. — Derby Arms Garage, 
artlake. [X4640n 

DOUGLAS, Sy.h.p., 1914. md sidecar, kick start, 
good running order; £75.-87, Ashburton Av.. 
scombe [6081 

917 2^h.p. Douglas, 2-8peed, splendid condition, 
enamel and plating as new; £48.-41, Anerler 
irk. S.E.20. [6003 

0UGLA3 2^4h.p., 2-speed, 1919, equipped, and 

last; £54.— Hillier. 90. Cornwall Rd., North 

jnsington, W. [4875 

ilh.p. Douglas, 1915 T.T., flue condition, lamps, leg- 
■i shields, pillion, horn ; £50.— Gentry, 215, Old 
nt Rd., S.E. [5743 

DOUGLAS. TJosch, B, 
Klaxon, wii'ita ti 

\OUGLAS 2';.ih.p., 1916, with acceaaoriea : accept 
' £55: any trial.— Cobley, Mitre, Golborne Rd.. 
Tth Kensington. [5736 

'OR Salo, a Douglas 1916 motor cycle, 2 new tyre» 
all accessories, very fast.-Mellor. Cowhroke 
Mrage, Warwick. [5622 

LUMP Bargain.— 1916 2^ih.p. 2-speed Douglas: 

£45; any trial; not dealers.— Sharpe. 325, Essex 

I . Islington, N.l. [5947 

(120 21 Douglas, 2-;ih.p.. 3-spccd, clutch. K.S.,' un. 
>J used, as delivered; £90.— 104a. I'Mnchley Rd 


19 4h.p. Douglas Combination, complete with nccea- 
sorie-s, in perfect order; any trial; £155.— Kirkley, 

The Oaks, Sunderland. [5760 

20 2^',h p. 3-specd Kick Start Douglas, perfect 
condition; best offer.— 66. High Lane. Chorlton- 

Hardy, Manchester. [5848 

ODGLAS 1921 Solo £85, £100, £105: combination 

£1743-j cash, exchange, or easy payments.— Motoriea 

Hoitou St., Halifax. [5905 

20 (July) 4h p. Douglas Combination, fully 
equipped, little used; bargain, £130.— Stocks, 

rlstone. ShefBeW. (D) [X4757 

OUGLAS 1915, re-enamelled, plated footboards 

speedometer, lamps, horn, etc.; £55—11 Banl 

y St., Bntteraea, S.W.ll. ' [iVsg 

buffer head. 

Albert Cot- 


21 Douglas Models, immediate delivery. Write u- 
your requirements. Trade supplied.— Moflut Done 

Agent. Yeovil. Tel.: 50. [5045 

^,^P Douglases.— Each machine - prepared to in- 
dividual requirement-^.- Robert Bamlord (see 
er Consulting Engineers). [6693 

OUGLAS 4h.p., 1918. new condition, guaranteed 
perfect ortler. any trial, lamps; £72.-64 Forth- 
ge Rd., Clapham Common. * [6162 

OUGLAS 1920 2^ih.p., 3-speed, as new; £90- 
.Newnham Motor Co.. 223, Hammersmith Rd 
Puone: Hammersmith 80. [6324 

.. Douglas Combination, 1917. 3 speeds, splendid 
condition and appearance: £68; trial London 
1,369, c/o The Motor Cvdt. [5929 

b.p. Douglas, late 1916, 1920 frame, tank other 
parts, quite equal new; £60, near oBcr.- Parker 
iwell Lane, Cromfoid. Matlock. . [5687' 

20 2?ih.p. Douglas. 3-«reed, clutch, nnd kick starter 
lamps, horn ; any trial; £90.— Marshall, Horner 




ODGLAS 1915-16 2-ih.p., 2-speed, 
fully equipped: £46; exchange.— 1, 
Marlborough Rd., S.E.I. 

Stocksbridge, near ShefHeld, 

19 Douglas 23ih.p., 2-speed. smart perfecl 
machine; £58; fully equipped; exchanges —60 

nglord Av., N. Kensington. W. [6037 

UGLAS 4h.p. Combination, fully equipped for 
2-seater or 2i;h.p. Douglas : cash either wav — 
Sandycoombe Rd., Kew Gardens. [6011 

20 2''ih.p. 3-speed Douglas ^nd accessories in 
good condition, done very little mileage- £92 — 

,ds. 223, High Ed.. Kilbnrn, N.W. [liSB 

UGLAS 2''4h.p.. 1915. 3-speed, K.S., clutch ex- 
cellent condition : first reasonable offer —South- 
Garage. The Downs, Wimbledon. [5707 

16 Douglas 2?ih.p., top-hole condition, jnst been 
enamelled and plated like new.— For particulars 
8, Pear Tree St., Waterloo Rd., S.E. [5845 

18 4h.p. Douglas Combination, lamps, horn, etc 
everything good; £90, or near ofler.— Eton and 

Ltd.. 260. BnUmm High Ed., S.W 17 [5621 

5 IT 


and get it NOW 

Your Motor Licence 

Card Holder 

Direct or flush fitting holders 
in aluminium or brass. Price, 
4 -. 

Holders, with special clip fi 
tings, for cars and motor cycles. 
Brass, 5, - ; Nickel-plated, 
6 6 

Postage and packing 4d extra. 

plaia dial, 20,/- Ditto illumiDated dial, 
25/- Postage and packing, 6d 

FOOT MUFFS for sidecar passengers make 
winter riding enjoyable. Made of leather cloth, 
:iQd heavily fur lined. Price, 45/-. Carriagel/- 

HANDLE-BAR MUFFS take care of the 
driver's comfort, and arc far superior to gloves. 
Black waterproof, lined with warm cloth 
Price, 15/6. Ditto, wool lined, 25/-. Tan 
leather, fur lined. 50/-. Carriage, 9d. 

LOW GENERATORS make winter riding a 
pleasure — they are absolutely dependable. 
Motor Cycle Size, £2 17 9 Carriage 1/6. 

Sidecar Combination Size, £4 10 9, Carriage 

Write for iiluslrated Booklet. 


Showrooms — .-Vccessories, Spare I'arts, and Repairs ; 
2 1 A. STORE STREET. Tottenham Court Rd., W.C. 1 . 

Motor Cycles and Cars : 

Wholesale : 

38, ALFRED PLACE, W.C. 1 . 

Garage : Tottenham Court Road, W.i. 

'Phones : Accessories and Repairs, Museum 1240. 

Motor Cycle, and Cars. Kensington 7260. 

Telegrams : " Dynametro, Westcent. London." 



DOUGLAS 2-'^h.p., 2-speed, 1914. dutch, kick 
starter speeiJometer. Tan-Sad, lamps, all acces- 
sories; £60.^40. Old Rd. West, Gravesend. [6139 

1 Q 20 Don^lBs CombinatioD, 5 lamps, mechanical 
Xt7 horn, regietered Sept., n^ new. espert esamination 
invited, room wanted; £155.— Gibb, Motors, Glouco-^ter. 

~|Q20 Douglas Combination, only done 1,000 miles^ 
-L«/ wind screen and all accessories, in good condi- 
tion; £125.— Bounds. 223. High Rd., Kilburn, N.W. 

IQl? 4h.p. Doufflas Solo, good condition, just over- 
-■-«/ hauled; £50 recures; owner going abroad.— Apply, 
Orouch End Motor Co., Coleridgo Rd., Crouch End. 
N.8. [5806 

1Q17 4h.p. Douglas Combination, engine recently 
J-t/ overhauled; £90; any trial.— Herbert Robinson, 
Ltd.. 32-35, Green St., Cambridge, Tel. : 995. T.A. : 
Bicycles. [6415 

"IQ20 4h.p. Douglas, solo, brand new. £118, or with 
XJ/ new Douglas sidecar, £152.— Edwards. 50. Har- 
rington Rd.. South Kensington. 'Rhone ; Kensington 
3709. [4748 

4h.p. Douglas Combination, 1917-1918, nil acces- 
sories. pt?rfect mechanical condition.— For prices 
an J arrangements to view, write Bos 69, c/o The 
Motor Cycle. [5774 

33.h.p. Douglas.— We have n few reconditioned mn- 
-4 chines whicb wo ore prepared to cleor at £50 
eacli. Kunrnnteed lower than cost.— Autoveyora, 84, Vic- 
toria St., S.W.I. [5830 
4h.p. Douglas Combination, complete with lnmp5, hood 
nnd screen, sidecar just painted; a barpaiu, £70; 
niter 7 o'clock, or week-end.— Lyudhurst, Woodhouso 
Ed., North Fiuchley. [5612 
1 Q14 Douglas. 2-^ih.p.. T.T., fully equipped, splendid 
-t-«7 condition, guaranteed in evcrv way; £50; easy 
payments.- Homac'a, 245, Lower Claptdn Rd., N.E. 
"Phone : Dalston 2408. [6366 

EH CLARK can givo you good service both In new 
machines and spares; try me. I may be uselul to 
you.— The Pioneer Agent for Douglas Motors, 196. 
Cheltenham Rd., Bristol. [0016 

£55>— 1917 2''ih.p. Douglas. 2-speed. Thomson- 
Bennett. Amac, new P. and H. head lamp, 
makers' colours, plating, enamel like new. several new 
p.iru.- 63, Solon Rd.. Bri.\ton, London. [6032 

XTl'-^' 1921 Douglas 2^;b.p., 2r;peo(l, £85; new 1921 
^* DouKlas 2*-,h.p.. 3-^peed. £100 and £105; new 1921 
nougla.H 4h.p.. 3-apeed. £130; immofUatt! deliveries from 
Htock.— Marston, 31. Bridge St.. Chester. [6153 

F.O.C.H. hove Q lot© 1919 Douglas combination, 
many accessories, as new, cheap.- 5, Heath St.. 
Hampf^tead (nr. Hamp.'iteQd TuImj Station). 'Phono: 
Hampstead 3752. Hours 9-7. includinj Saturday.^ 

T Q20 2^jh.p. Douglu?. 3-.speed. P. and H. lampa, 
A *y Klaxon , Cowey speedometer, knee gri p^t. new 
apare chain, many new Hpnres, meclinnically perfect, con- 
dition na now ; £82.— Geach, Quarry View, Banetend 
Rd.. Carshnlton. [5729 

fjilh.p. DoukIos. W.D.. delivered from makers 1920. 
'*W4, enclosed clinin, Watford trip speedometer, lamps. 
P. nnd H., Cowey alnminium horn. milenKo negligihl^. 
absolutely new; nny trial; 59 gnd.— 88. Brook Gre^n. 
Hnmmeramith. [6205 

1 O 20 4Ii.p. Doutflas Combination, splendid condi- 
-»-»/ tion, practically now. Easting. Lucas lamps, tools, 
Iota of spares, overalls, etc. : £145 ; not run since 
August ; bought car.— Richnrddon, 92. Oakfleld Rd.. 
Cannon Hill, Birmingham. [5901 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane, London. E.C.4.- 
22iih.p. Douglas machines, 1921. kick etart 
models, 3 speeds, clutch, £105 : 4h.p. combinations. 
£170; 4h.p. flolo^, £130: also 2^4h.p. W.D. Uou^'llls, 
supplied from Douglns works, £85. Easy terms arninK^d 
or exchange. [6291 

DOLTGLAS Motor Cycle on easy terms ot payment; 
4h.p. combination. £170; 2-speed solo model, 
£100 ; 3-speed clutch and kick starter model, £105 ; 
plus a small charge for delivery from works to Lon- 
don. The above are makers' list prices. For easy pay- 
ments 4% extra ia charged, only one-fifth deposit, 
balance payable by 12 monthly mstalments. Write 
lor latest lists of other machines in stock, etc.— 
Harrods, Ltd.. 118, Brompton Rd., London. [-5969 


NEW 1921 Edmund-Blackburne, spring 'frame; £105; 
immediate delivery from stock.— Morst on, 31, 
Bridge St., Chester. [6152 

SEPT. 1919, Edmund, spring frame, 2^ih.p. J.A.P.. 
Enfield 2-.^peed. oa new througbout ; sacrifice £60. 
—Walton. Dawson Sq., Burnley. [X4686 

EDMUND 2Sih.p. J.A.P.. fitted with Enfield 2-sreed 
gear and clutch, spring frame, shop-soiled only ; 
bargain, £84.— P. J. Evans, 81-91, John Bright St.. 
Birmingham. [0359 

EW 1920 Enfield. 2-stroke. 2-speed; £75; in stock.— 
Randal, Andover. [0369 

20 6h.p. Enfield Combination, brand new; 
£150.-35 Bishop St., Shrewsbury. [6112 

ENFIELD Combination, 6h.p. ; any trial; special price 
£82/10, no offers.— 63, Walm Lane, Crickiew.xid. 
N.W.2. [X474« 


Ml Utters relating to advertisements should quote tlie number at the end of each advertisement, and the date or the issue. B25 

xii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH, 1921. 


EnOeld. | 

*|Q21 Eoygl Enfieids; Si. p. combination £160, 214I1-P. 

-H-t/ 2'3tiok6 2-epeed je65.~Stacey, 12, liicclesall Rd., 

.eiiefiield. [X3796 

T QIS Enfield, all on, with hood. and screen; any 
J-*^ trial: very good order; offers.— 98, Park Rd., 
West Ham, E.15. [5952 

ENFIELD Combination, as new, all accessories.; no 
reasonable ofler refused.— Grimes, 18, Biuton Place, 
Bond St., W.l. [6312 

ENFIELD 2-stroke, late 1915, with 1921 -piston, ex- 
cellent condition; excliEinge modern 4-Btroke.— 41,. 
Anerley lid., S.E.19. [5733 

ENFIELD 1920 2-stroke, 2-sreed, all-chain, electric 
light, mileage 200; £55.~Dunn'E, 326, Euston 
Rd., N.W.l. Museum 5391. [5521 

1(t|20 Enfield Magdyno 8b. p. Combination, bought 2 
J-«7 weeks ago, Eiisting screen'; £170, or ofier.— Spurl- 
ing, 8, Courtliope Rd., HmJipstend, N.\V.3. [5878 

ENFIELD Combination, 1917, 8h.p., dynamo light- 
ing, best cycle in this district; £135.-374, Grove 
Green Rd., Leytonstone. 'Phone ; Wanstead 48, 

1 Q20 Enfield 2-stroke, horn, large P. and M. lamps, 
-1-t/ mileage 600; £75, or exchange 1914 Scott or 
Douglas and ca-sh. — 15, Nursery Av., Hale, Cheshire. 

-j Q21 Enfield Combination, dynamo lighting, with or 
X«7 without dynamo, in stock, immediate delivery; 
list price.— J- Smith and Co., 52-54, Hampstead Rd., 
N.W.l. . [0352 

ENFIELD Combination, 1914, Sh.p., Bosch, Binks, 
unused 1917-1919, perfect order, accessories, 
spares ; £95 ; trial.— Kingst^ignton Vicarage, Newton 
A))bot. ■ [5745 

ENFIELD 6h.p. Combination, electric lightincr. 
Easting, first-class condition; £92/10.— Ne^vnham 
Motor Co., 223. Hammersmith Rd., W.6. 'Phone: 
Hammersmith 80. [6322 

ENFIELD (Royal) Twin, 2-speed, free engine, all- 
chain drive, under 200 lbs. weight, ready to drive 
away ; what offers? Would entertain exchange.— 61, South 
Noi-wood Hill, S.E.25. 5619 

33h,p. Twin Enfield, engine No. 2C111I6088, En- 
4 field 2-(i;peed gear, all-chiiin drive, Easch mag-., 
good tvres, good running order; must sell; £35. — 125. 
Rugby Rd., Leamington. [58*24 

1 Q20 Enfield 2-stroke, brand new and unregistered, 
J-*y 2 speeds, chain drive; sacrifice, ^£65; exchanges 
or easy terms. — Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd.. 
N.E. 'Phone : Dalston 2408. [6563 

"1Q16 6h.p. Enfield Combination, Lucas head lamp 
itf and generator, Lucas horn, tyres pood, mechanical 
condition excellent; £125.— Herbert Robinson, Ltd., 32- 
35, Green St., Ctimbridge. Tel.: 995. X.A. : Bicv<-]pb, 


Sh.p. Enfield Combination, to makers' specification. 
for early delivery, £160; dynamo lighting model. 
£182 plus delivery from works; deferred payments for 
" a email extra charge.— Harrods, Ltd., 118, Bromptnn 
Ed., London. [5976 

"|i[416 Sh.p. Enfield Combination, splendid condition, 
JL«? very fine engine, all accessories, new oversiz^e 
tyres, electric lighting; viewed by appointment week- 
ends ; £130, or near ofier.— 13, Green Dragon Lane, 
Winchmore Hill. [5709 

1 Q19 Enfield Combination, 6h.p., dynamo light- 
Xt/ ing, fitted hood, screen, carrier, in splendid 
order, only wants seeing ; ^140 ; exchanges or easv 
terms. — Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N.E. 
'Phone : Dalston 2408. [6362 

1 Q18 Enfield Combination, 6h.p., fitted hood, 
X*r screen, all lamps, carrier, horn, in splendid 
condition, guaranteed in every way; snip, £110; easy 
payments.— Homac's. 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N.E. 
Phone: Dalston 2408. [6361 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane. London, E.C.4.- 
1921 new 8h.p. Royal Enfield combinations from 
stock, dynamo lighting model £182. standard £160- 
new 1921 2i/ih.p. Royal Enfield 2-stroke, £65. Cash. 

exchange, or easy terms. [6292 

ROYAL ENFIELD 1913 Combination, 6h.p. J.A.P., 
Bosch, 2 speeds, adjustable tappets, sprung boards, 
lugg'age grid, cane body, 700x80 metal, rubber, Avon 
driver, Dunlops, 2 lamps, all splendid condition, new 
li.enolds; trial; £95.— Rowe, Basted, Boro' Green, Kent 

. [5740 

I^NFIELDS.— The cheapest twin combination on the 
J road. We are North London agents, and can give 
immediate delivery of the standard model, £160; elec- 
tric model, £180; trade supplied. "All spares in stock 
—Jones' Garage, Mu(;-\vell Hill, N.IO, and at Woodside 
Parado. North Finchley. [0380 

"8 021 Enfield Combination, 8h.p. Tickers engine, En- 
-H-«-' field hood, wind screen, Xucas Magdvno set, 
special tyres and saddle to order, Watford trip speed- 
omoter, horn, Icff-shields, new this week, costing £209, 
sacrifice, £195, tax paid; owner bought solo machine. 
—37. Albert Ed , Handsworth, Birmingham. [X4742 

EXCEPTIONAL Bargain.-Brand new 1921 Roval 
Enfield combination, 8h.p., Vickers engine, 
Lucas Magdyno lighting, horn, leg shields, luggage 
grid, wind .screen, speedometer, etc.. guaranteed; will 
pay purchaser. 1921 licence, iust delivered, cost £200 
feelling private affairs; £175, no offers; seen London 
district.- Box 1,373, c/o The Motor Cycle. [6260 , 


1 ; i 

i #% M. ■ ■"" i 
i ^^ Mm. I Bb i 
i ^3 J"% " — ■ ^ 

1 ' 1 

i of new 1920 models and i 

i second-hand machines i 



1920 CLYNO, 2-stroke, list price ; 

IT^. Brand new for - £60 lOs. ! 

1920 3 h.p. CLEVELAND, j 

2-stroke, ;£85. Brand new for £62 ! 

1920 2i h.p. METRO-TYLER, ! 

Model S, £96. Brand new I 

for - - - - - £66 10s. i 

1920 6 h.p. BAT, 3-spced, ;/^i6o. j 

Brand new for - - - £127 j 

1920 7 h.p. INDIAN Combin- i 

ations, £223 14s. Brand : 

new for - - - - £194 lOs. ! 

1920 6 h.p. WILLIAMSON Com- I 

bination, £200. Brand 
new for £156 

1920 8 h.p. ZENITH Combin- j 

ation, electric lighting, j 

£216. Brand new for - £176 

1914 7 h.p. INDIAN, 2-speed, 

and Sidecar - - _ - - £48 

1914 2j h.p, DOUGLAS, 2-speed £30 

1920 KINGSBURY Scooter, 

£46 I OS. Brand new for £30 

1920 6 h.p, A.J.S. Combination, 
dynamo lighting, good as 
new £195 I 


AU machines sent carriage paid. 


113-115, Lothian Road, 

272-274,Gt. Western Road, 


EXCELSIOR, June, 1919, 23/;h.p. J.A.P., l-str. .. 
single.— Ashley, Piobus, Cornwall. ,[0371 

■PXCEL.SIOE 2'-Ah.v., S(;pt., 1920, perfect, 2-speed 
-•-' VilUers; or exchange combination, cash.— Thos 
Laoy, Grasbr, Lincoln. [573: 


4-CYL. F.X. Combinations and Solo Singles actuaUs 
in stock.— Grimes and Co., 18, Bruton Place, >!ei 
Bond St., W. [630! 

Xp.N. Combination, 5b. p., 2 speeds, lamps, tyiCL, 

-■- good condition, recently overhauled, roomy coach 

built sidecar.-Ofl'ers to E., 75, Talgarth Ed., Baron 
Court. [583' 

A'CYJj. F.N., mechanical Talves, saddle, tank, slopini 
^X top tube, 2-speed gear, handle-bar clutch, am 
conchbuilt sidecar, wind screen, hood, new Dunlop Sin 
tyre on back wheel and sidecar ivheel ; lowest price £85 
trial here by appointment.— Kichesr 61, Union St., Eec 
ford. [X474' 

F.N, 5h.p. Sports Model, enamelled red, 2-speeds 
clutch, kick starter, dynamo lighting, Cowe: 
M.H. speedometer, mechanical horn, all tools, escep 
tionally fast and economical, new Dunlop tyres, com 
plete, and as new; absolute bargain at £55.— A., 136 
Ravensbury Hd., Earlsfield, London, S.W. [604! 


GRIFFON Twin, in good going order and ronditioi 
lamps, etc. ; f 30.— A. Wyeth, The Hollies, Eai 
Oakley, Hants. [X460 


HARLEY Sports, new, fully equipped; £142.— Clai 
7. Exhibition Rd., S.W.7. [638 

Q K GNS.— 1918 Harley, Canoelet, electric, all pe 
" «-' lect.— Derby Arms Garage, Mortlake, [X46il 

HARLEY Combination, 1916. nice order; exchang 
for Ford van.— 302, London Rd.. Croydoi 
'Phone : 2237. [638 

HARLET-DAVIDSONS.-I haye at present a gi 
assortment in" stock, all fully guaranteed.— Ro 
86. High Rd., Lee. [56 

HARLET-DAVIDSON.-All models in stock, new ai 
second-hand. —Sols agents, Bambers', Southpoi 
Lancashire. Tel: 607. [50( 

1 9(\ GNS.— 1919 Harley with genuine bulbous sid 
-^ "^ ^ car, brand new condition, exceptional engia 
—54, Coval Rd., Mortlake. [46^ 

HARLEY-DAYIDSO.N 1919 7-9h.p. Combinfftib 
fully equipped, low mileage, equal to new; £19 
—Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton. [X47, 

1Q20 Harley-Dayidson Model J., with Mills-Fulfo 
JLiy sidecar, new 3 months ago.' as new- £210 
Stacey, 12, Ecclesall Ed., Sheffield. [X37: 

"I Q20 Harley -Dayidsori and Henderson de Luxe sic 
-*- •^ car. 7-9h.p., small mileage, spares; buying ca 
£175.— Wall, 20, Promenade, Southpoit.- [56i 

1 Q18 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson, 3-speed. K.S., wi 
A-iy new Canoelet sidecar; £100, bargain. — J. 
Dooley, 33, Killyon Rd., Clapham, S.W.8. [63' 

"IQ19 Harley, 1920 sidecar, fully equipped, new cl 
-Lt/ ditiou, many spares; £150. or lightweight a] 
cash.— 17, Charles St., Hatton Garden, E.G. [58 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON. 1920, T-gh.p.relectric mod 
as new. discs, speedometer, mileage 200 ; £150 
Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.l. Museum 5391. [33 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1919 7-9h.p. Combinati(| 
tools, mileage 1,200, electric lighting; £195.- 
West. 71, Norbury Crescent, Norbury, S.W.16. [03l 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON, shop-soiled 4h.p. twin, co] 
plete with speedometer and Klaxon horn, for i: 
mediate delivery; £150.— The Walsall Garage, Wals 
Tel.: 444. ■ [40 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON 7-9h.p., 1918, plating, euam 
tyres as new. mechanically perfect ; esceptioi 
bargain, 85 gns.— Railway Arch Garage, Denmark R 
Camberwell. [57 

1020 Flat Twin Harley-Davidson. 4h.p., with Mo 
Xt/ A Henderson sidecar, all accessories, only 
months old; £160.— Apply. Pavilion Garage, Sloa 
Sq.. London. [61 

"1Q19 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson Combination, j 
-S-^ overhaaled and re-enamelled, new tyres througho 
in excellent condition.— Tel.; Museum 6626.— A. S, 
60, Moitiuler Si;., W.l. [6; 

HARLEY-DAYIDSON, 1918,- ex-W.D., mechanic; 
sonnu and good running order; £80; approva^l 
carriage paid both ways.— Owen, 59, Scholefreld 
Upper Hdlloway, N.19. , (X4' 

HARLEY-DAUIDSON Combination, 1917 (De 
electric model, speedometer, 2-seater sidei 
(detachable seat), 2 wind screens; £130.-22, Print 
Rd., Finsbury Park, London. [5 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Combination, 7-9h.p., 1 
model, electrical, fully equipped, -de luxe side 
hood and screen; cost £260; what 'Oflersf- Parkhol 
Cottage, Fife Ed., East Sheen. [S'^ 

BRAND New 7-9h.p. Electric Model Har 
Iiavidson. complete with lamps, horn, speeflome 
and Mills-Fulford de luxe sidecar, cost £243/10 
price for cash, £210.— D. Weston, 59, Cowley St., Dei 


B26 All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date ol the issue. 

Januaky 13TH, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xiii. 



JAELEr, 1917, not W.D., dynamo ligMins, special 
1 arfumul;itor, electjic horu, Tan-Sad, speedometer, 
adonieter, excellent condition throughout: quick sale, 
95.-Heath. 10, Amblecota Ed., Grove Park, S.E.12. 
r ■ ■ [5601 

ATE 1920 Harley-Davidson 4h.p. Flat Twin, only 

3 months old, practically new, speedometer, 

mps. Klaxon, perfect condition; bargain, £140, or 

Hirest offer,— Tabah, 24, Oxford Kd., Birkdale, South- 

)rt. [5843 

915 Harley-Dayidson T.T. Road Hacer, 7-9h.p., 
clutch -model, complete with lamps, mascot, 
laxon, mirror, Jones speedometer, 80 m.p.h., many 
lares; £115.— W. Owens and Sons, Brunswick Kd., 
uckley. [X4758 

ATEST Model 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson Combination. 

£220: latest Model V,' Harley-Davidson, £150; 

inn*' ^^°^^^ J Harley-Davidson eolo, electric lighting, 

190; inimedi.ite deliveries from stock.— Marston.x 31, 

ridge St., Chester. [6147 

HARLEY-DAVLDSON 1918-1919 Models, thor. 
oughly overhauled and guaranteed, solo £100; 
th new Montgomery sidecar, £130; easy payments 
43/10 down, 8 payments o! £8, solo; £59/15 de- 
»sit and a payments £10 for combination.— Maudes', 
30, Gt. Portland St., W.l; and Paris St., Exeter. 

9 [6419 

20 Harley-Davidson, nearly new, mag. ignition, 
full equipment of electric lamps, and 2 large 
ttenes. speedometer, 2 horns, hood and ecrcon with 
ie curtains, luggage grid, pillion seat, discs on all 
neels, specially designed leg-shields, saddle back-rest, 
irror and clock; cost £325, for quick Bale £250 -will 
' accepted, for cash or on deferred payments, £84 
poait, balance plus 2V-y, payable by 12 monthly in 
.alments of £14/3/8.-Sarrod3, Ltd., 118, Bromptoi 

d-, London. 


-6h.p. Hazlewood Combination, 
speed, K.S.. hood, screen, etc, 
mne Hd., Tottenham, N.17. 


1918 engine, 3- 

£90.-187. Lnns- 


JAZLEWOODJ.A.P. Combination. 1920, 5-6h.p. 
J- new and unregistered; £165.— Dunn's, 326, 
Listen Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5530 

JEW S-6h.p. Hazlewood Combination, 3-speed, clutch. 
■^ and kick starter, a thoroughly reliable outfit 
arrals have a large stock of these, slightly shopsoilcd 
£186 eacb, or on deferred payments 4% extra, onlv 
le-filTh deposit, balance by 12 monthly instalments. ' 
arrods, Ltd., 118, Bromptou Ed., London. [5960 


lOh.p. Henderson Combination, in good condi. 

tiou; £135.-183, Belgrave Gate. Leicester, 

„ [X4756 

lOh.p. Henderson, 4 cyls., 2 spee<l3. clutch, handle 

start, guaranteed: lowest £90.-106, Barlow Moor 
. West Didsbury, Manchester. [5854 

■^XE lOh.p. Henderson Motor Cycle, 2-9peed. handle 
' sTrirt, new heavy Dunlop tyres, ready to ride nway. 
For nirther particulars apply to Stores Dept., John 
eatliLO.1t and Co., Tiverton. [5893 


920 23,h.r. Hohart-Jup, 2*peed, kick start, Sturmey- 
Archer countershaft, mileage 300; £55.-37, 
lington Ed., Surbiton. [5992 


TUMBEn 3^gl.p. C.B. Combination. 2-speea H S., 

V- perfect order; bargain, £68.-49, Solterford Ed , 

otiuT. [6054 

EU.MBER, 2h.p., 1913, just overhauled makers. 3- 
speed: £45. — Plummer, 40, Cavendish Rd.. 
ondesbury. [6077 

DUMBER T.T. 2-'ih.p., V twin, believed 1916, 
just overhauled, new tyres, under 200 lbs.- 
16, Woodville Rd.. South Woodford, E.18. [5950 
ill. p. Humber Combination, S-speed 3. A. (per- 
2 lect), engiae overhauled, perfect condition; any 
•1; £42.— Ford. Sotwell, near Wallingtord, Berks. 

* [X4754 

rUMBEE 1921 4>gi.p. Flat Twin Model, run onlv 
I lew miles, guaranteed as new; £130,— Xewnhaui 
tor Co.. 223. Hammersmith Ed., W.6. 'Phone 
;uiuiersmith 80. [6328 

ni4 25ih.p. Twin Humber, recently rebuilt at cost 
t' of £20, new spring frame and forks, bars, belt, 
■ine rebushed, tyres good, 1920 special Binks with 
1, lamps, hooter, tools; nearest £38.— Entwistle. Gar- 
, West Haddon, Rugby. [5718 

19 3i.jh.p. Humber and Mills-Fullord Corvette 
Sidecar, electric lighting set, bulb horn, 
wart speedometer, appearance and mechanical con- 
ion excellent, low mileage; £125.— Herbert Robin. 
, Lid.. 32-35, Green St., Cambridge. Tel. ; 995 
. : Bicycles. [6417 

DIAN 1919 Red Powerplns. as new; £90; snip.— 
-3. Courtlands Av., Lee. S.E.12. [6229 

21 Indians,'' latest models; immediate delivery; 
lists free. — J. C. Phipp, Sherston, Malmesbnry' 
its. [612"2 

rDIAN Scout 4h.p., Iamp6, horn, speedometer, new 
July: £130, or exchange Morgan. — W. Smith, 27, 
rence Ed . St Albans. [5983 



The Most Highly 
Developed Motor 
Cycle Ever Built 
is the 1921 model 



year in front of other high- 
powered machines in design and 

Regular shipments of New Models 
" Perfect in_ every detail," are 
arri\ang, and we can now give 


with or without Sidecar, of this 
famous i\lachine, rightly named 
"The Aristocrat of Motorcycles," 

in which the utmost refinement 
in detail is combined with 
enormous power, strength and 
stability, easy to handle, and 
wonderfully balanced. 



can now be supplied with a 
Reverse Gear if required — 
ideal for Taxi-Sidecar work. 
Send for Maker's Illustrated Catalogue. 

Sole Midland Distributors 

for the Counties of Warwickshire, 
Worcestershire, Staffordsbirc. Salop. 
Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and 
Derbj'shire — 


Aston Road, BIRMINGHAM- 

Telephone — 

Central 736' 

(2 lines). 

Telegrams — 
Birmingham,* * 


LATEST Model Indian Scout, £135; or with specinl 
sporting sidecar and speedometer, £165. — ilarston. 
31, Bridge St., Chester. [6154 

NDIAN 7-9h.p. 1915 Solo, speedometer fitted, £70; 
— Eadco 2.speed 2'Ah.p.. £42; both good condition.— 
Hill, 54, Eign St., Hereford. [6087 

16 Bed Indian 7-9h.p. Twin, mag., 3 speeds. 

clutch, spring frame, must sell; gift, 59 gns.— 

88, Eepllnghnm Kd., Southflelds. [5993 

"IQ19 7-9h.i). Indian and 1920 bulbous back sidecar. 
J-i' almost new; any trial; £135.— Conner, 86. 
Victoria Rd., Stroud Green, N.4. [X4752 

INDIAN and Sidecar, 1915, S-specd, clutch, K.S., all 
lamps, in perfect condition; £60.— Dunn's, 326. 
Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 6391. [5523 

90.— 1915 5-6h.p. Indian, S.speed. etc.. Swan side- 
^.-^ car. new Dunlops. lamps, accessories, new condi- 
tion.— 53. Solon Rd., Brixton, London. [6033 
]ni4 Indian Road Racer. 7.9h.p., clutch model, sport- 
-V ing bars, tvres excellent, mechanically sound; 48 
gns.-Appleton, 16, Ribble Ed., Blackpool. [5756 

INDIANS. -Six 1917.18-19 7-9h.p.. 3 speeds. Power- 
plus engines, saddle tanks clutch, kick starters; 
Irom £70 lu £100.— Parker's: Bradahawgate. Bolton 

1 Q20 Indian Combination, sporting Swan sidecar, 
XI/ dvnamo lighting, all spares, as new; £180.— 
Greaves; 43, Lithos Hd., South .Hampstead. London. 


INDIAN 1920 4h.p. Scout Model with sporting tide- 
car to match, fully equipped, indistmguishabla 
from new; £155. -Parker's. Bradahawgate, Bolton. 

NDI AN 1915 7-9h.p., speed model, clutch, lamps, 
a. mechanical horn, tools, new tyre, chain, splendid 
order; £55.-Bramwcll, 4, Market Sq., Stony Strat- 
lord. Bucks. l-°'-°' 

1O20 Indian Powcrplus, dynamo lighting, spccdo- 
11/ meter, ampmeter, Milllord de Luxo bulbous 
sidecar, screen, tooU : £185. nearest.-33, Y'E'o"a 
St., Coventry. 1X4838 

BARGAIN. 1916 Indian 7-91i.p. Powerplus, S-speed, 
rood lamp?, chains, tyres, lery good fast machine; 
£65; or exchange Into B.S.A. or lu.p. Douglas.- 
Illaudon, Lokenlieath, Suffolk. l=>'>-'- 

INDIAX 3''.h.r., clutch model. 2speed gear box. 
lampi. etc.. ready to ride away; nearest oiler to 
£50 eecures; can be seen end tried by appoint^ 
ment.— 61. Ivy Rd., Cricklewood. [bii^ 

1 rk20 (Julsl Powcrplus Indian Combination, dynamo 
La lighting, speedometer, Tan.sad, Eastin? screen, 
mileage under 3.000, insurance trial by appointment: 
£175 -Cliflord, Thornhill, Slalybndgo. [6063 

INDIAN 1920 (Aprill Uowcrplus Combinntion. excel- 
lent condition, Mills-Fulford sidecar tasting wind 

screen KInxon horn. ele<-tric li«>'Vi"i.'>r,''°S?' \'lll;,';fs 
carrier; £200.-Li8more, 169, Hatfield Hd., bt. Albims^ 

1 n20 Indian Powerplns and Sidecar, complete with 
Lif dvnamo lighting, wind screen, spares and acces- 
sories, condition as new, perfect "> «'»' V'?2V„r'S ^ 
"oOO; £175.-Elton Morris. Tho Gaer, Hereford.^^^^^ 

1 ms-ie Indian, 5.6h.p.. T.T., all lampsT Bonnikscn 
19 speedometer, knee grips, guaranteed perlect in 
^crv wav- f85; exchanges or easy^payments.- 
IlomaCr 243 Lower Clapton Rd.. N.E. 'Phone: 
Dalston 2408. ^°""' 

INniA'V MilU-Fulford Combination. 7-9h.p.. 1915. 
2-™1ed H. and F. clutch, spring frame, engine 
excelkuV^Mdorfowner m«hnnic any trial lamps horn. 
cC; £100.-Sage, c/o Power House, D.S.D.. B.A.I ■. 
Kingenortu, Hoo, Rochester. 1="°' 

1 rksn Indian 7-9h.p. Combination, spring frame. 
l9'dvuamol%hting.Wtric horn, speedometer, IW 
and foot clutch control, Tan-Sad, ""'^aBO 2 OOO splen 
Sm condition, "npunctured, srare va ve, and tube, £160 
—Bramble, 9, Cambridge Av., Lintoln. l=°-"> 

-in 19 ILatcl 7.9h.p. Indian Powerplns Combina- 
19 lion, electric model, speedometer, mileage under 
5 000 perlect condition, absolutely sound, all tools 
and siiares, licensed for 1921; bargain £175.- 
Ci.te"^ Heathbank, Vine St., Kersal, Manche^ster^ 

SPORTING 7-9h.p. 1916 Indian Combimation, "I/T. 
bars. Phoenix torpedo sidecar, discs all round, 
hand and loot clutch and 3.specd. brand new tyro 
cSodvcarl on rear, beautiful condition thorughout: 
terrain £90. or near olicr.-Karslake, 11, Montpelier 
S^, aw 'Phone : Kensington 4098. [6095 

IxniAN fHendee Scecial) 1914 7.9h.p. Combination, 
2"speed, kick starter, speedometer, undersluiig 
coachbuilt sidecar, Orto screen, stormproof cover, out- 
fit recently overhauled, costing £30, fully equipped, 
?oual to new; bargain to immediate piirchaser; selling 
omng to drastic Irish motor restrietions.-Gracey 
Monaghan. , '- 


IVT Cycles —1921 models in stoct.- Rothwell and 
Milbourne, Cowleigh Garage, Malvern. [1795 

IVY 1921 Models.— Sole- District Agents. Wessex 
Motors, Lt4., GO, Catherine st. Sahsbury 
Phone: 72 t=008 

IVY 1919 2^4h.p.. 2-specd, T.T. bars, large P. and H. 
Umps. disc wheels. Dunlop tyres, insured for £70; 
bargain, £55.-H. D. Varty, Thundersley, Essex. [3710 

All letters lekitina to advertisements should auote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. B27 


THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH, 1921. 



IVY. tlie aristocrat of its type; delivery ol all models 
Irom stock; prices and catalogue post free. — Sole 
District Agents, The Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel. : 
144. [4011 

IMMEDIATE Delivery oj all Ivy models, the acknow- 
ledged finest lightweight. — Full ijarticulars. H. G. 
Henly and Co.. London and District Agents, 91, Gt. 
Poitland St., W.l. Mayfair 4084. [0022 


JAMES 41/ih.E., 1916, fully esuipped, 3-sEeed; 48 gns 
—17, Heaton Ed., N. iVIitcham. [6994 

NEW 1920 5-6h.p. .lames Combination; £190.- 
Shcpheid, Euaeld Highway. Tel. : Waltham 0]oas 
31. [0340 

JAMES Combination, 1915, 3-speed, countershaft, 
fully equipped; £68.— 202, Munster Rd., Fulham, 
S.W.6. [5954 

1Q20 5-6h.p. James Combination, electric lights 
-it' £165; exchanges.— 70, Beechcr Ed., Cradley 
Staffs. [X4689 

JAMES t'4h.p. S-speerl Combination. 1915, reienth 
overhauled; £70.— Brookman, 6, St. Albans Ed. 
Watford. [5677 

JAMES Si/oh.p. Twin. 3 speeds, solo model; in 
stock for immediate delivery.— Philpot, Motors 
Canterbury. [6074 

1 Q21 2-stroke James, Miller lamps, horn, tools, 
■^t^ insured, little used, unpunctured; £65.— Klein, 
6. Northampton Place, Swansea. [6224 

TAMES New Combination, all models for immediate 
^ delivery from stock.— Sole district agents. The 
sail Garage. Walsall. Tel.: 444. [4012 

"jQ20 S'/jh.p. . James Twin, Lu.ics lamps, horn 
-»-*J' speedometer, spare cover, tube, and accessories: 
£120.— Chidlow, Bromsgrove Ed., Eedditch. [X4619 

TAMES, January, 1020. 2i,4h.p., 2-stroke, 2-speed. 
^ horn. Miller lamps, excellent condition, ready to 
nde away; £55.— Eose, Booth St., Ripley, Derbyshire, 
_ _ [5803 

1 Q20 5-6h.p. .Tames Combination de Luxe, mileage 
-■-V l,80o; tyres unpunctured, Lucas lamps, Binks, 
Cowey, unscratched, as new; £160.— Priest, JL2, Lewin 
Rd., Streatham, S.W. [6075 

1Q19 Sh.p. Twin James, 28in. wheel niodel. and 
-■-•^ Grindlay de Luxe sidecar, hood, screen, luggage 
grid, etc., fully equipped: property of a client order 
1921 model; bargain, £105 spot cash.— Clapham 
(Motors), 27, Sfeockwell St., Greenwich, S.E.IO. 
'Phone: 751. [6408 

1Q20 2yh.p. Jap.British Excelsior, lamps, horn, 
J-tl' speedometer, as new; £60, or exchange 
Triumph.— 145a, Howard Rd., Walthamstow, E.17. 



KERRY 3i,ih.p., excellent condition; £25.— Apply. 
57. Lone Lane. Boro'. S.E. [5859 

.... seen after 7 

-Vander Beeck. Turpington, Bickley 

Kent. [5841 

J EA-FRANCIS. M.A.G.. brand new 

57. Long Lane, Boro', S.E. 
TZEREY 2'4h.p._,_ adjustable pul^ley; 




7, E-Xhibition Rd., S.W. 7, 

LEA-FEANCIS Twin Combination, 2-speed, 
£85.-H.S.. 33. St. Steuben's Rrl . Row 


- --,-—., clutch; 

-H.S., 33, St. Stephen's Ed., Bow, E. [5691 

1 Q20 Lea-Francis Twin Solo £120. combination £135 
Jltf -Tel.: Museum 6626.— A.S.O., 60, Mortimer St., 
W.l. [6282 

TyAUGHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London, l;.0.4.- 
»' Netv 3y2li.p. Lea-Francis from stock; £115- 
cash, easy terms, or exchange. [6289 

LEA-FRANCIS 1917 3y2h.p., 2 speeds, clutch. HtK.'. 
with brand new J.A.P. engine, perfect; £90. 
Parker's. Eradshawgote. Bolton. [X4718 

T EA-PEANCIS 1920 S'-Jh-P. Twin, run few mile? 
-f-^ only; £100.— Newnhani Motor Co., 223, Hammer- 
smith Ed., W.6. 'Phone: Hammersmith 80. [6325 
T EA^FEANCI3, 1921.-^Place your name on our 
-1-i waiting list for delivery of these aristocratic 
mounts.- A. J. Sproston, Ltd., 198, Gt. Portland St. 
W.l. [0099 

1" EA-FRANCIS 1921 Models.-We are now accepting 
JLJ. orders for early delivery; your enquiry esteemed 
— Mebes, 154-6, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone ■ 3426 
Mayfair. [3260 

T EA-FEANCIS. M.A.G.. ns makers' speciflcatlons 
-t-' shop-soiled; at greatly reduced price; now is the 
time to buy.-Mebes. 154-156. Gt. Portland St W 1 
'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [5792 

2-speed. clutch and kick starter 
at list price, £130. or on de- 
ferred payments 4% extra; only one-fifth deposit 
balance by 12 monthly instalments.— Harrods Ltd 
118, Brompton Ed., London. [5962 

NEW Lea-Francis. 
M.A.G. engine: 


T EVIS. Levis. Levia. 

/^lENTLEMAN^'S Popular Model, £60; lady's Popular 
^-^ Model. £60; immediate delivery. Levis ppecialist« 
and sole distributors for London and district Spare 
parts stocked, repairs undertaken.— Vivian Hatdie and 
Lane, Ltd., 24. Woodstock St, (off Oxford St.). Bond 
St., W.l. [0384 









Re-enamelled and plated in maker's 
colours. Engine and gear box thoroughly 
overhauled in our own workshops, and 
carrying our 3 MONTHS' GUARANTEE. 


2^ h.p. 2-cpeed £65 

4- h.p, 3-speed, kick-starter. Solo . . . . £85 
+ h.p. 3-speed, kick-starter, CombiuatioD 

with new Burlington Sidecar . . £110 


4 h.p. 3-speed Countershaft £100 

4 h.p. 3-speed Combination with new 

Burlington Sidecar £130 

We have large stocks of Douglas and Triumph 
Spares, and shall be pleased to quote you upon 
receipt of your enquiries. Trade SuppJied. 

ALUMINIUM. For Handle-bar. Mudguard or 
$i(lecar. 3/6 each. Postage 4d. 

TO TRIUMPH RIDERS. Convert your Clutch 
into Foot as well as Hand-Control. A neat pedal 
finished in dull plate, and so designed that it can 
be fitted in a few rariments by an amateur. Its 
eflect is to convert the standard machine into 
combined Foot and Hand Operative Clutch Model. 
Price 4/-. Postage 4d, Trade Supplied. 

Particulars of our Clutch Conversion Set. NO 


7, South Side, CLAPHAM COMMON, S.V/.4. 

Phone: Brixton 2417, 
Grams : ** Burlington Motors, Clapham." 

so yards trom Clapham Common JJnder- 

ground Station.) " 



16 21/^h.p. ^Levis, new E.I.C., new DimlopB 


JQ16 Xevis 2l^brp., 2-strofee. 2-speed; £52.-Moffatt 

-Shaw, Park St., Wellington, Salop. 



-L^ omet^r, watch ; 

hill Ed., N.l. 

Burntwood Lane, Earlsfield, ' S.W.IS. [605: 

Baby, 1920, fiill kit, lamps, Cowey speed 
£55; seen any time.— 58, Thorn 


LEVIS 1920 2-speed, mileage 800, lamps, accessories 
good condition ; £67, or nearest offer.— Molin ens 
Winscombe, Somerset. [577' 

LEVIS, the finest 2-stroko in the world; deliTer 
irom stock, £60.— Sole district agents. The 'Walaal 
Garage, Walsall. Tel.: 444. [401 

2ih.p. Levis Popular Model, brand new from works 
4 £60, or on Harrods ■nniqtie easy payment systen 
4% extra.— Harrods, Ltd., 113, BiomptoD Ed., London 


LEVIS, 2-stroke, overhauled, in perfect order, i 
accessories; £35; easy payments. — Officii 
agents, Homac"s, 243, Lower Clapt<>n Rd., N.] 
■Piione : Dalston 2408. [636 

1021 Levis Popular, the super 2-stroke, for imm* 
J-t' diate delivery from the official agents at £60 
easy payments or excbanges.^Homac's, 243, Lowe 
Clapton Rd., N.E. 'Phone ; Dalston 2408. [636 

LEVIS, exceptional opportunity, ^ only shop-soile 
2;.4li.p. motor cycles, used for one test only, othe: 
wii9 new; £55 eaijli, carriage paid: first cbeques secnii 
— Rutterfields, Ltd., Levis Works, Stechford, Birmini 
bam. [X463 


3ih.p. Lincoln-Elk, running order; £22; "would €3 
2 change geared machine, cash adjustment; ofien 
—102, Kenyon St., Fnlham. [585 

3'/'h.p. Motor Cycle, good rnnnin 
mag.; £14/10.— Syd. Pearson, Gat 
House, Cheyleamoie, Coventry. [S4B2 

PRACTICALLY New Sh.p. Lincoln-Elk, Pbilipso 
pullev, lamps, B. and B., enclosed Bosch, ta 
50/-; £40\— 63, Solon Rd., Brixton, London. [603 


L.M.C. — Webes and Mebes are the sole London an 
Home Counties agents; early delivery of all 1&2 
models; trade enquiries esteemed. — 154-6, Gt. Portlan 
St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [325 

L.M.C, suspension and ordinary models, j:hop*soilet 
as makers' specifications, at greatly reduced price 
also 6h.p. and 43iih.p. combinations, second-hand; " 
bargain prices.— Mebes, 154-156, Gt. Portland St., W 
'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [718 


now accepting orders for early delivery, 
models; your enquiry esteemed.— Mebes, 154-6, G 
Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [326 

MARTINSYDE Combination, 2 months old, Luci 
Magdyno lighting set, electric horn, hood wit 
side curtains, wind screen, luggage carrier, Tan-Sa( 
complete, condition excellent; £205.— Hewin's Garage 
Ltd., The Real Service Firm, Taunton. [630 

MARTINSYDE-NEWMAN.— Sole agents [or Londoi 
Essex, Bucks, Surrey, Middlesex, and Hertford 
also Cornwall and Devonshire, for Martinsyde-Newma 
combination; £170; delivery ex stock; trade supplied 
exchanges and deferred payments.— Maudes', 100. G 
Portland St., W.l., and Paris St., Exeter. [577 

order, Bosch 



21 Model H Matchless in stock; 
Agent, Rctherham. 

list price.— CroE 



1 Q21 Models now ready; all the latest impro 
-'-"«-' mei.'ts. You can have one now, or book delive: 
tor any forward date. Every combination personal" 
tested by the Matchless specialist- Spares of all daf 
in stock.— J. Tassell, la, Bloomfield Rd., Plumstead. 


VICTORY Matchless, fully Gqnipped, mileage 2,00i 
best offer.— 3, Bolina Ed., South Bermondsey, 

■ [56'. 
1 O 20 I\Iatchless Combination, as delivered, sho 
±V soiled; £175.— Wright's Garage, Saffron Walde: 

1 Q21 Matchless Coiibiufttion in stock lor immedia| 
J-tF delivery; £305.— Stacey, 12, Ecclesall Rd., Sh 
field. [X37: 

MATCHTESS Combination. 1914, M.A.G., counti 
shaft, 3-speed, perfect; £88.— Toop, Caterh: 
Valley. [61 

T Q21 Matchless Standard, lamps, horn, spal 
X */ wheel, screen, mileage 100, 2 weeks ol 
£182.— Below. 
"j Q20 Matchless, Magdyno, speedometer, hood, spal 
JLt7 wheel, screen, brand new, £195, list pri 
£241; another, without hood and speedometer, £18 
—Edwards, 50, HarrinEton Rd., South Kensingtd 
S.W. 7. Tel. : Kensington 3709. [63 

MATCHLESS Combination, delivered new 19; 
been used, but as new, complete with speei 
meter; £185.— Pitt, Amesbury. [58' 

1 20 Sh p. Matchle,*s, Magdyno, speedometer, tool 
Xtl cost £240, 2,000 to 3,000 mUee ; offers.— 2, Buc^ 
land House, Blandford St., W.l. [56i 

B28 AH letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 


THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xv. 




ATCHLE3S 8L.p. Spring Frame Combination, 
Jiotwi. screen, all accessories, Tery slightly soiled ; 
.— Marston, 31, Bridge St.. Chaster. [6157 

19 Matchless Combination, splendid condition, spare 
wheel, all accessories; bargain, £135. — Eton and 

Ltd, 260, Balham High Ed., S.W.17. [5620 

ATCHLE6S Combination, M.A.G.,' 1921, jnst de- 
livered, unnsed, tax paid ; £195 ; exchange con- 
ed.-25, Davisville Ed., Shepherd's Bush. [5879 

ATCHLESS 1921 Combinations in Stock; ex- 
changes arranged. — Authorised agents, R. B. 
and Co., 7, E.\hibition Ed., S.\V.7. Kensington 
,-■ [4334 

ATCHLESS Combinations, any model; delivery 
from stock; deferred payments 5X, including 
rt service. — Prior, Motor Engineer, near Station, 
.hfield.s, S.W.18. [6125 

ATCHLESS Combination, 1918, W.D. model, with 

spare wheel and tyre and all accessories, coed 

rtion: £130.— Hewio's Garages, Ltd., The Real 

ice Finn, Taunton. [6303 

20 Matchless Combination, Model H, fully 
enuipped, mechanically i)orfect, special engine, and 

paid, mileage 2,200; offers near £185.-WainnTiglit, 
Held,-, Wolverhampton. [X4474 

20 Matchless Model H., M.A.G. engine, Lucos 
Magdyno, hood, screen, Cowey speedometer, CVwey 
, mirror, watch, all uccessories ; £210.— Griffin, 
Warwick St., S.W.I. [5838 

ATCHLESS Combination.— Book your orders now 
with Boss, 86, High Ed.. Lee, S.E., for 1921 
:l3; deliveries guarnntoed strictly as i»er order re- 
id: n large assortment of 1919 and 1920 models 
in stock. (5668 

ATCHLESS Model H Combination, to makers' 
specification. £205; dynamo lighting model. 
1^7/6, or on Harrods unique easy payment system 
I small extra charge.— Harrods. Ltd., 118, Bromp- 
Ed., London. [5977 

20 Miitchless, M;igdyno, hood, triple screen, step, 
niiiilshield, speedometer, 6x3ft. waterproof cover, 
-pillion seat, e.Kceptionally good- £220.-90 Crof- 
Park Ed., S.E. [6005 

20 Matchless, Model H, M.A.G. engine, hood, 
screen, speedometer, Lucas gas lamps all round, 
Jsolutely new condition; £185: exchanges or easy 
lents.-Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Ed., N.E. 
ne : Dalston 2408. (6365 

20 Matchless Model H., Magdyno lighting, J.A.P 

engine. Luca^ horn, spare wheel and luggage grid 

screen, leg-shields, perfect tliiougliout. mileage 

: sacrifice £200 ; expert inspection invited —Ingle 

main, Feckenhanf Ed., Rodditch. [X4'743' 

^™|ILESS 1914 Combination, chain drive, clutch 
K.&.. MilHortl sidecar, Easting, electric lighting 
ge uirrier 700x80 tyres (all new), not another 
like It in London, specially nited and tuned: £9D 
a, Finchley Ed., N.W.3. Hampstead 7822 

T£?»''''^,^^-Ti^°,''','*'u*';*'„'<^'=°snised North London 

agents for the delightfully spmng and practically 
led Matchless combination; the Rolls-Eoyce on 

wheels; immediate delivery from stock- for cash 
ed payments, or exch.inge; trade enpplied: oli 
m stock — Jones' Garage. Mnswcll Hill N 10 
"oodsvde Parade. North Pinchley. [o'381 

TCHLESS 1921 Models.-Immcdiate delivery or 
in ™t° ^"a <■'."="'■"•„ »">• a DOW model now and 
in comfort during 1921 If your funds will not 
« a new inachine. we have for disposal several 
comnetition gold medal winner models, late 
rty of well-known riders; secure one of these — 
fr^i pI "Li.'t'^'K'i'^'l Specialists.: S. E. Clapham 
irsj, 27, stockwell St., Greenwich, S.E.IO. (6406 

i.p. Minerva, C.A.V., B.B.. Druids, perfect- £29 
-141. Framfield Ed., Hanwell. (S?en Sunday i 

New Hudson. 
6 Xew Hudson 3'.5h.p. S-specd Combination nil 
occes,or,6s; £46.-Alleu, 10. Freshford St., Earl " 
b.U.lB. jg(,52 

u„„'*^'°*°«'^ ^F* Combination, splendid condi- 
tion: sacriflc-o £60; must gell.-T. Woods, Park 
Loatock Hali, near Preston. [5603 

"n-j'*'™!. ^c'i''=°,? 2Wh.p., brand new: £63.- 
ISdwards 50. Iferrington Ed.. South Kensing- 
.".7. Phone: Kensington 3709. [6357 

D.SON 2iih.p., 1920, in splendid condition, acces. 
sorips. complete; best offer accepted; inspection 

1 c. "tV j*^ • "**'' oner accepted; 1 
1.— 1:,. Keed. Edenham. Bourne. Lines. 


3 4h.p New Hudson, Jap engine, perfect. Bwd, 
f 1,""™!!' h'f^- l°^.eeor iiee<ls adjustinc: 
bilt good; £40; an- trial.- Wood. Brishtwell 


- N«w Hudson 2-stroke, 2-8peod, electric lighting 
speedometer, horn, Tan-San, spare tyre, trelt- 60 

icuest; perfect, must sell.— 115, EarbBeld Ed 

worth. (D) . . [5572 

^r. '"\;P' 3-speed K.S. New Hudson Coachbuilt 
Cornbination, lamps, speedometer, .screen, apron 
lored 3 .vears; sound bargain, £55, near offer- 
SVi?^~^-S-I- 'S' Dagnall Park, South Nor^ 
S-E.25 (5949 


"A Bike at the Burlington's 
worth two elsewhere." 


1921 CALTHORPE Combina- 
tion, Sturmey-Arclicr 2-sp. 
(Tax £2 los.) 110 gns. 

1920 SCOTT, Sports Jrodel, 
2-spcod 130 jns. 


'2} h.p., 2-strokc, 2-specd, 

clutch, and kick-starter . . 78 gns. 

1920 COULSON-B, 1 lip., 2-sp. £90 


1920 PRIORY, 2] h.p., 2-stroke £60 

1920ARDEN, 2-stroke, 2-spccd £58 10 

1920 NEW IMPERIAL Comb. £150 


electric model £150 

1919 TRIUMPH Combination, 
complete with electric 
•'gliting £135 

Any machine supplied on "The 
iVIotop Cycle" Deposit System, 


The last word in Sidecar Con- 
struction. Special Models for the 


— Write for ow Illnstralcd Catalogue. 






'Phone: Brixton 2417. 
Grams : Barlin5?ton Motors, Clapham." 

so yards from Clapham Common Under 
^ound StatioQ.) 

All letters relating to advertisements should ouote the number at the end of each a 


New Imperial. 
IQSO New Imperial Combination, .-is new; £110.— 
-^" Wright's Garage. Saflron Walden. [6254 

1 Q20 New Imperial-Jap. 2-specd, condition as new; 
-'-«' bargain, £65.— Putterill. Harpenden. [5953 

TV'EW niPERIAL-J.A.P., 2speed, countershaft, 
-l-' lamps, all accessories; £39.-17, Manor Drive, 
Wembley, Middlesex. [6221 

■]>TEW lilPEBIAL 1919 Sh.p., Sunbeam sidecar, fullr 
J-^ equipped. Easting, excellent condition; £150.- 
Parkers, Bradshawgate, Bolton. [X1719 

lyEW IMPERIAL 1919 8h.p. Combination, complete 
;^' with lamps. Easting wind screen, etc.; £140.— 
Hereford Jloto- Co., Ltd., Hereford. [5003 

DAEGAIN. 1916 2Jrti.p. Now Imperinl-Jap, 2-.epeed, 

-■-' goo<l condition, and spares, accct^ories; £40.-40, 

I Wellington ltd.. St. John's Wood, X.W. [5773 

i "lyEW IJIPERIAL 1915 2";ih.p., 2-speed, semi T.T. 
■^" bars, complete with lamps and horn; bargain. 
£38.— R. D. Varty. Thunderslcy. Essc.\, [3^12 

NEW I.MPEEIAL, 1920. latest design, 2"<ih.p. J.A.P. 
engine. 2-speed. dutch, kick start, fully eaaippcd, 
iis new; 75 gns.- Baldwin, Totnes, S. Devon. (5748 

1019 Nen Imperial 2;4'u.p., 2 sixxds. kick starter, 
-«-" clutch, Inmpj. Klason, spates, splendid condi- 
tion; £65.-11, Sandlord .■Vv., Eldon lid.. Wood Green. 
^f■22. [5982 

WAtTCHOPE'S, 9, Shoo Liino, London. E.C.4.— 
New 2'.;h.p. 1920 New Imporial-Jap, 2-specd, 
clutch and K.S., £80; with 2-siice<l only, £73; easy 
terms. [6297 

■IW'EW IMPEHIALJ.A.P., 1921 model, 2Sih.p., 2- 
-L' speed, kick starter, hand clutch, lirand new, un- 
used : ininicdiato delivery : 85 gns.- Contrul Garage, 
IIouley-on-Thaoiea. [1074 

1Q19 8h.p. New Imperial Combination, excellent 
-*-v condition, mileago under "1,000, electric light- 
ing, speedometer, Cowey horn, Cameo screen- owner 
going abroad; £120.— 86a, Bedford Hd.. Clapham, 
S.W.4. . [5863 

"MEW IMPERIAL Motor Cycles and Oombinotions 
^^ supplied at manufacturers' list prices lor cash. 
or on Harroda nuiaue easy payments system for n 
^tnall extra charge: full particulars on application.— 
Harrods, Ltd., 118. Brompton Bd., London. [S972 

IQ21 New Imperials, all models in stock; combina- 
-Li/ tion £186/18, Model 1 £80/17. Model 2 
£89/5; exchanges or easy payments.— Official agents, 
llomac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N.E. 'Phono: 
Dalston 2408. (6370 

New Scnie. 

NEW SC.\LE Motor Cyi'lO: original prico £85, 
sacrifico £65; unused.— 64. Blshopsgato. London. 

"|Q20 Now Sonlo Combination. 3'/.h.p., 2-8peed, K.S 
-l" Cow.y spef<loraotcr, kimp.a. Jiotu, perfect condi- 
tion: £105.— Apply, 74, BInndHelds St., Balham, 
^■■I^'IZ. (5680 

BAItriAI.N. f80.-New Scale 3".h.p. Precision, Bur- 
man 2-»peed. hand clutdi. Miller lamps, oversize 
new Clincher, speedometer. Klaxon, new Aug. last pnic- 
tically unserntched, very low rannins conts, owner (Ire- 
land) cannot use.— Capt. Griffith, Kilbrido Camp, Dublin 
„ . [5730 


NORTON Motor Cycles.— Can deliver anvwlierc: early 
dates— Kelly. Bachelor's Walk, Dublin. [6126 
"1Q21 Norton Big Four in stock for immediate 
-It/ deliyery.— Philpot. Motors, Canterbury. [6073 

SEPT.. 1920, T.T. Norton, fully c<iuipped, mileage 
1.500.— 41, Tavistock Drive, Nottingham. [5819 
BRAND New Isle of Man 1921 Norton. 3-snecd 
T.T.; £130; Surrey.-Box 1.370, c/o The Motor 
Cycle. (6257 

NORTON Motor Cycles— Place that order with me- 
early deUvery dates.— Cook's Garage, Shifnal'' 
Salop. [8136 

NORTON 1921 Models.-Sole District Agents. Wcssex 
Motors, Ltd., 60, Catherine St., Salisbury 
Phone: 72. (5005 

NORTON 1921 Models, Bi? Four and 3i-'.h.p., J-speed 
sports; immediate delivery.— Charles Sidney, Ltd., 
140-142, Mnnninghnm Lane, Bradford. [X4767 

1Q21 Norton Big Four, with Montgomery 30 gn. 
-■-•^ purple sidecar, brand new turnout, unused; 
£165, or exchange solo. — Shaw. Durkar, Wakefield. 

1 ni9 S'.jh.p. T.T. Norton. 3.000 miles. Binks, lamps. 
J-t/ speedometer, new back tyre, good condition; 
£75, or offer.— Corlctt, 1, Crosshall St., Liverpool. 


NEW 1912 Norton Big 4 Sporting Model. £135: new 
1921 Norton 3l,'..b.p. sporting model, £132: imme- 
diate delivery from stock.- Marston, 31, Bridge St., 
Chester. [6146 

1 Q20 33^. p. No. 16 Model Norton, special com- 
A*-' petition machine and winner of several awards, 
guaranteed in perfect condition throughout, and very 
fa.-t; £105.— Norton, Bryanston, Leominster. , [5649 


3Xh.p. N.S.T7., 2-speed, will tnke sidecar, good condi- 
2 tion; first £20 secures; bargain. — Bennett, King 
St., Rochester. [5664 

dvertisement, and the date ol the issue. 



THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH, 1921. 




N.S.U. Combination, 3-speed. conntershaft, lovely 
condition, late engine; £32/10. — Pearson, Gate 
Hollsei Cheylesmore, Coventry. [X4836 


"1020 N.TJ.T. SV^li.p., Lucas M.^gdvno, I>raud new: 
J-iy firsf chenue f 140.-Cli.nrles Riduev, Ltd., 140-142, 
LM.iuiiiugliam Lane, Bradford. tX4766 

1020 N.U.T. 5i/..h.p., horn, speedometer. F.E.W. 
-i-v valve attactiments. Magdyno, many spares; 
140 gns.— 18, Shawfield Park, Bromley, Kent. [6168 

N.U.T. — Delivery" trom stock of all models. Sole 
^vllolesale and retail agents for Staffordshire; the 
trade supplied.— The Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel. : 
444. [4014 

W. SPARROW, Ltd., Osborne Garage, Yeovil, 
official N.U.T. agents, now booking orders for 
early delivery; write or 'phone for particulars.— Tel. ; 
Yeovil 114. - [5023 

N.U.T- 1314 (?) 2%h.p. Twin, c.h.v., single speed, 
lamps, Stewart horn, speedometer, tyres new, in 
good condition, sporting; £50.— H. Surtees, 28, Basil 
St., S.W. [5767 

GOLD Medal Winner A.C.U. Trial, 1920 N.U.T., 
Magdyno, Lucas electric horn, magnificent condi- 
tion, as new; sacrifice at £145.— Pearn, 69, Birchfield.^ 
Ed., Kusljolme, Manchester. . [5747 

N.U.T. 1920, Lucas Magdyno, condition perfect, 
J.A.P, twin, " Sturmey-Arcber 3-speed. original 
tjTes, l>arcly used, exceptionally fast, cost £170; first 
cheque over £140 secures; despatch, carriage paid, 
with guarantee of accuracy ot above description.— 
Fisher, 25, Scale Lane, Hull. [5653 


f>3.h.p. O.K., little used, good tyres, fast; £27.— Shaw. 
/^■t Park St., Wellington, Salop. [X4769 

NEW 1920 O.K.-Junior, shop-soiled; 45 gns.— Cross, 
Agent, Rotherham. [X4776 

£30.— Lightweight O.K., 2%h.p., very reliable, 2 P 
speeds.— Palmer's Garage, " Tooting. [6137 ^ 

O.K.-UNION, 1920 Model, unused, shop-soiled only 
£45.— Hewin's Gkrages, Ltd., The Real Servici 

Firm, Taunton. 

The Real Service 

O.K.-Villiers 1920 Model, brand new, unused; list 
price 48 gns., offers cash or exchange.— 103a, 
High St., Wandsworth, S.W. 18. [6394 

"IQ20 O.K. Union " 254h.p., 2-stroke, lamps, horn, 
-ttf spares, coniplete, new; £40, or near casli 

offer.— Haining, Ashby Parva, Lutterworth. 



■R . 1920 Omega 2-speed; £75; in stock.— Randall 
-L- Andover. [036B 

OMEGA 2-strok6 2^j;lh.p. for sale, good condition, 
lamps; £31.-63, St. Marys Rd., Heigate. [6225 

OMEG.A Model C, 1920, discs, Lucas lamps. Cower 
horn, good running order; £80.— Below. 

OMEGA Model C, 1920, with accessories, discs, es- 
celleut running order; £79;— Hughes, St. John's, 
Llandrindod Wells. [6316 

P. and M. 

P. and M., December, 1919, splendid machine, as 
new.— Ashley, Probus, Cornwall. [0370 

P. and M., 1912, Millford sidecar, new cylinder and 
piston : £55.— Ashbridge, Grove Park, Wanstend. 

"1 Q18 P. and M. S'/ih.p. and C.B. sidecar, full eqnip- 
JL"' ment; £66.— Dunn, 326, Enston Rd., N.W.I. 

1 Q18 P. and M. 3J/.h.p., condition as new, lamps, 
Li/ etc.; £73.— Baker, Lewsom St., Teynham, Sitting. 
liouine. [5860 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4.— 
SVjh.p. P. and M.. 1920, £95;-also SV-h.p. P. and 
M., 1919, £85; easy terms. [6294 

TO 16 P. and M. W.D. Model, in flrst-class 
-L*/ mechanical condition, good tyres; price £35,— 
Hall's Garage, Ltd., Stevenage, Herts. [5657 

"l(n|19 P. and M. Combination, guaranteed perfect 
JLif throughout, accessories, not W.D. ; £85.— Lang- 
ford's. 37, Cricklewood Broadway, N.AV.2. [6232 

P. £.nd M. Combination, in first-class condition, 
coachbuilt sidecar and screen, and numerous 
spares; £85.— Mr. Allen, 28, Hauworth Rd., Hounslow. 


P. and M., iust overhauled and - guaranteed by 
makers, all accessories, spares, insured ; offers 
over *82.— E.N.E., 10, Cobham Ed., Kingston Hill. 

101-S-19 P.M. and Sidecar, hood, screen, electric or 
-Lt/ acetylene lighting, spare chains, good mechanic^ll 
condition, engine No. 8397 ; £70.— Knight, 4, Pavement, 
Coulsdon, Surrey. " [5985 

"p. and M. Combination. Dnnhill sidecar and storm 
-■- apron, lamps, etc., fully equipped: £100, great 
bargain.-Mel>es. 154-156, Gt Portland St., W,l 
■Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7188 

P. and M., 1920 model, splendid condition, very low 
milea-re, Lucas lighting, Cowev horn, trip speedo- j 
meter. Brooks carrier case; cost £135, accept £115 — 
75, Brigstock Rd., Thornton Heath, Surrey. [5979 

An interesting leaflet which 
is enclosed with every pair of 
Ustikon Soles. It explains the 
method of fixing without the 
use of nails or screws. Once 
fitted, Ustikon Soles will sur- 
prise you by the money saved 
repairing your boots or shoes 
at your leisure. They can be 
fitted to the thinnest sole, and 
by following the directions 
carefully, a permanent result 
will be obtained. 



GENTS', al! sizes 
LADIES', all sizes 


Complete with Sol-fix and directions. Q 

HEELS 2r-2" 

3" — 

Please state size when ordering, and 
remit 6d. extra towards cost of 
postage to the Manager, Dept. E. 


Co., Ltd. ^ 

Vauxhall Bridge 
Road, S.W.I. 


P. and M. 

■p. and M., 1.918, 2 speeds, le-enamelled and plated 
■*- makeis' colours, guaranteed perfect ■ and as ieT 
throughout; £70, nearest; going abroad.— Koselaiyn 
Station Rd., New Earnet. 'Phone: 231. [620: 

PHELON and Moore ex-Vv.T). Models, thoroughly ovei 
hauled and guaranteed, tanks re-enameQed, fron 
brakes, chain cases; £78. Similar ruodels overhaule 
and gnarant-e^d by makers, £95; with sidecars, £101 
and £110; easy payments 7^/^% extra. — Maudes. 10( 
Gt. Portland St., W.l, and Paris St., Exeter. [642 


PREMIER Combination, new engine, new belt, ty« 
unpuuctured, perfect condition ; owner Tinablp, t 
ride; best offer over £40.-70, High St., Grays, Esse: 


£60- — Premier 4h.p. combination, 2-speed gear boj 
clutch, kick starter, Dunlops, latest B. and B 
enclosed Bosch, excellent condition.— 63, Solon Rd 
Brixton, London. [603 


QUADRANT SVsh.p., mag., carburetter, sprit 
forks; £12 secures.— Pr out. Canon St., Taunto; 


NEW 1920 4yoh.p. Quadrant Combination; £145. 
Shepherd, Enfield Highway. Tel.: Waltham Cro 
31. [03^ 

QUABRANT 7-9h.p., Enfield gear, new conditio 
I.illion seat; £90.— H.S., 33, St. Steplien's E< 
Bow, E. [5« 

QUADRANT 3V''Ii-P., epring forks. Bosch. £17/1 
wicker sidecar, £5/10; gift— Bam bridge, 43, Riti 
side. King6ton-on-Tliames. ■ [X46 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9, Slioe Lane, London. E.C.i^. 
New 4V'h.p. 1921 Quadrant combination, wi 
ftind screen, £147/15 ; also 4y2h.p- 1920 Quadra 
combination, excellent condition, £120. [62 

1 Q20 Quadrant Combination, fitted Cameo scree 
J-»^ all lamps, liorn, etc., as new, mileage un* 
300; bargain, £130; exchanges or easy terrasl 
tlomac's, 243, Lower Clapton- Rd., N.E. "Phoni 
Dalston 2408. _ [SST 

CLIFFORD WILSON Mfg. Co., 70, Royal Hospil 
Rd., Sloane Sq., S.W.3. Tel.: Kensington 7lf 
Quadrant sole agents and wholesale distributers 
London, Southern and Eastern Counties. Immediate I 
livery from stock of new 4Vi;h.p. and 5h.p. models; I 
^pares. Single and 2-seater sidecars ready for imn 
diate fitting. Deferred payments arranged. [54 



30.— Radco 2-stroke, ~" excellent condition, 
m.p.g., electric light. — Seen, 35, Freegrove 

Holloway, N.7. 

RADCO Lightweight, single-speed, as makers' ^ 
fications, shop-soiled ; at greatly reduced prii 
now is the time to buy.— Mebes, 154-156, Gt. Portl^ 
St:, W.l. 'Phone : 3426 Mayfair. [7| 


T>ALEIGH. — We can give delivery of this new mcj 
-tV early in February. Book now and avoid 
appointment. — The Wimbledon Park EngineeJ 
Works, Ltd., 74, Arthur Rd., S.W. 19. Teh : 
Wimbledon. [6| 

"IQ21 Reading-Standard Combination, dynamo Ijj 
J-*^ ing. electric horn, Stewart horn, Tan-Sad, 
ing screen, disc wheels, mirror, £20 worth spsi 
mileage 400; cost £240, accept £160; exchange ll 
A.J.S. Sunbeam. Matchless, Triumph.— 60, Walli 
ford Av., N. Kensington, W. [^ 


Sih.p. Rex, free engine, less mag.— Apply, Garl 
2 Laindon, Essex. [ef 

REX Combination, 4h.p., handle start, 2-6peed, ej 
lent condition ; nearest to £35.-102, Harold F 
Upton Park. [3 

REX Twin. 6h.p., 2-speed, 1913, stored Sy^ jk 
pplendid condition ; £60, or exchange lower pof 
—Box 1,325, c/o The Motor Cycle. [^ 

£28.— S^th.p. Rex, new mag., Grado gear, belt, 
good tyre6, splendid appearance; sacrifice. -I 
Parnaby Terrace, Hunslet Carr, Leeds. [| 

3ih.p. Rex, powerful machine, semi-T.T. bars,! 
2 iustnble pulley, P. and H. lighting, Klaxon ' 
sacrifice £32.— Wright, 14, Gordon -Rd., Aldershot. [| 


1 Q 1 9 6h.p. Rover, splendid condition ; £ 1| 
it/ Wright's, Saffron Walden. 

TOOVER, 2%h.p., recently overhauled: £15. 
Jet Phineas Rett Rd., Well Hall, S.E.9. [1 

EW 1921 Speetl Model Rover, 75 ra.p.h., immel 
deUvery; £115.— Mareton, 31, Bridge St., ChJ 

/»li.p. Rover, 2-stroke, Bosch mag., hood, screen, r 
O good running order; £50, or near.— Botting, Bm 

19 3Voh.p.„ Rover, T.T., Philipson pulley; *, 
Newbury, Friars Stile Lodge, Richmond I 

lOl'* 3^Ah.p. Rover Combination, 3-speed. lf| 
Xt7 horn'; £42/10.— Writer, 163, Kennington : 



E^o All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and t?-e flrtt of the issue. 

January 13TH, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements. ' xvii. 


ih.p. Motor Cycle, Rover frame, tank, footboards. 

Triumph back forks; offers.— Bird, 91, Pelham 

South Kensington, S.W.7. [6163! 

|16 3V2h-P- Rover, Phillpson,. Cowey, overhauled, 
complete, perfect, insured; £55, or offer. — 
1.375. c/o The Motor Cycle. [6262 | 

119 3>;h.p. Rover Combination, excellent condition,} 
lor lute nindel lightweight and cash.— Yate-, 3. ' 
■rs Rd., Cradley Heath. Staffs. [5772 i 

|20',2 Rover, new July. SV-jh.p.. 3-speed, done 1.500 

solo only, horn, lamps, speedometer, as new; 

15.— Box 1.374. c/o The Motor Cycle. [6261 

OVER 1919 T.T, 

pass anything, 

near.— 4, West End 

, guaranteed perfect throughout , 
fully equipped ; must sell 

Terrace, Southport. 


OVER Motor Cycles. —Place your order with &n 

offlcial agent, the man who rides a Rover; im- 

iiat« delivery.- Collard. Cook'a Garage, Shifnal. 

■^ [2684 

6h.p. Rover Comhinntion, new Feb.. 1920, Ml-chain I 

enclosed drive. Easting wind screen, accumulator' 

trie lighting. Klaxon, Watford speedometer, mirror;' 

5.— Fasken. Sprdadeagle Hotel, Midhuret, Suases. 


OVER Combination, 5-6h,p., run 300 miles only, 
fully equipped, as new; great bargain. £145.— 
one: Wanst^ad 48.-374. Grove Green Rd., Levton- 
le. [6350 

OVER 3>^h.p.. connterBhaft model, also T.T. model, 
Pliitipson Dulley. as makers' speciftcations. abop- 
id; at greatly reduced prices; now is the time to 
-MPbes, 154-156, Gt. Portland St.. W.l. 'Phone: 
6 aiayfair. [7191 

EW S'/^h.p. Rover Motor Cycle, fitted with 3-3peed 
utnh and kick starter, and with emart conchbuilt 

r,ii : £180, or ou deferred payments 5X extra, one 
t-^r deposit, Imlanre by 12 monthly inatfilmenta.— 
:--"U. Ltd.. 118. Brompton Rd., London. [5965 

1 20 3i,l.h.p. Rover, 3-speed, countershaft, clutch, 
kick starter, fully equipped, lamps. Klaxon. 

ford speedometer, knee grips, fitted Co.x Atmos 

uretter, perfect condition, mileage 2.000. as now; 

ain. £98.-E. W. Larby. 14. Whitworth Rd.. 
Norwooi. 3.E.25. [6397 

Royal Ruby. 

|20 Royal Ruby .3h.p.. spring frame, os new; £85. 

lur quick sale.— Mosedale, 30. Canterbury Rd.. 

mm, X.W.6. [5765 

|18 8h.p. Royal Ruby, S-speed, all-chain, like new; 
genuine bargain. £85.-20, Queen St., Hammer- 
Broadway. W.6. [6020 

20 Royal Ruby 3h.p.. spring frame, kick start. 
2-speed; immediate delivery; £120.— The Clydes- 
Supply Co.. Ltd.. 2, Bridge St.. Glasgow. [0265 

19 Royal Ruby Combinntion. 4h.p. J.A.P., 3-tipecd 
Sturmey countershaft, Millford sidecar, hood, etc., 
didly equipped; £85.-24, Cottage Grove, Surbiton. 


)YAL RUBT 1920 3h.p., spring frame. 200 miles: 
November equipped £130. sell £120, or es- 
ge more sporty 'bus.— Box 1.324, c/o The Motor 


Royal Raby. spring frame. 2-?peed, clntch and 
kitk-starter. equipped with Tan-Sad pillion seat, 
mechanical horn. etc.. very little u?ed and con 
OS new; £100: niav l>e obtnine<l on Hiirrod.- 
rwl payment (system.— Horrod^^, Ltd.. 118, Bromp- 
Rd., London. [5963 


DOE SVi'h.p., perfect running order; £45.— 
M:irston, 31, Bridge St., Chester. [6155 

16 Rudge Multi lamps, horn, tools; £55. 
-Redluud House. Carshnlton Rd., Sutton. [5856 

DGE 1919 Isle of Man Model, full T.T. bars 
long exhaust, very fast; £80.— Parker's, Bnidshaw- 
Bolton. [X4720 

!0 I.O.M. Rudge Miilti, brand new. £95; W.P. 

'nuRlas 2-f4h.p. part exchange.— 70, Beecher Rd.. 

Staflc.. [X4690 

Deposit paid on Rudge Multi. to be delivered 
|L921: cannfit tiniah paying. Sell £10.— Bos 1,162. 
Motor diJe. (4852 

|4 3'-.h.p. Radge Multi, excellent condition through- 
1 out. stored 4 years; aaeriflce £40.— Walton. Daw- 
Burnley. [X4685 
DGE Multi 1915 S'/^h-p. Clutch Model, T.T. bars. 
Camps, horn, speedometer; £48.— E. D. Varty. 
■ersley. Eseei. [371 j 

DGE Multi 1920 S'Ah.p.. unused, with Canoelel 
llinor sidecar, complete with lamps, etc.; £125 
Iford Motor Co., Ltd., Hereford. [5004 

Ip. Rudge Multi. T.T. Kirs, fully equipped and 
TPsi'itered. only done 100 miles, as new; sacrifice 
|-Whit«'s Gtirage, Hinckley. [X4611 

Rudge Multi, as new, with lamps, horn, tools, 
I'nlr dune 500 miles; bargtiin, £95.— Apply, Bnrk)i- 
|tution Parade, Gerrards Cross, Bncks. [5600 

EST Model 6h p. Rudge Combination, £150- 
lite-t ^model T.T. SVih.p. Multi, £110/5; imme^ 
leliveries from stock.— Marston, 31, Bridge St., 



To every purchaser of a new cover 
from the list below we are prepared 
to give, free of charge, a new and 
fully guaranteed Inner Tube. Don't 
miss this opportunity. All goods are 
sent Carriage Paid, and on approval, 
seven days against remittance. 





I Price. 






' 650X65 

Englcbcrt Wiredon Rib 25/- 

Hutchinson P.TSsenger 44/- 

Avon Combination 44/- 

Beldam Extra Heavy 39 /6 

Bates No. I Special 39/6 

Dunlop Heavy 39/6 

Clincher De Luxe Ex. Hy. 37/6 

Hutchinson T.T 37/6 

S. Moulton E«ra Heavy 37 (6 
EuElcbcrl Wiredon R.S. 35 /- 

Berdam Heavy 34/- 

Englebert \ViredK>n Rib 30/- 

Dunlop Heavy 41/6 

Palmer Cord Heavy 39/6 

Clincher De Luxe Ex. Hy. 39/- 

Krmpshall .Anti-skid 37 6 

Bates No. i Special ; 37/6 

Wood-Mitae Extra Heavy 37/- 
Avon Tricar Rubber Stud 34/6 
Palmer Cord Heavy O.S. '< 59/- 

Palmer 2-plv Ribbed I 39/- 

Englebert Wired-on R.S.i 35 '- 
Englebcrt Wired-on Rib ; 30 /- 
Goodyear AW. Tread . . 
Goodrich Safety Tread.. . 
Wood-Milne Extra Hea\-y 
ElitcE.Hy.Gvd. Retreads 
Palmer Cord Hea\'y .... 

Avon 3-rib 

Dunlop W.D. Grooved 
Wood-Milne Steel Stud . . 
Partridge R. Non-skid . . 

Clincher Ribbed 59 6 

Clincher Rubber Stud . . 46 6 



68 I9 
53 .'6 
6: /6 


63 6 
72 9 
74 5 
70 1'- 










79 '6 


75 ;6 

S2 6 

97 6 

n"? '6 

8b - 

1 Iv) ,'- 






Puiilop. P-'dk-r. Batoi. 
etc. Por Foot. 




ncroir* ari 
oDf own wi 
pert 9U[>er%- 

iS UDiIlT (1 



Made by 
North British 
Rubber Co., Ltd. 
Rubber Co., 
Ltd., etc. 
Size?; 6, 7, 8,9.10. n 12 



^Lrelephone: Victoria 6553. J^ 

All letters relating to advertisements should Quote the number at the end of each ad 


RUDGE I.O.M., 1920, mileage 800, overhauled liy 
makers, very fast, with or ivithout lightweight side- 
car: best oflers.— L. West, 71, Norbury Ciescent, Nor- 
bury, S.W.I6. [0376 

£40.— 3V'A.p. T.T. Rudge Multi, believed 1915-16, 
clutch, kick starter, wide tank, foot oiler, ex- 
cellent condition, guaranteed. — 89, East Hill, Wands- 
worth, S.W.18. [6102 
"ptJDGE Multi and Sidecar, tullv equipped, condition 
-tV equal to new; hareiiln, prif« £75.— Newahnm 

I Motor Co., 223, Hammernnith Ed., W.6. 'Phone: 
Hammerfinith 80. [6326 

1 Q20 I.O.M. Rudge, Lucas lamps, Cowey speedo- 

|J-I/ meter, in superb condition; A^b; exchanges 
or easy payments.- Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., 
N.E. ■ 'Phone : Dalston 2408. [6372 

"P UDGE, 3'L'h.p., N.3.U. gears, good order through- 
-CV out, lamps, si)are3, tools, under 200 lb., must 
sell; ,-ccept £42 lowest.— Spindler, Little Glemham, 
Suffolk. [5084 

1 Q13-l^ 3i,.\h.p. Rudge Multi and C.B. Sidecar, 
Xt7 hand clutch, new back wheel, new handle-bars, 
engine overhaule<l by m.ikers, lamps, tyres good con- 
diUon. full kit tools, spares, etc.; £50.— Yates. 151a, 
Clapton Common, E.5. "Phone : Dalston 1475. 



COTT Combination, 1915. mechanieallr perfect: £50: 
must sell.- Moss, 496, Oxford St., W. [5698 

IMMEDI-\TE Delivery 1921 Scott motor cycle and ■ 
combination, in stock.— Millards, Chesterfield. [4003 

1 Q14 Scott. iMjrJe^-t order, £11 spent on sundries; sell 
-Lv £34.— Sinclair, Klencathni, Wulton-on-ThaUKV. 


NEW 1921 Scott Semi-T.T. Model; £130; immediate 
delivery from stock.— Marston. 31, Bridge St.. 
ClKVitcr. [6150_ 

SCOTT, 1920, and sidecar, mileage 200, as new, lully 
cquipjted; £140.— Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., 
.N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5520 

1020 Scott, absolutely 03 new, done very little 
-i-J/ mileage: £110.— Seen at Enterprise Cycle Co.. 
Queen's Rd., Nuneaton. [6110 

SCOTT (Nov., 1919), and sidecar, good condition, low 
mileage, lamps, tux : what offers?— Norton, Storth 
Uouse, Fulwood, ShelWeld. [6056 

I Q20 T.T. Stott. miliflge under 500. condition as 
-I. t' now, tyre^ unpunctured: price £95; any trial.— 
Hall's Garogo, Ltd., Slevenago, [5656 

"I Q20 Scott Combination, spee*lonietcr, electric lamp 
Xt/ sft. horns, done cOO miles; what ofleffi?— Grimes, 
18, Bruton riace. Bond St., W.l. [6310 

SCOTT, 1920 sports model, horn, tools, very small 
mileage, enamel os now, plating lair, perfect order; 
£110.-11. Lavin. Old House, Sonning, Berks. [5090 

]Q20 Scott and Cnnoelet Sidecnr, new July, D.A. 
~*y cylinder, little uso-l, excellent order; £130, or 
exchange folo machine and ca.-h.— Martin, 212, Harrowby 
Rd., Grnntham. [5762 

SCOTT Combination, 1915-16, completely overhauled, 
enamelled and plated, all new tyros, chains, etc., 
as new; £95.— Mvlam, 197, London Rd., Croydon. 
'Phone: 2379. (6160 

SCOTT, 1919. with all 1920 improvements, fitted with 
dynamo lighting, Binks carburettor, oversize driving 
tvre. spare chains, spare tulw, special footrejjts, 1920 
Scott sidecar with speciallv built aluminium body: price 
£135.-Whurfedale, Box 66. c/o The Motor Cycle. [X4679 


■VTEW 2Mh.p. Sparkbrook. Villicrs engine, single- 
iN speed £69, 2-specd £75; or on Harrods unique 
easy payment system 4% extra.- Harrods, Ltd., 118. 
Brompton Ed., Loudon. [5967 

SPARKBROOK 2^h.p., 2-speed, the lightweight Witt 
an ultra finish, as makers' specifications, shop- 
soiled; at greatly reduced price; now is the time to 
buy.— Mebes. 154-156, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone : - 
3426 Maylair. 17195 

20 Sun-Vitesse. 2-specd, lully equipped, as new; 
£53.-36, St. Thomas Rd., Hackney, E.9. [5935 

4ih.p Sun-Precision C.B. Combinntion, sprung wheel, 
-t speedometer, lamps, horn, 2 generators, tyres, 
si«xl, mechanically perfect.-62, Galloway Bd., )V12- 


NEW 2"~h.p. Sun-Vitesse. 2-stroke engine, single- 
speed." £55; 2-speed, £64; ditto, with clutch and 
kick starter, £70; lady's model, ditto, £73; or on 
Harrods unique easy payment system 4% extra.— 
Harrods. Ltd., 118, Brompton Kd., London. [5971 


NEV,' 1920 Sunbeam S^jh.p. Solo; £155/8; in sto(:_k. 
-Randall. Andover. [0366 

1 021 Sunbeam. £5 under list price.— Full partionlnrs, 
LiJ apply Goodman, EUesmere, Northampton. [5798 

SUNBEAM, 1920. 3iAb.p., brand new; *140.— 
Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. 


NEW 3'ih.p. Sunbeam Combination, in crate. lor 
immecfiate delivery; £200.-Merilees, Cedar Av.. 
Chelmslord. [X4738 

ertisement. and the date ol the issue. B31 


xviii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supflei^ient, 

TANUAJfy i3'rH, 1921. 


CJUNBBAM Brand New 3'^l..l.., ""'"iSj^^^LThTwid'? 
h' -witli Lucas lamps and horn ; £157(10.-1116 ^^m 
sail Garage, Walsall. Tel.: M4. l™"° 

1Q19 3>ili.p. Sunbeam Combination, speeaometw, 
ly lamps,' horn, tools etc., as new.-Tel. : Mn.emn 
6626.-A.S.O., 60, Mortimer St., W.l. l°" 

1Q21 31/2I1.P. Sunbeam Combination in stock for iin- 
la mediate delivery: makers' list^price.-J. Smith 
and Co., 52-64, Hampstead Ed., N.W.I. l-"=°= 

■qUNBEAM 3>/.ll.p. 1919 (Fr^^^^^^Mmtary Model 
» Combination, all accessories, excelleiit cond tio^^ 
f 145 -Gaussen, Potten End, Berkhampsted. 1"^° 

Oh.p. Sunbeam Combination, 1919, j" ffif„„''™™';!us; 
O electru; light, quantity siares, .™'»f '"a "'Se 
£160, or near ofSer.-Llddiard, Downins St., Cambnn|e^ 

CtJNBBAM combination de Luze, Sli^p. 41|J«1 I'^jl 
k5' Sunbeam equipment, /l^"':,,™"''' „areVt -Brady, 
ometer, Tan-Sad, insurance; £220, nearesi. ^^^^^ 
Dentist, Blyth. - ,-- ^ 

QUNBEAM Wh-V- Combination, Ml? _ g'l'J.'Xm 
k5 excellent appearance an<i .?r<l«! ^^^Sr^fSJ"™ 
Motor Co., 223, Hammersmith Hd., \S .6. Phone. 
Hammersmith 80. t a -cT a 

WAUOHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London. *-'"•'*■, 
1919 Slip Sunbeam combination, spare whee , 


upon request for re-enamellins and plating^-The Molm 
eS? Garage Co., Ltd., Wolverliampton. Tel.. "60^^^ 


TJpavon, Wilts. . 

31hp Sunbeam, 1920 model, oil bath chain cases, 
4 iiminated f ont spring fork, lamps and horn. 
Sunbeam NO 1 sidecar \ttld two months ago tyres 
almost unmarked; cash oilers inyited.-G. Smit^ rftt 
Motor Cycle. Coventry. i-^-' 

SUNBEAM Combination, 8h.p., Lucas Magdyno li^ht- and horn, hood with side curtains, «md 
screen luggage carrier leg shields, handle-bar muffs 
ftcmileale'sOO,. condition ^b=?'«'<^l VM^sWyi e 
£285; £240.-Hewin's Garages, Ltd., The Keal ""vice 
Fimi, Taunton. 

TO 20 Sunbeam 8h.p. Combination, Lucas *Mm° 
Li) lighting, electric and mechanical hoius 
speedometer, hood, screen, spare , "heel, luggage 
caiTier, mileage 2.000; owner l^"/'"!! 1921 outfat, cost 
£290 in August, accept £245.-Philpot. 34 St. 
George's St., Canterbury. ^""-"^ 

SUNBEAM 1918 8h.p. Combination. M.A.G.. ovei- 
' hauled, excellent condition, electric lights, 9 n 
head lamp, wind screen, spare ivheel. tyre, luggage grid 
' speedometer, recently insured; £210 nearest £175. 
exchange and cash for touring car.-Bainett, 17, Lane 
liam St., Scunthorpe, Lines. i°"-° 


NEW 1921 Triumph S.D. Solo; £140; in stock.- 
Handall, Andover. luooa 

1020 (July) Baby Triumph 2-strokc; £68; as new.- 
J-iJ in, Cecil Av., Enfield. [57/b 

NEW 1921 Triumph S,D. Combination; £195; in 
stock.-Eandall, Andover. 1036" 

-»fk20 TT 41i.p. Triumph Solo, shop-soiled; £100.-- 
XU Wrights Garage, SaHron Walden. [6255 

^hp Triumph, re-enamelled 1920 colours; must 
4: sellT £60-1, Othello St., Liverpool. [5869 

-ffkie Triumph, countershalt, 3-svjeed, hand clutch: 
19 £68-55, St. Thomas Rd., Hackney, E.9. [5934 
/»/\ GNS.-Tiiumph 1915 C.B. combination, nice jot 
t}U —308. Upper Richmond Ed., Mortlake. [X4643 

T-RTTTMPH 3iAh.p., variable gear, perfect runnin, 
oYdcr £35.-:^Marston, 31, Bridge St., Chester 
41,11 Triumph; solo £105. combination £125.- 
fel ■ "Sum 6626.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St. 

W 1 ' ' 

TRIUMPH, 4h.p., countershalt, 1920, brand new, 
Iei2a-Dunn% 326, Euston Ed., N.W.I. Museum 
5391. 15531 

TRIUMPH Combination, yariable gears, dynamo. 
B B., Bosch, spares; £55, ofEer.-169, Harvist Ed 
Kilbnrn. C5S07 

-1 fil6 Triumph 2-stroke, thoroughly oveihauled, new 
1» tries; ^38.-12, The Quadrant, Winchmore 
Hill. N.21. 1-°'''^'' 

im7 Triumph T.T. 4h.p.. countersliaJt, new- lamps, 
19 complete; any trial; £75.-Burnett, Rowsley 
Derbyshire. . , .^ lAt/bM 

TRIUAIPH 1920 4h.p., Triumph sidecar speedo 
meter, etc.; £175, as new.-Parker s, Bradshaw- 
gate, Bolton. 1^4/21 

TEIUMPHS.-A fine selection of Triumphs in stock, 
fully guaranteed; inspection invited. -Roes 86, 
High Ed., Lee. ^^''^^ 

1O20 Triumph, all-chain, 3 weeks old, mileage 70, 
19 unscratched; £119; after-6.-41, Madrid Ed 
Barnes, London. 16356 

J AU letters relating to a<lvertisement.s 


Licence Holder 

you MUST have! 

Don't be rushed into buying Licence 
Holders produced as a " last 
moment " efiort — you MUST . 
place the holder in the position 
required by the Government, and it 
cannot be done unless you have 
Universal Adjustment. This is 
where the F.R.S. design stands 
above all others. 

The F.R.S. Holder enables the 
bracket or cUp to be placed at ANY 
spot — it can swing round to ANY 
position, and be instantly locked 
there. ONE NUT regulates the 
whole thing- -- 

Order NOW — deUvery from stock ! 
Brass, Nickel Plated, Black 
and Brass, or Black and tl I 
Nickel Plated .. .. *^/ 

_«_n-and the F.R.S. 
Streamline Gas Set 

Here's the new Streamline model — 
a perfectly made lamp, of clean and 
smart appearance. Embodies the 
ONE NUT adjustable attachment, 
adjustable focus, genuine optical 
mangin mirror, non-glare ciiimneys 
and special new type of door 

Examine it — and note its marked 

superiority in design and quality. 

Write for New Catalogue. 


"Beam Works," 

Vere St., Birmingham. 


TEIUMrn-GLOBIA, NOV., 1919, screen, luggag, 
grid, all aeces.=ori6s; £136.-28, Hambledon Ed. 
Southfields, S.W. '■""^ 

TRIUMPH T.T, 1915, perfect «™'l't'°?4-7^Vr!ilmrT 
accessories: £60, ofSers.-Oaraged at 537, Hoi ™a^ 
Rd., London, N. ^ 

rpRIUMPH Coachbuilt Combination, new lf\l^^^ 
1 screen, horn, and spares; £105.-K., 33. -Marlov 
Rd., Anerley, S.E. ^^"^ 

-iqi4 Triumph Coachbuilt C5"t''°|*'°°i,oughto 
XV clutch, good condition; £65.-29, Jjrouguiu 
Rd., West Ealing. '■'"^° 

rriRIUMPH, 1918, C.S., discs, lamps, i'om, m ^e 
1 lect condition; £80.-Diinn s, 326, Euston Kd 
N.W.I. Museum 5391. ' 

rrEIUMPH 1914, 3 speed?, clutch, new saddle bel 

1 tyre, electric light, peHect condition, £55-6 
Why Mark Av., Wood Green. 1==' 
10 21 4h.p. Triumph, countershalt model, im stot 
19 loi immediate deliveiy.-J. Smith and Cj 
52,54, Hampstead Rd., N.W.I. Wab| 
1Q14 4h.p. Triumph, 3-speed hub cj"*"!^^?" |:„,j 
la sories, good iuechanical order; £48.-51, bo E 

■ St Bethnal Green Ed., London. ^ 1 

1Q20 Triumph Gloria Combination peri«t ;accc 
lu reasonable offer; buying cai.-Parkinson, Mirn.j 
Drive Monton Gieen, Manchester. i-" 

Qlh.p. Triumpli, clutch model "'f \^^;},f,„K 

02 enamelled as new, Dunlops, all accessor.e 
£40.-Reeve, Cooper's Lane, Potters Bar. loit 
-TRIUMPH Combination, 1918, 7"'P'?^gi,'>°iBW ''a 
L JJX ka^ili^bufy fd^^farls'oeMl't'w^'^'' [Bl 

perfect- £85.-Dunn, 326, Euston Ed., N.n .1. L" 

rpEIUMPH, 1920, countershaft. ■""'•'^■^iJJJ",/,,,™' 

X <inlv not renovated £100.— ±i. fS!cn>iru=u. , 

! Kelton Villa"; Hawks Rd.. Kingston-on-Thames, [61 

17 Triumph Combination, countershaft, just 
l£/overK&, guaranteed perfect, acCKSories, | 
-LangtOTd's, 37, Cricklewood Broadway, N.-^ .2. [62 


rriEIUMPH 1915 Countershaft «P-' ':,|'*^il,S' p 
eTclia^gr5irirall '^:'- hJ^^^.^^^^ [«=" 

500- £68-D Liivii, Old House, Sonnmg, Beiks. [-0 
rriRIUMPH Combination, 1919, countershaft. S 

ES 2?s:-£S' ^^^"^': Son^^^ 

insured (transterable) ; £68.-3, Jjmcn.ej ^ ., ^^. 

nrw2Q Triumph Combination, wind screen and 

i|::iri4^x='2rfcs"ii^: ^ 

Vni9 Triumph, bulbous ^ck sidecar, speedoine 


AT)PTT 1920 Triumph and Gloria, perfect co 
PRIU iy.iu. -^"^'"'"^ ,1 lannDs and accessor ^r oTeri?25^.'l??un?^'r, '2^4! Firs, Le 
™iMPH, 191«:i9,.fountersha,t^s,^dor^te^ 


,„ ,=be;"'s§i?!^^s!^^"-5ock;; 
'iS^^^^^ ^Si&g^'!Si^«i::-i„, 

J-t/ luggage B"",o Longfleld House, . 

speedometer, etc.; ±14S. \eui), ^" a ^^^ 

field Herts. , ., 

rpRIUMPH 411.P , St>i™ey countershaft new^^ 

citracf fe1iVefy^'d\tria^?arJ 20th.-16, The Mo 

Whitley, Beading. < 

-,qi4 3y.h.p Triumph C-f ^;^^.,C-J-f*-- 
i^itio^S1.hro'utliouTrr65 ;^ trial.-Ford, Sotwel^ 
Walliuglord, Berks. 
-rUAnoR Triumph. 2-speed, exce lent condition 

Lane Chiswio!;, W.4. 

f, on^ier'elcKe 2%b.p. Douglas and cash 
ilytton Ed., Leytonstone. J 

.^RIUMPH, 1918 as new, 3 speeds, ch^^ch, 
'id Carelet^sidec??'£55.^Dentistry, 769, Eo: 
Rd , Manor Park, London, E 

F.R.S. 6 in Set 

Price: £4 4 fww. 

should auote the number at the end of each 

iq (October) Triumph, Milllord sidecar, el 
?liihtine Easting screen, oversize tyres {r 
1 dil?s speedometlr. Klaxon, spares, and 
new), f'f^.^l'fooo, in excellent condition; opeij 
mileage unde> |,uuu. >" ^^^ge y-nth cash for 
examination; SJ-^S, or excna t 


liSI3f'^n^ir%liP»--arle. The 
Putney Heath Lane, S.W. 15. 
advertisement, and the date ot the issue. 

January 13TH. 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 




1 Q19 Triumph Gloria Combination, lamps, speedo- 
•L*y mete.-, horn, periect throughout; £107.— 
Edwards, 50, Harrington ' Rd., South Kensington, 
S.W.7. Tel. : Kensington 3709. [6355 

TRIUMPH 4h,p. Combination, as new, 3 speeds, 
clutcli, kick etart, .speedometer, bmps, eto. ; any 
trial ; £110: Saturday or Sunday morning.— 3, West 
Gardens. Robinson Rd., Tooting. [6002 

TRIUMPH 1921 Models in ^tock for immediate de- 
livery ; r-xohanges arranged ; also Triumph Model 
H., renovated by makers, as new, £105.— Eagles and 
Co.^ 275, Hit'h St., Acton, London. [X4737 

TRIUMPH, 1919 [June), tyres new, spare valve, Lucas 
lamps, horn, coachbult torpedo sdecar (nearly new), 
complete, apron, large locker, 6 months' insurance; 
£105.— Gibson, 42, Murray Rd., Rugby. [X4730 

1Q14 Triumph 4h.p., Sturmey-Archer 3 speeds, and 
-*-*' clutch, ]JotiCh, lamps, etc., in excellent condition, 
just overhauled by makers, new spare tyre; 50 gns.— 
iBorrow, Padnell Farm, Cowplain, Cosham, Hants. [6058 
~IQ20 Baby 2-strok6 Triumph, only done 300 miles, 
-Lt/ complete with 2 Lucas lamps and horn, new 
spare tube, fully insured, and 1921 tax paid; owner 
bought car; £67/10.-Hadon, 6, North St., York. [6213 
"1019 (Sept.) 4h.p. Triumph with MilU-Fulford 
-■-«' sidecar. Cowey speedometer, 3 Lucas lamps with 
esnerators, Lucas horn, and Triumph mudshields; 
£135.— Brook Bros., Burn ham-on -Sea, bomereet. [5654 

TRIUMPHS.-VTe are the North London agents, and 
can give immediate delivery. Chain drive, chuin- 
cimi-belt, and renovated models.— Jones Garage, Muswell 
Hill, N.IO : and at Woodside Parade, North Finrhlcv. 

|I>ARGAIN.— Triumph-Gloria combination, new just 
-*-' over 12 months' ago, engine No, 66758, lamps. 
horns. Easting, tools, appearance suffered slightly, 
mechanism excellent; first £95 no P.C.'s or offers.- 
Keen, Leominster. [6051 

NEW 1921 Triumph, all-chain mo<lpI. £140- new 
1921 Triumph, chaiu-cum-belt, £127/10; new 
1921 Triumph Junior, £75; 4h.p. Vt'.T). B model Tri- 
umph, £105; immediate deliveries from etock.— Marston, 
31, Brid(i:o St., Clicciter. [6149 

TRIUMPH, 1919, with Gloria Sidecar de Luxe, onlv 
done 4,700 miles, in . splendid condition, spar*' 
tyre, 2 spare iuner tubes, hood, Tan-Sad, 2 wind screens, 
speedometer, lamps, horn, etc., and all spares; £160.— 
W.C., 19. Tillutson Rd.. Illord. [5607 

TRIUMPH 1921 ah,p., countershaft model, £127/10; 
4h.p., Type W.D.B., £105; 4h.p., all-cliaiii drive, 
£140: 4h.p.. fixed engine, sportiuK. £105.— Cambridge 
agents for Triumphs. Hfrbert Robinson, Ltd.. 32-35, 
Green St., Cambridge. Tel. ; 995. T.A. : Bicycle?. 

1 Q20 Triumph Combination, 1,200 mile.^ only. Lucas 
-*-»^ lainp^. horn. Watford speedometer, handlo-bor 
clock, aluminium footboard.-*. Gloria sprung wheel side- 
car, Eat^tim.* wind screen, luggage aud petrol carrier, 
Dunlop.s uupuDctnred; price £145. or near offer.— 
Spurr, 144, Hiyh St., Stevenage, Herts. [5658 

1 Q20 Triumph Spring Wheel Gloria Combination, 
X«7 latest all-chain, as illustrated pace 830, " The 
Motor Cycle," Dec. 16th, perfect condition, Watford 
speedometer. Easting wind screen, detaclwible extra seat 
in sidecar, horn, lamps, <'lock, Tan-Sad, spares; £180; 
owner going abroad— Bartholomew, Old Wokiug. [5618 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4.— New 
4h.p. 1921 Triumph solo, delivery from stock, 
£127/10; also Dew 1921 4h.p. Triumph combination, 
all-chain drive, £195; new 4h.p. 1921 Triumph solo, 
all-chain, £140; and 4h.p. W.D. Triumph solo, £105; 
also 1920 4h.r. Triumph combination. £152/10; 4h.p. 
■Triumph, 1915, £65; and 4h.p. Triumph, 1914. £55. 
Easy teims or exchanges arranged. [6285 


4h.p.' Trump-.Tap, tyres, belt new. Bosch, B.B., long 
exhaust ; any trisil; £31.— Ford, Sotwell. near 
Wallingford.- Berks. [X4753 


1Q19 Velocette. 2-speed. chain drive, lamps, perfect; 
J-t7 ■ £42/10.-1, Othello St., Liverpool, L?870 

' 1 Q14 Velocette, nearly new tyres, lamps and l>elt; 32 
J-*/ gns.- Allston, Bergholt, High St., Harpenden. 

1Q21 Velocettes, latest models; immediate delivery; 
JL«/ Hit? free.-j. C. Phipp, Sherston, MaUnesbury, 
Wilts. ■ . [6121 

O 'DONOVAN Motors are sole London and district 
agent i for" the wonderful Velocette; immediate 
delivery.— O'Donovan Motors. 76a, Gt. Portland St., 
W.l. (4708 

VELOCETTE, 2-stroke, 2-speeds, all chain drive, 
■ new tyres, lamps, horo,'" tools, in splendid condi- 
tion; £34.— A., 136, Ravensbury Rd., Earlsfield, Lon- 
don, S.W. [6048 
I.\rMEDIATE Delivery can be given of the famous 
Velocette, 1921 model. 2'ih.p., 2-speed, all-chain 
drive;. £75.— Agents : W. Sparrow, Ltd., Osborne 
Garage, Yeovil. [1632 

VELOCETTE. the lightweight with s Mj? heart. In 
stock for immediate delivery, shop-soiled; at (treatly 
reduced price; now i-j the time to buy.— Mebe^. 154-156 
Gt. Portland St.. Wl. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7196) 


That a firm such as THE 
PANY, who have made steady 
progress throughout the many 
years of their career, must have 
consistently served their clients 
faithfully and well? 

Had they not earned the good- 
will of their customers, they 
would long since have jomed the 
unlamented dead. 
Your complete satisfaction in 
dealing with THE EASTERl^ 

assured by the fact that each 
principle of their business aims 
at achieving the " Thank you 
of every customer. 

If you buy a second - hand 
machine from THE EASTERN 
not even think about its mechan- 
ical condition, because you will 
receive a guarantee that it has 
been completely overhauled, and 
that the firm accept full responsi- 
bility for its future behaviour. 

If you are contemplating the 
purchase of a 1920 model, THE 
PANY'S list will offer you choice 
of an excellent selection of 
machines that are really new, and 
are really reduced in price. 

If you want a definite delivery 
date for a new 1921 motor cycle, 
you may trust the word of THE 
PANY as though It were in vour 

If you wish to settle by ex- 
tended pavments, THE ElAST- 
will place before you a plain, 
straightforward arrangement that 
can be varied to suit your con- 

Your enquiry will receive prompt 
and courteous attention from the 

EASTERN GARAGE CO., Repairers to 
R.A.C., A.C.U.. A..\. & .M.U, 

GATE, E.7. 

Telephone — 490 East Ham. 
Telegrams — ^" Egaraco, London-' 




AUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane, London, E.C.a - 
23jli,li. 1920 Verus-Blarkl-'urue, excellent condi- 
tion; £65; easy terms. [6295 

£35 down and 8 monthly payments of £7/10 secur&s 
a brand new shop-t;oiled 1920 Verus-Blackburne 

2-speed 21' .'h. p.— Maudes' (below}. 

£40 down and 8 monthly payments of £8/15 secures 
a brand new 4h.p. 3-speed Verua Blackburne. — 
Maudes'. 100. Gt. Portland St.. W.l: and Paris St., 
E-xeter. If these prices do not meet with your ap- 
proval read our centre page advertisement, and you 
will see our other oiler. [6421 


VILLIEBS-WOLP 2')ih.p., semi-T.T., 2-spced, fully 
equipped, insured till Marcli, late model, mileage 
900, buviuff car reaoon ; £50.— Keeson, 74, High St.. 
Erith. [5636 


WILKIX. Models B and B4, eliop-soiled : at greatly 
reduced prices; now is the time to buy.— Mebes. 
154.156, Gt. Portland St.. W.l. 'Phone: 3426 May- 
lair. [7197 


WILLIAMSON Combination, 8h.p. Douglas engine, 
2. speed, kick start, electric lights, all on: £120: 
lower power part — 67, Kenbury St,, Camberwell, 
London. [6198 

WILLIAMSON Combinntion, Bli.p., K.S., water- 
cooled. overt;ize tyros, in perfect condition, all on ; 
trial any evening : price £100.— Thompson, 10, Ulver- 
stone ltd., West Nonvood, S.E.27. [5821 


3ilh.p. Wolf-Jap, thorough good order; any trial here: 
4 £28.— The Loril Kitchener, Coppermill Lnuo, Wnl- 
thnmstow. (6207 

1 Q20 Shop-soiled Wolf Machines, fitted with Illaek- 
-Li/ buruo, J.A.P., and Villiers engines, and Sturmey- 
Archer gear boxes; cheap to clear.— Tel. ; Mtiseum 6626. 
-A.S.C., 60. Mortimer St., W.l. 16284 


"O/'OOLEIl, 1920, unused, with all lamps, tools, loot- 
V> boards, etc.; oflcls.— H, Ho<;hester Terrace.. 
Camden Rd.. N.W.I. [6194 

WOOLER, 1920, as new, many spares, electric 
lights; £78.— Henry, 22, Grosvonor Ed., Chis- 
wick, W.4. Phone; Chiswick 1186. [6092 

WOOLER 1920 Model, fiecond-hand, good condition, 
;u,.,; ; price £85.— On view, Gydo Dept.. 
A.X.C.S., Ltd., 105. Victoria St., S.W. [5632 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London, E,C.4.— 
2^;li.p. Wooler 1921 touring models from clock, 
£103/10; also 2Jih.r. Wooler, 1920. £75; easy terms. 


WOOLER, as makers* specifications, shop-soiled; at 
greatly reduced price; now is the time to buy.— 
Mebcs. 154156. Gt. PorUand St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 
Mayfair. 17192 


ZENITH 5h.p. Sports, 1920, as new, mileogo 200, 
£105. -Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N,W,1. Museum 
5391. [5528 

ZENITH 8h.p. Sports, 1920. new. unregistered; 
iE 120.— Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd.. N.W.I. Museum- 
5391. [5529 

NEW 1921 Zenith Sli.p. Sporting Model; £123; imme- 
diate delivery from stock.— Marston, 31, Bridge 
St., Chester. [6151 

ZENITH 1920 Sports Model, 8h.p.; £98.-Newnhnm 
Motor Co.. 223, Hommer.-mith Rd., W.6. 'Phone; 
Hammer^mith 80. (6327 

1 Q20 8h.p. Zenith Combination, Klaxon, spcedo- 
X«7 meter, clerttic light: best offer, must sell.— 
17, Garden At., Mitcham, S.W. [6111 

GENlTINE Bargain.- Zenith 8h. p. spotting solo, 1920, 
new; £125.— Vivian Hardie and Lane, Ltd.. 24. 
Woodstock St., New Bond St., W.l. [0319 

ZENITH 1921 Models. — We arc accepting orders for 
early delivery; your enquiry esteemed.— Mebes, 
154-6. Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Maylair. 


ZENITH Combination, 4h.p., nearly .new C.B. body, 
leather belt, and Wood-Milne back, engine re- 
cently overhauled; £40.-96, Wickham Rd., Brockley, 
S.E, . Cr875 

ZENITH 8h.p., 1920, Model H, shopsoiled; in stock 
at greatly reduced price; now is tne time to buy. — 
Mebes, 154156, Gt. Portland St., W.-. 'Phone : 3426 
Maylair. . . (7193 

ZENITH 1919 8h.p., countershaft, original tyres, 
and belt almost new, periect order, semi-T.T. 
bars; £115.-11. Robinson, Brewery, St. Helens. 
Lancashire. [6109 

T 016 Zenith 8h.p. Coiuliinatinu, countershaft model. 
Xi/ kick start, perfect condition, carry 3 anywhere: 
£85. bargain.— Marks, 3, Shoe Lane, E.C. 'Phone: 
Holborn 3116. (5714 

LATE 1919 6h.p. Sporting Zenith, done 3,000, new 
tyres, full aecessorie-s. very fast; any trial; £85 
for quick cash wile.- 'Phone; Hompstead 5982.-3, Bel. 
size Place, K.W.3. [5640 

All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. A25 

XX. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH,. 1921. 





THEEE is a Zeuith Service Depot at 89, Wigmore 
St., W., where you may obtain all spare parts. 
1921 models for immediate delivery, end 1920 modeifr 
at greatly reduced prices. 

"VSTE Cater Solely for the Zenith rider, and prompt 
» * ciervice is assured. Aecessojies, overhauls, tuning, 
information and advice. — Thi? Motorifits' Advise. 
Ai^enej", Ltd., 89, Wigmoie St. Mayfair 5598. [5791 

actual Olympin Show 
Model, complete with tobls, spare belt, belt box, 
etc'., perfect condition; £95.— Guard, 22, Vicarage Rd., 
Henley-on-Thames. [6009 

"I Q20 5h.p. Sports Zenith, specially tuned by 
J- «7 J. A.P."s, tungsten steel racing valves, mileage 
approx. 500. new condition; £100.— Williams, 55, 
Beckenham Lane, Bromley, Kent. [5931 

J.A.P., 1914, recently overhauled, 
order, good tyres, lamps, eto. ; 
£65, or exchange for lighter machine.— Shilvock. 47, 
Spinney Hill, Addlestone, Surrey. [5611 

engine, 1919, clutch, kick 
coachbuilt Gloria sidecar, 
every refinement in accessories; £140. 

"SQ2q_Zeuith 4-5h.p. Sporting. 

ZEAHTH 6h.p. 
splendid running 

ZENITH, 6h.p. J.A.P. 
starter, countershaft, 
wind screen, 
103a, High St., Wandsworth, S.W.18. [6396 

TQ19 4-5h.p. Sports Zenita and light Miilford coach- 
J-*^ built eidecar, speedometer, lamps, mechanical 
horn; £93; or ^olo £90.— Eawards, 50, Harrington Rd.. 
South Kensington. 'Phone: Kensington 3709. [3842 

MUST be Sold.— Zenith-Gradua 8h.p., sports model 
(guaranteed late 1919J, and Mills-Fulford C.B 
EideeoT, complete with lamps and tools, in perfect con- 
dition: first £100 secures.— Carter, The Lawn, Sheffield 
Ed., Chesterfield. [X4741 

ZENITH-.J.A.P. Bh.p. 1915 Combidation, clutch, 
countershaft, electric horn and lighting, screen, 
speedometer, Bosch, Blnks, accessories, with insur- 
ance : £ 1 1 0. no offers.— Clark, 31, Ferndene Rd . . 
Heme Hill, S.E.24. [5865 

NEW Sh.p. Zenith Model H Combination; £204 
or on deferred payments: one-fifth deposit 
balance by 12 monthly instalments, a small extra 
charge being made for credit terms.- Harrods, T,td 
118, Brompton Bd., London. [5968 

1 Q20 81]. p. Sporting Zenith, perfect appearance and 
-I- *? . mechanical condition, Bonniksen speedometer, 
mileage 1,050, Lucas lamps, Cbwey horn, knee-grips, 
D.A. cylinders, etc.; £130. —Herbert Robinson, Ltd,, 
32-35. Green St., Cambridge. Tel.: 995. T.A. : 
Bicycles. [6414 

ZENITH (Sept., 1919) Sports Model, mileage under 
3,000, fitted with Cauoelet sporting eidecar, with 
coachbuilt cover, aluminium, Auster Triples screen, 
and disc wheel, acetylene head, side and tail lamps, hand 
Elason, speedometer, and usual toolkit, sporting outfit, 
in splendid condition, and a bargain at £150. — Appoint- 
liient to view, etc., Edgar, 1, Warwick Rd., Ealing, W.5. 


Ladies* Motor Cycles. 

Id 17 Lady's Ivy, 2-speed, 2-stroke, in perfect order; 
J-*^ £32, first cheque secures.— Write, 9, Melbourne 
Rd., Leicester. ' [X4772 

DOUGLAS 23^h.p., lady's frame, good running order, 
3-speed. kick start, accessories; what offers?— 
W'ilHams, 47, Mill St^ Bridgnorth. [4693 

Bradburys, James, Rudges, 

etc.— Ewens, Garage, King's 

Miscellaneous. - 

^1920 Harley and sidecar, £175; 
1920 Bh.p. Ariel and sidecar, £135/10.— Booths 
Motorics Halifax. 

BARGAINS.— Shop-soiled Harleys, Ariels, O.K.'s, 
Omegas, Quadrants; cheap.— Booth's Motories, 

BARGAINS.— 1919 P. and M. and new' sidecar, 
£120: 1914 Rudge Multi and sidecar, £59/10. 
— Booth's Motories, Halifax. 

BARGAINS.— 3-speed Indian and sidecar, £59/10; 
7-9h.p. Harley and sidecar, £92/10; 6h.p. Rex 
lombination, £49/10. — Booth's Motories, Halifax. 

BARGAINS.— 6h. p. Chater-Lea and sidecar, £45/10; 
3^,ih.p. Sun-Precision, 3-speed, £35/ 10.— Booth'f 
Motories, Halifax. 

BARG.IINS.- 1921 new Morgan De Luxe. M.A.G. 
_ water-cooled engine; 1921 lOh.p. Swift car, 

■ £495 ; Swift car, small mileage, £425. Exchanges 
<'ntertained. — Booth's Motories, Halifax. 

BARGAINS.— Six 1915 Douglas's, from £42/10; 
three 4h.p. Douglas's, £85/10; 4h.p. Douglas, 
with new sidecar, £110. — Booth's Motories, Halifax. 

"I Q21 Triumphs, Scotts, 
XiJ Campions, Morgans, 


BARGAINS.— Shop-soiled 1920 
O.K., £43/10; ditto, 2-speed, 

models : 2^h.p 
. £54/10; Omega- 
.lap, £67/10; Harley electrical model, £170/10; 6h.p 
Ariel and sidecar, £145.— Booth's Motories, Halifax. 

BARGAINS.— 1914 Scott. 
Jap. 2-speed 

2»:ih.p. Imperial- 
£38/10: 1919 Royal Ruby "' 

~ - - . -gj^ p 

3 speeds, £95/10; 1920 Scott and sidecar, small 
mileage, £145. Exchanges.— Booth's Motories, Port- 
land Place, Halifax. Tel, : 1062. [5917 

IF you want a good privately owned motor cycle or 
car. apply Kwiksale Private Motor Registrv, 35, 
Long Acre, W.C. Gerrard 2392. [0138 



—and give you a Licence Holder 
free. Here's our offer. ANY OF 
JANUARY, 1921, will be supplied 
complete, with fully paid tax for 
1921, and licence holder, without 
extra charge. 

COULSON B. 1920, 2| h.p. Blackburne en- 
gine, 2-speed, little used £75 

CLYNO r92o, ai h.p., 2-speed and clutch, 

soiled only £63 

LEVIS 1920, slightly soiled, used a few miles 
only, complete with all accessories, cyclo- 
meter, etc. . , ". £55 

DOUQLAS, 2^ h.p., 2-speedj overhauled and 

renovated £57 10 

J.E.8, Motor Cyclette, overhauled, etc.£22 10 
P. & M., 3^ h.p., 1918, 2-speed, all-chain 
drive, overhauled and renovated .. £77 10 
TRIUMPH igrS-rg, 4 h.p., 3-speed, counter- 
shaft; complete with all accessories and 

Miilford sidecar £110 

MARTINSYDE, 6 h.p., combination, slightly 

soiled only £185 

ROVER COMBINATION, 56 h.p., Japengine, 
3-speed, all-chain drive, service green 

finish througboiit £115 

NEW IMPERIAL. 8 h.p., Japengine, 3-speed 
all-chain drive, service green finish. . £120 
ZENITH 1920, 5 h.p., Model C, brand 

new _ .. £112 

ZENITH, 8 h.p., clutch Model H. with 

kick-starter . . £147 10 

A.B.C., 3 h.p., complete with trip speedo- 
meter, lamps and Cowey horn, little used, 

practically new £120 

ARIEL, 6-7 h.p., combination, brand 

new £162 10 

CLYNO, 8 h.p. combination, 1921 model, 
complete with spare wheel, screen, spring 

frame etc. slightly soiled T £225 

P. $L M. 1920, 3^ h.p. combination, brand 

new £155 

TRIUMPH 1920, 4 h.p., model H., complete 
with Gloria sidecar, slightly soiled . . £170 
ENFIELD COMBINATION. 8 h.p.. Colonial 
model, overhauled and renovated, as new, 
complete with all lamps, horn.. .. £135 
BRITISH EXCELSIOR 1919-20, 8 h.p. com- 
bination, complete with 4 detachable wheels, 
Lucas magdyno lighting, hood, screen, 

etc £175 

INDIAN COMBINATION 1920. powerplus, 
very fins order, dynamo lighting, speedo- 
meter, Easting _ . . , . £170 

HENDERSON, 10 h.p., 4-cylinder, coach- 
built combination, 1915-16, lamps, horn, 
speedometer £120 

Any of the above are available for 
purchase under our well-known 
Extended Payment Scheme^ full 
particulars, etc , post free on 

If you do not see the type of machine 
you require, please write for full list 
and at the same time mention the type 
or make you are looking for, together 
with approximate price you wish to pay 



289-293, HIGH HOLBORN 

'Grams: "Admittedly, London," 
'Phone: Holborn 6430, 


Miscellaneous. , 

JONES' Garage.— 1917-18 4h.p. Douglas combination, 
accessories and wind screen; £87/10. 

TONES' Garage.— SVsh. p. Precision, mag., 2-epeed 
N.S.TJ. gear, tyres like new, periect running order; 

[ONES' Garage.— 1916 Levis, all accessories, in good 
' order; £35. 

JONES' Garage— 1914 4h.p. S-spead Triumph, over- 
hauled, perfect; £52/10. 

JOJTES' Garage.- 1920 2Vih.p. Villiers, 2-speed, as 
new, perfect; £52. 

JONES' Garage.- Late 1919 P. and M. combination, 
all as new, not W.D.; £110. 

JONES' Garage.— 1914 Indian 7-9h.p., 2-speed, over- 
hauled, ae new J £70. 

JONES' Garage.— 1919 2i/ih.p. Enfield 2-stroke, all 
acceseories, and as new, 2-spe6d; £57/10. 
JONES' Garage.— 1920 Hobart. 2iAh.p. Villiers, brand 
new; £.50; £10 under list price. 

JONES' Garage.— 1919 Ariel SVoh.p., competition 
machine, 1919 Edinburgh gold medal with sidecar, 
1919 Six Days with sidecar silver medal, 1920 Edin- 
burgh gold medal, London-Exeter flniahed to time with 
sidecar but disqualified; this machine ie as good as 
new, iuUy equipped, and some S^/^h.p. ; bargain, £100. 

JONES* Garage.- 1920 3h.p. Bat, unused, list price 
£165, soiled; price £145. 

JONES' Garage.— 1918 7 -9h.p.- Harley combination, 
thoroughly overhauled, perfect, a real bargain, not 
\Y.D.; £110. 

JONES' Garage.— 1919 7-9h.p. Harley combination, 
not W.D., electric model, all accessories ; a real 
snip, £147/10. 

JONES' Garage.— 1919 James 6-7h.p. twin combina- 
tion, all accessories, perfect; £130. 

JONES' Garage.— 1920 Metro-Tyler Model S, not done 
50 miles, guaranteed perfect, cost £94, one of tiie 
neatest 2-stroke3 on the road ; £ 65. 

JONES' Garage.— 1 917 Norton Combination, 3-speed, 
all chain drive, all accessories ; a real good snip, 

JONES' Garage.— 1920 O.K. Union, brand new; we 
have seveviil to dispose of, dirt cheap; £44; £6/8 
under liet price. 

JONES' Garage.- 1917 ah.p. Triumph, 3-speed, T.T. 
bars, perfect order; £77. 

JONES' Garage.— 1917 4h.p. Triumph, S-speed, T.T. 
bars, and almost new, Miilford sidecar, perfect 
oi-der; £100. 

JONES' Garage.- 1919 2i4h.p. James 2-stroke, 2-speed, 
all accessories: bargain, £52/10. 

JONES' Garage.— SVah. p. Triumph, 1917, Philipeon 
pulley, all in perfect order; dirt cheap, £40. 

JONES' Garage.- 1917 Sli.p. Sunbeam combination. 
M.A.G. engine,, Lucas dynamo, electric light 
throughout, hoo<l, screen, ispiire wheel, etc., a real good 
outfit; gift, £155. 

JONES' Garage.— 1920 4h.p. Douglas combination, ab- 
solutely as new; a snip, £145. 
r ONES' Garage.— 1919 3V2h.p. Kudge Multi, like new; 

JONES' Garage.— 1920 2%h.p. Wooler, brand new; list 
price £103, ac-cept £87/10. 
JONES' Garage.— "We have a great number oL new 
machines, all at bargain prices for cash ; deferred 
payments; list price no extra. Our stock consists of 
Ariele (3 models). B.S.A. (model H, A, B, C), Bat, Black- 
burne, Clynoa, Doughis, Enfields, James, Levis. Match- 
less, New Impeiinl, O.K., Rover.s (2 raodel*^), Triumph 
(models H and S.D. and renovated). 

JONES' Garage.— All tax paid on machines purchased 
from this date. Our motto is fair and square deal- 
ing, which cannot be found everywhere. Any machine 
sent upon the deposit system, or upon the deferred 
r;y.^tem. Send for our big list.— Jones' Garage, Muewell 
Hill N.IO, and at Woodside Parade, North JFinchley. 


£23 1915 Peco 2^ih.p., 2-speed. good condition; 
also 6h.p. Bat, clutch, £30: bargains.— 22, Prm- 
cess Ed., Finsbury Park, London. [5942 

MOTORCYCLETTE, open frame model. Wall unit, 
2-speed, footboards, nndershield, weight 80 lbs. : 
hnrgnin, £27: approval; photo, stamp.- Sanguinetti, 
Egerton, Kent. [6506 

REAL Bargains in Motor Cycles, sound machines, 
ready to ride away; £20, £30. £40. Engines, 
magnetos, oddments; cheap.— M. Flanagan, 86, 
Copenliagen St., Islington, London. [6267 

Oili-P- Motor Cycle for Sale, in good condition, 
/^2 readv for the road, £28; also 3]/ih.p. air-cooled 
Bat engine, on stand, suitable for stationary work, 
£4.-51, Ratclifle St., Levenshulme, Manchester. 


BARGAINS.— Please peruse our advertisements in 
small columns. We are disposing oi ouji. large 
stock of shop-soiled models at greatly reduced prices. 
Do not wait. Come and buy at once. The offer rnay 
not occur again.-Mebes, 154-156, Gt. Portland St.. 
I W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [7194 

A26 All letters relating to advertisements should auote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 13TH, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxi. 



BUY it Now at Lamb's. New and second-hand out- 
fits at ridiculous prices. Deferred terms ii 
desired.— Lamb's. 387. Euston Rd., London. N.W.I. 
151, High St.. Walthamstow. and 50, High Rd., 'Wood 
Green. N. [5889 

FEANK WHITWORTH. Ltd.. 139, New St.. Hir- 
mingham.— Little used Douglas combination, £120; 
Ixion 2-8troke. £32; Cunipion-VillierB. 2-spee(I. £45: 
Enfield 2-speed 2-stroke. leg shields, electric lighting: 
new A. B.C., N.U.T., Lea-Francis, Ivy, Codos: also 
Coventry Premier super runabout. [X1881 

MOTOR Cycles (New Models), sidecars, and bodies 
actually in .'^tock: U.S.A., Alien, New Scale. Radco 
(3 models). Triumph. Dougla.*. Sun Vitesse [for which 
we are the sole agents for the City of London], and 
others at lowest manufacturers' prices: carriage paid.— | 
Bancroftian Co., 64 and 78, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. 


1 Q20 Hoskison-Blackburne 2"':'ih.p., countershaft 
-1-*' gears, kick starter, clutch, Xlall saddle. 2V:;in. 
Dunlops, 7in. guards, speedometer, Lucas horn, new 
condition throughout. £75: also 1921 Union 2-3troke. 
2-speed, T.T. bars, 7in. guards, 2%in. heavy Dunlops, 
Xlall saddle. £50: compulsory sale. — 105, Milnor 
Rd., Selly Park, Birmingham. [6067 

INDIAN 5-6h.p.. clutch, good condition, bargain, 
£30; Metro-Tyler 2-«troke, 1919, as new, £35; 
Alldays Allon T.T. 2^ih.r)., perlect condition. £32/10; 
King Dick 3'^h.p., Graao gear, good running order, 
£22/10; A.C. carrier, 6-cwt., perlect order, £47/10: 
Spyker van, 15-cwt., good running order, good body. 
£60. Any exchange entertained.— Apply. Geo. A. 
.Sax, 619. Carratt Lane, Earlsfield, S.W.18. [6100 

"p.O.C.H for r.ew and second-hand cycles. cou:l'ination«. 
J-. and runafjonts at low prices. Inspectioii invited, 
Agents lor Triumph, F.N., Zenith, B.S.A.. A.J.S.. etc.. 
nl.-o the f.imons Kingshury .Tnnior, Bleriot-WLippot. 
G.N. We will purchase your pr.^sent machine for (a?h 
or arrange an e.'jchanee.— 5, Hesith St., Hanipstcod (nr. 
Ilampstead Tube Station). 'Phone Hauipstcad 3752. 
Hours 9-7. including Saturday;-. [5900 

BATCIIELOR'S Bargains.-1920 Ariel combination, 
electric light, £115; 1920 Douglas "Ih.p. com- 
tinn. £125; 1920 4h.p. Triumph and siilc>ni, £125; 
1920 P. and .M. combination. £115: 1920 8h.p. Enlleltl 
nibination. brand new, £150; 1918 Douglas 4h.p. 
nibination. £85; 1918 Triumph cnmbination £105- 
1918 8h.p Clyno combination. £100; 1914 4h.p. 
Precision, twin, combination. £55; 1920 T)nugla« 2--, 
.p. 3-speed. £75: 1916 Douglas. 2-.speed. as new. 
£50; 1914 Douglas. 2-spced. £35.-Bntchelor'a, Clar- 
enro St.. Kinpstou-on-Tluimes. ' [6333 

■D.\TCHELOR and Co., 36. Clarence St.. King'ston- 
-t-' on-Thamcs (est. 1898), 'phone 1809. can supply 
stuck 1921 Triumph, chain drive, £140; 1921 
Triumph. .Model II, £127 10; 1921 Babv Triumph 
£75; Triumph 4h.p. W.D.B.. £105; 1921' Enndd 2- 
-tr,.kB, £65; 1921 Enfield 8h.p. combination £160- 
Douglas, 3-spee.l, £100 ;1921 Douglas 2-sne"d' 
1921 Douglas, clutch. £105: 1921 Douglas coni^ 
o,,o"'",' ^JI2; J.^^' Matchless combination, dvnamo, 
|£230; also 1921 Ruver, Ariel, A..J.S.. Allon. Bradburv 
■\. motor cycles: exchanges arranged. Mtmtgomen' 
., -.. 1.-,. cdinlngue .sent. (6334 



B.-i. _„^ 

niccars, all models stocked; 


AUTO-WHEEL, good condition; llgns.— E Barker 
.cV 22, Vui[.tli;ill St., Lambeth. [5855 

U7ALI, Auto-wheel for sale, in perfe.-t running 
»• order: £9/ia.-RobmsDn. Solcombe Ed., Newbnry 
' [5645 

piiR Sale. l>pi.p. a-stroke Simplex engine for 
•- attachment to pedal bicycle, excellent condition, 
loriUy used, owner hnving bought motor cycle- no 
:«ispnablo offer refused.-Box 1,350. c/o The ilJor 
*■""'■ [5908 


A O. Sociable.-', modern, fully equipped, mechanically L 
;»- sound, gowl appearance, irora £60 to £85 ■ trial -- '■ 
9. Allsop St., Upper Baker St., London, N.W. [5809 


AHOSON Hand and Motor Propidled Tricycles for 
^i. inrrilid and di«iihled.— Particulars, Argson Eng 
,o.. Ltd , 3. Kendalls Mews. George St., W.l. [2647 


I .B.C Siootamota. new, £45; one flightlv iised, £35 

»- —Whites Garage. Hinckley. [X4613 

/TOBILE Pup Scooter,!, slightly iis«<l, from £22/10- 

■f-l- new oues from £30.— White's Garage, Hinckley. ' 

'GERTONS. Northgate, Ipswich, can deliver from 
' stock A. B.C., Skootamotas, and Mobile Pups. 

KOOTAMOTA, perfect condition, haidlv nsed- any: 
— ' trial riven ; £30, or near o«fer.-H. Malli'nson I 
owUands. Ledbury, Herefordshire. [5045 

.B.C. Scootamota. — Exceptional opportunity of 
— securing our demonstration machine, new last 
jmmer, splendid order: £32.— Ward Motors. Ltd i 
!. Hustler St., Bradford. [601S 


yiND .Screei. Easting, slightly soiled, unused, per 
' feet: price £3/10, great bargain.— 64. Bishops 


495 gns. 











£167 10 

£186 18 

£80 17 












Kew Address — 




LAQONDA, 11.9 h. p.. coupe, dickey . 

CALTHORPE, .j-scatcr 


L.S.D., Sh.p., 3-whecler 

REX-BLACKBilRNE, Model 55, Sh.p., 
Cnmbination, 2SX3, spare wheel . 

DOUGLAS 4 h. p. Combination .^ 

DOUGLAS, 23 h. p., 3-specd, 11'F'K. . . 
DOUGLAS, 2i b.p , 2-spce.^ M/ U... 

SCOTT, lih.p., 2-speed_l— r...'. 

ROYAL RUBV, 3 h.p.,s:;;fT frame .. 
NORTON, Big Four, 3-sr~ and Sidecar 
NEW IMPERIAL, S h.p.. and Sidecar . 
NEW IMPERIAL, 2» h.p., 2-5peed... 
B.S.A. 4i h.p. 3-speed ail-chain Com- 
bination, hood, screen, and carrier 
RUDGE-MULTI, 3) h.p., I.O.M. Model 
SCOTT Combination, 3in. Palmers .... 
BRADBURY, 6 h.p., and Sidecar .... 
ENFIELD, 2th.p., 2-5pecd, lightweight 
HENDERSON, .i-cylindcr. latest model 
TRIUMPH, coiintcrshalt, and Sidecar 


Brand New 1920 MERRALL-BROWN, Ihret- 
wheeler, 10 h,p., Coventry Simplex engine, hood, 
screen, horn, 700x80 tyres. Extras, aluminium 
bonnet and side plates, electric head anil tall 
lights, 80 amp. battery, switchboard, discs to all 
wheels, spare wheel and tyio. List price, £375. 
day, January 17, 1921, secures. 
SCOTT, and TRIUMPH Motor Cycles ; L.8.D., 
BROWN 3-wheelcrs ; AIREDALE, DOUG- 
Exchange cnpuiries solicited. 

Guaranteed in Running Order. 
Solo Machines. 
A.B.C., 1920. dyiio lighting, speedometer, 

electric horn, 700 niiks £152 10 

CLVNO, 10:0, 2! h.p., 2-spccd, like now £62 10 
ARIEL, 1I h.p., 3-specd countershaft . £105 

ROYAL RUBY, 2-strokc £39 10 

TRIUMPH, 3I h.p, single-spc<;d £30 

DOUGLAS, 2) h.p., 3-specd, disci ... £72 10 

METRO-TYLER, 2-spe«l, red £6i 10 

WOLF, 2 i h.p., sprin; forks £29 10 

B.8.A., 3J h.p., clutch model £39 10 

Passenger Machines. 

LAGONDA 1920 If h.p. coupl^ £425 

MORGAN, w-.-c. Grand Prix £165 

MORGAN, S h.p.. sporting, hood. etc. £145 

2 scaler. 900 miles £473 

BRADBURY, 6 h.o., Gtindlay Sidecar, 

lamps, etc., 1020 Combination ... £162 10 
B.8.A., 1920, 4I b.p., all-chain Comb. £135 
ARIEL 3I h.p. 1920 3-sp. Combination £1^5 
VINDEC,"5 h.p., 2-speed, and Sidecar .. £55 
RARLEY, 7-9 h.p., 1920, and new latest 

t>-pc bulbous back Sidecar £198 10 

INDIAN 7-9 h.p. spring frame Com- 

bin.^tion, very- line condition .... £99 10 
DOUGLAS r9i9 4'b.p. Combination .. £135 10 
DOUGLAS 192* 4 b.p. Combination .. £152 10 
SUNBEAM, 1916, 8 h.p., mag. engine, 

coach Sidecar £155 

Easy payments arranged. 


E.asting Windscreen, su.ndar.l £4 10 

C..\.V. Magnetos, for Triumph, B.S..A.. 

etc £7 17 6 

Thomsou-Bennelt Magnetos, from .. £7 17 6 

Cowey Horns. SO - ; ICJaxons £1 16 

Capac 1920 Carburetter, nearly new .£2 12 6 

Cowcy Speedometers £6 

Bonnikscn. Trip £6 16 6 

Smith, Trip .' £5 15 

Binks Carburetters, post free £4 16 10 

Capac Carburetters, p.-'St free £4 6 

New'.\rmy Knapsacks, 13! X inn. .. 5 6 

Plated T.T. Cars for Triumpns £1 5 

Carriage extra. 


HERCULES Hood^, best and cheapest on the market, 
made to tit any body. 

HEBCITLES Hoods, 52/6, 65/-, and 80/-; write for 
list.— Hercules Hood Co., 698, Seven Sisters H<i., 
South Tottenham, N.15. [4547 

RENNOC Sidecar Co. are actual manufaetniers of 
hoods, wind c:creens, etc. 
RENNOC Co., 155a, Marlborough Rd., Holloway. N.4. 
—See advert, nnder Sidecar Attachments. [6248 


I "^ENTJS Step Bodies arc the best lor old chassis. 
■yEXCS Bulbous liodic- are roomy and very smart. 

VENUS Tandems hold 2 persons. Strong and light. 
I'Ut not unsightly. Get one. 
VENUS Bodies are made in a factory and supplied 
direct. Catalogue *ree. 

VENUS Sidecar Co., 6-14. Gourley St., S. Tottenham 

3-S*!ATEB Bulbous Back Body, almost new, off 
American Excelsior; £9/10.-19, Wilco.K Rd., South 
Lanilieth, London, S.W.8. [6027 

ROYAL Leicester Sidecar Bodice fit any cJinssis, flrsl- 
clnss finish. Several bodies (uewl to clear cheap. 
Write for designs.— The Willowbrook Co., Miimifac- 
turers, Leicester. [03.^6 

RENXOC Sidecar Co. always hold the largest f lock 
of bodies in the trade, racing, touring, nnd tan- 
dems; taxi bodies and tradesmen's carrier boxes a speci- 
alitv see advert, under Sidecar Altaclimciits.-Ucniuii' 
Sidccnr Works, 155, iluilhorough Ed., Holloway, N.4. 

RENNOC SidKar Bodies, a largo auautily. nil model*.- ; 
cleanmco at knock-out prices. Write for clearance 
list. [6249 

B.\STONE'S lor Sidecar Bodies. Latest new typo 
sporting models, lightweighls, bulbous back, tor- 
iRdo. step, and other patterns at low prices; no better 
,.r cheaper house; trade supplied._228. Pcntonv lie 
Rd.. King's Cross, London, N.l. Tel. : 2481 No^th^^ 

SIDECAR Body Designs for the trade only. Work- 
ing, coloured, pencil, or lino drawings ol original 
designs, also working drawings, lull-siicd or to scale.- 
Ceopor's Vehicle Journal, Ltd.. eataWlshed designerj 
l„ 1I.0 coach trade lor over 80 years. Consult "s when 
designing new ldeos.-20. Tudor St.. London, E.C.4^^ 


OANDUM, the Smart Sidecar Specialists. 
C-VNDUM Sidecarf.-Best valuo in Olympin Show. 

SVNDUM ModeU.-Thc Exquisite £24/10. and 
' Sports £28/10, arc ol distinctive appearance. 
C! \NDUM Elite Sidecar. £28/10: the smartest slde- 
© car on the road; highly recommended in Ihc 
Motor Cycle." 

SANDUM Dual Purpose Sidecar (patented). A single 
or 2-seater sidecar as required in 5 seconds, size 
ol body as our single-seater Elite. Luxuriously com- 
lortable seating lor 2 adults with the weight in cor- 
rect position over rear axle. Flnlshecl In colours to suit 
any mako of machine, £4), bodies only, £22/10 
The latest development ol the 2seater as designed by 
us, and oppioved hy the recognised experts. 

VNDUM Feathcrvicight Streamline Body, smart and 
racy, weight 18 lbs.; price £4/17/6. 

SANDHAM Engineering Co.. Ltd.. 336. Gray's Inu 
nd WC.l. 'Phone: Ilolborn 933. lactones: 162 
to 165. 'Pcntonville Kd., N.; and Britannia W'ork' 
Britannia St., W.C. tO"!-) 

TEVENS Sidecar Bargains.— Great clearance ol lale 

1920 models at cut prices. 
TEVENS Bulbous Back Model Sidecars; price noiv 

£22/10, usual price £35. 
TEVENS Torpedo Racing Model; price now 
1^ £17/10, usual price £22/10. 

STEVENS Lightweight Model; price now £15, usual 
price £20. 
C; TEVENS Bulbous Back Model.'' to suit spring Irame 
i5 Indian, finished red; price now £25, usual 
lirice £40. 

QTEVENS Lightweight Chassis; price now £7 each. 
>3 usual price £12. 

STEVENS Sidecars.— Fittings can be supplied to 
suit any type of motor cycle required. 
STEVENS Sidecars.— The above cut prices refer only 
to present stocks, and cannot be repeated when 
these are exhausted. 

STEVENS Sidecars. 184-186, Pentonyillc Hd., King's 
Cross, London. 'Phone : Central 10264. Illus- 
trated catalogue on request. [6238 



te. London. 



ARLET Sidecars, complete, quite new 
Ijrimes, 18, Bniton Place, W.l. 


All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. A27 

xxii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 13TH, 1921. 


FOR S;i]<^, Indian aidOH?ar, toipcdo, new condition ; 
£11. -Matthews, Stansted, Essex, (5818 

C<ANOELET Sideoar. new condition, suitable Horley; 
' £25, offer.— Burnett, Tlia Clyde, Woolwich. [5616a 

C'OACH Sidecar, shop-soiled only; cost £30, sell £20. 
' —Sinclair, Elencnthra, Walton-on-Thames. [5812 

RENNOO Sidecars, bodies, hoods, screens. Largest 
stock in London ; actual manufacturers tbroiighout. 

REJvOC Co. have the linest selection of complete 
sidecars in the trade. 

'DE]S;^'OC Sidecar Co. have 18 diflerent model side- 
.*-*' cars, racing, touring, and tandem models. 

TO ENNOC Sidecar Co. Lave actually in stock 26 yarious 
■t-*' design sidecar models. 

"OHa^^NIX Sidecars.— All parts supplied from stock, 
■^ and repairs for this make by the Rennoc Co. 
"DENNOC Sidecar Co. are actual manufacturers of 
.*-t hoods and wind screens, fitted while you wait. 

"O EXNOO Sidecar Co. undertake repairs to any make 
^^ 01 fiidecai; complete renoyations a speciality. 

T> EXXOC Sidecars are manufactured to fit eyery make 
-t«' of motor cycle; Harley-Uavidsons a speciality. 
T? EXNpO Sidecar Co. hay© 70 clearance sidecars and 
J-*j oodles to clear at knock-out prices; room wanted. 
^nte.— Send for special clearance list, 

"DEXIJOC Co. invite correspondence. Send lor 1921 
-"j catalogue. -Kennoc Motors, Ltd., Victoria Kd., 

London, N.4. 'Phone: Hornsey 850. 

"DEXKOO Co. invite clients to view their works and 

7 see the famous Eeunoc sidecars and bodies being 

actually built throughout. [6250 

OOACHBUILT Sidecar Body, roomy,' canoe shape. 
^-^ green; £10.-Burton, Lewis Lane, Cirencester. 


■'lVr-'^y'?''''^D Sidecar, coachboilt, perfect, suit 
^'A Trinmph; £8/10.-W. Ayres, Garage, Kensington 



J h.p. Douglas Sidecars, fitted with new bodies, latest 
^colours; £17/I0.-Snow, 91, Mapledcne Rd., 



1 020 Scott Sidecar, with special polished aluminium 
J-V' body; £23.-D, gmith, c/o The Motor Cycle, 
Coventry. [X4756 

CATAN Sporting Sidecar, oft Harley, good condition, 
>J- wind screen, luggage grid; £20.— 52a, Chertsey Ed., 
AVoklng. j5„;, 

QIDECAE, coachbnilt, 4-point attachment, ■26in 
"fe^'. '°'""''; ™>:st sell; £7/10.-9, Tollingtou 

Pla,-:e, X.4.- 


CIDECAH, slightly soiled, but unused, coacbbuilf 
[■J. price £15/10, original itrice £22/10.-64, Bishops- 

gate, London, 


T ICENCE Holders, circular, suit motor cycles or 
-J-i cars, conforming to Transport Ministry regula- 
tions.— Below. ■ ^fcUitl 

T ICENCE Holders, black, 3/6; brass, HI- alu 
iLJ mmmm, 4/-; plated, 4/6; postage 6d. Moiey re- 
turned It not satistield.-Middleton's, below. 

TUriDDLETON'S are standardising their patent 
J-'-l- applied for spring wheel sidecars for comin" 
season; rigid sidecars to order. ° 

MIDDLETONS Spring Wheel Sidecars are guaran- 
teed for 3 years on usual conditions. 

Tl/TIDDLETON'S (patent applied) one-piece unbreak- 
-L'-i able chassis axle, with spring wheel, is fitted to 
all our 2-seaters and sidecars for heavy, powerful 

MIDDLETON-S undertake all classes of repairs to 
motor cycles and sidecars, bodywork, etc. 
MIDDLETON'S, London's oldest established sidecar 
makers, 27, Stroud Gleen Rd., Finsbury Park 
'Phone: Hornsey 1584. [4809 

"D'ASTONE'S for Sidecars, and Bodies; no better or 
-«-» cheaper house. Kmdly inspect our models before 
purchasing elsewhere. 

T>A3T0NES._New 1921 sporting and other models 
J-» in stock. Bodies from £4/10; complete sidecars 
from £16/10. 

BASTONE'S.-We have a ' few soiled sidecars and 
bodies, to clear at low prices. 

BASTONES.-Distributing agents for the famous 
Montgomery sidecars. .Latest 1921 sporting and 

other moaels in stock; trade supplied. 

BASTONE'S (Sidecar Dept.), 228, Pentonville Rd 
King's Cross, London, N.l. Tel.; 2481 North.'' 

ROYAL Leicester Sir-Jcnrs to suit all maoliines, roomy 
bodies, comfortable upholetory, excellent springing- 
prices, from £19/10 upwardy. 

SEND Tour Sidecar to ui for renoTation. New Tioods 
wind screens, and aprons fitted. Write for "cata- 

THE Willowbrook Co., Royal Leicester Sidecar Works. 
Belgrave Gate, Leicester. [0335 

HARLEY Sidecar, right-hand, latest colour, good 
c-ondition. 1918 metal Irody; offers.— La rter, Twy- 
ford Rd., Bishop's Stortford. [6007 

1 Q20 Wat^onion Coupe, nearly new, mileage 30, large 
A*' locker, wind screen, dasb, side wings; £35.-13, 
Alfred Place, South Kensington. [5886 


& SON, Ltd., 

Motor Engineers, 



ence ; 

RLju _>ILT 



overhauled, stove-enamelled, re- 
plated, tanks in makers colours, new 
tyres, guaranteed, complete w^ith tool 
bags, kit, and pump 

Douglas 2f h.p. - - £65 

Douglas 4 h.p. - - £85 

Douglas Combination, 
with new body - £105 

Triumph 4 h.p. - - £95 

2,500 New Covers 

(Ex Government Stock). 

28x3 Kempshall, Macintosh, 
and Wood Milne. 

26x2i Clincher de Luxe. 

oO/" each. 

Carriage Extra. 




Still a large quantity to clear from 
the Slough Depot at SCRAP 
PRICES. Make an appoint- 
ment by writing : 

*^Motor Cycles/' 



SIDECAR, Scott coachbuilt nnderslung, 4-point 
attachment, t>re3 good, very comfortable; £l5i 
— Ainsworth, 52, Victoria Rd., Romford. [5944 

COACHBUILT Sidecar, with Orto triple screen, ex- 
cellent condition, £10/10; also cane body, off 
Indian, £1.— Aldridge, 114, Lillington St.. S.W. [5932 

SIDECARS.— The Tnragon folding sidecar soItps the 
storage difflcultv. Cull ajid see it "demonstrated.— 
Wincycle Co., Ltd., 236r High Holborn, W.C.I. [0387 

SIDECAR, cane Canoelet. off Triumph, nnderslung, 
4-point. good Dunlop, attachments, luggage 
grid, perfect condition ; £6.— Cornwell. Ticehurst, 
Sussex. [6223 

MILLS-FULFORD. cane body. 4-point attat-hment, 
sound, with electric yide lamp; £/; can be seen 
at The Firs. Crautord, .Middlesex. -Apply, J. Easte, 
26, Palace St., S.W. [5634 

HENDERSON Sidecar.— Large stock of all models, 
shop-soiled, at greatly reduced prices; now is the 
time to buy.— Mebes, 154-156. Gt. Portland St., W.l. 
■phone : 3426 Mayfair. [7198 

SIDECAR, coach, nnderslung. almost new, £12/10; 
Canoelet, cost £55, sell £25; coach body. £2/10; 
cane body, £1; few belts, covers, tubesj cheap. — 57, 
Kenbury St., Camberwell, London. [6200 

1 AA Douglas Sidecar Chassis, with wheels, d£2/15 
X\J\J each to clear; lots of five at £2/10 each. 
Couie early and take your choice.— HoUiday Bros., 20, 
Queen St., Hammersmith Broadway. - [6024 

CAJS^OELET Special Touring Model Sidernrs, undev- 
sluuf?. bulbous backs, covernll aprons, 28x5 wheels, 
with heavy Dunlcp tjies; special models for Harley- 
Davidson, new, half list price.— Hoi Ud ay Bros., 20, 
Queen St., Hammersmtth, Broadway. [6021 

PARAGON" (patent) Folding Sidecar saxes storage, has 
seven years to its credit, and has ^proved itself 
absolutely reliable. Fits any make of motor CTi_ie, and 
v.-heu folded combination will pass throuch a "30iu. 
doorway. Cnll and see it demonstrated.— \Yincycle Co., 
Ltd., 236, High Holborn. W.C.I. [0388 

^IDECAR.— Have a Hopley folding sidecar. No need 
O io pay garage. \ou can keep motor at home; 
will go through passage 28in. when folded on any 
motor. Any shape body fitted. They have been well 
tested for six years on motors up to Bh.p. — Hopley, 
Upper Highgate St., Birmingham. [0153 



20 Bh.p.- Tamplin ; £165, or see Gray and Raynea 
advt. E.xchnuge columns. [5782 

X. Cycle Car, Nov., 1920, perfect. 1,000 miles 
only.— Watt^, Lydney, Glos. [5595 

~t Q21 Eichardsons. Morgans, Triumphs. Scotts, Rudge, 
J-«7 etc.— Ewens, Garage, King's Lvun. "Phone: 122. 


GLOUCESTER.SHIRE, G.N. cycle cars. 60 m.p.g., 
45 m:p.h., full detail 9. -Watts, Lydnev. Glos. 

1Q19 A.V. Monocar. J.'A.R.. electrc light: offers.— 
-■-*' Amory, Enightsliayes, Tiverton, North Devon. 

. [5643 

MORGAN. Grand Prix, disc wheels, _wide body. 
top-hole condition; £'^85.-^86, Rosebery Av., 
E.C.I. [5937 

BLERIOT Whippet Car, new June, 1920, insured; 
£200, Quick sale.— AV. J. Jones, Broadway, New- 
bury, Berks. [6010 
3 -WHEEL Runabout. 2 speeds, climb anything, 2 new 
covers, lamps, etc. : photo, trial.— Foulger, Alice 
St., Keighley. _ [5693 

SCOTT Sociable.- We are now booking for early 
delivery.-— Jameson and Foster^ Motor Works, 
Soiith Shields. - ' [S4606 

G.N. Cycle Cars; latest models always in stock. —Best 
deliveries from Drake and Mount; Ltd., Motor 
Agents, Brackuell. [3936 

G.N. Cycle Cars, latest models, in stock, £271/17/6; 
dynamo lighting model, £241/17/6.— Taylor's 
Garage, Wednesbury. _ [5829 

NEW 1921 Rover Light Car, 8h.p., dynamo lighting, 
£300 ; immediate delivery from stock.— Ma rstou, 
31, Bridge St.. Cliester. [6141 

MORGAN Grand Prix. lOh.p. M.A.G. engine, electiicl 
lighting, in very good condition; £200.— Marstou. 
31, Bridge St, Chester. - [6143 

ROVER 1921 Models, £300; write for 'literature:! 
motor cycles taken in exchange.— R. B. Clark anf 
Co., 7. Exhibition Rd., S.W.7. [637i 

ROYER Light Car, 1921 rnodel, 8h.p., iu stock fori 
immediate delivery; £3C0.— Godfrey's, Ltd., 208,| 
Gt. Portland St., London, W.l. [0350r 

NEW 1921 Premier Super Runabout, dynamo light-l 
ing; 275 gns. ; immediate delivery from stook.- 
Maraton. 31, Bridge St., Chester. [61421 

BUCKINGHAM Cycle Car, 1914, twin water-cooledl 
electric lighting, fast, (^porting, accessories; £92 f 
London.— Box 1,540, e/o The Motor Cycle. [5783 

MORGAN Runabout, late 1918, in good conditionl 
all lamps, etc.; £160; no reasonable oflef 
refused.- Liddiard, Downing St., Cambridge. [5781 

BLERIOT Whippet Cycle Car, to makers' specifioa| 
tion; £250, or on deferred payments 4% estra.- 
Harrods, Ltd., 118, Brompton Rd., London. [597| 

A28 All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date oS the issue. 

January 20Tq, 1921. 

jN,.is.\..\,\.^. NN.;?. \..\.--r^ 

h,^^,l^,l'^.,.^^->.■■>^^■^>■ -^ l^,.^^■.>■,■^^.^:'-. .r^.-;!^. y ..^ .^ ^ .y- ^: x.,^.. ^ .^ . .^■■. .^ ..^..^..^ .^ .^....yr..^--. .^..^..^..^..^,^- 

Editorial Offices; Hertford St, Coventry. 

TcUgram^: "Motorcycle, Coventry." 
Telephone : lo, Coventry (5 lines). 

Northern Offices; 199, Deans::ate, Manchester. 
2V^-t7rv<77t)S ; " llilTe, Mancliester. *' 
l\le\>i\an<i : f&lo und Bii71 Clt>-. 

Advertising and Publishing Offices : 20, Tudor St., London, E.C4. 

TiUgrams: "Cyclist, Fleet, London." 
Tdcfhonc: 2S48 City (13 lines). 
Midland Branch Offices : Guildhall BuMdipjs, Naviiallcn Street. Birmmsham. 
7'f/,'i;mnM : " .Autoprt^is. Uirmiiwhim " 
TiU'iiliouc ; 2970 and 2971 .Midlmd 

Subscription Rates: Home, 235. lOd,; Canada, 23s. lOd.; o'her countries abroad, 285. 2d. per annum. 

The British Magneto. 

ONLY those directly concerned with the pro- 
duction of British magnetos can fully appre- 
ciate the difficulties overcome in bringing 
about the present high quality of magnetos 
fitted to post-war motor cycles. Prior 
to 1 914, tha magneto industry was practically 
a German monopoly, and, despite the warnings from 
T/ic Motor Cycle and 7'lie Autocar, nothing was 
done to remedy this state of affairs until after the 
war had broken out. 

At long last, however, the Government recog- 
nised the gravity of the situation, -and promises were 
made to the then young British magneto industry 
which, by exhaustive research work and experi- 
menting finally produced ignition apparatus which 
has proved to be superior to the German 
article. Thus a new industry sprang up, making 
the motor users of this country' independent of 
outside supplies. 

So far — after two years of peace — nothing has 
been done in spite of promises, and, in the mean- 
timCj the British industry is faced with a possibility 
of severe price competition from Germany, which 
threatens the whole fabric built up with such pains- 
taking care. 

At the moment, motor cyclists have a prejudice 
against German goods, and this, prejudice makes 
motor cycle manufacturers hesitate about fitting 
the German magnetos now offered at cut prices. 

Ver)' shortly now Parliament will reassemble, 
and the question of key industries will be discussed. 
Will the Government realise the importance of the 
magneto sufficiently to make its manufacture a key 
industr)' ? We sincerely hope so, otherwise a few 
years may see the British article gradually ousted 
by ruthless price cutting until the same conditions 
prevail as in 1914. 

The present rate of exchange is all in favour of 
the German magneto, and, while every motor 
cyclist desires to see a reduction in prices, we feel 
sure he does not wish to save a small amount at 
the expense of a vital industry. 

Elsewhere in this issue we publish some rather 
disturbing facts concerning the magneto industry, 
the fate of which appears lo hang in the balance. 

Car Practice and the Motor Cycle. 

IMMEDIATELY after the Olympia Show, we 
gave an article on motor cycle design from a 
car owner's point of view, and two weeks later 
published a fair criticism of the views ex- 
pressed therein; the criticism expressed confi- 
dence in present day motor cycle design. 

It has long been what may be termed a habit of 
critics to assume that modern car practice is an 
ideal to be applied to motor cycles, and the 
articles already mentioned serve to show that the 
single track machine has no need to seek ideals 
outside its particular sphere. The two types of 
whicle are so totally different that it is doubtful 
whether either can gain much from the other. One 
thing is certain — if motor cycles were designed to 
embody ail the points favoured by the car expert, 
there would no longer be the wide difference be- 
tween their prices. Such car features as internal 
expanding brakes, interchangeable wheels, and 
dynamo lighting equipment have all contributed to 
the extra cost of the modern motor cycle as com- 
pared with the pre-war type, and while no one will 
deny the advantage of such refinements, it is clear 
that every extra step towar.ds car practice only tends 
towards extravagance in design. It may be an 
ideal to produce a car on two wheels, but ideals 
are not always profitable either to maker or user. 
Not only is such over-elaboration costly and un- 
necessary, but it is extremely doubtful whether a 
too ready acceptance of car features is de,>;irable 
from a mechanical point of view. 

We agree with our contributor, who urges that 
each type of vehicle be allowe<J to develop without 
outside influences, and have sufficient confidence 
in the British manufacturers ultimately being able 
to produce machines which are as perfect from the 
motor cyclist's point of view as are cars in the 
eyes of those critics who are in another field. 

.. y y ^ ^ ^ , / / / /....^.. .z./ / / / / / /.y /\. \ V ^ \ A \ \ - 

-..'L. \..v V. \ .A..\...v ^ \ ^ \ \ .v! 

In index to the advertisements in this issue will he foii d on the naee facine the back covep. 


JANUARY 20ih, 1921. 




^NE of the fundamental defects of the bureaucrat 
is^ that he thinks in terms of the Strand and the 
dictaphone. He fancies that a. square furlong 
of the West End is typical of the whole of England, 
and that because he can enforce his will on Piccadilly 
by an Order in Council, therefore his writ will run in 
Cumberland or Cornwall. Consequently, I yelped with 
glee when I read that Sir Eric Geddes was going to 
wash out warning signs on main roads where they make 
a plus sign with byroads ; and throw the onus of safety 
and caution on traffic debouching from the byroads. 
Mind you, in theory I wholly agree with him. Cheap, 
fast transport plays a bigger part in prosperity for 
England than many people understand, and it is a 
crime to retard important through traffic for the sake 
of Hodge, who dreams of his lady-love as he crosses 
the London-Birmingham arteiy with a cartload of 

Bravo, the A.C.U. ! 

TT HAVE so often been rude to the A.C.U. that I 
il really must eat humble pie to-day, and congratu- 
late them that, if their 1921 Six Day notions are 
more than kite-flying, they have at last recognised the 
physical difference between a chamois and a motor 
cycle. I have seldom studied- so -statesmanlike and 
sensible a competition programme. The sporting 
riders will doubtless form an unholy alliance of protest 
with any chuckle-headed makers who don't understand 
that the average rider is a close relation of Poy's John 
Citizen, and would pay £<^ rather thaii try to climb 
Park Rash. But the sporting riders v,^ill still be able 
to find all they want in the Scottish Six Days, not to 
speak of innumerable one day events. Meanwhile, 
the A.C.U. Six Days looks like evolving just the kind 
of 'bus which most riders want, and which most agents 
can sell. Nevertheless, is it wise to make all machines 
of over 350 c.c. tow a sidecar? 

A Sidecar Six Days? 

EVER since motor cycle trials began, organisers 
have been groping for some dodge which would 
allow every involuntary stop to be registered and 
penalised. Oldsters like myself can recall trials in 
which continuous observation of the riders by travel- 
ling marshals- was , attempted; in which each rider 
acted as a spy upon another rider; in which we were 
put on our honour, like schoolgirls, to confess our own 
lapses from grace at the end of the day. All these 
methods broke down. So organisers were driven to 
undesirable and foolish expedients. The A.C.U. 
went baldheaded for freak hills, the M.C.C. for split 
seconds, and so on. To judge by the present pro- 
posals, the A.C.U. is now coquetting with the plan of 
concentrating the real torture at Brooklands, planing 
down the , road trial into triviality, and making all 


machines over 350 c.c. carry an official observer in a 
sidecar. The stunt is extraordinarily attractive at 
first sight. It would enable us to find our winner by 
commonsense, instead of by some weird and idiotic 
trick. But, as the draft rule runs, it isn't fair on the 
bigger engines, and it threatens to strangle the move- 
ment towards weight reduction. Perhaps the spring 
discussions will wangle some scheme for retaining the 
non-stop notion without doing -real harm in other 

The Outside Flywheel. 
(1 IS /J?=^ RITICUS " denounces inside flywheels be- 
Vii^ cause of oil friction. " Wharfedale " 
approves them as being cheaper to make, 
more easily enclosed, and as lending themselves better 
to motor cycle transmissions. Neither gentleman so 
much as mentions, the flywheel magneto. This gadget 
is still in its infancy, but surely it is possible that it 
will have a big effect on design in certain classes ? 

Lubrication Problems. 

THE car owner attacks our oiling systems be- 
cause they are extravagant of oil, non-uniform 
in action, and produce rapid carbonisation. 
"Wharfedale" admits the over-oiling, but deprecates 
any sla'S'ish copying of car systems^ - Briefly, there are 
three leading systems : 

1. The hand pump. Entirely dependent on the 
rider's memory. 

2. The drip feed. Largely dependent on the rider's 
sight, but the drip is often invisible (darkness, oily 
glass, driver distracted by other matters, etc.). Con- 
sequently many amateurs use the drip much as if it 
were a hand pump, and oil by memory, giving a pump- 
ful every five miles or so. 

3. Automatic systems. 

It is obvious that the first two systems must always 
be inaccurate and wasteful, except with a remarkably 
methodical and painstaking rider. Where either of 
these systems is properly handled, and obtains the best 
results, those results are obtained at too great a cost. 
No sane motor cyclist desu-es to have his thoughts con- 
centrated on his engine all day long. One of the ciy- 
ing needs of the British motor cycle trade is the 
development of the best automatic lubrication system. 

Car Brakes. 

I N the other hand, I am wholly in agreement with 
" Wharfedale" when he pleads for the reten- 
tion of the belt-rim brake. 1 have yet to own 
a rim brake or an external band brake which could be 
deemed ideal. Internal expanding brakes are neat and 


been puhlished in hooh form, price 5s. 3d. post free, from 

" The Motor Cycle " Offices, 20, Tudor Street, E.C.4. 

JANUARY 2oih, iq21. 

Occasional Comments. — 

compact. \\"hen they are new, their action is delight- 
lul. _ As they age, one begins to criticise them. The 
Inction arcs gradually shrink to a couple of humps, 
.nid subsequent wear is very rapid. It is generally 
rather a job to fit new shoes, and the same applies if 
hned .shoes are utilised; the average amateur is 
hardly equal to the riveting and truhig up which are 
needed. The records of the Patent Office bristle with 
.suggestions for perfecting the internal expanding 
brake, but nobody has yet managed to work out a 
pattern which is cheap and simple, as well as~efiicient. 

Paying Up. 

X January 4th I duly received (unasked) one of the 
new registration forms from the County Council 
concerned. The Ministry of Transport has 
carried into practice its anomaly of allowing car ta.xes 
to be paid by quarterly instalments, provided you 


pay- 20% extra on the year : but compels motor cycle 
prices to be paid annually in one bite. So if your 
8 h.p. three-wheeler weighs 897 lb., you can either 
pay £2, down or pay £§ 12s. in four quarterly in- 
stalments : but if your 8 h.p. three-wheeler weiglis 
895 lb., you only pay £4, but you must disgorge that 
sum right away. Funny how the brains of super- 
bureaucrats work, isn't it? Presumably the quarterly 
permission in respect of car taxes is to cheer up the 
owner of "a single Ford taxi; but I don't know that 
he needs more consideration than the small canvasser, 
who uses a Morgan for his business rounds. 

Of course, my personal rage is due to the fact that 
I do not keep many of my machines for as long a 
period as one year, so that somebody else will get "the 
benefit of half my taxes. 

A Question of Diagnosis. 

THE amateur who recently described in our columns 
♦how he renovated an aged and neglected Mors^an 
fouiic] that the rear wheel spindle was U shaped. 
He ascribed this to the machine having sustained a 
violent skid at some time in its history. It may be 
so. But I uive knew a joyous agent who amassed 
his Ining i)rincipally out of a single customer, to whom 
he had .s<jld a .Morgan. This customer was of the 
breed who are fundamentally incapable of performing 
two different actions simultaneously — you rememi)er 
the old parlour trick of patting your head and rubbing 
your tummy simultaneously, and how few people can 
do It at the first try? So this customer used in care- 
ful series to (i) open his throttle wide ; (2) take out his 
clutch ; (,5) eng.age bottom gear; and thus (4) take his 
foot oflf the clutch pedal. 

The immediate result was a buckled back spindle. 
He placed a standing order for a new spindle every 
Monday morning. I think our contributor mav have 
bought that Morgan ! 



(Left) Even ploughed 
fields did not deter the 
B.SA. owner — who is 
evidently an enthusiastic 
archaeologist — from inspecl- 
mg at close quarters this 
so-called " Devil's Arrow." 
situated on the Great North 
Road, near Boroughbridge. 

(Right) Another wayside 
rehc—Legg's Cross, between 
West Auckland and Gain- 
ford, Durham. Legend has 
It that King: John sat upon 
this stone to survey the 
surrounding country. 


JANUARY 20iJi, 792/. 

THE motor cyclist oE to-day enjoys a choice 
between five different types, of electric lighting 
outfits, viz. :_ 
I. Dynamo sets separate from the magneto, and so 
requiring a special transmission. 

■2. Dynamo sets combined with the magneto. 

3. Accumulator sets, minus a dynamo. 

4. Dry battery sets. 

5. The B.T.H. " Sparkhght,'.' which utihses sur- 
plus current generated by themagneto, and dispenses 
with the need for a dynamo; it is at present only 
applicable to small two-stroke engines. 

With such a wealth of choice available, the m- 
experienced rider may be glad of a few notes on \.\\e 
pros and cons of these different outfits, 

Combined Ignition and Lighting Systems. 

The magneto-dynamo installations, namely, the 
Lucas Magdyno and the M.L. Maglita, are unques- 
tionably the most 
attractive for touring 
machines when a new 
mount is being pur- 
chased and the neces- 
sary capital is avail- 
able. Their "cons" 
are obvious. They, 
add about 7 lb. to 
the weight of the 
motor cycle, as com- 
pared with an acety- 
lene outfit. They 
cost from ^25 to 
_^3o complete with 

The well-known electrical firm 
of Siemens favour dry batteries foi 
iheir lighting equipment. 

lamps and all fittings, from which must be deducted 
the price of a magneto (about £i), arid the sum usually 
paid for a gas set (about £6); so that they are an 
extravagance to the tune oi at least £12. No price, 
however, has been standardised for such outfits; in 
some cases, after allowing for magneto, the figure is 
£22,. Of course many are quite prepared to put up 
with the small increases of weight and price in order to 
obtain the utmost convenience and efficiency in their 
lamps! The advantages are unquestionable. The 
illumination is superb, and very reliable. The devices 
are extremely compact and sightly. The Maglita en- 
tails no additional drive of any kind, there being but 
one revolving armature. The Magdyno lighting arma- 
ture is driven by enclosed gears packed in grease, and 
is just as reliable as the distributer drive of a multi- 
cylinder car type magneto. In neither case is the 
ignition interfered with or rendered less dependable. 
The Magdyno will 

furnish the usual 

ignition spark if the 

dynamo is completely 

removed from the 

instrument, a job 

which a raw novice 

can perform in a few 

seconds. The Mag- 
lita will light the 

lamps without the aid 

of a battery. Both 

instruments include 

" dimming " devices, 

and the bulbs 

generally may be 

focussed to give a 

short, broad beam. 

Volex dry battery lighting equip- 
ment made by Ward and Goldstone. 


JANVA.RY 20th, JQ2I. 



Electric Lighting Outfits. — 

or a long narrow beam 
uncertainty and 

messiness of . 
generator are 

H.A.H. dry battery set for 
side and tail lamps. 

,an - a c e t y 1 e n e 

Other dynamo sets (Type I.) 
will often be preferred when a 
rider wishes to convert an exist- 
ing motor cycle to electric light- 
ing ; for he has to buy a new 
.source of ignition if he wishes 
to fit the Magdyno or Maglita, 
and he may not be able to obtain 
a high price for his old magneto. 
The separate dynamo sets are, 
in most cases, honest electrical 

jobs. Their drawback is that a special drive has to 
he faked up, which may take the form of a link-grip 
belt or a friction drive off the tyre or off a special 
friction pulley clipped to the sjwkesj these friction 
drives are not always satisfac- 
tory, whilst a belt drive ought 
to include a mechanical adjust- 
ment for the tension. Wiien 
these .separate dynairros are in- 
stalled., the machine is apt to 
Icok rather '' patchy "-; but the 
system remains the most work- 
manlike method of economical 
conversion, though it is not so 
neat as installing a magneto- 
dynamo set after selling the old 

.Dry battery sets have earned 
Avidely differing- verdicts from 
their users. Their chief draw- 
back lies in the fact that no dry 
battery thrives ori heavy and 
continuous discharges ; therefore 
regular and prolonged night 
work soon compels the purchase 
of a new battery, which is now- 
adays a really expensive item. 
(Dry batteries cannot be re- 
charged. They can be freshened 
up a little by drilling holes in 
the case and soaking ihe cells in 
a saturated solution of sal 
am mon i a c;. but the effect is 
evanescent.) Vnv jimilar reasons it is not prac- 
ticable to obtain the ma.xhnum light from a dry 
battery head lamp ; the heavy discharge rate of a 
really powerful bulb will soon exhaust the cells. The 
writer's personal experiences with such sets all go to 
indicate that they are best reserved for intermittent 
work over short disrancs : but a dry battery tail lainp 

The Magdyno in which 
the magneto and the 
dynamo are separate 
units but driven together 
through the medium of 
a gear wheel between 
the two armature shafts. 

fair electrician. 

Accumulator Sets. 

Manv riders employ accu- 
mu!at(jr sets without fitting a 
dynamo of any kind. In this 
case the accumulators must be 
removed from the cycle at least 
once a month— oftener if much 

nightwork is done — and recharged at a garage, at a 

power .station, of off the domestic lighting circuit. 

The conditions essential to success with this form of 

lighting are obvious, viz. : 

(a) The rider must either be a 
must be able to trust the person 
who charges the cells for him (at 
some public charging stations the 
work is slipshod). 

(b) Regular nightwork i n 
winter over a good . mileage will 
necessitate frequent recharging. 

(c) Storage must be found on 
the machine for a well-con- 
structed accumulator of good 
rapacity. (Suitable storage is 
easily rigged up in a sidecar, but 
is a real problem on a solo 
mount.) A hatten,' of which the 
rpad -ivork is all discharge and 
no charge must be larger and 
better than a battery which is 
simultaneou-sly discharged by the 
lamps and recharged by an 
engine-driven dvnamo. 

Another small dynamo set — the Altema, which has 

a dry battery for service vihen the engine is 

not running. 

The Meteor accumulator set includes a metal case tor the battery. 

is a good auxiliary to a gas- head lamp, and is far more 
leliable than the average gas tail lamp. 

For Minature Two=strcKes. 

The B.T.H. Sparklight is a real boon for baby two- 
strokes. It is extremely light and cheap, and should 
certainlv be specified when a new baby two-stroke is 
ordered. Its operation is entirely 
automatic, it cannot upset the 
ignition, and it will light the 
lamps without the aid of the 
battery, should the latter get out 
of order ; of course, under these 
circumstances the lamps will only 
light up with the engine running 
at about 500 r.p.m. or over. 

It is not altogether easy to com- 
pare the relative costs of the 
\arious lighting systems. But it 
is only fair to say that the acety- 
lene generator sets are still the 
cheapest to maintain. The dis- 
-solved acetylene outfits are not 
much dearer to buy than a gas 
generator .set, and afford the most 
reliable light in the world; short 
of exhausting a cylinder unex- 

A2 3 

JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 

Powell and Hanmer's dynamo lighting set. 

pectedly, no roadside trouble can occur, and this 
mishap may be guarded against by using a pressure 
gauge before long runs, or by carrying a reserve cylin- 
der in the sidecar. Replacement cylinders now cost 
6s., and the same value in carbide will give a longer 

An accumulator set is hardly more costly than a gas 
generator set, and will give upwards of four hours' 
light on a charge, according to ^ ^^ 

the capacity of the battery and ^'^ 

the consumption of the bulbs. 
The cost of charging v a r i e s _..„xa^ / ^■ 

from IS. upwards. 

Dry Batteries. 

The running expenses of a 
dry battery set are frightfully 
heavy if a powerful head lamp 
is used for long distances, as 
a, glance at a price list of re- 
placement cells will indicate. 
On the other hand, the cost of 
maintaining a dry battery rear 
lamp is very reasonable ; and 
if the machine is only used in- 
termittently at nights (as most 
machines are), the head lamp battery may last for 
weeks or even months, according to the distance 

Dynamo outfits require very little outlay after pur- 
chase, but in considering their financial economy the 
loss of interest on capital must be charged. If the 
outfit costs ;£to over and above the cost of an ordinary 
magneto and the lamps, the lost interest is 12s. a year. 
A certain number of new bulbs will probably be 
required, and head lamp bulbs may cost 3s. apiece. 

A small cynamo lighting set known as the Astra. 

A good example of the 

M-L Maglita combined lighting Battery box of the M-L set 

and ignition apparatus. which is carried in the position 

usually adopted for gas 

A duffer will probably seek professional help once or 
twice in a season for some slight defect or adjustment. 
A length. or two of wiring may suffer accidental damage 
and extra petrol is consumed in driving the dynamo. 
It is doubtful whether these sets are any cheaper to 
maintain than a gas outfit. 

' Wherever an accumulator is used, economy will 
largely hinge upon the care with which it is maintained. 

"'^ Care of Cells. 

The essential points are as 
follows : 

I. Never let the accumu- 
lator stand when discharged. 
If it cannot be charged up on 
the machine immediately, re- 
move it, and get it charged else- 
where without delay. 

-2. Never let the liquid in 
the cells fall below the tops of 
the plates. Replace small 
losses with distilled water. Re- 
place serious losses {e.g., after 
upsetting a cell) by adding a 
solution made up of one part 
of pure brimstone sulphuric acid 
to five parts of distilled water. N.B. — Always add 
acid to water, and allow solution to cool before pour- 
ing into the cells. (Note particularly that it is very 
dangerous to add water to concentrated'-acid.) 

3. Remember that vibration is very bad for accu- 
mulators. It causes the plates to shed their paste, 
which may produce an internal short circuit. Pack 
the accurnulators in their case with care, insulating 
them with rubber packing so that they cannot move. 

B.T.H. lighting set which 

uses the magneto for its 

source of current. 

modem accumulator set- 
by Godfreys. 


/AA'UANY 20ih, iq2I. 



Exports of British Motor Cycles nearly Six Times Greater ihan Imports. 

£2,340,557 is the total value of British motor cycles and 
parts (not including tyres ordered apart from machines)' 
exported during 1920. 

It is a figure that will take some explaining away by 
the pessimist who affirms that our manufacturers are neg- 
lecting the Overseas market. £1.572,903 of this amount 
represents the value of 21,304 actual motor cycles exported, 
while the remaining £567,654 was expended on " parts." 
viz., component parts, accessories, and spares. A simple 
division sum makes the value of eacli machine to be approxi- 
mately £78 10s., which, after allowing for traders' discounts, 
still proves that a great many lightweights find their way 
abroad. It is unfortunate that no statistics classifying the 
types of machines are available, for we feel sure "that the 
proportion of low-priced lightweights must be very high. 

But these, remarkable as they arc, are not the only 
interesting facts that jnay be culled from the summary of 

our Overseas ti'ade 
in the Board of 
Trade monthlv re- 
tuiiis for 1920.' Im- 
port figures, for ex- 
ample, provide 
f u r t h e i; food for 

Last year we im- 
ported no fewer 
than 4,305 motor 
c y c I e s — a 1 m o s t 
wholly, of course, 
from America — to a 
net value of 
£285,820, and a 
gross value, includ- 
ing " parts " (but. 
again, excluding dis- 
tinct tvic consign- 
ments), "of £407,429. 
Average values in 
this case work out 
at approximately 
£66 56., but a 53i% 
almost up to three 

A graphical illustration of the fluctuating 
monthly totals of motor cycle imports. 

fid nilt> 

■Kiri'in duty brings the total _ 

figures. Apart from other sources of information, we are 
nbviou.sly justified in considering the majority of these 
machines to be heavyweights. Incidentally, the" Exchequer 
benefits to the extent of £135,808 on this" importation. 

As we indicated last week, a comparison of 1920's total 
imports and total exports of motor cvcles and parts reveals 
the reassuring fact that the value of the exports is nearly 
six times the value of our imports. This is even more 
satisfactory when it is observed that a similar comparison 
of the grand totals of all goods and merchandise entering 
and leaving the United Kingdom during the same period 
shows a ratio of approximately 19 to 13 in /ni-nur of t/ip. 
imports: but it must also be noted that in 1919 our motor 
cycle e.\-ports were more than eli/Jit times as valuable as 
the imports. 

Records — Not at Brooklands. 

As may also be observed from Table I. on this page, 
export figures have more than doubled, and imports trebled 
1919 amounts. In both cases, of course, 1920 totals are much 
higher than any previously attained, althougli the actual 
immber of exported machines in 1913 (which is regarded 
as a record year, and when they averaged onlv £43 apiece-!) 
reached the fine total of 16,850 compared with 21,304 in 

Turning to monthly returns, which we show graphically, 
(wo most interesting diagrams are provided. Taking exports 
first, the seesaw fluctuations of the earlier half of the year 
are somewhat mystifying, but such sharp contrasts as" are 
exhibited in JIarch and April are probably more due to the 
laws of chance than the more definite law of supply and 

It is customary, but probably wrong (although no reliable 
statistics are published), to aseume that the majority of 
our exported motor cycles go to the Southern Hemisphere ; 

and, although the high line from July to November mav 
be taken as evidence of a Southern " spring demand," i't 
seems more feasible to assume that only wdien the demand 
in this country eased off somewhat did our manufacturers 
turn really seriously to exportation. Although .December 
is a disappointment, it is, nevertheless, at a considerably 
higher level than December, 1919. 

Rapid Decline In Imports. 

The import line zigzags almost unaccountably, until we 
recall that siipphj and demand must be considered inde- 
pendently on this market. For example, the demand was 
very great in May, although actual supply was low: and, 
by the time the 
^"Ppl.V got really 
adequate, the de- 
mand had begun to 
slacken off. The 
rapid decline follow- 
ing is the most 
undorstandable fea- 
ture of a hectic 
year. December's 
figure is less than 
half that of the 
corresponding month 
in 1919; and onlv 
halt of the £16,820 
represents complete 
niaclunes (just 106 
all told). 

Last year, as we 
have indicated 
earlier, tyres were 
tabulated independ- 
ently : and, as auto- 
mobile and perambu- 
lator types are also 
lumped in, their 
figures are probably 
not of engrossing 
interest to o u r 
readers. £5.577,078 
of these tyres were 
imported, and 
£6,500,761 e x - 

ported : a rather 
c u r i u s state of 

207,739.144 gallons— say it in words '—of motor spirit, 
to a declared value of £2'3.360,119. entered this country last 
year : an increase over 1919 of 30% in value, but only 4% 
in amount. Only half this amount was imported in 1913. 

Finally nothing serves to emphasise the satisfactory and 
natioiinlly helpful state of the British motor cycle industry 
more than a comparison with the correisponding tiading figures 
from the automobile world ; for last year the value of ex- 
ported cars failed to reach half.the value of»similar imports. 

.^s^ g 1 i s § i ^ S y 1 g|| 


























/ ^ 






/ , 



1 ' 

On this diagram the great .nctivity in 
the export market from July to Novemte.' 
last year is shovra in a striking manner. 



MoNTJiLV Values of 

Imports asp Exports 

ncRixc 19^0. 



,9-'o. j 



British Eiporb. 




. 126,830 

-Vumber of British 



- 25,522 


motor cycles ex- 






8.3W - 

21. 30.1 ■ 




Total value of Brit- 




ish motor cycles 




and parts ex- 






fq.SO.5g9 fiio9.i77. 












Numt>er of motor 




cycles imported . 


1,485 • 





Total value of 

motorcycles and 
parts importci 








JANUARY 20th, 1921. 

The New "Six Days" Scheme. 

PoinJs of the Suggested A.C.U, Regulations for the 1921 Big Trials. 

THERE is a sense in which all sporting riders and 
all vej:erans will regret the proposed changes in 
the organisation of the Six Days Trial. Ever 
since its inception in 1903 the Trial has topped -Jhe 
competition programme, furnished a most sporting 
week, and 'strung the interest of riders throughout the 
kingdom to a very high pitch. Now the event is to be 
boiled down to four days of roadwdrk — restricted to 
fair surfaces and easy gradients — and the remaining 
two days will be occupied in a series of technical tests, 
reminiscent rather of the bench acceptance tests of an 
aero engine or a tank engine, than of the old " hell- 
for-leather " business. 

Nevertheless it is quite beyond question that the 

change is wise and statesmanlike. 

If some association interested in 
perambulators were to offer gold 
medals for the best ascent of a 
telegraph pole by a perambulator 
containing twins, the spectators 
would enjoy unlimited fun, and the 
successful nursemaids Avould un- 
doubtedly deserve their medals. 
But the resulting type of perambu- 
lator would not necessarily be such 
as the twins and th-eir mother might 
desire. It is on such Heath 
Robinson principles that the last 
Six Days was run. If . the new 
proposals are carried out in their 
entirety, they will tend to develop 
the sort of machine which nine out 
of every ten riders_. want. The 
novel factors which are to be introduced include the 
following items, all of which are vital to the satisfac- 
tion of the average owner : 

1. Petrol and oil consumption. 

2. Mudguarding. ' 

3. Springing. ^ 

4. Oil retention. 

Reliability will be severely tested by the seventy-five 
mile high speed test which concludes the actual riding. 
Brooklands test hill will guarantee the climbing power. 
Brakes are to be tested separately (this will surely 
arouse much controversy about front wheel brakes). 
The only points which have been overlooked are com- 
paratively secondary, and may possibly be incorporated 
in the 1922 event. Obvious omissions of great interest 
to the private owner are : 

5. Ease of cleaning. 

6. Accessibihty (e.specially in reference to tyre 
- repairs on all machines, and to mechanical adjust- 
ments on sidecar outfits). 

7. Quality and design of tool outfits. 

8. Vailue for money. 

A Drastic Change. 

The suggestion that all engines exceeding 350 c;c. 
must pull sidecars through the trial may mean a great 
deal more than is stated in the draft. It may imply 
that the A.C.U. intend to equip the bulk of the entry 
with an official observer, and to run the event on a 
non-stop basis, with a penalty for every stoppage of 


As recorded in our issue for Decem- 
ber 23rd, it is intended to introduce 
several new features in this year's 
A.C.U. Six Days Trials. 

The start will be from Brooklands, 
where the machines will be subjected 
to a preliminary examination and 
certain eliminating tests, including a 
test of mudguarding over a prepared 
surface, top gear slow running and 
silencer tests. 

Brooklands is also to be the scene of 
the finish of the Trial when the surviv- 
ing competitors will be required to 
maintain certain specified mimimum 
speeds for 25 laps. 

It is also suggested that every 
machine over 350 c.c. shall be required 
to be fitted with a sidecar. 

any sort or kind. At first sight this possibility is 
exceedingly attractive. Non-stop trials have been very 
largely responsible for developing cars to what they 
now are. Petty stops are far too common with many 
makes of motor cycle. This innovation would show 
up the " class " of the different types and different 
makes with great faithfulness. The adoption of the 
non-stop principle is probably impossible unless side- 
cars are made compulsory, and in most directions it 
would be extremely beneficial. 

But there are two or three equally serious snags 
about it. For example, if I may take familiar names 
in vain, the 4 h.p. Triumph, the 3 h.p. A. B.C., and 
the-2|^ h.p. Douglas all sell freely to solo enthusiasts. 
Of this trio, the Triumph and 
A. B.C. exceed 350 c.c, and would 
therefore have to pull sidecars. 
These machines would necessarily 
be far more severely tested and far 
more closely observed than the 
Douglas. Given reasonable roads, 
the Douglas (or its equivalent) could 
easily take a sidecar through the 
.road portion of the trial with credit, 
as could many of the little two- 
strokes and J.A.P.-engined light- 
weights now on the market, but 
it would be unfair and disastrous. 
The multi-lap high-speed test at 
Brooklands would be much more 
severe on a 350 c.c. sidecar -outfit 
than on a genuine dual-purpose 
machine like the sturdy Triumph. 
It would tend to increase the weight of the 350 c.c. 
machines, whereas there is real need for their weight 
to come down. 

Discouraging the Solo Mount. 

No wise enthusiast will hastily denounce careful 
efforts" to run the Six Days on a non-stop principle. 
But two preliminary cautions are essential. If the 
non-stop principle is applied, it must" be applied fairly, 
and it must not hamper the new movement towards 
lighter solo machines. The new taxation scheme 
tends to encourage machines which weigh under 200 
lb. Popular demand Avas already pushing in the same 
direction; the new light Sunbeam, Coulson, etc., were 
already showing the folly of building one and the same 
'bus for the solo tourist and the sidecar potterer. The 
A.C.U. must encourage this tendency, instead of 
crabbing it. 

Can they find a way out of this dilemma.? It is 
difficult to find an escape. Personally, I value the 
non-stop principle so enormously that I dare not 
denounce it offhand and • without reserve, though it 
threatens great sacrifices. I wonder whether the 
A.C.U. can devise some other method of encouraging 
the light solo 'buses if they should be penalised in the 
Six Days by this suggested rule. Could they be given 
compensating attention in a .series of shorter trials ? 
What would be the effect of making sidecars com- 
pulsory on all Six Day entries exceeding 200 lb. ? 
Could the problem be dodged by including in the Six 

JAXCARY 20llu 1921. 

The New "Six Days" Scheme.— 

Days a special solo class, in which the entering manu- 
lacturers pledged themselves to dehver duplicates with 
the usual guarantee plus a ^■oidance clause in the event 
ijf a sidecar being fitted ? I doubt whether anv satis- 
I actor}- solution can be found, and in that event I fear 
the non-stop principle ought to be abandoned. 

The scheme is considerably more audacious than it 
appears, for although it is easy to frame, it is very 
ditiicult to carry out. It will demand the most meti- 
culous organisation and a host of first-class minor 
(ifficials. However admirably it is planned and staffed, 
it will unfortunately be extremely boring to the partici- 
]3ants and to the spectators. It should prove worth 
the trouble, for it will produce rapid acceleration of 
development in the points which matter. A strictly 
limited entiy would appear desirable. 

The pitfall of a limited entry is that the results are 
apt to flatter the trade and humbug the public, seeing 


that almost any finii can prepare a single super machine 
and provide a super tuner. There may consequently 
lie some suggestion that the A.C.U. should after 
receiving entries purchase examples of the entered 
makes at random from the stocks of local dealers, 
instead of accepting machines selected and prepared 
by the entrants. I doubt whether any such compli- 
cated .system is necessary. A glance at the items 
selected for rewards and penalties indicates that they 
are mostly elements of design .rather than matters of 
tune. No doubt the machines which do best in the 
1921 Trial willdiffer from the 1921 machines sold to 
the public. But twelve montlis should set this right. 
The new mudguanls, the new springing, the new oil 
trapping devices, the new carburetter design will surely 
grace the 1922 models. A. trial fulfils its purpose 
when it forces upon the manufacturer's next year model 
such alterations as the greater bulk of liis customers 
desire. B. H. Da\ies. 

The 1921 Grand Prix. 

An Imporlan( ConlinenJal EvenI for Mo(or Cycles, (o be held al Ihe Time of (he Car Race. 

As announced in last week's issue, a Motor Cycle Grand 
Prix will be held in France ne.xt July, in conjunction 
witli the thiee-lilre motor car race, near Le Man.';. 
This event will be the most important motor cycle 
speed contest of the year on the Continent, and will be under 
the direct control of the Union Motocycliste, which i."! the 
national body controlling motor cycle races and competitions 
in France. 

It will be remembered that the Auto- 
mobile Club of France decided, several 
months aijo, to revive its Grand Pri.x 
race in 1921, this event having been 
interrupted by the war and the un- 
settled conditions since the Armistice. 
Every indication pointed to the selection 
■ if a course near Strasbourg for this im- 
portant event ; but, owing to the slow- 
ness of the Alsatian authorities to give 
the guarantees required by the Auto- 
mobile Club, this body suddenly decided 
to accept the offer of Lc Mans to prepare 
a course and pay an important subsidy 
for the race. 

The Grand Prix having been fixed for 
Saturday, .July 23rd, the decision was 

taken at a recent meeting of the Sporting Commission of the 
Automobile Club of France to hold a motor cycle event on 
the preceding day and over the same course. The rules have 
not yet been drawn up. for motor cycling in France is under 
the control of the Union Motocycliste, and not directly in 
the hands of the Sporting Commission. It is understood, 
however, that the I'rench Motor Cycle Grand Prix will be 

On the course at Le Mans, where the 
Grand Prix Race will be held in July. 
Top : Through the pine forests near Le Mans. 
Bottom : One of the best stretches. 

over a distance of three hundrec miles. 
Solo machines only will be adraitteti. 

The circuit is ten and a half miles, the 
roads are fairly level, the country is wild 
and deserted, and there are three sharp 
turns, only one of which, however, will 
cause any real difficulty to riders. For 
the Grand Prix it is intended to relay the 
entire road surface. , 


JANUARY 20lli, ig2i. 

A Monocar with a Dickey Seat. 

A Promising Cycle Car, embodying Well-known Motor Cycle Engine and Gear Units. 

ALTHOUGH there is undoubtedly a 
demand for an efficient monocar, 
it suffers, lilie the solo motor cycle 
with a carrier, in that a second pas- 
senger cannot be carried. The designer 
of the Baughan monocar illustrated no 
doubt appreciate this, and has taken 
his cue from the number of solo motor 
cycles now iitted .with Tan-Sad and 
similar seats, for, although all the ad- 
vantages of a solo four-wheeler are 
retained, in addition a convenient dickey 
seat forms part of the ecjuipment. 

An Unusual Transmission. 

The Baughan is a new proposition 
introduced by Messrs, Baughan Motors, 
of Lower Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 
and has an 8 h,p, twin Blackburne engine 
placed across the front end of the frame. 
The primary drive is by shaft to ? 
small gear box behind the driver's seat, 
containing a bevel gear, from the cross- 
shaft of which a " spider " conveys the 
drive to the outer member of the clutch 
of a Sturmey- Archer three-speed gear bo.x. 
A short chain is used for the final drive 

to the reai^ axle, a shock absorber being 

Quarter-elliptic springs are used at both 
ends, and at the rear girder-constructed 
rods are used and the spring ends allowed 
to slide in their housings. The specifi- 
cation also includes 650x55 mm. tyres 
on detachable wheels, Capac carburetter, 

domed-shaped mudguards, and an effi- 
cient cooling fan. 

The price is £222 10s. with dickey seat, 
and a wider model, seating two passen- 
gers side by side, and having a third 
seat at the rear, is also to be marketed 
for £255, complete with hood, screen, 
and electric lighting. 

The Baughan runabout, primarily designed as a monocar, but capable of takmg a second 
passenger m a neatly arranged dickey seat. 

Countershaft Gear Conversions. 

FREQUENTLY we are asked by ov/ners 
o£ single or hub-geared machines if 
it is possible to fit a countershaft 
gear. An answer is supplied by the ac- 
companying illustration of a 1913 hub- 
geared Triumph, which has been converted 
for use with a Sturmey-Archer three-speed 
countershaft gear. Such conversions, it 
must be noted, however, are not so easily 
made as might appear. 

The work was carried out by the 
Sheldon Engineering Co., of Bailey Lane, 

Sturdy bottom bracket used by the Sheldon 
Engineering Co. in their conversion sets. 

Coventry, who specialise in such conver- 
sions.-. Their method includes a new rear 
portion to the frame, and new wheel as 
well, of course, and the gear box. Almost 
any type of machine can be converted 
for a price in the 
neighbourhood of £27, 
though the figure 
varies somewhat ac- 
cording to the amount 
of work required in 
attaching the new rear 
frame and altering 
brake gear and 

A very substantial 
bottom bracket lug is 5, 
incorporated to carry '^ 
the Sturmey - Archer " 
gear, and plenty of 
room is provided for 
adjustment of the 
pi'imary chain. 

During our visit to 
the firm we were able 
to examine several 
different makes of 
machine which were 
undergoing conver- 

sion, and it may -be said that certain 
forms of frame offer involved problems 
in the way of modification. So far, how- 
ever, the Sheldon Engineering Co. have 
overcome all these dilficulties. 

Rear portion of an early model Triumph, which has been 
converted from a hub to a countershaft-geared machine by the 
Sheldon Engineering Co. 


WE have had a very interesting letter 
from Mr. Gustav Gothe, a Swedish 
motor cyclist and enthusiastic 
reader of Tlte Motor C'ych, who gives us 
some very useful information concerning 
the motor cycle sport and pastime in his 
country. He tells us that the Swedish 
Mdtor'Cycle Club has now developed into 
a firm and powerful organisation, well- 
known, and acknowledged in the whole 
of Sweden. Last year it joined the 
F.I.G.M. Conseque'ntly the Swedish 
Club is going to make this year's May 

Trials at AVhitsuntide an international 
affair, and sincerely trusts that British 
motor cyclists will go over and compete. 
He says that the Swedes have earned an 
international reputation for their hospi- 
tality, and he promises that motor cyclists 
who visit his country will have no reason 
to regret it 

Mr. Gothe has studied motor cycle con- 
ditions in this country carefully. He is 
secretary of the Competitions Committee 
of the Swedish Motor Cycle Club, and 
tells us that the motor cycle, both as a 

sporting A'ehicle and for practical pur- 
poses, has gained ground tremendously 
during the last few j'ears. Before the 
war motor cycles were comparatively rare, 
but now they are in use all over the 
country. He regrets to have to tell us 
that most of the motor cycles are 
American, due to the difficulty in getting 
supplies of British machines after the 
war. This year, however, he hopes to 
see an alteration. He is very enthusiastic 
concerning the qualities of British-made 

JANUARY 2oih, igsi. 


Arterial Roads <m</ 

^ //e 1 Tkemployed 




The new road between Purley and Waddon Stations in course of construction. 

IT has been known for a long time that 
st«ps are being taken to improve the 
roads in the Metropolis. 

The approaches to and exits front 
London, as many of our reader.s are 
aware, are in places dangerous and be- 
thronged with traffic. The construction of 
new roads, too, is providing work for the 
unemployed, and consequently some refer- 
ence to tlie sclienie is of double interest. 

We may first make mention of the 
Eltham by-pass, which will enable traffic 
pa.ssing from London to Maidstone to 
avoid Eltham High Street. Tlie northern 
extension of this Ijy-pass will serve as a 
useful coinicction between Greenwich and 
Woolwich. The Shooters Hill by-pass, 
which is four miles in length, will 
brancli from the Dover road at Blackheath 
so as to a\oid the 250ft. climb over 
Shooters Hill, rejoining the Dover road 
at Welling. Two circular roads are also 
projected one in the south tlirough Wool- 
wich, and one in the north through 
Willpsden, Edmonton, Walthamstow, etc., 
both of which will allow the congested 
centre of the city to be avoided. 

The western avenue through Humincr- 
siiiith and ActoM will, it is hoped, con- 
tinue through Ealing and Grcenford, and 
will join . the Oxford road beyond 
U.xbridge. The easteriK avenue will 
traverse the marshes of the Lea through 
Hackney and Leyton, and will cross the 
Lea valley between the Bow road and 
Lea Bridge road. It is hoped that this 
avenue will eventually be prolonged 
through Wanstead and Hford. and join 
the main Colchester road beyond Rom- 
ford, forming a road from the north of 
Londoii eastwards without going through 
Whitcchapel, Bow, and Stratford. 

There is yet another scheme which con- 
cerns the new Cambridge road through 
Tottenham, Edmonton, and Enfield, re- 
joining the old Cambridge road after 

Modem Motor Ways. 
The Ministry of Transport contemplates 
the construction of highways of at least 
ICOft. between fences. In the case of the 
100ft. road there will be an 8ft. footpath 
next to each fence. On each side of the 
footpath a 5ft. grass track and a 3ft. 
gravel strip between it and the 24ft. 
carriage-way. Next to the carriage-way 
will be a 20ft. track for fast traHic or 
tramways. Bevond the 20ft. track will 

be another 24ft. carriage-way similar to 
that on the other side of the central track. 

At the present moment the intention 
is to prepare the roads roughly throughout 
their full width, and only to complete the 
footway, grass track and narrow strip, 
and one of the carriage-ways, which will 
have a 6ft. footpath on the right-hand 
side. The remainder of the roads (54ft.) 
will probably be let out in temporal-)' 
allotments pending the time when they 
can be completed. Other roads will have 
to be of smaller dimensions 

Tills gives briefly an idea of the work 
on which the unemployed are being 
engaged, and it is inleresling to note that 
preference ie being given to ex-Service 

Ten Millions for Roads. 

A .<uni of Kn million lour hundred 
thousand pounds is to be made available 
for distribution for new road construction 
by the Ministry of Transport, and of this 
sum five million two hundred thousand 
pounds form a fund from which further 
grants towards road schemes can be made, 
while a similar fund is available for roads 

at Government rate of interest. Half of 
the largest sum is being allocated for the 
Metro|>olitan area, and the balance for 
arterial road schemes in other districts. 
Not less than 50% of the cost is to be 
expended on wages for unskilled men. 

So far the Minister of Labour has 
sanctioned expenditure in thirteeu areas 
inside the Metro|X)litan area and sixty-six 
areas outside the Metropolitan area. In 
the Metroiwlitan area the county councils 
have- been approached and pressure has 
been brought to bear upon them to under- 
take the necessary work with a 50% 
grant and a 50% loan, but .so far the 
councils have agreed onl)' to undertake a 
pmall portion of the work. When there 
is any excessive degree of unemployment 
in any particular district the Ministry of 
Labour notifies tlie Minister of Transport, 
whereupon the latter communicates with 
the local authorities so as to ascertain 
whether any road construction schemes 
are in existence in that district. The 
amount offered to the local authority is 
based on the number of unemployed ex- 
Service men in the area concerned. 

Thousands of tons of chalk are being conveyed by lorries to raise the foundations of the road 

to the required height. 



JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 

Prices o[ Second-hand Motor Cycles. 

A Schedule of Prices at which used and shop-soiled Motor Cycles were being offered in the miscellaneous 
advertisements of last week's issue of " The Motor Cycle." ' 

Make, H.P., and Date. 
A. B.C. 3h.p., ig^o . . 

A. B.C. 3h.p. sc, iq30 ... 
Abingdon 5-7h.p. sc, 1920 
Acme SIi.p. sc., 1920 .... 
A.J.S. 6h.p. sc, 1920 .... 

A.J.S. 6h.p. sc, 1919 
Allon 2']h.p., i<^o 



Classified Prices. 
£100, *£iio, £120, 
£125, £135. t£i50 " 


■ ifilS 

■ £1-15 

£180, £185, £190, *£200, 

t£2io, t£235, 1-/243 



American X 7-9n.p., 1920 t£i65, £t6o 

■" ■ ■ ' £175 

£162, £168 


American X 7-9ii.p. sc, 1920 

Ariel 6h.p. sc, 1920 £120, 

Ariel 3Ah.p., 1920 £100 

Bat Slj^p. sc, 1920 £115. 

Beardmore sh.p., 1920 *£85, 

Blackburne 4h.p., 1920 ,£io5, 

Blackburne Sh.p. sc, 1920 £r75 

Brough .=)-6h.p. sc, 1920 £i.'io 

B.S.A. 4ih.p., 1920 £100, 

B.S..A.. 4ih.p. sc, 1920 £rio, 

t£l50, £160 





Calthorpe 2.,h.p., 1920 

Cleveland sh.p., 1920 

CljTio 2ih.p., T020 

Clyno Sh.p. ^v, W.D 

Connaught 2.Th.p., 1920 .... 
Coulson-B. 4h.p., 1920 .... 

Coutson-B. 2^h.p., 1920 £8: 

Coventry Eagle 2.Jh.p., 1920 ..... £75 , 

Douglas 2?h.p., 1920 £82, 

Douglas 4h.p. sc, 1920 £125, 

Edmund 2,^h.p., 1920 .£105 

Enfield Sh.p. sc, 1920 £150, 

Eniield 8h.p. sc, 1921 I*£i75, 

Enfield sjh.p., 1920 £55, 

HarJey-Davidson 7-9h.p. sc, 1920. . t£i.5o, 

Harley-Davidson 4h.p., 1920 .... £140, 

Hazlewond 5-6h.p. sc, 1920 ...... *£i65, 

Hobart 23h.p., 1920 ;..."... iy, 

Humber 4ih.p., 1920 - *fci3o 

Indian 7-9h.p. sc, 1920 "i'£l^o. 

£100, *£i07, *^io 
£120, £120, £123, 

£138, £140, t£i43 . 




£52 . 


£90, £90. £90. £9- 

£130. £140, £145, £152, £133 

£175 "'^.''''^^'^'^.'■^^'■■ 

t'£i95 ....-...:......... 

£63, £75, £75 

£175, .£210, t£2io, £250 . . . 

*£I42, •£150 











'i'£i73- t','175. 

£185, t£2O0 £179 

tDyuamo lighting. 

Make, H.P., and Date. 

Indian 4h.p., 1920 

James 5 6h.p. sc. 1920 

James 2ih.p., 1920 

Lea-Francis sjh.p., 1920 . . . . 

Levis 2ih.p., 1920 . . . sc, 1920 . . 
Matchless Sh.p. sc, 1920 . . . 

New Hudson 2ih.p., 1920 

New Imperial 8h.p. sc, 1920 . . . 

New Imperial 22h.p., 1920 

New Imperial Sh.p. sc, 1919 . . . 

New Scale 3-ih.p. sc, 1920 

Norton 4h.p. sc, 1921 

Norton 3;^.h.p. model 16, 1920 ... 

N.U.T. 3Jh.p., 1920 

O.K. 2*h.p., 1920 

Omega 2ih.p., 1920 

P. and M. s'-h.p., 1920 

P. and M. 3.ih.p., 1918-19 

Quadrant 4ih.p. sc, 1920 

Reading Standard Sh.p. sc, 1921. 

Rover sih.p., 1920 

Rover 5-6h.p. sc, 1920 . . . 

Royal Ruby 3h.p., 1920 

Rudge 3lh.p.,.i92o 

Rudge 3jh.p. sc, 1920 

Scott 3ih.p. sc, 1920 . . . . , 

Scott 32h.p., 1920 

Sun sth.p., 1920 

Sunbeam 3^h.p., 1920 

Sunbeam 3ih.p. sc, 1920 ....... 

Sunbeam Sh.p. sc, 1920 

Triumph 4h.p., 1920 ........... 

Triumph 4h.p. sc, 1920 , .' 

Triumph 4h.p. sc, 1919 

Velocette 2ih.p., 1919 

Wooler 2jh.p., 1920 

Zenith Sh.p., 1920 . 

Zenith 5h.p., 1920 ._ 


£55, ' 





















, £ioo, 


■ fios 


. £42 

. £78, 

. £98, 

. £95, 

Classified Prices. Price. 

£133 £132 

£165, £190 £171 

'£65 £60 

»£ii6, £120 £112 

£.35 £55 

£i8o,' £182] £185', £185', £185, 

t£200, t£2I0. 1£220 £191 

"£63 £63 

£79,'£S9';.::-^-- ■■■•■••■■ £77 
, £i,to, £150 £137 

■ £130 

. t£l40, t£r45, tCH? 

'£43, '£47 

£79, £80 

£70, £70, £82 



£100, £120, £120 
£95, '£95 

t£l33, £140 
£110, £110 . . 


M240, t£245 

£119, *£ii7, *£i2o 

£145, £145, £il3. £180 ... 
£105, £107, £123, £j23, £135, 













- £127 

£85 £81 

*£i20, «£l25, £130 £118 

£100, £105 £100 

A Floatless Carburetter. 

The Parmor Vaporiser— a Well-made Inslrument embodying Several Novel Fealures. 

EVER since the introduction of tlie spray 
carburetter a certain number of designers 
haA'e given their minds to the problem 
of eliminating the float and its attendant 
mechanism. We have before us a recent ex- 
ample of floatless carburetter, which embodies 
several features of interest, and which has 
been tested by a well-known Midland firm 
with satisfactory results. 

This instrument is known as the Parmor 
floatless carburetter, and is . marketed by 
Parmor Carburetters, Ltd., Carlton House 
Extension, Birmingham. 

Graduated Adjustment. 

Petrol is fed directly to one or more small 
jets drilled in the face of a wide cone. When 
at rest these jets are sealed by an internally- 
coned valve which takes its seating on the 
surrounding face. This valve has a vertical 
hole drilled thi'ough the centre and lies imme- 
diately below a series of spraying jets. By 
means of a milled cap the height of the main 
coned member may be adjusted, thus regu- 
lating the permissible travel of the valve. 
The cap is provided with a scale and a lock- 
ing device, so that once the correct adjust- 
ment has been found it may be retained in- 
definitely, or modified to suit existing condi- 
tions. It will be clear that engine suction 
will raise the jet covering valve and thus allow 
petrol to pass to the atomising jets. 

Air and throttle barrels are of normal con- 
struction, the former being D shaped and slid- 
ing within the latter, while the cap of the 
carburetter is secured by a bayonet joint 

locked in position by a simple spring clip. 
At the present time the carbui'etter is made 
for " big singles " only, though further models 
are under way. 

Advantages Claimed. 

Since a Parmor carburetter is in the course 
of being fitted to a staff machine we will con- 
fine our description to this brief outline \)f 
the instrument with a view to giving our actual 
experiences on the road at an early date. 
We may state, however, that we have seen 
reports from competent and independent 
sources which state that the carburetter has 
given excellent results as regards power, flexi- 
bility, and consumption, and that there are 
no syniptoms of drip when the machine is at 
rest. The main claims of the manufacturers 
are ; easy starting, low consumption, great 
flexibility, and prevention of " konking." 

Part sectional view of the 
Parmor floatless carburetter, 
showmg the conical jet and 
its covering valve. 


EXHIBITED at the Amsterdam Motor 
Cycle Show there was a four-cylinder 
Henderson fitted with a reverse gear. 
Such eauipment seems unnecessary complica- 
tion and cost. 

The majority of sidecar outfits can turn in 
their own length, but there are exceptions, 
and to the makers of these we recommend that 
they increase the wheel lock. We do this, 
not because we think there is the remotest 
possibility of them considering a reverse, but 
because no sidecar outfit should require the 
full width of the road in which to turn. 

JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 

AN ingenious and effective method of 
fitting a Bowden wire has been 
introduced by Mr. L. Parsons, 277, 
Ley Street, Ilford, Essex. The nipple 
is made of brass, and through it is a 
hole drilled eccentrically. A further 
hole is drilled through below this, and 
still another, which does not quite pene- 
trate the nipple, at right angles. The 
end of the wire is first sweated and then 

Parsons wire nipple. The 
three upper sketches show the 
cable fixing, holder, and 
needle. (Bottom) Section 
showing needle in position. 

pushed through the horizontal hole, 
while an old gramophone needle is ne.xt 
driven through the. vertical hole. The 
effect of this is to force the wire upwards 
into the liole partially drilled through 
the nipple, thus securely anchoring the 
cable. The method appears to us to be 
quite good, and should be entirely satis- 


ASI^IPLE and ingenions soldering 
iron, heated by methylated ^irit, 
is handled by Gordon t'ren, 11, Rue 
Descombes, Paris (XVII<s), France. 
Known as the Ki-soude, It will certainly 

A French self-heating soldering iron. 

appeal to those motor cyclists who do 
their own repairs. Filled with a penny- 
worth of methylated spirit, the iron will 
k<ep hot for half an hour and should 
prove very useful to the motor cyclist for 
small repair work. 


AN ingeuious motor 
cycle compression 
tap has been pro- 
duced by Messrs. Ross, 
Courtney, and Co., Ltd., 
Ashbrook Road, Upper 
Holloway, London, N.19. 
It is made in two portions, 
a main body screwed into 
the cylinder and a de- 
tachable portion fitted 
complete with dust cover 
and terminating in a 
steel ball which engages 
with the seating of the 
main body. The design 
of the tap should pre- 
vent all leakage, and ^... 

should be entirely satis- sion tight in- 
factory for ordinary use. jection tap. 

The Ross- 
Courtney dust 
and compres- 


A MOTOR cycle lock which is none 
the less secure despite its sim- 
plicity is marketed by Messrs. H. 
Taylor and Co., Ltd., 21a," Store Street, 
Tottenham Court Road, London, W.C.I. 
It consists merely of a piece of flat 
steel bent into the shape of a hook with 
a hole at the opposite end. The hook is 

Taylor's simple motor cycle lock. 

passed i-ound one member of the front 
forks, while the other end is secured 
to the opposite .side by means of an 
ordinary padlock, the hasp of which is 
slipped through the hole. In that posi- 
tion the motor cycle cannot be wheeled, 
and it would Uike an expert thief some 
time to cut through the sleel bar with a 


JN our pages of readers' ideas (lie 
1 suggestion of a flywheel brake lias 
often arisen, and lately Messrs. James 
Grose, Ltd., 4. Old Jewry. London, 
E.C.2, have submitted to us a sample 
brake, which may be used on Douglas 
motor cycles as well as on many other 
machines provided witli outside (Ivwiicels. 

Grose's flywheel brake for Douglas and 
other outside flywheel machines. 

The same firm also handle a comfort- . 
able foot muff for sidecar use, which 
should be specially welcomed by lady 
sidecar passengers' at this time "of the 



ANY device which will enable a side- 
car to be quickly detached must, of 
necessity, be welcome. A coupling 
designed with this end in view has been 
produced by ilessrs. PickersgiU and 
t^rasby, 257, Attercliffe Common, Shef- 
field; It IS known as the Quick clip, and 
consists of a lug in which a slot is cut 
engagmg with a spigot forming part of 

A quickly detached 

sidecar connection 

^.^ patented by 

■*• PickersgiU and 

Grasby, Sheffield. 

motor cycle frame attachments. When the 
slot IS engaged with the spigot a taper 
pm IS pushed through; the pin is then 
covered by moans of a slide which, when 
twisted into position, fits close up against 
the conntersunk head of the pin and 
prevents It from moving. The slide is 
hltcd with a self-locking device which 
renders the coupling ab.solutelv secure 


WE have had under lest for the last 
two or three moiitlis a couple of 
new type plugs, manufactured by 
Messrs. Bluenicl, Ltd., of Wolston. These 
have been given a very 
hard lest on a big 
t w i 11 sidecar outfit, 
and have stood up 
to many severe n-ruel- 
lings on the road when 
long bursts and fast 
.■speeds have been in- 
dulged in. The mile- 
age done with these 
plugs has been about 
three thousand, and the 
fact that we intend to 
retain them in use for 
the future is sufficient 
evidence of their excel- 
lent qualities. 

The only alleration 
which we made to the 
plugs as sent out by the 
makers was to widen 
the gap slightly, other- 
wise they have been 
untouched since they 
were first put into the engine. A sec- 
tional view of the plug is illustrated 

Section of the 
Bluemel plug. 

A foot-muff for sidecar passengers 
It is made by J. Grose, Ltd. 


Copies of the report of the proceedings 
of the Imperial Motor Transport Confer- 
ence held at Olympia in October are now 
available at a " charge of 8s. 6d. {post 
free). It is obtainable from the hon. 
secretaiy to the Council. Mr. Horace 
Wyatt, Royal Automobile Club, Pall 
Mall, S.W.I. 


JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 

How a Weight Limit Encourages the Aoderately-priced Cycle Car. 

THERE has always been a, difficulty in deciding 
on a dividing line which will distinguish 
between the cycle car and the miniature car, 
and so long as engine capacity alone is used for the 
purposes of identification this difficulty is bound to 
exist. Whether the limit be fixed at i,ioo c.c. or 
any other arbitraiy figure, both air-cooled radial and 
four-cylindev water-cooled line ahead engines are in- 
cluded, while if price is chosen as a basis, one is apt 
to find certain American productions which can hardly 
be described as cycle cars included in the definition. 
Let it be stated here and now that there is obviously 
no objection- to the standard line ahead four-cylinder 
engined cycle car provided the initial cost and running 
expenses can be kept lovj enough to compete javourahly 
iM>it]i a higli-class motor cycle and sidecar. 

The whole crux of the -situation appears to he in 
the fact that the succe.ssful cycle car must compete 
equally with the more luxurious sidecars. 

Effect of Weight Lrimitation. 

And now to explain how a suitable weight limitation 
will ensure this desirable end. There will be few who 
will deny that weight is one of the, most important 
factors in upkeep, granted, of course, the machine is 
strong enough to be roadworthy. Weight also has a 
great bearing on the question of initial cost provided, 
again, that the machine is designed and not guessed 
at. Let us examine the question briefly, commencing 
with the all important power unit. 

For the purposes of this article all types of engine 
likely to be used at the present time, V twins and 
flat twins, will be henceforward ' referred to as 
" radials," since it is obvious that the former is 'the 
simplest form of single line radial, and the latter the 
simplest form of two line radial (radials with cranks in 
more than two places are not worth considering at 
the present moment). 

It must be obvious to the average intelligence that 
a single line radial is the lightest and cheapest form of 
engine for a given number of cylinders, since it involves 
only a single throw crankshaft of such short length 
that it can be made sufficiently stiff with a minimum of 
weight and machining. (Against this must be set the 
necessity for balance weights which,, however, are 
easily constructed.) A short crank case, also with the 
minimum of metal is required, and if an outside fly- 
wheel is used, the castings will weigh but a few pounds. 
Both crankshaft and crank case will cost proportion- 
ately less than the long shaft and case of the conven- 
tional four-cylinder, which must be made unduly heavy 
in order to attain the necessary amount of rigidity. 

The radial has another very great advantage in that, 
being short in itself, it enables the chassis to be 
shortened without reducing the seating accommoda- 
tion? ■ At first sight the advantage thus gained is not 
so obvious, since few of the non-technical public 
realise the amount of extra weight involved by the 
addition of 6m. to- the wheelbase. Such lengthening 
increases the weight, not only by the extra 6in. in the 
frame and drive length, but also if the frame has been 
correctly designed in the first instance by a consider- 
able increase in the depth or section of the frame mem- 
bers, and possibly of the propeller-shaft. It is true 
that a long wheelbase provides additional comfort at 
speed, but if the seating accommodation is kept well 
within the wheelbase and the springing is well carried 
out, the difference is not likely to be very noticeable. 

So far, no mention has been made of the respective 
merits of air and water-cooling, but the air-cooled 
engine obviously scores in the matter of both price and 
weight, though in the latter respect the difference in 
the near futpre is not likely to be so great as might 
be expected, since designers are beginning to realise 
that to obtain the best and most even cooling, a cpn- 
siderable mass of metal is required in air-cooled cylin- 
der castings. (The use of aluminium and composite 
cylinders is not contemplated on the score of in- 
creased cost.) 

Since the engine and chassis will be considerably 
lighter in the case of the air-cooled radial, the springs, 
axles, and tyres can be made lighter, thus again reduc- 
ing the cost of material and a very important factor, 
unsprung weight-7 

Saving Production Costs. 

Now if an air-cooled radial engine is designed so 
that both (or all) the cylinders are identical, the com- 
bined saving in weight, and cost is going to make a con- 
siderable difference in the first cost and upkeep of the 
machine, and the car type engine will have its time 
cut out to compete with the less orthodox type. 

It is hardly in the province of this article to deal 
in detail with the most suitable type of air-cooled 
radial, but it is to be hoped that sufficient has been 
said in explanation of the fact that, given suitable 
weight limit, the car type with its greater initial price 
and upkeep will be automatically excluded from the 
true cycle car class. If, however, a true and roadworthy 
light car can be built within the limits of, let us say, 
1,100 c.c. and 8 cwt. complete, and still appeal to the 
prospective cycle car buyer with a low price, it de- 
serves all the credit that it will undoubtedly earn.. 

JANUARY 20ih, 1921. 



Some Notes on an Imporlant Ilem of Design. 

A LETTER published in The Motor CyfU of 
December 2nd brings home to me the fact that a 
little morfe explanation and fuller details should 
be added to my remarks on bearings and their adjust- 
ment in the series of articles intended for novices. 
Let me say first that on many points I am in agreement 
with the writer of the letter mentioned whose connec- 
tion with the Skefko Ball Bearing Co. naturally sug- 
.uests some knowledge of the subject. 

f ■ 1-*-' 

~ '- p- • , .1 



1 l;P^^-- 

FIG 1 


1 CT 







IffltS or STKISS 

Figs. 3 and 4 — Adaptation 
of cycle wheel bearings apphed 
to the steering head, as sug- 
gested by our contributor. 

A conventional 
Fig. 2. — A more suitable type 
of thrust race. 

There is probably much 
difference of opinion as to 
the desirability of journal 
bearings for motor cycle 
wheels. Doubtless they 
will run with less friction 
than the cycle bearings 
usually employed, and if 
.Skefko or other double 
now ball bearings are used 
there will be no question 
I if their not being up to their work on .solo machines, 
Imt they have the disadvantage of not being adjust- 
able, and I think they have still to prove their worth 
im sidecar outfits. The Timken taper roller bearings 
are excellent for this purj^ose, provided that dirt can 
be rigidly excluded. 

The Best Bearings for the Head. 

It is, however, nn the mailer of the head bearings 
that I differ from Mr. Walker (whose letter appeared 
in the issue, for December 2nd). The usual thrust 
bearing would not do at all, and it is only by deepen- 
ing the cups that the bearings can be even reasonablv 
efficient (see figs, i and 2). Even when the cups are 
deepened the wear takes place principally on the 
edges of the cups rather -than at the bottom," and tliere 
must come a time when the depth of the cups is 
insufficient to allow of enough adjustment to take up 
the lateral movement. 

Suppose fig. 5 to be a diagrammatical representa- 
tion of the front part of a motor cycle having a rake 
of 30° from the perpendicular. Let the line through 
the centre of the head produced meet the ground at 
the point of contact of the tyre. Now, if the top of 
the head be 36in. from this point, the head 6ui! be- 
tween the bearings, and the load on the front wheel 
100 lb., we obtain the following figures (see fig. 6). 
The resistance of the road (R) will be equal to the 

weight on the front wheel (100 lb.), and will act ver- 
tically upwards. This force can, by means of the 
parallelogram of forces, be resolved into two compo- 
nent forces acting at right angles, one directly through 
the steering head, which will represent the force with 
which a thrust bearing can cope ; the other at right 
angles to this, which will represent the force for which 
journal bearings are best suited. The angle RGB 
being 30° we have now a triangle equal to half an 
equilateral triangle, and the sides will be in" the pro- 
. jiortion of i, 2, and V3^ This gives a force of 
86.6 lb. acting directly through the head as a plain 
thrust, and a force of 50 lb. acting at right angles to 
the line of the head at C, the point of contact with the 
ground. We will take the distance between the head 
bearings AB as 6in., and the distance of the top 
bearing to the point where the wheel touches the 
ground A C as 36in. If we suppose for a moment 
that the head can swing about A, the force at B, the 
lower head bearing, for which a journal bearing is re- 
quired, is 300 lb., for \ C is a lever of the second 

A Compromise. 

Thus we have in the lower bearing 86.6 lb. suited to 
a thrust bearing, and 300 lb. suited to a journal bear- 
ing. Hence 1 maintain that a combination of these 
bearings is necessary for complete efficiency. Con- 
sidermg the top bearing in tlie same way we find that 
the thrust is equal to nothing, for the weight is only 
pressing the bearings apart, and the radial force 
250 lb. in the opposite direction to the same force 
at B. 

Failing a combination of thrust and journal bear- 
ings I am in favour of such bearings as that used on 
cycle wheels (fig. 3), or that shown in fig. 4. Where 
the balls touch at two points only the line of stress 
must pass through these two points and the centre of 
the ball, and in cycle bearings this line can be set 
in the most suitable direction for withstanding the 
various forces by a proper arrangement of the curves 
in the cups and cones. Fig. 4 shows a three-point 
bearing, and the lines of stress for the radial and end 
thnists will be situated in different parts of the ball. 
Neither will be quite as good as separate thrust and 
journal bearings, but both will serve their purpose 
if properly and carefully designed. J.H.W. 

300 LBS 

Fig. 3. 



JANUARY 20th, IQ21. 


The motor cyclist on the left favours a woollen cap, a long rubber coat, and a pair of Hamel's " quick-fastener " overalls tucked inside snow 
boots. A leather helmet is worn by the other, who, having efficient leg guards, does not trouble to wear " extras " on his lower limbs. 

Some Notes of Clothing for Head, Body, Hands, Legs, and Feet. 

ONCE more the audacious motor cyclist who 
does not put away his machine with his cricket 
gear in September is obsessed by the problem 
of keeping warm and dry. As one of that pugnacious 
class who consider no weather too inclement for their 
favouiite hobby I propose to set out a few precious 
maxims bought in the hard school of experience and 
suffering. In order to maintain some sort of logical 
sequence these notes shall commence at the rider's 
head and work gradually downwards. 

Head Gear. 

A weird assortment of hats and caps may be viewed 
at the start of a London-Exeter, but riders for whom 
every winter day is an instalment of a continuous 
London-Exeter will perceive immediately 
that two-thirds of the entry are badly 
dres,sed. The obvious first essential is to 
keep the ears warm. Rolls and flaps are 
used for the purpose. Rolls facilitate 
hearing, but do not make for warmth at 
low road speeds in a side wind. Flaps 
are certainly preferable except in very 
heavy traffic. Oddly enough, the fore- 
head feels cold more readily than any 
part of the head except the ears, and the 
cap "or helmet should be thickly padded 
in front. 

Helmets are all very well, except that 
they do not protect the eyes. In blinding 
snow or a hailstorm anybody's eyes need 
protection, and goggles cannot be worn. 
In an icy wind most men's eyes are apt tT 
•■stream with water; as a cure goggles' may 


A storm cap made by M.bhekman 
and Co., of Tyne Dock. 

be worn if the air is clear ; in this case the goggles 
should not be lowered over the eyes until loo yards 
after starting, or they will mist. Eye protection in 
snow or hail is not provided on any storm cap of my 
acquaintance; a stiff peak {e.g., with an aluminium 
liner) resembling that of a jockey's cap is required. 
I use two types of headgear in winter, viz. : 

1. A waterproof flapped helmet by Shekman, of 
Tyne Dock, which is excellent, except that its peak 
is flabby and soft. With a stiff,, long peak it would 
be fine. In fair weather it can be furled up into the 
sort of cap once known as the "polo" type, but now 
associated with Bolshevists. 

2. A seafaring man's headbag with face-hole and 
neck skirt, for which see below. 

Neck Gear. 

The blazing crime of nearly all motor 
cycling coats is that they do not seal the 
gap round the neck against the entrance 
of rain. Tailors doubtless imagine that 
the seal is perfect. So do riders until 
they venture out. Then they wind long 
soft scarves round their necks, and in 
half an hour the sodden feeling becomes 
miserable, and an Alpine rivulet trickles 
between the shoulders. Good motor 
cycling tailors like Irvine Smith find it 
necessary to sew a protective flap along 
the buttoned front of a jacket to stop 
rain blowing in ; from which, it can be 
imagined that the problem of a dry neck 
is acute in really bad weather. I believe 
Dunliill has a poncho-necked coat drawn 

JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 


U-.ti ill gauntlets 

with liide palms — speciality 

of Dunhills. 

Two of Barbour's (South Shields) specialities mentioned by our 
contributor — the B iziard helmet and oilskin mitts, 

tight by a string. I have never tried it, and the old 
" umbrella neck " of elastic rubber is the only water- 
proof neck I know. Since umbrella coats became un- 
obtainable, I have relied on the enormous oilskin bags 
in which sailors encase their heads. Barbour, of South 
Shields, makes a good one. The chief merit of such bags 
is that they have an ample skirt, whicli overlaps the 
coat collar; so they shoot water off the head on to the 
shoulders, and the shoulders shoot the wet off on to 
the road. But they are ineffably hideous. Bold as I 
am, I dare only wear them in the dark, or in dis- 
tricts where I am unknown. 

Failing such a head-bag, the best plan is that 
u.sually followed. Get a coat cut to fit your neck as 
closely as possible, and caulk the joint with many 
vvrappings of a soft scarf. 

The Coat. 

Leather for warmth and oilskin for " dryth " is the 
old motto. Nothing but a thick, close-textured stuff 
like leather will ward off winter winds at motor cycling 
speeds. Put on as many undercoats as possible, one 
of which should either be leather or solid rubber sheet- 
ing; and cover the lot with a -genuine wateqiroof, such 
as a Beacon oilskin. Windcuffs are not necessary, as 
gauntlets will certainly be worn. Barring the difficulty 
of the neck, emphasized above," the coating is perfectly 
simple, and is merely a matter of quantity. A belt, 
of course, is essential, or the draughts work up from 
beneath, and make you fee! as the emperor of the 
fable did in his new clothes. 

The Hands. 

Hand-comfort hinges on circulation. Xobodv can 
keep his hands warm indefinitely on a motor cycle in 
winter, not even douhle-skinned youngsters, such as 

G. P. Mills was 
in his prime. 
Any of us can 
start a ride with 
his hands warm, 
and cover his 
hands with 
non - conducting 
materials, which 
will retain the 

Wool-hned waterproof handle-bar mufls bv Starting heat for 
the Gimeta Rubber G)., Birmingham. a variable 

"Combined mitts and gloves as supplied by 
Dunhills to the troops in Russia. 

period. A man with a bad circulation may have to 
stop and warm his hands at a fire or by performing 
physical jerks within half an hour. A man with a 
good circulation can keep going for an hour or two. 
The desirable accessories are : 

1. Handle-bar muffs.- (Essential in Arctic 
weather and long distance work.) 

2. Two or three pairs of thin, soft gloves (silk or 

3. An overall glove which is both wind and water- 

I agree with my colleague " Ixion " that the German 
"Continental" glove has never been equalled. I 'am 
now using in its stead a pair of mitts made for the 
Archangel field force, waniily lined and finished in 
waterproof twill. I also possess a pair of gloves on 
similar lines by Dunhill, and a pair of Beacon oilskin 

The Legs. 

Leggings come in the same category as coats. 
Almost anything will do. If we except one detail, 
leggings are more a matter of quality than quantity. 
The exception is the spats. Xinety-nine leggings out 
of every hundred are .spatted. The spats are cut to 
fit an ordinary boot. One pair of walking boots spells 
frostbite in real winter motor cycling ; but if the feet 
are properly clad, the spats won't fasten over the feet. 
Ergo, the winter rider must eschew shaped and spatted 
leggings and wear trousers. His 
exact specification for leggings will 
thus vary according to what he 
intends to wear on his feet. Later 
on, as the weather gets worse, I shall 
appear in a pair of knee gum boots, 
which are the warmest boots ever 
made, but need careful precautions 
to prevent water running down into 
them. So when I don the gum 
boots, I wear oilskin trousers right 
over them, and strap the hems of the 
trousers round the ankle to jjrevent 
them singeing on the engine or 
catching in spiky parts of the 

A regular wardrobe, you say, 
gentle reader? Certainly. But with- 
out, proper winter motor cycling 
ceases to be a pleasure, and ranks 
rather as a graveyard filler. 

The College "foot 
overall," which is 
adjustable, and has 
a leatlier insole and 
waterproof outsole. 


The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions of his correspondents. 
All letters must be addressed to the Editor, " The Motor Cycle," Hertford Street, Coventry, and must be accompanied by the writer's name and address. 


Sir, — I have just read in your paper that nothing has been 
embodied in the new recommendation of the Ministry of 
Transport to indicate a prior right of way at cross roads. 

I beg to suggest that the "cross roads" sign visible to a 
driver should indicate that he lias prior right of way when 
the sign is in black lettering, and against him when in red 
lettering. It would cost no more, and it is just as easy to 
do the right thing at the commencement. 


Sir, — As you say in your description of the London- 
Exeter, Trow Hill seems to have lost its old terror for motor 
cyclists. I also think so. "I can cliinb it on my 2^ h.p. 
Kadco, and when the hill is quite dry I can get up on top 
gear on my two-speed 7-9 h.p. Indian. 

As a "new venture'," w'hy not bring before the M.C.C. 
Committee Chine Way Hill between Ottery and Lyme Regis? 
It would not be a single mile out of the way (rather less 
tlian the Trow Hill route if anything). 

I admit this hill is only about the same gradient as Trow, 
and it has no corners, but it invariably has a very loose 
surface, and would be just as likely to cause failures as 
Trow (if not more so). I merely mention this as a keen 
motor cyclist, but, perhaps, it might receive the attention 
of the M.C.C. Committee, if they were to hear of it. 



Sir,— I was pleased to note "L.J.G.'s" query 7-e solid 
tyres in your issue of the 6th. 

I have been riding for the last twenty years, and although 
engmes have improved vastly in the meantime, pneumatic 
tyres have not, and, until we can afford to fit Rapsons, 
we are still subject to the puncture bugbear. 

To avoid this, I have used a solid tyre on the driving wheel 

of my 2J, h.p. motor cycle for the past two years with great 

'. success. It may slow the machine a trifle, but it certainly 

makes for peace of mind, and the worst and flintiest road's 

have no terrors ! 

It is made by the British Airless Tyre Co., Ltd., cost about 
57s., and was obtained from the local agent of Curry's.- 


Sir, — As a more than satisfied owner of a Tamplin cycle 
car, I welcome the proposal of the A.C.U. to take over this 
type of vehicle from the R.A.C. This little car is a motor 
cycle on four wheels pure and simple, with 8 h.p. a.c. 
engine, S.A. three-speed gear box, belt and chain drive, and 
motor cycle wheels and tyres; and, in my opinion, it is 
absurd that such a machine should be classed with pukka 
light cars of four times the weight and cost. There is an 
immense future for the true cycle car if developed on the 
right lines, and I entirely agree with you that it is only bv 
competition and comparison with the sidecar and three- 
wheeler that this can be brought about satisfactorily. At 
the same time, I think the utmcst care must be used in 
striking a dividing line, and would suggest that weight is 
even more important than c.c. If these" were fixed at 8 cwt. 
and 1,000 c.c. respectively there could be no genuine arE;ument 
against control by the A.C.U., and it would remove the 

B4 • 

absurdity of such cars as the Singer, Deemster, etc., being 
classed as cycle cars and compelled to compete with motor 
cycles and three-wheelers. 

Further, I feel convinced that once the true cycle car is 
under A.C.U. control, future taxation will be based on the 
same basis as three-wheelers. Under present taxation the 
monocar and light two-seater cycle car are doomed, and I 
am surprised that those who are supposed to represent the 
type do not appear to realise this? TAMPLINITE. 



Sir, — I am in full sympathy with " An L'ngrateful Member 
of the A. A" regarding his comments upon the increased, cost 
of everything connected with his motor cycling ; but in 
regard to his objection to the increased subscription for A. A. 
motor cycle members, may I put him right on one point ? 

The A. A. made very stringent efforts to get the new tax 
reduced, and in my Minority Report on this taxation I laid 
particular stress ui>on the cases of the large number of 
motorists Avho, by force of circumstances, use their vehicles 
occasionally, or at week-ends. I had in view the case of the 
worker who, like "An Ungrateful Member of the A.A.," 
could not afford to let his motoring, amounting only to a few 
hours each week, cost much. 

Because the A. A. did everything possible to prevent the 
imposition of this tax, and intends to continue its fight, your 
correspondent, if he is really anxious to see a reduction of 
motor taxation, should continue to support us. A fight can- 
not be maintained without a war chest, and "An LTngrateful 
Member of the A. A." and his friends should realise that by 
cutting out their membership of the A. A., they are capitu- 
lating to the enemy, and that in these circumstances conditions 
will certainly not improve, but are likely to become worse. 
Secretary the Automobile Association and Motor Union. 


Sir, — Some time ago one of your correspondents pointed 
out the desirability, nay the necessity, of a reduced entrance 
fee for the genuine " private owner " in this year's T.T. 
Probably owing to the length of time which then existed 
before the event became reasonably near, the epistle did 
not attract the attention it de-served. With the race now 
less than five months distant, however, it is time to 
make a protest against the excessive high fee of £21 which, 
I understand, has been settled for trade and amateur riders 
alike. A private entrant should certainly not be called upon 
to pay such a high penalty for what is, after all, only a sport- 
ing run, from his point of view. The private owner's chances 
of success are naturally 100 to 1 against the trade rider's. 
A tee of £10 is certainly high enough for him. Such a fee is 
".solid" enough to prevent any overcrowding. 

It might also be pointed out that incidental expenses in 
connection with the T.T. are greater than those of any other 
competition or trial in England. The trade and the locality 
where the event takes place stand to gain more by this event 
than by either of the English or Scottish Six Day Trials. 
Nevertheless, though the first event occupies only a single 
day (for each competition), the fee charged for entrance is 
six or seven times greater than that required for an event 
of a week's duration. RICHARD McAULEY. 

JAKWA.RY soili, iq2I. 


Sir, — I must beg leave to disagree with Mr. David Todd in 
his diagnosis of the trouble m lubricating motor cycles 
mechanically during cold weather. I submit that the size 
of the pump makes no ditference to the draw or pace exerted 
on the oil. This is a question of elementary hydrostatics. 

As a matter of practical experience, I was recently able 
to observe the behaviour of the Best and Lloyd mechanical 
pump which I have had fitted to my Matchless since last 
August. It must be admitted that on one or two mornings 
during the month of December the temperature was as low 
as is generally experienced in this country during winter. I 
was therefore rather surprised to notice that there was no 
check on the action of the pump and apparentlv no lessening 
of the oil supply. F. j. NESBIT. 


Sir, — Som,e uncertainty has existed as to the position of 
motor cycle taxis under the new taxation, and it was thought 
that they would be classed as hackney carriages, and thus 
be liable to a tax of £15, which would be a serious blow 
to this new development of the motor cycle industry. 

With a view to obtaining an authoritative statement, we 
waited upon the chief taxation officer for Birmingham, and 
were informed by him that, under the " Roads Bill " now 
passing through Parliament, it is definitely stated that 
"where a hackney vehicle of the class mentioned in pars. 
1 or 2 of the second schedule to the Finance Act. 1920, it 
shall be charged with duty under par. 1 or par. 2, as the 
case may be, and not under par. 3 of that schedule." 

Par. 1 refers to motor bicycles with right to draw sidecar 
or trailer, weight unladen not exceeding 8 cwt., £4. 

Par. 2, tricycles not exceeding 8 cwt. unladen, £4. 

Par. 3, motor hackney vehicles, £15. 

In view of the importance of this point to your readers, 
may we ask that you will give it prominence? 

Fawkener BiRcir. 


Sir, — Referring to Mr. Cecil Emery's letter in a recent 
number of The Motor Cycle. I would strongly advise against 
the use o£ soft solder in the main oil l^a of the 4 h.p. 

When my machine was first taken down after 2,000 miles 
there was no trace of carbon or oil in the rear cylinder, 
the cause being a blob of solder in the pipe. Whether this 
was due to careless soldering of the joints or an endeavour 
to restrict the bore I cannot say. What I have done is to 
cut the oil pipe below the T joint and solder in a small 



brass tap. The oil supply is now under absolute control 
from the saddle. 

With regard to petrol consiunption, I am now getting 75 
m.p.g. with a Binks, with sidecar and passenger, and, having 
just fitted a hot air pipe, I hope to improve this as the 
engine now takes full air on a No. 1 second pilot jet with 


Sir, — For many moons past, I have been a humble 
neophyte in the motor cycle world, studying your invaluable 
columns and hoping that some rich uncle would die and do 
the necessary. To my unbounded joy, I recently acquired 
an ancient grid, wherewith I have considerably startled the 
villagers (and myself). 

Tongue cannot tell, nor pen delineate, the joy of roaring 
up hilhs (quite frequently), merely by waggling a lever,' in- 
stead of pushing the wretched pedals round, as previously. 
E.xquisite the pleasure, until it was painfully borne upon me 
that there is no unalloyed bliss on this unfortunate planet. 

I liave come to the conclusion that the plague of mankind 
is (or are) dogs. Milhons of them ' Whether it is my rowdy 
exhaust or merely my .homely countenance, I know not; but 
no sooner do I set forth, than I am beset by pups. Hounds 
of birth and curs of low degree, the butcher's mastiff .ind 
the grocer's dachshund all seem bent on hari-kari in my front 
wheel. Not that I am disobliging, really, but old ladies 
scream so, and " bobbies " have an unfortunate habit of 
flourishing note books. 

I tliought of a sort of miniature machine gun swivel- 
ling on the handle-bars, capable of shooting tin-tacks, but 
the thought of the tyres following after deterred nic. 

In my less lurid moments, I bethought me of an 
excellent remedy — a veritable cerebral undulation ! Observing 
the joyful bang of a disused electric bulb, I wondered 
if this could be developed. Why not have a number of very 
thin gla.fs eggs, full of "negative pressure," carried in a 
soft-lined bolster on the tank? One of, discreetly 
dropped in front of a bellicose tyke, should give it pause, not 
to say shatter its morale. 

I have even thought out a scheme (all rights reserved) 
whereby the eggs could be dropped into a flannel-lined ex- (by means of b.w. control), to be projected with 
terrific force against the unhappy canine nose. The.v could be 
made of such thin glass that they would disappear in dust, on 
impact, and, of course, would cause no lasting harm to the 
offending poodle, except, perhaps, shell shock 1 If any 
acces-sory dealers would care to take the matter up I should 
be glad to confer such a boon on mv fellow handle-bar 
clutchers. BOW-WOW BANG. 


.\ meet of the Hertfordshire Hounds at Ayot St. Lawrence. Local motor 
cyclists reveal an interest in horseflesh and a rival sport 




Sir, — 111 the past oui^Six Days Reliability Trials have been 
fairly sporting for the'i-iders who participated in them, and, 
as a competition rider, I wish to point out, in all good spirit, 
that by killing the" personal element in competition riding 
and by making six days events duller for the rider than they 
have been hitherto, we are inevitably hastening the doom of 
the reliability trial, which I, and I believe all sportsmen, 
would sincerely regret. 

In the past the few bright spots in our English Six Days 
have been the freak hills. The Scottish Six Days is always 
bright, on account of the ever-changing scenery and the 
general spirit of good sportsmanship which pervades it. I 
suppose the time has come when the competition rider is the 
last man to be entitled to voice his opinion. He is merely a 
puppet, and it remains for others to pull the string. Per- 
haps the following of the rules of the game without question 
or cjuarter is half the sport of modern competition riding. 
I believe it is. We succeed or we fail. We curse, or we 
grin. Always we endeavour to be Bohemianly cheerful, while 
others decide our fates. iBut as one who occasionally rides 
as a trade rider purely for sport I cannot help but comment 
on the A.C.U. project'for next year's Six Days. Apparently, 
it is to be a deadly monotonous affair for those who participate 
in it. It is to be scientific rather than sporting; but does 
the A.C.U. realise that the British public is sporting and not 
scientific? It will follow and remember the results of a 
sporting trial. Such a trial will influence the public, but the 
scientific trial will leave the latter cold and unmoved. 

Also what is the matter with the mountain track and river 
bed variety of trial? Has the good machine ever failed to 
show up in its true colours, or the dud to go under? The 
" trial of destruction " is the only kind which shows the 
public what a machine is capable of enduring, and though 
some of the ideas in the new scheme are good, I do not think 
that freak hills, etc., should be excluded. 

If the A.C.U. carry its present scheme into effect we must 
look to our Scottish friends even more than hitherto. It will 
be left to them to retain the sport of the pastime in the 
competition world. Now is their chance. I sincerelv hope 
they will grasp it. H. MORTIMER BATTEN. 

Sir, — I was very much surprised to see a clause in the 
A.C.U. ruling of the 1921 Six Days Trials which says that 
all motor cycles of over 350 c.c. will be required to be 
fitted with sidecars. 

One imagines the reason for this to be the development 
of the sidecarette ; but surely it is, at the same time, a hit 
at the small, but important, portion of the community who 
favour the sporting single gear machine of 500 c.c, such as 
you often uphold in your valuable paper. They may be 
a minority, but are usually the enthusiastic element who do 
more to uphold the true sport of_ the pastime than any other 
portion of the community. 

It is such riders as these that know their engines inside 
out, and interest themselves in keeping their machines in 
perfect tune — so different from a great and apparently 
increasing number of present-day motor cyclists who drive 
a machine on the highest of their many gear ratios until 
the little end appears through the cylinder head, having had 
more difficulty to knock its way through the carbon deposit 
than through' the' cylinder head itself f ~ WINKLE. 



Sir, — The new taxes are due, and when I look around 
me, here in Sheffield, and see the harm already done by thi.s 
senseless scheme it makes me wonder where it is all going 
to end. 

We who are interested in the manufacture of steel, for 
which this city is famous, were hoping that the motor 
trade would absorb a large amount of our enterprise, and 
our hopes were realised until this new taxation was mooted. 

Not so very long ago our legislators sent men to impress 
upon us that only by hard and constant industry could 
we hope to redeem our. position, and they then follow it 
up by this. 

In my humble opinion it would be much better to increase 
the number of motorists by letting the old taxes remain, 
and reap the benefits in trade and revenue which would 
automatically follow. 

Sheffield. ' W 7755. 


JANUARY 20tli, jgzi. 


Sir, — Now that the flywheel magneto is a practical pro- 
position on two-strokes, why not take advantage of the 
increased electrical output to eliminate the four-stroking 
defects of this type of engine ? 

Oyer nine years ago I proved to my own complete satis- 
faction that four-stroking when running light, and after 
sudden throttle changes, was mainly a matter of ignition. 

The standard magneto and plug, as developed for four- 
stroke engines, is totally inadequate for the ignition of the 
attenuated and adulterated charges prevalent, at times, ni 
two-stroke engines. 

Wliat is really necessary is a magneto giving a current 
capable of jumping at le'ast 4 mm. at low speed, also a 
larger size plug giving a gap of 4 mm. without risk of 

I can assure manufacturers of two-stroke engines that 
experiments in this direction will give surprising results. 

Coventry. W.H.T. 


Sir, — Several motor cycle manufacturers have commenced 
during the past two years to use steel in place of 
malleable iron frame lugs, and some are now making a 
great advertising point of this. 

The lugs to which these advertisements refer are the 
steering-head and other vital lugs of the frame. These 
steel lugs, bored out from the solid stainpiiig-'t, are obviously 
a deal more costly than were the. old malleable lugs. 

Can the designers, who advertise the advantages of these 
expensive lugs, say why this additional cost should be 
imposed upon the long-suffering motor cyclist ? 

To the ordinary rider with a little knowledge of metals 
and of frame building, this steel lug business appears to 
be only one of those e.xpensive fads which many designers 
have, the accumulation of which goes a long way to increase 
the cost of the present-day motor cycle. 

A little information from the responsible designers would 
be helpful. ANTI-FAD. 



Sir, ^Surely your correspondent, "Patient Pete," can have 
had no experience of the Cox-Atmos carburetter ? 

He states that, on any motor cycle not fitted with a kick- 
starter and variable gears, " an automatic carburetter is 
hopelessly out of place, as it will not supply sufficient power 
from cold to let the rider get away easily." 

I beg leave most emphatically to disagree with your 

My machine is an early 1914 single-geared (no clutch) Rover, 
and to it I fitted one of the first, motor cycle carburetters 
that Messrs. Cox Carburetters turned out "of their works, 
and it is no exaggeration to say that it literally transformed 
my machine. I could (and, after a season's mileage of 10,000 
odd, still can) paddle away from cold, accelerate to forty-five 
or more miles per hour in 'two or three hundred yards, whilst 
the slow running was a revelation. 

The hill-climbing abilities of my old single-speed 'bus have 
been well proved in inore than o'ne trial of the Birmingham 
M.C.C. Besides winning two silver medals, it won a special 
mention in The Motor Cycle report of the Llangollen trial. 

As for economy on long runs. I have obtained 140 m.p g 
on benzole. E. H. SEYMOUR TYE. 

^^'-'''j_ ; A substitute for a spring frame 

^^-'''^^-^'' r-7' patented by A. J. Shimwell, ol 
-'' Shimwell Bros., motor cycle 

agents, of Johannesburg. The drawing is self-explanatory. 

JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 


Sir,— Might I make a suggestion on a subject that con- 
cerns most all weather motor cyclists, namely, cleanliness. 
Even on the best machines in dirty weather one is hable 
to collect a certain amount of mud. Prevention is, of course, 
better than cm-e, but prevention being apparently im- 
practicable, I suggest that the A.C.U. or any other large 
club, should fit up a house as a "changing room" and 
garage, for the convenience of provincial motor cyclists, 
within easy reach- of a tube station on the outskirts of 
London, at, say, Hammersmith, where for a small fee one 
could garage the cycle and change into more orthodox attire 
before proceeding "up town," or to an hotel. 

In time this scheme might be extended, the local club at 
each large town might be responsible for the " changing 

Personally I should welcome such a convenience at half-a- 
crown a time. D. G. iMACASHIL. 


Sir.— With reference to " Ixion's " plea for automatic 
lubrication in a recent issue, we describe below our patented 
system. The attached sketch should elucidate its general 

A small pipe from the engine exhaust supplies pressnre 
to the top of the tank and forces the oil up the rising main 
past the needle valve to the small chamber surrounding the 
valve, whence ,it flows by gravity to the engine. 

The following points are to be noted : 

7. Automatic Control of Supj/hj. 

The manner in which this system controls the supply as 
compared with existing systems is illustrated in the table 

\'ARiATiON OF On. Supply with Throttle Ope.vinc anii Engine Spfed. 

Hand Pwrnp 
or Gra\'itv 
Drip Feed. 

Mechanical Punip. 

Peters System. 

Low throttle 
Low revs. 

Small supply 

Small supply 

Full throttle 

Low revs, {i.e., labouring) 

Identical with above 

More tlian above 

Full throttle 
Full rev's. 

Large supply 

Large supply 

Low tbrottle 

Full revs, (i.*;., downhilH 

Identical wilh above 

Less than above 

•pO '/Hi!) 


-RB.TIS M^B " 

"iven. From this it will be apparent that a pump or other 
mechanical device, unless its supply is further controlled 
in conjunction with the throttle, must, assuming it is 
designed always to dehver suflicient oil, be at times deliver- 
ing too much? Other existing systems must inevitably be 
wrong — their only safe method of operation is to supply 
always too much 
oil, causing un- ^"^^ 

necessary carbon 
and unnecessary ex- 
pense. The Peters 
system, with the 
needle valve once 
correctly adjusted, 
will supply always, 
at all speeds and 
powers, the correct 
minimum oil supply 
adequately to lubri- 
cate the engine^- 
and no more. 

2. No Variation 
with amount of OH 
in Tunh. — In a 
plain drip feed 
lubrication system, 
the head forcing 
the oil past the 
needle vaJve may 
vary as much as 

100% between full tank and empty tank. In the Peters 
system, the oil is forced past the needle by a pressure equal 
to several feet head of oil — hence the few inches variation 
of level in the tank has no material effect on the supply. 



An exhaust pressure-fed lubncalion 
system referred to in the letter of 
Mr. D. Esdale. 


3. Automatic Starting and Stopping. — It will be noted 
that the chamber round the needle valve is vented to the 
atmosphere. When the engine is stopped, the pressure in 
the tank blows off through the exhaust pipe, and the oil 
in the rising main drops back to the mean level. The 
oil contained m the delivery pipe runs into the engine, 
providing a little free oil for starting up. The vent 
prevents any possibility of a syphon action keeping up the 
flow of oil.' On restarting tlie engine the system begins 
to operate at once. 

You will thus see that the system is fully automatic, 
with not even a tap to turn oft when starting and stopping, 
and the oil supply is controlled perfectly to suit the 
requirements. DONCASTER ENGINi::2RING CO. 

D. Esdale. 

Encouraged no doubt by recent letters, several corre- 
spondents have sent us (more or less) authenticated accounts 
of extraordinary speed work. In one case this interesting 
subject provoked the Muses, as follows : 

" 'Tis indeed a troublous question — the true answer I can't 
place — 
Does racing make men liars? or do inly liars race? " 

(H. G. Chapman.) 

We have received a letter over the signature " Official 
M.C.C.," in reference to an article on a competitor's 
experiences in the London-Exeter by " H.E.S." "Official 
M.C.C." takes our contributor to task for his reference to 
an "inevitable blind"; and he further states that he is 
not surprised that a workman, near Sidmouth, made some 
disparaging remarks in regard to noise. He alleges that this 
competitor rode an extremely noisy machine, aud even had 
he finished the Trial l.e would "probably have been dis- 
qualified on this account. 

Under the pen-name of " Gadget," a correspondent revives 
the old suggestion that pedal cyclists, too, might contribute 
to the revenue, and thus partially relieve the big burden 
of the motor cyclist. Several readers, however, write in 
an entirely different strain, and suggest that, if one can 
afford a £100-£200 sidecar outfit, one should be prepared 
to pay the comparatively small sum of £4 in taxation. It 
is somewhat late in the day now to criticise the new taxation 
rates with a view to modifying them, and for this reason 
we afre compelled to hold over several letters on this subject. 

Many correspondents have written to point out various 
advantages they have gained from membership of the A. A. 
and A.C.U. . and " F.G.H.H." considers the previous sub- 
scription (10s. 6d.) to the former Association to have been 
absurdly low. He does not think that the A. A. should be 
perturbed because " An Ungrateful Member of the A. A." 
and several other correspondents have annoanced their 
intentions of resigning from that body. 

Books and Maps for Motor Cyclists 

Is<uef1 n conjunction with Thf Motor Cycle. 

THEM." ^^le standard ba;idbook O' the motoc oet. post, 
cyclf, 'Co\-ers every subject relating to all types 
01 motor cycles. liieT manageraent :jid care, 
Twcrtr-firs! Edition. Just rablished .. „ 2/6 2/10 

Cootalnine over .joo usetu " wrinkles " rn 1 helpful 
LiBts m regard t'. motor Seventh Editioa. 2'- 2/3 


AreU.ible system tor tracing motor cycle (auiti aaj 
d retnedymg aay trouble wtien lound. t-aurth 
Edition. „. -. .. ... -. a'- 2/3 


By " bcios," of The Motor Cycle. An interesting 
and amusing description of early motor cycling 
experiences, with many unique illustrations ... 5/, j/^ 


England and Wales, Scotland. London (showtog 
roads into and out of London and avoiding London), 
Uountedon linen. Set oi lliree, complete in casi, ^/6 5/I0 


Wuh 32 pages 01 Road Maps 01 liaglaud and 
Wales. Scotland, and the Loudou District. New 
Editioa Just published ._ ._ .. 5/. ^^ 

Obtainable bv post (remittance with order) from ILIFFE & SONS Ltd., 

20 Tudor Street, London, E.G., or of leading Booksellers and 

Railway Bookstalls. 





JANUARY 20ih, ig2i. 

A selection ol questions ol general interest received Irom readers and our replies thereto. All questions should be addressed to the Editor, "The Motor Cycle," 
20, Tudor Street, London, E.C.4, and whether intended Jor publication or not must be accompanied by a 2d. stamped addressed envelope for reply. Correspondents 
are urged to write clearly and on one side of the paper only, numbering each query separately, and keeping a copy for ease of reference. Letters containing : egai 
questions should be marked " Legal " in the left-hand corner of the envelope, and should be kept distinct from questions bearing on technical subjects. 


Will yoi^i kindly tell -me the 

? advantages of fitting a variable 
jet adapter to my Amac carbu- 
retter on a 2^ h.p. Radco motor 
cycle ?■ I wish to improve the 
mileage per gallon, which is rather low. 
Can the adapter \>% fitted by a novice 
without any alteration to the carbu- 
retter?— R. a. 
The jet adapter will permit you to adjust 
the size of the jet while the engine is 
running; also, it allows a small jet for 
economical running on the level and a 
large jet for obtaining full power on hills. 
It can be quite easily fitted to the Amac 
carburetter, provided that no projecting 
parts of the engine interfere with the 
clearance below the jet plug at the base 
of the throttle chamber. 


Will you kindly let me know 
on which bend — a right-hand or 
left-hand — a sidecar with passen- 
ger is liable to lift when going at 
a fair speed? My friend persists 
that it is a right-hand, and I wish to 
convince him that it is not. We have 
decided to accept your statement as 
final.— D.E.S. 
The question you r.iise has been answered 
innumerable times in these columns, and 
it can be tested practically by anyone 
who has a motor cycle and sidecar. 
■When turning to the left the sidecar tends 
to lift. At extremely high speeds it is 
possible, of conrse, to lift the motor cycle 
when taking a right-hand bend, but this 
does not happen usually until 40 m.p.h. is 


When stopping on a two-stroke 
by closing the throttle and lifting 
the compression release, the 
machine stops sooner than if the 
throttle is closed and compression 
release not used. Why is this, 
since in the latter case the cylinder 
and crank case compression would both 
tend to stop the machine sooner, and 
in the former only the crank case com- 
pression would be acting? The engine 
is revolving and the clutch is not used. 
— W.M.P. 
When you close the throttle there is a 
partial vacuum on the crank case, and, 
consequently, very little work is expended 
in inducing and compressing gas. If you 
open the compression release while the 
thl'ottle also remains open, a good deal 
of work is done in inducing and ejecting 
gas through the release valve, and it is 
the gas friction at the latter point which 
chicHy accounts for the difilerence in 
effect v.-'-.ich you notice. 


I should be obliged if you 
could let me know if there is 
anything on the market which 
is really capable of taking rust 
off the nickel parts of a motor 
cycle. — L.W. 
We know of no preparation which will 
remove rust from nickel parts. All you 
can do is to clean it off with fine emery 
cloth ; of course, a slight amount may 
yield to applications of paraffin or metal 


I have been much troubled with 

?' oil splashing out along the shaft 

and on to the belt and clutch 
-^ plates, causing slip, on my 
Sturmey-Archer gear box fitted 
to 1920 Triumph. I have taken the 
box down and cleared out the lubri- 
cant and now suggest repacking with 
Ambroleum. (1.) Will this, in your 
opinion, be suitable? (2.) If this grease 
is ttjo thick, is there any way in which 
I could thin it down? (3.) If altogether 
unsuitable, what would, in your 
opinion, be the thickest grease I could 
use with safety? — D.K.F. 
The trouble you describe is uncommon, 
and it is quite likely that it is due to the 
gear box being over lubricated. (1, 2, 
and 3.) The grease you mention should 
be quite satisfactory, although thick 
engine oil is the usual lubricant. 


At Maude's Motor Mart. 

Dealing with s 
orders from those who were attracted by the firm's offer of a new 
4 h.p. Verus-Blackburne for the customer whose order was opened 
first. Sealed at the table is Mr. W. Pratt, well known before the 
war as a keen competition rider, and at his elbow, Mr. Geo. Pettyt. 
the manager. 


(1.) I should be glad of your 

advice generally re using paraffin 

for a 4 h.p. Triumph. (2.) One 

" expert " in a garage says that a 

special paraffin carburetter is 

required ; another that he has used his 

ordinary carburetter without special 

adjustment. Would it be necessary to 

heat the carburetter? (3.) Has paraffin 

a deleterious effect,' — N.F.A. 

(1.) Paraffin can be used, but it is not to 

be recommended, as the running is usually 

very harsh and th« engine prone to knock. 

(2.) A special carburetter is not necessary, 

but one has to start up on petrol or 

benzole. (3.) It has no serious effect on 

the engine if the piston rings are in good 

order, but it is advisable to drain the 

oil from the crank case and renew it 

regularly every 500 miles. 


IMy machine is a 35 h.p. three- 
speed Rover (1919) with a B. and 
B. carburetter. (1.) As I wish 
to run on benzole, do you recom- 
mend , me to use a variable jet 
adapter instead of using a different 
sized jet? (2.) The gear seems very low 
for solo work, as it will take me up 
almost all the hills round Lincoln on 
top. If I fitted a smaller belt pulley 
on the rear wheel, would- it damage or 
put a strain on the machine? I want 
more .speed on the level. (3.) If I re- 
moved the silencer 
and merely had a 
long exhaust, how 
would it affect the 
speed ? I do not 
think the noise 
would be very ob- 
jectionable if I did 
this.— J.S. 
(1.) If your B. and 
B. carburetter is one | 
fitted with a variable 
jet operated by 
taper needle on the I 
throttle a variable jet 
adapter cannot be | 
fitted. There is really 
no need to alter the I 
jet when using ben- 
zole, but it is ad- 
visable to lower the I 
level slightly. (2.) 
It would be easier to I 
fit a larger sprocket I 
on the engine-shaft, I 
and probably the I 
makers of thel 
machine will be able | 
to supply one. (3.) 
Not to any appreci- 
able extent. 

of the mail 

JANUARY 20ili, ig2i. 



q| I should be obliged if you would 
S I kindly iuform me how to separate 
-i-l a 1911 3;It h.p. Uumber crank case. 

if ^ou hare removed the pulley from the 
engine-shaft and also the pinion -irom the 
shaft on the timing gear side and all the 
Clank case bolts, you should have no 
difficulty in separating the two halves of 
the case itself. It is merely held together 
by the ball bearingSj which are a light 
push fit on the main shaft. Hold the 
crank case and flywheel assembly hoi-izon- 
tally with the driving-shaft ui)wai-ds, 
taking the whole of the weight on the top 
lialf of the crank case. A few taps with 
a mallet on the end of the sliaft should 
cause the crank case to come away. A 
bundle of old sacking should be placed 
iuiderneath, so that no damage will be 
done when the flywheels and the timing 
side of the case drop away. 


I have a 2^ h.p. two-stroke 

? machine, -which runs perfectly 
well for about twenty miles, and 
-^ then the engine gets hot, when 
the machine will slowly pull up. 
Afterwards it will run for a few miles 
and stop again. The timing is correct. 
;1.) What makes it pull up when hot, 
and what cStises white vapour to come 
from the exliaust? (2.) Is a 28 jet too 
. large? (3.) What, causes a loud 
whustling from the engine only when 
'hot? (4.) Is T.T. Mobiloil a suitable 

oil for a two-stroke?— A.J. C. 
(1.) The overheating of which you com- 
jihiin might be due to under lubrication, 
an unsuitable sparking plug, or excessively 
rich mi.\ture. Blue smoke from e.xhaust 
indicates over-oiling. (2.) A 28 jet is 
rather large; probably 26 would be 
better, and the petrol level should be 
ii'm. below the top of the jet. (3.) The 
noise might possibly be due to a partially 
seized bearing, but we cannot speak 
definitely as to this without seeing the 
machine. (4.) The oil mentioned is suit- ■ 
r.ble for your engine, 


I have recently purchased a 
second-band 2| h.p. Royal Enfield 
twin (1913, 1 believe), and cannot 
pt it to fire properly. I have 
had both cylinders off, and everv- 
thing appears to me to be in perfect 
order. The trouble seems to be that one 
cylinder sucks through the carburetter 
and blows out through the exhaust, 
while tlie other blows out through the 
carburetter and sucks in through the 
exhaust. I fancy this is caused through 
the fact that the pistons follow one 
another round very closely. By this, I 
mean that when one piston is on top 
dead centre the other one is nearly so, - 
though, as far as I can sec, they are 
connected to the crank quite all right. 
— A.H.S. 
Vou could have no variation in the 
movements which the pistons make in 
relation to each other, since both are con- 
nected to the one crank pin. It would 
appear that the valves in your engine are 
timed incorrectly. The exhaust valves 
thould just close when the piston reaches 
the top of the exhaust stroke, and the inlet 
valves at this point should just be com- 
mencing to open. 



As a rider of a 5 h.p. Zenith I should 
like to inform your Brighton reader, who 
.complains of excessive belt wear, that I 
had the same trouble until I fitted a 
John Bull, which is differently con- 
structed from the majority of belts. I 
get a splendid mileage from this. — 


I feel sure that noise complained of 
by " B.R.B." in the issue for January 
6th is not a piston tap. Having suffered 
agonies myself from that " metallic 
knock or clanking " with an old Triumph, 
I adjusted and renewed practically every- 
thing except the actual cause of the 
trouble — which proved to be the- pulley 
side shaft bearing. I have experienced 
this trouble twice, so am sure of the 
cause. Tlie fTTBt time the noise gradually 
grew until I thought the whole engine 
must be wrecked ; yet examination 
showed no fault at all at first. Then I 
found that the crank case housing of 
the bearing in question was cracked and 
allowed a slight movement. I had the 
aluminium welded and -packed the ball 
race, and the noise disappeared. The 

important jDatcs. 

Jan 20lh— 

F I.C.M. Conference, BruueU 
Jan. 28th lo Feb. Sih— 

Scottish Motor Exhibition, Kelvin Hall 

March 25th— 

Richmond Meet. 
March 26lh— 

M.C.C. London - Land's End Trial. 
April 27lh— 

A. CD. One-day Winter Trial for 

Slock Machines. 
May 14th— 

M.C.C. London-Edinburgh Run. 
May 2Slh— 

A.C.U. Silencer Trial — Brooklanda 
July 22 nd— 

Grand Prix R»ce — Le Mans. 

welding gave way, so I got a new crank 
case. Then the noise commenced again ! 
In de,spcration, for the " umpteenth " 
time I took down the engine, and found 
that the previous hammering had worn 
the ball race, allowing a slight play. I 
have just fitted a new ball bearing in the 
new crank case, and now the engine runs 
like a Triumph should do ! The noise has 
disappeared completely. — Clank. 

In your issue of the 6th inst., " B.R.B." 
is anxious to know the cause of a knock 
in his W.D Triumph, and I, therefore, 
venture to suggest that if " B.R.B." 
holds a piece of rag or something similar 
against the two bottom fins round the 
valve ports, he will find that his knock 
has disappeared. I hops that this tip 
may help to solve " B.R.B.'s " troubles. 
— H. S. NOKES. ^ 


With reference to " W.JI.H.'s " en- 
quiry in your issue of January 6th con- 
cerning a twisting belt on a 6 h.p. 1914 
outfit, perhaps the following advice may 
be useful to him. Should his machine 
be a Zenith, the trouble may be due to 
one of the small chain sprockets in the 
gear-operating mechanism being loose and 

allowing back lash on the push rod 
moving inside the rear frame stay. This 
would cause one end of the hub spindle 
to move less than the other when the 
gear was changed, thus throw'ing tiu' 
wheel out of track. 1 remember iavini; 
the same trouble on a 1912 8 h.p. machine, 
which I traced to this defect. — E.H.R. 


I should advise your correspondent, 
"L.J.G." (Queries and Replies), to use 
Rubberine tyre filling, made by Rubberine. 
Ltd., 17, jMarket Road, Caledonian Road, 
N. I find that this filling is very resilient 
(more so than a " board-hard " tyre), is, 
obviously, unpnncturable, and the money 
he gives for his tubes will pay for it, 
as no inner tubes are required. Mileage 
of covers is increased fully 50",',, as they 
can be worn down to the canvas. — 


A correspondent in your issue of the 
6th inst. asks some questions under the 
above heading with regard to m.p.g. on 
a Rudge Jlulti fitted with a Senspray 
carburetter. He obtains oidy 60-65 m.p.g., 
which is very poor for this machine. 
I offer a few suggestions w-hich have 
helped me un an identical machine t" 
get 100 to 110 m.p.g. on the open road 
and 80-95 m.p.g. in towns. (1.) Loosen 
the carburetter on the induction pipe, 
and rotate it so as to lower the float 
chamber slightly in order to lower the 
level of petrol in the jet. (2.)_ A 36 
jet should be, tried iti.stead of the 38 
fitted as standard. The all-out speed will 
decrease probably, but one cannot have 
extremes of m.p.h. and m.p.g. at the 
same setting, (3.) The " dope " tap in the 
inlet dome should be used when possible. 
If the carburetter has the latest variable 
adjustment, put this over to " Petrol — 
loss," and use the instrument as a two- 
lever carburetter. (4.) Do' not always 
blame the carburetter ; faulty valve 
timing may, aiid veiy often 36es," account 
for low m.p.g. The engiiie sliould be 
timed as follows (retiming a' Rudge is 
delightfully simple) : inlet valve opens 
at about ^in, (measured on flvwheel) after 
T.D.C. if the machine is 1919 or earlier, 
and at T.D.C. exactly if a 1920 machine. 
Give the .spark as much advance as it 
will take for normal running, and retard 
when starting. (5.) Oold size the joints 
in the inlet system. (6.) Read " Rudge 
Wrinkles " carefully : the makers will 
send it on request. — L. W. E.' H.MiTi.EV. 


" S.E.J.L." (Redhill).— General run- 
ning of Beardmore-Preci.sion with side- 
car, and 4^ h.p. Quadrant sidecar outfit. 

" R.B." (Torringtoii). — Tamplin and 
Gibbons cycle cars : steadiness on road, 
life of belts, wear of chassis, speed on 
hills, and springing. 


London- to C.\tterick. — J.B. 

London, Barnet, Hatfield, Welwyn, 
Stevenage, Baldock, Biggleswade, Eaton 
Socon, Buckden, Alconbury, >forman 
Cross, Stilton, Stamford, Grantham, 
Newark, Tuxford, Retford, Bawtry, 
Doncaster, Ferrybridge, Aberford, 
Wetherby, Boroughbridge, Leeming Lane, 
Catterick, Approximately 223 miles. 




JANUARY 20th, ig2i. 

The British Aagneto Industry Menaced. 

An Unsatisfaciory State o( Alfairs Due to Government Apathy. 

DUE to Government delay in redeeming promises 
made during the war, -the British magneto in- 
dustry is in danger of extinction. Prior to the 
war, the various branches of the motor industry were 
entirely dependent upon Germany for magneto sup- 
plies. Only the crisis which occurred in 1914 brought 
this state of affairs" home to the Government, though 
warnings had I'epeatedly been thrown out, notably in 
The Motor Cycle and The Autocar. Quite a furore 
of excitement was created in German houses on this 
side when in rgi^ the true state of affairsvvas boldly 
exposed in the two- journals named. 

Danger Ahead. 

\\ hat happened subsequently is common knowledge. 
Hastily electrical experts got to'" work, but not for a 
long time was Government support forthcoming.- In- 
deed, mild rebukes were offered, such^ as " No firm 
in this country could make magnetos." Were it not 
for the fact that stocks, of German magnetos were held 
in this country -and America, the -position might have 
been impossible. As it was, a crisis was narrowly 
averted by th^ co-operation and wholeheartedness 
which characterised British enterprise in the electrical 
field. A small band got to work — thanks largely to 
Admiralty encouragement^and not many months after 
the outbreak of war, steady and increasing supplies of 
magnetos for all types of vehicles and aircraft were 
forthcoming. From small beginnings the British in- 
dustry developed its output until the whole of the huge 
requirernents of the British forces were able to be met. 

During the war the British magneto industry was 
acknowledged as an essential key industry, and protec- 
tion was to be afforded, when peace arrived, to pre- 
vent any possibility of a resumption of the old unsatis- 
factory conditions. Yet, inesedible though it ma) 
seem, the promised measure of protection is not yet 
forthcoming, and an industry represented by fourteen 
firms of -manufacturers is in danger of collapse. Last 
week, at the annual dinner of the British Ignition 
Apparatus Association, these unpalatable facts were 
openly talked of, revealing a. state of affairs which is 
to be deplored. 

Evidence was provided by the chainnan. Mr. Prter 
F. Bennett, C.B.E., that German magnetos were now 
arriving in this country in fairly large quantities, and 
at no: fixed prices, the intention being apparently to 
undercut - the British article, and so underrnine the 
British industry which assisted sO' materially in winning 
the war. The only hope of preserving national 
security, he contended, was. the introduction of the 
. long promised Bill to protect key industries. British 
magnetos had proved their worth during and since the 
war,, a long list of notable achievem6nts being in- 
stanced, such as the flight across the Atlantic, to the 
Cape and Australia, the motor cycle T.T. Races, and 
innumerable successes on road and track. Prices, too, 
were but 75% above pre-war standard. 

Mr. Edward Manville, M-P-! opened the eyes of 
those pj:esent when he stated that, in the early months 
of the War, Britain so badly needed magnetos and 
Germany w"as so short of tyres t-liat surreptitious bar- 
gaining went on, a set of solid tyres being exchanged 
for a magneto. Mr. Clem Edwards, M.P., later 
characterised such action as scandalous, and argued 
that there should be no risk of that again. Our 
national safety demanded that such - a condition of 
things in the future could never be tolerated. The 
magneto industry, he contended, w-as an essential key 

The Need for Immediate Action. 

Parliament reassembles next month, when this all- 
important question of the protection of key industries 
will come up for discussion. Surely no serious-thinking 
man can allow the magneto industiy to drift slowly 
back into the hands of the Germans. The British 
industry proved itself a national -asset during the war — 
an essential key industry, in fact, and the much needed 
protection then promised is already much "overdue, 
and. to say the least, this is^disturbing. 

Although the precise terms of the Government's 
Bill dealing with the protection of key industi-ies is 
not know-n, according to T!ie Times there is some pos- 
sibility that it will include magnetos. " Some pos- 
sibilitv," however, is altogether too vague. 


If one sets out to cover a certain distance" against the clock," there is often much time lost through overshooting a corner. It i 

the way that saves the time when off well-beaten tracks. 


/ANUARY 20ih, jq2i. 


Proposed Club for Letchworth and North 

^ It is proposed to foi-m a club for motor 
cvciists and car owners, with headquarters 
at Letchworth Garden City, Herts. Will 
those - interested please communicate in 
the first instance wiUi Mr. C. F. Plow- 
man, 37, Broadwater Avenue, Letchworth. 
A meeting will be called shortly to appoint 
officers and discuss 1921 programme. 

Bridgwater and District M.C. and L.C.C. 

The annual dinner of the above club 
will take place at the Golden Ball Hotel, 
un Tuesday, February 15th, at 7 p.m. 
Prizes and medals won last year will be 
presented, and a programme for 1921 dis- 
cussed. It is hoped that aTT'riiembers 
'vill make a. special effort to, attend. 
Tickets may be obtained from the hon. 
secretary, Mr. .J. \V. Hooper, Wenibdon. 

Eskdale M. and M.C.C. 

This club has had a most successful 
year. The membership havinp increased 
considerably. At the annual general 
meeting held in the Crown Hotel, 
Langholm, on December 29th, the office 
ijearers for the coming year were duly 
elected. It was proposed that if the 
niember.ship be large enough, steps should 
I'e taken to have the local roads improved. 
It was decided that a club room be 
opened in the new headcpiarters at the 
Eskdale Hotel. ' This lias now been 
<lone. and membpi:^ may have full use of 
the club room from 9 a.m. till 10.30 p.m. 
daily. The hon. sec., Mr. Jame.s Bell, 
Eskdale Border Garage,' will be pleased 
10 bear from those interested. 


Worcester M.C.C. 

-Mr. W. T. Thorne gave the second of 
his series of lectures at the Pack. Horse 
Hotel on Monday, the lOtb inst., before 
an appreciative audience of nearly fifty 
members and non-members. So thoroughly 
did he deal with his subject, " Ignition," 
that he was unable to complete the lec- 
ture, and he will therefore speak again 
on the 24th inst. 

Rugeley and District AC. 

Despite its title of an automobile club, 
we understand this newly formed organi- 
sation will just as completely cater for 
the motor cyclist as any of the puvely 
motor cycling clubs. Major J. Selby 
(iardiner, of Cedar Lodge, Brereton, 
Rugeley, is president, and the hon. sec. 
is Mr. "H. E. Beasley, 43, Brereton Road, 

The Northern M.C. 
Nearly 300 guests (with very few 
exceptions all in fancy dress) made 
"carnival in the best Continental style 
at the First Annual Bal Masque and 
Carnival. Thousands of streamers, 
balloons, and rose petals, and dancing 
'neath tlie kaleidoscopic rays of the lime- 
light, coupled with excellent music, all 
contributed to the success of one of the 
most delightful and brilliant dances held 
in the district for some time. The first 
anininl dinner of the club will be held 
ot the " Turk's Head," Xewcaslle, on 
the 20tli inst. Prizes and medals awarded 
during 1920 will be presented. The 
annual general meeling will take place on 
the 28th inst. at the "Crow's jS'est." 

Glasgow Western M.C.C. 

The annual dinner of the above club 
takes place on February 3vd. I'urthei- 
details will be announced later. 

Coventry and Warwickshire M.C. 
It is proposed that the opening run 
for 1921 shall be on Saturday, February 
5th, when the members will hold a 
•' parade of licences." An effort is bein^ 
made to have an inspection by the local 
authorities, and afterwards there will be 
a slgprt speed judging competition and 
lea at a popular rendezvous. 

Gorseinon and District M.C.C 

Instead of the 'usual dinner, a whist 
drive and entertainment formed the even- 
ing's programme at the club's first 
prize distribution on January 6th. Mr. 
J. 51. Bailey look the chair in the absence 
of the president, and Mr. Cransh, hon. 
secretary. Neath Motor Cycle Club, made 
a very able speech. Intending members 
should note that meetings take place 
every Tuesday evening. 

Esi^ex M.C. 

For the purpose of arousing interest 
among the unattached motorists of Essex 
and the eastern suburbs of London, the 
Essex M.C. is holding a cinema and lan- 
tern slide exhibition of topical motoring 
films and slides at the Castle Hotel, 
Woodford, Essex, on Monday, January 
24th, at 7.30 p.m. .•\dmission is free, 
and the captain of the club, Mr. D. S. 
Parsons, 119, Kingston Road, Ilford, 
Essex, will be pleased to forward tickets 
and particulars to any interested. 

A Home-made Cycle Car. 

A Blackburne Engined Four-wheeler, wilh Three Speeds and Reverse. 

FROM time to time we receive par- 
ticulars of ingenious home-made 
cycle cars built by the originators 
for their own use. Particular intere.'^t 
attaches to the one described herewith, 
not only on account of ih: unusual 
features which it embodies, but also 
because it has been constructed by Mr. 
C. S. Burney, whose name is well known 
to most motor cyclists. It is engined 
with an 8 h.p. air-cooled Blackburne, 
which drives a Juck«s three-speed and 
reverse gear box through a short chain, 
a second short chain driving a counter- 
shaft carried in Hoffmann roller bear- 
ings. Two long belts convey the drive 
to the rear wheels. The chain centres 
are short, and in each case adju.=table. 

Frame Construction and Springing. 

The framework is tubular. Chater- 
Lea lugs being used throughout, and 
both axles are trussed by means of a 
king-post and tie-rod. A similar method 
of staying the longitudinal frame 
members is employed, but in this case 
I he ends of the tie-rods are anchored 
to brackets placed below the pivoted 
centre of the full cantilever springs; 
ihus a shock delivered to the front or 
rear wheel on either side increases the 
tension on the tie-rod on that side, and 
lelieves the frame tube to some extent. 

C. S. Bumey's cycle car — ^a light and 

speedy vehicle, which may be said to 

be a re-arranged motor cycle. 

28x3in. Palmer Cord lyres are fitted 
tluxiughout, and the steering is effected 
by duplicated wires passing over a 
" bobbin " on the steering column. 
(This column, by the way, is mounted 
on ball bearings.) One other unusual 
feature is the fact that all three brakes — 
a band brake on the countershaft and 
a shoe brake operating in each belt rim 
— are operated at the same time, either 
by pedal or hand lever. The rod which 
actuates the band brake is extended rear- 
wards to a crossbar carried on the radius 
rods to 'which the belt rim brakes arc 
attached. The adjustments are simple. 

and in practice the brakes are most 
effective. After about forty miles road 
experience with this little machine, 
which in its present form is fitted only 
with aeroplane seats, we came to the 
conclusion that it was an excellent 
climber, sufficiently fast for all purposes, 
and fairly well sprung. An accumulator 
lighting set is used, oil is fed through 
a Best and Lloyd sight-feed drip, and a 
four-gallon petrol tank is mounted inside 
the bonnet. The main features, including 
the stout tubular mudguard stays, are 
clearly visible in the above illustration 
of the outfit. 



JANUARY 2oih. 1021. 

Olmcs to Cigl)t Camps 

Jan. 20th 
,, 22nd 
,, 24th 
,, 26th 

4.56 p.m. 

4.58 ,, 

5.2 „ 

5.6 „ 

Mexican Oil. 

It i.s reported that petroleum haa^eei: 
discovered in the State of Oajaca, JMe.xico 
on a concession held by a British firm. 

Horses and the Roads. 

A Committee of the Ministry of Trans- 
port has been investigating the problem 
of horses on sfippery roads, but appar- 
ently horse owners have insufificient in- 
terest in the experiments suggested. 

Hard Luck. 

E, A. Burney, a well known motor 
cyclist, who is responsible for the design 
of the Powell motor cycle, has had a nasty 
spill during a night ride. He was un- 
lucky enough to break his leg about four 
inches above the knee. He writes that 
he is doing as well as can be expected, 
but it will be some time before he is 
about again. 

An Air Force Reunion. 

So many late members of the R.A.F. 
are motor cyclists that we make 'no 
apologies for publishing in these columns 
the announcement of a reunion dinner 
for officers of the Aeroplane Experi- 
mental Establishment! Martlesham Heath, 
to be held in London on Friday, 
^February 25th. Old members of the 
station are asked to communicate with 
Capt. P. G. Robinson, Room A 139, Air 
lUinistry, London, W.C'.2. 

The Paris-Nice Trial, 1921. 

We have received a letter from JI. 
Hamon, of the Moto Cycle. Club de 
France, on the subject of this year's 
Paris-Nice trial, which will start on a 
date between February 21st and 27th. 
The same route as last' year will be fol 
lowed to Dijon, but there is an alteiation 
in the next section of this journey, which 
is through Roaune, St. Etienne, to Lyon 
There will be one day's rest at Lyon, 
which will certainly be vvelcome if the 
roads are anything like they were last 
year, but there, is likely to be some im- 
provement owing to the alteration in 
route. The third stage of the journey 
will be through Valence, Montelimar, and 
Avignon, while the final stage will be 
through Aix, Brignolles and Caen to 
Nice. It will be noted that Marseilles 
is avoided. This last stage was in excel-: 
lent condition last year and a very 
fascinating run. M. Hamon informs us 
that the trial is being run by the Moto 
Club de France under the auspices 'of 
the U.M.F., but official confirmation of 
this fact is not yet to hand. He also 
tells us that he has already received 
entries of several well-known makes. 
Those interested in the competition 
should write to M. Hamon, iloto Cycle 
Club de France, 65, Avenue de la Grande 
Armee, Paris, XVI., France. 


Special T^eatures. 


Texas Petrol from Shale Oil. 

There are said to be over 52,000 million 
barrels of shale oil in one section of Texas, 
U.S.A. A refinery could produce from 
this, 50,000 barrels of petrol per day. 

The Paris-Madrid Trial. 

Another competition, which promises 
to be niost attractive, is the Paris- 
Jladrid reliability trial, organised by 
Molo Jfeviie, 5, Rue St. Augustine, Paris, 
from ilay 2nd to 6th. We are still 
awaiting official confirmation that this 
trial has received the official sanction of 
the Union ;\Ioto Cycliste de France, and 
of the Real iloto Club d'Espana, and 
until we receive news of it w^e w^ill with- 
hold further details. We would call at- 
~ tent ion to the leading article in the issue 
of Jan. 13th. • . 

A Belgian Sporting Trial. 

Belgian motor cyclists are to have a 
trial which has been inspired by the Scoti. 
sporting event in this country. This will 
be organised by the Royal Moto Club 
Liegeois, and w-ill be known ae the 
" Cuuije de la Meuse." 

A Belgian T.T. ? 

Provided the Royal Automobile Club of 
Belgium run a car race, there will also be 
a Belgian T.T. for motor cycles this year,' 
which will be run very much on^^^rfie 
lines of the Isle of Jlan event. 

Motor Cycles in Belgium. 

Notwithstanding the fact that the 
dollar is worth three times its pre-war 
value in Belgium, as compared with the 
pound "sterling, which is only twice its 
pre-war value, American big twins can 
be bought at a considerably lower figure 
than the average chain-cum-belt single- 
cylinder of British manufacture. Mr. J. 
Taymans, one of the best known BrusSL^ls 
agents, discussed this ' question with us 
on the occasion of the recent Brussels 
Show, where he had a very fine exhibit of 
both English and American machines, and 
he regards the position of the British 
manufacturer as serious. We hope later 
to refer to many other points raised by 
Jlr. Tavmans. 

The simplicity of control on a P. and M. sidecar was well illustrated last week in 
Birmingham, when one of Capt. Woodward's sea lions drove the outfit through the crowded 
streets to deliver a £300 cheque collected at the Victory Circus for a charity. The machine 
had a slightly lower gear than usual, and was fitted with a two-lever B. and B. carburetter. 

/AA'r.iJ^Y 20th, TQ2I. 

An Omen ? 

The Weslein Ceiitie (A.C.U.) has 
ananged for at least one cimeiia. operator 
10 cover its open trial on April 8tii. 
Does this mean that tlie route is likelv 
to provide those " stunts " so beloved 
of the filni world ? Or is it simply illus- 
trative of the enterprising policy of this 
newly-formed centre? Pi'obably it is 
both : but the trial will be a sporting 
- event without a doubt. . 


"... Machines and engines must 
liave been designed and constructed 
within the British Empire. This rule, 
however, will not apply iu the case of 
such serotidanj equii)iii<>^t as the ii/nitiun 
s,/..>t/',n "—an e.xtraet from the schedule 
of conditions for a competition held by . 
the Ministry, and quoted by a .speaker 
at the B.I.A.A. dinner as illustrative of 
Government protection of a key industry. 

Benevolent Fund Concert. 

The twelfth Bohemian concert ol the 
Cycle and Motor Trades Benevolent Fund 
ni connection with the Birmingham Centre 
will be held at the Temperance '^Hall, 
Temple Street. Birmingham, on Fridav. 
February 4th. Tickets are obtainable from 
Mr. G. J. Lowenthal, The Leatheries. 
Sarap.son Koad North. Sparkbrook, and 
My. A. Hickstepp, 10a; Temple Row. 

Scottish Ex-D.R.s' Reunion. 

'1 he proposed reunion of ex-Signal 
Service Despatch riders has now been 
arranged to take place in. the Eo\'al ■ 
Restaurant, West Nile Street, Glasgow. 
at 7.30, on Friday, February 4th. It was 
hoped to arrange a dinner, but it wa.s 
decided that it would be more r=uitable 
lor the first function to hold it .smoking 
coiK'ert, and perhaps to fix a date for 
a dinner later. Tickets for the smoker 
are os. 6d. each, and may be obtained 
IroBi ilr. R. Wat.=on, care Jennings, Ltd.. 
86. .Mitchell Street, Glasgow, or from the 
D.R. Engineering ,Co.," Ltd., llospilal 
Hill, Dnnfermline. 

Apply in Time. 

Readers are advi.-^ed not to leave tin 
application for theii'--licencee until the 
last few days of the month, or they may 
Imd that they will have to give^ up'ridini' 
lor a few days, for, although the Mini.s^ 
Uy of have announced that 
they do not intend to be hard on those 
who Jinve been unsuccessful in tlieir 
t'fforts to obtain licence holders it is not 
likely that the same clemency will be - 
extended to those who have not got their 
licences. In giving this advice' we have 
111, mind the of a rider who applied 
recently to his County Council- for a 
licence, but did not receive it for more 
Ihan a week. 

Wanted, T.T. Riders. 

Many manufacturers have asked us to 
assist them in finding riders for their 
inacliines in the T.T. race, and, as we 
know many hundreds of our readers are 
keen to ride in the classic event, we are 
compiling a register of such riders. This 
register will contain two- lists : (A) 
Those who have had previous T.T. ex- 
perience, and (B) registering those wlio 
have not ridden in a T.T. race, but have 
the necessary Cjualifications. Those riders 
interested should give brief particulars 

of. successes in hill-climbs and s-pecd 
events, age. etc.. and address their com- 
munications to the Editor, T/ie Motor 
Cijda. Coventry, the w'ords " T.T. 
Register " to appear on the left-hand 
corner of the envelope. 

The Junior T.T. 

Appartntly there will be several Ivy 
two-strokc«. in the Junior T.T., for, iii 
addition to any entries fi-om the manu- 
factures, Blake and Co., of Liverpool, and 
H. G, Henley and Co., of Great Portland 
Street, are both entering machines. 


So short were we. early in the war, of 
ignition apparatus that " we were com- 
pelled to indulge in surreptitious ex- 
changes with our enemies on the basis 
of one British solid tyre for one German 
magneto. On another page we give the 
views of some prominent British magneto 
manufacturers on this startling state of 
affairs, and also an e.xpressioii of their 
fears that a similar shortage of British 
magnetos is not a remote possibility of 
the future. 

Motor Cycles and the Scottish Show. 

.Sc<.llish motor cycle agents do not 
inleiid quietly to submit to the present 
state of affairs in the North, whereby 
there are no facilities for the exhibition 
of motor cycles to Scottish motor cyclists 
In our issue for Januarv 6lh. we outlined 
a suggested scheme to liave a special dis- 
play of the latest models on show during 
the motor exhibition at Kelvin Hall 
(January 2611) to February 5th), and 
arrangements are now well' in hand to 
bring this about. In the meantime a 
committee of Glasgow agents is en- 
deavouring .to formulate a plan to hold 
a Scottish motor cvrle show. 



Has anything yet been done to follow 
up the A.C.U. recommendations regard- 
ing standardisation of controls? We 
think not, and candidly do not expect 
very rapid action on the' part of the trade 
to bring this about. It can hardlv be 
expected that makers will alter their'pat- 
terns immediately after settling the de- 
tails of their 1921 programme. Far better 
would it be if the bodies concerned would 
concentrate first on one point — car- 
buretter controls only, which are also 
probably more important than brakes. 

The Six Day Regulations. 

Two points in the suggested regulations 
for this year's A.C.U, Six Days Trials 
have struck motor cyclists as unile-sirable. 
Foremost is the question of attaching 
sidecars to all motor cycles over 350 c.c, 
and therefore tending' to discourage the 
solo motor cycle with engines exceeding 
this capacity. Next comes the considei^ 
able body which doubts the infallible 
accuracy of the Audiometer for the 
silence tests. It is more than possible 
that both these features will, after serious 
consideration of the committee, be re- 
moved from the regulations. At the pre- 
sent moment it is not possible to make any 
definite statement on this subject, but an 
early announcement is e.\pected. 

Coventr>-s first taxi-sidecar— an Excelsior fitted with an 8 h.p. Blackburne engine 
In'I^S'd '^''^-r^ ^^ " fi"f -d.28x 3in. Dunlops. The inset'shows theTggage ^'d 



JANUARY 2olh, ig2i. 

The 8 h.p. Brough Superior. 

HOW often has the sporting solo enthusiast asked 
for a British big twin to compete with tlie big 
Americans ? Tifae after time complaints are 
made that the choice of British big twins is, with 
perhaps one exception, limited to sidecar machines. 
There will be many who will argue that 8~ii.p. is un- 
necessary for solo work on British roads, and there is 
some truth in their- arguments, but- such persons have 
probably never enjoyed the perfect motion of a" high- 
geared twin/- in a small compact machine, which will 
cruise along at 'a fast touring speed with the engine 
just ticking over. The 8 h.p. Brough Superior is a 
newcomer to the piarket, which was fully describesl 
in The Motor Cycle of December 23rd, and during 
the past week we have had two opportunities of trying 
out the machine on the road. On the first occasion 
a light Montgomery sidecar was attached, the gear 
ratios employed being 3.25 to i-, 5. 2, to i, and 8 to i.' 
It must be understood that the Brough Superior is 
designed as a solo mount, but that Mr. George Brough. 
realising full well that a certain section of the public 
is sure to fit an attachment, decided to test the machine 
in this manner. 
Certainly the racy ' 
lines and excellent 
finish of the sporting 
model Montgomery 
suit the machine 
admirably, and the 
extra weight appears 
to make but little 
difference u n d e ? 
ordinary touring con- 
ditions. As our 
first trial was to 
be a comparatively 
short one in the 
neighbourhood of 
Coventry, we -natur- 
ally selected a route 
which would ' pass 
over Stoneleigh hill, 
since this short rise, 
thoii"h hothiuE: to a 

On mounting the Brough Superior, the low and comfortable riding.position is 
immediately appreciated. 

solo mount, is sufficiently steep to test the pulling 
powers of the average sidecar machine. In spite, how- 
ever, of its high top, gear, the Brough Superior scarcely 
noticwi the hill, even with .a ten-stone passenger in 
the sidecar. Soaasy \vas the climb that we returned 
■ to the foot 'of the_,gradiein, ■ and, restarting at this 
point, changed up into___top and continued the ascent 
with ease. " , ^ 

Flexibilitv is, one of the strongest points ofthis new 
machine.' for it will potter along on top at about 10 
m.p.h. without snatch or jerk, and is literally as tract- 
able as a lightweight.- On the second occasion the 
Brough Superior was ridden as a solo machine,' and at 
once the merits of the design became obvious. In 
spite of the big 1,000 c,e. overhead valve engine the 
machine is small and compact, smaller indeed than 
the niajority of single-cylinder Tnachines. The riding 
position is a natural one, and the controls appear to 
come automatically to one's liands. 

From the outset one lias a feeling of the utmost 
confidence, an"d the fe'eling of hesitation so often 
experienced in handling a strange machine is absent, 

, The engine starts 
* easilv and without 

fuss, and one glides 
away with scarcely 
a whiff of gas. In 
,1^ a few yards top is 
engaged, _ and the 
machine glides 
along smoothly and 
easilv, responding 
instantly. to~ a touch 
of the .throttle. 
Recent recruits to 
the ranks of motor 
c )" c 1 i s t s' who are 
not accustomed to 
high gears should 
beware of the decep- 
tive feeling, for at a 
speed of 40-45 
m,p,h. one gets 
the impression of 

yAM:\iRY 2otl,. 


Road Tests of New Models.— 

about; ao m.p.h. against a 
strong headwind, and it is 
■ well to. remind the novice 
that the high gear of the 
average machiffe is approxi- 
mately J:he same as the 
middle gear of the BroHgh 

In order to obtain smooth 
running at such small 
throttle openings, an- entire 
absence of air. leaks in the 
induction system is neces- 
sary, and this point has 
been carefully watchecl in 
the design, with the result 
that tht^ wonderful flexi- 
bility is- attained. The 
machine.^will creep up a 
gradient of.'i in 9 at a bare 
twelve miles an hour, ye* 
it will accelerate instantly 
on the same gradient to a 
speed which would deHght the heart of the enthusiast. TransinLssion by chain through- 
out, via a Sturmey-Archer gear box and Enfield 
type shock absorber, is smooth and gentle, and the 
700 X 80 mm. tyres ensure comfortable riding, though 
on the occasion of our trial the tyres were inflated too 
hard for ma.ximum comfort. E.vcellent mudguarding 
is provided, as we were able to prove since the road 

Ease of manipulation is one of the Brough Superior's best 
features. Although a powerful mount, there is not a semblance of 
unwieldmess in handling the machine. 

conditions durins: 


six miles home being ridden 
in the teeth of a heavy 
snowstorm. The conclu- 
sions which we draw as a 
result of our experiences 
a r e that Mr. George 
Brough has accomplished 
exactly what he set out to 
attain, and has produced 
one of the^most admirable 
high-powered solo machines 
that has ever been placed 
on the maj-ket. We should, 
perb'aps, add that the finish 
and fittings are excellent 
throughout, and that we 
ha-ie seldom enjoyed a trial 
run so much in spite of the 
inclement- weather condi- 
tions. Our sole criticism 
lies in the noise of the \-alve 
gear at high speed, but if' is 
onl\- fair to state that the 
machine which we rode has 
been pre\iously driven hard for well over 3,000 miles, 
anfl that the speeds at which the noise becomes un- 
pleasant are well over such speeds as would normallv 
be accomplished on the road. 

We understand that arrangements are now well in 
hand for the production of this machirre in commercial 
quantities, and that new works are being erected at 
Haydn Road. Xottingham. to which place corre- 
spondence shoulil be addressed. 

A very commendable feature of this fast and powerful mount ,s ,ts remarkable flexibility. A flock of sheep was encountered on the road, 

through which the machine crawled at walking pace. 

DESPITE the fact that the month of^ grace is 
drawing to a close, only a comparatively small 
number of motor vehicles are displa\i'ng the 
iK-w licences. -Quite recently, while visiting one 
northern city in which about 8.000 registrations had 
been, issued up to the end of 1920, we were told that 
during the first fortnight of Januarv only 16% of the 
total number of expected applications for licences had 
been made. 


Does this mean that motorists are hanging out to the 
last moment, or is it to be as.sumed that manv are 
allowing their machines to lay bv in the' hope that the 
new tax will be repealed? On the face, of i't the latter 
hope appears tp be a vaiivone, but it 'is quite likely 
that the new necessity of paying o\-er a lump sum in 
taxation is, at this time of widespread unemployment 
and financial stress, most inopportune to numbers of 
motor cyclists. 


JANUARY 20th, IQ2J. 

Rear Wheel Dynamo Drive. 

A Speedometer Type of Generator Transmission which may be Instantly Disconnected. 

THE usual method of driving 
a_ lighting dynamo on a 
motor cycle has -been from 
some point on the engine, but a 
variant of this method has re- 
cently been patented by Mr. M. 
j\luir, 27, Melrose Gardens, 
Hammersmith, London, W., who 
has adopted the principle of 
speedometer transmission to the 
driving of an electric generator. 
This generator is situated on. 
tlie saddle tube of the frame of 
the two-stroke machine to which 
it has been fitted. (It is a 
Brolt six-ampere dynamo which 
charges at half rate during the 
daytime, thus preventing the 
.accumulator from being _ojv"er- 

An Enclosed Cable. 

The tran.smission consists of a 
worm wheel, clamped on to the 
spokes of the rear wheel, driving 
a partially enclosed worm con- 
nected to the dynamo shaft by 
means of an enclosed spiral 
cable. The worm is mounted on 

Muir's " speedometer " rear wheel drive for lighting dynamos, 
fitted to a solo lightweight two-stroke. 

a bracket, and is provided with 
a fly-nut, so that the drive may 
be disengaged when the accumu- 
lators have been fully charged, 
thus doing away with the 
necessity of driving the dynamo 
all the time, whether it is re- 
quired or not. 

A.C.U. Test Pending. 

^The outfit will be sold -com- 
plete with lamps, switchbox. and 
cut-out. An accumulator is 
carried, the box for which can 
be seen on the other side of 
the motor cycle frame. 

The device is shortly to be put 
through an A.C.U. - officially 
observed trial to test wear, 
silence, and adaptability. 

Knowing the weaknesses of 
some present-day -speedometer 
drives,_and, consequently, uncer- 
tain of the ability of a similar 
type of transmission to stand up 
to the much greater resistance of 
a dynamo, we congratulate the 
inventor on publicly offering to 
prove his device by such a test. 

Motor Cycle Movement in Germany. 

Expected Revival on Account of Prohibitive Costs of Running a Car. 

THERE is no equivalent in 
Germany to the immense 
motor cycle development of 
England, nor anything like the 
healthy revival to be found in 
France. In all Germany has 
thirteen -motor cycle manufac- 
turers, the great majority of 
these making nothing but two- 
wheelers. The only big car-pro- 
ducing firm interested in motor 
cycles is the Adam Opel Co., at. 
Russelsheim. This firm has pro- 
duced a lightweight machine 
since the war, and is offering it 
at what is considered to be, in 
Germany, the exceptionally low 
price of 5,000 marks. This is 
really cheap in comparison with 
the price of 20,000 marks for a 
twin N.S.U. The Opel machine 
would be considered in England 
a motor-assisted bicycle. It has 
a strengthened bicycle frame and 
a tiny single-cylinder engine 
driving to the rear wheel by 
means of a chain. 


A Flat Twin. 

Reminiscent of a well-known 
English design, a .flat twin 
engine specially designed for motor cycle 
or cycle car work has been produced by 
the ' Bayerisch Motoren Werke, near 
Munich. This firm has a very fine fac- 
tory, erected during the war for the con- 
struction of aeroplane engines. 

Since the Armistice the works have 
been converted, and among the new 
product* is the flat twin air-cooled engine 

.W. flat twin, a cleanly designed German power unit, which 
closely follows English practice. 

shown in the. accompanying illustrations. 
The design is- wonderfully neat,, and the 
engine is most up to date in every respect. 
The two cylinders, which have enclosed 
side by side valves, are mounted on 
an aluminiunj^ base chamber which forms 
an oil reservoir. The crankshaft is 
mounted in ball bearings, the connecting 
rods are tubular, and aluminium pistons 

are used. The flywheel is ex- 
ternal, and the magneto, a high- 
tension Bosch, is placed on the 
top of the crank case. It is 
claimed that the engine will run 
under load at 3,400 revolutions, 
and will turn over at 5.000 
revolutions without load. It if 
the intention of the B.JI.W. Co. 
to produce this engine in quan- 
tities for the trade. 

Conditions in Germany. 

Very few motor cyclists are | 
seen on German streets and 
roads. Indeed, during a very 
extensive tour through t h a 1 1 
country not a single touring [ 
motor cyclist was observed, but I 
a certain number of motor- 
assisted cyclists were met ij) the I 
leading cities. The reason for [ 
this neglect of the motor cycle I 
is the high cost not only^ofl 
machines, but of fuel, tyres, and I 

Until a very short time ago I 
motoring could only be indulged! 
in with a special permit. It is I 
now free, but petrol is very ex- 
pensive, the legal price being 4 1 
marks 50 per litre, but it is practically I 
impossible to at this price. The I 
use of. a car has gone beyond the meansl 
of any but a few nouvemuz r'nJiff, and iti 
is because of this tfiat the motor cyelel 
industry is believed to offer possibilities.! 
It will be several years, however, before! 
even tliis form of economical niotoringl 
becomes really common. 

/AXUARV 20th, ig2i. 



CLUB NEWS, ^^"-risr 

A live and sporting club in the North of England, the Ilklcy M.C. and L.C.C., which held its annual dinner on Jan. 14th at the 

Middloton Hotel, Ilklcy. 

Birmingham M.C.C. 

Owiiii;! to m.^uilicient acccunrnudation at 
the Impe:-ill Hotel, it has been found 
iiecessarv to hold the nnnuRl dinner and 
smoking conCtit at the Midland Hotel 
to-nio\ro\v night. 

Bournemouth and District M C.C. 

Il i.s huped that .is many a.s pos.siblo 
ivill attend the general meeting to be held 
at the Bournemouth Camera Club's ri.oni 
on Wednesday, January 26th. The 
telection of offieiale for 1921 and considera- 
tion of the current year's programme form 
the chief biisuic.'s. — 

Ilkley M.C. and L.C.C. 

The .^eeond\var annual dinner of 
tile Ilklev Club wa.' held oil Friday last 
at the .Middleton Hotel, Ilkley. " Up- 
wards of ninety members and friend's 
Aveie present and the evening was carried 
through with the greatest succes^s. Speech 
making was cut down to very small ' 
limits, a plan which might well" be fol- 
lowed univer.'-ally when no important 
annouucements concerning future policy 
*r programmes are to be made. After the 
toa.n of the King, the toast of the Club 
was called by Sir. D. H. Smith, who, 
amongst other remarks, commented upon 
the success of the Ilkley one-da v open 
trial of last June, and of "the A.C.'U. Si.x 
Days Trials, in which the"~IIkley Club 
helped largely, especially as route-finders; 
the hard work of the president, Capt. J. 
N. Longfield, and the hon. secretary, - 
Mr. H. W. Sellers, was commented upon. 
JMr. Sellers, in responding briefly, re- 
viewed the club's doings during the past 
year. Mr. W. R. Haggas then propo-sed 
'■ Die Visitors," calling special attention 
!'• the representatives of other Yorkshire 
ciiilis who were present, and also to the 
wTjrk of the press. Due response was 
made by Jlr. G. S. Boston, the well- 
known and consistent winner of speed 
events and hill-climbs. The final toast of 
the President was very humorously pro- 
posed by Mr. W. F. Scott, and the 
acclamations- which greeted the response 

of Capt. .7. Nbnnan Eongfield sufficiently 
testified to the popularity of the latter. 
After the distribution of prizes, a musi- 
cal cnt'Ortainnient was provided, princi- 
pally by the Dewhirst Brothers, whose 
rag-time ditties are becoming a recognised 
featuit? of York.-ihire cUili gallierincs. 

Bedford and District M.C. 
A large number of members and friends 
attended at the Stuart Rooms, on Monday 
eve-ling, .Jaiiuary lOth. when a lecture 
was given, illn.strated by lantern slides, 
descriptive of the sporting side of motor 
cycling. The lecturer was Mr. C. F. 
Plowman, of Letchworth, well-known in 
the motor cycle world. Few are better 
qualified than he to bring out the inter- 
esting features of the slides. An in- 
tensely interesting entertainment was pro- 
vided. Some very fine slides, from the 
negatives of .Mr. "W. Paige Stuart (Tied- 
/i)rr/.</iiri: Tiiiu.^) of some of the club's 
events were also shown. 

Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C.C. 

Nearly £450 worth' of prizes were 


sented at the Sheflield and Hallamsli 
Club's dinner at the (>rand Hotel on the 
15th inst. Mr. W. Hallam Peai-son pre- 

sided, nnd the company included Capt. 
J. N. Longfield (of the" Yorkshire Centre 
A.C.U.) and .Mr. H. 0. Wood. 

During the evening Mr. /Dan Bradbury 
received a •presentation as an acknowledg- 
ment of great and valued services to the 
club; and. later, Mrs. I'earson presented 
the trophies and prizes won during 1920. 
An excellent musical programme was con- 
tributed to bv the following artistes: 
Messrs. W. .T. "Parker. T. Sherrdan, W. .1. ' 
Laurence Milne; J. Ridders. : id Kent 

North-west London M.C.C. 
The club introduced in 1914 a very 
successful meeting, which it is proposed to 
repeat this year if sup|X)rt is secured. 
This will take the form of a simple " hot- 
pot " supper, probably at Golders Green, 
followed by a visit to the Hippodrome, 
where a block of seats will be reserved. 
This affair was, in 1914. thoroughly en- 
joyable, and it serves the purpose of an 
informal reunion, and gives an oppor- 
tunity to new niembers'to see something 
of their new colleagues. The arrange- 
ments will be in the hands of Jlr. F. 
Thomas, 172, Belsize Road. South Hamp- 
stead. N.W. 

Successful club competitions are largely dependent on a sufficiency of trophies and awards. 
This display at the Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C.C. annual dinner on Thursday last is 
sufficient proof of the club's policy. 



Police Selection o£ Licence Holders. 

Licence liolders made by Messrs. S. 
Smith and Sons (M.A.), Ltd., have been 
selected by the Metropolitan police for 
their fleet ot cars, lorries, and motoi 

Surplus Spare Parts. 
-Anyone requiring odd .spare parts may 
be able to _ obtain the very thing they 
require at quite low prices from the 
Slough Trading Co., Ltd., Trading 
Estate, Slough. The company are pre- 
pared to fill individual orders as well as 
to supply in large quantities. 

A Record b£ Successes. 

"Achievements'' is the title of a 
copiously illustrated booklet issued by the 
Harley-ibavidson Motor Co., Ltd., of 
Harleyson House, 74, Newman ^Street, 
London, W.l, and it contains a'^list of 
succe.sses gained on Harley-Davidson 
motor cycles and sidecar outfits during 
the present year. 


In accepting the B.S..'V.-Canoelet ta.xi- 
sidecar outfit for licensing by the Bir- 
mingham City Police, the makers 
(Messrs. The County Cycle and Motor 
Co., 307, Broad Street, Birmingham) 
tell us that the police experts specially 
commended the sidecar and rear wheel 
compensating foot brake. Several of 
these machines are now on the road, and 
orders have been secured from Birming- 
ham, Brighton, and Southsea. 

Adjustable Footrests. 

One often feels sorry for thfi_ long- 
legged rider who has not yet discovered 
Kow to modify his pet machine which 
only has footrest provision for persons 
of ! mediunr height. A simple remedy, 
however, is to fit new drojiped footrests 
with facilities for adjustment according 
to length of reach. Various patterns of 
tliese are manufactured by the Stone 
House Works Co., of Spon Lane Mills, 
Houghton Street, West Bromwich. They 
are very neatly carried out in aluminium, 
and are well worth examining. 

Wise Policy. 

An attractive catalogue giving descrip- 
tions of the 2J h.p. Wooler machine 
is now available. The company state 
their belief that the best workmanship 
can only be accomplished under the best 
^conditions, hence the charming layout of 
the model works at Alperton. 

A British Success in France. 

. The premier award in the 1,000 c.c. 
class of the petrol consumption trials, 
held in Paris (as described last week), 
was won by a 6-7 h.p. Ariel and sidecar. 
With passenger the outfit had to weigh 
410 kilos. (902 lb.) so that extra weig^it 
had to be carried. Otherwise the machine 
was quite standard. 

A French Opportunity. 

Messrs. Greame Fenton _and W. F. 
Nisbet, Moto-Comptoir, 157, Boulevard 
Pereire, Paris, 17, France, inform us 
that they are on the look-out for sole 
agencies for France for all makes of 
motor cycle accessories. Mr. Fenton is 
well-known both in England and on the 
Continent, while his ptirtner, Jlr. W. 
F. Nisbet, is a son. of the late Mr. J. R. 
Nisbet, former chairman of the A.C.U. 

~~ Combined Lighting and Ignition. 

The new B.T.H. system of combined 
lighting and ignition, recently described 
m Tlie_ Motor Cycle, came tlirough~its 
first public test with flying colours. It 
was fitted on the 2^ h.p. Metro-Tyler 
ridden in the London-Exeter by J. S. 
Bennett, who was one of' the few riders 
of lightweights to obtain a gold medal. 


Two Acme sidecar taxis on their way to Glasgow, where they 

are taking up hackney carriage work. 

JAAWARY 2o1.1k 1921. 

Catalogues Received. 

Messrs. Thomas Firth and Sons, Ltd.,; 
Sheffield. An interesting booklet on 
steels^ dealing with various methods of 
testing, notes on case-hardening, and 
steels recommended for various purposes. 
The book concludes with some very useful 

"Motor Cycling and Lubrication," is 
a free booklet published by ilessrs. C. 
C. Wakefield and Co,,- Ltd.-, Wakefield 
House, 30-32, Cheapside, London, E.G. 2; 
it -deals with Castrol and the iiiany .suc- 
cesses and records gained with the help 
of this popular oil. 

We have received a catalogue of Geeko 
motor cycle electric liead, side, and tail 
lamps, together with a list of the bulbs 
supplied for these. It is issued by the 
manufacturers, The General Electric' Co., 
Ltd., 67, Queen Victoria Street, London, 

Messrs. T. Bath and Co., Ltd., con- 
tractors, 18, Savoy Street, London, 
W.C.2, have sent us an extensive cata- 
logue of sheds, many of which are suit- 
able for^iotor cycle houses, and are sdd 
at very reasonable prices. In' some 
eases very big reductions indeed Jiave 
been made on current market iirices. 

Messrs. J. Pedley and Sons, Ltd:, 
Oxford Works, Great Charles Street, 
Birmingham : Motor cycle section, listing 
the principal Pedley motor cycle tyres, 
which were greatly appreciated befoie 
the war ; also tyre accessories, water- 
proof clothing for motor cyclists, and 
repair outfits. 

Grindlay (Coventry), Ltd., Melbourne 
Works, Spon End, Coventry. A complete 
and well-illustrated booklet showing ,nll 
models of the Grindlay sidecars, including 
the well-known double spi'ung models as 
well as the new rigid-wheel sporting ty|ie. 
A leaflet describing the Grindjay lliiee- 
panel windscreen, which is adjustable in 
all directions, is flso included. 

A new catalogue has been published 

by the Cowey Engineering Co., Ltd., 

Archer Works, Kew Gardens, Surrey, 

giving particulars and revised prices of 

Cowey speedo- 

- meters, h or n s, 

clocks, __a n d 

watches. The 

manufacture of 

clocks and watches 

has only recently 

been taken up by 

the firm, and is a 

new development 

of their business. 

January 20th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, iii. 


The demand for "CLAY RITE" accessories 
is greater than ever. Immediate delivery 
can be given. Send for new 
illustrated catalogue 
and price list. 


= LTD. =: 

Great Hampton St., BIRMINGHAM. 

No. 21 Cla«ite 
Motor Cycle Horn 

Retail 27/- 

No. 18 Light Weigh i 

Motor Cycle Horn 

Retail 17/6 

Send for Ncu 
Illustrated Catalog'ji 







^^■hy is it that the Cox " .\TMOS " carhurettor Oives the sensation of no 
power, but when carefully checketl is found to be ftivinft considerabh 
more, yet the exhaust note is softer ? 


The perfect mixture which the Cox '* ATMOS " delivers is so correctly 
proporlioned and l)lended thai perfect combustion results. 

The hammer blow due to improperly atomised fuel, and improperly 
proportioned and blended mixture is lost. You (^et power by an elastic 
force, rather than by a hammer- like blow. 

The exhaust note is softer because the work of the charge is completed 
before the exhaust valve opens, instead of after. 

This elimination of the hammor-Uke blow considerably increases the 
life of engine bearinjis. transmission, driving wheel, tyre, etc. : it 
means an economy as important as the fuel economy obtained bv the 
use of the Cox "ATMOS." 

COX CARBURETTERS, LTD., ^"^-^"^ 'Singha" | 



In ansu-crinr/ these aclvertlf:€menti it i.~ dc-ira'jle to mention " The Motor Ci/cle." 


THE _JMOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

J.^NUARY 20TH, iqzi. 







Insist on "Speedwell," and get better 
results. Stocked at all leading garages. 

55 & 5S, Chancery Lane, London W.C. 

'Phone : MUSEUM 71 15. 
And a.t Glasgow/, Aberdeen, and Dublin 






5 4.6 Guineas SPECIFICATION. 46 Guineas 

■ ENGINE— Villieis' Mark IV. CARBT'RETTER— B. and B. 

■ .Magneto in Flywheels. 2% h.p 
TYRES— Dunlop, 26x2Vj. 

FOOTBOARDS— Aluminium. 

FOOT BRAKE— Strong, eHec- 
tive, worked by foot. 

GEAR BOXES — Sturmcy- 
Archer, Albion, or Burman. 


TOOLBAGS— Two, large size. 

MUDGUARDS — Back, 5U. 
Front, 4iti. Valanced. 

FINISH— Enamelled lour coat5, 
Blaik and Gold Lined. Tank, 
JIagneto Cover and Chain 
Cover Enamelled Silver Grey 
and Blue Lined. 
Reynold's "A" quality Tulie. All round, no Crank in Back 
Specially designed to enable anyone to convert a Single Spee J 

RIMS— Dunlop, 26x21,4 

BELT— Dunlop, iiin. 

CHAIN— Coventry. 

HANDLE-BAR— Bowdeu. 

LEVERS— Bowden Inverted. 

BRAKE-Bonden Front. 

SPRING FORK— Brampton. ' 


OILER— Be'st and Lloyds. 

TANK — Heavy Plate. with 
Patent Sump. Taped, 7in. to 
5in. Petrol. I'i gal.: Oil, 1 qt, 



to a Two-speed, or vice-versa, without the slightest trouble whatever. 

Single Speed, 46 Guineas. Two-Speed, 57. 
Two-Speed, kick-start, 03. 
Manutactuted by 

Johnstone Street, Birclifields, 
BiRMINGHAM. England. 

A W0R1> lo THii WISE. 

•'Hind what you are buying, insist on having a printed specification 
of your Machine from the Agent, and see that everything corresponds." 


349 c c. 
Two. stroke. 

The engine that will take you anywhere 


Narborough Nr. Leicester. 

Ill ansu-crin:/ these adi-crti.<crnentsit is desirahh to mention '-The. Motor Cycle.' 

January 2qth, iq2i. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, vii. 


Once again "REX^^ scores— 100 Gold Medal Result. 

A Standard 'Rex" Model. 55 B.D. Combination, driven by Mr. W. A. Fell- 
Smith, with passenger, completed the trial with ease. 

This was the only "Rex" Machine entered. 

Think it over — 70 Sidecar Combinations started. 

47 „ „ finished. 

23 „ „ failed. 

Two makes only gained 100% Gold Medal Result, 
including the "Rex." 

" Rex " Gold Medal Results ; 

1919, London— Edinburgh .. 1 entered— 1 Gold Medal. 

1920, London— Edinburgh .. ^ entered— 3 Gold Medals. 
1920, London— Exeter .. 1 entered— 1 Gold Medal. 

Why not make your next season's mount a Model 55 ?— " The 100% Gold 
Medal (Combination." List and full particulars post free on request 



The Motor Cycles which minimize 

the Taxation on Repairs 

and Renewals. 


2; h p. (c.c. 348) 

" Blackburne " 

2-speed Gear. 

Clutch & Kick-itarter. 


£96 net. 

EXCELSIOR 2j h.p. includes 'Blackburne" 
engine. Countershaft 2-speed Gear, with hand- 
con trolled Clutch; specially designed Frame, 
built from best weldless steel tube ; Druid patent 
Spring Forks; 26in. .x2|in. Wheels; Dunlop 
Tyres ; semi-automatic Carburetter, with two- 
lever control; Dunlop Jin. Belt; Hans Renold 
Chain ; Pan seat Saddle ; Tank of large capacity : 
• fully protected Mudguards, etc. 
EXCELSIOR ij h.p. is practically identical 
except that it ha= a "\'illiers" eoErine. 


tExcel^io^ Motor Co.. LUL), 


■phone: Graras: 

12.5 Accck's Green. " Moaarch. Hay Mills." 

London Agents : H- TAYLOR & Co., Ltd., 
52, Susiex Place, South Kensington. S-W- 


2'. h.p. (c.c. 269) 


2-stroke, 2-speed, 

witJi ClutoliiKick-Btartor. 

fiilCE ; with -i -sjiLti 

£67 net. 

■.'■-r'..Clutihi: Kick 5tnrtor 

£73 7 6 net. 

In answering these advnrtisemenCs it is desirable to mention " The Motor Cycle.' 

viii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 1921. 



Combined Number Plate &. Licence Holder. The most 
compact and serviceable Pioiderthat can be produced 

Least liable to damage. 

Price 7/6 
or written 10/- 

Sy return post !rom 

lyilLLFORDS, Ltd., Bullock Street, BIRMINGHAM, 

or your Asent. 

Also on view : 
Frank Whitworth, Ltd., 139, New Street, Birmineham. 

^^•^^^ Tl,„ 




Cleaned, and replaced m one minute, with a simple 
mechauical Gap adjustment. 


Send 8/6 for each Plug up to a set of Four, and if you wiah to 
return the Plugs within 7 days your money -will be returned 

Manufaciured In 

Price 4/6 millfords, ltd. 

aach. Bullock Street, Birmingham. 

Peerless Sidecar 

Whether you judge by beauty in 
design, exquisite finish, maximum 
utility, perfect balance, smooth 
running, or strength and durability, 
Canoelet Models stand supreme. 
"Bicycling News'* says : "One 
Canoelet Lightweight Model ap- 
peals to us as the most comfortable 
design In seating accommodation 
we have yet seen ' 
Send lor our mtere'ting Calalogueto-day 






Examine specimens of FERODO 
BLOCKS made from high-grade 
asbestos. They will not scratch 
the rim, but give an even, 
powerful grip, and possess that 
durabihty for which FERODO 
materials are famous. 

FERODO, Ltd., Chapel-en-le-Frith. 

Depots at : London, Birmingham, Manchester, 
Belfast, Leeds, Bristol, Burslem, Cardiff, 
Coventry, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, 
and Swansea. 



Motor Cyclists. 

For full particulars apply to : — 


Head Office : 

54/55, Coleman Street, London, E.C.2 


In answering these advertisements it is desirable to mention "The Motor Cycle. 

January 20th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. ' 

Advertisements, xi. 



Why not get it now, while prices are at rock bottom, deliveries freer, and WAUCHOPE'S 
E/\SY PAYIW1ENT SYSTEM is available into the bargain. If yoii wait for your new- 
mount until the season commences, you will — in all probabilitj' — pay a higher price. BUY NOVi^. 
All the best makes supplied prompt. y. Below is a selection taken Irom our list. 

List Price. 
£80 17 

C^g 5 

(.77, o 

f:y~i o 

'£75 o 

f-3 o 

C'9S ° 

(Troo o 

i"i27 10 

rjH2 10 

(,2 O 


Our Price. 

NEW IMPERIAL, 2j h.p., 2-spccd £70 

NEW IMPERIAL, ;} h.p., :-spced. clutch, and kick- 

start.r £75 

BAT Combihaiion, 6 h.p ■ £175 

P. as., =! h.p £65 

LEA-FRANCIS, 3 h.p £115 

CLYNO, 2ih.p £62 10 

TRIUMPH" junior £67 10 

TRIUMPH Combination, all-chain drive £180 

DOUGLAS, 2; h.p., 3-';pced £90 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p.. Model H £120 

TRIUMPH Combination, Model H £175 

AUTOPEO Scooter, dynamo lighting £35 


.^ero MORGAN, yi.A.C. cnsino, 1920 £215 

A.J.S. (_ ombination, 6 h.p.. 1920, all accessories £175 

TRIUMPH Combination, Model H, 1920 £150 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p.. Model H, all accessories, 1920 £105 

CLYNO, 2! h.p., 1920. as new £60 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p.. Model H. 1915 £65 

P. & M., 3,1 h.p.. 1920, as new £100 

B.S.A., 4t'h.D.. Model K, 1919 £82 10 

CARFIELD, '2i h.p.. 1920 £42 10 


COVENTRY PREMIER Super Kunabout, dvnamo lisjhtinK 275 5ns. 

NORTON <;:• lu.\.-. 4 h.p £180 9 

ROYAL ENFIELD, 2t h.p £65 

ROYAL ENFIELD Combination, .S h.p., standard £160 

ROYAL ENFIELD Combination, 8 h.p., dyn.amo hghtins £182 

TRIUMPH, I h.p., Mode! H £127 10 

TRIUMPH Combination, .Model H £732 10 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p., all-chain £140 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p., rcnovate<l £105 

DOUGLAS, 2i h.p., 3-spced. clutch, and kick-starte» £105 

DOUGLAS Combination. 4 h.p £170 

DOUGLAS, A h.p., solo £130 

DOUGLAS, 2} h.p., improved W.D £85 

G.N. Cvdei-ar, standard £245 

BRADBURY, 4 h.p £121 12 

BRADBURY Combination, 6 h.p £191 5 

QUADRANT Combination, 4* h.p £147 15 

WOOLER, 2j h.p., tourinK model £103 10 

A.J.S. Cnnibination, 6 h.p., standard £215 

NORTON, 3! h.p £132 

B.S.A. Comliination, 6-7 h.p. twin. No. 2 Sidecar £164 

B.S.A., ti h.p., solo. Model H.2 £110 

B.S.A., tl h.p.. solo. Model K.2 £107 

Our EASY TERMS of payment are : ONE-FIFTH down, and the remainder in eleven monthly instalments. 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4 

*Phone : Holborn 5777. 

Grams : " Opificer^ Fleet, London. 




Sidecar and Rear 





No 2 

EQUIPMENT No. 1. Comprising SIDEC..\K and REAR lamps, and two Siemens' 

EQUIPMENT No, 2. Comprising REAR LAMP only, with glass window for 

illuminating number pl.atc, and one Siemens' DRY B.\TTERY in LE.ATHER 

EQUIPMENT No. 3. Comprising REAR L.\MP only (not suitable for illuminati;ig 

rear number plate) and one Siemens' DRY B.ATTERV in LE..\THER CASE. 


-Vpiroxini.tu numb r 

ol hours licht from 

one Pfttt rv. 


Spoie Batteries 

No. 1 


£3 O O 

"ido L-tDHt 8 ■ 

Re\r Lanip5'6 

No. Z 


fii 13 e 

5 6 

No 3 . 


£1 2 B 

2 6 

Equipment No. 1 

1 1 lustrated 


on Application. 


! j'.L-Taiii'- : Sir..Mf-:N.s, Woolwich. Telephone: CiTv Gtoo, 


In unfufring l/icxc ad icrdxcmcnti it ii rlcxirrihle to mention " The Motor Cijrlc. 



THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 1921. 

Select and test your 1921 Machine 

We have so much confidence in our experience, judgment, and the machines 
we sell that we are makmg a 


to all motor cyclists, actual and prospective, who can select a new or second-hand 
machine from our stock of BEST makes, either in person or by post, and have it 
on test and in daily use for one month from the date of delivery. If the machine 
is then not entirely to the satisfaction of the purchaser it can be returned to us 
and exchanged for another make of not less value — NO deduction will be made 
for the one month's deterioration, we will carry that loss. The value of the machine 
returned will be credited in full. All Machines sold under this special offer are 
for cash only — and are dispatched carriage paid. Further, if the machine is 
not as described, it may be returned at our expense. 

START the New Year well — Start it successfully, exercise care and discrimina- 
tion in your buying, be careful to ensure that you are investing your money in a 
machine with a good name and reputation — a machine that will sell well at any 
time you may wish to dispose of it. Do not sink your capital in a second-rate 
machine that rapidly deteriorates and has no value in the second-hand market. 
You cannot be too careful^ and will be well advised to allow us to help you. We 
offer you our experience and'advice, knowing full well that if you will avail your- 
self of it, you will invest your money to the best advantage. It is our business 
and our pleasure to assist you quite independent of sales. We hold no brief for 
any particular makes of machines, but sell only the BEST, because only the best 
can give genuine satisfaction to our clients and ourselves. If you cannot make a 
personal call 

WRITE TO US TO-DAY and ask our advice — the pleasure of giving will be 
ours, the pleasure of receiving will be yours — and if business results, the pleasure 
of doing business will be mutual. 


Do not miss it ! 

Here are some of our unrepeatable and 


&lN\FG |5rrY 




Delivery Cash, Extended 
Payments and Exchanges. 

1921 Big Four NORTON Show 
Combination, complete with elec- 
tric lit?htin[; 

1921 Bie Four NORTON 

1921 direct drive NORTON 

1921 3 speed NORTON, Sports Mod. 

1921 ZENITH, 5 h.p 

1921 ZENITH. 6 h.p 

19211 RIUMPH, MoJel' H' ... 

1921 MAFCHLES- Combination... 

1921 ENFIELD Combination 

1921 ENFIELD Combination with 

1921 ENFIELD Lightweight 

1921 P & M. Combination 

Etc., etc. 

£127 10 

1920 4 h.p. BLACKBURNE Combination, 

Shopsoiled only. L'sl £167 IDs £140 

1920 4 h.p. TRIUMPH All-Cham Model. 

List £140 £120 

19204h.p.TRlUMPH,direcdr:ve. List£l05 £95 

1920 8 h.p. ENFIELD Comb. Ma.dyno. List 

£200 £185 

1920 4h.p. B.S.A. Model'K'Comb. List £149 £135 
19207h.p.RUOGE-MULTI-Twin.List£147 £115 
1920DIAMOND2-st,sin3legear.List£56IOs. £49 
1920 6h.p. L.M.C. Com'jmation. List £180 .. £135 
I920MEIRO-TYLER, 'S'type. List £95 £65 
1920 6 h.p. ZENITH, Sporting Model. List 

£13) £120 

1920 8 h.p. ZENITH, Sporting Model. List 

£139 £120 

bination. List£135... .. £120 

Enquiries heartily invited. 


1921 ENFIELD Lichlwei8ht.2-sp ed £55 

1920 B.q Four NORTON, as new accessories £120 

1920 4-5 h.p. ZENITH, countersh: ft. 

Cost £149 £120 

1920 ALLON,2-speed Model £6o 

1920 3i h.p SUNBEAM, Semi-T.T. 

MoHel. complete 

192) NEW HUDSON Lijhtwjight, 

complete - ■•• 

1920 4h.p. BlACKBURNE. soiled 

only, complete. Cost £142 10s — 

1921 VELOCETTE. Cost £75. 
so led only ",■„,%;.• 

l915TRIUMPH,countershaft,W D. 

1920CONNAUGHT Lightweight... 
1920 COVENTRY EAGLE, 2f h.p. 

J. A.P., with speedometer 

1920 VERUS 2-stroke Lightweight... 
/Isk /ar Bargain List -w^ich civss full details 
of these and other machines. 




£67 10 



90, High Street, Oxford. London Road, Bicester. 

Telephone : 784 Oxford. Telephone : 35 Bkesler. 

Telegrams : " Integrity. Oxjord.' Telegrams : " Integrity, Bicester.' 


In answering this advertisement it is desirable to 7nention " The Motor Cycle." 


THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xv. 



ADVERTISEMENTS in these columns 
— First 12 words 3/-, and 3d. for every ad- 
ditional word. Paragraphs of under 8 words 
are charged double rate. Each paragraph is '. 
charged separately. Name and address must 
be counted. Series discounts, conditions, and 
special terms to regular trade advertisers will 
be quoted on application. I 

Postal Orders and Cheques sent in payment for 
advertisements should be made payable 
to ILIFFE & SONS Ltd., and crossed' 
Treasury Notes, being untraceable if lost 
transit, shouU not be sent as remittances. 





All advertisements in this section should be 
accompanied with remittance, and be addressed 
to the oOices of " The Motor Cycle," 20, Tudor 
Street, London, E.C.4, or 19, Hertford Street, 
Coventry. To ensure insertion letters should 
be posted in time to reach the offices of " The 
Motor Cycle," by the first post on Friday 
morning previous to the day of issue. 

All letters relating to advertisements should 
quote the number which is printed at the end ol 
each advertisement, anJ the date of the issue 
in which it appeared. 

The proprietors are not responsible lor clerical 
or printers' errors, although every care is taken 
to avoid mistakes. 


For the convenience o( adverlistrs, Icttcis may he 
addressed to mnnbers at " 'Jlie Motor Cycle" Olfice. ! 
When this is desired, the sum of 6d. to defray the cost of 
registration and to cover postage on replies must be added* 
lo the advertisement charge, which must include the 
words Box ooo, c/o " The Motor Cycle." Only tlie number ' 
will appear in tlie advertisement. All replies sliould be 
addressed No. ooo, c/o " Motor Cycle," 20, Tudor Street, 1 
E.C.4. ^^pff^s to Box Number aiivertisenimt-, coiitainine'. 
remittances shoull be sent by registered post, but in all suck ^ 
cases it is advisable lo make use of the Deposit System. 

In the case of motor cycles ofTered for sale under a box 
nunaber, as it is unusual for these to be sold without first 
t)elngiQ'ipected by the Intending purchaser, advertisers will 
(acltitate business by embodying In their advertisements 
some mention o( the district Id which the machine 
oflered may be seen and tried. 


persons who hesitate to send money to iiiikiiown persons 
may deal in perfect safety by availinR tlteniselves of our i 
Deposit System. If the money be depo:.itcd with "The 
Motor Cycle," botli parties are advised of this receipt. 

The time allowed for a decision after receipt of the 
goods is three days, and if a sale is effected we remit the 
amount to the seller, but, if not, we return the amouol 
lo the depositor, and each party to the transaction pays 
carriage one way. For all transactions up to ^10, a 
deposit fee of i /- is charged; on transr-clions over £10 
and under £50, the fee is 2/6; over £50 and under £75, 5 /-; 
ovL'c f7S and under fioo. 7/6; and on all transactions 
over iioo. i %. All deposit matters are dealt with at 
ao, Tudor Street, London, E.C.4, and cheques and money 
orders should be made payable to Iliffe & Sons Limited. 

The letter " D " at the end of an advertisetnent is an 
Indication that the ad vertiser is willing to avail liimselt ol 
the Deposit System. Other advertisers may be equally 
desirous, but have not advised us to that effect. 


Readers who reply lo advertisemonis and receive no 
answer to their enquiries are requested to regard the 
silence as an Indication that the goods advertised have 
already been disposed of. Advertisers often receive so 
many enquiries that it is quite Impossible to reply lo 
'^ach one by post. 


A. B.C. 

A .B.C., brand new: £ 125.— Jackson's Garage, Stil- 
T.^*- iiani. .^orIoIk. [6499 

JEW 1920 A.B.C., 4-8peed; £140; in etotk.- 
Randall, .\udover. [0367 

, JB.C, 1920. brand new; £125.— Dunn's, 326, Euston 
E<1.. N.Wl. Museum 5391. [5515 

I 020 3h.p. 4.speed Tivin A.B.C.. very little ridden, 
t-*/ in splendid rondition find running order- £140 
■r nenr r.fler.— tViite Bo.\ 980, Eevnell's, 44, Cliamerv 
W.C.2. [66J9 

So'e London and District Agents for 

A.J.S. and British Excelsior Motor 

Cycles — Prompt Deliveries. 


Direct or flush nttiiiL; holders in aluminium or 

brass. Price 4/- 

Holders, with special clip fittings for Motor 

Cycles— brass. 5/-; nickel plated, 6/6, Postage 

and packiiii;;. 6d. extra. 


Complete with Side \'.Uau:'', 60/-; or without 
\'alaitce. 55 - drri.iyc 2/- 


College Leather. No. loS. 32/8; No. 253. 36/6; 

No. 146. 24/-; No. 259. 28/- CarriaRc 1 /- 

Sterling Let; Shields, cnann-lhvl black. 50/- pair. 

Carriagu 1 - 


special Celluloid, for A.J.S. Sidecars, price46/- 
Carriagc 1/6. 


llie famous low Generator, motor cycle size 

£2 17s, 9d. 

Lifiht car size. £4 10$. 9d. Carriage 1 /- 

Write for Illustrated Pamphlet. 


Showrooms — 

.\.cce>;.<iOries, Spare Part^ ani3 Repairs, 

21a. Store St . Tot enham Court Road, W.C. 1. 

Motor Cycle-' oiid Caiv. 

52-53, Sussex PJace, SoutS Kensinslon. 

\Miole3ale — 


Garaso : Tott-nhnm Court Ilond. w.i. 

Phones; Accessories and Bepaire, Museum 12lO, 

MotO'- C/clc-i nnil Cars. KensinKtin 72G0. 
Ttlecr.ims- '" iJviiaiJietro. Wc^tccnt ' ondn. ' 


A. B.C. 


A .B.C., recently delivered, never ridden, owner going 
abroad; £135: what oSere?— Bos 1,208, c/o Thi 

Motor Cycle. 


A..O.C. 4-speea T.T.. ridden 100 miles onlr, lionclit 
Dec. Lucas lamps liorn. insurance policy. £150; 

:ici-ept quick sale, £100; .seen by 
BuaRalow, Harcfleld ltd.. Uxbrid 

appoiutnieut.— Tlie 

A .B.C. 1920 31i.p., 
several cold nii> 

. , beautiful condition, has won 

everal trold medals in hill-climbs; the buyer of 
this machine will be able to win frold medals nest 
.se;ison; cheaue £100 se*:ur6s.— Julian, 84, Brmid 
St., licading. 'Phone 1024. [6713 


ABINGDON King Dick 5-6h.p. Combination. 3 
speeds, countershaft, all accessories, low mileage: 
£137/10: exchanges.— llomac's. 245, l>o\ver Clapton 
Rd., N. Phone : Dalston 2408. [7236 


ACME 8h.p., with coachbnilt fiidecnr, 1920 demon- 
stration model, only run 200 miles, spare wheel 

c/o The Matnr 


300; £180.- 

Muscum 5391. 


new; j£200.— 

Museum 5391. 


2-sneed. clutch: 

I.ta., Ilcrelord. 


and tyre; £195, complete.— Box 1,377 


A.J.S. 1920 Combination, mileage 
Dunn's, 326, Euston ltd.. N.W.I. 

V.J.S. 1920 Combination, brand 
Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. 

I*) .ill. p. A.J.S., recently overhauled, 
■"^•^ £30.— Uoss Engineering Co., 

A.J.S. Spares, prompt delivery.— Cyril Williams, 
Chapel Asb Depot. Wolverhampton. T.A. ; 
;s. [7998 

A.J.S. Agents, 


ICHTON, Hove, and District 

CROW Bros.. Whitehall Garage. Guildford, A.J.S. 
agents and expert rejiairers since 1912. [7989 

iinuHed 2 years, 

Newman, Uiiver- 


1<I117 A.J.S., Moutgomrry i-ideear, 
Xi/ splendid running order; £110.- 
hill, Suttolk. 

A.J.S. 1914 Combination, complete with detachable 
rear wheel, Cowey horn and lamps ; price £95.— 
Stott, 120, Cusllegiite, BerwickKin.Tweeil. [6482 

A.J.S. 2>;h.p., 1915, 3-»pe«<l, luind dutch, fully 
e-piipped, spbnilid order: £55, or near offer.— 
llrojlding, 9. Holly ltd., Leytonstone, E.ll. [7211 

A..r.S. 1921 Models, delivery guaranteed when re. 
quired: deferred payments arranged.- A.J.S. 
Specialists, The Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel. ; 444. 


A.J.S. 1916 Combination, spare wheel, hood, Fcreens, 
piition. lamps, horn, manv extras, stored two years, 
used week-ends only; £140.— Hulo, Codmore, Chcsham. 

Oih.p. A.J.S., 1916, 2.speed gear, clutch, detarhaWe 
•V4 wheels, nice machine, in excellent condition; 
i68.— L:ivington, Askett, Princes Eisborougb, Bucks. 

1016 A..T.S. 6h.p. Combination, hood, wind screen, 
J- 17 spring ticat pillar, etc., in excellent condition; 

av trial- £135, or near oSer.— Hughe.*, 7, Hyde Paik 
s.,:, W.2. • [6531 

t .J.S. 6h.p. 1921 Models.— A limited number can 
''i. be supplied by ordering now: 7h.p. models, 
delivery earlv date,-S. E. Clapham, 27, Stockwell 8U 
Greenwich, S.E.IO. [6107 

1 021 A.J.S. 7h.p. Combination.- We can give early 
J.«7 delivery: exchanges or easy payments.— OIDcial 
\ccnts : Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd.. N. 

Phone : Dalston 2408. [7237 

1Q19 (June) A.J.8. Combination, wind screen, spare 
i-iy wheel, 3 Lucas lamps, Watford speedometer, ine- 
cljjmical horn, in perfect condition; £165.— Smith- 
.Mastcrs, 28, Morgan Ed., Rending. [6862 

1Q19 (Nov.) 6h.p. A.J.S. Combination, spring seat, 
l-O Lucas acetylene lamps, speedometer, horn, m 
excellent condition, original tyres, owner buying 1921 
oiitflt; £170.— Holland, Midland Ed., Bedford. [6931 

\ .J.S. 1920 Combination, fully equipped with acce.s- 
A. Eories and spare wheel and tyre, not ridden 250 
miles, and is like new; £175, terms arrangc'l.-- 
Wauchopc's, 9, Shoe Lane. Fleet St., London. (7264 
JS 1920 6li.p. Combination, dynamo lighting, 
-peedometer. hood, screen, side curtains. Klaxon 
|..irn Tan-Sad. nearly new; £245.-Parker'8. Bradshow- 
cate Bolion and 245. Deansgate, Manchester. [XSITI 


I S 1916 6h.p. Combination, unused 3 years, 

wheel, overhauled makers June, everything 

bargain.— 72. Longndge Kd.. 

■Phone: Western 1344. [7098 

A. spare 

i.erlect: £125. great 

Earl's Court, London. 

A J.S. Comliinations.- Good deliveries tor 1921. Book 
vour orders with ns now to save disappointment. 
OlBcially appointed agents for this famous outut.— t. 
I-;. Wcotten. Ltd., High St., Oxford. 'Phone: 308.^^ 

All letters relating to advertisements should aiiote the number :it the end of each advertisement, and the date nf the issue. B2i 

xvi. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR C^CLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 1921. 



T Q20 (July) A.J.S. Combination, engine No. 13145, 
-^*y spare wheel, spring seat-pillar, Easting and stand- 
aid wind screens, Lucas lamps, horu, discs, Taii-Sad, 
very little used, perfect; tux paid: cost £248, ;i'.'Cf,it 
£215.-ArnoId, 4, The Myrtle-s, Sidmouth. [X5184 

A.J.S. 1920 6h.p. Combination, mileiige 3,000, F.K.S. 
accumiiliitor ligliting, siwedometer, 3iorn, spare 
vvJjeel, etc., ftrst-cl,nss running order, tyres unpuuctnred, 
spore never used, new licence paid; £180; apply early, 
owner going abioad. — Stagg, 14, Undeiclifi, Bosconibe, 
Hants. [6533 


ALECTO, tlip first 2-stroke to break records; 1921 
models, immediate delivery; cash, exchange, and 
deferred payments ; catalogues and' full particulars on 
request.— IIL, Kramer Mews, West Erompton, S.W.6. 



ALLOX, 1919, 2-speed, clutch, good condition; 55 
gns.— Ealcer, Niugwood, yaimonth, I. of \\. [7094 

1 Q19 2S/ih.p, Alldays AUon, single speed, legshielda, 
J-iJ all Lucas accessories, new condition; £48.-30, 
.Talbot St., Burnley. [X4936 

"I QlS AUon, 2-speed, equipped and perlect; 35 gns.; 
-Li/ approval or particulars willingly; also L.M.C.. — 
15, The Mansions, Mill Lane, N.W.6. [6943 

1 Q20 Alldays Allon, 2-speed, kick starter, Lucas 
JLi7 lamps, hoiu, Ton-Sad, etc., good condition, licence 
paid; £60— R. Hole, The Broadway. Burgess Hill. [6443 

ALLDAYS Allon, 1920, 2-speed, clutch, kick starter, 
lamps, horn, tools, etc., run 500 miles, as uhw ; 
£55.— A., 136, RavensDury Rd., Earlsfield, London. 
S.W. 17167 

3h.p. 1920 2-stroke Allday and Allon Motor Cycle, 
as new. with Lucas lamp set and horn ; £55.— 
Please apply J. J. Dooley, 33, Eillyon Rd., Clapham, 
S.W.8. [6865 

33.h,p. Alldays, 2-speed, leg-shields, first-class condi- 
4 tion ; any trial; £42; includes tus and holder; 
genuine bargain.— Poulter, Newsagent, Castlelorgate, 
Shrewsbury. [6635 

NEW 2^4h.p. Alldays Allon Model de Lurce, 2-speed, 
clutch, and kick starter; £85, or on Harrods unique 
easy payment sy.stem of 4% extra.— Harrods, Ltd., 118. 
Brompton Rd., London. [6803 

GEM.— Alldays Allon, 1920, 2%h.p., 2 speeds, ex- 
ceptional condition, pass for new; accept £70; 
arjcange terms; consider exchange.— Bunting's Motors, 
Weildstone. Closed Sundays. [6502 

American X. 

AMERICAN X., 1920, in excellent condition, all on; 
£100.— Seen Chester Engineering Co., Chester. 


AMERICAN Excelsior Combination, 7-9h.p., occes- 
sorie.^ very fast, as new; £178.— Taylors. Ltd., 
52, Sussex Place, S.W.7. 'Phone: Kensington 7260. 

1 (\(\ <jNS.— American S 7-9h.p. twin, 1920-1. 3- 
-^"" speed, dynamo lamps, horn, unsoiled, uuridden, 
absolutely new as sent out by makers ; 73 gus. below 
list price.— 308, Upper Richmond Rd., Mortlake. [X5142 

AMERICAN X. Combination, 1916. 7-9h.p.. 3 
speeds, clutch and kick starter, electric lights, 
hood, screen, carrier, guaranteed in every way ; £115; 
exchanges.— Horaac's, 245, Lower Clapton Rd., N. 
'Phone : Dalston 2408. ■ [7258 

1 Q 20 Special Record-breaking Big Valve Racing 
-i*.' . American X, short, frame, 28x21^ wheels, spare 
sprockets, etc.; any trial; imported June, 1920; mileage 
600; ca^t £200, accept £170, or near Ofier,— J.D., 8, 
Riverbank, East Molesey, Hampton Court. [6897 


ARIELS, all models, orders now accepted for early 
delivery.— Ratclifle Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St.. 
W. Mayfair 5042. [0438 

ARIEL 1920 New 3V-h.p. Solo; list price £l20, our 
price £105.— Rntcliffe Bios.» 200, Gt. -Portland 
St., W. Mayfair 5042. . [0422 

19 SV^b-P- Ariel Combination, electric lighting, 
horn, wind scieen, as new; £125. Tel.: Mu(=enm 
6626.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W.l. [7216 

ARIEL 1920 6-7h.p. Combination, in practically new 
condition, all lamps, etc., little mileage; £120.— 
104a, Finchley Rd., N.W.3. Hamp. 7822. [7178 

LATEST Model 6-7h.p. Ariel Combination, electric 
lighting, Easting wind screen, etc. ; cost over 
£200, accept £145.-3, Parker Lane, Burnley. 


ARIELS.—Order now lor 1921 all-chain and chain- 
cum-belt models- spares in stock.— Geo. Taylor, 
Ariel Agent, 28, Lower Addiscombe Rd., East 
Croydon. [8165 

ARIEL.— Orders now booking for the new all-chain 
models, which will be the Rolls-Royce of motor 
cycles. All spares stocked.— F. Speakman, Ariel 
Expert, 7, Rochdale Rd.. Harpurhey, Manchester. 


ARIEL.— Some agency is the Ariel, and we hold this 
for North London. AVe are practical riders and 
gold mal-il winners with this wonderfully efficient and 
reliable motor cycle. ' Have yon feen the new 4'/oh.p 
comb.? it is a gloricoa outfit; immediate delivery ■' svi 
h.p. solo, Si/ah.p. comb., and 6-7h.p. comb.. 4 m'odels 
in stock; all spares in utock ; trade supplied.— Jones' 
Garage, Muswell Hill, N.IO and at Woodside Parade 
North Finchley. [0378 





Lighting Sets. 
Write for Catalogue. 



FREE on application. 


vwi-i-to -For" FREE 0£L±cilos-ue3 

H.AH. COMPLETE SETS.— Head, Side, and 

Tail 'Lamps, Accumulators, Carrying Case, Switch, 

Wiring, etc. Ready lor installing. 

Fig. 895. 
Best quality 
Very mas- 
sive and 
Ad j ustable 
focus. Ad- 
S p e c i a 1 
dust and 

weather-proof front. Price, 
illustrated, 72/6 each. 

Fig. 878. Similar to Fig. 
895, but smaller, andwith 
special "pull on" front. 
Rubber ring casting 
for glass. Price, as 
illustrated, 55/- each. 
Black plated. 


Fig- 573- Shows red dan- 
ger signal, lights No. plate. 
wire,clip.etc.Price,9 /6ea. 
' ' Force " Hellesen Bat- 
tery. 9/11 
386. Special metal case 

for " Force," 10/6 
Complete rear set, 29/6. 

Fig. 880. HEAD LAMP, 
as illustrated, big, with 
special Iiew stem fitting. 
Completewith adjustable 
holder, switch, etc., for 
screw bulbs. Price, nickel 
plated, 40/- each ; black 
plated. 43/- ear-h. 

^ Fig. 34% 
H.A.H. Paten!: 

Lamp, 7 /6 each 
Clips direct on to 


and has coloured 

bulb to preven*" 


Fig.35S. Garage Inspection Lamp 

as illus. but without bulb, 7/6ea. 


Fig. 42». 


Has a positive 



action. Cannot 

shake on, totally 

^ insulated. Com- 

a plete, as illus- 


1 trated. Price 3/6 

1 each. 

Postage extra on 


the above. 


A. H. HUNT, I.XD., 


Tunstall Road, CROYDON, Eng. 

Telephones; Telegrams ; 

Croydon 2225, 2226. "Keyage, Croydon. ' 


Ah.V- Twin Aston Combination, 2-speed, fully 
^t equipped; £38.-96, Doncaster Rd., Leicester. 

Qh.p. Bat Combination, 2-speed, good condition; £40. 
" —2a, Aubrey Kd., Waltliamstow. [6835 

"DAT 1921 Models.— We are now accepting- orders tor 
-*-* early delivery. Your enquiry esteemed.— Below. 

"DAT, Sh.p., fuUy equipped as makers' speeificatioiis, 
J-* shop-soiled ; at greatly reduced price ; also second- 
nand combination, f^ame make. — Mebes, 154-156. Gt. 
Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [6738 

BAT 1920. shop-soiled only, list price £160; our 
price £132.— RatcliHe Bros., 200, Gt. Portland 
St., W. Maylair 5042. [0439 

1 Q20 8h.p. Bat. Combination, new, spare wheel, usual 
-L" equipment; otters. Tel.; Museum 6626.— A.S.C., 
60, Mortimer St., W.l. [7217 

BAT New 1920 6h.p. Combination, 3 speeds, dutch, 
and kick starter model; ^175; easy terras 
arranged.— Wauchope's, 9, Shoe Lane, Fleet St., Lon- 
don. [7265 

BRAJsD New 6h.p. Bat, with low coaclibnilt sidecar 
to match, spring frame, 3-speed, etc. ; a genuine 
barg.Tin, will accept £160 to clear.— Bambers', Eastbank 
St., Southport. Tel.; 607. [7167 

BAT-J.A.P, 6h.p., fixed gear, adjustaltle pulley, Bosch 
mag., Amac carburetter, new T.T. bars, lamps, 
horn, completely overhauled, very fast: '£70, or nearest 
oSer.— H. Andrews, 121, Bradfleld Rd., Crewe. [6597 


BEARDMORE, perfectly new, shop-soiled only; can 
never repeat; £85.-138, Gray's Inn Rd., W.C. 


BEAEDMORE-PRECISKIN 1921 Model, in stock 
for immediate delivery; your enquiry esteemed.— 

BEARDMORE-PRECISinN. 1920 model, fully 
equipped with P. and H. head lamp set, rear lamp 
and generator, scarcely used, in new condition; special 
bargain. £90, for quick sale.— Mebe.*; and Mebes, 154-6, 
Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [6737 


GENUINE Bargain —Blackburne 4h.p., 1920, new; 
£120.— Vivian Haidie and Lane, Ltd., 24, Wood- 
stock St., Bond St., W.l. [0320 

BLACKBURNE new 1920 4h.p., list price £135; 
our price £120.— Ratcliffc Bros., 200, Gt. Port- 
land St., W. Maylair 5042. [0430 

BLACKBURNE 4h.p., 1920, brand new; list price 
£135, £120.-Vivian Hardie and Lane, Ltd., 24, 
Woodstock St., Bond St., W.l. [0420 

BLACKBURNE 4h.p., 1920 model, Stni-mcy-Archet 
3-speed gear, unused, shop-soiled only; £115.— P. J. 
Evans, 81-91, John Bright St., Birmingham. [0454 

1O20 41i.p. Blackburne Combination, all lamps, speed- 
JLtf ometer, 2 horns. Easting wind screen; £150. 
Tel.: Museum 6626.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W.l. 

1Q20 (October) 4b.p. Blackburne, once used, Lucas 
J-iy lamps,' Cowey horn, Lycett's attache case, 4 
gns. motor cycle suit, all in insurance, etc., etc., 
condition perfect; £130.-78, St. Augustine's Rd., 
London. N.W.I. [6568 

BLACEBITRNE 1920 Combination, 8h.p., perfect 
mechanically and in appearance, hood, screen, 
speedometer, Lucas lamps, 2 horns, luggage carrier, 
.sp^ire wheel, all necessary spares, mileage 2,000; £175. 
— Jarrett, 199, Hagley Rd., Birmingham. [6876 

BLACKBURNE 1920 8h.p. Combination, spare | 
wheel, hood, screen, speedometer, lamps, leg shields. 
Klaxon, tools, etc., splendid condition; £175; can be I 
seen at Ballards Motors. 92, Gloucester Rd., South | 
Kensington, S.W.7. o. write Elliot. 25. Whitmore Rd., 
Beckenham. ■ - - [0349 | 


BRADBURY 4h.p., 2-speed, clutch, lamps, horn, re- 1 
liable; £33.-31, Sharsted St., Kennington. [6855 1 
BRADBURY 6h.p. Combination; £85.-59, Palfrey I 
Place, Dorset Rd., Clapham Rd., S.W.8. [6462 I 

BRADBURY, 4i4h.p., Grade gear, splendid running | 
condition; £50. — Hopperton, High St., HurstI 
Green, Sussex. -- [64961 

BRADBURY Combination, lamps, spares, runningi 
complete; bargain. £30.— Clarke, Oaklodge, Em-I 
breck, Wokingham. [6889| 

1 Q20 4h.p. Bradbury Combination, lamps com- 
-I-t/]]lete, done 150 miles; cost £160, sacrifice £115.1 
— C'lastcn, Blackwood, Mon. (D' [7010| 

BRADBURY 6h.p. Combination, shop-soiled, makcrs'l 
price £199, our price £175; fully equipped.— Rat-I 
clifte Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St., W. Maylair 5042. I 


BRADBURY^ 4h. p., 1914, 2-speed countershaft, cluteli.! 
kick starter, T.T. bars, fully equipped, new front! 
tvre. back nearly new, condition good; £42.— 175b,l 
Highbury New I'ark, N.5. [703?| 

BRADBURY 6h.p. Twin, fully equipped as makerj 
specifications, shop-soiled; at greatly reduce* 
price; now is the time to buy.— Mebes, 154-156, GtJ 

Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. 



All letters relatinj, to advertisements should ouote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 2oth, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xvii. 


B ROUGH i920 5-6h.p., Montgomery sidecar, Stur- 
mev-Archer 3-spesa, excellent condition; £130. — 
Morgan, '371, Old Kent Rd., S.E.I. [6704 

BROUGH 5b.p. Flat Twin, £140; S'/oh.p. flat twin, 
overhead Talvea, ideal importing solo, £130.— Sole 
agenU, G. and J. Dawson, Regent St.. Caml)ndge. [7184 

ROUGH 1920 5h.p., Cowey trip speedometer, Cowey 
horn, Terry i;illion, 700 miles; £130.— Seen a' 


Adnms' Engineering Works, 99, High 




BEOUGH, superior, 8h,p., overheod valves, built to 
:m ideal for the rider who Tvill have the beat; 
£175; enquire of sole agents for Cambridgeshire. Hunt- 
ingdonshire, nnd district, G. and J. JJawson, Kegrent 
St.. Cambridge. [7185 

31h.p, 1916 Brough. overhauled and tank re- 
2 enamelled, plating good, semi-T.T. bars, new 
nickel plated Miller lamps, all tools, bronze medal Bed- 
ford M.C Hill-climb. July, 1920; £70; meet half way 
for trial.-Worsley, 25. St. ,Cuthberfa. Bedford. [6697 


now in stock; delivered any- 

t> -S.A. Sidecars, hoods, grids, screon:J. etc., in (-took, 
part and pattern, by 
Cycle and 


B.S.A.-All models 

B.S.A. Replacement!^, every 

B.S.A. Specialists: County 
Uroad St., Birmingham. 

Motor Co., 




,S A. Magdyno Combination, 
'ition Ed., S.W'.7. 

"D.S.A. Combination, 1914 countershaft, dynamo light- 

ng, exct'Ilent condition; £85,— See below. 


Combination, 1915, accessories; £95.— Taylors, 
Ltd. o^, Sussex Place, S.\V.7. 'Phone: Ken.<innton 


TD.S.A. Combination 4%h.p., 

l-> dition, done 1,000 mik-s —Todd, 

T> .S.A.; all models in stock; also 1917 Model K. 
L> ixirtect; £75.— Chaston, Blackwood. Mon. (D) 

rj.S.A., 1920. brand new. 


coiinlershaft. perfect <'on- 

Lenhnm, Kent. 





all-chain, solo; ;ei00.— 

Uunns. 326. Eubton Kd., >.W.i. Museum 5391. 


K.S.A. Combination, brand new, unused, all-rhain 
drive; accept £140.— J. Smith, 52. Hampstead 
Id.. N.W.I [7113 

.S.A. SVali-P- fine order throughout, fully equipped; 

£40; aicept half down.— BuQtint,*'i* Motor Exchance, 

|\'ealdttone. ■* [7155 

.S.A.. 4f^h.p.. cham-cum-belt. countershali. 3 speed, 
brand new but shop-soiled ; £ 100. — we 
Ear^ige Lincoln 

► OLTON.— All B.S.A. models in stock, solo and 
combinations, complete. — Grosvenor Garage, Brad- 

[)rd St., Bolton [X2019 

t.S.A. 1921 Models; orders now oocept-ed lor early 

delivery.— EHteliflte Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St., 

Mayfjiir 5042. [0429 

919 B.S.A. and Sidecar, lamps. Klaxon horn; £95. 
Cockram. 3. Oakfield Villas, Grove Park Rd., 
(rove Park S.E. 1 2. [6430 

-S.A. 1916 4i/ih.p., C.B. sidecar, excellent condi- 
tion; £90: trial.— Simmon**, Sunnyaide, Swan Lane, 
[betstoue. Middlesex. [6821 

► .S.A. 4^h.p., 3-speed. countershaft, C.B. sidecar, 
e.vcellent condition; £80.-26, Ailsa Av.. St. 

|argaret's. Twickenham. [7096 

.S.A. 1921 4i/4h p. Lntwt Model K2: delivery very 

shortly; list price.— Turner Broe., 134, Upi'er 

James St.. London, E.G. [7055 

.S.A. Model H Combination, fully e^juipped; £85.— 

Newnliiim Motor Co.. 223. Hammersmith Rd.. W.6. 

lione: Hammersmith 80. [6321 

|.SA., 4i/4h.p., 1914. lampe, etc., belt drive, excel- 
lent condition ; £82. including taxation.— Hall, 
tifrid House, Stockton-on-Tees. [6495 

I ATE3T All-chain Drive B.S.A.. brand new; £100, 
near ofler.— Horswill, Indian agent, 42, 


tdge St., Chester. 'Phone : 943. 

wind ! 

Magdyno, wind screen, hcod, luggage grid, 
condition; £135, cost £190.— Below. 

|20 B.S.A. Al'ib.p. and No. 2 sidecar, all chain, 
mileage 100; bargain. £112.— Below. 

19 B.S.A. 4.'4h.i 

Edwarils, 50. Harrington Rd., 

bton. 'Phone 


1 19 B.S.A. and 
lamps, perfect, 
Iton Rd . London 

Millford sidecar. 

50. Ha 


plendid order; 

' South Ken- 


Sidecar. 4h.p.. Model K. all 
new tyres; £95.- Dunn. 326. 
Museum 5391. [7171 

-S A.. 3-speed, kick starter, 

gomery coachbuilt sidecar, 

only £65; bargain.— Mo.«s, 

combination, Afont- 
new last June, good 
Wem. CX5224 


Irate.— 7 

Combination. 2 speeds, clutch. Canoelet 
perfect throuehout ; any trial ; would 



in the London - Exeter to 




de Luxe 
with PLUS 


Sidecar, a Single or Double Seater 
otwill £250 

Above prices inclu ie Dynamo Lighting 
(not combined with magneto), ail 
Electric Lamps, Electric Horn, Shock 
— Absorber, Coverall Apron, etc. — 


1920 Big Four NORTON Comb. 
igzi B.S.A. 6-7 h. p. "Plus One "Comb. 
1920 LEA-FRANCIS 3.} h.p. Solo 
iqzo MORGAN, aero body. 
1920 READING "Plus One " Comb. 
1920 HA RT F Y 7-9 h.p. electric Comb. 
1920 HARLEY 7-9 h.p. acetylene Comb. 
1920 MATCHLESS dynamo Comb 

1920 DOUGLAS 4 h.p. Comb. 
19.; I NEW HUDSON 2.} h.p Solo 

1921 ACE electric Solo. 
1921 ACE electric Comb. 

1921 EMBLEM 4-5 h.p. twin Solo 
1920 RUDGE 3i h.p. Solo. 


89, Gt Portland 
Street London. 


owdray Rd.. Wimbledon. [6842 

All Iptter.s relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each ad 



B.S.A. 1914 Conitiiuntion. coimter^liaft, K.S., in verv 
pno4 condition. Inuips, horn, etc.; £65, or neir 
tifler.— 107, I,iinsdO'.Tiie Ed., Eii.;t Croydon. [6760 

B.S.A. and Gloria Sidecar, 1919. accessories. Easting, 
onlv run a tew miles: £125.— Tavlors. Ltd.. 52, 
Sussex Place, S.W.7. 'Phone : Kensington 7260. [0409 

B.S.A. 1919 4'4Ii.p., 3-siiee(l counteishnft, Coorer 
sidecar, Ea<>tins, lamps, born, spares, top-hole con- 
dition; £130.-479, Reddings Lane, Birminghiim. [6633 

4JLh.p B.S.A. Combination, splendid coudition, 
l lamps, tools, wind screen, apron, luggage 
carrier: £120.— Koss Engineering Co., Ltd., Here- 
turdshirc. [6976 

1Q14 B.S.A.. 2-speed. completely overhauled, good 
X.'J tyres and belt, lamps, norn, and tools, guaran- 
teed perfect, will take sidecar anywhere; £40; no 
oilers.— Day. Okehampton. [7272 

B.S.A. 6h.p. and 4",lh.p. Solo in stock for immediiUe 
delivery; price list nnd catalogue post free; de- 
ferred pnrmeuts arranged.— Sole district agents. The Wal- 
sall Gntnge. Walsall. Tel.: 444. (4010 
B.S.A. 1920 Combination, 4Wn.p.. 3-speed, nll-cbnin 
drive, hood, screen, grid, condition as new; open 
to export cxnuiinntiou: £120.— Field, c/o Huckleliridge, 
133, Sloane St., Loudon. S.W.I. [X5212 
"IQ19 B.S.A. 4lili.p. 3-specd Chnin Drive Couibiun- 
-L«7 tion. Eastiiig wind screen, Watford, speedometer, 
Lucas horn, lumps, etc.. perfect condition; £125.— 
West, Ecur Forks, Spa.vton, Bridgwater. [6453 

B.S.A. 1915 3-speed, chain and l>elt, just been re- 
ennmellod and overhauled, new H.S..\. sidecar wifli 
luEpaijo grid. Easting .screen, 3 new tyres, Lucas lamp.s, 
perfect order, any trial; £120.— Morgan, Sbipynid. 
Swauwjck, Hants. [6553 

-| 019 (late) B.S.A. Combination OutBt. Klaxon lurn. 
-II' speedometer, lamps, Tan-Sad rear siiddlc, wind 
screen, all usual accessories, recently been uverhauled ; 
piice £110, or near oiler.— Grove Lodge. South Wood- 
ford. Essex. E.18. (6S21 
1Q19 B.S.A. 4^4b.p. all chain Combination, lamps, 
X*/ born, wind screen, leg shields, speedometer, 
tyres good, full tool kit, insurance, oilskin outfit, guar- 
anteed; £116: appointment only.— Roberts, 51, Bins- 
field Rd.. Clapbam. S.W.4. 1"1B2 
B.S.A.. late 1919. engine No. 28735. C.ll. ooud>ina- 
tion. chain<u[ii-l>elt, 3-spccd countershaft. Easting 
wind screen, D.A. lighting set, luggage grid, sound 
throughout; first cheQue £115.-Duke W. Harding, 
I.ittlc Leinbill. Lecblade, Ulos. I665I 

B.S.A. 4Hh.p., sidecar, 1920, chain-cum-belt, de- 
liverer! .Inly, winner of gold medals. Matchless 
Cup, 1920, cttmp'lete with Lucas ^Magdyno set. speedo- 
mcler. horn, tools, spares, perlect machine: uwuer buy- 
ing Morgan, licence paid £160..-Braeniar. IL-islemere 
Rd., Croucn End. 16914 

B.S.A.— A motor cycle worthy of its name is Ilio 
B.S.A We have alwnyn In stock at least three 
uiwlels. Model K. Model H, and 6-7h.p. twin, imme- 
di.ite delivery: all spfires in stock; trade supplied.-- 
.Tones' Garage, Muswoll Hill. N.IO. and at Woo.lside 
I'iirade. Korth Finebloy. (0379 

1 O20 B.S.A. 4>/ili.p.. nll-ehain. countershaft, and 
L«J sidecar, mileage 800. splendid condition. Klaxon. 
.Miceilometer. 3 lamps and generators. 2 spare tubes, 
^[.ire tvre, iinee-grips, valve complete, links, plugs, new 
beluiet." full insurance, beautiful outHt; £135.— Buxton, 
,Tackson8 Lane, Highgnte. [6647 

B.SA. 4V4h.p.. 1920, all-chain, hand and foot clutch, 
liest Lucas head lamp, Miller tail, F.R.S. horn, 
exceptional engine, no trace of wear, 95 m.p.g.. siieci- 
ally geared, fust, K.E.W. attachment, original tyres, 
extra sprocket for sidecar work, suiicrb condition ; 87 
gns. excluding licence.— Provost. Mount St. ilary s 
College, Chesterfield. [6638 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane, Fleet St.. London.— 
New 1921 B.S.A. motor cycles, chain and chain- 
cum-belt, delivered Irom ttock, price *110 and .£107 
respectively; 4i4h.p. B.S.A., 1919, chain<:um-bclt, .€85; 
4iih p 1914 B.S.A. combination, £75; 1920 4l.'jh.p. 
BSA. combination all-chain. i£120; easy payments 
taken.— Write or ■phone: Holborn 5777. [7266 

B.S.A. 1921 6-7h.p. Twin, Model A, with B.S.A. 
No. 1 sidecar, in stock for immediate delivery; 
BSA new 1920 4i/(h.p.. Model H. all-chain drive, 
with B.S.A No. 2 sidcar, shop-soiled, reduced price, 
£138 or separately; B.S.A. 1914-15 4i,!lh.p.. Model K. 
3-speed chain-cum-t>elt, excellent condition. £72.— 
Eagles and Co., 275, High St., Acton, London. (X5231 


CALTH0RPE-J.-\.P. 2'ih.p., Enfield, good condi- 
tion- £40.— Brown, Club House, Westerbam, Kent. 


CALTHORPE 1921 Models.— We are now accepting 
orders lor early delivery: your enquiry esteemed — 

C.\LTHORPE 2%h.p.. 2-speed Enfield gear, as 
makers' specifications: at greatly reduced price; 
now is the time to buy.— Mebes. 154-156, Gt. Portland 
St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [6740 

"I Q20 Calthorpe, 2^xih.p.. 2-stroke model, soiled. 
X«7 with new lamps, born; £57.— Chaston, Black- 
wood, Mon. (D| (7011 
1 Q19 2%h.p. Caltborpe-Jap, Enfield 2-8pccd, 1920 
y\j cylinder, and tank, carefully used, fully equipped; 
£55, or' nearest.- Glenburn, West Mailing, Kent. [654C 

vertlsement, and the date ol the issue. B2.i 

xviii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

J.'VNUARY 20TH, I92I. 

iqao Cainiorpe-Jiip 2Kli.E. 
-*-t' iiiul H. lamp, etc.. Kh 



CALTHORPE Junior, Precision, 2 speeds, all lamps, 
horn; go anywhere, 30/- tax; sacriiice £25.— 
Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Bd., N. 'Phone: Halson 
2408. [7250 

CALTHOEPE-J.A.P. 23,lh.p., 1920 model, Enfleld 2- 
specfl, £65; also 2-6troke model, with Enfleid gear, 
^£68.-P. J. Evans, 81-91, John Bright St., BirmJUK- 
ham. [0458 

C-\LTHORPE Motor Cycles, wholesale and retail 
agents for the County oi Devon ; all models in 
etot;k for immediate delivery. — The Carlton Motor Co.. 
33. Torwofld St., Torquay. [0201 

GNS.— Calthorpe combination, 1916-17, 4.5h.p. 
twin J. A. P., Enfield gears and clutch, handle 
start, all-chain, coachbuilt sidecar; gift price.— G., 63, 
Solon Ed., Brixton, S.W.2. [6997 

I. p., Enfield 2-speed, new P. 

Klaxon, mileage about 1,000, 
carefully ridden, condition as new; £65, or near oiler. 
— A.K.B., Hie Grey Cottage, St. Asaph St., Ehyl. [6663 


■J C|15 4h.p. Campion, J.A.P. enji:ine. pedal start, drip 
-i-t/ feed, engine veiy good puller; £45.-29, St. 
Leonard's St., Bromley-by-Bow. East 4708. [7024 


C HATER-LEA Late 1920 sh.p. Combination, done 100 
miles; £180.— Webb, 22a, Cornwall Ed., S.E.I. 


CHATEE-LEA, 1915, tip-top condition, H.S., eidecar 
renpholstered ; £115.— Webb, 22, Cornwall Ed., 
S'.E.l. [7191 

CHATEE-LEA 9h.p., speed model, excellent condition, 
any trial; £65.— Billingshurst, Wordsworth Ed., 
Worthing. [6544 


CLEVELAND 3h.p,, shop-soiled; at greatly reduced 
price; now is the time to buy- — Mebes, 154-156, 
Gt, Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [6741 

CLEVELAND 1918 Sh.p., 2-speed, clutch, kick start, 
wants assembling, minus wheels and forks; 
£17/10.— Kemp, 62, Southfield Rd.. Bedford Park. 
Chiswick. [6885 



2-stroke; £67/10.— Garage, 

CLYNO Combination, 
Horsmonden, Ken 


de luxe model; £280.— Garage, 

1 Q20 Clyno, 2-speed, hand clutch, all accessories: £65. 
-l" —Smith, Craithie Ed., Doucaster. [6685 

CLTXO 1921 Models.— We are now accepting orders 
for early delivery ; your enquiry esteemed.— Below. 

CLYNO Lightweight, 1920, shop-soiled, at greatly 
reduced price. Now is the time to buy. — Mebes, 
154-6, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone : 3426 Mayfair. 

/iLYNO Combination, 1916, in excellent condition, 
v^' also accessories; .best offer.— 97, Roman Rd. Bow, 
E.3. ^_ [6551 

CLYNO 1920 2jai.p.. 2 speeds, clutch, £uHy equipped; 
£50.-Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton, and 245 
Deansgate, Manchester. 


-| 4120 2yjh.p. Clyno, 2.6peed, clutch, scarcely 
Xt/ tyres nnpnnctured, horn, and lamps; £50.- 
Fox Lane, Palmer's Green, ~^ - - 



N.13. [6950 

CLYNO, 7-9h.p. ,T.A.P. -engine, with 2-seater sidecar, 
newly paintetl throughout, new tyres; £160, or near 
ofler.— Bean, Bargains Hill, Sittingboutne. • [6527 

"1016 Clyno Combination, perfect condition, spare 
-'-*.' wheel, 4 practically new oversize tvres. Easting 
screen, Lucas lamps; £105.-22, Cranes Drive, Surbiton. 


CLYNO 1921 models, immediate delivery; 1920 light- 
weights, shop-soiled, £63; list price, £75.— Rat- 
cliffe Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St., W. Mayfair 5042 


CLYNO 1920 Lightweight, 2 speeds, clutch, only 
ridden 300 mile«, with tools, horn, and rear-driven 
speedometer; £58.— Motor, Five Bells, Harmondsworth, 
Middlesex. [6538 

1014 6h.p. Clyno Combination, fitted with lamps, 
-"-■s^ horn, and speedometer, just completely over- 
hauled and in splendid condition ; ,£85.— Tel. : Museum 
6626.— A.S.C, 60, Mortimer St., W.l. [7218 

6h.p. Clyno Coach Combination,- 3^peed, K.S-, clutch, 
interchangeable wheels with spare, lamps, mecha- 
nical horn, excellent condition; any trial; £75, offers; 
must sell-— 41, Boleyn Rd-. Forest Gate- [7031 

Oih-P. Clyno Motor Cycle, 1920 model, done 150 
r^ 4= miles only, absolutely as new, complete with head 
lamp and new taxation hcence, ready for the road ■ £56 
a real genuine bargain.— Corwen Motor Co., Coriven- ' 

CLYNO 8h.p- 1921 Combination-— Batchelor and 
Co-, East Surrey agents, have a new 8h-p- com- 
bination : demonstration runs given ; orders booked for 
very early delivery-- Batchelor's, Clarence St-, Kingston- 
on-Thames. 'Phone: 1809. [9545 

Sh.p- Olyno-Jap and Snnbeam Sidecar, fitted with 
electric lighting set (accnmulator), detachable and 
interchangeable wheels, and special spning pillion seat 
hinged dash, tyres good, the whole in jicrfect condition 
and entirely overhauled, re-enamelled and plated- £140 
Midlands.— Box 49, c/o The Molor Cycle. [X4306 

173, Gt. Portland Street. 

Telephone — Mayfaiy 879. 

192! Models In Stock. 

Following for Immediate Delivery : 

192 1 8 h.p. ENFIELD Comb... £160 
1921 6-7 h.p. B.S.A. and Side- 
car and spare wheel .... £207 
I92i4h.p. DOUGLAS Comb... £170 
1921 8 h.p. MATCHLESS Comb. £205 
1921 8 h.p. NEW IMPERIAL 

Comb £186 18 

1921 2-|-h. p. 2-speed DOUGLAS £85 
1921 2f h.p. 3-speed DOUGLAS, 

with clutch £105 

192 1 4 h.p. TRIUMPH, chain 

drive £140 

1921 10 h.p. HENDERSON, 

with reverse gear £210 

1920 5-6 h.p. JAMES Comb. . . £175 
1920 8 h.p. NEW IMPERIAL 

Comb £165 

1920 2-stroke DIAMOND £50 

1920 2|- h.p. 2-speed NEW 

IMPERIAL, with clutch £83 

1920 2f h.p. 2-speed NEW 

IMPERIAL, without clutch £78 

1920 BABY TRIUMPH £70 

1920 3i h.p. LEA-FRANCIS . . £118 


191 5 4 h.p. TRIUMPH, 3-speed £75 

1920 4 h.p. DOUGLAS Comb. £150 

1920 5-6 h.p. JAMES Comb... £145 

1920 2-stroke JAMES, 2-speed £65 
1920 6 h.p. ZENITH, sports 

model, and Sidecar £130 

19208 h.p. MATCHLESS Comb., 

dynamo, and accessories . . £185 

1920 2.^ h.p. 2-speed EDMUND £78 

191 5 4 h.p. TRIUMPH and 
accessories £90 

191 ^ 4 h.p. TRIUMPH and 

Sidecar . . : £105 

1920 4-cyl. HENDERSON and 

Sidecar, all acces.^iories . . . . £185 .0 
1920 4 h.p. DOUGLAS Com- 

Ijination, all accessories . £145 

1920 2|- h.p. DOUGLAS with 

clutch and all accessories . . £85 

1916 2-speed CALTHORPE .. £38 

A BARGAIN — Heavy Bulbous-back Sidecar, 
brand new. List price £42. Our price £30. 

— All IVIodeis in Stoclt. — 





378, Euston Road. 

T --h-bhone— Museum 64^6- 

Lar^e Stock of Powell & Hanmer Lamps 
and other Accessories, 

spare cylinder, 

-H- Clarkson, All- 




/^LYNO 5-6h-p-, 3 speeds, kick start (iust overhauled 
^^ by Clyno), oush drive fitted to engine-shaft, enam- 
elled hlack and gold, fitted with all new tyres. Stepney 
Road-grip rear, spare interchangeable wheel with Dunlop 
rubber and steel studded, Cowey hoin, F-E-S- Major 
lamp set, Tan-Sad,- Clyno sidecar with Cameo wind 
screen; the whole in splendid condition; nearest £120, 
or would exchange for solo machine.— Harvey, "335, 
Gloucester Ed., Hoifield, Bristol. [6875 

IQ 16-17 6-6h.p. 3-speed K.S. Clutch W.D. Clynos, 
-■-^ nnrenovatcd, £40 each. These machines are worth 
£120 whei finished. They are all complete, le-ss mai,'. 
and carburetter: new Thomson-Bennett mag- required, 
£5/10 extra- These machines only need overhauling 
and renovating- The engines and L-ar boses are 
absolutely Al- I have a large quantity of these machines, 
and they are going like hot cakes, so come and inspect 
my stock and you are sure to buy something; re- 
ductions on quantities-— Below- " 

"1 Q 16-17 5-6h.p- 3-speed W-D- K-S- Clynos, renovated, 
-Ltf £85. I have also a very large stock of Clyno 
spares, not one 01 each kind, but thousands- See my 
advert under Miscellaneoifs for Clyno spares, etc, 
sed my spares very cheap to buyers of my machine-s-— 
Please apply -or write to J-J- Dooley, 33, Eillyou Rd-, 
Clapham, S-W-8- [6866 


£40; Connaught, 2-speed, all on 
piston ; will allow 30/- for tax.- 
iiian's Heath, GIossop. 

COXN.^-t-TGHT 2i/,h-p-, 1920 model, single speed, shop- 
soiled only, £50; also 2-speed- model, £58.— P- .J. 
Evans, 81-91, John Bright St., Binulnghanr [0459 

CONNAUGHT 1920 2-stroke, T-T., under 600 
miles, guaranteed as new; £47/10: exchanges.— 
Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N. 'Phone : 
Dalston 2408. [7239 

"1015 Connaught 2-stroke, T.T. bars, di-sc wheels 
-I-*' perfect order; exchange with cash for 3Voh.p 
combination, or ,sell £45.-35, Shepherd's Bush ltd. 
Hammersmith, W.6. [644] 


COULSON B 1921 Models in Stock.— Sole WUtshirc 
Agents, Wessex Motors, Ltd.. 60, Catherine St. 
Salisbury. 'Phone ; 72. [500' 

COULSON" (July, 1920] 2%h-p-, 3-sreed, K- B- Clark'! 
famous competition 'bus, Lucas equipment, neif 
tyres; 78 gns--7. Exhibition Ed-, S-W-7- ['?16| 

COULSON B, 4h-p-, shop-eoiled, at greatly reduced 
price; now is the time to buy- — Mebee, 154-6, Gil 
Portland St, W-1- Tel-; 3426 Mayfair- [674| 

COULSON B-— We are sole agents for WolveihamJ 
ton, Stourbridge, Dudley, Walsall, and district 
good deliveries; private and trade enquiries invited.-f 
The Moliueux Garage Co., Lt3., Wolverhampton. Tehi 
1160. [34jr 

NEARLY New 4h.p. Coulson B, 3-speed. clutch, aj 
kick starter, run about 100 miles, complete vrii 
all accessories: a bargain, £110; deferred payments ij 
a small extra charge.— Harrods, Ltd., 118, Bromptj 
Rd., London [68II 

NEW Coulson B, 2%h.p., £99/15; fitted with J 
speed gear, spring frame, Blackburne engid 
2'^h.p. model, with clutch and kick starter, ;£110/l 
4h.p., with 3-speed clutch and kick starter, etc., 11 
gns. ; if fitted with smart boat-shaped sidecar, painti 
roval blue, £162/10, or on deferred payments 4X extiT 
only one-fifth deposit, balance by 12 monthly instr 
ments.— Harrods, Ltd., 118, Brompton Rd., LondonI 



D.iTTON I'.ih.p., 2rstroke, Druids, Amac, U-H- mill 
guarantee perfect order; £18/10; 200 m-P-g.— 2T 
leknield St., Birmingham. [X52| 


DIAMOND 2-stroke- 1919, not driven 500 mii 

guarantosd; £42,'10; approval-— Gibb, Gloucestf 

'Phone: 852. [Ofl 

DLAMOND-J-A-P- 1920 2%h-p-, 2-speed, comull 
with lamps, etc-; £55-— Smith's, 86, Chalk VtM 
Rd,, opposite Chalk Farm Tube Station. [71f 

T Q 20 2.>ih.p. Diamond-Jap, Enfield gear, electric ^ 
-B-t/ acetylene lighting, tools, horn, long exhaust, pern 
condition throughout, tax 30/-; £65.— Ryder, "PJ 
Fields, Wolverhampton. (Dl [X5| 



OUGLAS, Doiiglas, Douglas. 

1 Q21 Models in stock; 4h.p. combination £170, 4| 
Xc/ solo £130. 2"/ih.p. clutch model £105, 2'>ih.p, 
speed model £85. Extended T'EiJ'nients if desired. Bi 
parts stocked, repairs; Douglas specialists.— Yi'i 
Hardie and Lane, Ltd., 24. AYoodstock St. (ofl Ox 
St.). Bond St., Loudon, W.l. 'Phone: Mayfair 6l 

QIS Dousla'?es,~2^-jTi.p., 2-speed; £38 each.— Maid3 
k5 6, Barrack Rd., Hounslow. 

15 Douglas, 2-speed, splendid condition; £jg 
41, Anerley Park, S.E.2G. '^ 

3.h.p. Douglas, splendid order; £28.— Platts, 
4 King'.. Rd., Fulham, S.W.6. V\ 



B24 All letters relating to advertisementt. AioxAA quote the number at the end ol each advertisement, and the date of the i.ssue. 

January 20 th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 


fine asBOitjneut in stocli at prices 
'- — - " - L5670 

. , . gotnl tvres, lamps, horn, long 
£30.— English. Yateley, Hants, [7108 



IQ16 Douglas 2^h.p., fulls- equipped, perfect; £42.— 
liJ 106. North End Ed.. W.14. [6892 

IQ19 Douglns 4h.p. Combination: £95.— Virgo, 166, 
L*.* High St., Hounslow. Tel.: 125. [6762 

E 42. —1915 Douglas. 2-speed. all spares, perfect oon- 
dition.-13, Grantham Ed., S.W.9. [^061 

DCiI'GLAS 2^;ih.p., 2-3peed, r-ew Aniac, top-hole; £35. 
-H.S., 33, St. Stephen's Ed., Bow, E. [6600 

to suit all.— Eoss, 86, High Ed.. Lee. 

DOUGLAS 2-::,h.p, 

DOUGLAS.— Several in stock for ■imiiiedi;ite delivery. 
-Pollard, BroomJield Ed., Chelmsford. [X5164 

JOUGLAS 2?4h.p. WD. Model, mileage under 1,000; 
£40.— Virgo, 156, High St., Hounslow. [6763 

JRICHTGN. Hove, and District Douglas Agents, 
Turpin s. 22 and 29, Preston Ed., Brighton. [0201 

|OUGLAS Combination, 1918: £95: condition per- 
fect.— Hcdley's Garage, 610, High St., Chiswick. 


kOUGLAS 4h.p. Combination, in good condition: 
£57.— Jury, The Mews, We^t St., Bromley. 


CI 19 2-',ih.p. 2-speed Douglas, equipped, perfect: 
-O £58. -bO, Wallingford Av., N. Kensington. 


>17 4h.p. Douglas Combination, perfect: £68: 
would 6eparate.^81, Hornsey Park Ed.. Horn- 


' S GNS.— 1918 Douglas, CD. sidecar, electric, nicely 
" fitted, dependable.— Derby Arms Guriige. Mort- 



1921 new improved 2?ih.p.. 2-8peed 
oc -^ -x_.,- .Herbert liobinson, Ltd., 


OL'GLAS Late 1918 2?4Ii.p., absolutely ns iieir; any 

trial; £56.-30, Crystal Palace Park Kd., Syden- 

model: £85; in stock. 

OUGLAS. 1921 new 2^ih.p., 3.speed gear, hand 
<outrolled clutch and kick starter; £105; in stock. 
Hertiert Robinson, Ltd., below. 

OUGL.iS, 1921 new 4h.p., 3.fipeed, £130: with 

finish coachbuilt I'ouclas sidecar, £170: in 

k -Herbert Robinson, Ltd.. 32-35. Green St., Cam- 

Tel. : 995. T.A. : Bicycles. [7231 

918 Douglas 2=,',h.p., 3 speeds, guaranteed excel, 
lent condition throughout; £65.— Rose's Garage, 
tiee. [7107a 

Q20 4h.p. Douplas Combination, niile^ige under 500; 
^ £140.— Goodwin, Alderwick House, London Rd ! 


OUGLAS 1919 4h.p. Combination, mechanically 

-"iind trial week-ends; £105.— Bramley, 8, Stanier 

•Swindon. [687*7 

920 4h.p. Douglas Combination: £135, or offer- 
as new.- I'rench, 43. Old Park Rd., Palmer'- 
rccn, .NM3. [6479 

IIBH, Gloucester, can give immediate delivery Doug- 
r his 1921 models and spare parts ttom stock — 
hono: 852. . [6340 

AS l'aid.-1916 2?lh.p. Douglas, electric ligliting, 
.1, ,„ n._.. .._j,..._ £55._75^ Western 



all i>n, excellent condition; 

h.p. Douglas, late model, tank re-enamclled, any 

trial; £47/10 — Jones, 131, Beechcrolt Rd.. 

3per Tooting. [6962 

148.— Douglas 1917 2^4h.p., 2 speeds, new 1920 
' C.A.V.. whole in peilect order.— G.. 63, Solon Rd.. 
i.vton. S.W.2. (6996 

921 Douglas 2?ih.p., 3-speed gear, hand clutch, 
and kick starter, unpacked; £105.— Rose's 
rage, Uxbridge. [7107b 

917 Douglas 2"^ih.p., 2-speed, perfect condition, 
fully eauipiMKl, uccessones; £50.-64, Frnnitield 
^ Hanwell, W.7. (6938 

(OUGLAS 2J<h.p., siBBls speed, 1911, Bo«?h mag., 
needs adjustment: £22, or offer.— Box 1,481 c7o 
Motor Cydt. (D) [6630 

»20-l Douglas 2'-ih.p., 3-speed, clutch. K.S., un- 
used, list £105; £90.- 104a, Finchley Rd., 
ft .5. Hamp. 7822. [7179 

lOTJGLAS 1921 Solo, £85, £100, £105: combination. 
£170; ca,-*h, exchange, or easy payment;.— Motorics 
Horton St., Halifax. [6757 

lOUGLAS 2";ih.p., 1915, splendid condition, verv 

fast, complete with tools and lamps; £50.— F. 

ids, Rippjugule. Bourne. [6543 

k21 Douglas Models, immediate deliverv. Write us 
' your reqiiircments. Trade supplied.— Moffat, Dong- 
Agent, Yeovil. Tel.: 60. (5043 

20 4h.p. Douglas Combination, new condition. 
^^ Easting screen, lamps, tools, spares; £130.— 
es, Ludgerahall, Andover. [6623 

OUGLAS 4h.p. Solo, 1920, brand new; list price 
£130, fl20.-Vivian Haidie and Lone, Ltd.. 24 
'stock St., Bond St., W.l. [042] 





If }-our local Baker's business had 
been commenced in the days of that 
celebrated (?) baker. King .-Mfred 
tlie Great — over a thousand years 
ago— it could claim to be one of the 
first estabUshed in that trade. 

It follows therefore that the 
Eastern Garage Company can truth-' 
fully say they are equally pioneers 
of the Motor Cycle. -Vgency business, 
as fifteen years ago they were one of 
the first firms to specialise in Motor 
Cycles and devote their business 
solely to Motor Cycles. 

Those fifteen years have proved 
a period of success for the Eastern 
Garage Company because during 
the wliole of that time they have 
not departed from their policy of 
making the customers' requirements 
their first consideration. .\s a result 
the Eastern Garage Company is to- 
day one of the premier Motor Cycle 
Agents of the Country, and have an 
unrivalled reputation for honest 

Such a firm can be safely entrusted 
'with ^ouf enquiry, and \v\\\ justify 
your confidence in them. 

For the convenience of customerm we 
have preparc<l separAle Slock L-ttt of — 


Cat Rreatlv reduced prices) 



We shall be pleased to send the lists 

that interest you. aid quote deferred 

payment terms if desire*. 


Official Repairers to 
R.A.C., A.C.U., A.A. & M.U. 



Telephone : 490, East Ham. 
Telegrams : "Egaraco, London." 


DOUGLAS 1920 2'^;ii.p., 3-.=peed, as new; £90.— 
-N'ewnham Motor Co.. 223. Hammersmith Rd.. 
W'.Z. 'Phone: Hammersmith 80. , [6324 

DOUGLAS 2=4h.p., 1920. splendid condition, all 
•aecef , "Cries ; £85.-Tavlor.». Ltd. 52, Susse.-c Plate, 
S.\V.7. 'Phone: Kentiustou 7260. [0411 

DOUGLAS 2'-^h.p.. countershaft. 2-speed. free engine, 
clutch, lamps, good tvres; £33.— Smylie. 82, 
Godstone Rd., Whyteleale, Surrey. [6840 

1 Q12 2^ih.p. Douglas. 2-ppeed, tyres good. Klaxon. 
s.ij lamps, spares, perfect running order; £35.— Ford, 
Hoaghton Bridge, Amberley, Susies. [6556 

DOUGLAS 2^ih.p., 1915. in real good order, lamps, 
and new tyres; any trial.— Hi<;eman, 5, I'arkdale 
Hd., Plumstead. (After 6 p.m.) £45. [6856 

DOUGLAS 1916 2^ih.p., 2 speeds, new trres, helt, 
and map., perfect condition, nice appearance: £46. 
-27, nalveniie Grove, Southfields. S.\V.18. [7040 

DOUGLAS 4h.p. Combination, 1916, new lamps and 
belt, tvres sound, just overhauled, enamel and 
plating good: £80.— 31. .-Mloa Rd., S.E.8. [6789 

DOUGLAS, genuine pre-war, T.T., 2-spced. bought 
new last year, magnificent condition, superior to 
1920; £55.— 20a, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing. [6920 

DOUGLAS 4li.p. Combination, 1918, little used, 
sple.idid condition. £95; motor cycle only, £75.— 
Jlud.-on, 14, Conw.iy Kd., Plumstead, London. [6848 

DOUGLAS 4h.p., henutilul condition, last, reliable, 
85 m.p.e.. lumps, horn ; £78.— Apply Iwtween 7-8 
evening, 1, Winslude Kd., Brixton Hill, S.W. [6486 

1 020 (Intel Douglas 2".ih.p., 5-sireed, fully equipped, 
i-'J nnlcage uesliuible, nbtolntely as new: 90 ru».— 
Bawlinps, 33, Muhvood Kd., nalham Hill, S.^Y.12. [6616 

DOUGLAS 4h.p. Combination, 1920, full onuipmeut, 
guaranteed i«.'rfect condition; £125.— Vivian Hardio 
and Lane. Ltd., 24, Woodstock St., Bond St., W.l. [0416 

IQU Douglas 2"-ih.p., T.T., all lamps. 2 speeds. 
-l-*7 guaranteed; £47/10: exchangas. — Homac's, 
243, Lower Clapton Rd., N. Thone : Dalslon 2408. 

1 018 Beautiful Douglas Coachbuilt Combination, 
Xcf mag., 3 speeds, clutch, kick. hood, screen, 
lamps; sacrifice, 89 gns.— 1, Ebner St., Wandsvvorth. 

1Q20 4h.p. Douglas, solo, brand new, £118, or with 
X«/ new Douglas sidecar. £152.— Edwards. SO, Har- 
rington Rd., South Kenaingtoo. 'Phono : Kensington 
3709. [4748 

DOUGLAS 2'tili.p.. 2-ipeed. W.D. model, 1916, over- 
hauled, renovated, fitted new controls, new tyres 
and tubes; any trial run allowed: £41.— Dowell, "vtleet, 
Surrey. [6825 

1017 "h.p. ronglns Combination, engine recently 
J-t/ overhauled- £90; any trial.— Herlicrt Robinson. 
Ltd .^2.35, Green St.. Cambridge. Tel. : 995. T.A. ; 
Bicycles. [7253 

DOUGLAS, 2':ih.p., 2-spccd, footboards, complete 
lighting, horn, good condition: £38/10; bar- 
gain. — W. Slickland, Stanley Villa, Templccombc. 
Somerset. [6433 

-|Q20 Douglas Combination, all lamps, born, 3-panel 
J.%/ wind screen, legshields. trip speeilometer. spares, 
excellent condition: £155.— Skillcr. King Edward Rd.. 
Rochester. [6718 

fQl8 4h.p. Douglas Combination. 3-speed, kick 
Xt7 start, lamps, mechanical horn, hood, wind 
screen, nearly new tyres; £95.-68, Malvern Rd.. 
Dalston. E.8. [6952 

DOUGLAS Cnmbinotion, 4h.p., 1920, hood, fpeedo- 
metcr, lamps, not ran 1,000 miles; £145 — 
Taylors Ltd.. 52, Sussex Place, S.W.7. 'Phono: 
Kensington 7260. [0407 

PECLAL Bargain.- 1919 4h.p. Douglas combination, 
- coiinter-liaft. 3- speeds, kick-starter, mileage model, 
only n.sed 12 months: Inist offer over £100.-Motories 
25, Horton St.. Halifax. [875f 

3;th p. Douglas, delivered November last. S-speed 
4 clutch, kick sUrt, P.H. lamps. Klaxon horn 
legshields, fast machine, lully insured; £90.— Rankin 
2. Albtny Rd., Bristol. [689; 

ELI CLARK can give yon good service both In new 
machines and spares; try me. I may be nselnl to 
von —The Pioneer Agent lor Douglas Motors, 196. 
Cheltenham Rd., Bristol. [0016 

DOUGLAS 2^ib.p., in splendid condition and gofsi 
running order, all accessories: £55; can be seen 
iit any time.— Chiis. Clarke. 251, Tooley St., London. 
S.E.I. (Near Tower Bridge.) [7193 

£55.-1917 2^y).p. Douglas, 2-6peed, makers' colours, 
new P. and H. head lamp, Thomson-Bennett, 
Amac, enamel and plating uiwcratched, several new 
parts.-63. Salon Rd., Brixton. [7028 

DOUGLAS 2''ih.p., 1916, just overhauled, like new, 
mechanical horn, large Miller lamp set, tools, 
new oversize tvres. long exhaust: £56, no offers.— 
.Ablett. 101 Shaftcsburj- Rd.. Reading [6708 

DOUGLAS 1919 2':4h.p., engine No. 40824. original 
enamel, all tools and accessories, lighting by 
Lucas, new spare tyre, excellent condition: £65. or 
nearest.— King. Fairoaks, Sollersholt, Letchworth. Herts. 



All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date ol the Issue, as:* 

XX. Advertisements, 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

JaNUAEY 20TH, 1921. 



1 QI6 Douglas 41i.p., 3 speeds, 
-i-f overhauled by Douglas Co., 
- brand new coach sidecar 
2^5, Lower Clapton Rd., 



kick starter, juSg 

all lamps, fitted 

£95 ; exchanges. — Homae's. 

N. "Phone : Dalston 2403. 


DOUGLAS Late 1919 4h.p. Combi nation, complete 
with si^eedometer, horn, mirror. Tan-Sad, tools. 
splendid condition, very little used; £l23.~High Croft 
Stables, Chichester Rd., Croydon (nr. Water Tower). 


THE Effra Motor Works.— When you have purchased 
a 2-^;ih.p. Douglas from us you have the satisfac- 
tion of knowing that our machines are entirely over- 
hauled and worn parts renewed; carriage extra,— 


N Approval Against Cash. 

£45; 2^4h.p. Douglases, 1915-16, re-stoved and re- 
plated in makers' colours, new Amac carburetter, 
just like a new machine and as good.— Eelow. 

WHY ? As we purchased the remaining entire 
dump of 2%h.p. Douglases, W.D., . this is the 
reason we are able to" offer these machines at this 
price.— The Effra Motor Works, 14, Effra Parade. 
Brixton, London, [7186 

DOUGLAS 1914 T.T .SV^li-P-, fitted with special 
ypheric'jl o.h.v. combustion beads; spares: 2 
oiiginal cylinders complete, 5 camsliafts, gear box; ex- 
tr;iordinariIy last; £100.— Moir and Baxter, Ltd., 2. 

C<istle Terrace. Edinburgh. (D) [6629 

DOUGLAS 234li,p., late 1915. makers' colours, prac- 
tically new, only done under 2,000 miles, loot 
boards, ample mndshielde, licence, lamps, tools, pump, 
etc., long exhaust; ^55, or best oft'er.— 'Phone : Ching- 
lord 113.-4, Eglinton B<i., Chingford. [6769 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9. Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4.-* 
2^h.p. Douglas machines, 1921, kick start 
models, 6 speeds, ohitoh, £105; 4h.p. combinations, 
£lr70; 4h.p. solos, £130; also 2%h.p. W.D. Douglas, 
supplied from Douglas works, £85. Easy terms ananged 
or exchange. [7267 

1 Q 20 4h.p. Douglas Combination, fitted with 
-Lt/ poli;^hed aluminium discs. Lucas horn, iront 
mudshields, Rotax dynamo lighting set, Cameo wind 
screen, mileage 1.250, practically new api^earance, 
mechanical condition guaranteed perfect; £155. — 
Herbert Robinson, Ltd., 32-35, Green St., Cambridge. 
Tel. : 995. T.A. : Bicycles. [7235 

4h.p. Douglas and Chassis with wheel. £30; 1917-18 
W.D., um'enovated, compri.sing engine, gear box, 
traaie forks, wheels, tank, mudguards, carrier bars. 
etc. "We have 100 of these to dispose of; the best bar- 
gain since the Armistice. This is positively the last 
lot we can offer at nnv price. Our price £30, elsewhere 
£45,— Banister and Botten, 341, Upper St., Loudon, 
N.l (opposite Agricultural Hall). [7146 

DOUGLAS Motor Cycle on easy terms of payment ; 
4h.p. combination. ^170; 2-speed solo model. 
£85; 3-speed clutch and kick starter model. £105 
plus a small charge for delivery from works to Lon 
don. The above are makers' list prices. For easy pay 
• meats 4% extra is charged, only one-fifth deposit, 
balance payable by 12 monthly instalments. Write 
lor latest lists of other machines in stock, etc.— 
Harrodt;, Ltd., 118, Brompton Rd., London. [6806 


DUNKLEY-DALM 5h.p. 2-stroke Lightweight, 2- 
speeil countershaft, just overhauled, tyres nearly 
new. sacrifice £30,-591, Poleshill Rd., Coventry. [X5265 


EDMUND 2%h.p., 1920 model, J.A.P. engine, Enfield 
2-speed gear and clutch, spring frame, imused, 
shop-soiled only; bargain, £80.— P. J. Evans, 81-91, 
John Bright St., Birmineham. i.0457 


NEW 1920 Enfield, 2-stroke, 2-i 
Randal. Atidovpr. 


Eandal, Andover 
20 81i.p. Enfield Combination, 
soiled; £157/10.- 


in stofk.— 
. brand new, un- 
Rose's Garage, Uxbridge. 


rQ16 6ii.p. Enfield Combination. fiiUv equipped 
»/ £95.-29. St. I.«r,r ' - - 


' £95.-29, St. Leonard's St., 

Broniley-by-Bow. Ea.'-t 

ENFIELD 31i.p., 
light, splendid condition; £55.- 


1915, 2-speed, speedometer, electric 

-143, Percy Rd., 


ENFIELD 1921, all models for immediate deliyerv. 
— Ratcliffe Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St., W. MaV- 
fair 5042. [0432 

ROYAL ENFIELD 2-stroke, practically new; price 
ujoderate.— Cbambers, 69, Longridge Rd., EarFs 
Cuurt, London. [6557 

ENFIELD 1920 2J4Ii.p., fully eouipped, as new; 
£60.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton, and 245. 
Deansgate, Manchester. [S5166 

6h.p. EnRcld, 1920 modol, J.A.P. engine, unused 
shop-soiled only; £150.— P. J. Evans, 81-91, John 
Bright St., Birmingham. [0451 

ROTAX ENFIELD 1916 6h.p. Combination, in 
perfect order, hood, screen, D.A. lighting; £110 — 
G., 19, Netherford Rd.^ S.W.4. t'i'199 

1021 Enfields in Stock; also 
A*/ lamps. Easting, £85 
Chasten, Blackwood, Jlon. 

1915 combination,. 
1914 combination, £75.— 
(D) [7009 




^75 o 

. £60 

£73 ro 

. £65 


. £130 

fM 3 

. £70 

Ij64 io 

. £130 

£9i 15 

. £75 


. £120 

ri3o .0 

. £115 



(Slightly Shop-soiled). 

CLYNO, 2', h.p., 2-sp., ^-stroke, 
hand clutch 

CALTHORPE-J.A.P., 2i b.p., 
2-sp., Enfield gear, clutch . . 

BAT, S h.p., J..\.P. engine, 3-sp., 
chain drive, soring frau'e . . 

DIAMOND, 2; 'h.p., :;-spced, 
2-stroke, clutch, kick-starter . 

sports model, flat twin, speedo- 
meter, l.''mps /i6.( 

WIETRO-TYLER, 2S h.p., 2-sp ' 

2-stroke, latest S Type £g4 r5 

TRIUMPH, 4 h.p., a^speed, all- 
chain drive. Model S.D 

LEA-FRANCIS, 3J h.p. twin 
M..\.G. engine, enclosed chain 


MATCHLESS Model H Combina- 
tion, M..A.G. ciifiine, spring 
frame, spare wheel C:.os 

ROVER, 5-6 h.p. J.A.P. engine, 
3-speed, chain drive, latest 
type Sidecar jC-35 

BAT, S h.p., 3-speed, spring 
frame. Henderson Elite S ,' /^205 

MATCHLESS Model H Combina- 
tion. M.A.G. engine, spring 
frame, spare wheel' ......... ^^205 

SCOTT, 3.? h.p., sporting model 
DOUGLAS, 2] h.p., 2-speed, clutch, 

ki-k-starter £105 

DOUGLAS, 2'i h.p., 3-speed model . . £85 
N.U.T., 3i h.p., iwiuj 3-speed, Lucas 

Magd\niO lightjitg - 145 gns. 

CALTKORPE-J.A.P., 2' h.p., 2-speed 

Enfield gear 70 gns. 

NEW IMPERIAL, 2J h.p. J.A.P. en- 
gine, 2-speed. clutch, kick-start ... 85 gns. 
NEW IMPERIALS h.p. Combination. 178 gns. 
QUADRANT 5 h.p. Big Single Comb. £150 
MATCHLESS Model H Comb., complcte2205 
LEA-FRANCIS, 3i h.p,, twin, 3-specd £145 
TRIUMPH, 4 h.p.; 3-specd. Model H. £127 10 

ENFIELD S h.p. Combination £160 

ENFIELD lightn'eight, 2.1 h.p., 2-spted, 

Idck-starter £70 

G.N. Cyclecar, ro h.p., touring model £241 17 6 
G.N. Cvclecar, io h.p., touring model. 

dvnamo lighting > £275 12 6 

MORGAN, 10 h.p., Grand Pri;:, M.A.G. 

engine, P.U accessories, special body . £230 q 

1921 DOUGLAS, 2j h.p., 3-speed, used once £90 
igtg ARIEL 5-G h.p. Combination,, all 

accessories '. . . £125 

1919 ZENITH, S h.p., countershaft model. 

Elite Sidecar £125 

1910 ROVER 5-6 h.p. Combination, complete £145 
1918 P. & M., 3J h.p., R.A.F. Model £65 

1920 G.N. Cyclecar, to h.p., Vitesse Model, 

dvnamo liiihting £325 

1920 BLERIOT-WHIPPET Cyclecar . £175 

1920 MORGAN, de luxe model, lO h.p.. 

water-cooled, electric lamps £225 

o . . £175 

o . , £165 
o .. £165 

o .. £175 

List Price. 

?-sp. £130 

All Machines Fully Guaranteed. 




'Grams ; " Elceniocyca, Led, London." 
'Phone : Avenue 5.^48. 



ENTTELD, 8h.p. J.A.P., lamps, horn, large roomy 
sidecai . good tyres ; trial ; climb anythinp ; 
£140.-10, Penylan Rd., Cardiff, [X4S34 

1 Q17 Enfield 3h.ii. Twin, 2-speed, kick start, lamps, 
J- «^ and speedometer, as new ; £53 ; after 5.-97, 
Lonehurst Rd., Lewisham, S.E.13. [6921 

1 Q 20 Enfield Sli.p. Standard Gombination. brand 
J-'-' new; £152.— Edwards. 50, Harrington Rd., 
South Kensington. 'Phone : Ken. 3709. [7175 

81iji. 1919 Enfield Combination, completely equipped, 
exceptional condition, unused last 6 months; £150, 
offer; appointment.— 136, Boundaries Rd., Balham^ [6909 

Ii^NFIELD 1914 6h.p. Combination, wind screeu, all 
J accessories, splendid condition; £95, or near offr^r; 
uny trial.— 56, Arrail St:, Si.x Bells, Abertillery. [6529 

1 (ft 16 3h-p. Enfield, 2-speed, lamps, born, speedo- 
J-iJ meter, new tyre, all in perfect condition, mui-t 
^e)l: £35.— Wallis, Hartiugton Grove. Cambridge. 

1 Q21 Enfield Combination, 8h.p., dynamo lightinf?, 
-LiJ in stock: iumiediiite delivery; £182.— Smith's, 86. 
Clialk Farm Rd., opposite Chalk l-'arm TuV-e Station. 

1C|21 Enfield Combination,, dynamo lighting, with 
-i- *y without dynamo, in stock, immediate delivery ; 
list price.— J. Smith and Co., 52-54, Hampsteod Rd., 
N.W.I. [035S 

EXFIELD Combination, 6h.p., 1914. Eosch, East 
ing and small screen, eliild's seat, car, and carrier; 
£95.— Gill>ert, 77, Brunswick Rd., Handsworth. Bfr 

mingham. [,X5211 

ENFIELD Combination, 5-6li.p., 1912, recently* thor 
ongWy overhauled, with new cylinders and parts 
renovated, excellent condition; £90.-79, High St. 

Beckenhani. [665^ 

1 (C418 Enfield Combination, Colonial Model, tyre*? a: 
-1-*:' new, hood, - screen, lamps, horn, speedometer, per 
feet condition; £110.- Malt, 47. Clockhouse Rd. 
Beckenham. [720 

ENFIELD 1919 2i4h.p., 2-8peed, chain drive, Dun 
lops; enamel and platine unscratched, lamps, horn 
tool^, etc, ; £48, baigain.— 18, Marlborough Rd., 01' 
Kent Ed., S.E.I. [705' 

ENFIELD 6h.p. Combination, electric lighting 
Ea?tiug, firtt-class condition; £92/10.~Newnhaii 
Motor Co.. 223, Hammersmith Rd., W.6. 'Phone 
Hammcr=mith. 80. [632 

ENFIELD Combination. 1916, electric lighting, jus 
been overhauled, new Thomson-Bennett mag 
Jones speedometer; £100.— Barclay. 26, South St 
Greenwich, S.E.IO. [670 

ISLE OF MAN Enfield (3h.p.), Brooks_. 225. Lucfi 
lamps, numerous spares, very fast, perfect cond 
tion : photogrsph ; £70, or near.— Lath<nm, We^tbw: 
Belgrave Rd., Torquay. [648 

ENFIELD Sh.p. Twin, 2 speeds, kick start, dis 
wheels, long copper eshaust, T.T. bars, knee-giipi 
exceptional condition; photo; £60.— Decourcy, Franl 
fort St., Birmingham. " . ^ [707 

6 h.p. Enfield Combination, new tyres, new. tanl 
lamps, and horn, etc., cost ol overhaul £34, wb; 
offers; also brand new twin mag., £5/10, carriag 
paid.— Walshaw, Dale St., Ossett. [685 

ENFIELD Combination, 8h.p., 1917, all lamps, hoo( 
screen. Tan-Sad, Binks, overhauled, rebushet 
insured £150, appearance as new; £120, — C.B., 3( 
Westbourne St., Sloans Sq.. S.W.I. , \ . [650 

ENFIELD 6h.p. Coiubination, as .good .as new^ 
lamns, hood, screens, horn, . speedometer, pain 
etc., unscratched, guaranteed mechanically perfect; £9 
— Wallif, 23, Hartingtoa Grove, Cambridge. [64' 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London. — Enfie 
1921 comt.ination, fitted with Vicorl engiu 
with dynamo lighting set. ^182; standard mod( 
i;i62; 2-stroke solo, £65; ea^y terms arranged. .[72f 

1Q16 6h.p. Enfield Combination, Lucas head li 
J-tJ and generator, Lucas horn, tyre.s good, mechanit 
condition esceJlent; £125.— Herb&rt Robinson, Ltd., ' 
35, Green St., Cambridge. Tel.: 995. T.A. ; Bicyoli 


Sh.p. Enfield Combination, to makers' specificabi 
tor early delivery, £160; dynamo lighting mod< 
£182 plus delivery from works; defetied payments- 
a ?niall extra charge.— Harrods, Ltd., 118, Bromptj 
Rd., London [68 

6 h.p. 1920 Enfield Combination, new October la| 
Magdvno hghting, tyres unpunctxued, spares, o] 
driven 150 miles; selling on account ill-health; E^ 
Devon; any leasonable trial; £155.— Write Be-^ 1^ 
c/o The Motor Cycle. (D) . . .[6fl 

ROYAL ENFIELD 3h.p., twin, late 1917, 
Thomson-Bennett, 2-speed, kick start, i&i 
copper exhaust, nirmerous spares, tyres good, 2 n 
chains, excellent condition; £65 See exchange colui 
—Garland. Eastmoor, Harpenden. C6I 

ENTIELDS.— The cheapest twin combination on 
road. We are North London agents, and can S 
immediate delivery of the standard model, £160_ 
trio model, £180; trade supplied. Ail spares in etoH 
—Jones' Garage, Mutweli Hill, N.IO, and at Woods 
Parade, North Finchley. [0; 


I^N. 2V''h.p., 2-speed, clutch, late 1914: £40; tl 
oughly good.— 17, Cromwell Rd., Wimbledon. [6i 

A34 All letters relating to advertiseraents should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 20th, 1921, 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxi. 


CYL. F.N. Combinations and Solo Singles actually 

in stock.— Grimes and Co., 18, Bniton riace. New 

ond St., W. [6308 

X. 2V2h.p., 2-3peed. clutth, shaft drive, perfett order, 
sound and reliable; £26.— Mac, 13, Victoria Kd., 
Iil".'r Norwood, S.E.I 9. [6596 

^.\. 5-6h.p., 4-cyI., disc wheels, electric light, splen- 
•*- did condition; £40, or near oHer; ride away. — 
"oddard, 41, Avenue Rd., Brentford, Middlesex. [6782 


HARLEY, 1918. and -sidecar, perfect running; £125. 
—Neil. 13, Sangley Rd., Catford, S.E.6. [6969 

|K GNS^— 1918 Harler canoelet, electric, exception 

flUy fast.- Derby Aims Garage, Mortlake. 1X5144 


qi9 7-9h.p. Harler. 3-speecI, a? new; £110.-29. St. 
L^7 Leouard'ii «t., Bromlev-bv-Bow. East 4708. 


HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1917 Combination: £100; 
Ijood and screen. -Webb, 22a, Cornwall Ed., S.E.I. 


JfARLEY-DAVIDSON Combination, 1915, leR shields. 
-1- etc.. Tip-top condition ; £110.— Garage, Horsmon- 
Kent. [6588 

HARLEY-DAVIDSONS.— I have at present a fine 
assortment in stock, all fully guaranteed.— Ross. 
6. High Rd., Lee. [5669 

OA GNS.— 1919 Hnrlej- with bulbous sidecar, ap- 
/Vv iwirance, coodition new, dependable.— 54. 
oval Rd., Mortlake. . [XS143 

JTARLEY-DAVIDSON.- All models in 8tock,.new ond 
^ Kecond-han 
lancashire. Tel. : 607, 



1Q20 Hailoy-Davidson. 
-■-•-' lull . equipment of 

nearly neiy, mag. ignition, 
equipment of electric lamps, and 2 large 
batteries, speedometer, 2 horns, hood and screen with 
side curtains, luggage grid, pillion sent, discs on all 
wheels, specially designed leg-shields, saddle bnck-rest. 
mirror and clock; cost £525, for quick pale £250 "will 
be accepted, for cash or on deferred payments, £84 
deposit, balance plus 2\^X parable by 12 monthly in- 
stalments of £14/3/8.-Harrod3, Ltd., 118. Brouiptott 
London. [6815 



fJAZLEWOOD^.A.P. Combination. 1920, 5-6h.p. 
and unregistered ; £165.— Dunn's, 326, 





[5009 ^ 

915 Harley-Daridson Combination, 4',2li.p.. lamps 
and horn ; a bargain at £70.— Bombers', EaBtbank 
;t.. Sr'uthport. Tel.: 607. [7159 

KARLEY' 1918 7-9h.p.. in perfect condition, fitted 
with new 40 gu. sidecar ; £100 cash.- 0nderhilj 
•"nnu. liiirnet. 'Phone; 186. 


^ .*olo and cnrih. — 51 
leathw S.E. 

1916. nice turnout ; 
Muplethorp© Rd., 
2237 Croydon. 


£100, or 



Q18 7-9h.p. Harley-Davidson. 3-ppee<l, K.S.. with 
i~U new ninoelet eide-ar; £100; bargain.- J. J. 
)ooley, 33, Killyon Kd., Clopham, S.W.8. [6867 

ARLEY-DAVinSOX 1919 7-9h.p. Combination, 
tools, mileage 1,200, electiic lightinp ; £184. — L. 
est. 71, Norbury Crescent, Norbury, 6.W.16. [0377 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON. 1920. 7-9h.p.. electric model 
ns new. discs, speedometer 

i new. discs, speedometer, mileage 200; £150.— 
Punns, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 5391. [5522 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Combination. 7-9h.p.. nearly 
new. electric lighting, horn, spares, suitable for 
any trial: bargain. £158.— 79a. llillmorton Rd.. 
ugby. (7097 

919 Harley-Davidson 7-9h.p. Combination, elec- 
tricallv fitted, low mileage, guaranteed condi- 
on, licensed; £165; South London.— Box No. 1,506, 
3 Tht Motor Cycle. [6791 

-91). p. Harley-Daviilson Combination, electric model, 
condition excellent tlirouKhout, splendid sidecur 
,d flttiap^: trial: offers over £100.— Buckingham, Glen 
ottage, t'nderriver, Seveuouks. [7041 

919 7-9h.p. Harler-Dnvidaon Combination, in ex- 
cellent junnioB order, large bulbous bnek sidecar, 
early new tvre-s: price £145. or near offer.— Stevens. 
!4-186. Pentonville Rd.. King's Cross. [6680 

KARLEY-DAVIDSON Combinntion, 7-9h.j^., 1919. 
equal to new. electric lighting, fully eQuiprtecl : 
140; any trial Saturdnv or Sundav luoruiug.— 3, West 
ardens. Robinson Ed. Tooting. S.W. [7083 

J RANI I New 7-9h.p. Electric Mode! Harley- 
li:iviii-iin, complete with lamp^. horn, speedometer, — 
d Mill-Fiilford de lus'- t-idecar. cost £243/10; my 
ice tor la.ii. £210.-D. Weston, 59, Cowley St., Derby. 

ATE 1920 Harley-Davidson 4h.p. Flat Twin, only 
i 3 months old, practically new, speedometer, 
mpa. Klaxon, perfect condition; bargain, £140, or 
larest offer.— Tobah, 24. Oxford Ed., Birkdale, Sonth- 
rt. [5843 

•128.— 1918 Harley roaibinatiou, Canoelet MM4 side- 
car, overhiiuled and guaranteed perfect throughout. ^ 
amelling and plating as new, lumps, horn, upron. aS 
iw is the tune to buy.— Langford'e, 37, Cricklewood 
oadway, N.W.2. [6940 | = 

HARLEY-DAVIDSON, 1919, solo, new; £98. Huge !■ 
stock spares, engines, frames, gears. Send your^H 
rley along. Carriage paid, or fetched 50 mileiH 
dius Birmingham, —Harley Expert and Specialist 
arley-Davidsons only), 117. Poplar Rd., Edgbaston. 
rmingham. [X4935 

AR LEY-DAVIDSON 1918-1919 Models, thor- 
oughly overhauled and guaranteed, solo, £100; 
th-ncw Slontgomery sidecar, £130; ea.-^v pavments. 
3/10 down, 8. payments of £8 solo; £59 ,' 15 'deposit 
d 8 payment-^ £lO for combination.— Maudes". 100. 

Portland St.. W.l; and Paris St.. Exeter. [7235 



from STOCK, of the n 

FAMOUS 1921 8 


N.W.l. TMuseum 5391. [5530 

"^EW 5-6h.p, Hazlewood Combination, 3-speed, clutch. 

^' and kick starter, a thoroughly reliable outfit; 

Hiirrwls have n liirpe stock of these, slightlr shop-soiled. 

at £186 each (£20 below list price), or on deferred 
J pa.vnieot.s 4% extra: one one-llftli deposit, balance bv 
'" "-"-"i'.,. ;„,.,i„ ,r_.. .,. ..., ,,„ Bromp- 


rij[12 monthly instalments.— Harrods, Ltd.". 118, 

ton Rd., London 


1 O 20 ^Henderson, new ^Chri.<tmas, perfect: list price 

TTENDERSOX 1917 Electric Model, with 
-■.J- steel sidecar, t^plendidly oqnitiped: seci 

MOXOR f^YPT PS = WEXDEnSON igiS, perfect runninR condition 
ITiVy X VyrV KyXKyl-tHt^j — J- J. tri,,_head .ind tail lamps: £120, or next 

Ready to ride away! 

The most complete display of new 
1921 TRIUMPHS in Gl. Britain 
now on view in oar new showr :>oms. 

£210, accept £150. or near.— Howgill, Coliiev 
H.'itch Lane, X.IO. [6873 


oqnitiped: seen by im- 

intment.-Bnseldon, West Dyiieet. [6893 


- — lamps: £120, or nest best 

^ Her.— H.W., 45. Terminns Ed., Eastljoume. [6444 

5 fTJSXDEIiSON Combination, 1918. aU accepsories, 

— *--■- recently overhauled at £40. mechanically perfect: 

— £120: what offers.— Railton, 44. Gloucester Terrace. 
— . Hyde Park. [7144 
S H.E.W. 

— XJ.E.W., 2',2li.p. ViiUers, 2-si>ee*l, llurmon countershaft 

— ,iA (jear, 2ein. wheel*), Brrtuipton forks, lamps, \ etc. : 
■ £50.— Garage, Horeiuouden, Kent. [6587 

! Hobart. 

~ V>4.1^'P- 2-stroke Hobart. 2.speod, in good condition: 

— "•'a £37/10.— Ross Eneincering Co., Ltd., Hcrclord. 
>liire. r6978 

NEW Hobart-Villiets, 2-8pecd model; £63; list 
price £75; clightly soiled.— Cha»ton, Blackwood, 
Mon. — 




tt Type S.D. 4 h.p. TRIUMPH patent 

;:: 3-spced gear, all-chain drive. 

= Price £140. 

5 Tvpc S.D.C., as above, fitted with 


=r Price £195. 


HrjIBER 3i-.,h.p., 2-speed, clutch, line condition, 
original enamel and plating; £38.-51, Chesnut 
Rd., Tottenham (6836 

1Q20 Hnraber 3'-51i.p. Flat Twin, brand new; £120. 
-••«-' or with !-ide<ur £140.— Wellund.' Garago. Ports 

mouth Rd., Kshor. 


HlTilHER 4!;ii.n. Flat Twin, 1920 model, uuused 
.'hop-soiled only: £125, " " 

Itriglit St., llirmingiiam. 

-P. J. Evans, 

81-91, .lohn 

1 Qig (.November) 3',-h.p. Flat Twin Humber, handle 
J-«/ start, automatic carburetter, very reliable; £90. 

-Robb, Elm High Rd.. Wisbech. 


1 Q21 Humber 4U'h.p. Flat Twin, only 500 miles 
X*7 coniitlelc; £130: also Ko*jd sidecar, £17 extra 
— Donkin, 


02 tyt. 

Medway Brewery, Maidstone. 

Type H. 4 h.p. Sturmev- Archer 
3-speod. Price £127 lOs. 

T-s-pe H.C., as above, fitted with 
Pries £182 lOi. 

Type L.W. 2 1 h.p. TRIUMPH 
"Junior" 2-speed hghtweight. 
Price £75. 

Write for Special Bargain List 
ot Shop-soiled 1920 Models^ 
only a few machines left 

Humber, 2 speed/*, in splendid order, neu 
, res. tubes, lamps, tools, •ipuro tyre, registered : 
acritice £35, or nearest offer.- Lynn, Pag© Hall. Pen- 
rith. [7064 

1 Q20 4'/i[h.p. Humber, 3 speeds, kick starter, as new, 
-*-«^ leg-shields, Lucas lamps, mechanical horn: £128, 
■ T offer.— Peom, 69, Dirchfields Ed., Rusholme, Man- 
. hesMr. [6994 

■ TJUMBER 1921 4>,h.p. Flat Twin Model, run only ' 

— -*•-* few mil^, guaranteed as new; £130.— Kewnhaui 
I^ Motor Co., 223, Hammersmith Rd.. W.6. 'Phono: 
eg; Hommersmith 80. (6328 

= .1019 J'ih.p. Flat Tuin Humljcr. £85; 1920 4i,;,h.p. 
= ' X«7 flat twin Humber, £120; perfect condition: ilill- 

■ fiird sidecar if refiuired; trial.- Lines, Union House. 
'■ Folcshill, Coventry. [X5185 

■ : Imperi. 

— 1 Q^-P- Imperi. Eisemann, B. and B. variable jet, outo- 
^ , t> matic pulley, toolt,. pump, horn, good tvres and 
fu lielt, ride away; £24.— Dodd, 135, Bathnrst Garden.i, 
\S Willesden, N.W.IO. (6777 
= Indian. 

«'TNDIA>' 1915 5-6h.p., clutch, excellent condition; 

■ A £35.-17. Heaton Rd.. N. Mitcham. 


In addilion to the Models abive we have 
other Sidecars — specially made for thcss 
machines — in stoc''. for immcrliatc delivery 
at prices from £i7 to £35. 

'XCEl'TIONAL Opportunity for spectl men.-Racink- 

Hurley, M.510K., in i)ertect condition for speed 

rk, capable of lapping Brooklands at over 80, mileage 

er 2,000; any cxnuiination desired; with full equip- 

tnt for road use, £110.— Can be inspected bv appoint- 

Tut with Houlberg. 229, Hnmmersmjth Ed., W.6. [7195 


= Aston Rd, BIRMINGHAM. 

— 1 Q^^ Indian 2-^pee(] and Clutch. 7-91i.p.. in very good 

^^ JLiJ lODdition; £46.-88, Claremont Kd.. Eugby. 

■rz [S5247 

m TXDIAX 4h.p. C.B. Coiiiiiination, clutch mrxlel, sprinp 

™ i trame: ueJire^t £42.-9. St. Paul's Munsious, Haiii- 

= nier.^mith, W.6. [6778 

1 Qi9 Indians, 3-6pe€d. repliited. re-ennmelled, reton- 

Xt/ ditioned, choice of five; £SO.~Bacou, 7, Butoum 

Hrimmersmitb. 6532 

H (j'^irdens. 

^ TXDIAN 5-6h.p., 1915-16, 3 speeds, hiinps, horn, iu 
ZZ -L splendid order, periect ; trial ; £70.— 17a, Seely 
Q Ed., Tooting Junction, 8.W. [7082 

^ TNDIAN Combinntion, 3-speed. K.S.. for 1916 Hender- 
— |X eon combination, reasonable condition.— Long, 92, 

iBlllllffllllllBBIIIIISIIIIIBBIIIIISIllllWil ''•=■'*'■"='■' »'••• ""Ph-™. S.W.8. (6646 

All letters relatini! to adveitisements should quote the number at the end ol each advertisetnent. and the date of the Ifsue. A35 

Telephone : 

Central 7357. 

(2 lines). 

Telegrams : 



xxii. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 1921, 


Indian. j 

1 Q19 7-9h.p. Indian and 1920 bulbous back sidecar. | 

-*- «7 almost new ; any trial ; £ 135.— Conner, 86. : 

Victoria Rd., Stroud Green. N.4. [X4752 

INDIAN T.T., clutch, Boscb, new Einks, discs, hiiup.?; 
selling- through imempJoynieut ; excellent coudition : 
£A5, otfers.-Stoodley, Ludgersball, Wilts. [7049 

"j Q20 Indian Powerplus and sidecar, 3,000 miles, 
JL */ perl'ect condition; owner going abroad; £175, or 
nt-:';ii offer.— Elton Morris, The Gaer, Hereford. [70S0 

"pOWERPLUS Indian. 1916, K.S., 3-speed, S.F., 
■Jl- 'jMiigdyno lighting, speedometer, Swan sidecar, 

tools; £110, or excbange.-92, Blytb Ed., Leyton. [6998 

1 014 7h.p. 2-speed Spring Frame Indian Cotichbuilt 
-'-«-' Combination, mechanically sound, condition l;iir,. 
tyres good; £65.— Netherlands, Redbouru, Herts. [X5270 
f^h-p. Indian, 2 speeds, spring frame, electric light- 
• ing, and coachbuilt eidecar; £85, or exchange for 
lower power and cash.— 50. Talbot St., Burnlev. 

"I Q20 7-9h.p. Powerplus Indian Combination, neAv 
J-*/ last May. dynamo lighting, speedometer, 2 horns, 
perfect condition; price £145.— Potter, 135, Maple Rd., 
Surbiton. [7069 

INDIAN 3V2h.p. Twin, 1915, 3-speed, cluteh, K.S., | 
semi-T.T. bars, accessories, leg shields, good con- 
dition, very leliable; £50.— Anwell Cottage, Hoddesdon, ' 
Herts. [7034 i 

INDIAN 1915 7-9h.(^., clutch model, lamps, mechaui- i 
ciil lioin, Amac, point rough, clutch requires atten- 
tion; ride away; £50.— Sims, Colaba, Penrith Rd.. i 
Basingstoke. [6450 ! 

1QI6 Indian 5-6h.p., 3-sp6ed, clutch and kick start,! 
-fl-«^ perfect oondition, with Millford C.B. sidecar, ! 
lamps, etc.; £87; will separate.— Stratton, Wyminptonj 
Bnshdeu, Xorthants. [■X5241 I 

"I Q 16 5h.p. Indian and Millford sidiscar, 3 speeds, 
J-*/ clutch, electric lighting, disc wheels, just over- 
hauled, excellent condition; £110; what ofiers — Jlopes, 
90," Dean.sgate, Manchester. [X5217 

£145.-1920 Powerplus Indian combination, Millford 
de Luxe, dynamo lighting, hood, screen, speed- 
ometer, etc. Now is the time to buy.— Langfoid's, 37, 
Ciicklewood Broadway, N.\V.2. [6941 

"I Q 15-16 Indian 5-6h.p.. 3 speeds, clutch and kick 
-I-v starter, all lamps, Bonniksen speedonneter, tyres 
perfect; £85; exchanges. — Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton 
Rd., N. 'Phone : Dalston 2408. [7242 

1 0^6 Indian 7-9h,p. Combination. 3-speed model, 
■M-i^ roomy sidecar with ^^trong luggage carrier, fully 
equipped, excellent condition all round; offers invited.— 
119, Sutherland. Av., London, ■W.9. [7202 

INDIAN Combination, 1919, 7-9h.p., in splendid con- 
dition, hood and screen, nice sidecar, and all tools, 
with spare tubes; £170, or near offer.— A. Clarke, 251, 
Tooley St., London, S.E.l. (Near Tower Bridge.) [7192 

INDIAN, 1920 (April) Powerplus Combination, excel- 
lent condition, Mills-Fulford sidecar. Easting wind 
f^creen. Klaxon horn, electric lighting and horn, Inggage 
carrier; £200.-Lismore, 169, Hatfield Kd., St. Albans. 

~| CfclS 5-6h.p. Indian, 3-speed gear box, clutch and 
JLt/ kick starter, acetylene lamps, iitt-ed with hand- 
soiiie coachbuilt sidecar, a pleasure to drive and ride; 
cash price £97/10; trial run with pleasure.— The Felp- 
""liam Motor Works, Ltd., Felpham, Sussex. T.A. ; Ser- 
vice, Felpham. [6582 

1 (C|20 Powerplus Indian (May), fitted clutch control 
XUon tank extra, H.B. mirror, bucket seat ajid saddle 
interchangeable, coach sidecar (Oct.), fittetl ,scoop, 4 
lockers, take 2 cans petrol, spare tyre, tube, lamp, bulbs, 
tools, condition excellent, mileage 2,000 ; seen Taun- 
ton district ; trial given ; £190, tax paid; or oilers.- 
Box 1,447, cloThe Motor Cycle. [6518 


Ivy Cycles.— 1921 models in stock.— Rothwell and 
Milbourne, Cowleigh Garage, Malvern. [1796 

IVY 1916 2-stroke, engine, tyres, plating, and enamel 
all good; £35.— Fletcher, Grocer, Castle Ed,, Bed- 
ford. _ [6858 
Ivy 1921 Models.-Sole District Agents. Wesse^ 
Motors, Ltd.. GO, Catherine St., , Salisbury 
'Phone: 7^ [5006 

IVY 2-stroke, single speed, all accessories, good as 
new; £45 cash.— Write, Bryan, 2, Brackley Rd., 
Beckenham, Kent. -. [6794 

IVY-PRECISION 1914 33.^h.p., N.S.U., enclosed 
Bosch; £32; t^een after 7.— Kennard, 65, Plimsoll 
Rd., Finsbury Park. [6668 

IVY 1919 2%h.p., 2-speed, T.T. bars, large P. and H 
lamps, disc wheels. Dunlop tyres, insured for £70; 
bargain, £55.— R. D. Varty, Thundersley, Essex. [3710 

IVY, the aristocrat of its type; delivery of all models 
from stock; prices and catalogue post free.- Sole 
District Agents, The Walsall Garage. Walsall. Tel. : 
444. [4011 

IMMEDIATE Delivery of all Ivy models, the acknow- 
ledged finest lightweight.— Full particulars, H. G. 
Henly and Co.. Loudon and District Agents, 91, Gt 
Poitland St.. W 1. Maylair 4084. [0022 

3ih.p. Ivy 2-stroke, just overhauled -and fitted with 
2 .new piston, rings, and gudgeon pin, most reliable 
and economical; inspection invited; cash jirice £37/10 
—The Felpham Motor Works, Ltd., Felpham, Sussex. 
T.A. : Service, Felpham. [6583 


1 i 


1 i 

m ^^ #m I Kh i 

^ dv J"% ^^ E»i 

of new 1920 models and i 
second-hand machines ^ 



— ' ^ m 


— 1920 CLYNO, 2-stroke, list price 

Brand new for 

£60 10s. 

! 1920 3 hp- CLEVELAND, 

j 2-stroke, ^£85. Brand new for £62 ! 

1920 2j h.p. METRO-TYLER, i 

Model S, 1^96. Brand new I 

I for £66 10s. i 

1920 6 h.p. BAT, 3-speed, ;/^i6o. j 

Brand new for - . - £127 j 

1920 7 h.p. INDIAN Combin- i 

ations, ;i223 14s. Brand : 

new for - - - - £194 lOs. ! 

1920 6 h.p. WILLIAMSON Com- ! 

bination, ;t20o. Brand | 

new for - - - - - £156 ( 

1920 8 h.p. ZENITH Combin- j 

ation, electric lighting, i 

£216. Brand new for -. £176 1 

; 1914 7 h.p. INDIAN, 2-speed, j 

! and Sidecar - - - - £43 : 

I 1914 2f h.p. DOUGLAS, 2-speed £30 j 

1920 KINGSBURY Scooter, j 

! /46 108. Brand new for £30 

1920 6 h.p. A.J.S. Combination, ; 

dj'namo lighting, good as ! 

new £195 I 


— All machines sent carriage paid. ™ 

i ^ — ^ i 


m 1 

^113-115, Lothian Road, § 

i 272-274,Gt. Western Road, 1 

i GLASGOW. /i 

m m 


1 Q20 .Tames, 2%li.p., 2.speed, done 50 miles, lamps 
-L^ ccmplete; £63. — Chasten, Blackwood, Mon. 
<D) [7013 

NEW 1920 5-61i.p. James Combination; £190.— 
Shepherd, Enfleld Hiehnay. Tel.: Walthaui Cross 
31. [0340 

4 ill. p. James, 1918, 3-speed, good condition, £65; 
4 .sidecar, £6; magneto, £3. — Horlock, Farncombe, 
Sutler. [6899 

JAMES Combination, 1915, 3 speeds, countershaft, 
K. start, all accessories; £68.-202, Mimstcr Ud., 
Fulham. [6683 

1 Q19 3V2I1-P. Twin James Countershaft Combination, 
-■■ *^ enclosed chain drive, equipped, ideal outfit ; £85. 
—5, Victoria At., Surbiton. [6999 

JAMES New Combination, all models for immediate 
delivery from stock.- Sole district agents. The Wal- 
sall Garage, Walsall. Tel.: 444. [4012 

JAMES 5-6h.p. Combination, 1920, used only for; 
rural Tun:^, fully eqiripped; £170.— Ratcliffe Bros., 
200, Gt. Portland St., W. Mayfair 5042. [0423 

1020 James, 2-stroke, 2-spee(l, mileage 300, 
A.U equipped, cost £80; accept £60, condition brand 
new.— 60, Wallingiord Av., N. Kensington. [7066 

JAMES 1920 4i,.ih.p. . 3-6peed Countershaft Combina- 
tion, Lucas lamps and horn, splendid condition ; 
£120.-27, Woodbridge Ed., Moseley, Birminghnm. 

• - [X5243 

-| Q20 4iih.p.- James Combination, new July, only 
-'- *y riddea few hundred miles, perfect condition 
throughout; £130.— P. J. Evan^, 81-91 John Bright St., 
Birmingham. [0447; 

"I 019 5-6h.p. Jame.s Combination, 3,000 miles, excep- 
-l" tional coirdition, lamps, mudshield, spring saddle 
pillar, Cirmeo, luggage grid, many spares; nearest offer 
£130.— Draper, Martin, Lincoln. [6526 

1020 (Junei 5-6h.p. James Combination De Luxe,' 
'J fitted with hood, screen, electrrc and acetylene 
lamps Cowey hoin and .«p6edometer, mileage under, 
I 000 tax and insurance paid, any trial, a magnificent 
outfit,' cost £220; accept £150.-E., Sun Hotel, Steven-, 
age, Herts. [7V^1-^ 

1019 5h p. Twin James. 28in-. wheel model, and! 
Xt7 Grindlay de Luxe sidecar, hood, screen, luggage^ 
grid etc., fully equipped; property ol a client ordering; 
1921 model: bargain, £105 spot cash.-Claplram| 
(Motors), 27, ' Stockwell St., Greenwich, b.E.lO 
Phone; 751. [6408; 


T\ P 8I1 p 3-speed, countershaft, K.S.. not done 
250 miles, excellent condition; £85.-26, Arlsa' 
Av.. St. Margaret's, Twickenham. [7095 

rai4 JAP. 5h.p. Combination,- C.S. 2-speea and 
•J clutch, Bosch mag., perfect runnrng order; 65 
"ns , or offer.— W.S., 58', Tranmeie Ed., E:irl3fleld, 
S.W'18. [6898 


JES 1921 Models from stock.— Gibb, Gloircester. 
''Phone: 852. t0441 

'Phone: 852. 

i.e., Ih.p., com^,,,.^, •,—■,■, - 

feet.— Chairdler, Shepherdswell. 

T.E.S., Ih.p., complete, 24in.^ new tyres ; 18 gns;^pM- 


JE S Motor Cyclette, new July, 1920, iVjh.p., spnng 
' 'forks, lamps, horn, all like new; £35.-Coupe, 9, 
Packer St., Bolton. i°^^'* 


£7 Purchases SYsh.p. Kerry, sjjlendid puller, less I 

mag.; gitt.-Stocker, 49, Erverside, Kingston- 1 
on-Thames [X5121 

BARGAIN.— Kerry motor bike, 31i.p., H.T. mag., B.B.L 
carburetter. Whittle; £12/10.-Butler, Li«Ie(>ver| 
Works, Derby. [S4608f 


20 Lea-Francis, brandy new, delhered^necembef ;| 
what offers?- "" ^"^ ""~ "^ """ 



-47, Hamilton Rd., 



'0 Lea-Francis Twin Solo. £120, combination £135.1 

Tel.: Museum 6626.— A.S.O., 60, Mortimer St.r 

LEA-FRANCIS 1921 Models.- We are now ncceptingj 
orders for early delivery; your enquiry esteemed. - 

LEA-FRANCIS, M.A.G., as maker.s' specifications! 
shop-soiled: at greatly reduced prrce ; now is tha 
time to buv.— Mebes, 154-166, Gt. Por-tlond St., ■W;l| 
■Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [B?** 

1 Q20 3h.p. Lea-Francis, shop-soiled: cost £130l 
J-t/ accept £90.— J. Smith, 52, Hampstead BdJ 

1 020 Lea-Francis Combination,. as new, mileage 200l 
J-*y £130, or near.— Knight, Maypole House, EesI 
ley, Kent. [6961 

LEA-FRANCIS 1920 ^'Ah.p. Twin, run few mild 
only; £100.— Newnham Motor Co.. 223. Hammei 
smith Ed., W.6.. 'Phone: Hammersmith 80. [632| 

LE.A.-FRANCI0, 1921.— Place your name on ■ 
waiting list for delivery of these aristocratii 
mounts.— A. J. Sproston, Ltd., 198, Gt. Portland St 
W.l. [009| 

A^6 All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end ol each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 2oth, 1921. 

THE ]\rOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisejients. xxiii 




1120 |'/2li.p. Lea-Francis, S-speed, kick start, Innd 
^ nnd loot clutch, Lucas lamps aad hom, absolutely 
new; a sift at £112.-Bambers', Eastbank St., South- 
Tel.: 607. ■ 17160 

EA-FEASpiS 1917 3Kh.p.. 2 speeds, clntch. over- 
ly "='"?''', litted with brand new 1920 J.A.P. en-inc- 
o.-Parker',«, Bradshawgate, Bolton, and 2a5, Dean?- 
te, Manchester. 1X5170 

i^^'f:,?,'^'*'^'® ^^^°- shop-soiled onlv, list price 
„, ^l^V', Of r price £115; orders now accepted tor 
2^^]^'-'}':}=-—^^tcli\[e Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St.. 

Majiair 5042. 


Ih.p. 1920 Lea-Francis CombiaatioB, wind screea. 

£ electric lighting (accumulator), extra acetylene 

Id lamp, speedoiueter, Cower horn: f I20.-Stoodley, 

JJirkenhe.'id Av., Kinsston-on-Thamea. (6510 

EA-FRANCIS. twin J.A.P.. 2-sneed, clntch, Bosch 

,„"''/■■ !'°™P'eto accessories, lamps and spares, 

,' ''-?, ?. '"^^^ perfect condition; £80.— Hol- 

Dok, c/o McGraths Garage, Gillingham, Kent. (7253 

'EW Lea-Francis," two-speed, clutch and kick 
1 starter, M.A.G. enpne; at list price, £130, or 
deterred payments 4% e.\tra; only one-fiftli deposit, 
lance by 12 mothly instalments.-Harrods, Ltd.. 118 
ompfcon Rd., London. (6800 

EA-ITIAXCIS 1920, M.A.G. S'.ih.p. twin, 2-speed, 
I \\atiord .speedonifter, accumulator, electric li~ht- 
, Lucas horn, Amac, mileage under 2,500, escellent 
idition, numerous spares, including driving chain 
iau.t valves, and Lodge plugs; £1CK), or near off« 
fSLl ^',?;,'r" J^'" '■"'^'- N.W.3.-B0.. I,4f3 c/o 


I evJA 

Motor Cycle. 

EVLS. Levis. Levi- 

|.^5<'T|-EMAN'S Popular Model. £60; lady Pooalar 
■r Model. £60, immediate delivery. i^vi,',pfe°a|i ?. 
Etie dHtributors lor London and district. Spare 
no ^*";;''<'''^."=f,'!'" ""dertaken.-Vivian Hardie an-! 
"^^V''- ^'•- Woodstock St. (off Oitord St.). BoSd 

'r3E4 ' 


IBB «Ioucestcr.-1921 Levis from stock.-'Phone • I 
"^''- - [0442 1 

,^^i^ 2',lih. p., splendid running order; £40. or near I 
oBer.-Miijor Green, Christ's Hospital, Susse.K. 

49.— Levis 1920, accessories, very reliable, reauires' 
no repairs; approvQl.— Collis, 199, Uuthank, Nor- 

k20 Levis, perfect condition, unpunctured tvres ac- 
' cessorics; 42 gns.-Fcrsfleld, Wesfbury Rd ivew 

ten. Jgggj 

^TF; iS??^''™,,"^' ■'P"'*' n""3«'' f»''l wrapped, 
CM £60/10: will accept £52/10.-Walli8, 23. fiTrt; 

ton Grove, Cambridge. [6476 

EVIS, the Bnest Z-sfroke In the world-: deliverv 
from slock, £60.-Sole district agents. The Walsall 

age. Wolanll. Tel.: 444. (4013 

OR Sale, 1920 Levis, meehnnically perfect, in go«l 
condition: £45 : seen by nppointment.-Replie.s to 
1.503, c/o The Motor PycU. [6726 

1 19 (August) Popular Levis, Btted new tvre, lielt 
el";tric lighting, variable ignition, horn, 'Hue con- 
on : ±48.— Brunsden, 53, Thornhill Rd., Croydon, V\'. 

^'r"";,,^''^ Popular Model, brand new from .-. ik- 

tbO, or on Harrods unique cosy payment system \ 
estra.-Hariod!. Ltd.. 113. Itrompton Rd.. Lcndol, i 

)19 (Aug.) 2i,:,h.p. Levis. Model E. 2-«peed, all chain 
' tyres and ineclianical condition perfect, verv little 
,' *« p-iW: f57.-Holbrook, 3, St. Mary's iui'liling,^. 
Is Ed., Bath. [6665 I 

SVIS 2i;ili.p., 1916, fully eonipped, replnted. re- 
enamelled and overhauled, £38 ; sidecar bodv, new, 
■htiuilt, spiing upholstered, £5.-45, Pembe'r Ed 
isal Green, N.W. (6599 

|21 Levis Popular in stock for immediate de- 
. livery; £60; exchanges or easy payments.- 
;ia| Agents : Homac's, 243. Lower Clapton Rd 
Dalston 2408. (7243 

'Phor-e : 

h.p Levis (Aug., 19141, stored during war. in splen 
h„atH ':"""?'"°''- B"«l climber, lamps, generator. 
Boards, toolbag, nearly new tvres : £36.- King 27 

venor St., Ormsgill, Barrow-in-Furness. (6505 

Sns. Exceptional opportunity.-Two only, shon- 

soiled, 2yh.p. Levis motor cycles, used for one 

only, otherwise new; £55 each, carriage paid- first 

ue secures -Butterfields, Ltd.. Levis 'STorks, Stecli- 

Birmingham. [X5161 


'^.l^lf- V*','^-.,2-»P«<'^- ''ifk ='»■■'■ topping order, 
I?^r Nw'L*'"^' aPP'-O'al— 15, The Mansions 
i,ane, iN.\\.6. [6944 

*"i£:,~^?l"^' /'•"'' ^^'"^'^ "'« **"' '°'e London and 
Home Counties agents; early delivery of all 1921 
Is; trade enciuiries esteemed.— Below. 

^,;?';„m'"";°'''°''-/°?. oMinary models, shop-soiled 
as makers' speriflcations at greatly reduced prices : 
6h.p. and ^Vih.p. combinations, second-hand at 
in price8.-154-156. Gt. Portland St., W.l "phiae 
-Maylair. j5.^^j 


New Machines 


Stock To-day. 

1920 Humber 

4i h.p. Combination 

Reduced 135 Gns. 

Machine only, 

115 Gns. 

1920 Zenith 

6 h.p. Sports Model 

110 Gns. 

W.D. Triumph 

100 Gns. 

1921 New Imperial 
77 Gns. 

1921 Levis £60 

1921 Matchless 

and Sidecar 


1921 Enfield 
2-stroke £65 

1921 O.K. 

48 Gns. 

1921 Velocette 


1921 Enfield 

and Sidecar 



84, Broad Street, 


Phone : 1024. 


jU-AE'TIN-.T.A.P. 5h.p. Twin, Grado gear, Bosch, 

;;,,„.;? i"-?' ^"0°"^' ■'""' '°°' ''°-«^- eood condition: 
bargain, £o5.— 42, Cowley Ed.. Brixton. [7051 

■ Martinsyde. 

]yr-AETIN-STDE-NEWMAN 1921 Models. - We are 

A , ""'"■ I'^'^fpting orders for earlv delivery, all 

models: your enquiry esteemed.- Jlebes, 154-6 Gt 

Portland St., W.l. Thone: 3426 Mavf.-^ir (6746 



1021 Models now ready; all the latest iniprove- 
^" luents. You can have one now,, or liook delivery 
lor any forward date. Every combination personally 
tested by the Matchless specialist. Spares of all diites 
in stoc-k.-J. Tassell, la, Bloouifleld Ed.. I'lumstead. 

rjIBB, Gloucester, can dc-Uver 1921 Matchless models 
^-" from stock.— 'Phone : 852. (0443 

"\,rATCHLESS Combination. C.B. ; £60.-59, Pallrcy 
J-'X Place, Dorset Rd.. Clapham Rd., S.\V.8. [6461 

T.^'tf 1520 Matchless Spring Frame Combination, 
'-' aOO miles only; £185.-136. Lambeth \V:dk, S.v, 

RT^r^ ^ (6655 

EU Competition Matchless. 8h.p.. o.h.v.. 6 speed 
(irndun: sell or exchange.— 3, Atherton ,St.. Livei- 
I™'- . . (6542 

■Jl/T-VTOHLESS Sh.p., dynamo lighting and spare wheel, 
J-Tx pertect; £140, or near ofter.-46. Bauiber St.. 
P terborough. , [5570 

IV/rATCHLESS 1920, M.A.G., dynamo lighting, hood, 
„T; '1'? »'"«''''», '"J"', ride away; olter^.-Illaiid. Pviv 
Hill, ^cwhury. [5554 

■1Q21 ."Vlalchless Standard, lamps, horn, spare 
r",r„ "''f'. screen, mileage 100, 2 weeks old; 
£182.— Below. 

TO 20 Matchless, Magdyno, speedometer, hood, spare 
-■-«-' wheel, screen, brand new, £195. list price 
£241; another, without hood and speedometer. £184 
— hdwnrds, 50, Harrinston Rd., South Kensington' 
b.U .7. Tel. : Kensington 3709. [6353 

M.VTOHLESS 1921 Jlodel- ; orders now nccept.-d for 
immediate delivery.— Batcliffe Bros., 200 Gt Port- 
land St., \V. Maydiir 5042. ' [0424 

MATCHLESS Combination, delivered new 1920 
been used, but as new, complete with spccdo- 
mclei; £185.— Pitt, Amesbur.v. (5368 

MATCHLESS 1921 Models Irom Stock: also 1918 
Sh.p. combination, lamps complete, etc., £120. 
— Chasten, Blackwood, ,Mon. (D) [7014 

M.VTCHI.ESS Combination, brand new unused 
M..\.G. engine; cost £205. accept £175.—.! 
Smith. 52. Hampslcad Rd.. N.W.I. (7114 

1QU Matchless, M.A.G. engine, Blackbnrne tandem 
-■-•^ Hidecar, lamps, horn, spares, flue order; £100 — 
91, Trenthani St., London, S.W.IS. [6774 

MATCHLESS 1920 Mngdyno Cnuibiuntion, new, £188; 
1921 couibinations in stock; exchanges arranged. 
-Clark. 7, Exhibition Rd.. S.W.7. (7170 

M-.VTCm.ESS Combination. 1915. M..\.G. 8h.p.. 3- 
spced. splendid condition, any trial; £85 quick 
sale— £6. Grosrenor Park Rd., Walthamstow, E.17. 


MATCHLESS Combinations, any model; delivery 
Irom stock; deferred payments hV,, including 
expert .service.— Prior, Motor Engineer, near Station, 
Southflelds. S.W.18. [8125 


MATCHLESS Sh.p. 1920-21 Combination, dvna; 
lighting, only driven 60 miles; cost £245, "accc,.. 
£220.— Yivinn Hardie and Lane, Ltd., 24, Woo<lstock 
St., Bond St., W.l. (0417 

MATCHLESS Combination. 1918. W.D. model, with 
spare wheel and tvre and all accessories, good 
condition; £130.— Hewins Garages, Ltd., The Real 
Service Firm. Taunton. [6303 

M.-VTCHLE.SS Combination, Sh.p. 1915 M.A.G., 3- 
sped countersbalt, 2-seatcr sidecar, lamps, and 
accessories, good condition; 95 gns.; seen alter 5.— 
198. Wcstmount Hd.. Eltbam. (6424 

MATCHLESS 8h.p. Combination, 1920, dvnamo light- 
ing, practically as new, guaranteed perfect; £185, 
genuine bargain.— Vivian Hardie and Lane, Ltd., 24, 
Woodstock St., Bond St., W.l. [0418 

1 Q20 (June) Matchless Combination, M.--i.G., Lucas 
-L*' Magdyno, insurance policy, exhaust whistle, 
6 new covers extra, trial, examination, soand, every- 
thing possible on; £215.— Trevista, The Grove. Couls- 
don. Surrey. [6932 

MATCHLESS 1914 Combination, chain drive, 
clutch. K.S., Milllord, Easting, electric lighting, 
luggage carrier, 700x80 tyres, new, specially tuned, 
guaranteed perfect; £90.— i04a, Finchley Rd., N.W.3. 
Hamp. 7822. [7180 

MATCHLESS Combination.— Book yonr orders now 
with Boss, 86, High Ed., Lee, S.E., for 1921 
models ; deliveries guaranteed strictly as per order re- 
ceived; a large assortment of 1919 and 1920 modeM 
al^o in stock. [5668 

M-ATCHLES3 Model H Combination to makers' 
specification. £205; dynamo lighting model, 
£231/7/6. or on Harrods nnique easy payment system 
: for a small extra charge.— Harrods. Ltd.. 118. Bromp- 
[ ton Rd. London. (6811 

All letters relating to advertisements should auote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the 

date ot the issue. 


xxiv. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 1921. 



1Q21 Matchles.s Combination, M.A.G. engine, dynamo 
-i-«-' lighting', .'Speedometer, hood, Avon combination 

iind ribbed tj-res: thi^f outfit ol)tained a gold niedal in 
tbe London to Exeter Trial, and cost complete over 
£240; will accept 1'95 gni^.-Julian, 84, Broad St., 
Keadintj. 'Phone: 1024. [6576 

6-81i.p. Matchless, o.h.v., . lacing model, ju^t hod 
£28 overhanl by K, C. Baragwanatb, new 
Thomson-Beunet magneto, pood tyre.s and appearance, 
Amac carburetter; £55, or offers, or will exchange for 
other pporting machine; can be seen Wanchope'? 9, 
SlroG Lane, London.— Vintcent, The Lons, Bitton, 
Bristol.- . [6570 

MATCHLESS.— We are the recognised North London 
jigents for the delightfully sprung and practically 
designed Matchless combination ; the Kolls-Iloyce on 
three wheelri; immediate delivery from stock; for cash, 
deferred payments, or exchnugej trade supplied; all 
spares in -stock. — Jones' Garage, Muswell Hill. N.IO, 
and a* Woodside Parade, North Finchley. [0381 

MATCHLESS 1921 Models.— Immediate delivery or 
date to suit client^s. Buy a new model now and 
ride in comfort during 1921. If your funds will not 
run 10 a new machine, we have for disposal several 
1920 competition gold niedal winner models, late 
property of well-known riders; secure one of these.— 
Note address of Matchless Specialists: S. E. Clapham 
(Motors), 27, Stockwell St., Greenwich, S.E.IO. [6406 


MONAKCH-YILLIEitS 1920 23.ih.p., 2 speeds, fully 
equippetl; £45.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton, 
and 245, Deansgate, Manchester. [X5177 

MONARCH-VILLIERS, 1920 (June). 2-stroke. Albion 
2-speed, fully equipped, mileage 900; nearest £65. 
—Ellis, Clifton Terrace, Wakefield. [7048 

-| (a20 Monarch 254h.p., 2-speed, 2-9troke Villiers, 
J~iJ Albion, Amac variable jet, horn, lamps, tools, 
etc., including insurance for £90 against fire, theft, etc., 
with unlimited third party claims; sacrifice £60.-1''. 
W. Fairbank, Summerford, Willenhall, Staffordshire. 



1Q20 Metro-Tyler, S. Model, 2V2li-P., 2-speed, not run 
-«- if 100 miles, jjerfect condition ; offers.— Brearley, 
East View, Elland, Yorks. [6507 

METRO-TYLER, 1920 model. Type S, 2-speed, un- 
useu, shop-soiled only list price £96; accept 
£70.— P. J. Evans, 81-91, John Bright St., Birming- 
ham. [0456 

METRO - TYLER 2^/ih.p., 2-speed, demonstration 
model, special engine, not done, more than 60 
miles ; to clear £60 — Bambers', Eastbank St., South- 
poit. Tel.: 607- L7158 

New Hudson. 

NEW HUDSON S'Mh.p., perfect condition; trial 
given willingly; £50.— Parkside, Ruabon. [6625 

3ih,p. 1913 Ne^ Hudson, fair condition, wants little 
2 attention to engine good; £35.— Worslev, 
25, St. Cuthbert's, Bedford. [6699 

1 Q20 New Hudson 2yih.p.. brand new; £63.— 
-L«/ Edwards. 50, Harrington Rd., South Kensing- 
ton, S.W.7. Phone : Kensington 3709. [6357 
NEW HUDSON 3V2h.p. Combination, 3-speed, clntch, 
excellent running order ; £65, or near offer.— 
Major Green, Christ's Hospital, Sussex. [6661 

NEW Hudson Combination, 4h.p.. 1919, accessories, 
liit-e Uf^ed ; a bargain, £95.— Taylors, Ltd., 52 
Sussex Place, S.W.7. 'Phone: Kensington 7260. [0412 

New Imperial. 

■]\rEW IMPERIAL 1920 Sh.p. Combination, imused. 
•J-^ shop-soiled only; bargain, £160.— P. J. Evons, 
81-91, John Bright St., Birmingham. [0450 

NEW IMPERIAL 1916 23:ih.p., 2-speed, serai T.T 
bars, complete with lamps and horn; bargain 
£38.— R. D. Varty, Thundersley, Essex. [3712 

NEW IMPERIAL, 23ih.p. J.A.P., clutch, and kick- 
starter, 1920; £65.-Taylors, Ltd., 52. Sussex 
Place, .S.W.7. 'Phone: Kensington 7260. [0413 

NEW IMPERIAL-J.A.P. 2?4h.p., 2-speed model, 
brand new, .^hop-soiled only; bargain, £70.— p. J 
Evans, 81-91, John Bright St., Birmingham. [0449 

NEW IMPERIAL 1919 8h.p., Sunbeam sidecar, fullv 
equipped, Ea^tins. perfect; £145.— Parker's, 
Bradshawgate, Bolton, and 245, Deausgate, Manchester.- 

1Q20 New Imperial, 2^/4h.p. J.A.P., 2-speed, clutch. 
-LtJ kick starter, mileage 200, all lamps, as new; 
£60.— Dunn, 326, Euston Rd., London. Museum 5391 


NEW IMPERIAL 2%h.p., 1920, 2-speed, done under 
400 miles, perfect condition, lighting set, acces- 
sories; £65.— ]{i6liop, 35, Princes Rd., Wimbeldon, 
S.W.19. [6682 

NEW IMPERIAL-J.A:P., 1921 model, 2"^.p., 2- 
speed, kick starter, hand clutch, brand new, un- 
used ; immediate delivery ; 85 gua. — Central Garage, 
'Henley-on-Thames. [1074 

1 Q21 New Imperials.—AU models,, in stock for 
-i- */ immediate delivery.- Exchanges or easy pay- 
, nients from the Official Agents: Homacs, 243, Lower 
Clapton Rd., N. 'Phone ; Dalston 2408. [7244 









Re-enamelled and plated in makers' 
colours. Engine and gear box thoroughly 
overhauled in our own workshops, and 
carrying our 3 MONTHS' GUARANTEE. 


2j h.p. 2-speed £65 

4 h.p. s-speed, kick-starter. Solo . , . . £85 
4 h.p. 3-speed, kick-starter, Combination 

with new Burlington Sidecar , . £110 

4 h.p. 3-speed Countershaft £100 

4 h.p. 3-speed Combination with new 

Burlington Sidecar £130 

We have large stocks of Douglas and Triumph 
Spares, and shall be pleased to quote you upon 
receipt of your enquiries. Trade Supplied. 
ALUMINIUM. For Handle-bar, Mudguard or 
-Sidecar. 3/6 each. Postage 4d. 

TO TRIUMPH RIDERS. Convert your Clutch 
into Foot as well as Hand-Control. A neat pedal 
finished in dull plate, and so designed that it can 
be fitted in a few moments by an amateur, 1 ts 
eftect is to convert the standard machine into 
combined Foot and Hand Operative Clutch Model. 
Price 4V-. Postage 4d. Trade Supplied. 


7, South Side, CLAPHAM COMMON, S.W.4. 

'Phone: Brixion 2417. 
'Grams : " Burlington Motors, Clapham." 

150 yards from Clapham Common Under- 
ground Station,) 



New Imperial. , ,, 

NEW IMPERIAL .T.A.P., 2-siJ6e,a just overhauled' 
bj' makers, in perfect condition throughout, lamps/ 
horn, tools, spares, etc., tyres good; i.rial by appoint- 
ment; best otier over 50 gns., bargain.— Fkitt, 41,* 
Eveisly Kd., Bexhill-on-Sea. [6903 

1 Q18 Sh.p. JCew Imperial Combination, head lamp 
-D-^ set, sidecar lamp, rear lamp, large Lucas burn, 
all tools, rebnshed, 3 brand new Dunlops, outfit 
euaranteed perfect; £110 cash; a bar;jain. — WalliB, 
Hartin^ton Grove, Cambridge. [6473 

NEW IMPERIAL Motor Cycles and Combinations; 
supplied at manufacturers' list prices for cash,. 
or on Harrods uniQUe easy payments system for a' 
s"iaM extra cbaree; full nnrticnlars nn .inplicatinn - 
Harrods, Ltd., 118, Brompton Ed., London. [6809 

New Hyder. 

£27/10; New Ryder, Villiers 2-stroke engine, lamps, 
accessories, mechanically sound, trial.— 143, 
Ravensbury Rd., Earlsfleld, S.W. [6949 

New Scale. 

NEW SCALE Motor Cycle; original price £85, 
sacrifice £65; unused.— 64. Bishopsgate, London. 


GIBB,'r, can deliver 1921 Nortons from 
stock.— 'Phone: 852. [0444 

NORTON, brand new." 1021 models, for immediate 
delivery; from £98.- Moss, Wem. [X5227 

ORTON, 1921, 3IAh.p., 3-speed,- T.T., from stock; 
£132.— Chasten, Blackwood, Hon. [7015 

NORTON Motor Cvclcs.— Can deliver anywhere: eailj 
dates —Kelly, Bachelor's, Dublin. [6126 
TWO Eland New Big Four Nortons in stock for im 
mediate delivery.— Taylor. Cycle Agent, Kettermg 


NORTON Motor Cycles.— Place that order with me 
early delivery dates.— Cook's Garage, Shifnal 
Salop. 18131 

"\TORTON 1921 Models.— Sole District Agents. Wessel 
1> Motors Ltd., 60, Catherine St., Salisbury 
■Phone: 72, t^OOl 

1Q18 Norton 3V>h.P-, B.R.S., T.T., discs, 2-speed 
X*J clutch, accessories; £80, or near offer.— 53 
Old ilarket St., Bristol. [710| 

1 Q21 Norton T.T. SVih.p., 3 speeds, C. drive, K. star 
t-iJ brand new, unused: £132, or exchange 1920 sol 
or I'ombination.- Shaw, Durkar, Wakefield. [692| 

T.T. Norton, 1919, Model No. 9, with tools, lampi 
horn, not ridden for 9 months, owner cannot us* 
faultless condition; 60 gns. only.— Keen, Leominsterl 


NORTON 1920 3 'ill. p.. 3-sp6ed sports, in good coj 
dition and excepfionally fast, small mileagf 
105 gns. -Julian, 84, Broad St., Reading. 'PhonJ 
1024. i""T 


3ih.p. N.S.U. Motor Cycle, perfect mechanical coJ 
2 dition.— C. Harman, Harrietsham, Kent. [64* 
J>18; 3i<.h.p. N.S.U., free engine, mag. good conj 
S* tion.— Asworth, 11, Berridge Av., Nottingham.J 


NU.T , latest type, Lucas Magdyno lighting, bral 
new; £150.-Pollaid, Broomfleld Rd., Chehuslo| 

NUT 1920, Magdyno, horn, di*C5, 500 mil* , 
ceptional bargain at £128.-9, Kipling Ay., Eol 
Ferry. .t66| 

1 Q20 N.U.T., perfect in every respect, tax paid, I 
X«7 mouths' insurance: £137.— Beech Lea, Spna 
field Ed., Altrincham. ['0| 

N.U.T. -Delivery from stock of all models. S| 
wholesale and reta,il agents for Staffordshire; 
trade supplied.— The Walsall Garage, Walsall. Tel 
444. Wl 

-fl Q20 N.U.T., dynamo lighting, speedometer, KlaxJ 
Xtf in perfect condition throughout, engine ner 
rnnuing better, 55 ra.p.h., £130; also A.J.S. wheel a 
tyre, unused; £9/10.— Hope, R.-'V.F., Gosport, HantJ 


OK -UNION 2?4'h.p., 2-stroke, 1920, splenihd cj 
dition; best ofler over £28.— Box 1,504, c/o 1 
Motor Cycle. [6| 

IV'I'W 1920 Omega 2-speed; £75; in stock.— EandL 
i- Andoyer. , [Of 

10|19 2yih.p. Omega, 2 speeds, kick starter, 
J-tJ accessories, good condition; £65. — E. Brofl 
Talbot St., Burnley. [X* 

Qiih.p. Omega-Jap, May, 1920, lamps, horn, 
/W4: grips, spares, mechanically sound; £62. neai 
— Haigh, Electricity Works, Bootlc. [6i 

OMEGA 1919 2?4h.p. J.A.S., 2-speed, coimtersll 
excellent condition, accessories; trial; £55.— M 
Lodge, London Rd., Lower Mitcham, Surrey. [6| 

T Q20 Omega Combination, Coronet sidecar, 2^* 
XJ/ J. A. P. engine, 2-speed, clutch, K.S., Dunlop 
pump, tools, lamps, horn, npron, perfect condition, 
weight tax; £100, or would separate.— Day, Ditt 
Market Harborough. - [Xa 

A^8 All letters relating to advertisements should auote the niimher .it the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 

January 20th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxv. 


OMKGA, late 1920. countershaft and K.S., special 
2-galIon tank, straight through exhaust, Binks, 
Flexekas, fully equipped, perfect condition, fast, small 
mileage; best reasonable offer. — May, Stafford Rd., 
Bushbury, Wolyerhampton. [7271 

P. and M. 

P. and M. 1918 C.B. Combination, lamps, tools: £55. 
-12, Tlirnle Ed., Stieafham, S.W. [7060 

TJ. and M.. 1918, coacbbuilt sideoar, any trial; £75.— 
i -6, Itidce Ed., Child's Hill, X.W. 17197 

T>. and M., 1917, splendid condition, trial; £63.— 
i Wallace's Garage. Enviile St., Stourbridge. 


p. End M., 1918, 7507, R..4.F. model, 2 speeds. 
^ K.S., spares; £72 cash.— Birch, Holmecot, Tap. 


■VTEW 1921 P. and M. in Slock, Model 021, imme- 
li diate delivery; prico £125.— Bates, 4, Pasture 
it., Grimsby. [6953 

Xy. and M. Combination, screen, good order, lamps, I 
IT Binks. tyres good; £55. — Hargreaves, 63, Savile ' 

ark St., Halifax. [6919 

1 Q17 P. and M. and 4-point attachment sidecar, in 
M-*y perfect order; £80.-5, Stroud Green Rd., Fin^- , 

ury Park, London. [7291 

p. rind M. Combin.ntion, 1919 R.A.F. model, 3',Ui-r , : 
*^ in Kood condition ; £106, or nearest offer.- D 
lolden, Crimdols, 'Widsall. [6589 

IQIG P. and M., 30. en:', sidecar, electric horn, j 
Lv lights, hood, lupgage carrier, £5 spares; £65.-55,' 
;t. James Ed., Bermondsey. [7206 I 

[irAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lilne, Fleet St., London.— 
VV smi.p. P. and M. 1917 model. £57/10; 1920 1 
lOdel, £95: and a 1919 iiiMlel, £85. (7255 

and M., R.A.F. Model, new May, 1920, solo 
gears, lamps, pump, tool kit; selling owing to 
£95.— V. Lyle. 91, King St., Maidstone. [X5126 

and M. Combination, 1918. R.A.F, only 500 
mile.'* since reconstructe*!. new sidecar, lamp:*; 
105.— Field. Fenham Villa, Bank St., Malvern. 

85.-1919 P. and M. combination, Runrauteed per- 
ftct tlironghoHt, iicce^^^ories. Now in the lime to 
luy.— Langford's, 37, Crickle-nood Broadway, X.W.2. 

19 P. and M., not ridden till 1920, mileage 2.600, 
Millford Skill; sidecar, all accessories, excellent 
ndition, appearance perfect: £120.— Miller, Hatton, 
arwick. ; [X5209 

and M., 1918, perfect, enamel and 
plating unscratched, very little used, must sell; 
tec, or offer.— Rocclawn, Station Rd., New BarncI 
fhonc ; 231. [6985 


2. speed, drip 

Bosch mag., 

Clifton Rd.. 


and M., all-chain, countershaft, 
lubrication, Senspray carburetter, 
Dunlops, good order; £32.-74, 
tuning Town, E,16. 

and M. Combination, llunhill sidecar and storm 

apron, lamps, etc., fully equipped; £100, k-rcat 

lirgain. - Mebe«. 154.156, Ot. Portland St., \V 1. 

fhone: 3426 Mayfair. [6747 

>HELOX and Moore cx-W.D. Models, thoroughly otc:- 
hauled and guaranteed, tanks re-enaraolled, fiont 
takes, chain casies; £78. Similar models overbaulcd 
Id cuaranteed by makers, £95; with sidecars. £100 
lid £110; easy jiayments 71...% extra.— Maudes, 100. 
It. Portland St., W.l; and Paris St., Exeter. [7286 


20 31i.l>. Paragon; £50. — 59. Palfrey Place, 
Dorset Rd., Clapham Rd., S.W.8. [6454 

)ABAGOX 3h.p., brand new, 2-5eater, 2.«.peed, spring 
Intiue; £55, or near offer.— Osment, 79 The 
descent, X.15. [6565 


JErfiEOT 4h.p. Twin, drop back btand, Bosch, B. 
and B., just spent £15 on enamel, plate, and en- 
he OTcrliaul, nice condition; £28.-18, Key Hill, Bir- 
l°eham. [XS254 

)ErGEOT 5-6h.p. ,Combination, eoachbuilt, 3 speeds, 
clutch, Sturmev-Archer hub gear, penect nmniim 
per: £60, or exchange runabout.- Tonier, Blundoll- 
pdfl, Liverpool. . [7075 


kRECISION Coachbuilt Combination. 4h.p , mag 
good tyres, must sell; 32 gns.— 1. Ebner .St.. 




lib, p. T.T. Premier." clutch, good mnniag order: £25. 

I-* —■« arwick, Hmckley Ed., Leicester. (6442 

^REMIER 2^ih.p., lamps, new tyres, good condition ■ 

£35, or ofler.— 32, St. James's Ed., Bermondsey. 

lEEMIER 3',2h.p. Twin, single gear, B. and B., M..^ 
L.rcttt> saddle, tvrcs and l>elt good, requires tuning-: 
1.509, CO Tht Motor Cycle. [7123 

|EEMIEn 3i.:^h.p., 1914, 3-specd gear, lamp.;, veiv 

good <ondition : nay trial; owner going abroad - 

-Apply, Boobyer. Gable Villa. Heather, Leicester.' 

|50 Combination.— Premier. S'ih.p.. 2 speeds, nice 
1 sidecar, good accessories; just come and talk 
|ver ; boi nd to please you.— Bunting Motors. Weald- 
»"■ Cloied Sundavs. [6503 








3 wheel, shaft drive 
















Special Models for the 


Wrile for our Illustrated Catalogues. 





'Phono: Brixton 2417. 
'Grams : Burlinslon Motors. Clapham." 

{50 yards from Clapham Common Underground 




£19.— Quadrnnt SUli-T-. Bo^ch, B. and B., good order; 
eh eop.— Hills, Longdene, Hiislemere, Surrey. 


NEW 1920 4i,oli.p. Qiiadrnnt Combination; £145.— 
Shepherd, Enfield Highway. Tel.: Waltham Cross 
31. [0341 

~\ Q20 Quadrant Combination, new oondition, low inile- 
A*7 :ige. Easting wind (rt-reen ; £120.— Taylor's Gar- 
age, Wednesbury. [7084 

WAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane. London, E.C.4.- 
New 4V'h.p. 1921 Quadrant combination, with 
wind screen. £147/ 1 5.- also 4^2h.p. 1920 Quadrant 
combination, excellent condition, £120. [7256 

1 Q20''. Quadrant Combination. 4^jb.p., Sturmey- 
J-*' A'rcher 3-speed, all-chain drive. Cameo screen, 
all lamps, soiled only, under 500 miles; £130; ex- 
changes.— Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd.. N. 
■Phone : Dalston 2408. [7245 

1 Q20 Quadrant Combination. 3-5peed Sturmey coun- 
XJ7 tershaft. K.S.. tradesman's box sidecar, elec- 
tric lighting, 3 lamps, aluminium footboards, chain 
drive, speedometer, overhauled, any trial; £85. — 23. 
Leathwaite Rd.. Clapham, S.W. [6927 

CLIFFORD WILSON Mfg. Co.. 70, Royal Hospital 
Rd.. Sloane Sq., S.W. 3. Tel.: Kensington 7113. 
Quadrant sole agents and wholesale distributers for 
London. Soutlu-rn and Euf^teru Counties. Immedtiite de- 
livery from stock ol new 4i-;h.p. and Sh.p. modeh; all 
f^pares. Singlo and 2-seater' sidecars ready tor imme- 
diate fitting. Deferred payments arranged. 15458 


RADCO Lightweight, single-speed, as makers' speci- 
fications, shop-soiled; at greatly reduced price; 
now 19 the time to buy.— Mebcs, 154-156, Gt. Portland 
St.. W.L 'Phone: 3426 Mayfair. [6748 


RALEIGH 1921 Model; orders now arropted for iXuA 
machine, solo or combin;ition.— Katclifle Bros.. 
rOO, Gt. Portland St., W. Mayfuir 5042. [0425 


KX 5-6h.p. (tax 30/-). good running order; £28.— 

125, Cbureh St., Croydon. [6958 

b.p. Rex, BoEch. all on; £22; buvinc combination. 

Smith. 53, White. Horse Hill, Chislehurfit. [6484 

REX Combination, 6h.p., all aoi'-essoriefl, poo<l nm- 
ning order: £80.— Hughes. Andovor llu., Nwwbnry. 


REX Combination. 6h.p., handle .^tnrt. Bowh, 2-speod, 
running order; £30.— Menrs Station St., Sittioc- 
bourue. [6830 

R?:X 2^ih.p.. nil on, not running. Senspray. Ihxit>. 
jnst overhnuled; £18. near offer.— 1, Winhlade 
Rd., Brixton Hill, Loudon. [6485 

REX Couibiniition, lute 1914. 81i.p., Roe goarg, Rex 
dt> Luxe sideear, Cnmeo, liimpi, horn, spares; £9p.' 
—575, ReddingB Lane, Biruiinghiim. [6634 


"I Q20 S'^-h-p. 3-8i.eed Counter»hiift Rover, mileage 
J-t/ 2.000"; £88.-37, Arlington Rd., Surbiton. [6861 

ROVER Combination. 1920 3l-jh.p.. only run 1.200. 
guaranteed perfect, unpuncturerj : £135. bargain. 
-Moss, Wem. [X5228 

ROVER 1920 3',-h.p.. shop-soiled; list prio« £135, 
our price £125.— Rat'^liHe Bros., 200, Gt. Port- 
land St.. W. Mayfiiir 5042. [0426 
lOl4 Rover 3'Ah.p.. 3-.speed, wicker sidecar, acety- 
1-U lene lamps, hooter, tools; £52.— Write, B., 48, 
Knox Rd.. Forest Gate, E.7. [6796 

ROVEE Combination, 1913, 3-8pped, lamps, etc, 
splendid condition: £50; exchange considered.— 78, 
Edgell Rd., Staines, Middlesex. [6614 

ROVER 3'-jh.p. Coachbuilt Combinntion, S-speed. 
clutch. K.S.. good condition; would separate; 75 
gn^._>Vaddell, Bileiugton, Ashford. [7035 

ROVER 3^ili.p., 1920 model, complete with Rover 
^idw■a^, uuu>-fd, ehop-?oiled only: £155.— P. .1. 
Evans, 81-91. John Bright St., Birmingham. (0452 

ROVER Motor Cycles.— Place your order with an 
official agent, the man who ride*? n Rover; im- 
mediate delivery.- Collard, Cook's G'lrnge, Shilnal. [2684 

ROVER"5-6h.p.. coot £170 June, 1920. lamp?, speedo- 
meter, watch, horn. College mudshields, owner 
going abroad; first cheque over £130 gecuree.— Bos 1,482, 
c/o me Motor Cycle. (D) [6631 

K-6h.p. Rover Combination, new Feb., 1920, all-chain 
t' enclosed drive. Easting wind screen, accumulator 
electric lighting. Klaxon, Watford speedometer, mirror; 
£125.— Fas-ken, Spre.id6.igle Hotel, Midhuret; Sussex. 
[Dj [5064 

ROVER SVsh.p., countershaft model, also T.T. model, 
pliilipson pulley, as makers' speciflcntione. shop- 
f-oiJed; at greatly reduced priced ; now is the time to 
l'U7.-Mcl>e.'j. 154-156. Gt. Portland St.. W.l. 'Phoue: 
3426 Miyf.iir. [6749 

NEW 31,-h.p. Rover Motor Cycle. fUte«-l with S-snee*!. 
clutch and kick starter, and with smart coachbuilt 
sidecar; £180. or on deferred payments 5% extra; one- 
quarter deposit, balance by 12 monthly instalments,— 
Harrods. Ltd.. 118, Brompton Rd., London. [6802 

All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the date of the issue. 


x.\vi. Advertisements. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 192 i. 



7 Cfe20 5-61i.p, Rover Combination, delivered Aug. 
-'^*' l.T^t. only ridden 150 miles. OTvuer boxight oar; 
' ould consider exchange tor late Barley or Henderson i 
^ iini'r)ination Tvith ""adjustment; no reasonable oft'ei" 
i-nised.— Tarrinston, Grpystone. Newbridge, Mon. 


Royal Ruby. 

"3 Q18 4h.ii. Koval Ruby Combination, 3-sp"e"ed eounter- 
J-if shaft, Millford sidecar, fully equipped; £75.-57. 
.'irltuetou Rd., Surbiton. [6860 

ROYAL RUBY 2~j4h,p. 2-strolie, 2 speeds and acces. 
sories. splendid rendition; £34.-143, Ravens- 
ury Rd., Earlstield, S,"W. _ [6948 

ROY.\L RUBY" New Sli.p., spring frame; list price 
£1-20, our prire £99.— Ratcliffe -Bros, 200, Gt. 
P'ntland St., W. Mayfair 5042. [0427 

1019 Royal Rnby Combination, 8h.p., beautiful 
it^ tui-n.<.iut. perfect, makers" price £250; accept 
ilOO.— 60, "Wallingl'ord Av., N. Kensington. [70b'( 

»>h.p. Royal Ruby, spring frame, 2-sp66d, clutch and 
" liick-starter, equipped with Tan-Sad pillion seat, 
■mps. mechanical horn etc.. very little used and con- 
dition as new; a bargain. £100; may be obtained on 
llarrods deterred payment system.-Harrods, Ltd.. 118 
Brompton Kd., Loudon. [6801 


■pOR Sale, Rudge, 1913, fixed gear; £35. -Ashbourne, 
J- Uargrave Ed., Twyford, Berks. [6694 

TO 14 Rudge IMuIti, really splendid condition; £38. 
J-tr —Edwards, 60, Harrington Ed., South Kensing. 
tun. (71,77 

"DUDGB Multi Combination, 3V'h.p., 1916, acces- 
J-l- sories; 75 gns.— Jacobs, High St., Tenterden, 
Ivent. [7103 

QA'i-S- Rudge Combination, 2-speed, lamps, acces- 
-".J Eones; £50.— A. Elkington, 629a, Lordship Lane 
S.B.22. [7200 

"J Q19 Rudge Multi 3r^,h.p. Combination, perfect con- 
J-'J' dition, any trial; best olter.- A.VV., 19, Hanover 
Sq., W.l. [6787 

RUDGE Multi 1915 3y;h.p. Clutch Model, T.T. bars 
lamps, horn, epeedometer; £48.— R. D. Varty 
Thundersley, Efises. f 37 1" 

RUDGE. Multi, S-6h.p., May, 1920, mileage 2.200, 
condition excellent; £105, or nearest offer.— 
r'has. Hawkins, Cirencester. [X5120 

EUDGE I.O.M., 1920, K.E. lamps, tools ; exchange 
combination, or sell £90; no rubbish.— Cooksev. 
56, LatL-hmere Rd., Eattersea. [6971 

"pUDGE 1920 5-6h.p. Combination, fully equipped, 
J-l' a? new: £140.— Parker's. Bradshawgate, Bolton, 
and 245, Ileansgate, Manchester. [X51':4 

BRAND New 1920 Touring Rudge, £95; also 1920 
T.O.M. Rudge, low mileage, fully equipped. £90. 
—59, Palfrey Place, Dorset Rd., Clapham Rd., S.W.8. 

"!_O20 I.O.i\I. Rudge, fine order. Miller lamps, horn, 
A*^ etc.: £85/10; guaranteed; exchanges. — Homac's, 
243, Lower Clapton Rd.,- N. 'Phone ; Dalston 2408 


RUDGE I.O.M., 1920, mileage 800, overhauled hv 
makers, very fast, with or without lightweight side- 
:-ar; £80.— L. "\Vest, 71, Norbnry ■ Crescent, Norbury, 
S.W.I 6. ^ [0376 

1Q14 Eudge Multi, lO.M. T.X. model, winner two 
-*-t^ tlrst prizes Brookhinds 1920; cheap; seen at 
Rudge Garage, Oxford, by appointment with Majoi 
Dakley, Eynsham. " [6494- 

1Q20 I.O.M. Rudge, T.T., as new, Lucas lamps, 
-^^ Cowey speedometer, guaranteed; £90; ex- 
nlianges. -Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd,. N 
Phone : Dalston 2408. 17246 

RTJDGE-WHITWORTH, coachbuilt sidecar, 1912, 
3i.>h.p.. 2-speed cear, accessories, good mechani- 
cal Older: £45.— Taylors, Ltd., 52, Sussex Place, S.W.7. 
Phone: Kensington 7260. [0460 

RUDGE Multi 1916 3i/,h.p., clutch model, T.T. bars, 
new tyres, new back w'heel, lamps, horn, speed- 
ometer, tools, Tan-Sad; bargain, £45.— Apply, Whittaker, 
Green St. Green, Farnborough, Kent [6608 

RUDGE 1920 I'O.M. SJ-^b-p., lamps, born, knee 
and handle-bar grips, engine and covers splendid 
condition, mileage low, insurance policy; 88 gns. — J. S. 
Austin 95, Taunton Ed., Bridgwater, Somerset. 

TO 20 3jih.p. Rudge Multi T.T. Touring Model, only 
JL*^ ridden 500 miles, new condition throughout, com- 
plete with brand new Mills-Fulford Skiff sidecar: £105. 
-P. J, Evans. 81-91, John Bright St., Birmingham. 


RUDGE Multi, 3y2h.p., Oct., 1919, engine 16759, 
mileage 4,000, Lucas large lamp. Klaxon, spare 
belt, valves, springs, long exhaust or silencer, well- 
tuned; £80.— Ashford, 35. St. Mark's Rd., Henley, 
Oxon. [6832 

RUDGE Multi Coachbuilt Combination. Seh.p., 
engine No. 6583. mileage only 6,500 by Cowey 
speedometer, beautifully equipped with 1,200 ft. beam 
F.R.S. head lamp, tail, and sidecar lamps, speedo- 
meter, Lucas horn, Bluemel's wind screen (new), 
spares, guaranteed perfect throughout; £75. — Millar, 
Ashfield Gardens, Dunbar. ' [6990 


Special Clearance® 


With this week's issue of "The Motor Cycle, " 
our free Inner Tube offer will cSose. Don't miss I 
the opportunity of obtaining a fully guaranteed 
Inner Tubs absolutely free. All that is necessary , 
is to purchase a new cover from the list below. 
These goods are sent Carriage Paid and on 7 days 
approval against remittance. 



26" 23 

26 2 J 

26 :-: 2,1 



28 ■ 2! 
28 3" 

I 700x80 



Avon Ribbed 

Englebert Wired -on Rib. . 

Avon Combination 

Hutchinson Passenger . . 

Bates No. 1 Special 

Beldam Extra Heavy .... 

Dunlop Extra Heavy 

Clincher de Luxe Ex. Hy. . 

Hutchinson T.T 

S. Moulton Extra Heavy. . 
Englebert Wired-onH.S.. . 

Beldam Heavy 

Englebert Wired-on Bib. . 

Dunlop Heavy 

Palmer Cord Heavy 

Clincher De Luxe Ex. Hy.. 
Kempshall Anti-skid .... 

Bates No. 1 Special 

Wood-Milne Extra Heavy 
Avon Tricar Rubber Stud 
Wood-Milne Extra Heavy 

Wood-Milne Heavy 

Palmer Cord Heavy O.S.. 
Wood Milne Extra Heavy 
Palmer 2-ply Ribbed . . . 

Wood-Milne Heavy 

Englebert Wired-on R.S. 
Englebert Wired-on Rib. 
Goodyear A.W. Tread. . . 
Goodrich Safety Tread . 
Dunlop Extra Heavy . . . 
Wood-Milne Extra Heavy 
Elite E. Hy. Gvd. Retreads 
Palmer Cord Heavy. . . 


Dunlop W.D. Grooved 
Wood-Milne Steel Stud 
Partridge R. non-skid. 
Clincher Rubber Stud . 
Clincher Ribbed 

27 6 
39 ,'6 
39 6 
39 6 
37 /6 

34 !■ 
41 6 
39 6 
37 ,'6 

35 /- 
27 /6 
68 /- 
52 ,'6 


72 /g 






GIBE, Gloucester, can deliver 1921 Scotts from stock. 
—'Phone; 852. [0445 

SCOTT, 1916, mechanically perfect; sacrifice £57.— 
' Mather, Kielder Terrace, North Shields. [7086 

IMMEDIATE Delivery 1921 Scott motor cycle and 
combination, in stock.- Millards, Cliesterfield. [4003 

SCOTT. 1919 pattern, powerful and fast, no acces- 
sories; £90 cash.— 2, The Rise, Grove Park, 
S.E.12. [7222 

TTTAUCHOPE'S. 9, Shoe Lane, Fleet St., Loudou.- 

v* Scott 1919 (late), £92/10; as new; easy t«-ms 

arranged. _ [7257 

SCOTT, 1920, and sidecar, mileage 200, as new, fully 
equipped; £140.— Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., 
N.W.I. Museum 5391. [552C 

SCOTT, new April, 1920. small mileage, lamps, horn 
speedometer, good condition, tyres unpunctured 
£110.-13, Clifton Cres., Folkestone. i671( 

SCOTT, 1920 sports model, horn, tools, very smal 
mileage, enamel as new, plating lair, perfect order 
£110.- D. Lavin, Old House, Sonning, Berks. [609( 

SCOTT Combination, 1920, little used, as new; £150 
or near offer; bargain.— Chatfield, Grosvenor Gar 
dens Mews East, "Victoria. 'Phone : "Victoria 9951. 

1-014 Scott, new sidecar, hood, screen, electri. 
-Ltr Lamps, Stewart horn, new tyres, perfect order 
£78, or separate.— Huilock, Jeweller, Mill Hill. X.W. 


SCOTT Combination, Aug., 1920, mileage 450, electri 
light, screen, .speedometer, etc., as new; £150 
liuving car.— 7, Grosvenor Hill, Wimbledon. Tel. 
Wimbledon 2114. " [686 

SCOTT Coachbuilt Combination, like new throughou 
mechanism, tyres, enamel and lighting perfec 
rleliver anywhere free; bargain, £100.— Mason, 
Glenthorn R<i.., Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne. [ 

-| 020 Scotts Sports Model, thorough order, just ovei 
J-t/ hauled, mileage under 2,500, F.R.S. electri 
lighting set, Cowey horn and speedometer; £115.- 
Private Owner, c/o Upson Bros., Engineers, Ascot. 



SINGER 41'ih.p. Combination, S-speed, clutch, near; 
' new sdecar, all on; £60.— H.B., 13, Barons Con: 
Rd., W,14. [643 

SINGER 1913 4;4h.p., Sturmey-Archer 3-<pee 
clutch, Bosch mag., Senspray carburetter, lam 
t-omplete, sound running order; £40.— Daws, Coin 

Dunlop. Pedlfcy, Bates. |in. fin. iin, 
etc. Per Foot. 1/7 1 /J 2 ,'2 

tin. i^in. 

3/3 3/- 

■» ^ ^ >^ M> B ip^ ■ M I ^^ Extra Heavy £ 1 


filedium . . 15/- 

Eepaira a\e executed at w^^r^mar%^^ 

oar own works under ex- ^J^ REPAIRO 

]iert- 3iire7V'sior'- 


Made by 
North British 
Rubber Co., Ltd. 
Rubber Co<. 
Ltd., etc. 
Sizes 6, 7, 8,9,10, ii, 12 



h^aajimaiga 8.W.I. 

Telephone: Victoria 6553 




NEW 2'Ah.-p. Sparkbrook. Villiers engine, 
speed £69, 2-speed £75; or on Hatreds uaiqi 
easy payment system 4% extra.— Harrods, Ltd., 11 
Biompton Rd., London. '68( 

SPARKBROOK 2^4h.p.. 2-s.peed, the li|htweight wi 
an- ultra finish, as makers* specifications, she 
soiled; at greatlv reduced price; now is the time 
biiv.— Mebes. 154-156. Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phni 
5426 Mayfair. [67! 

-f QI7 2^:ih.p. Sun-Vitesse 2-stroke, in excellent cc 
-^*y dition, Millers- lamps, etc.; bargain, £35.- 

Kos-s 8t., Huddersfield. lX52: 

SUN-VILLIERS 2^^h.p., 2-stroke, Albion 2-spe( 
sound mechanical condition; bargain, £58 
Hubbs. Westfieid, Preston Grove, Yeovil [68 

NEW 2Vjh.P- Sun-Vitesse, 2-stioke engine, sinj 
speed, "£52/10, ditto with clutch and kick start 
£70; lady's model ditto, £73; or on HaiTcds" uniq 
esisv payment system 4% extra. — Harrods, Ltd,, i; 
Brompton Rd., London. [68 



EV,' 1920 Sunbeam S/.ili.p. Solo; £155/8; in stoi 
Eandall, Andover. [03 

SUNBEAM, 1920, 3V>li.p., brand new; £14C 
Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 53 


SUXBE.A.1I 1920 314b. p., fully equipped, unscratohi 
£140.— Parker's, Brad.sbawgate.. Bolton, and 2 
Deansgate, Mancbester. [X51 

rC|20 SV'b.p. Sunbeam, -witli dinky sidecar, Ian] 
«T ete. ; oost £215, accept £180i as new.-TT. Smi 
52. Hampstead Ed., N.W.l. -[7] 

SUNBEAM Brand New SVA.p., solo model, oompl 
ivith Lucas lamps and born; £157/10,— Ibe ■« 
sail Garage, Walsall. Tel.: 444. [4( 

SUNBEAM 3V'b.p. Combination, brand new in er 
' privately owned : owner bougbt li^bt car : £2 
— Meiilees, Cedar Av., Chelmsford. [XS: 

■JQ19 312b. p. Sunbeam Combination, speedoiue 
J-i/ lamps, born, tools, etc., as new. Tel.: Muse 
6e26.-A.S.C., 60, Mortimer St., W.l. [71 

SUNBEAM 6b. p., 1915, Canoelet sidecar, lamps 
born, tborousfalv overbauled ; £110, a bargain.. 
Drifloia Villas, Money, Sutton Coldfleld. [X6 

T Q21 3V"b.p. Sunbeam Combination in stock for 
it/ mediate delivery; makers' list price.— J. Sn 
and Co., 52-54, Hampst«ad Ed., N.W.I. 


All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end ol each advertisement, and th^ date of, the issue. 

January 20th, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 






UNBEARE 3',^h.p. 1920 Combination. Easting wind 
screen, perfect condition; £ 180.— Deputy Chief 
Constable, Newtown, Montgomeryshire. [6497 i 

[UXBEAM 1915 S^h-p. and Sidecar, fully eqiiipp^l. 
mecbnuically pertett; £120.— Parker's Bradt^haw- 
gate, Bolton, and 245, Deanygate, Manchester. [X5167 

LATE 1920 3VL'h.p. Sunbeam Combination, speed- 
ouit^ter, lamps, Kltixon, insurance, done 3,000 ; 
irhnt oftersr— Morris, Delamere House, Chester. [X5213 

SUNBEAM and Sidecar, 3VJh.p., 3-3peed counterahaft, 
complete with lamps, . EastinR wind titreen, v^ry 
gociJ 4ondjtiou; £120, close offer.— Dan Guy, Weymontli. 


£90.— 3H'h.p. Sunbeam, 1915^4, 3-speed, K.S., H.C., 
oilbfith, black and gold, lamps, accessories, new 
condition; 25ih.p, Douglas part.— 63, Salon lUl., Brixton. 

OUNBEAM 1914, re-enamelled and plated, iudistin- 
*^ Buishalile from new, cylinder and all parts and 
aoie^ohes now; 100 gns. ; after 6.— 41, Gt. Dover St.., 
S.E. [6679 1 

1 Q 19 (Not. delivery) Sunlwnm eii.p. Combination, ] 
-*-•' spare wheel, hood, wreen, electrio lightinf f«t, 
electric horn, condition as new; £210.— Wood, Theatre, 
fiyde, [7183 1 

SUNBEAM Twin, original tyres, spare wheel, in 
changeable, round Lucas lamps, etc. ; no roa- 
at>lo offer refused.- E. "W. Barber, ~' — 



CUiyton West, Hiid- 

CjrXBEAM 1916, M.A.G. engine, Bh.p., thorouplily ' 

*J overhauled and renovated, fitted with new sidecar. 

laiiip-j and horn; £155.— Depot, Chamberlain 3q.. Bir- , 

iTit:hani. [X5251 ■ 

O 1 li.p. 1920 Sunbeam Motor Cycle, touring model, ap- 
^'^ proximate mileage 1,000, Lucas horn and lamps 
iuli acr*s<one3, ns new; what offers?— Aliens. Motora, 
Bring, Liucfi. [6676 

1Q20 Sunbeam SK'jh.-p., brand new, for immediate 

J.9J delivery; £155; exchanges or easv payments.- 

Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N. 'Phone : 
Dal.ston 2408. [7248 

SUNBEAM 3'-$h.p. Combination, fully efluippod, 
exci-llent appearance and order; 'EllO.— Xewnliani 
Mntor Co.. 223. Hammersmith ltd., W.6. 'Phone: 
H;immersiiiith 80. [6323 

8li.p. Sunbeam Combination, 1919, 3 lamps vnth gene 
ratoi^. Eat-ting. mat, nnd Klaxon. like new; anv 
tiiiil to cennino buyer: £145.— Blow, 19, Beversbrook 
Rd., Tufuell Park, X.19. [6930 

1Q20 SVjh.p. Sunbeam Combination, new in Aueui-t. 
-»-«^ Lucas lamps jmd horn, Cowey niiee4lnm<'t* 
pillion seat; £150.— A. W ~' 
Clifls, Bournemouth West. 


nifter. Terrv 

Lyndall, Cimiord 


1 Q20 S'jh^p. Sunbeam Combination; electric liclU- 
-1-*' ing. speedometer, horn, etc., mileage negligible; 
cost new £225, accept £185.— Rntcliffe Bros., 200. Gt. 
Portland St.. W. Maylair 5042. [0435 

WAUCHOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London. E.C.4.- 
1919 8h.p. Sunbeam combination, spare wheel, 
hood, screen. lamps, speedometer, mirror, warning aigniil. 
tools, condition as new; £190 gns.; easy terms. [7258 

SUNBEAM.— We are Wolverhampton agents. Spare 
partH in stock. Repair^ and overhauls. Estimatei i 
upon Tequo-<t for re-enamclling and plating.— The Moliu 
eus Garage Co., Ltd., Wolverhampton. Tel.: 1160. 

1 Q21 Bh.p. Sanl)eam Combination, Lnca^ Mapdynn, , 
J-«7 eleetric liorn, hood, screen, grid. Brook- late>t 
cantilever saddle, etc., ju.'t delivered, most luxuriou> 
outfit produced, co,«t £290; accept £265.— Box 1,521. j 
c/o The Motor Cycle. [7135: 

1Q20 (July) Simbeam, Bh.p. Sunbeam engine, luxuri-l 
it' oua sideciir, luggage grid, spare wheel, hood, j 
screen. Magdyno electric light nnd horn, spewlometer, < 
first-rla^is condition, owner going abroad; 238 gu«.— 40, ' 
Edmund St., Birmingham. [X5252 | 

SUNBEAM Combination, Bh.p., M.A.G. engine, 3-' 
speed, .^pare interchangeable wheel, new Dunlops- 
leg shield, all lamps, speedometer, horn, screen, apron, i 
tools, tax paid, condition perfect; 145 gns.— Brown, 
43, Woodside Green, South Norwood. [6935 ! 

1 Q20 [.Tunei 8h.p. Sunbeam Combination, Lucas I 
J-*' Magdyno Uchting. Lucas electric and bnlb horn?, 
hood, screen, spare wheel, Tan-Sad. speedometer, con- 
ditiun absolutely as new, very small mileace; £245.— 
Deveys, 50, Darlington St.. Wolverhampton. CX5238 

SUNBEAM Combination, 8h.p., Lncas Magdyno light- 
ing set and horn, hood with side curtains, wind 
screen, luggage carrier, leg shields, handle-bar muffs, 
etc. mileage 500, condition absolutely as new; cost 
£285; £240.— Hewin's Garages, Ltd., The Real Service 
Firm. Taunton. [6302 

LATE 1920 Sunbeam. 3'-..h.p. sporting model, not 
dune 500 miles. Bonniksen spee^^lnraeter, Lucas 
lamps, Cuwey horn. knee-grip=, legahields, complete 
tool kit (never been used), just been tuned by maners. 
contiitioD better than new, cost over £170; accept £160. 
See Exchange column.— Garland, Eastmoor, Harpenden. 



2jlh.p. Swift. Jb. and B.. Ruthardt mag., Sturmey 3- 
4 speed, clutch, new aluminium footboards, disc^, 
long exhausts, almost new tyres, lamps, fast, power- 
ful; £30.— Cash, 26, Church Brow, Mottram, nr. Man- 
chester. [6986 


— and you keep away the doctor. 




Usual Our 

jacket. Black, heavy make. Price, Price. 

*36in. long, unlined .. .. 20/- 14/6 
Ditto. Tan. J-lined, belted. 

Raglan shoulders. 38in. long 47 5 37 6 

Ditto. Tan, J-lincd, 36in. long 42 6 32 6 

Scatless Trousers to match 21 - 17 - 
Black Legging Overalls .. ., 7 6 3- 


Dark Tan, 
Chrome, fur 
lined, fur 
prak 42 - 30 - 

Tan Chrome 
lincil 18,6 14,- 

Natural Sheepskin Gauntlet 
Gloves. Sheepswool lined . . 30 - 20 - 
Best Qualitv Tan Cape 
Gauntlets, lined wool . . 27 6 20 - 

Durable Moleskin Jerkins. 
S.B.. =9in. long, fleece lined. 18 6 12 6 
" Service " Eye Shields. Un- 
interrupted view, safe & light. 3- 2- 


save fuel, and increase your mileage. 
You can very materially do so with a 
reliable belt. Get the "SERVICE," 
and a belt of Unquestionable Quality. 


-L' Knn.Jall, 


1921 Trinmph S,D, Solo; £140 




TEIUMPn 1913, N.S.TJ. 2-siieed; oiters.-Grant, Lon 
dou Ed.. St. Albans. 



tools.— 6. 


1921 Triumph S.D. Combinntion; £195: in 
^toek.— Randall. Andover. [0364 


also 1919 Hlodeb 
Mon. (D) [7016 

iqi2 TriuMiph; £30; single epeed, 
J-*' Queen's Rd., Peekham. 

1 Q 17 4h.p. Triumph, countershaft gea 
J-^ £65.-200, High St.. Tooting. 

TRIUMPH, all models from stock; 
H.. £80.— Chasten, Blaokwood, 

,;1Q18 Triumph, ienoviite<l, rc-eunraelled 1920 colours; 
-L«7 iiteritift; £60.-1, Otbello St., Liverpool. [3865 

TRRMPH. 1919 (Sept.), : 
sidecar; ^£115.— 24. Kingsway 

like new, with brand new 
Coventry. [X5273 

TniUMrH Junior, brand w\v, perfect: wfiot oflfers? 
-Wallis, KeUthngton Kd., Louth, Lines. [X5206 

1 Q13 Triumph, recently overhauled: £50, or neare.'^t. 
XtJ —Spencer, 125, IJarnsIey Rd., Hemsworth. [6455 

1 'Iil7 4h.ii. Countorshnft Triumph; expert osaihina- 
*-*^ lion; £75.— l-'red Hnrrif^, Kynshiim, Oxon. [6449 


BAltV Triumph, excellent 
nny triid: £48.-TuIli.s 


Vhc belt is made up 
with two or three 
layers of chrome 
leather with tanned 
hide blocks, top and 
boltoni, rivcUcd to- 
gether. The rivets 
are hollow and accom 
niodatc the special 
service fastener, two 
of which are Riven with each belt. The Ser\*icc 
belt is very supple, absorbs less engine power 
than any other form of belting, and hai an 
exceedingly long life. It h easy to fit and 
simple to adjust. No belt punch is necessary."* 


Tlie two-ply belt is recommendrd for Rudgc- 
Multi and Zenith standard machines as well as 
all machines, with direct drive from engine to 
rear wheel. 

^in. I in. fin. lin. ijlin. 

2/8 3> 4/- 6/. 5/6 

per foot post free. 

Extra belt fasteners 9d. e?ch, postage 2d. extra 


'JIic 5-ply belt I: specially made for count'.-c- 
shaft loachines. 

I'm. lin. i^tn. 

5/- 6/- 6;6 

per foot post free. 

Extra belt fasteners lod. each, postage 2d, extra 



LONDON, w.c. 

1Q13 3i....h.p. Triumph, S-speetl hub; £37. no 
J-*' — Jol>. 408, ilertou Ed., Sontliticlds, S.W. 

TRIUMPH C.n. Couibiuiitiou ; £50; ciinipiwd.— 59, 
I'allrey I'lacc, Dorset Ed,, Clapham Rd,, S.W.S. 


3.111.P, Triumph, rhitcli model, sound condition; £85. 
- — liolton, \Vhiple,v Fiirui, Normandv, Guildford. 


nt condition, lamps, horn, 

Middleton, KiiiK's Lynn, 


TRIUMPH Combination, machine pcrlect; £60; 
Kivine up riding,— 24. Clovelly lid., liornscy. 

(6428 - 
1Q11 Clutch Triumph, lullv equipped lliro\ignout; 
Xi/ £37/10.-59, Statlord Hd., Oakengatci, Salop. 

I Q13 Triumph Clutch Model, including jtidecar,' coach- 
J-«/ linilf; £45.- Waucliop;;'fi, 9, Shoo Lane, London. 


Itll'MPH. 4h.p., countcrsbalt, 1920. brand new; 

£120.— Dunn'.,, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 

5391. [5531 

TRIUMPH 4h.p. T.T. Model, decorapresaor. nearly 
new, ituarantced pcrlect, 30/- tax; 85 gns.- Moss. 
Wem. [XS225 

. F.K.. clutch, oxcollent 

BobiUfjOD Rd., Tootiutr, 

.S.W,17. (6674 

TRIU.MPn Sl-.'h.p., clutch, lamp.s, tools. Klaxon, per- 
fect running; £30.-145, Leander Rd., Brixton 
Hill, S.W. ' (6784 

EIGHT Trinuilihs, C.S., 3v«poed, 1917 and 1918 
mo<lcN: £50 each.— Mnidmcnt, 6, Barrack Hd., 
llonnskiw. [6594 

TRIUMPH 3^-jh.p., overhauled, magnificent tune, 
tyres perfect, lamps; £28.— Morgan, Winston. 

QJli.p. Triumph Contbinntion 
•>i! conditiou; £60,-62, ~ 



1 Q21 Triumph Slwlel H. unregistered: accept £115: 
Xt/ side^-ar if reynired,— J. Smith, 52, Hampsteitd 

Rd,, S.\V,1. 


TRIUMPHS.— A fine gelw^'tion of Triumphs in stock, 
tally guaranteed; inspection invited.— B068, 86. 
High Rd., Lee. (5671 

£35; 1914 Triumph, 4h.n., T.T., clutch, all acces- 
vories, goes splendid. — 143, Ravensbury Rd., 
EarlsBcld, S.W. [6947 

-f O20 Triumph, countershaft, small mileage, flrst-cluss 
X^y «-nndition throughout; £107.— Gordon, A<Tes, 
Brudftcld, Uucks. [6951 

TRIUMPH 3>^h.p., 1912, free engine, splendid 
runnint: order; £34.— Pope, 161. Thornbitl Rd.. 
Tolworth. Bnrhiton. [6545 

TRIUMPH. 1921. jVfodcl H. ^juaranteed onTy done 
170 mile* and good as new; licence paid; £120. 
— Tippcn, Marden, Kent. [6984 

TRIUMPH 1916 4h.p., countershaft, absolutely as 
new. £75; with large new sidecar, £100.— Virgo. 
156. High St.. Hounslow. [6761 

TRIUMPH Combination. Model H, brand new, shop- 
soiled; accept £160; list price £182.— Jackson's 
Garage. Stalbam, Norloli. (6500 

TRIUMPH, 1919, 4h.p., countershaft, condition as 
new. tools, and Lucas horn; ££5. — Ross Engineer- 
ins Co., Ltd., Herefordshire. 16975 
TO 21 4h.p. Triumph, countershalt model, in stock 
J-*J lor immediate delivery.— J. Smith and Co.. 
52.54. Hampstead Rd., N.W.I. (0354 

TRIUMPia, 3'/''b.p.. new engine fitted, completely 
overhauled:" £42, or nearest offer; bargain.— 
Haskell, Eenstridge, Somerset. (6432 

TRIUirPH, all models in stock, W.D.. fully guaran- 
teed by makers; £105.— Ratcline Bros., 200, Gt. 
Portland St., W.. Maylair 5042. [0436 

TnlUMPH, low frame. Inte type tank, Hosfli, U.B., 
l.'imp^, etc.. good condition ; any trial ; £28.-56. 
nlandford Rd., Beckenhnm. Kent. [6730 

All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end ol each advertisement, and the date ot the issue. A4t 


THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

January 2oth, 1921. 




T^ItlUMPH 4h.p. S-sp'eed Countershaft Model, brand 
new, a.s jus^t received from makers; £98.— "Wallip, 
23, Hartingtou Grovo, Cambridge. [6474 

1 Q21 Triumph, all chain, Grindlay £48 aluminium 
-»- *J' spring wheel t^idecar, lamps, horn, leg shields, un- 
scratched; £150, cost £194.— Below. 

20 Triumph, all chain, mileage 50; £118.~Ed- 
wards, 50. Harrington Rd., South Kensington. 
'I'hone: Ken. 3709. [7174 

TRIUMPH 1920 4h.p. T.T. Model. Philip?on pulley, 
long exhau.'^t, a« new; £90.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, 
Bolton, and 245, Deansgate, Manchester. [X5175 

LATE 1920 Triumph. Model H, sporting combina- 
tion, discs, horn, perfect, any trial; £135, or 
near offer.— Shutflebotham, Brooklands, Leek. [6911 

TRIUMPH C.S.. renovated by makers, Nov., 1920, 
done 500 miles since, lamps, horn, speedometer. 

perfect; £85.-Dunn, 326. Euston Rd., N.W.I. [6375 

TRIUMPH 1919 4h.p., countershaft, lully equipped, 
tiud spares, perfect condition; £98.— J. F. Cham- 
bers, Fearfield House, Stapleford, Nottingham. [S5215 

TRIUMPH, 1920, Smith's trip, F.R.S. lamps, spare 
valve, Elasou. excellent condition, mileage 4,300 : 
£105, or close otfer.— 81, Manor Lane, Lee. S.E. [6627 

TRIUMPH Jmiior, perfect condition, enamel and 
plating as new, horn, lamps, spares, mileage about 
500; £68.-1). LJivin, Old House, Sonning, Berks. [5091 

BABY Triumph, 1917. in lovely order throughout; 
£48/10 only, with lamps, horn, tools, etc.; first 
cheque or caller gets it.— James Pollard, Wragbv, Linos, 


TRIUMPH 1919, Dnnhill C.B. S .C, triangular 
cha^-^is, Taa-8ad. speedometer, acetylene and electric 
lighting. Klaxon, tools, spares.- 61, Argyle Rd., Ilford. 


TRIUMPH, a.o.i.v.. S'/oh.p., iixed engine, B.B.. Split 
doif, dropped frame, spring forks; £15, offers, or 
ftU separate.— 101, Eglinton Hill, Plumstead, S.E. 

T Q20 Triumph Corabination, mileage 400, electric 
J-tf and acetylene lighting, lu.xurious outfit, excep- 
tional engine; £130,-60. Wallinglord Av.. N. Kensing- 
ton. [7068 

1 QI9 Triumph Combination, latest gear change, Lucae 
-i-t/ lauip.-;, horn, tools, Tan-Sad, etc.; any trial; reason 
lor selling; 110 gns.— Fox, 20, Inkerman Rd., Kentish, 
Town. [6902 

£25.— Triumph, 2-speed N-S.U. gear, new heavy Dun- 
- lops, all accessories, late model, condition and 
appearance practically a^ new,— Bacon, Offington Lane. 
Worthing. [7033 

TRIUMPH Combination, late 1916, renovated, over- 
hauled, .splendid condition, large specially built 
sidecar ; £85 ; will separate.— Andrews, 10, Martin 
Rd., Slough. [6957 

TRIUMPH 1914 4h.p., J.S. 3-speed, clutch, unused 
during war. 1920 condition throughout. £58; al."-o 
practically new 1920 sidecar if required.— 63, Norrey'? 
Av., Oxford. " [X5234 

1 020 Triumph and Coachbuilt Sidecar. Sturmey- 
Xf/ Archer 3-speed gear, kick, start, horn, lamps; 
£125, sacrifice. — Williamson, St. Martin's, Prestwood, 
Gt. Missenden. [6788 

TRIUMPH 1914 Combination, S.A. 3 speeds, ovpi 
hauled, new tyres, lamps ; bargain, £65 ; nde 
awav : stamp, particulars.- King, 62, Brinkburn St , 
Newoastle-on-Tyne. [6692 

TRIUMPH 1920 4h.p., "^ Triumph sidecar. Lura'- 
lamps, speedometer, hood, wind screen, equal to 
new; £170.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton, and 245. 

Deansgatc, Manchester. [X-5169 

4h.p. Triumph 1914 Combination, Sturmey 3-speed, 
clutch, Milltord sidecar, Lucas lamps and horn, 
spares, etc. ; £60, or offer, or will separate.— Jewell. 64, 
Carter St, Walworth, S.E.17. [7188 

TRIUMPH 1921 Models in Stock, for immediate de- 
Jivery. exchange arranged; also Triumph, Model 
H, renovated by maker.s, as new; £105.— Eagles and Co., 
275, High St., Acton, London. [X5232 

31h.p. Triumpli, 2-speed, chain and belt drive, hand 
2 controlled clutch, just overhauled by makers at 
cost of £10: accept £35, or nearest offer.— Richardt^, 
Orgreave, near Handsworth, Sheffield. [X5214 

TRIUMPH 4h.p.', 1918. T.T., excellent condition. 
Swan _ sporting sidecar, 1920, all spares and 
accessories, good running order; £125; by appoint- 
ment.— 56, Asbburton Rd., Croydon. [7224 

1 Q19 (Sept.) 4h.p. Triumph with Mills-Fulford 
-M-^ sidecar. Cowey speedometer. 3 Lucas lamps with 
cenerators, Lucas horn, and Triumph mudshield?: 
£135.— Brook Bros., Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. [5654 

TRIUMPHS.— We are the North London agents, and 
can give immediate delivery. Chain drive, chain- 
cuin-belt, and renovated models.— Jones Garage, Muswell 
Hill, N.IO; .and at Woodside Parade, North Pinchlev. 

^ [0382 

TRIUMPH 1914 4h.p., 3-speed, and C.B. sidecar, 
nice looking outfit, gears and engine recently over- 
hauled by makers, all accessories, splendid condition ; 
£80, or offers.— A.H.E., 46, Wightman Rd., Harringav. 
N.4. [6659 

Price complete 

No. 204. HEAD LAMP SET. 

Absolutely reliable, suitable for all makes of Motor 
Cycles. Write for particulars. 


List No. 19/1- 
Price, 6 /6 each. 




List No. ig/2. 
Price ^ /6 each. 

206HESD LUMP 58/ehCH 
207 CENERftTOR 42/ EBCH 


List No. 19/4. 
Price. 18/6 each. 

Right or left fitting 



Afaile from sohd brass, turned 

anii threaded at joints. Every 

part of solid cnnstruction. 

These lamps may be taken to 

nieces for cleaning, and will remain alight 

1 tliQ strongest gala. Best auality lenses 

ara fitted, and can be easily replaced if 

broken. These lamps will last as long as 

the macbines they are used on, and are absolutely rastless. 


(For Motor Cycles). 

Number plate fitting, as illustra- 
ted, complete with nuts and 

List No. 214. 3/6 each. 
Handlebar fitting, complete with 
2 pairs of clips and screws. 
Price 4/- eacb. 

complete attachment for fitting to either woodwork or 

metal work. List No. 216. 3/6 each. 

Wesftuood Special Lines are stocked 
by all reputable agents. 







TBIUMPH Combination, 1920 model, electric am 
acetylene lamps, horn, speedometer Easting wim 
iicreen, magnificent condition, mileage under 2,000 
£130, or exchange light car.— 115, Xorthbrook Ed. 
Ilford. [657: 

■|Q19 Triumph 4h.p.. countershaft, with new Swai 
J-v sporting sidecar, all lamps, horn, speedometer 
the whole absolutely as new, hardly soiled; £130.- 
Homac's, 243, Lower Clapton Rd., N. 'Phone 
Dalston 2408. [724J 

T"RnJMPH 3V2b.p. Combination, clutch model, Bo^h 
long copper exhaust, sporting bars, idl new Dunloj 
Magnums, sp.nre belt, P. and H. lamps, thoroughly over 
hauled, beautiful running; £65.— M., Rest Harrow, Up 
down Hill, ^A'^indlesham, Surrey. [659 

TRIUMPH, makers' renovated 4h.p., C.S., and 192( 
Triumph Gloria sidecar, complete with wind screen 
lamps, mud-shield, horn, and. latest Triumph aluminiuu 
footboards, etc.; cost £180., in June, accept £145.— H 
F. Bond. Ke'steven Rd., Ipswich. [668! 

7 Q20 4h.p. Triumph Montgomery Combination, com 
-■- »/ plete with wind screen, 3 lamps, horn, Watt'ori 

speedometer, Binks carburetter, watch, lugage giid, no 
done 3.500, condition as new; £155, or nearest 
Cheshire district.— Bos 1,443, c/o The Motor Cycle. [651i 

TRIUMPH Nearly New Combination, show mode 
Henderson Elite sidecar. Easting screen, Bonnik 
sen speedometer, mirror, leg-t^hields, Lucas lamps, un 
serntched; £150; tax paid; any trial; seen any time 
guaranteed.— 14, South Terrace, Bosham, Sussex. [705i 

TRIUMPH 1921 4h.p., countershaft model, £127/10 
4h.p., Type W.D.B., £105; 4h.p., all-chain drive 
£140; 4h.p.. fixed, engine, sporting, £105.— Cambridg< 
agents for Triumphs, Herbert Robinson, Ltd., 32-.55 
Green St., Cambridge. Tel. : 995. T.A. : Bicvcles. 


WAUCHOPE'S. 9. Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4.— New 
4h.p. 1921 Triumph solo, delivery from stock 
£127/10; also new 1921 4h.p. Triumph combination 
all-chain drive, £195; new 4h.p. 1921 Triumph solo 
all-chain, £140; and 4h.p. W.D. Triumph solo, £105 
also 1920 4h.p. Triumph combination, £150 ; 4h.p 
Triumph, 1915. £65; and 4h.p. Triumph, 1914, £55 
Easy terms or exchanges arranged. [725r 


19 2-speed Velocette, chnin drive, perfect; £46. — 1 
Othello St., Liverpool. ' [676i^ 

VELOCETTE, the wonderful 2-stroke lightweight 
1921 models from stock.— Moss, Wem. [X522f 

VELOCETTE 2-stroke, new cylinder, Itelt and tyre 
nearlv new, lamp, horn, etc.; nearest £32.- 
Bergholt, High St., . Harpenden. - [720: 

O 'DONOVAN Motors are sole London and districi 
agents for the wonderful Velocette; immediati 
delivery.— O'DoDOvan Motors, 76a, Gt. Portland St, 
W.l. [470r 

IMjMEDIATE Delivery can be given of the famou 
Velocette, 1921 model, 2Vih.p., 2-speed, all-chair 
drive ; £75.— Agents : W. Siiarrow, Ltd., Osbornt 
Garage, Yeovil. [163* 


VERUS 2-stroke, 1920, ridden few miles; £48.— Virgo 
156, High St., Hounslow.- [676^ 

VERUS 1920 25jh.p., 2-spped. K.S., fiillv eQ^lipped 
£60.— Ratcliflle Bros., 200, Gt. Portland St., W 
Mayfair 5042. [042i 

1020 Verus-Blackburne, 4h.p., 3-speed Sturmey 
X»/ Archer, done 500 miles; £85.— Chaston, Black 
wood, >Ion. (D) [701"; 

£35 down and 8 monthly payments of £7/10 secure 
a brand new shop-foiled 1920 Verus-Blackburn 
2-spe6d 23-4h. p.— Maudes' (below). 

£40 down and 8 monthly payments of £8/15 secure: 
a brand new 4h.p. 3-speed Verus Blackburne.- 
Maudes', 100. Gt. Portland St.. W.l: and Paris St. 
Exeter. It these prices do not interest you, read ou: 
centre page advertisement, and you will see our othe: 
offer. . [728' 

1 Q20 4h.p. Verus-Blackburne, 3-speed, E.R.S. lamp 
-Lt7 excellent condition; £95. or offer; must sell 
owner going abroad.— 50, Priestfield Rd., GiHingham 
Kent. £682' 


WILKIN. Models B and B4, ehop-soiled; at sreatl; 
reduced prices ; now is the time to buy.— Mebes 
154-156, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 May 
fair. [675: 


WILLIAMSON Combination, 8h.p,, splendid condi 
tion; best offer.— West, 72, Dynevor Rd., Stok 
Newington, N.16. [669. 

"I 1'* Sh.p. Williamson Coachbuilt Combination 
Xil water-cooled, 2 speeds, clutch, kick start, lull; 
equipped, very nice condition : snip. £73 ; tax pait 
for 1921.— 436, Whitehorse Rd., Thornton Heath. 



WOLF 2,'2h.p., 1915 2-speed, fine condition, fas 
little machine; £40; accept half down.— Bunting' 
Motor Exchange, W&aldstbne. [715 

-| tf^ 20 Shop-soiled Wolf Machines, fitted with Black 
X«/ burne, J.A.P., and Villiers engines, and Sturmey 
Archer gear boxes- cheap to clear.— Tel. ; Museum 6626^ 
—A S C , 60, Mortimer St., W.l. [722 


All letters relating to advertisements should quote the number at the end of each advertisement, and the dafe of the issue. 

January 2oth, 1921. 

THE MOTOR CYCLE.— Supplement. 

Advertisements, xxix. 



WAUCnOPE'S, 9, Shoe Lane, London. E.C.a.— 
2'^a'h.v- Wooler 1921 tourinp models irom etotk, 
£103/10: also 2?lh.p. Wooler, 1920, £76; easy terms, 


WOOLER, latest Brooklands special models, now on 
bbow, guaranteed speed 55 : price £112, — 
Applebee Bros., Motor Agents, Church Hill, Walthara- 
stow, [6717 

WOOLER, as makers' specifications, shop-soiled; at 
greatly reduced price: now is the time to boy. — 
Mebes. 154156, Gt. Portland St., W.l. 'Phone: 3426 
llayfair. [6752 

1Q20 Wooler, flat twin, as new. spring frame, nanc- 
J-t/ tureiirnor tyres, iull lighting set. Con-ey : offers 
over £75. -Buckingham, Glen Cottage, Underriver, 
Sevenoaks. [7042 


8L.p. Sporting Zenith, discs, etc., new appenrnnce: 
£59.-57, Clarence Hd., Teddington. (6615 

ZENITH 1921 Models.— We are accepting orders lor 
early delivery: your euQuiry esteemed.— Below. 
2'EMTII 8h.p., 1920. Model H, shop-soiled; in stock 
J at greatly reduced price; now is the time to buy. — 
Mebes, 154-156. Gt, Portland St„ W.-. 'Phone : 3426 
Miiylnir. (6753 

ZENITH 4h.p., re-enomellci). plated: £55, largftin.- 
White, 48, Alexandra lid.. Newport, Mon, (6607 

ZENITH 4-5h.p. Twin, oountersliult. late 1919. guiir- 
anteed perfect; £89 insh.- 5. Norwich Rd., Ips- 
wich. . [7037 

ZENITH Sh.p. Sports, 1920, as new, mileage 200, 
iilOS, -Dunn's, 326, Euston Rd., N.W.I. Museum 
"91- (5528 

ZENITH 1920 Sports Model, 8h.p.: £98.-Ncwnh»m 
Motor Co., 223, Hammertmith Ed,, W.6. 'Phone- 
Hammersiuith 80. (6327 

ZENITH 6h,p. Sports Model. 1920. shop-soiled nn- 
used; tiirjrain, £118. -P. J. Evans. 81-91. .Toljn 
Bright St., Birmingham. (0455 

1 q20 8h.p. Zenith Sporting, mileage 1.600, Watsoniaii 
-«-«/ sidecar, electric lightiue: offers; seen Sundays.- 
Eramott, 3, Jews Walk, Sydenham. [6771 

GENUINE Bargain.-Zenith Sh.p. snoiting solo, 1920, 
new; £125.— Vivian Hardio and Lane. Ltd. 24 
Woodsto<'k St.. New Bond St.. W.l. [0319 

ZENITH Coinhinatioo, 1920 Heuder.-'on sidecar, not 
run 800 mile.«; £145.— Tovlors. Ltd.. 62. Sussex 
ria-e, S.W.7. 'Phone: Kensington 7260. [0408 

h.p. 1920 Zenith Combination, electric lighting, totils, 
horn, etc.; £140 for quick stile: tlrst deiiosit 
secures; satriflce.- 173. King's Rd.. Kingston. (6604 

1 Q20 Sh.p. Countcrshalt Zenith, Swan sporting 
■Ltf sidecai. under 200 miles; cost £230. acocpt« 
£175. — I. Smith. 52, Hampslead Rd., N.W.I. [7115' 

1 Q13 Zrnith-Gradua C.B. Combination, handle starter 
-Lc/ just overhauled, rebushed. new belt, accessories ' 
£85.— Quenfly, Middle Bd., Lymington. Haut.<. (6436 

6 h.p. 1916 Zenith-Gmdua. overhauled, good condition 
Bonuik.4en, .^pare belt, lami«, Cos Atmos- £70- 
meet hall way lor trial.— Worsley, 25, St, Cutliberfs' 
Bedlord. [6698 

ZENITH 8h.p: 1920 Sports Model, brand new, spt. i- 
allv tuued up for speed: £125. list price £39- 
Vivian Haidie and Lane, Ltd., 24, Woodstock St., Bond 
St., W.l. (0419 

ZENITH 1921 Models, orders now accepted for early 
delivery; 1920 models at greatly reduced prices- 
write or rail.— Ratclifle Bros., 200. Gt. Portland St W 
.Maylair 5042. [0437 

THERE is n Zenith Service IJepot lit 89, Wigmnr.- 
St., \V., where you may obtain all ^pare parts. 
1921 models for imuiediate delivery, pad 1920 modeU 
.'It greatly reduced prices. 

WE Cater Solely for the Zenith rider, and prompt 
service is assured. Accessories, overhauls, tuning, 
information and advice. — The Motorists' Advisory 
Agency, Ltd., 89, Wigmore St. Mnyfair 5598. (5791 

^ENITH 1920 6h.p. Sporting Combination, Lucas 
^-i accessories Cowey, knee-grips, Aco discs, Inggsce 
grid, nearlv new; £160.— Parker's, Bradshawgate, Bolton 
and 245, Dean.^gate, Machester. rX5168 

ZENIIH 1916 6h.p., completely overhauled by 
makers, fitted new £40 sidecar, wind screen, 
hood, luggage grid, mechanical horn, speedometer- 
£100.-224, Hale End Rd., Woodlord Green. (6988 

SPECIAL Racing L.ite 1916 Zenith-Gradua, 4h.p. 
J.A.I'., Bosch map., new Binks, condition as new- 
too f;i^t for owner: £80, or .'xch;inee 3'^h.p. with gears' 
—Frank Marshall. Hugworthmgham, Spilsby, Lines. 

31h.p. Zenith, J.A.P. engine, Zenith-Gradua gears 
2 new Dunlop belt, heavy Dunlop tyres, new A nine 
rnrbnretter. and piston rings; trial here: in good running 
order; £35. a bargain.— Harris. Grocer, Castleflelds 
Shrewsbv.ry. - [6636 

VENITH (Aug.) 1920 8h.p. Countershaft Combinotion, 
^-^ fitted he>t accessories throughout, many spare- 
any expert examination, as new: tacrifice £155 cash- 
Lo-idon district.- 'Phone: Gernird 1589.— Box 1507'! 
e, 'itie Motor Cycle. (6828 





LAGONDA, Tr.g h.p., coup<-, r42o c.c. £495* 

CALTHORPE. isoater 495 ens 

•MERRALL-BROWN, 4-cyl., 3-wheeler £325 

COVENTRY PREMIER, 3-wbceIcr £288 15 

L.S.D., Sh.p., 3-wh»eler £245 

B.8.A.,TwinCoiabination, spare wheel 

Dvn.i Lighting, etc £235 9 

REX-BLACKBURNE, Moflcl 55, 8 h.p.. 

Combination, spare wheel £218 18 

•DOUGLAS 4 h.p. Combination £179 

DOUGLAS, 2I h.p., 3-spced, solo £100 

♦3C0TT, ii h.p., 2-speed £130 

•ROYAL RUBY, 3 h.p.. sprini; (r.imc . . £120 
NORTON, Ric Four, 3-sp., and Sidecar £167 10 
NEW IMPERIAL, Sh.p.. a:id Sideoir . £136 18